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  1. Woah a 4 way KO?? Oh man that’s throwing me for a loop.
  2. So how many people do you think went home? ahhh it’s killing me!
  3. Yes! Check out Joei Fulco’s instagram and YouTube! I think she has a crazy amount of experience Due to the plethora of songs she can nail and you can see it when she performs. - she looks so comfortable performing And -I think we’ll have a new fan favorite out of her
  4. - Everyone had great performances! Also I agree with most everything except Joei definitely showed more with her voice than Levi. Levi did great but had a monotoned performance. Joei showed a lot of different aspects to her voice and she can go really big. She had the better performance. - tayler also had a better performance and was robbed. She hit all of her notes and Micah was pitchy. That was a bad pick. -things should get very interesting from here.
  5. She did good but zan blew her out of the water! Zan brought her A Game and outshined Joanna.
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