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  1. AND showed him after a couple of weak auditions and no-chair turns so he would look better by comparison.
  2. ugh, i hate multiples on this show. wasn't thrilled about duos either. i just think multiples have certain advantage over solo singers because they can harmonize.
  3. I like Ryan, but IMO the definitive solo cover was from Marcelito Pomoy.
  4. ugh, not another triple. do not like multiples on the show.
  5. oops... looks like y'all had this discussion already.
  6. I really don't like the way this show keeps trending younger and younger. Especially with the boys so young their voices haven't even changed yet. Other countries have a Voice Kids and Voice Teens; IDK why they don't spin-off something similar here. Personally I would rather see teenagers competing among others in their own age group rather than against adults.
  7. That's what I thought too, but I also remember someone had also predicted Moriah Formica would be cut during live playoffs as well (which turned out to be true) so does someone know something we don't? Very confusing.
  8. I always thought Jej was a very good singer but killed by bad song choices (which seems to be not uncommon thing on The Voice)0. Thought he should have gone in a more pop direction, e.g. Sam Smith maybe; would have loved to hear his take on Stay with Me.
  9. I just read on YT that Ian is cut during live eliminations. IDK if that's real or just a rumor tho.
  10. Hi all - Was in hospital with Covid (ugh) until Wednesday night so first hand opportunity to read through IDF. Took me over an hour to read all 250+ posts so far LOL. Been enjoying S19 auditions so far. Am I the only one here who likes Ian? (was surprised to see he was just a 1-chair turn.) I'm wondering if Blake will be pimping him just to show up all the other coaches who didn't turn their chairs. Any idea so far who each coach's TCO yet?
  11. Honestly I thought they were all good. But TBH I think I liked T-storm's the most (just my taste).
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