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  1. Alex was good, but Injoy was GREAT and im still not over it
  2. Brynn was definitely interesting, I think I just lumped her into "pop" in general. I was (just! like as I got the notification) listening to Brynn and she has a particular vibrato that I didn't catch onto before, and she also can carry emotion p well in her singing. possibly a better word than interesting would be someone more "out there" musically; Brynn definitely had things that made her more unique, but I feel like they were somewhat subtle.
  3. interesting, I've never seen a coach on the voice USA get blocked and not turn. im very curious to look into these artists!
  4. I would say that "Wait For You" and "Fallingwater" were her worst performances, but she was still pitch perfect, and great, it just wasn't as good as the other ones. I would say that Alisan also was pitch perfect and was extremely consistent similarly. I think at this point, it comes down to taste, especially since despite the varied song choices, Alisan sang each of the songs in a very similar styles (not that that's expected of anyone ofc). I personally like them both equally, but I agree that Maelyn is considered a "Goddess" mainly because she was respite from an otherwise lacking season.
  5. If you don't like IDF, no one is forcing you to come here? Like you constantly complain about how you disagree with us, but we didn't ask you to agree with us, or discuss with us. If you can agree to disagree on opinion, I'd love to continue discussing, but if you are going to get upset over opinions, you don't have to stay
  6. Your comments are priceless
  7. from her Valerie cover, she is looking like the most stannable contestant so far for me GM is cool, but I like Lauren more I think
  8. that's probably true, but I think that people can agree Zan > Micah, so ill edit that
  9. the point isn't that everyone agrees with it; just that a majority of IDF would agree with that! if you read the title, it says "Popular/Common," not universal!
  10. edited to say mostly, I can definitely think of a few opinions that are common, so I guess I'll start off: Zan Fiskum deserved to get into the Finale over Micah
  11. What are some things that IDF can mostly agree upon? We are a very niche portion of The Voice's audience, so what are our leanings, regarding previous and current contestants?
  12. shoot! you're right, I meant Tayler; queen was robbed but we been knew; that doesn't belong in the unpopular opinions thread
  13. s14 Christiana Danielle Tish Haynes Key s15 RADHA SandyRedd Sarah Grace Chris Kroeze s16 Domenic Haynes Jacob Maxwell Abby Kasch Selkii s17 Melinda Rodriguez Marina Chello Zoe Upkins Jessie Lawrence s18 Samantha Howell Todd Michael Hall Nelson Cade III Michael Williams
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