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  1. It doesn't make me happy to criticize Idol. Season 1 shocked me with Kelly Clarkson's undiscovered world class talent and roped the rest of the planet into the TV singing competition craze. It re-energized my love of music when it was at a low point in my life and I've maintained my love for it ever since. Today, 19 years later, Idol is reduced to silly Judges playing kazoos to get more screen time amid the worst talent in Idol history. Idol needs a complete makeover - new judges, new studio, new producers, new everything. Take it back to the basics: singer, stage, critique. public vote.
  2. Art happens when life meets inner-hearts performance in some compelling way. The saving grace of this episode was Rhonda. Her circumstances alone were enough to move me to tears - her performance in light of her circumstances broke the dam. Unfortunately this episode, IMO, is the worst in the history of American Idol. And as moving as Rhonda was it isn't near enough to save it. How did Idol get so far off track?
  3. Idol isn't Idol anymore. The show's main pitch at ABC is how much drama there is in the singers personal life. And it's mind-numbing.g.g.g.g.g. I recorded the first two episodes this season and zapped thru them both in less than 20 minutes - skipping several singers altogether. All I care about is the singing - and the presentation of the singing is more staged and less spontaneous than ever. I think they script & rehearse many of the judges reactions & critiques. It looks, feels, and smells fake. eta - About Gabby Barrett: Her post idol success is 100% the product
  4. Idol became a success with a simple & pure 3 step formula: 1. Make the show about the singers talent. 2. Analyze the talent with Judges critiques. 3. Give the public the final vote to choose it's winners. The Voice came along with a different formula that focuses on the coaches chemistry and beat Idol in the ratings. And Idol lost it's soul chasing The Voice formula. Nothing has changed with American Idol Season 19. It's still on a foreign path far from it's successful original formula. It's still chasing The Voice - and the chemistry between the Idol Jud
  5. I don't know anything about anything but Chevel's dad seems flakey - in a well-meaning but extremely crude (and a lil creepy) way.
  6. Anti-Carrie Underwood fan here. Besides the other things I'm going to mention I don't care for Underwood's one dimensional vocal technique or wall to wall belting. Underwood clubs songs to death with volume. Most of her fans believe that's her biggest asset. I jthink she's got a loud mouth. Subtlety and nuance are foreign words to Underwood's narrow musicality. Tenderness and meek vulnerability don't mix well with all the monotone belting she does. What little versatility she has doesn't appear in her catalog. Carrie Underwood has done more to hurt the careers of her female
  7. It used to be the case great songwriters wrote great songs and they handed them off to great singers to sing them. Taylor Swift came along and played a big part in changing that business model. Taylor is a shitty singer but a great songwriter. She managed to write great songs with great hooks she could perform in her extremely limited one octave range. Swifts vocals were never the artistic aspect of her songs. Her songs are always reduced to simple, single octave vocals she's capable of performing - as basic and easy as a child singing "Happy Birthday". When great singers cover Swifts so
  8. I was disappointed Kelly didn't tweet a link to Chevel's new video too. It is understandable though, Kelly does have a lot going on - and maybe Chevel didn't tell her when she was releasing it. But that's hard to believe that since Kelly is the Executive producer of Chevel's EP. I have a feeling Kelly paid for the video too. Kelly's soon-to-be ex-husband, Brandon, is not involved in Chevel's career. eta - I forgot to say how much I like "The Letter". The only downside to the song is the opening verse (and a few other spots) needed a strong lower register for contrast and, unfo
  9. It's never been more obvious than today's Hamilton Tribute episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that Kelly Clarkson is the best Talk Show/Entertainment Host in television. Kelly's genuine interaction, sharp instincts, sparkling dialogue, and innate natural delivery with the entire original cast of the epic Broadway Musical Hamilton tops anything Ellen or even Oprah could do. Kelly didn't win an Emmy for top Entertainment Talk Show Host for nothing - she "is" the most talented talk show host on television. Kelly's brilliant communication with the cast beamed across the universe was amazing. A
  10. I hope someone helps Just Sam get her foot in the door. With a big dose of self confidence and some allies in R&B/HipHop she could break out. Idol doesn't seem to have an answer to the problem. After all the failures from AI and TV it's obvious it all comes down to getting a "hit" song on the radio. And it seems no one is going to give a talent show winner one anymore. So they're going to have to write it themselves. It's time for a hybrid show that includes songwriting in the process similar to Nashville Star. A collaboration between Songland and The Voice would be a goo
  11. A little surprised Gwen is coming back. Probably shouldn't be. Gwen is an icon with a solid fanbase. It looks like TV is embracing the older demo - that's where The Voice dominates the ratings. Gwen is fun and funny and that's what gives The Voice the advantage over Idol. Happy to here there will be lots of laughs on Season 19!
  12. I'll stipulate the main portion of your post and agree Blake's longevity at The Voice give him some advantages. I won't agree he has carte blanche with the fans - because he doesn't. eta - This forum only has, at most, a few dozen regular posters so anything I post here has limited effect. I enjoy the "small extent" of the banter here. It's one of the few places on the net where there is consistent reaction from a very small universe of dedicated consistent posters on this subject. I enjoy it here. My daily life is very different than this forum and that dichotomy gives me a s
  13. If Kelly and Blake had started on The Voice together in season 1 Kelly would probably have twice as many wins as Blake. Kelly Clarkson is enormously more talented and analytically adept in every aspect of music than Blake. Clarkson would have mined & mentored far more talented contestants than Shelton. Blake is a great guy but he can't hold a candle to Clarkson in any aspect of vocal performance in any genre. It's not my intention to denigrate Blake's talents but comparing Blake Shelton's vocal skills to Kelly Clarkson's vocal skills is like comparing an amoeba to a full grown medieval
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