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  1. LMAO ur srs? That’s Ariana back when she was singing on Victorious
  2. lol that wasn’t really an actual promo though. That was more of like a clip. But ok. and true I’m dieing to hear her. Ok I’ll say this if they do have her on Tuesday I’d LOVE for her to be leaked.
  3. lol this is confirmed? Or is it that everyone shown on the “next monday and Tuesday” promo is confirmed for the monday
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv4i9lDAvrm/?utm_medium=copy_link SING GULLLLL . the way this was 2 years ago. I’m so excited to hear her this weeeek !
  5. I agree with it all! Everyone got the score they deserved. Except Gymani. Lol who deserved a A+
  6. I wanna who’ll be their fav after Holly joins the team. They would’ve already grown their obsession with Raq, Ryleigh and Bella. So it’ll be cool to see how they receive her
  7. FACTS. And I can’t wait they all think Aris team is garbage and has no good people. Wait until KO come they’re gonna be like this is the best team and how she is gonna win. The producers could’ve Atleast balanced it out during premeire week though lol.
  8. And I actually thought Chavon rendition wasn’t that bad? I’m surprise so many people don’t like it
  9. lol they actually don’t like Katherine that much from what I’ve seen. Lol they aren’t hot over anyone in team Ari other than Vaughn.
  10. They are IN LOVE with Vaughn. I can’t wait to see stan Twitter’s reaction to his elimination
  11. Carson is killing on YouTube! Over 100K in two hours?! I think that’s the fastest this season ngl. I think Gymani got 100K in 3 hours.
  12. YouTube really has gotten an increase in activity since Ariana came on. We love to see it.
  13. lol I don’t think they even bothered to watch it just from seeing “this country” the video on Twitter isn’t getting a lot of traction at all. And IG is better. YouTube is doing pretty good though. They all know he isn’t for Ari
  14. no I get what your saying. I’m just saying with someone who has over 200M followers you should expect to gain a good number of supporters. I’m sure Aris social media power played a part in some of her teams reasons for choosing her also. But yeah let’s dead this.
  15. And then her looking to the audience and then shrinking in her chair hilarious
  16. Carson wasn’t bad at all tbh. He was pretty decent. Just not my cup of tea. Congrats to him on four chairs.
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