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  1. I'm thinking about creating two new threads after S19.


    The first one would be me (and maybe others) analyzing, commenting, and scoring contestants' Idol performances and comparing my/our scores to WNTS.


    The second one would be listening to the contestants post-Idol albums and reviewing and ranking the songs/albums.


    I thought about doing these two topics in this thread; however, I felt it would be better suited for separate threads. With that said, I still plan on ranking Idol related subjects here among other things.

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  2. 1 hour ago, *Chris said:

    And for my final pick, I will advance





    I was low key hoping this one advanced. My favorite performance of his, and I even voted for him a few times that night.


    51 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    My last pick is

    *checks the front post*


    ...Mandisa's "Any Man of Mine," solely for being the least terrible performance of that song on the Idol stage? Then again the other option is Siobhan caterwauling the notes with no semblance of self-restraint


    Lauren Alaina. Of course, she was the only one who wasn't eliminated after it. With that said, I still preferred Mandisa's.

  3. Celebrity Crush #11: Alex Morgan

    Beautiful-Alex-Morgan-Pics.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 2KUeXBG.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 alex-morgan-fifa-world-cup-usa-team-portraits-june-2019-32.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 alex-morgan-2015-glamour-women-of-the-year-awards-in-new-york_8.jpg&f=1&nofb=1


    Denise was right on the money with this one! Here is her reward:




    Since Denise explained the clues so well, I’ll get right into the write-up. Alex Morgan is a professional soccer/football player who was on the World Cup Champion US teams in 2015 and 2019. She currently plays for the Orlando Pride for the National Women’s Soccer League (NSWL). Of course, the main reason she’s here is because I happen to think she’s really pretty. 🥰 I’m not the only one who thinks so because she along with NBA player Kyrie Irving were named the most Beautiful Vegan Celebrities of 2019 by PETA (yeah, I know). She has a great smile, beautiful eyes, and a great body which makes sense given her profession. :haha:


    While I think she’s one of the most beautiful athletes in any sport, Alex is more than just a pretty face. 🥰 She is a very accomplished soccer player with a few records under her belt. She is third in both goals and points among Cal Golden Bear players. In addition, during the 2012 Olympics, she became only the second player to have 20 goals and 20 assists in the same calendar year, joining soccer legend Mia Hamm. Finally, she is a two-time U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year award recipient (2012 and 2018).


    Outside of soccer, she is a published author who has penned a four-series set of books called The Kicks, which focuses on four middle school girls and soccer. There was even a live action series based on the books on Amazon Prime. I never got around to reading the books or watching the series because I’m not part of the demographic they appeal to, but I think it’s great to see her try to inspire young girls to play soccer among other things. In addition, she and her husband traveled to Tanzania in 2017 as US Sports Envoys to help promote gender equality via soccer. She appears to be a great ambassador of the game, and that is great to see.


    A few videos of Alex. First, one with some of her soccer highlights:


    On the Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this week where she talks about gender equality in sports (BTW, happy birthday Kelly! 🎂 I won't make the same mistake I did with Katharine :dead:)



    Final one, her winning the Best Female Athlete ESPY and she and her teammates winning the Best Team ESPY in 2019 (as an aside, Sandra! :wub:):



    tumblr_m9hbbb6Vt31r1myclo1_400.gif&f=1&nofb=1 giphy.gif&f=1&nofb=1 NeedyWhimsicalFeline-small.gif&f=1&nofb=1


    Alex Morgan:


    Something to look forward to in the future: the next crush is a singer. 😊

  4. 20 hours ago, miss denise said:


    It also weirds me out how people come on the show when they weren't even alive to see the beginning. I can't stand it. :dead:  I just don't understand hoping for someone to fail and even following them to know about it if you're not a fan. :wacko:  I feel the same as you. I've always said this in regards to people who constantly post such negative things too. I like to focus on who I love and not who I don't care for. Aww Gabby, but I'm glad you can still feel that way about her career. I like to see anyone from Idol do well. 


    I know. ❤️ That is a shame about Paris. :( I remember her album but don't remember much about it. I feel like it was so different from what I expected. You thought she didn't want to pursue a music career? 😮  True about being a young mother too. I did and I even showed the trailer to my mom because I thought she'd enjoy it. :haha: I am interested in it! I just haven't gotten around to watching an episode yet. What are you referring to that you said earlier? 😮 But lol he's from California. :dead:  Oh well.


    It would be really fun to see (as long as they're not against any actual singers I love :giggle: ) Haha I suppose. But Ken is Ken and that's what I love. :haha: Yes, we deserve it! And oh yeah, I remember seeing you commented on that in the show's thread. :lmao:  We need answers! Ahh yeah, I hope the booing doesn't make him or the others refrain from it even more. 😐 


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    Yay! And ahhh I know. I haven't made much progress with my write-up, although I always get stuck searching for gifs. I should just do my comments and get back to that. :blushingwave:  But I didn't forget!


    You and me both! :dead: It looks like we're in complete agreement regarding this. Unfortunately, people are going to have their opinions and there isn't much if anything we can do about it. The main thing we can do is support our favorites as much as we can and filter out the negativity as much as possible. It isn't easy to do I admit, but the thing that matters the most is we like them. :yes:


    I believe Paris mentioned something about her family talking her into auditioning for Idol and if it didn't work out she could do what she wanted with her life. Seeing she comes from a family of singers, I can understand why she felt pressured into following their footsteps. Also, though I thought she had a decent run and enjoyed how she tried to adapt to the themes, I felt she didn't take the competition as seriously as much as she could have. Nice to see you're interested in it! You have to share your thoughts here should you get around to watching it; I haven't said anything about it yet because I wanted to see if you would watch or not. I was referring to what I said about Gabby earlier. Oh he is? Well, that doesn't help although California has its fair share of country areas. :dead:


    I think the one who came the closest was Rumer Willis (Lion) in S1. I believe she placed 5th, although I could be completely wrong about that. :lmao: Yeah, Ken is who he is; however, he is doing well in the Golden Ear race. He's tied with Jenny (Nicole and Robin need to step it up :haha:). I'm surprised Nick hasn't said anything about it; I thought he'd be interested in seeing who they thought he was. Yeah, I'm still disappointed about that; how dare they do something like that and leave us hanging. :/ :haha: Me too about the comments and booing. I think P!nk said she'd be interested in being a judge; however, she felt she'd be too honest and harm her image. Maybe the panel feels the same. 🤷‍♂️




    OK, I look forward to the write-up regardless. 😊

  5. 20 hours ago, miss denise said:

    I don't have a ton of thoughts on the comeback performances. I didn't recognize over half of them (yet I can still name semi-finalists from the first few years of the show :dead:  ).  I am rooting for Louis to come back, of course, but if it's someone else... I'll just be meh and have no opinion. :lmao: 


    Actually, I forgot about Olivia but when she came on, I remembered how much I liked her last year. ❤️ Her performance was so fun. So, her and Louis were/are my favorites. ^_^ 


    Also, this was the audition I wanted to show you if you are okay with watching it. There aren't any other contestants featured besides Liahona and her brother. I may have been her only fan around here, but she really caught my attention from this audition and I rooted for her since then. ❤️ 




    Heh at not remembering the current seasons' semi-finalists but remembering the ones from past seasons. I figured Louis is the one you're rooting for the most. :giggle:


    I pretty much agree about Olivia! I know she has no shot at being the comeback pick, but I wouldn't mind if she were. :yes:


    Since it appears to be safe, I watched the audition. I saw the appeal in Liahona and felt she was definitely better than her brother. Based on that, it makes sense why she advanced farther than he did, and it's the first time (if not one of the rare times) the female advanced farther than the male because it's usually the other way around. :haha:


    14 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Raise Hand GIF by Nick Jonas


    Considering you're the one who started her fan thread, it makes sense to feel left out. :dead:


    10 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    I was also a big Liahona fan :haha: 


    Also, I've yet to catch up on the most recent episodes, but I'll try and respond to your thoughts sometime! I enjoyed reading them! ❤️ 


    I look forward to your thoughts should you post any. Happy to see you enjoyed reading mine! :yes:

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  6. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    If you pay enough attention on TMS, then you could on Idol as well. :teeheewave: 


    I think so. :giggle: Ugh, that is crazy to hear. That's not even okay. :lmao:Oh noooo, what? I can't believe people would be so cruel about that. :( But she definitely showed otherwise and has done very well for herself. I feel the same about that season. ❤️  Haha I always loved her country performance from Idol, so not surprised I like her on these songs too. :haha: I watched the full trailer and the fake accent took me by surprise. It doesn't seem like the lead guy has one, so not sure why she does?


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    Oh, it's scripted? I don't know anything about it and have never watched. :haha: I guess I can imagine how things would be planned but that doesn't take away from the strength and skill to execute them. 

    I figured it out. :giggle: 



    Hmmm.... if they could have someone on with an amazing secret singing talent to overtake the professional singers then that would be interesting. 😮 lol usually Ken would be the one to make a guess like that. :dead:  But I guess you can never count out the stilts.  :lmao:  Oooh ugh I didn't even think about how we missed out on hearing those first impression guesses. I demand a redo! (!) Oooh yes, I kind of remember that.  :haha:  


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    It has to be right. 😛  


    I suppose that's true. :haha:


    Yeah, no one wants to be reminded how old they're getting. :dead: Yeah, well Katharine was a rather polarizing contestant, so it makes sense for her to have detractors. With that said, I don't understand how other people actively root for someone to fail who didn't hurt them in any way. For me personally, if I don't like someone, I don't pay much if any attention to them; rather, I like to spend my time and energy following and supporting someone I like. Nonetheless, I still wish everyone the best after the show no matter how I feel about them. For example, I've said plenty of times I'm happy to see Gabby doing well for herself despite being one of my least favorite Idol contestants (sorry, that's probably tough to read as I know you're a huge fan of hers, but I'm being open and honest 💔). In the end, I'm happy to see her having a thriving career.


    It is crazy to see so many contestants from one season to do something after the show. The one I'm most disappointed who didn't really do anything after the season was Paris. I thought she had the most raw talent and biggest upside of anyone that season, which is saying a lot considering it's the season in which two of my Top 5 favorite Idol contestants came from (including my #1 of course). Unfortunately, outside of one album she hasn't done much. Then again, she never gave off the feeling she wanted to pursue a music career, plus she became a mother at a very young age. Whatever it is, I hope she's happy whatever she's doing. Happy to see you watched the full trailer; hopefully you'll be interested in the show (although that may be a stretch considering what I said earlier :haha:) I guess he's a natural Southerner and doesn't need the accent. :haha:




    Yes, it's scripted. Think of it as a soap opera with the typical cheesy acting and a lot of action. :haha: I completely agree with the last sentence.



    I would definitely live for that. I don't think it'll happen this season, however. Yeah, it does sound like something he would say. However, he's made some reasonable guesses this season and doing his usual antics. That is subject to change as he can't help himself. :lmao: Yeah, I want a redo as well! I want to know who they guessed Bulldog was. :haha: Also, I want to know who were Jenny's and Robin's crushes because we learned who Nicole's and Ken's were. :haha: Yeah, it was shocking to see Luke saying what he did to Nick, seeing the judges hardly give any constructive criticism. :haha:






    I'll post it within the next few days. Also, you still have to post yours. 😛

  7. It was a strong night for everyone, so it would've been tough to see any of them leave. With that said, I had a feeling Seashell would be one of the eliminated because she came across as the least experienced contestant.


    Speaking of Seashell, I knew it was Tamera Mowry. The clues from the first episode gave it away for me, and its' one of the few I was able to get from the beginning. :haha: As for Crab, I had a feeling it was Bobby Brown. The voice sounded familiar from his first performance, and his last one gave it away because the steps looked like something he would do in his shows.


    I don't know what to think about Cluedle Doo. Him being in the background was one thing, but him randomly coming out post-performance is cheesy and disrupting the flow of the show. The only way this can work is if some clue about who he could be is dropped.


    The show is off for two weeks? I wonder why.

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  8. 22 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I get it. :haha:  Yes, but she wouldn't be on stage during the performance so you shouldn't see her all that much aside from the occasional camera angle. 😛  Does this mean you don't pay attention on TMS? 😮  Very revealing. 😮  LOL thank you. I do remember it now, but just forgot for a split second. :lmao: 


    Oooh, you would know better than me but I didn't remember that. lol nobody wants to hear that it was 15 years ago. :dead:  At least you expected it then, so you aren't disappointed with anything. It's great that she can do both and finds opportunities to do so. Aww yay, thanks for the video! It was a fun performance. I really like her voice on country songs.  I also should have mentioned earlier I didn't realize she did a fake accent on the show. :haha: 


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    They are! Oh, I never heard that about anyone calling it fake. How interesting... but yeah, for sure. :haha: 

    Uh oh, I still have nothing. Let me get something to eat and then I'll think some more on this. :haha: 


    I remember and know we talked about it somewhere in here too. :haha: Ugh, that's too bad, but I believe this about her popularity in the UK as well. 


    Yeah, it's all just for fun for me, although I don't want the weakest performers outlasting the clearly superior ones, of course. That is nice. LOL the guesses are always so bizarre. Last week's reveal was funny with nobody having a clue. Ugh, not a fan of that with Grace getting the sole criticism. :/:( I've never been a fan of this panel though.


    With how often the camera pans to the judges, I'm sure I'd get my fair share of ogling. :lmao: I do pay attention to everything on TMS, just not when they show Nicole. 😉 :dead: OK, that's good you remember. :haha:


    I might know a thing or two about her. :giggle: Yeah, no kidding. We're at the point where some of the contestants weren't alive during the show's first few seasons. :lmao: I remember people calling her a flop and celebrating when she was dropped from the label after her first album. I'm happy to see it didn't deter her and she was able to get back on her feet and have a very solid post-Idol career. Speaking of such, it's great to see so many from that season do well for themselves. Yeah, her voice does sound great on country songs. The fake accent took some time to get used to, but it was fun to hear her talk that way. :haha:




    I wouldn't say it's fake as much as it is scripted. I used to be a huge professional wrestling fan growing up. I marveled at the feats the wrestlers did during their matches. I haven't watched anything in the past few years, however.

     It looks like something was posted below. I'll have to see what this is. :shiftywave:




    Yeah, it's the same for me. However, I would like to see one season in which a non-singer wins it all. No kidding about the guesses. Robin saying Raccoon was Danny DeVito was one of the worst ones because Danny DeVito isn't even five feet tall, so there was no way that could be him unless he was on stilts or something. :haha: It was funny no one got him, although that's happened a few times this season. Although it was easy to see Bulldog was Nick Cannon, I wanted to see what the panel's first impression guesses were. :haha: Yeah, this panel leaves a lot to be desired, although Luke got on Nick pretty good last night resulting in the audience booing him. :lmao: 


    22 hours ago, miss denise said:
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    I have my guess! I think it's Alex Morgan. :yes: 

    - A bear of an athlete with a lot of pride: She played for the California Golden Bears and now plays for Orlando Pride. 

    - Gets some kicks out of writing for children: She wrote a children's book called The Kicks. And I was right about the soccer reference! 

    - Appeared in a former Voice coach's music video: She was in Maroon 5's "Girls Like You" video.  




    🤔. That's all I'm going to say for now. We'll see if this is right or not...

  9. S18 Comeback Round


    If this post comes out kind of funny, it's because of any side effects from the COVID vaccine. :haha:


    Before I get into last night performances, I thought more about this S18 returnee twist. If the show wanted to do something like this, it would've been better to announce the S19 Top 24 first, then do this episode right after that and whoever wins the joins the others thus making it a Top 25. This way, the contestant can compete from the beginning with everyone else and should said contestant make the Top 10, it would be looked at more favorably. As it is, it appears to be unfair that whoever wins this comeback round earns a spot in the Top 10 over the eliminated contestants who were there from the beginning this season.


    Harry Connick, Jr's performance:


    I don't know what I watched there.


    Jimmie Allen, Tori Kelly, and now Lauren Daigle. It's hilarious how Idol's trying to claim fame to contestants who didn't make it to the voting rounds as their own when they didn't need Idol to have the careers they're having. :haha:


    With that said...



    Cyniah Elise - Edge of Midnight

    Before getting into my opinions on the returnees, I peeked in the episode thread to see how others reacted to the contestants. Well, the majority of IDF and I are on different wavelengths right off the bat because I didn't think she was as bad as she was made out to be. :haha: I thought she was confident on stage and had some nice vocal moments in the performance. The only really rough part was her going sharp in the ending. I was meh towards Cyniah last season and didn't care for her semi-finals performance, but I liked this one for some reason.


    Nick Merico - City Lights (Original)

    Nick was my least favorite S18 contestant mainly because I didn't think he was up to par with the rest of the contestants. After last night's performance, I unfortunately feel the same way. For starters, it's always a risk to do original songs because of the lack of familiarity with them. In addition, if the song doesn't grab the audience's attention, you're pretty much in dead man's land, and I felt that was the case here. Even in his original song I thought he wasn't strong enough vocally and although he tried to show some stage presence, it looked like he ate from Alyssa Raghu's pasta bowl because he tried too hard. I don't think he did himself any favors with this performance.


    Aliana Jester - I'll Never Love Again

    Admittedly, I didn't recognize Aliana at first. Gone were the braces and afro, and it appears she is blossoming into a beautiful woman. Last season, I felt she wasn't ready and thought it would've been better for her to be cut before the semi-finals and return in a future season. As for last night, while it appears she improved since last season, I still think she has ways to go. There were parts that sounded lovely; however, there were areas in which she was nervous because her voice sounded shaky. With that said, while not great by any means, I think she was solid.


    Franklin Boone - Meant To Live

    I'm probably the only person who liked Franklin last season. I liked his musical vibe and enjoyed his Everybody Wants To Rule The World (I'm the only one who did and besides, I'll take it over what Colin did this season). For some reason I thought he was over the age limit and thus ineligible to compete this season; I guess not. His performance was definitely something different! He shed the coffee house image he portrayed last season and tried to rock out. I was interested to see how he'd do, plus I absolutely love the song. Unfortunately, Franklin could not live up to the song's energy. He's too laid back to pull something like this off. He missed a lot of high notes and the song ate him alive. The end was somewhat better, but it wasn't enough. It's too bad because I wanted to see him do well.


    Faith Becnel - Cry Baby

    Faith was someone who I wasn't much of a fan of last season because I didn't care for her singing or performing style. With that said, she did have a solid semi-finals performance because she toned it down somewhat (although she had to because of the format). As for her performance, I'll just say I liked her better last season. The problems that plagued her up the Top 20 were in full force last night. She was vocally all over the place and looked liked she had no idea what she was doing on stage. In addition, she lacked the emotional drive the song required. The one positive thing I'll say is that she at least remembered the lyrics to the song this time. With her, less is definitely more.


    Arthur Gunn - Iris

    Ah, Arthur. I mentioned earlier the biggest problem I had with him returning was due to him being the runner-up last season. I can understand the others because they didn't make it far (well Louis and Makayla went farther than everyone else). I feel this gives him an unfair advantage. I think Kimmy or Lauren should've been here instead. As for his performance, well it just epitomized my opinions of him last season. I like that he tries to do something different with his performances, but most of the time it falls flat. There's making the song your own and making it unrecognizable, and I felt Arthur did the latter for me. Singing wise, he still hasn't controlled that strong vibrato, and he pretty much stripped away the song's melody. With this said, it was still one of the more interesting performances of the evening.


    DeWayne Crocker, Jr. - Voice Of God

    I've always liked DeWayne's voice and feel he's underrated. The problem last season was he completely picked the wrong song to showcase his voice the best. Last night, that was certainly not the case. For one, I like that he knows what direction he wants to go in musically, and he picked the perfect song to guide him down that road. He gave a very strong and powerful vocal, and it was easy to see the song meant a lot to him. I'm 50/50 on contestants starting at the piano before leaving it to walk on stage; in this case, I think it enhanced his performance. This was definitely one of the strongest performances of the night, and I was happy to see DeWayne redeem himself after last season's debacle.


    Makayla Phillips - Anyone

    Here we have the one contestant that drew the biggest buzz outside of Arthur. I didn't know what to think when she picked this song because it's a song that falls flat if not sung properly. Did Makayla do so? Yes, for the most part. With that said, I didn't think she gave an Idol performance for the ages that it appears this performance is made out to be. She was good, but she wasn't THAT good, and this is coming from someone who likes her. I thought the beginning was weak because she started too low. The song did pick up later, however, and I felt the choruses were the best parts. With all of this said, this was one of the best performances of the evening. I'm interested to see should she be eliminated again. If that's the case, it would be the third time which would tie her with Matt Giraud (still Matt would be #1 because his were all in the same season). :haha:


    Olivia Ximines - Say Yes

    What can I say, I enjoy watching Olivia perform. I felt more than anyone last season she was hurt from performing at home. She's not a stand still, belt to the rafters type of singer. She's someone who's more at home with more room to roam (hey, that rhymes), so I was looking forward to how she would fare on stage. I don't think she disappointed. Granted, it wasn't the most challenging song to sing and Olivia is not the strongest singer, but she went out and gave a fun performance. The dance breakdown was great to watch; in a way she reminded me of Naima (who I liked a lot). It's too bad TXFUS isn't around anymore because she would've been a natural there. As it is, she brought something different to the show, which I very much appreciated.


    Louis Knight - Maybe That (Original)

    I was not a Louis fan at all last season. He had a strong audition but went sharply downhill after that. I didn't enjoy any of his performances with Can You Feel The Love Tonight being my least favorite. With that said, he wasn't bad last night. One thing I got from him was he is someone who is much better on his original songs than covering songs from others. Also, I think performing on stage helped him because he didn't look comfortable at all performing from home. Unlike Nick, Louis didn't try to do too much and stayed in his lane. With that said, I'm not the biggest fan of his voice, and I think he's a better songwriter than singer. Nevertheless, his performance was one of the better ones.



    10. Nick Merico

    09. Faith Becnel

    08. Franklin Boone

    07. Arthur Gunn

    06. Cyniah Elise

    05. Aliana Jester

    04. Louis Knight

    03. Olivia Ximines

    02. Makayla Phillips

    01. DeWayne Crocker, Jr.


    Overall, it wasn't the strongest night. With that said, however, I have to keep in mind this was the first time these contestants performed on stage because they were denied that opportunity last season. This season's contestants performed on stage a few times already and therefore had more experience, which may be why their performances appeared to be better.


    As for the votes, it appears Arthur is the clear favorite for the final Top 10 spot, with Louis and Makayla having the best chance to take it from him. If I were to base it solely on the performance, DeWayne would be my pick because I felt he was the best. We'll see what happens two weeks from now.


  10. 20 hours ago, miss denise said:

    - Ahh that's too bad but at least you got to see it. Oh lol well I was more annoyed with the judges but the performance was okay for me. I didn't love it like everyone else (and although you mentioned Grace as the favorite, it seems everyone here loves her as well). 


    Oh yeah, Casey seems to be beloved as well. I guess there are two IDF It Girls this season. :haha:

  11. 59 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

    Well you should've put one of them through to the top 20 instead of the Independence Day reprise :claybleh:


    Hey, I wasn't complaining! :haha:



    41 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

    If this is all true then how did @Solaris convince you to advance the Independence Day reprisal? :dead: Bullying? Magic? :dead: Witchcraft? :dead: Voodoo? :dead:


    Now that I think of it, I've had this raging migraine since that round... 🤕 


    In other news, I'm happy to see Vonzell represented so well.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Weedy_Speedy said:

    He probably would have if he hadn't become so cringe in recent years, lmao.


    2 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

    Bo used to be an all-time fave of mine. I definitely would've fought harder for him if he wasn't such a dick lol. I'm still glad I put "In A Dream" through to the top 20. No matter what's become of him, that performance is the definition of iconic.


    Bo is my S4 favorite, but I haven't been a fan of his actions over the years myself, so I get that. With that said, I thought he had one of the best runs of any male Idol contestant, if not overall.

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  13. Bo Bice "Drift Away" - 

    Nadia Turner "The Power Of Love" - (3) Nico, Elliott, Crisis

    Aloha Mischeaux "Work It Out" - (1) Alex

    Bo Bice "Whipping Post" - (4) Alex, Nico, Elliott, Crisis

    Nikko Smith "Georgia On My Mind" - 

    Anwar Robinson "What A Wonderful World" - 

    Vonzell Solomon "Respect" - 

    Nadia Turner "Try A Little Tenderness" - (3) Alex, Nico, Crisis

    Anwar Robinson "A House Is Not A Home" - 

    Bo Bice "Spinning Wheel" - 

    Nikko Smith "Incomplete" - (1) Crisis

    Nadia Turner "I'm The Only One" - (2) Alex, Elliott

    Vonzell Solomon "I'm Every Woman" - (2) Steven, Crisis

    Bo Bice "Vehicle" - (4) Alex, Nico, Steven, Elliott

    Bo Bice "I Don't Want To Be" - (1) Elliott

    Anthony Fedorov "I Surrender" - (1) Steven

    Bo Bice "Stand By Me" - (1) Nico

    Vonzell Solomon "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" - 

    Bo Bice "Heaven" - 

    Anthony Fedorov "I'm Already There" - 

    Bo Bice "For The Love Of Money" - 

    Vonzell Solomon "Don't Leave Me This Way" - (1) Steven

    Carrie Underwood "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" - (1) Steven

    Bo Bice "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - 

  14. 50 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    Yay, your thoughts are here! 😄 I am determined to stay caught up and on top of things. Here are some of my thoughts. 


    - Oh my at starting out by critiquing Lionel. :lmao: 

    - I mostly disagree with you on Grace again, so this may be our trend. :giggle: I definitely raised an eye at the song choice, but I thought she had great energy and confidence and made the song sound vocally bigger than expected. Not the song to have a moment with, but I still thought she was solid. 

    - I do agree with you on Hunter for the most part. I didn't pay him too much attention (I only have eyes for one Hunter  :giggle: ), but he made me take note on this performance. 😮 I thought it was great. I didn't even notice he messed up the lyrics and thought he was emotional from the song. Either way, I don't care and liked this way more than expected (especially since I was unamused with the song choice at first since I forever attribute it to Kris :haha: ).  I don't know that he would have been in danger without that moment, but it didn't hurt him any. And LOL I saw so many comments about Graham but never saw him myself. :dead: 

    - Regarding Alyssa... "Then came the end, and she didn't disappoint as her lack of control and focus came about." :lmao: The irony that those critiques mean she didn't disappoint.

    - I also thought DeShawn was great. The song doesn't excite me but he captured my attention with his vocals.

    - You watched Idol on a stream instead of TV? 😮 Sorry you missed some. :( I don't want to say much about Casey's performance but the judges comments on it really show how contradictory their comments are from one contestant to the next, IMO. :closedeyes: 

    - I was also very surprised by Ava's elimination. I wasn't a fan so it didn't bother me, but definitely unexpected. And :dead: I had the same reaction when I heard the movie Madison's song was from... but thankfully it wasn't rendition of IHN. 

     - No ranking? 😮 


    Nice to see you try to stay caught up. I won't post anything about tomorrow's episode until a day or two afterwards.


    - No one is spared! :haha:

    - It appears Grace is the IDF It Girl, and except for maybe a few, I tend to have differing opinions from everyone else regarding them. :haha: With that said, I don't dislike her. I guess I have high expectations because of her status here, and maybe that's unfair to her.

    - I wonder which Hunter you have eyes for. :giggle: I'm pretty much in agreement with everything else.

    - :lmao:

    - Too bad about the song not exciting you. :( At least you thought he was great. :yes:

    - Yeah, the TVs were occupied, so I had to watch a stream. From the look of things, it appears you weren't impressed with her performance. :haha:

    - That's right, you weren't much of an Ava fan. :haha: I wouldn't call myself a fan, but I thought she was one of the more intriguing contestants this season. It's a great thing she didn't sing that song; besides, it wouldn't have helped her much anyway. :haha:

    - Not this time. Maybe the next episode, and not regarding the S18 contestants.

  15. 10 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

    I was really hoping God Bless The Child would sneak through. :closedeyes:




    I wasn't going to touch anything from Bo, Vonzell, or Nadia and wanted Jessica, Anwar, Nikko, and Anthony have a shot at having something in the Top 20, especially the latter two seeing that IMO their best performances were cut this round (Let's Get It On and If You Don't Know Me By Now). Besides, Mikalah was my least favorite contestant remaining, so that made it an obvious cut for me. 🤷‍♂️

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