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  1. Yeah I mean I shocked because this means that Brittany is likely eliminated but happy that katie was stolen cause she deserves it
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTVkkM3s-qT/?utm_medium=copy_link Omg i didnt know happy for them Fyi:John holiday and rio souma from season 19 are tgt
  3. I don’t think Ryan is homophobic considering the fact that he was willing to sing I surrender with Marisa although she is a lesbian and have quite a good friendship reddit said that the homophobia was back when he was in high school Well for ex on the beach I only he is no longer together with magdalena but all I know yah he is a conservative which I’m fine with although I lean left politically well you know let it be everybody has their own views But I would say I’m kinda disappointed that he broke Covid protocol in the voice despite his mom had Covid like if didn’t get into him that Covid is a serious thing(but his manager say he took it seriously tho)so I’m just confuse at this point Anyways here is the reddit story https://www.reddit.com/r/ExOnTheBeach/comments/ez9f8m/ryan_gallagher_backstory/
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG2tZeonC9m/?igshid=1szyje2qlnijh Blake and gwen are engaged
  5. Add me damn just watch the sneak peak and she's amazing
  6. Abt 1:34 u can see camm wess full battle performance I remember the first part of this battle performance wasnt aired
  7. Coming to think about chris winning even tho guy and kelly have fued
  8. I can understand cause she is literally singing and like water is all over her and she maybe cold or something Not going to lie I like the set up but the idea of her being in like a "rain" just nope
  9. I go on the voice au ig but it only have small clips
  10. Kirby was one of my favesBut I'm not going to lie I felt like to song didn't fit her
  11. https://open.spotify.com/track/1gtdLzQqKYcmnVyWnQkseW?si=bNHEAYBnR1eeoUBPZUmopA https://music.apple.com/us/album/when-the-partys-over-single/1515467188 Max actually recorded when the party's over full cover on spotify and apple music
  12. So far only one block have been use throughout the 3 episode I do wonder if they would use all the blocks but they have 8 blocks altogether when the judges combine this season which is a lot though
  13. Are they just going to announce the winner straight away like not even the position
  14. Is this post giving us a clue Or is it tryna mess with our brain (I would be satisfied tho if he won)
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