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  1. Jeezzz u check his insta quite a number tbh
  2. I agree i see alot of tate fans kinda liking micah on insta its fine tho
  3. I only could hear the preview but i would say toneisha
  4. Im kinda interested to see nick and thunderstorm duet
  5. https://open.spotify.com/track/7xY8MsZsfSZz8Qh66kDYfS?si=P8ElFcSNQUm4lkezmTjz7Q Mendeleyev make his cover on spotify and also YouTube
  6. Add on:Toneisha just verified tooBut I'm curious tho as whether the other 4 from the top 9 will be verified on insta since they are all verified on twitter
  7. Just a little info Thunderstorm, Micah ,Todd and Camm just got verified on Instagram (I think maybe toneisha may get verified later on Instagram also hopefully)
  8. Mine will be S18 How will I know - Allegra and Michael Blackbird and Summertime - Thuderstorm Artis Use Somebody and New York state of mind -Allegra Miles Graveyard and Your Song - Micah Iverson Because you loved me - Toneisha Ain't no rest for the wicked - Jules Gypsy tramps and thieves - Joei Fulco S17 Cover me up - Jake hoot Elastic Heart - Kyndal Inskeep When the party's over - Max Boyle Preach and Big white room - Rose Short Baby I love you and Piece of my heart - Katie kadan Burning house - Marybeth Byrd and Dane and Stephanie S16 Whataya want from me - Presley and Rizzi Fields of gold and Mad world - Maelyn Jarmon Versace on the floor- Jej Vinson S15 River - Sandy Redd Travelling Soldier- Chevel Shepherd Earned it - Funsho
  9. Nick battles song are weird other than the one with allegra and michael ,and Joanna and Roderick(it wasn't bad but something seems off)
  10. What are some song you wish that you can a studio version of it and listen to it on apple music or spotify but its not
  11. Will see Her performance last week wasn't good this week was way better tho
  12. Joanna 6 Micah 7 Todd 8 Zan 6 Thunderstorm 10 Megan 7 Allegra 7 Toneisha 9 Camm 6
  13. So will there be duets or even trios since its top 9
  14. Hi sorry extremely late that i came in but can u pls add me
  15. I prefer Francisco and makayla over Arthur because to me both improve drastically and is ahead of arthur right now alrdy
  16. Danny's song Anthony Arya s15 Jake Hoot s17 Swon Brothers s4 Kelli Douglas s7 Dylan Hartigan s14
  17. Ok I dont mind if playoffs are like that but for Semi finals not a good idea
  18. I don't see the problem in an all girls team miley i think kelly just favour micah because he was the only guy in kelly team b4 cam wess(where she stole in the battle but let go at knockout)
  19. If Michael wins over samantha means that the jonas brothers fans are behind him or he did well(I dont mind I really like Nick's team this season)
  20. Wait if maybe they have got it wrong it could maybe be somebody to love by Jefferson Airplane
  21. Songs for 4 way knockout Todd Michael hall - Somebody to love (One Republic) Samantha Howell - Always on my mind (Willie Neslon) Michael Williams - You are the reason (Calum Scott) Nelson Cade III - Best Part (Daniel Caesar feat H.E.R)
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