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  1. 11 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I have no complaints about the rankings.  Oh, and I thought Michelle’s version of “Remember Me” was better than Alejandro’s as well.  Alejandro does fine with his original songs but is hit-or-miss with covers.


    Good to see there are no complaints about the rankings. :)) As for Alejandro, I'll wait until his write-up before I say anything about him.

  2. As promised:


    6 hours ago, Elliott said:

    160. Ada Vox - I was excited that Idol finally had a drag queen on, but after hearing her do so many overdone songs, I was fine with her leaving.

    159. Walker Burroughs - I liked Walker a lot, though I don't think he had any stand-out performances that season. S17 was kind of a boring season, though, so I'll take it over some of the train wrecks that were being performed by some of the others.

    158. Kristen O'Connor - What a waste of a spot.

    157. Lacey Brown - Unlike everyone else, I love most of S9's cast. She was one of the only ones I didn't really care for.

    156. Brandon Rogers - Meh.


    160. It was cool to see a drag queen on Idol. I don't know if America is ready to accept one yet; however, Ada didn't do much to warrant any voters to get behind her

    159. Fair enough about Walker. Even now, it's hard to remember anything about his performances

    158. Ouch 🤣

    157. Yeah, she didn't really do much to make people care for her

    156. Exactly. What a disappointment


    6 hours ago, Elliott said:

    155. Charles Grigsby - I literally always forget about him.

    154. Shannon Magrane - I think her performances in the finals made people forget that her semi-finals performance was pretty solid and easily deserving of a spot. That said, I can't really muster up any strong feelings about her other than the obligatory quip about her "one" missed note.

    153. Jorge Nuñez - Meh.

    152. Jeremy Rosado - Meh. Thank God the judges saved Elise over him because I don't trust America to have given her more votes.

    151. Catie Turner - She turned in one or two performances I liked, but otherwise, I wasn't a fan of hers in the slightest.


    155. Exactly proving my point :dead:

    154. Agreed. There has been some talk about another female contestant should've been voted through instead. However, it lead to a complete slayage of a WC performance :wub:

    153. Yeah, pretty much

    152. Agreed, especially about the judges picking Elise. However, I wouldn't have minded Jeremy staying under different circumstances.

    151. Pretty much my thoughts on her


    6 hours ago, Elliott said:

    150. Mikalah Gordon - She's one of my favourites. :broken: I loved her personality and she had a couple of performances I really enjoyed.

    149. MacKenzie Bourg - Meh.

    148. Lil Rounds - Meh.

    147. Jacob Lusk - Meh.

    146. Sanjaya Malakar - He was fun and I didn't really care about him lasting as far as I did outside of outlasting Gina and Haley.


    150. Sorry, she didn't do much for me :broken:

    149-147. Not much to say about these contestants, eh :rofl:

    146. Agreed, especially with the strikethrough part


    6 hours ago, Elliott said:

    145. Paul Jolley - The only guy I liked from S12 (not that that says much...) and my fourth favourite from that season (not that that says much...), but I didn't really care about him leaving when he did because Candice/Kree/Angie were the only ones that mattered to me.

    144. Michael Sarver - He's my second favourite contestant of all time so I vehemently disagree with this. :haha: My husband and I have gotten to become friends with him over the years and have helped out a lot with promotion when he was doing some shows in Nashville. I also helped design a website for him at one point, too. His post-Idol music, particularly his second album (Begin Again) is really good and was the kind of music I wish he'd done more of on Idol, though that cast was really limited by their song lists.

    143. Camile Velasco - One of my least favourite alumni ever. Simon's comment over her Elton John performance was the only good thing to come out of her time on the show.

    142. Lindsey Cardinale - It's not a rumour, actually. WNTS's about page specifically lists her (and Nadia Turner) as the inspiration behind the site's name. That said, she was alright, but I agree that her song selection was terrible.

    141. Ramiele Malubay - S7 is my favourite season, so in that regard, I like her, but I didn't really care for her all things considered. I would've preferred seeing Alexandréa, Asia'h or even Kady Malloy in the finals over her.


    145. Fair enough. The guys that season were pretty much a non-entity

    144. Woah, that's cool you and your husband are friends with him and have helped him out over the years. Good to hear his post-Idol music is nice. It's too bad I couldn't really enjoy him on the show

    143. :( though I understand. I wanted to rank her higher, but her run couldn't justify it

    142. * Checks WNTS About Page * It is true. :haha: Both Lindsey and Nadia had questionable song choices. Nadia made hers work; Lindsey not so much. It was aggravating to see

    141. Fair enough


    6 hours ago, Elliott said:

    140. Ben Briley - He was one of my favourites from S13 (not that that says much...), but I only really care about Jena and Jessica. He kind of shot himself in the foot with the final song he did (though Majesty was by far the worst that night), but I'd still put him higher on my personal ranking.

    139. Qaasim Middleton - You kind of summed it up. I liked Qaasim because he was entertaining, and in a season where I hated most of the cast, that was appreciated. But I will forever be bitter they they saved him right after not saving Sarina-Joi Crowe.

    138. Olivia Rox - Her being an IDF It Girl for her season was cringe. I hated all of her performances and couldn't understand what the show was seeing in her. She managed to make Kristen's performance of Unconditionally look good, which says it all really. Weirdly enough, Trouble was my favourite of hers.

    137. Amanda Overmyer - I loved her in S7 and enjoyed her album years ago when it came out. As much as I wanted her to stick around, I also think she left at the right time considering she would've been absolutely miserable on the Idol tour (which she herself has said :haha:).

    136. Michelle Sussett - Not a fan in the slightest, but at least she left on a good note.


    140. Fair enough. Ugh, don't remind me of Majesty's really poor song choice and said performance of it

    139. As I've mentioned before, I don't like the save. However, I certainly would've saved Sarina over Qaasim. Them using it on him the week after saying it was too early to use it on Sarina completely nullified any credibility the judges had regarding the save. Nonetheless, agreed about Qaasim being entertaining at times

    138. Her Unconditionally wasn't that bad. :haha: With that said, I do remember you saying she was your least favorite finalist that season, so this shouldn't be surprising

    137. No doubt she would've been miserable on tour. However, just thinking about her having to do the cheesy group performances makes me think what could've been :haha:

    136. Fair enough


  3. I won't be able to reply to everyone now, but I'll get to as many as I can. @Elliott, I'll definitely get to yours later this evening.


    15 hours ago, americanvoice38 said:

    Finally!! Not to bash but yeah I did not like him at all in terms of singing, but he was entertaining. Anyways, I hated his season a lot, it's just super boring for me.


    That seems to be the opinion of most regarding Qaasim and S14 in general. :haha:


    15 hours ago, americanvoice38 said:

    did enjoy SOME of her performances, but man there were a lot more deserving than her to be in that season's Top 14. I was so mad that timr that she went through


    Fair enough about Michelle. There were a couple of contestants I would've liked to see make the Top 14. That said, I didn't mind her being a WC pick considering who was there.


    15 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I was right about Ben and Michelle! :clap: Thank goodness Pia and Haley were not ranked in this set... 

    Ben Briley- I got so tired of all the boring country guitar guys in S13, so when I heard Ben was singing "Bennie and the Jets" I got excited, too bad it didn't pay off...

    Qaasim Middleton- I agree, great on stage, poor vocally...

    Olivia Rox- I was disappointed to see her go... 

    Amanda Overmyer- No comment. 

    Michelle Sussett- I loved "I'm A Dreamer." To me, after that performance, she stood out among the rest. Too bad she got out the round after... 


    Yes, you were right after all! Pia and Haley aren't quite safe yet though (unlike Hollie, I won't spoil when they might show up)


    Ben - I pretty much agree. It's unfortunate him changing up things didn't pay off...

    Qaasim - Agree

    Olivia - It was disappointing to see her go when she did. However, considering the circumstances, I can't say I was too disappointed

    Michelle - I loved I'm A Dreamer as well. Despite that, I knew she wasn't to last long in the competition


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    140. Ben Briley - I barely remember him. 😅

    139. Qaasim Middleton - He was middle of the pack for me. I think I remember feeling he lasted just a tad too long.

    138. Olivia Rox - I think she deserved to go further. I think she had a solid voice. However, I hate her stage name. 😅

    137. Amanda Overmyer - I wanted her to do so much better than she did because I enjoyed having a female rocker on the show.

    136. Michelle Sussett - I love seeing Latino representation on the show. Unfortunately, we don't tend to fare too well (unless you count 1/4 Puerto Rican Scotty winning and of course, Alejandro). I don't think Michelle was good enough to make the finals but she was fun to watch.


    So no Jordin, Pia, or Haley...for now. :muwahaha: Everyone can breathe easy and put their knives away. :haha:Glad to see you didn't break my heart 😂


    Coming up in the next set:

    • Haters can hate...
    • Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon - Mandisa
    • Twilight
    • Laryngitis ain't no joke
    • A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set


    140. That's unfortunate :haha:

    139. Fair enough

    138. She probably did. LOL about hating her stage name

    137. Same here

    136. She was a lot of fun to watch. Maybe one day a strong Latin contestant will come on Idol and have a strong run or win 😄


    See, I'm not too bad of a person. 😇 I don't know if this will last though...


    We'll see if your guess is right or not.

  4. 49 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    I will try again even if my guesses were very off the last time.. but I am glad it wasn't hollie the last set as she was my fav that season.. 


    • Was in a Nickelodeon show - I know todrick hall had a show on that channel but can't remember much of him from idol. i think he was only semi finalist so probably NOT him. 
    • Ballads are boring! - please let it be true and put pia toscano here. 👃:mrgreen:😈
    • Remember her as a dreamer - there was a girl who did two songs with those title that jennifer lopez was obsessed with in one of the last seasons on fox.. 
    • Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet - agree with the other guesses someone who did benny and the jets.. 
    • Some advantage that was... - 


    The set is up now. Let's see how you did...

  5. 140. Ben Briley: Season 13 (11th Place)


    Leading off this set is the second of the three S13 male country singers: Ben Briley. Ben’s Idol journey didn’t have the most conventional start. Before the semis, he was in a competition with Neco Starr to see who would get the most votes, which resulted in a spot in the semis. Obviously, Ben won and was not only able to make the semis, but he was picked to perform in that god awful Rush Week semifinals format. He gave a solid performance of Soulshine and as a result, was voted into the finals. There he gave two OK performances of Folsom Prison Blues and Turning Home during the Top 13 and Top 12 respectively. However, he took a risk and tried to do something different with Bennie and the Jets the following week, and to say it didn’t pay off would be a gross understatement. It came off as a sleazy Las Vegas lounge performance. I remember the judges being confused about it and basically telling him to stay in his country lane. Unfortunately, Ben never got the chance to as he was eliminated the following night. I kind of liked Ben, but not enough to get too upset over his elimination. That’s all I have to say about him.


    Clue: Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet (lyrics to Bennie and the Jets, of course)


    139. Qaasim Middleton: Season 14 (8th Place)


    If there is one word that cannot be used to describe Qaasim, it would be inert. The man was full of energy whether he was on or off the stage. Vocally, I felt he was the second weakest singer (ahead of only Daniel, of course); however, what he lacked in vocals, he more than made up for it with his energetic, albeit at times over the top stage presence and performances. With that said, I felt he would’ve been a better fit on the X Factor if it were still around rather than Idol. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some of his performances. His first two performances, Uptown Funk and I Wish were a lot of fun. Those were Qaasim in his element. The problem is when he had to sing some songs straight, they were painful to listen to. Examples include Jet, Addicted to Love, and Stronger, especially Stronger🤮 Initially, Qaasim was eliminated in eleventh place; however, the judges used the save on him (I just realized Qaasim is the first saved finalist to appear). I want to think the judges saved him because after Come Together, he looked like he would cut someone if he didn’t get saved. :haha:Eventually, he made it to eighth place before bowing out of the competition after a fun performance of Hey Ya. While not the best singer, Qaasim had some entertaining moments during the season.


    Clue: Was in a Nickelodeon show (The Naked Brothers Band to be exact)


    138. Olivia Rox: Season 15 (9th/10th Place)


    At the beginning of the S15 voting rounds, four of the Top 14 received Fast Passes, meaning they were automatically in the Top 10 and not have to perform in the Wildcard Round. Three of the contestants went on to be the Top 3 of the season; the fourth was Olivia. Olivia appeared to be a nice girl who appeared to be going the pop-rock route. She started off in the Top 24 with a decent performance of Confident. Her advancing to the Top 14 was pretty much expected. There she received one of the aforementioned Fast Passes (though personally I would’ve given one to Avalon instead of her, but I digress). The next time we saw Olivia on stage is when she sang Unconditionally. Personally, I liked it; however, the voters had different thoughts because she landed in the B3 the following week. For her save me song, she sang Trouble, which is exactly what I thought she would be in the moment she picked that song. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good, not to mention Avalon slayed her performance, so I pretty much knew Olivia was toast. I remember there being some meltdowns after Olivia’s elimination because she was thought to have been a frontrunner. Under different circumstances, I wouldn’t have minded if she stuck around a little longer; nonetheless, it fair to say Olivia’s run on Idol didn’t quite live up to expectations.


    Clue: Some advantage that was...(referring to the Fast Pass of course)


    137. Amanda Overmyer: Season 7 (11th Place)


    After going eleven sets without any S7 finalists, two appear in back to back sets. The second finalist to appear is the rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer. Amanda is the most authentic female rocker to ever appear on the show. With that said, she was a bit of a letdown. At times, it was difficult to understand what she was singing, plus she often looked disinterested. Looking at her Idol run, she started off well enough with Baby, Please Don’t Go. However, the following week was not only her worst performance in the competition, it may have been one of the worst performances of all time. Of course, I’m talking about Carry On Wayward Son. Not only was the singing bad, she looked like a Cruella de Vil stunt double for a live action 101 Dalmatians movie. I was just waiting for it be over. She rebounded the following week with I Hate Myself For Loving You, which I thought was her best performance overall. She made it to the finals where her two performances weren’t anything to get excited over. She eventually finished in eleventh place, meaning she missed out on participating in the summer tour. A part of me wished she made the Top 10, if only to watch a little piece of her soul die while doing the cheesy group performances. I would’ve purchased a ticket just for this. :haha: The ones she had to do on the show were entertaining as hell because she looked as if she wanted to do anything but them. Alas, what could’ve been.


    Clue: Ballads are boring! (what she said to Simon after he suggested she should sing a ballad during a critique)


    136. Michelle Sussett: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place)


    Closing out this set is Michelle Sussett. Michelle was a bit of a guilty pleasure contestant of mine. Yes, she was the weakest singer of the Top 10; however, I thought she was cute, earnest, and a lot of fun. I still remember her audition where she had Katy dance with her resulting in Katy falling on her butt. As for the rest, to be honest it started off kind of rough with If I Were A Boy, where she channeled her inner Karen Rodriguez and sung in both English and Spanish. However, I thought her duet with Luis Fonsi was underrated. It wasn’t my favorite duet, but I enjoyed it. She was picked to advance to the Top 14 where she sang FRIENDS. Re-watching that performance, I realize she hit a bunch of sour notes; nonetheless, I still enjoyed it for the most part. It looked like she was having fun and worked the crowd pretty well. The performance wasn’t strong enough as she wasn’t voted into the Top 10 and thus, she had to sing for a Wildcard spot. She took a risk and sang an original song titled I’m A Dreamer, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find that song catchy. Obviously the risk paid off as she was one of the judges’ WC picks. There was some outrage over it as many thought Mara was going to be picked. Me? I had a feeling Michelle was going to be picked, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Either way, she made it to Disney Week where she gave her best performance in the competition with Remember Me (it was definitely better than Alejandro's). I pretty much knew this would be her last performance, but at least she went out on a high note. I found it interesting she was the only finalist who didn’t get to perform with a celebrity during the finale; I wondered what was up with that. Nevertheless, while she wasn’t the strongest contestant, I enjoyed Michelle during S16.


    Clue: Remember her as a dreamer (Combining the titles of two songs she sang: I'm A Dreamer and Remember Me)


    140. Ben Briley

    139. Qaasim Middleton

    138. Olivia Rox

    137. Amanda Overmyer

    136. Michelle Sussett


    So no Jordin, Pia, or Haley...for now. :muwahaha: Everyone can breathe easy and put their knives away. :haha:


    Coming up in the next set:

    • Haters can hate...
    • Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon
    • Twilight
    • Laryngitis ain't no joke
    • A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set
  6. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    Nooo, not at all! I am enjoying this. 😄 LOL most of those have just been among my favorites group, with a few expections. None of my top 10 or anything have shown up yet. :haha: 


    Yes, I loved "Go Light Your World", and I agree. 


    I still have bigger favorites from that season, at least. 😇 I feel the same about Sanjaya and always ranked him about the middle of the pack. :giggle: This is true!


    145. Paul Jolley: I like him, but he wasn't a favorite. 

    144. Michael Sarver: I agree with nearly everything you said. Nice guy, but didn't do much for me. 

    143. Camile Velasco: I love her voice and really rooted for her on S3. ❤️ It's such a shame the nerves got to her, but I still enjoyed her performances for the most part due to that tone. ❤️ "One Last Cry" was definitely her best.

    142. Lindsey Cardinale: I also like her voice a lot, but had many others I preferred over her. I like her though.

    141. Ramiele Malubay: She started out as one of my main favorites of the season, although things changed as they went on. It's too bad she couldn't live up to her potential, but I still enjoyed her voice and remember loving her studio recordings a lot. I was obsessed with the uptempo ones from her, especially "I Should Have Known Better.". :bobo: 


    Amanda Overmyer immediately comes to mind with the "ballads are boring" clue. :haha: I remember her saying that.



    This is good to see! Hopefully, none of your top 10 will show up soon (though as I said before, I can't make any promises).


    We'll see if any of your bigger favorites from that season show up. Nice to see someone feel the same about Sanjaya.


    As for the comments for the previous set:


    145. Fair enough

    144. 👍

    143. I rooted for her as well. It is too bad the nerves always seemed to get the best of her.

    142. Fair enough

    141. I just re-watched I Should Have Known Better. It was a cute performance and it looked like she had fun. It is too bad she couldn't live up to her potential.


    We'll see about the clue...


    22 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Oh, I forgot that Daniel wasn’t a finalist.



    Considering it was thought he should've been, it's easy to forget. 😆


    I just wrapped up my write-ups, so I'm going to go ahead and list them in my next post.

  7. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I feel like Pia could show up (I hope not), but I feel that Haley delivered too many amazing performances to be ranked this low. I'm sticking with it's not Pia, and it's Ben Briley and not Haley. 


    are you sure about that john cena GIF :giggle: 


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    145. Paul Jolley - He's so nice. 🙂 I met him on the season 12 tour and I think he was my favorite of them all, interaction-wise. On the show though, he was middle of the pack for me.

    144. Michael Sarver - no opinion

    143. Camile Velasco - I always thought she had a unique sound but unfortunately her song choices really showed the weaker side of her voice. Agree with you that she would've been better off waiting a few years.

    142. Lindsey Cardinale - AGREE. I absolutely LOVE the sound of her voice (I still watch her audition from time to time). Unfortunately, those song choices did her in.

    141. Ramiele Malubay - I thought she lasted too long. I never really got her.


    What to expect next:

    • Was in a Nickelodeon show - I hope this is not Jordin (she's the only one I can think of who guess-starred on a show).
    • Ballads are boring! - Not Pia please 😔
    • Remember her as a dreamer - Yeah, probably Michelle Sussett
    • Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet - I hope this isn't Haley Reinhart (can you tell I will hate this set if I'm right about Jordin/Pia/Haley? 😂)
    • Some advantage that was... - No idea but curious to know


    145. Glad to see he was nice at the tour. Agreed about him on the show

    144. Fair enough

    143. Agreed

    142. Her audition is one of my favorites. Completely agree about the song choices

    141. Fair enough


    We'll see about your guesses...


    37 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I actually liked Danny Noriega less than Ramiele.  She was my first favorite from Season 7 and I’d have actually placed Danny below her, but I agree that she didn’t do so well with song choices.  Pity.


     I have no complaints about the other rankings, though.



    Danny wasn't a finalist (speaking of which, I thought their friendship was cute). Agree about the song choices though.


    Good to see no complaints.

  8. 11 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I'm fine with these rankings. I'm relieved that Hollie wasn't in this set, and I'm happy that she will be ranked much higher. I really hope you're not continuing with the 9th place slaughter in the next set... 


    In terms of the hints...

    • Ballads are boring!- I doubt you would rank Pia Toscano this low (that would be a crime), but if you are continuing with the 9th place slaughter, then maybe?
    • Remember her as a dreamer- I'm 90% certain this is referring to Michelle Sussett. Her original song that she performed on the show was titled "Dreamer." (I loved it!)
    • Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet- My guess is Ben Briley because these are lyrics from "Bennie and the Jets," and I doubt you would rank Haley Reinhart this low. 


    There was no way I was getting rid of that cutie this soon. However, it was kind of fun to have people think it may have been the case. :))


    As for the guesses, maybe I don't like Pia or Haley as much; therefore, they may very well show up in the next set...


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    I know you ranked her earlier, but after watching some of her performances again,  have more to say about Gianna Isabella. She has a very pretty voice. However, due to her being so young she didn't have the experience or expertise that other contestants had. One notable performance was "Listen," where it was a pitchy disaster. "Ain't Got You" was good put it had some shaky moments. Overall, most of her performances had some instance of error. I would have liked to see her come back (even though that's not possible) with more experience. 


    Regarding Gianna, I think that's the case with most teenagers on this show (or any other show to be honest). While there have been a few exceptions (Diana, Jordin, David A., Scotty, Jessica Sanchez), for the most part minor contestants have some promise but are too green and/or inexperienced to perform consistently, not that it doesn't happen with older contestants (Julia DeMato, for instance). It's just that it's more evident with minors when they perform.

  9. New set!


    145. Paul Jolley: Season 12 (9th Place)


    It’s been 45 spots since we’ve seen a S12 male, so I think it’s about time for another one to show up. Paul was an interesting case. Vocally, he had the strongest voice of the males. The main thing I remember about him was him stating he wanted to be a country singer, and no one really took him seriously, including myself admittedly. I thought his voice was more suited for theater or pop with maybe a little bit of country sprinkled in it (funny enough, he was criticized for being too theatrical in his performances). Plus, the judges seemed to be really harsh on him, especially Nicki. Outside of this, I also remember people thinking he was a threat to win because he was the closest thing to a WGWG though he didn’t play any instruments, if only because there were no WGWGs in the voting rounds. :haha: On to his performances, he had a couple of solid, if not spectacular performances in the semis with Tonight I Want To Cry and Just A Fool. However, I wasn’t really impressed with his performances afterwards, starting with his victory performance Alone. Amazed wasn’t anything to write home about, and his final performance Eleanor Rigby was easily his worst. He had no where near the intensity or feeling the song required and it just fell flat. It was no surprise he was eliminated after it. Maybe Paul would’ve fared better in a different season, who knows?


    Clue: Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift


    144. Michael Sarver: Season 8 (10th Place)


    My thoughts on Michael Sarver can be summed up in one word: meh. I didn’t really dislike him, but I wasn’t a huge fan of his either. Michael’s story was that he worked as an oil rigger to support his family, so he had that blue collar background that could potentially resonate with voters. He was a part of Group 1 where he sang I Don’t Wanna Be. It was OK, but I didn’t think it would’ve been enough for him to advance. The voters obviously disagreed with me because he was voted into the finals. His performance of You Are Not Alone was his best showing in the competition. Unfortunately, his next performance of Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up), to put it euphemistically, was not very good. I know he tried to have fun, but it just didn’t work. The best part of the performance was the harmonica player. Despite that, he still advanced to the Top 10 and thus was able to go on tour. I remember there being some outrage over that, especially since Alexis was the one who was eliminated. While I would’ve preferred Alexis to stay, it wasn’t Michael’s fault, so I found the outrage and blame kind of ridiculous. Anyway, his Top 10 performance of Ain’t Too Proud To Beg wasn’t much better than the previous week, even Paula didn't really have anything positive to say about it, which says a lot. That performance would eventually be his last as he was eliminated the following night. Michael appeared to be a nice guy, but I was just meh towards him as a contestant.


    Clue: Family man


    143. Camile Velasco: Season 3 (9th Place)


    This next listing comes straight from the Aloha State. Camile was one of the two S3 female contestants to hail from Hawaii (Jasmine being the other, of course). Between her and Jasmine, I actually preferred Camile’s tone more (plus, I thought she was a total cutie); however, Jasmine had the better Idol run (though to be honest, neither of their runs were that great), so I decided to rank Camile first after some consideration. I thought Camile had some raw potential. The problem, however, was she had little to no experience performing, which was completely evident during her time on Idol. She had some serious stage fright whenever she performed and as a result, her performances were often very shaky. Her One Last Cry was not all that bad; it was probably her best performance of the season. Then again, it may have only looked good because it was part of the infamous S3 Group 2 night. Either way, she was voted into the finals where her stage fright really came to life. There was not a single performance in the finals where she ever looked comfortable, which was too bad because I really wanted her to do well. Of course, her absolute low point was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which spawned this Simon comment: “Camile, somewhere in Las Vegas, a television will be thrown out of a hotel window, and that is where Elton John is watching this show”. Ouch! :haha: It was just a bad performance with little to no redeeming qualities (unlike another performance that night, hint hint...;)) She was predictably eliminated the following night. In hindsight, I might have ranked her too high, but I guess it’s because I still have a bit of a soft spot for her. I understand after Idol she started performing under the name Eli-Mac; however, I haven't heard any music from her (I probably will soon). As for her Idol run, she was someone who would’ve been better off performing a few gigs and audition a few more years down the road after gaining some more experience.


    Clue: Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques


    142. Lindsey Cardinale: Season 4 (12th Place)


    Sigh. I wanted to like Lindsey a lot more than I did. She was really pretty, and she had (and still has) one of my favorite voices out of the Idol finalists (note I said favorite voice, not singer; there is a difference). She had this deep, husky tone that I found to be absolutely beautiful; if it’s possible to fall in love with a voice, then that sneaky b*st*rd cupid fired an arrow in me while I wasn’t paying attention. So, what was the problem? She couldn’t pick a :censored: song if her life depended on it!  It was absolutely frustrating to watch. :argh: This perfectly sums up my thoughts on her Idol run:

    Oh No What GIF by Identity

    With that said, my favorite performances of hers were I Try To Think About Elvis and the overused I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. I thought the former was fun, though Simon eerily predicted Lindsey’s fate when he said she would last only two more weeks if she continued to struggle picking better songs. That is exactly what happened as she was the first contestant eliminated in the finals after an awkward, lackluster performance of Knock On Wood. Overall, Lindsey is one of the finalists who I reluctantly place in my “wasted potential” category.


    Clue: May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website (I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard she was the inspiration behind WNTS because of her questionable song choices)


    141. Ramiele Malubay: Season 7 (9th Place)


    After eleven sets and fifty-seven contestants, the first S7 finalist has finally arrived, meaning all of the seasons have officially been accounted for! Unfortunately, Ramiele has the dishonor of being the first, making her my least favorite finalist of the season. She wasn’t a bad contestant by any means; she just happened to be the least interesting. She didn’t pick the best songs, nor she did she have much stage presence; however, to her credit she was a very strong singer. This was evident in her first semifinal performance when she sang You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. This was easily her best performance in the competition. I also liked her second semifinal performance of Don’t Leave Me This Way; I thought it was fun and cute. Unfortunately, I can’t say I liked the performances that came after those two. I don’t know what happened, but it appeared she lost her way as the competition went on. She eventually went out in ninth place after a poor performance of Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. Ramiele was a good singer, but she wasn’t the most exciting contestant. I realize there are three ninth place finishers in this set, so it looks like the ninth place slaughter continues. :haha:


    Clue: Big voice in a tiny body (@miss denise got this one right. As for Hollie, *spoiler alert* it'll be quite some time before she shows up ;))


    145. Paul Jolley

    144. Michael Sarver

    143. Camile Velasco

    142. Lindsey Cardinale

    141. Ramiele Malubay


    What to expect next:

    • Was in a Nickelodeon show
    • Ballads are boring!
    • Remember her as a dreamer
    • Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet
    • Some advantage that was...


  10. 7 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I totally agree with this! I feel like if you're very popular from the get-go you could pretty much do anything and the votes would keep coming. I feel that now people vote mostly on who their favorite is, no matter how they did. However, I feel in the older seasons, most of the time, people voted based on who did well (correct me if I'm wrong). 


    I felt it was like that during the early seasons as well, though not as much as it is now. The main example I can think of is Season 5 when Taylor Hicks was able to gain a huge voting bloc and pretty much won the season fairly easily. With that said, it did seem like the voting was based on who did well, with a few exceptions. Take Season 1 for example. Tamyra Gray was a consistently strong performer and was a favorite to win the crown. However, she had an off night during Top 4 week and was eliminated the following night. Prior to that, she had never been in the bottom group at any point during the competition, so one off night ended her Idol run; because of this, she was known as the original shock elimination.


    5 hours ago, americanvoice38 said:

    Great list so far! I totally agree with everything that you said in this list ♥️


    Welcome! Happy to see you agree with everything so far. We'll see how long this will last though, lol.


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    I thought that the time zone voting was very unfair. I felt that they didn't publicize it enough. Not everyone checks American Idol's twitter, you know... Also, I think the "sympathy votes" (if she got any) came from her story, not because she was alone during quarantine. 


    I liked Sam more than Arthur, so I was happy to see her win. However, I agree with this post, especially about the time zone voting. They could've done a better job notifying everyone about it.

  11. 4 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I’d actually have put Sanjaya lower in the rankings, but it’s a good enough spot for him.

    It’s good to want to be yourself, but you have to be adaptable and pick songs that can be arranged to fit your style and do justice to the original song in the first place.  Arthur Gunn failed to do that with “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, and had the coronavirus not shortened the season, mistakes like that one would probably have caused him to miss the finale.


    Fair enough about Sanjaya.


    I completely agree with the first sentence. However, I believe Arthur could've literally farted a song out of tune and he still would've made the finale.


    3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Aw, Walker was one of my favorites of his season, but I can understand your comments. I liked Brandon, but did end up rather disappointed with his time on the live shows. I wasn't a fan of the others. 



    Not a huge Catie fan, but I liked the others all somewhat. None my favorites of the season or anything, but I liked them.  I thought Shannon had a lot of potential, and absolutely loved Jeremy's performance of "I Know You Won't." ❤️ 😢 



    MacKenzie was one of my favorites his season and Sanjaya is an Idol legend :giggle: but don't care so much for the others.  A lot of your comments in this set cracked me up! About Lil: "unable to set her Idol GPS correctly." :lmao: Yikes. I do remember her seeming like such a front runner and then... she wasn't.  LOL about Jacob: "His bad performances could be used in interrogations" :lmao: But YESS I was hoping you'd mention the needing to look in the mirror comment! :dead:  It's what I always think about when I think of him. Hilarious. And LOL "He started off as this shy kid who had a hard time projecting his voice on stage who eventually went on to become the biggest troll in Idol history. " :dead: I love your Sanjaya write-up. He really does have a nice voice and brought truly iconic moments to the show. :haha: 

    I haven't had a lot of ideas for the clues, but a couple things came to mind on these... 

    • Big voice in a tiny body: Ramiele Malubay?
    • May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website: I'm thinking the website is VFTW but I don't know who inspired it... John Stevens?


    Here I was thinking you abandoned this thread, 😢 Though this may very well happen should I keep listing your favorites this early. :haha: Pretty much agree about Brandon.


    Shannon did have potential, and I think she would've been much better off giving more performances similar to Go Light You World and less like I Have Nothing. Agreed about Jeremy.


    Ouch, another favorite bites the dust (I don't mean to do this on purpose, I swear). Glad to see my comments cracked you up. Agreed about Sanjaya having a nice voice. One of my very unpopular opinions is Sanjaya wasn't even the worst singer in his own season. He may have been better off working on projecting his voice rather than go the troll route, but then again, we wouldn't have this part of Idol lore if he didn't let loose and had fun.


    As for the clues, I managed to finish my homework early and I'm just about wrapping up my write-ups, so I should be able to post them tomorrow after work. We'll see if all of the guesses are right or not...





  12. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I'll agree to disagree for MacKenzie. I actually re-watched his performance of "Titanium," and while it was not the best cover of the song I've ever heard, it was nice to see that he adapted it to make it his own. 


    We can agree to disagree about MacKenzie. It's fine to see different perspectives about contestants. There may be some contestants I like you may think I'm crazy about liking them. 😄


    4 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    Mikalah ❤️ One of my faves but definitely because of personality haha. I really liked her audition but unfortunately she only really did well with God Bless the Child.


    I can't say I agree about her personality, but her audition and God Bless the Child were her highlights.

  13. Quick post before I head to work:


    11 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My thoughts on your rankings:

    Mikalah Gordon- No comment.

    MacKenzie Bourg- I really liked this guy. I thought him changing up the songs and performing originals proved that he wanted to be HIMSELF. (I guess you ranked him too low?) The Alex Preston comparison is perfect though! 😂

    Lil Rounds- I found it funny that you mentioned Adam, Danny, and Lil as who the producers wanted to win, and none of them did! 😂 (Well one came close...)

    Jacob Lusk- I agree with you. It was either really good or really bad for me. 

    Sanjaya Malakar- No comment. 


    MacKenzie: I absolutely agree he wanted to be himself. However, it doesn't necessarily make for an interesting performer, though it would be better outside of Idol. Glad you liked my Alex Preston comparison! 😁

    Lil: Yeah, it was pretty funny none of the three won, which I didn't mind.

    Jacob: Yeah, he was definitely hit or miss


    11 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I hope this isn't Hollie Cavanagh because I loved her and I think that would be too low. 😣


    10 hours ago, blackfield said:

    I actually agree with those rankings. so far season 7 has the least lowest placed. not a surprise. 

    let me try again with your clues: 

    • Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift - 
    • Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques - is it the ginger kid in season 3 that made simon give the analogy of ice cream and onion? damn it was the funniest comment of simon. 
    • Family man - the big black dude in season 9. michael lynch something.
    • Big voice in a tiny body - holly cavanagh.. 
    • May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website - 


    Solid guesses. We'll see if they're right or not...

  14. As promised, here is the new set.


    150. Mikalah Gordon: Season 4 (11th Place)


    Leading off this set is Mikalah Gordon. To be honest, I have no idea how I let her get this high because I never really cared for her. She managed to slip through the cracks (in hindsight I would probably rank her in the 160s or 170s. Still she would be higher than Constantine and Scott) but not anymore. Anyway, Mikalah was this loud, sassy teenager who was more known for her personality and banter with the judges than her singing. Personally, I thought she was more annoying than endearing, but I guess that’s who Mikalah was. Speaking of her singing, I’ll go ahead and talk about her time on Idol. I didn’t really like Young Hearts Run Free, especially the talking in the middle of the song. Her next performance God Bless the Child was easily her best. Unfortunately, her subsequent performances were, quite frankly, bad. Somewhere was out of tune and she looked unsure of herself. Son of a Preacher Man while energetic, had a lot of bad notes throughout the performance. As for Love Will Lead You Back, it was easy to see how that would be her final performance; it was the worst of the worst. After Idol, I know she was a co-host of American Idol Extra as well as being a correspondent on a couple of AI finales. I don’t know if she’s still singing; if she is, best of luck to her.


    Clue: Said to share similarities to a television character (she was often compared to Fran Drescher's the Nanny character)


    149. MacKenzie Bourg: Season 15 (4th Place)


    Next up is MacKenzie Bourg. I remember MacKenzie from S3 of The Voice (one of the few seasons I watched all the way through) where he was a member of Cee-Lo’s team. I believe he was one of the first one’s cut. Four years later, he resurfaced on Idol where he obviously fared better, making it all the way to fourth place. MacKenzie had a pleasant voice despite lacking range, but to his credit he made it work for him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very compelling performer. Most of the time he would take whatever song he did and rearrange it to fit his style. The problem was whenever he did this, it took away what made the original the song it is in the first place. The two biggest examples were I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Titanium. He had no where near the voice to do those songs justice, so I understand why he changed them up. However, he may have been better off picking different songs. With that said, I did like a couple of performances from him such as his original Roses and I See Fire. Also, I kind of liked his I Hope You Dance duet with Lauren Alaina, though he looked completely uncomfortable with Lauren hitting on him and everything. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, to me MacKenzie was a weaker, better-looking Alex Preston.


    Clue: Team Cee-Lo (referring to his time on The Voice)


    148. Lil Rounds: Season 8 (7th Place)


    Up next is Lil Rounds. At the beginning of the season, it was of thought that the show was pushing for a Danny, Adam, and Lil Top 3. Each of the three got the pimp spot in their respective groups, and all three were voted into the finals. While Danny and Adam managed to navigate their way to the Top 3 with few bumps (maybe one big one for Danny, but it obviously didn’t affect him that much), Lil took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost, unable to set her Idol GPS correctly. She started off strong with her performance of Be Without You in the semis. Once in the finals, she gave a very solid performance of The Way You Make Me Feel. After that, however, things rapidly went downhill for Lil. She struggled with the rest of her performances and consequently, the judges started criticizing her more frequently. Apparently, Lil didn’t take too kindly to the criticism as she would freak out and get defensive, plus she wasn’t above arguing with the judges. She was just someone who didn't know how to play the Idol game. Eventually, her self-destruction would lead to a seventh place finish, which had to have been disappointing for her considering the expectations placed on her shoulders at the beginning of the season.


    Clue: Talk about a crash and burn...


    147. Jacob Lusk: Season 10 (5th Place)


    I think it’s about time to add some Lusky Stank to this list. To me Jacob was the most technically proficient singer of the males in S10, and when he was on his game, he was capable of magic. Two examples are A House Is Not A Home and You’re All I Need To Get By. When he was off, however, oh boy. His bad performances could be used in interrogations; I’m fairly certain suspects will confess to any crime after having to listen to them. When he tried to belt, it was excruciating. It was as if he was EJay Day on steroids. Some of the worst included I Believe I Can Fly, Alone, and Oh No Not My Baby. Of course, no Jacob write-up would be complete without mentioning the hot mess that was No Air. If Jordin listened to this and decided to no longer clear her songs for Idol, I wouldn’t blame her one bit. His other song that evening, Love Hurts, wasn’t much better. Finally, can’t forget about his pre-performance video before Man in the Mirror where he said if he ended up in the B3, it would be because America couldn’t look at themselves in the mirror. Of course, he was in the B3, and an evil part of me wanted him to be eliminated for the comeuppance. Overall, if Jacob had better control of his voice, I most likely would’ve enjoyed him more than I did.


    Clue: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to lecture voters prior to performing...


    146. Sanjaya Malakar: Season 6 (7th Place)


    @CarmenSandiego was wondering when Sanjaya would make his appearance. Well, the wait is finally over! What is there to say about Sanjaya? He started off as this shy kid who had a hard time projecting his voice on stage who eventually went on to become the biggest troll in Idol history. If I were being more objective, he would be about 30-40 spots lower than this. However, I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy some of his antics on the show. In fact, I thought about ranking him higher, but this is as far as I decided to carry him. From his many hairstyles and silly performances, Simon threatening to quit should he have won, Howard Stern encouraging his listeners to vote for him, and the fan who went on a hunger strike to protest his existence in the competition, there certainly was no shortage of things to talk about regarding Sanjaya. Personally, I found the hysteria surrounding him amusing. He may not have been the best vocalist, but he certainly wasn’t the worst the show has ever had. Anyway, on to his journey. He initially auditioned with his older sister Shyamali; both made it to Hollywood where of course she was cut, and he made it through. His first semifinal performance of Knocks Me Off My Feet wasn’t too bad; it was just boring. I know You Really Got Me is considered to be where he started trolling. However, I think Steppin’ Out with My Baby was where it all began. There was no way he thought he could perform the way he did and expect to be taken seriously. :haha: Of course, things got better from there with the two biggest performances being the aforementioned You Really Got Me and Bathwater. The former introduced the world to Crying Girl, and the latter had the infamous pony hawk. Two weeks after Bathwater, he decided to be somewhat serious and gave his best performance in the competition with Besame Mucho. The following week would be his last after a terrible performance of Something to Talk About. It wasn’t even funny bad; it was awful bad. I couldn’t disagree with his elimination although a part of me wondered what he would’ve had in store for Idol Gives Back. With that said, although I enjoyed S6 as a whole, it was less interesting after his departure. Either way, Sanjaya certainly gave people something to talk about.


    Clue: The man, the myth, the legend (Of course :haha:)


    150. Mikalah Gordon

    149. MacKenzie Bourg

    148. Lil Rounds

    147. Jacob Lusk

    146. Sanjaya Malakar


    For the upcoming set:

    • Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift
    • Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques
    • Family man
    • Big voice in a tiny body
    • May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website
    On 6/14/2020 at 7:19 PM, Bk1234 said:

    @Crisis When I saw you posted I got so excited because I thought you posted the rankings... 😣


    Sorry about that. :haha: Well, they're here now!

  15. 25 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

    That's my fan bias talking by the way. lol In regards to Catie.


    These rankings are cool though. I may be a little defensive on some, but not many. I actually agree with a lot of these placements! :P 


    I completely understand about the fan bias and being defensive. In the early seasons, I had a few snowflakes which I would get absolutely triggered should any negative thing be said about them (I was young and immature then). Now, while I'll still defend them from time to time, I just shrug my shoulders and move on. I learned the most important thing is if you like the contestants, continue to support them in their endeavors and pay little mind to anything negative said about them, including the douchebag who created this list. 😄


     Speaking of the list, nice to see no hard feelings and that you agree with a lot of the placements.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    As to the hints, I have absolutely no clue! 😆 


    3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Wait, is this Quentin Alexander? I feel like he had an issue with Joey Cook's elimination and he was then eliminated the week after.


    I'm currently working on the next set now and should have it up within a couple of hours. All should be revealed then. ;)

  17. Saw this while I was posting:


    22 minutes ago, psterina said:

    Only one comment, here: 


    Catie Turner,  was my 2nd favorite of Season 16 (2nd, only to Maddie Poppe). Fun, really good songwriter.Love her voice & performances (Ok, maybe not Manic Monday, so much ).  But ... 


    Really happy to see that she got signed to Atlantic. :thumbs:


    Good to see she was your second favorite from the season, though obviously she isn't that high for me, lol. Really cool to see was signed. Best of luck to her!

  18. 12 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    Catie Turner is still underrated as heck by some I see. lmao Not surprised though. :rolleyes:


    Her original music is quite good, and some of it has even gone viral thanks to a song plug during a Shane Dawson YouTube series last year. :thumbs:


    Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. As I mentioned in the first post, this list will be mainly based on how I felt about them on the show, and Catie was too up and down for me. It's good to see she's still pursuing music outside of the show.


    12 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No complaints about the rankings.


    Also, the question which referred to Catie was a real softball.


    Good to see no complaints. Yeah, that was definitely a freebie. :haha:


    13 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I'm new here so I just saw this... If I say "no comment" then I probably haven't watched their season.


    Season 18: This list is really just your opinion, but personally I wouldn't have ranked Jovin as high as you did. I also think you ranked Francisco Martin too low. My personal top 5 includes Francisco Martin (most consistent), Makayla Phillips (best female contestant that season- maybe my favorite of the season), Jonny West (true artist), Julia Gargano (I love her buttery voice), and Louis Knight (great, emotional performances.)


    Lazaro Arbos- I still can't believe he came in sixth place... 

    Jim Verraros- no comment

    A.J. Gil- no comment

    Daniel Seavey- I liked him during that season. However, it seemed to me that he didn't have a very strong voice compared to everyone else. 

    Gianna Isabella- For some reason I liked her during that season... weird... 

    Heejun Han- He was very funny, however, I did not like how he treated the competition as a joke... 😒

    Corey Clark- no comment

    Wade Cota- I hated him. Especially after he tried to cheat in Hollywood Week. 😒

    Curtis Finch, Jr.- no comment

    Carmen Rasmusen- no comment

    JAX- I actually liked her in her season. She seemed very fun to me. 

    Gabby Barrett- I agree to disagree on this one. She was one of my favorites from Season 16. I'm very happy with her recent success as well! 😃

    Cade Foehner- I don't remember anything from him... 

    Kevin Covais- no comment

    Lee Jean- I watched his entire season and I have no clue who he is... 

    Andrew Garcia- no comment

    Dexter Roberts- very boring except for One Mississippi, which I enjoyed.

    Stefano Langone- I think you ranked him too low... I also feel bad for the backlash he received after Pia's elimination. It's good to see that they're still friends. 


    I'll finish tomorrow...


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    Continued thoughts on your rankings:

    Tim Urban- no comment

    Tristan McIntosh- I thought that she was the best out of the teens that were on that season. 

    Ace Young- no comment

    Chris Richardson- no comment

    Constantine Maroulis- I was surprised to see him return as a duet partner (I think?) in season 15, Bohemian Rhapsody was very good though!

    Scott Savol- no comment

    Jon Peter Lewis- no comment

    Chris Eligh- no comment

    EJ Day- no comment

    Danny Gokey- no comment

    Matthew Rogers-no comment

    Ashton Jones- She had personality, which was good, but I still think that Kendra or Robbie were more deserving of her slot as a wildcard. 

    Jermaine Jones- I didn't really like his personality, it was just too weird for me, sorry... However, I  agree, I didn't like how the show handled his disqualification. 

    MK Nobilette- Pretty voice, poor execution as the show went on (thank goodness they didn't save her). 

    Julia DeMato- no comment

    Scott MacIntyre- no comment

    Karen Rodriguez- I loved her performance of Hero! She truly made it her own. (Maybe you put her too low?)

    Jasmine Murray- no comment

    Maddie Walker- I loved her in Season 14! She was very fun and exciting to watch. However, looking back, she isn't as good as I thought!

    Leah LaBelle- I totally agree with your stance on her death... It's not worth dying for such a careless mistake... 😢

    Ada Vox- He had a strong voice but America wasn't a fan from the beginning. After Circle of Life, there was no recovering... 

    Walker Burroughs- I agree with you on him. I actually liked him last season. However, I remember none of his performances... :/

    Kristen O'Connor- I completely agree. She tackled songs too big for her...

    Lacey Brown- no comment

    Brandon Rogers- no comment

    Charles Grigsby- no comment

    Shannon Magrane- I really liked her performance of Go Light Your World. However, it spiraled out of control after that. I remember how Erika Van Pelt gave an inconsiderate (in my opinion) victory dance, ignoring the fact that Shannon had to sing for her life in the competition. 

    Jorge Nuñez- no comment

    Jeremy Rosado- Definitely deserving of the Wild Card pick. However, I am so thankful that they saved Elise instead. 

    Catie Turner- Very fun, great personality. I liked her performances but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I guess she was having a Manic Sunday that night! 😆





    Trust me, you're not the only one who disagreed with where I ranked Jovin. :haha: Francisco was kind of in no man's land. I wasn't crazy about him, but I didn't dislike him either, so I felt that was the best place for him. The only one we appear to agree on is Julia, although Makayla and Jonny just missed my Top 5.


    As for the rest of the comments, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears most of the no comments were for contestants prior to Season 10; therefore, I assume that's when you started watching Idol. I'll focus on the contestants that have comments.


    Lazaro - yeah, it was crazy he finished that high and was the last male standing. I can imagine how ugly it would've gotten had he outlasted any of the females.

    Daniel - he was just too young and green to be on the show when he was. He apparently has gotten better since, which is good.

    Gianna- like Daniel, too young and green for my liking. Good to see you enjoyed her though.

    Heejun - pretty much agree with you on him

    Wade - yeah, him not even trying to learn the song in Hollywood was annoying, though I thought it was hilarious when he got caught cheating.

    JAX - she was definitely a love or hate contestant. Unfortunately, she was the latter for me though I don't like using the word hate

    Gabby - though we disagree, it's good to see she's one of your favorites

    Cade- consider yourself fortunate...

    Lee - fair enough

    Dexter - agreed

    Stefano - I just never got into him. Good to see he and Pia are still friends,

    Tristan - she was certainly better than Gianna and Lee

    Constantine - Bohemian Rhapsody was the only performance of his I really liked. That said, he wasn't a bad duet partner during S15

    Ashthon - agreed, though I was more disappointed at Lauren T. not getting a chance to sing in the WC than Kendra or Robbie not being selected

    Jermaine - I can see how his personality can come off that way. The way the show handled his DQ was bad

    MK - I don't think she ever looked comfortable on stage. Considering she was in the B3 a couple of times before her elimination, she really didn't have much of a shot at being saved

    Karen - Hero was good. Too bad she wasn't much better

    Maddie - yeah, another case of someone being too green

    Leah - glad to see you agree

    Ada - you have a point about America not being a fan. Unfortunately, I don't think she gave any reason for America to be

    Walker - yep, total agreement

    Kristen - agreed

    Shannon - agreed about her GLYW and everything after. As for Erika's celebration, I can see how it would look bad; however, I can only imagine how nerve wrecking and stressful waiting for the results is, so I really don't begrudge anyone showing relief or celebrating after they're told they're safe. Besides, Erika did hug Shannon and wished her luck afterwards.

    Jeremy - I was happy to see him get a WC spot too. Agreed about being thankful Elise was saved

    Catie - pretty much agree. LOL at Manic Sunday

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  19. Well, it's been a day and no new posts, so I'll post the next set:


    155. Charles Grigsby: Season 2 (11th Place)


    What is there to say about Charles? He had an OK voice, seemed to be a chill laid-back guy, worked at a grocery store at the time, and had good fashion sense. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to him than that. As for his Idol run, he was a part of Group 1 in the semis where he gave a solid if unspectacular rendition of Overjoyed. The voters liked it enough as he was voted into the finals. There he gave an OK performance of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) in the first week, which was enough for him to advance. The following week, however, would be his last as he gave a mediocre at best performance of the aptly titled You Can’t Win. All wasn’t lost for Charles as far as Idol was concerned. Because of Corey’s disqualification, Charles was invited to take part in the summer tour, which he originally wouldn’t have been able to do due to not placing in the Top 10. Other than these tidbits, there’s not much really to say about Charles.


    Clue: Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history


    154. Shannon Magrane: Season 11 (11th Place)


    What do you know, back to back eleventh place finishers. :haha: Stepping up to the plate is Shannon Magrane. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but Shannon was yet another teen who had promise but needed more time to mature vocally. Shannon’s Idol journey got off to an interesting start when Steven Tyler said something was “hot, humid, and happening, just like your daughter” to her father at her audition. :rofl: As for the rest of Shannon’s journey, she started off well enough with Go Light Your World in the semis, though she looked like she was on her way to her high school prom. It was enough to get into her finals where unfortunately she bit off more than she could chew with her song choices. If I were to take a guess, I believe she felt like she needed to try to compete with the other big voiced teens Jessica and Hollie, which was a battle she was always going to lose. The first week she did the overdone I Have Nothing (even though it was Whitney Houston week – which would be a struggle for anyone, even the most powerful singers – she could’ve picked a different song) which was shaky; it was too big for her and she was definitely nervous throughout the performance. The next week, she took on another diva, future AI judge Mariah Carey, and sung One Sweet Day, which it certainly wasn’t for her as once again, the song was too big for her. She wasn’t as fortunate this time as she was eliminated the following night. From what I understand, she’s done some singing and modeling post-Idol; the latter makes sense as she’s certainly tall and pretty enough, so good for her.


    Clue: It was just one note! (What she said during the judges critiques of I Have Nothing. It was more than one note though, just sayin'...)


    153. Jorge Nuñez: Season 8 (12th/13th Place)


    For S8, one of the places Idol held its auditions was Puerto Rico (shout-out to @x3 because of u). The most well-known auditioner to come from those auditions was Jorge Nuñez. Jorge appeared to be a nice earnest guy who was a strong balladeer. As for his Idol journey, he was a part of Group 3 where he gave a strong performance of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, which is another overdone song on Idol. I’ll admit I had some reservations after his performance, but not for the reason(s) one may think. I had some contestants I was interested in from that group and hoped they would advance to the finals. However, I knew Jorge had a great shot of advancing due to his performance and the banter with the judges afterwards. My reservations proved to be right because he did advance, and to be honest, I wasn’t mad about it at all. His stay in the finals was short lived, however, as he was eliminated along with Jasmine in the first week after his performance of Never Can Say Goodbye. I don’t think he picked the right song; I thought he would’ve been better off singing something like She’s Out Of My Life (look at me channeling my inner Kara). Nonetheless, Jorge had one great moment on Idol, which is nothing to sneeze at.


    Clue: The lone finalist from a US Territory


    152. Jeremy Rosado: Season 11 (13th Place)


    Jeremy appeared to be a nice guy who favored singing ballads, and J-Lo seemed to have a soft spot for him. However, in a season as stacked as S11 was, while I wouldn’t say he was out of his league, he didn’t really measure up to the other contestants. He started off by singing Gravity in the semis, which while pleasant, wasn’t anything to jump out of the chair for (which is saying something considering how standing ovation happy the judges were that season). He didn’t earn enough votes to advance to the finals; however, he was selected to perform in the Wildcard Round. There he gave a strong, emotional, and heartfelt performance of I Know You Won’t (one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs), which is a VERY difficult song to sing. Though he got too emotional at the end where he couldn’t finish the song, he was one of the very few contestants to do justice to a Carrie Underwood song on Idol. One thing I noticed was how into the performance the other contestants were. The judges liked it enough to the point where he was selected to go to the finals. There, he sang Ribbon In The Sky which wasn’t anything to get excited over. Due to a twist that week, the lowest male and female vote-getters had their fate decided by the judges as to who would stay in the competition. Jeremy and Elise were the unlucky two in those unenviable positions. The judges decided to keep Elise, which meant Jeremy’s Idol stay came to an end. I felt Elise had a lot more to offer than Jeremy, so I certainly agreed the decision. Still, I don’t think I would’ve minded Jeremy sticking around longer under different circumstances (I definitely preferred him to HeeJun), but it is what it is.


    Clue: You say you'll call, but I know you...(which of course is the beginning of the chorus of I Know You Won't. I was secretly hoping someone would guess Carrie for this clue :giggle:)


    151. Catie Turner: Season 16 (6th/7th Place)


    Ending this set is the polarizing Catie Turner. Catie had this unfiltered, quirky, off-beat personality that at times I found endearing and other times annoying. As an artist, Catie had something intriguing about her; however, based on her Idol run, she still needed time to understand who she wanted to be. She started her run with Call Me, a song that has never been done well on Idol, and Catie was no exception. Still, she was picked to go to the Top 14 where she made another questionable song choice with Take Me To Church. I didn’t think she had anywhere near the emotional depth or maturity the song required and therefore, I wasn’t too fond of this performance either. Despite this, she was voted into the Top 10, where she performed Havana as her victory song. I’m not the biggest Camila Cabello fan, plus I can’t stand the song (apologies to any Camila fans in advance :stealth:); however, this was the first time I liked Catie. She picked a song that actually suited her. The next week Catie gave my favorite performance of hers with Once Upon A Dream. To take it a step further, this was my favorite performance of the night. Out of all the finalists, Catie was the only one to really embrace the Disney theme and completely threw herself into the performance. Unfortunately, the next week was really rough for Catie. Her first performance, Oops!...I Did It Again, was rather polarizing. I believed the arrangement was based on something similar to what Postmodern Jukebox does. Personally, I kind of dug it; however, I can see how others wouldn’t. Unfortunately, her second performance, Manic Monday, was nothing short of a disaster. It got off to a rough start with her forgetting some lyrics to the opening verse, and it only got worse from there. I’m not one of those people who grabs a pitchfork when someone forgets the lyrics because it happens. The problem I had with this performance was Catie was clearly affected by her screw-up and therefore, the rest of the performance was way off. Despite this, I thought she still had a chance of advancing to the next round because she appeared to be very popular, especially since she had the biggest social media following of all the contestants. However, she ended up being eliminated that night. My favorite thing was her body language as the results were being read, as if she was hoping she wouldn’t be picked. As I mentioned, she was intriguing, but she obviously had some growing up to do. I haven’t kept track of her post-Idol, so I'm not sure what she's been up to since. I may look into it later.


    Clue: Oops!..I Forgot the Lyrics (a very difficult clue obviously 😜)


    155. Charles Grigsby

    154. Shannon Magrane

    153. Jorge Nuñez

    152. Jeremy Rosado

    151. Catie Turner


    What to expect for the next set:

    • Talk about a crash and burn...
    • Said to share similarities to a television character
    • The man, the myth, the legend
    • Team Cee-Lo
    • Maybe it wasn't a good idea to lecture voters prior to performing...
  20. 16 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Definitely no complaints about your rankings.  Incidentally, I rooted for the other background singer in Season 6 (Melinda Doolittle) and was devastated when she came in third.


    Yeah, Melinda coming in third was rather disappointing. With that said, I have some ideas as to why she finished third; however, I'm going to wait until her write-up before expressing them.


    16 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

     I think that the one who forgot the lyrics was Catie Turner.  I remember her doing it two seasons ago and going home for it.


    16 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    Yeah, definitely her, she forgot the lyrics on "Manic Monday" performance of hers I think. And she did a cover of "Oops! I Did It Again!" of Britney I think which is why this clue makes sense.


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:


    • Oops!...I Forgot the Lyrics! - Yup, agree with the two people above me that this is Catie Turner.


    I guess I made this one too easy. :dead: I won't even pretend this could be someone else.


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:
    • The lone finalist from a US Territory - Jorge Nunez (my people... Puerto Rico!)
    • Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history - Hmmmmm, I'm curious to see who this will be.
    • It was just one note! - No idea
    • You say you'll call, but I know you... - Jeremy Rosado


    We'll see if the ones you guessed are right. Anyone want to take a stab at the other two?

  21. I'll go ahead and post the next set.


    160. Ada Vox: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place)


    Time for another S16 contestant to enter the countdown. I actually remember when Adam Sanders auditioned for Idol during S12. He eventually was eliminated after lasting a few rounds in Hollywood. He came back for S16, this time as a drag queen named Ada Vox. Ada was definitely the most intriguing contestant, and I was interested to see how she would fare. Unfortunately, Ada turned out to be a huge disappointment. For starters, in spite of the creative persona, Ada lacked any originality performance wise. She picked songs that had been done multiple times before on Idol, which I don’t really have a problem with; the main issue was she simply did not sing them well. She wanted to be this big voiced diva; however, she would get screechy and lose pitch whenever she belted.  It was not pleasant to listen to. The worst of the worst was her final performance Circle of Life. That performance, plus her being a wildcard ended her run on Idol. Regarding Disney Night, I remember reading people wanted her to sing Poor Unfortunate Souls while dressed up like Ursula. I wouldn’t have said no to that, but it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well. In the end, I ended up liking Ada the idea more than Ada the contestant, if that makes any kind of sense.


    Clue: Performed under an alter ego


    159. Walker Burroughs: Season 17 (7th/8th Place)


    It’s been a while since I've posted a S17 finalist; it’s time to give Wade some company. To be honest, I originally found it difficult to write about Walker because he was pretty much a non-entity to me his season despite currently being a year removed from it. The main thing I remember about him is his red hair, glasses, and fashion style. If anyone were to ask me about any of his performances, I wouldn’t be able to give a solid answer because I wouldn’t have many memories about them. I decided to re-watch his performances for the purpose of this write-up, and the conclusion: he was OK, nothing groundbreaking. One thing I noticed was he was a bit of a dork (I mean that in a positive way, BTW) and fully embraced it. Going back to his performances, there is actually one I do remember before my re-watch: the Mrs. Robinson duet with Alejandro. What irritated me was Bobby Bones (who is as useful as speedos to a monastery of monks) saying that Walker needed to keep up with Alejandro. Based on that performance, it was the other way around. Walker was whispering the song so he wouldn’t overpower Alejandro (before any Alejandro supporters jump on me – not that anyone of them seem to read this thread anyway – notice I haven’t ranked Alejandro yet, so I do like him more than Walker, just not in this instance). That performance and his solo performance of Crazy Little Thing Called Love were his final performances in the competition as he was eliminated that night. For someone who I didn’t have much to say about, this write-up turned out to be pretty lengthy after all. :haha:


    Clue: Imagine having to spend that much time with Bobby Bones...(Bobby had Walker join him on his Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots Tour after the season)


    158. Kristen O'Connor: Season 13 (13th Place)


    Up next is Kristen O’Connor. Kristen appeared to be a lovely girl; however, she wasn’t the most consistent singer. She would give performances that would have some good moments, but they would often be overshadowed by her off moments. I think her biggest problem was she tried to be this powerhouse pop singer, thinking her voice was stronger than it actually was. Taking on Adele, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson really exposed her vocal limitations. Turning Tables was pretty much out of tune through most of the song. Unconditionally was the best of the three, yet it still had more ups than downs. As for Beautiful Disaster, well…she’s beautiful, but that performance, while I won’t call it a disaster, to say it was not very good would be an understatement. Unsurprisingly, she was the first finalist eliminated, and I can’t say I disagree with the results (though I thought Malaya was even worse that week). Now that I think about it, after reading this write-up, in hindsight I probably should’ve rated her a few spots lower. Oh well. One thing I do remember during my lurking days was that the gay men really seemed to hate her. :haha: While I don’t dislike her as much as they did, I can’t say I’m a fan either.


    Clue: Pretty girl, pitchy singer


    157. Lacey Brown: Season 9 (12th Place)


    Next to arrive in the list is another first exit, Lacey Brown. Lacey had this strange yet interesting tone to her voice that could be good or bad depending on which song she chose. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the best at picking songs; therefore, it was often the latter. The biggest example was her first semifinal performance Landslide. It should’ve been a song that suited her voice perfectly, yet it ended up being really painful to listen to. She managed to survive it and gave a slightly better performance with Kiss Me. The last week in the semis is where she gave her best performance with The Story. The voters liked it enough where she was voted into the finals on what is considered to be one of the most controversial results shows on Idol. I believe she and Paige were the two main recipients of the outrage due to the results. Hopefully, Lacey didn’t settle in and unpack too many of her items because her stay in the finals was short. She was eliminated the first week after giving a forgettable performance of Ruby Tuesday. Overall, Lacey appeared to be a nice girl with an interesting voice, but she was nothing more than that.


    Clue: Was involved in a sing off in a previous season (she auditioned in S8, where she was one of the final cuts after competing in a sing off against Megan Joy)


    156. Brandon Rogers: Season 6 (12th Place)


    Why not make it three in a row? :haha: Here we have another first finalist exit entry with Brandon Rogers. One of the more compelling stories of S6 was the two background singers getting their chance to be in the spotlight. One went on to become who is considered to be one of the best vocalists in Idol history. The other couldn’t break out and show any signs of becoming a lead singer. Guess which category Brandon fell under (BTW, we won’t be seeing the other background singer any time soon ;))? Most of Brandon’s struggles came from a lack of charisma and poor song choices. His first performance of Rock With You didn’t start off too bad. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way when the up-tempo part kicked in. He should’ve committed to doing the whole song up-tempo or as a ballad because the change up didn’t work. Next was Time After Time, which while pleasant, was kind of boring. The main thing I remember was him giving a random birthday shout out to someone, which Simon mocked later. The following week he gave what I considered to be his best performance in the competition with I Just Want to Celebrate. Even then, I didn’t think it was enough for him to make the finals, yet he managed to earn enough votes to make it there. Unfortunately for Brandon, he gave his worst performance of the competition in the finals with You Can’t Hurry Love. It was just bad, from the flat singing, voice crack, cheesy dancing, and of course him forgetting the lyrics in which he walked around with a dumbfounded look on his face. 😐 It was easy to see he would be the first boot after that performance. After Idol, I know he went on to host some Idol related red carpet events. However, the most random thing about Brandon was that not only did he get an invite to the Fox Grand Finale, he got to sing a solo line in a group medley whereas Blake Lewis was relegated to the background in some of the performances. :rofl: Either way, Brandon didn’t make the most of his opportunity to show he could be a lead singer, which is unfortunate.


    Clue: Some people were meant to be in the background (should be obvious)


    160. Ada Vox

    159. Walker Burroughs

    158. Kristen O'Connor

    157. Lacey Brown

    156. Brandon Rogers


    As for the upcoming set:

    • Oops!...I Forgot the Lyrics!
    • The lone finalist from a US Territory
    • Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history
    • It was just one note!
    • You say you'll call, but I know you...
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