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  1. Bella and Katie remain my fav battle of the season. Brittany and Sam closely behind. Jeremy and Jershika and Wendy and Manny tied for third.
  2. Majority of minivan in the comments hated that battle. Few praised Wendy and Manny individually. Some mentioned she’s screaming and majority was bad song choice…..Definitely not doing anything good for Wendy’s chances.
  3. Looking forward to facebooks reception. I’m sure they’ll eat it up. This’ll be her first actual full perfomance posted on there.
  4. Started off slow and wasn’t really doing anything for me but Jesus the final 30 seconds…my my myyyyy
  5. her following pre show was about 4k now she’s about to hit 30k before lives
  6. there has been a MAJOR decline in ratings not just for nbc and the voice but for literally every single prime time network. This is a issue straight across the board tbh
  7. absolutely. She never misses. She gives us hit after hit after hit.
  8. Manifesting Gymani,Wendy, Holly, Ryleigh or Raquel/Haileys battle being leaked
  9. no it’s not it isn’t even speculated/ a rumor….. it’s a flop prediction
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