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  1. I DVRd AI and watched the Coronavirus Special on FOX. I just finished watching Idol on DVR. The overall presentation of American Idol, for me, was boring - so boring I fast-forwarded thru 75% of the show. IMO the Hawaii episodes (added to the Idol format by ABC/Disney) are the worst segments of the season. They are the definition of incongruity. They add an unnatural & unprofessional element that changes what the show is all about - like adding cologne to a bowl of cornflakes or making a sour kraut pie. They're just odd - Hawaii has ZERO to do with becoming a superstar and it's disconnected from the purity of the American Idol promise. The talent this year is really bad. The only person left in the competition (so far) I would walk across the street to see is Just Sam.
  2. After watching Hannah's YouTube videos and comparing them to the other top vocalists this season I'm convinced Hannah is by far the best vocalist this season. I hope we get to see why Hannah got eliminated - if we don't get to see why we will all know Hannah screwed herself out of an opportunity to become an American Idol.
  3. I disagree with your general premise. I do believe TV gives obvious individual great performances the best time-slot to help ratings but I don't think they pick a contestant they want to win and fudge the competition in their favor. It is a TV show and it is about ratings and making money and to that end I don't deny they have an agenda - but I still don't believe they pick a contestant they want to win and cheat all the others to get the result they want. If that really happened it would get out to the public and destroy the show.
  4. Adam is one of the best vocalists in the world but still only the second best vocalist discovered by American Idol behind Kelly Clarkson. American Idol's legacy is tied directly to Lambert and Clarkson - Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson fill in the bench of Idol discovered greats but by a wide margin Kelly Clarkson stands alone at the summit as one of the absolute top vocalists on earth. She is the discovery that legitimized American Idol and remains the Godmother of all singing competitions. Together Lambert & Clarkson would become the best duo in history. Here's to hoping they get together some day and create a great song the world will never forget.
  5. There wont be any live shows. The public is aware. They won't put up with anything that eclipses they're situation. The public gives celebs a break but not in this situation. When the public can finally go out and enjoy freedom to roam they'll give Idol some room to maneuver - until then AI is stuck in the same mode as the public - and if they try to slide and travel (by private jet) they will get ridiculed mercilessly. This is not one of those times when celebs get a break.
  6. We'll know we're OK when The Voice is back with live shows. Can't live without Kelly Clarkson singing to me live.
  7. Live's are absolutely canceled - or postponed. Not sure how this plays out - no one is. And Kelly is #hiding in Montana.
  8. With Covid19 killing production it doesn't really matter but I don't believe anyone beat her in a duet or she got cut. Go to her YouTube videos - she's by far the best singer on the show this season. Something else must have happened - her drug abuse history is a *HUGE SUSPECT* but we may never know what really happened.
  9. So......what happened to Hannah?
  10. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/voice-american-idol-tv-ratings-monday-march-16-2020-1285041 Hollywood Reporter called it a "ROLL OVER". Idol.smashed.flat Quick! Call 911!!! Idol needs - needs - needs - forget it - Idols DOA!
  11. Lots of tip-toeing here y'all around the facts - The Voice KILLED American Idol in the ratings last night in their first head-to-head battle of the 2020 season. It was a massacre - a slaughter, an A-1 double-ass kicking. TV smashed Idol in every metric by gazillions and took it's place as one of the biggest television shows in the world. Idol just keeps getting worse and worse - smaller and more irrelevant in what can only be termed as Katy Perry baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Imma tell you why The Voice wins big and remind you I told you so! The reason TV wins is because TV is funny. I watched both shows last night and I never even cracked a smile watching Idol. It was just sad and boring. Last nights TV wasn't it's usual hilarious self either - I only laughed 50 times as opposed to my usual 100 to 200 times. The Voice is BETTER!!!!!!! Watch it!!!!!! The Voice is Funny = GOOD! American Idol is Not funny = NOT good.
  12. Sunday 3/1 American Idol Episode 3: 1.3 demo 6.99 million
  13. This episode of Idol didn't elicit a single laugh from me. Not even a chuckle - and that's a very bad thing.
  14. Not often - but - more often than I would have thought the topic of singing competitions comes up in casual settings in my real life. I posted in another thread recently about an encounter I had about a week ago in an upscale hair salon with my long time (15 years) barber and her co-workers and clients. I didn't say a word but they chatted on and on about The Voice coaches & who their favorites were the whole time I was there. I was at a party just a few nights ago and there was a raging discussion about the Masked Singer - 100% about the contestants - no judge was even mentioned. I was in Houston a few weeks ago and there was a random conversation on a morning radio show about the Kellyoke segments Kelly sings on her talk show but also the whole morning show team of 4 or 5 people went on a long diatribe about Kelly's incredible vocal talent and role as an all-around entertainer on The Voice. On the very few occasions I've overheard conversations about Idol they've almost exclusively been about someones favorite contestant. I honestly can't remember overhearing a casual conversation about the Judges on American Idol since Simon, Paula, and Randy left. I watch The Voice for the comedy and chemistry between the Coaches first - and second for the chemistry between the Coaches and their teams. Honestly - I don't watch for or expect The Voice to discover great talent. For my personal entertainment value the contestants are seasonal "minor" guest stars in a Reality/Improv/Comedy Show starring Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Nick Jonas. I laugh more at The Voice than any sitcom I've ever watched. So - for me it's all about the quick wit and natural humor that makes me laugh - puts me in a good mood, and leaves me smiling & happy after every episode.
  15. A poll that asks the same question about Idol. Judges or contestants?
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