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  1. Yeah they definitely shortened that….like Zae and Lindsay
  2. another week, another voice artists on the verge of going Twitter viral
  3. lol sorry to break it to you but there aren’t any wild cards this season and haven’t been one since season 15? Someone correct me if I’m wrong
  4. Idkkk now….after Bella’s battle reception they might switch her as zaria TCO? Or maybe she always has been? But then Ryleighs audition got a lot of praise on Tim tok and YouTube so I think it’s a toss between them. Oh and Holly.
  5. https://postimg.cc/Wqw41kCr I need this!!! I can see it too Dana
  6. i have a feeling they all knew Ariana was gonna save her and didn’t want to go through rejection or they weren’t fans of her. Which is hard to believe because they both turned for her and Blake picked her as the winner of the battle.
  7. If it’s in order then we’ll have Jonathan v Paris as Tuesdays leak
  8. Looking forward Gymani and Aaron, Hailey and Raquel, Ryleigh and KCK3, and Paris and Jonathan. Raquel and Gymani win best outfits of the week!!
  9. and even in the comments of the best battles of the week video a good amount of comments are about her. And the comments with the most likes are about her too. So she has fans….hopefully they pull through and vote…
  10. I think they mentioned that the source preferred Raquel didn’t really like Hailey because her voice was too “squeaky” for them….
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