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  1. Did anyone mention Moriah Formica - loved this little rocker girl. Should have been kept by Miley, too bad Miley had to keep a country singer instead. ETA - ANY of the rockers (Keith Semple, Manny Cabo, Sarah Potenza, et al.)
  2. I'm still confused about this 4-way KO idea. Is it going to be an "instant save" situation or will the whole country be able to vote? I hate the instant save cuz half the country can't vote, and it's not representative of the entire fan base.
  3. Blake does have a good team. And not all country.
  4. You mean [minivan] like the people who voted for Jake Hoot...
  5. Yeah I kind of predicted that. Blake knows how to mobilize all his country fans. That said, i did think Todd was very good
  6. Hm. I thought I saw somewhere that it was going to be 8-10. So now I don't know.
  7. If Samantha wins the KO I think the country fans will vote her past the T17.
  8. FWIW it looks like right after the battles and KOs NBC will start airing Song Land in that same 8-10 pm time slot. So it does look like they are postponing the live rounds for a later date.
  9. Hi, welcome. I just joined a couple of weeks ago too.
  10. Some of the best contestants on this season are African American (Cammwess, Thunderstorm, Anaya, Toneisha, to name a few).
  11. Ugh. I hate the Twitter save. Why have the instant voting when half the country can't even participate. So unfair. Plus I do not think that the subset of viewers who actually get to vote are representative of the total fan base as a whole.
  12. Just a question - For the 4-way knockout round, who gets to pick the winner? Because I thought the coaches always did the knockouts. But then I thought I heard someone said the audience have a vote too. So now I'm confused. Who's right?
  13. I could see the same country fans who voted for Jake Hoot last season putting Samantha through.
  14. Given that there's not going to be any live shows this season, what are they going to do to fill all those open timeslots?
  15. Didn't someone already post that Cedrice was stolen?
  16. You knew Jacob was going to be fodder when they didn't show his full bio package and audition during the blinds. I thought he was pretty good, but no match for Toneisa.
  17. TMH is my favorite contestant this season.
  18. From what I read in the CA paper they're saying the virus outbreak probably won't peak until July or August.
  19. You don't see Blake trying to make Todd T or Jon do country?
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