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  1. If Janora is in then is Kayla Velez out? I only see that we are missing one member of Team Blake and they’re white?
  2. Looks like we got twice as much auditions of artists who made the lives tonight. With these 2 episodes alone we have seen 9/20 of the them.
  3. Hey guys I need help. I’m gonna be working during the premiere so can someone tell me where I can watch it after or if I can record or something. I have spectrum
  4. His higher register reminds me of Grant Perez, I liked his audition overall. There’s no wow factor though like I bet there will be for the 4 chairs so I’m even more excited for Monday!
  5. Who’s the first girl with pink that says she sings Ariana Grande?
  6. I want someone to audition with “Slow Dancing In the Dark” and kill it. Please don’t let it b me
  7. So did we have a lot of inaccurate 4 chair turns before because I swear I remember there being like 8-9 and now I’m seeing 6
  8. Most of the unconfirmed names for battles are women except the rocker, but Sasha is no where to be seen. I don’t think he is the rocker, is is possible he is “Joshua”?
  9. I am willing to bet the battle pair who sang “Good 4 U” is going to get montaged for sure. It was on the first taping and no steals or saves, the song itself it just too challenging to sing
  10. Can someone plz highlight the 4 chair turners that were eliminated
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