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  1. I wanna whoโ€™ll be their fav after Holly joins the team. They wouldโ€™ve already grown their obsession with Raq, Ryleigh and Bella. So itโ€™ll be cool to see how they receive her
  2. FACTS. And I canโ€™t wait they all think Aris team is garbage and has no good people. Wait until KO come theyโ€™re gonna be like this is the best team and how she is gonna win. The producers couldโ€™ve Atleast balanced it out during premeire week though lol.
  3. And I actually thought Chavon rendition wasnโ€™t that bad? Iโ€™m surprise so many people donโ€™t like it
  4. lol they actually donโ€™t like Katherine that much from what Iโ€™ve seen. Lol they arenโ€™t hot over anyone in team Ari other than Vaughn.
  5. They are IN LOVE with Vaughn. I canโ€™t wait to see stan Twitterโ€™s reaction to his elimination
  6. Carson is killing on YouTube! Over 100K in two hours?! I think thatโ€™s the fastest this season ngl. I think Gymani got 100K in 3 hours.
  7. YouTube really has gotten an increase in activity since Ariana came on. We love to see it.
  8. lol I donโ€™t think they even bothered to watch it just from seeing โ€œthis countryโ€ the video on Twitter isnโ€™t getting a lot of traction at all. And IG is better. YouTube is doing pretty good though. They all know he isnโ€™t for Ari
  9. no I get what your saying. Iโ€™m just saying with someone who has over 200M followers you should expect to gain a good number of supporters. Iโ€™m sure Aris social media power played a part in some of her teams reasons for choosing her also. But yeah letโ€™s dead this.
  10. And then her looking to the audience and then shrinking in her chair hilarious
  11. Carson wasnโ€™t bad at all tbh. He was pretty decent. Just not my cup of tea. Congrats to him on four chairs.
  12. I mean getting 20k followers in just a few days is kind of powerful. What other artist could do this for someone? But yeah Iโ€™m intrigued to see what will happen in battles. But I was mainly speaking for her finalist and possibly semi finalists.
  13. True, thatโ€™s nothing to make it in the industry. But if Ari supports and promotes her artists work/music post show. Itโ€™ll definitely give them a boost. Everyone knows this. Compared to Kelly whoโ€™s fanbase is smaller, it wouldnโ€™t give as much as a boost as Ari would give. Um and anyone that knows of ariana grande knows that with her big following/fanbase she would give someone a good/decent platform. Iโ€™m not saying some 100K followers but a good number of fans. And it has already started with her team and itโ€™s only the blinds. Vaughn literally has fans who adore him.
  14. Literally all of her teammates have gotten a significant follow boost compared to the other artists on the show.
  15. For long term career Ariana definitely wouldโ€™ve been a better choice. But for her time on the show, Kelly was the better choice.
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