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  1. she posted something that could be construed as her winning i think, but i think its very likely that it didn't mean anything. teamaudra should be able to explain further since they mentioned it in the fan thread
  2. but john told the country fans to vote for julia. that means she has to get the win; john is so popular!
  3. minivan = facebook people, usually on the older end TPTB = the powers that be = the voice producers or whoever controls results
  4. agh this reminds me: i loved alexa cappeli on that season. i was so sad that she got out in the POs, i would have placed her at the same level as brynn. that season, i liked brynn, alexa, jackie foster, kyla, christiana, and sharane, of those who made POs.
  5. he i think was the one who drew me into the voice first. i loved his performances, and when i first got into music, i put a lot of value on vocals, so he was incredible to me. now, looking back, my favorite would probably be madi davis because of her incredible artistry. amy v. is definitely really good as well, but her voice is not as much my preference as madi. i might have voted for both
  6. i didn't watch, but i think my favorites would have been jordan smith and madi davis
  7. i don't think it was nerves. based on sources, i would guess that its producer sabotage or possibly that she overprepared and her voice went hoarse/raspy.
  8. she could have won over maelyn? i think she and maelyn would have stolen votes from each other, possibly leading to country domination. ughhh yes taste! i loved her performance, although i don't think she would have won. she's probably not the strongest diva (though we didn't get to see enough of her to say).
  9. agree with what you're saying regarding cami not moving on. also love the taste! zan was great! do you like cami or do you just not think she'll get far? also, i gotta agree that james could have been considered as overpowering cami, i personally think she has the potential to emote more, although i didn't think she was at her best in that performance
  10. 1. ooh, interesting, i'm curious, would you still like ryan if he went rock or country? 2. yay i agree with you on this one, although i think payge is close behind 3. i haven't watched a season w usher, so i can't comment, but i agree that gwen is a good coach. she's unpopular but this season (and in season 17), she's produced some AMAZING battles 4. ooh this one i probably disagree with. her vocals weren't anything incredible, but i really felt the emotion in the song 5. i loved maelyn lol, who do you think should have won? 6. i think hoot was pretty good, his
  11. oh, interesting. i liked reagan as well, although i haven't watched some of her worse performances that much. i liked "you are the reason" a lot.
  12. phillipines. i doubt many others will have as much international support
  13. that makes sense - rnb is a lot more popular than male country. thanks!
  14. woah woah woah 80% lmao?! i won't tell you your preference is wrong but that metric sounds completely off lolol
  15. i don't mind these tik tok is HUGE i totally agree. the kids will form an army (note: abby cates is pretty big on there i think) another note: a part of regina george's KO (midnight train to georgia), when she says, "i've got to go, yeahhhh" blew up on tik tok because it was really usable in funny situations.
  16. i think she'll save madeline over tanner. she loves her "cowboy," but i think she really likes her female country singers (megan, chevel), and madeline did really well in the KOs. i unfortunately agree that cami's prob not gonna make it through CS
  17. i didn't watch the season live, so i can't speak to this, but i would assume that the difference probably showed up more once gyth began being pitchy more often (esp. since maelyn did great in the T13).
  18. really really really long shot, but is it about the judges mentioning that they know the writer/singer of the song?
  19. yeah, ben is done. i think tanner will also be done even if ryan doesn't win.
  20. i think normally i'd agree, but i saw some FB comments about how they were warming up to gwen now that she'd stolen ben.
  21. that's fair lolol, her ~vibe~ is very unlike what they would like
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