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  1. It's never been more obvious than today's Hamilton Tribute episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show that Kelly Clarkson is the best Talk Show/Entertainment Host in television. Kelly's genuine interaction, sharp instincts, sparkling dialogue, and innate natural delivery with the entire original cast of the epic Broadway Musical Hamilton tops anything Ellen or even Oprah could do. Kelly didn't win an Emmy for top Entertainment Talk Show Host for nothing - she "is" the most talented talk show host on television. Kelly's brilliant communication with the cast beamed across the universe was amazing. Add Clarkson's world class vocal talent - that never ends - and there has never-ever been a more talented singer/mama/entertainer/host than Kelly Clarkson. #She'sallthat!
  2. I hope someone helps Just Sam get her foot in the door. With a big dose of self confidence and some allies in R&B/HipHop she could break out. Idol doesn't seem to have an answer to the problem. After all the failures from AI and TV it's obvious it all comes down to getting a "hit" song on the radio. And it seems no one is going to give a talent show winner one anymore. So they're going to have to write it themselves. It's time for a hybrid show that includes songwriting in the process similar to Nashville Star. A collaboration between Songland and The Voice would be a good place to start..
  3. A little surprised Gwen is coming back. Probably shouldn't be. Gwen is an icon with a solid fanbase. It looks like TV is embracing the older demo - that's where The Voice dominates the ratings. Gwen is fun and funny and that's what gives The Voice the advantage over Idol. Happy to here there will be lots of laughs on Season 19!
  4. I'll stipulate the main portion of your post and agree Blake's longevity at The Voice give him some advantages. I won't agree he has carte blanche with the fans - because he doesn't. eta - This forum only has, at most, a few dozen regular posters so anything I post here has limited effect. I enjoy the "small extent" of the banter here. It's one of the few places on the net where there is consistent reaction from a very small universe of dedicated consistent posters on this subject. I enjoy it here. My daily life is very different than this forum and that dichotomy gives me a strange freedom I rarely experience.
  5. If Kelly and Blake had started on The Voice together in season 1 Kelly would probably have twice as many wins as Blake. Kelly Clarkson is enormously more talented and analytically adept in every aspect of music than Blake. Clarkson would have mined & mentored far more talented contestants than Shelton. Blake is a great guy but he can't hold a candle to Clarkson in any aspect of vocal performance in any genre. It's not my intention to denigrate Blake's talents but comparing Blake Shelton's vocal skills to Kelly Clarkson's vocal skills is like comparing an amoeba to a full grown medieval Dragon. Kelly Clarkson sang Ave Maria to the Pope and the world wept at it's beauty. Kelly Clarkson sang My Country Tis of Thee at Obama's 2nd inauguration and changed the world. Blake is incapable of competing with Kelly Clarkson in any head to head vocal competition. Good ole country boys & their families will disagree but 99% of the rest of the world won't even acknowledge Blake Shelton exists. Clarkson is a multi-genre 4 octave genius. Blake can only admire her from a distance too far to comprehend. Blake's good fortune is derived exclusively from the lowest end of the economic spectrum of the country music genre where anyone who can carry a tune relates to the poorest among us. He's had other successes but they were anomalies. BIG ANOMALIES.
  6. So Audra - you came to that conclusion based on Toneisha's 2nd place finish? Seriously? I think you're wrong by a long shot. I have no official data about this specific issue - but neither do you. Let's analyze the anecdotal evidence along with the verifiable empirical data we know to be fact: Kelly signed her The Voice contract, confirmed by Variety, in late 2017, for $560K per episode = $14 to $15 million per season (25 to 27 episodes) = $28 to $30 million per year. Kelly won 3 of her first 4 seasons. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani signed new TV contracts, with raises, just days prior to the beginning of season 17, widely reported to be approximately $14 million per season each - still at least $1 million below Clarkson's inaugural season 14 contract. Kelly Clarkson signed a new NBCUniversal deal in late 2018 for The Voice, Awards Shows, Specials (Holidays), future Christmas Specials, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and a $10 million content development contract for Clarkson and her husband, Manager & Executive Producer, Brandon Blackstock. The value of Clarkson's new contract has not been revealed but Clarkson certainly got a raise from her original $560K per episode season 14 The Voice salary which makes her the highest paid coach on The Voice by a considerable sum. Kelly's husband, Brandon Blackstock, manages both Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Managers typically earn 20% of client earnings above $5 million. That means Kelly Clarkson's family is earning at least an additional $3 million from Clarkson's TV salary and an additional $2 million (probably more) from Shelton's TV salary and more from other entertainment income Shelton earns. Clarkson and her husband Brandon are bringing home somewhere in the vicinity of $21 to $22 million per season ($42 to $44 million per year) minimum from TV alone. Add in The Kelly Clarkson Show salary (reported to be $7 to $8 million for her first season) - however her show was renewed for season 2 quickly due to outstanding ratings November 18th, 2019 just 6 weeks after it's debut - and it's certain Clarkson will earn more for season 2 of The Kelly Clarkson Show and for additional programming duties like the Billboard Music Awards, Red Nose Day, other specials, and Holiday programs. This puts Clarkson somewhere in the $52 to $55 million per year salary range from NBCUniversal (excluding the $10 million development deal) - which makes her NBC's highest paid star by a looooooong shot. Ellen makes more but she doesn't work for NBCUniversal. The Kelly Clarkson Show received 7 Emmy nominations (more than any other Entertainment Talk Show), including nods for BEST ENTERTAINMENT TALK SHOW, and BEST ENTERTAINMENT TALK SHOW HOST. Clarkson takes home at least $20 million more from the network than Blake Shelton earns from NBC. Blake is certainly popular and has a strong country fanbase - but Clarkson's base extends across genres and demographics. Clarkson is more famous than Shelton and has the added advantage of her national daytime talk show & multiple Television entertainment formats available to her, assets Shelton does not have, to promote her brand and NBC's full network schedule of brands. Kelly Clarkson for the win - a permanent Red Chair on The Voice - and reigning Queen of NBC.
  7. This is an internet message board. No one believes anything anyone says - especially about themselves. If I told you I own more than 500 hotels (mainly roadside franchise motels/hotels on main interstate hiway exchanges), I've owned dozens of television & radio stations in the past, promoted national & international concert tours decades ago before LiveNation & AEG cornered the market, own outright two full size cruise ships, own moorings and cruise ship docks in Miami, New Orleans, Boston, Los Angeles & San Francisco, own more than 600 thousand acres of land in 33 states, and much, much more you'd never believe anyone so wealthy and accomplished would spend time on an internet message board discussing television singing shows. So - there's nothing I can say that you would believe. But I'm honest when it's necessary. Rich people have time-wasting passions too - and I'm one of them. eta - and I forgot to say - yeah I like KC. But she does &hit that aggravates me all the time. Her personality, heart & soul come thru in her voice and it moves me unlike anyone ever has.
  8. Let me throw this out there. If there's one thing in my life I've learned it's not to underestimate religious dedication. Todd has a religious fanbase and I agree with your assessment of drawing a larger crowd in that single regard.
  9. Jake Hoot is a million times more marketable than Todd. Jake Hoot has a pure tenors belting range that is extremely rare and sought after in the country genre. Jake has possibilities. Todd has 8 children and a flock of Pentecostal parishioners who don't drink. If I ever said Jake was going to be a star I apologize. All I meant to convey was I thought he was going to win and he had a unique voice that could work in today's country format very well - and his personality and "aura" wouldn't work against him.
  10. I have no argument. I simply made a statement I stand by: Todd has ZERO chance of future music success for a variety of reasons. His age, appearance, personality, cultish religion, and general aura don't excite anyone but maybe an over 50 excommunicated Pentecostal mongrel - and those who identify with said mongrels. Clearly there are a lot of over 50 mongrels out there who voted for him. I'm over 50 but I'm not a mongrel. I'm a Dalmatian.
  11. Yes - and it probably worked until those younger viewers saw how boring he is.
  12. Wack jobs. They're out of their minds to suggest The Voice should take the Coaches out of the entertainment equation in any way. Without the Coach's humor injected competition for the contestants during the Blinds there is no television show to watch. The Voice is about the Coaches. These two dolts just don't get it. And while we're on the topic of the Coaches - my review of Nick's first season is an ice cold 32 out of 100. He seems much smaller in stature, both personally & professionally, than he did before the season. He's not funny, he's a &hitty singer, and he brought nothing useful to the table in the mentoring stage. I think he'll be back for next season out of necessity because of the Pandemic but after that adios brother Nick.
  13. It matters because Pentecostals are, by and large, considered a cult. In the deep south many Pentecostal Holiness Church women don't wear makeup or cut their hair. Many don't allow televisions or radios in their homes. The strict Pentecostals abhor everything related to pop culture and consider it's inclusion in daily life to be a sin. Alcohol is forbidden. The vast majority of Pentecostal sects believe in Divine Healing. Many Pentecostal sects refuse modern medicine and eschew doctors and medicines altogether. Many southern sects handle poisonous snakes during church services. All Pentecostal's speak in "tongues" and the religion generally subjugates women. They do a hell of a lot more crazy stuff - Google it yourself but Pentecostals constantly reedit the Wikipedia pages the same way Scientologists reedit Scientology - so you'll have to dig deeper.
  14. Are you dense? He reaffirmed he is a Pentecostal Preacher in the finale. He is a Pentecostal Preacher and he and his family are devout Pentecostals. Why would you try to refute it?
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