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  1. Oh man Arianas crying Everytime WRECKS me. And wow they actually did show Chavon part.
  2. Arianators on stan twittwr seemed to disagree with Aris choice too. And we’re extremely relieved Bella made it AS WAS I
  3. To me, definitely not. Bella edged her with those high notes to me.
  4. I might be alone here but Personally I feel like Bella deserved to win that.
  5. id say maybe Bella and Katie or Jeremy v Jershika a lot of people here seemed to like the gnt battle so maybe them too. But I wasn’t blown away by them so for me it’ll probably be the ones I mentioned.
  6. https://instagram.com/stories/arianagrande/2682331083374411989?utm_medium=copy_link lol y’all…..WHATTT
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