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  1. Can someone explain the format of this show bc im so confused. I haven’t seen like 5 artists I saw in the auditions and I have also seen artists I have never seen like Funke out of nowhere
  2. I think his team was full when Carter auditioned. On TV it looks like his team wasn’t full but it was
  3. Ok I have a crush on Micah now and he’s gonna hear from me in 9 months
  4. Ouch, Gigi messed up the start of the song. She sounds way more pitchier than she did in the rehearsals
  5. And Tate’s has 6mil. Last season the views were so much lower on YT. I think the one with the most is Katie and it doesn’t even have 3mil
  6. I just noticed CammWess, Joana, and Cedrice make up 6/8 steals this season since they were stolen in both the battles and ko’s.
  7. It was on Monday, she seemed pretty sure she was airing next week hence why she was winking. I Dm’d her saying “gj being subtle ” and she just laughed
  8. Zan Fiksum is def going to be on Monday too, she made it pretty obvious that she will be airing that day bc in her story last week she was winking when she said “I might air next week”
  9. Upon further inspection, it appears that she is in fact a 2 chair turn and the first clip shown of Kelly offering her jacket is from a different contestant.
  10. Yeah, I just looked back at the sneak peek and it definitely look like she was a 4 chair turn. However, if she is a 2 chair, is there a chance that the person who leaked confused Allegra with Joana since Joana was leaked to be a 2 chair turn? Keep in mind they are both Team Nick
  11. Plz tell me the one singing a Billie song isn’t the one who doesn’t get a chair
  12. Zan Fiksum basically alluded that she will be on next week on her ig story
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