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  1. I agree with all of this except for the future part. Ariana would’ve given her more fans and a bigger platform. But Kelly’s comments were more genuine while Aris was a lot of sweet talk. She didn’t fight hard enough for her.
  2. yeah sometimes it rotates. We might even get it at the next hour.
  3. nah, they’re gonna ride the who will Ariana use her block on story until next week.
  4. I know right?? Time is FLYING I didn’t realize until u said it and I realized tomorrow is Friday
  5. he definitely ate that up. I also enjoyed his a lot! Another one of my favs from the night. Took me back to chris weaver!
  6. Also, All of Aris contestants have over 1M on YouTube except for Jim&Sasha.
  7. The Voice is actually in extremely good standings compared to other network shows. Scripted and Unscripted.
  8. Omg network tv is soooo bad right now. I never thought I’d see the masked singer premiere only getting 4.4 million views! The voice hasn’t done better than the masked singer since they came out!
  9. this could’ve been gymani or Jershika but noooo
  10. she still reposted them. And tagged them and said how much she loved them again…….
  11. @TeamAudra back to this lol she’s already only posted their audition last night and then she reposted them again today. So it is interesting. Intrigued to see how she treats her other post KO OG team.
  12. yes definitely didn’t see it coming. But no Ari didn’t post any of her teams auditions on her story actually. Jim/Sasha was the only audition she reposted. Besides Vaughn
  13. no I don’t have a screenshot but true you have a point. And yes I wasn’t saying that bring them down at all at all. whatttt you saying something is impressive is everything ok? Who are you and what have you done with Audra!
  14. your right he didn’t lol. He got more. And I don’t see that audition getting up to 700K tbh
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