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  1. Honestly I thought they were all good. But TBH I think I liked T-storm's the most (just my taste).
  2. How many times has an African American woman come in 2nd?
  3. What do you think would happen if Blake left? Do you think his massive fanbase would go as well?
  4. Todd does have that "Team Blake + country-ish + God card" formula behind him. That worked for Craig Wayne Boyd. Blake is very smart; he knows his audience.
  5. Her father is Chinese/Jamaican and her mother is Jamaican/European. So she's sort of black.
  6. Are we going to end up with another all-male top 3 again?
  7. That doesn't seem fair. Altho depending on the PV it might actually turn out that way anyway.
  8. I really hope it's Toneisha; she's been so strong and consistent all season. Hoping it's not going to be an all-male finale like s7.
  9. TBH I don't really care for any of the female artists except Toneisha.
  10. Going to be a weird night tonight with everyone singing from home.
  11. In no particular order - Maelyn Jarmon "Fields of Gold" Billy Gilman "When We Were Young" Amy Vachal "Dream a Little Dream Lauren Duski "You Were Meant for Me" Jordan Smith "Chandelier" Mendeleyev "Girl from the North Country" Jej Vinson "Passion Fruit" Sawyer Fredericks "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" Christina Grimme "Wrecking Ball" Thunderstorm Artis "Blackbird"
  12. Ack... messed up a quote box. Are we talking about country music in general or the country singers on the show getting favored? Because there seem to be two different and separate streams of conversation happening here.
  13. Sometimes the coaches choose the wrong person in the battles/KOs! ex. Preston Howell vs. Mendeleyev (s17 battle) - what was John thinking? I really can't think of more right now, that one was particularly egregious.
  14. Set the age limit back to 18 and spin-off a separate Voice Kids or Voice Teens like they have in other countries.
  15. How do you all remember all these names? I couldn't recognize half of them.
  16. Kailey Abel - lost the battle with Cam Spinks
  17. I love this little girl - she was FIERCE..
  18. I thought someone did a Ramones cover some time back...
  19. My vote went to TMH, even though his song choice was tragic. Hoping he goes back to rock for the live rounds if he makes it through.
  20. Belle Jewel - and all the other singers whose performances got chopped for the montages.
  21. I can't point to any specifics, but there seem to be a lot of Whitney Houston songs too.
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