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  1. iconic scientist!! we Stan people who are smart and knowledgeable about covid (instead of people who pretend like it doesn't exist )
  2. ooh thats exciting! I loved her battle with Zeek
  3. im kinda confused by this oops. you said that we have three votes that can be placed after semifinals and continues until every contestant has performed - does this mean that we have 3 votes and we can place them until all performances are over, or that we get more than three votes and they reset?
  4. I may be wrong but I definitely remember seeing something like that. I believe that it was a juxtaposition of people wearing masks while sneezing/coughing/speaking/singing and the amount of droplets spread or something? Anyways, I'd trust your evidence over mine.
  5. There was a post about this somewhere, singing produces a little less I think, but still it would probably be substantial enough to cause issues IMO. I feel like battles can produce some really good moments, but I wouldn't mind knockouts as it gives us more content. I don't think they'd do that though because then, there would be 40/48 performances instead of 20/24 and that would take way longer to film/put out. I wish they would though, it's nice to get to know the artist better, and I feel like battles can often stifle that (like Kailey Abel would have done better if she wasn't forced into a kinda country song with Cam Spinks).
  6. I dont think that team blake supporters spam; it's just that they are large in number. in fact, I think its people like us on this forums that does that in a great percentage than minivan.
  7. Johnny Manuel Clarissa Spata Goldi Stellar Perry Virginia Lillye Elyse Sene-Lefao Masha Mnjoyan Siala Robson Mark Furze Chris Sebastian Despina Savva Lyric McFarland this is who is on my team (yes I did copy this from wikipedia cause I dont know some names oops)!
  8. omg im spam reloading wikipedia rn to see who won!!!
  9. I didn't like him, his tone bothered me.
  10. surprised to see Elyse picked over sapphire, I like sapphire more than Elyse but I dont think that either will make the grande finale so I guess its not an issue honestly I dont really Stan anyone this season too hard (like I did with Allegra in TVUSA S18) cause its hard to do that when watching YouTube videos that are incomplete sometimes and yeah....
  11. Okay, Wikipedia has informed me the first winner, and I don't know who the winner or loser is LMAO
  12. How's it going so far? I don't have a VPN downloaded so I can't watch.
  13. On paper it seems like it would work (more so than some of Blake's pairings) but then it just wasn't amazing? Maybe it was the talent gap
  14. Oops I didn't like this one toooo much - I would rather Maelyn have just sang the whole song and John watched along...
  15. dont worry about it! it's great that we have this compilation here anyways!
  16. this feels like you put a bunch of different ideas together and kinda spammed this thread and that's fine I guess, but it would be cool if for different ideas you split it into different threads
  17. nothing compared to Masha and Ella's version on TVAU
  18. They handled Siala's mess up well, not editing it out or pretending it didn't happen. This is what TV USA should have done with Thunderstorm's performance. But anyways, what time is the episode today in PST (or EST) cause I wanna know if I'll have to stay up to watch it. Also, where can I stream it?
  19. haha thanks for getting it for me though
  20. I love Alicia!!! I think John is kinda arrogant and wish that Alicia would replace him but she's probably busy with other stuff. I thought Nick was kind of boring, and it also felt a little like he was trying to be an Adam. I like Gwen but I am bothered by the fact that she doesn't seem to turn for blind auditions in most cases until/unless another coach turns for them (Nick did this, but to a lesser extent).
  21. OMG we Stan the taste!!!! I love that description of Maelyn, it truly was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other winners (and the other finalists), whether others were less refined or more... country.
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