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  1. I know this is probably a joke but the person is just walking as you can see by their slanted leg
  2. oh no... I'm kinda concerned now... did she leak something?? cause that I definitely do not want to see
  3. I saw the hashtag on twitter, but didn't care to investigate at the time. what happened?!?!?!
  4. ok so I looked it up lol, and Mandi Castillo is 5' 3'', while Joanna is 5' 7'', so the height difference in combination with her taller heels make her seem super tall I think. also she's closer to the front I believe
  5. this is late, but I absolutely loved Unaware... more so than my snowflake's IS performance, and it was also by far my favorite performance from her this season!
  6. you're right (anyways I've blocked them lmao so I can't see any of their responses... oops!) although... I do want to point out the difference between someone with an unpopular opinion and someone who is being rude objectively.
  7. ICONIC!!! nothing but taste right here
  8. voted! im sad this was moved cause I pretty much stay only on the voice forums but glad I got to vote in time for this round
  9. just cause other people go too far in being a fan doesn't mean you can't be a fan of the person
  10. your opinion can be valid, but can still be stated rudely and argumentatively. this isn't an argument thread, its a discussion thread. please try to keep it civil
  11. If you feel that way, then don't read xfactor's posts. If you are going to read them, and you disagree, at least try to disagree respectfully.
  12. hmmm when I try to click play it doesn't work, but its ok ill content myself with the other videos on yt for now
  13. could you post the video here? I dont have FB
  14. ahhh i missed it cause of classes but she uploaded it to her instagram as a post
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