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  1. excited about the kyla thing. i do agree with minhtam on the topic of forcing people to leave
  2. I hope that Sid/WTW/Taryn get past the playoffs. I can't really comment on who I think should move on beyond that because I liked all their BAs for different reasons.
  3. the difference is that patrique's tone is really nice
  4. same, i see TONS of potential, but they were slightly inconsistent at parts. some pre-show covers were imo better so hopefully blake can make sure they smooth things out again
  5. i think that wtw, being a trio, was more interesting and surprising, but faltered at parts or went flat. meanwhile, taryn gave a great performance throughout that was muffled somewhat by bandzilla, so i guess i'd agree. if i were to pick just based on this performance, i'd say taryn, but if wtw fixes their inconsistencies, i'd go w them because they're a trio and can do a lot more
  6. anyway i liked them but i just can't see how wtw beat taryn... taryn's audition that got bandzilla'd was still better than this audition
  7. they are surprisingly not as common as the "i loved them" or "that's so sweet" or "tough decision" together
  8. minivan doesn't seem to hate them but also some people are saying that 3v1 is unfair
  9. that's true... i'd also want to point out that minivan has so many truly country options that they might turn to someone else
  10. jim isn't even country according to a lot of people here, so he might not have as much of minivan's support, but chris kroeze was in a similar lane ig so who knows
  11. okay so i won't get to listen for a while but the general consensus seems to be they were pleasant sounding but unpolished? i was expecting a lot more given that they beat taryn, but ill wait to comment until ive listened
  12. ugh, the voice sneak peeks come out at literally the exact same time as my school starts, so i can't listen, but lemme know if wtw does better than joei ig.
  13. it is very interesting to compare, especially since tvline isn't even a country hub, so if ben is doing so well, then it means he not only appealed to minivan, but also just the general audience, which is very impressive. i think that the scores he gives do change peoples votes one way or another if they're already leaning one way. i think that people prefer power over richness in a diva, so that might be why they didn't vote her as much in this poll?
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