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  1. I was rly happy Megan was saved. She has so much potential
  2. Toneisha was pimped and leaked in auditions, leaked in battles and pimped in KO, and then bussed in T17 CammWess was KO leak with Megan, closed his team Megan hasn’t gotten much help from TPTB Allegra was pimped in battles premiere, leaked in knockouts
  3. Why isn’t Megan getting PImp Spot it will prob be Allegra because new coach and all
  4. But in that battle, she said she would pick Allegra
  5. I don’t think Kelly is dumb enough to let go of Allegra for Michael
  6. I mean if this new format was not there, the PV would be Todd, Thunderstorm and Allegra. IS would definitely go to Micah
  7. Y’all be underestimating Megan. She’ll prob be winning the IS with the right song choice.
  8. This will hurt Team Blake since the votes would be split. I feel bad for whoever goes first in the IS, probably Joana!!! Then, Zan is prob next with Allegra and Toneisha, and queen Megan for the pimp spot.
  9. I rly want it to be Megan/Joana/Zan/Allegra with Thunderstorm or Micah winning the final spot
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