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  1. 16 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My guesses are the same as everybody else's...

    • Those darn stairs!- Lauren Alaina. I think this would be a bit too low for her... 
    • No second chance for you!
    • Lois Lane- This clue puzzles me. Teri Hatcher, known for her portrayal of Lois Lane, was on Idol Gives Back, but she was not a contestant... 🤔
    • The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101- Lisa Tucker. I'm pretty sure she appeared in these three.
    • Member of a boyband prior to Idol- Dalton Rapattoni. Maybe this would be too low?


    We'll see...


    I know I said tomorrow would probably be the earliest I would post my next set. However, I was able to knock out a few write-ups during my lunch break, so I may be able to post them tonight. I have a test though, so I may or may not post them depending on how I'm feeling afterwards. 😬

  2. 12 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    It made sense as a "victory" song had she been voted through. It just looked ill-advised as a wildcard song pick. :haha: But realistically, I don't think the judges producers were planning on picking her. ABC Idol is all about staying as young as possible and she was already at the end of the age limit.

    No doubt, her song would've been great as a victory song. As I said before, they should just do away with the wildcards and have the top ten vote getters advance. However, should they continue with this format, contestants should prepare both a victory and wildcard song just in case. I can see that about ABC Idol, though some have been lucky enough not to be filtered out.

  3. 10 hours ago, Elliott said:

    125. Jasmine Trias - I'm not even remotely a fan. If it wasn't for Leah and Camile, she'd be my least favourite that season by a mile. I can't even enjoy her disco performances as a lulzy guilty pleasure since LaToya went home.

    124. Bucky Covington - Meh.

    123. Anthony Fedorov - He's cute. But meh otherwise. :haha: 

    122. Jason Castro - He had a couple of performances I liked and his voice cleaned up well in the studio recordings, but I was pretty apathetic towards him for most of the season, and I'm still lowkey bitter about him and Brooke being safe over Carly & Syesha for Top 6 week. :haha: 

    121. Malaya Watson - She had potential but I think she had trouble reigning it in, which was why her performances were like a rollercoaster. In a season that was as boring as it was, I'm glad she provided the entertainment at least.


    125. I can see why no one could enjoy her disco performances as a guilty pleasure because of LaToya leaving. That was disappointing.

    124. Fair enough

    123. :rofl:

    122. Yeah, it was mildly infuriating to see Carly and Syesha in the B2 while Brooke and Jason were safe, though I liked Brooke and she won't be showing up any time soon

    121. Pretty much agree about Malaya


    10 hours ago, Elliott said:

    120. Caleb Lee Hutchinson - I liked him a lot during the season, but I don't think I really considered him my actual #1 favourite until after the finale. :haha: I liked most of his performances, though When Doves Cry is easily my favourite of his and of the season. (In fact, if I was to do a "Top 100 Performances" list or something of that sort, it'd probably be the only S16 performance on it :haha:) He's steadily climbed on my overall rankings in the time since S16, especially after getting to see him perform a couple times across two summers and meeting him both years as well. He's grown as a performer and I really enjoyed his EP. Easily in my Top 20, perhaps in my Top 10.

    119. Casey James - I didn't really have any strong feelings for him in S9, but I was fine with him making it to third considering Lee & Crystal were my top two and he didn't make it there over one of them. :haha: He was decent on the Idol tour, but I haven't really kept up with him since outside of what gets posted to Idol news blogs.

    118. Justin Guarini - I wasn't really a fan all things considered, though it's grown into more apathy over him. I appreciate what he did for Idol in the nostalgia sense and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Him always tweeting about Kelly's success is nice to see, too.

    117. Ryan Starr - My original favourite from S1 :wub: She wasn't that great on the show after she made the finals, but I liked her Top 10 and Top 7 performance well enough. Of course, You Really Got Me was the first iconic train wreck and it's still a guilty pleasure of mine from how bad it is. :haha: I liked the singles she put out a few years after Idol, and nowadays she's having some moderate success as a travel blogger.

    116. Alyssa Raghu - I didn't really remember her in S16 when everyone was talking about her being "robbed" so I found it hilarious when suddenly everyone turned on her when she made the finals in S18. All things considered, I'd probably put her around this spot, too. She was alright, and I think she was getting better performance-wise as the show went on. Her Somebody to Love was actually one of my favourites of Queen night, so I would've kept her around after that. When it came down to her and Ashley for the final spot, I would've preferred Ashley based off their overall work, but I can't fault them for picking Alyssa since I thought Alyssa did better that particular night.


    120. Good to see he was your #1 favorite from the season. That's pretty cool you got to see him perform a few times as well as met him each time. Wow at him being in the Top 20 or even Top 10

    119. Fair enough

    118. Pretty much agree when it comes to Justin. I've soften my stance a bit on him as well

    117. Yes, You Really Got Me is an iconic train wreck. Nice to see she's having some success as a travel blogger, considering how messy she was post-Idol

    116. Fair to think she was getting better performance wise. As for the wildcard spots, I had a feeling Uche and Alyssa were locks barring any real screw-ups. I'd like to think the judges wanted to pick Ashley; however, they couldn't justify not picking Dimitrius after the performance he gave. Besides, Ashley didn't do herself any favors with her song choice, and this is coming from someone who was rooting for her and really wanted her in the Top 10. At least neither Eddie nor Evelyn were picked.


    10 hours ago, blackfield said:

    I kind of knew the hint about casey but was afraid to say it as he is still one of my fav contestants. and i don't think he should be that low. loved his performances minus a few like both his top 3 and  lowdy miss clowdy. still he is one of the best guitar players on the show who actually PLAYED the guitar unlike many others who faked it and just strum half a chord. and if you ask me he still managed to get a (sort of) successful music career after idol. at least he manages to make a living from playing music. his second album is pretty good! 


    now for the clues:

    • Those darn stairs! - someone who fell down the stairs.. could be number of them.  lauren alaina, is the most memorable as that fall was classic. and her reaction was the best. 
    • No second chance for you! - either caleb or candice or laine who came and won the second time around.. unless the hint is something completely different.. 
    • Lois Lane
    • The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101 - lisa tucker (season 5)  who appeared on all 3 shows
    • Member of a boyband prior to Idol - I have a bad feeling this is dalton rapattoni who was a member of IM5 before idol.. :(


    I'm starting to sense you have a certain type when it comes to idol contestants. :haha: It's good to see he manages to make a living doing music.


    As for the guesses to the clues, we'll find out soon enough...


    7 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I’d actually rank Caleb Lee a little higher, but that’s mainly due to my liking Maddie. In terms of his performance on the show, this would be the right place to put him in.


    Fair enough.


    2 hours ago, miss denise said:

    120. Caleb Lee Hutchinson: He was my favorite of the season, although Gabby may have passed him, but either way, my favorite has shown up now, lol. Love his personality and his voice has such a comforting sound that I loved as well. ❤️ 

    119. Casey James: Not much of a fan, but I did love a couple of his performances, which you named. "For a second I thought Constantine managed to slither his way into another set and was prepared to throw something at my screen" :dead: I remember a lot of us thinking this! :dead: 

    118. Justin Guarini: I really like him and he's among my favorites from the season. Plus, there is always a nostalgic factor in thinking about Justin. I also love him and Kelly's friendship. ❤️ 

    117. Ryan Starr: I was never a fan.

    116. Alyssa Raghu: I like her, but she wasn't really one of my favorites. I'm not sure what it was.


    • Those darn stairs!: I immediately thought of Lauren, although I sure hope not. :broken: 
    • The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101: Lisa Tucker.
    • Member of a boyband prior to Idol: Could be Dalton... can't think of who else might fit. But gahh if Lauren and Dalton both show up next, it's going to be such a tough set for me. :broken: 


    120. Good to see about Caleb

    119. Fair enough about Casey. :dead: at most of us thinking about that!

    118. Yes, there is something greatly nostaglic about S1. I guess it's because it was the beginning. It does appear he and Kelly have a strong friendship

    117. Fair enough

    116. Fair enough


    I have a feeling I'll be breaking quite a few hearts, though as I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty much at the point where I like the remaining contestants in some form or another. I'm not sure if that's any consolation. :broken: We'll see what happens...

  4. 12 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Opinions:


    120. Caleb Lee Hutchinson- I found him very boring in S16. I'm usually not a fan of the slow, deep-voiced country singers (with the exception of Scotty), and Caleb was just that. He was my pick NOT to win the title! 😂

    119. Casey James- No comment. 

    118. Justin Guarini- Who actually thought he would win over Kelly? After hearing what you said, I can't believe he made it to the finale! 😂

    117. Ryan Starr- America must have been voting for something else since she made it through after that trainwreck. 

    116. Alyssa Raghu- I really liked her during S17 (not as much as Ashley Hess, who didn't make the finals 😡). I didn't love anyone from S17 though (except maybe Ashley Hess), so she's not in my Top 9. I wish the wildcard picks would go farther though... Maybe ABC's quickened pace hurts their chances of going farther? 🤔


    120. Yeah, it's easy to see how he would come off as boring.

    119. N/A

    118. As mentioned, Justin was the heartthrob and was one of the better males considering the season. Who knows how he would've done in later seasons.

    117. It was amazing how she made it through after that. Then again, AJ was still around, so he may have been her buffer

    116. Ashley. 😭 I may have an intermission and list my favorite semifinalists at some point; Ashley would definitely be on that list. As for Alyssa, pretty much the same. It would be better if they did away with the wildcard picks altogether and just have the Top 10 vote getters go through.

    10 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    As far as I'm aware, Caleb and Maddie are still together. ;) I don't remember ever being a huge fan of Caleb's, but he was always someone I rooted for as I really loved his personality. 


    I think I'd like Casey James more during a rewatch, but I remember just not being into him during his time on the show. I'm glad that he still seems to be making music though!


    Our opinions on Justin seem to be pretty identical lol.


    lmao Ryan ❤️ I appreciate how different she was compared to most of the other contestants of Season 1. I wanna say the self-sabotage rumors are true??? Also, Rodesia :wub: Her performance was a trainwreck, but I really loved her voice anyway.


    Alyssa was someone that I remember liking always, but wasn't crazy about. Her voice is quite amazing tbh, but I think she falls into the category of "auditioned too soon" - twice! Huge kudos to her being the first repeat semifinalist (and improving on top of that). I'm looking forward to what Alyssa does in the future; she's released at least one single thus far, and it's pretty catchy imo.


    For the clues.... I'm pretty sure Lisa Tucker is one of them. The only people I can think of for the stairs clue are Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart, but it feels pretty early for either of them (totally not just based on my bias for them lol).


    Nice to see they may still be together! Fair thoughts about Caleb. Even if his voice or style may not be everyone's cup of tea, he did appear to be likable at least.


    Fair enough about Casey.


    LOL at having pretty identical opinions about Justin.


    Yes at Ryan! 😆 This is the first time I've seen someone show love to Rodesia. :haha:


    I pretty much agree about Alyssa. Both times it appeared she auditioned too soon. Agreed about her being the first repeat semifinalist.


    We'll see about the guesses...


    10 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

     Agree too! I totally love that gorgeous tone of Alyssa, especially when she auditioned back in Season 16 singing Almost Is Never Enough (ugh can't get enough of that performance). However on Season 17, it's just sad though that because of the comments of others, she totally changed her style and how she performs (shows how quickly others can affect you), it's good though that she tried to work the stage a little more, but she tried WAY TOO HARD, but yeah I would've ranked her higher, for me, but Crisis' opinions were understandable


    Yeah, it is sad she changed her style because of the comments of others. Considering she was 17 at the time, it's easy to see how she can be so impressionable. She did try way too hard, though. It's something that comes with more experience and understanding who you are.

  5. 120. Caleb Lee Hutchinson: Season 16 (2nd Place)


    Leading off the set is the first runner up to appear in the list. Caleb was the season’s country heartthrob. He must’ve researched whatever diet Burnell went on because similar to Burnell, he was a lot slimmer on the show than he was at his audition. In addition, he appeared to be this likable and funny guy (his Lionel Richie impersonation during the finale was hilarious and spot on). As for his voice, he had this deep, rich tone that made it perfect for traditional country music. The problem with Caleb is he appeared to be on cruise control during his time on Idol. It obviously worked for him, as he made it all the way to second place; however, it doesn’t make him the most compelling contestant. The only time he really did anything that wasn’t the usual was his countrified take on When Doves Cry. It was easily my favorite performance of his. Outside of WDC, I liked You’ve Got A Friend In Me; it was a nice and charming performance despite the song choice being completely predictable. Finally, I dug Folsom Prison Blues during the finale. Everything else, however, was steady if not exciting. The only other performance I can remember was his coronation song Johnny Cash Heart, if only for the timing miscue at the beginning. It was thought Caleb was going to coast his way to the crown, which would mean yet another WGWG winner. However, or fortunately depending on one’s point of view, that wasn’t the case. In some ways, Caleb still won; he managed to land a cutie like Maddie as a girlfriend after all. I liked that their relationship wasn’t revealed until the end, unlike when the show shoved Cade and Gabby down our throats throughout the season. I also liked how Caleb pretty much shut down Ryan’s attempt at suggesting Cade and Gabby accompany he and Maddie to Hawaii by saying they were taking their parents instead. I don’t know if the two are still together; I haven’t really kept track of them. Regardless, Caleb is someone who while not the most creative or exciting contestant, knew his lane and navigated it very well.


    Clue: Not that Big D (Big D is the nickname for Dallas, TX. Caleb's hometown is Dallas, GA; hence, it was referencing a different Dallas city. This is the one clue that appeared to have stumped everyone :haha:)


    119. Casey James: Season 9 (3rd Place)


    Casey was a contestant who had this country/blues/rock vibe about him. In addition, he was a very talented guitarist; in some circles, he is considered to be the best guitarist to ever set foot on the Idol stage. However, the main thing he’s probably remembered for was taking off his shirt at the request of Kara and Victoria Beckham at his audition and Kara practically drooling over him throughout the season. 😆 With that said, while I did like Casey for the most part, he was someone who I wanted to be better than he was. Though he made it all the way to 3rd place, I can’t help but feel let down by his run. I’m probably off; however, I have a feeling he was too laid back and didn’t care if he won the Idol crown or not. With the exception of a couple of performances, I felt he held back quite a bit. In addition to this, he had a bit of a goat throat going on, though it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Carmen’s. With all of that said, the performances of his I enjoyed the most were Hold On, I’m Comin’, Don’t, and especially Jealous Guy, which I thought was easily his best. I’ve liked a few of his other performances such as You’ll Think Of Me and It’s All Over Now. However, he also had his fair share of bad performances which include Don’t Stop, Blue Skies, and both of his Top 3 showings. Post-Idol, I did hear his single Crying On A Suitcase and I remembered liking it. I also remember he and Kat singing I Need You Now in the acoustic medley during the S15 Grand Finale. For a second I thought Constantine managed to slither his way into another set and was prepared to throw something at my screen; fortunately, it was Casey instead. 😂 From what I understand, he’s still making music as an independent artist, so good for him on that front.


    Clue: Thanks to this finalist, Kara really needed a beverage :haha: (referencing how thirsty Kara appeared to be over him. @hayden98 got this one right 👍)


    118. Justin Guarini: Season 1 (2nd Place)


    It's been quite a while since a S1 finalist was ranked. Not anymore. Now appearing is the original runner up, as well as the second one in this set. Justin was considered to be the season’s heartthrob. However, to me he was for the most part a cheeseball. With that said, he didn’t have a bad voice and there was a certain presence about him. He was confident and knew how to work the stage and crowd most of the time. He started off by singing Ribbon In The Sky in the semis, and personally I wasn’t too impressed with it. I actually preferred Gil Sinuet’s version over his. The voters liked it enough to advance him to the finals, where he performed For Once In My Life during the Top 10. The following week, he sang Sunny, for which he didn’t receive any positive reviews from the judges for the first time. The most memorable part during the exchange was when Justin said he respected Simon’s opinion but asked what the audience thought of his performance. For some, it may have come off as cocky and it may have showed that Justin did not take negative criticism well. He apologized for it the following night and was safe, but the damage may have been done. He landed in the B2 the following week after his performance of Someday We’ll All Be Free, which was one of his weakest performances. He rebounded the following week with Route 66. It was a fine performance; however, it was overshadowed by what is often considered one of the best, if not the best, performances in Idol history. Fast forward two weeks where he gave what are considered to be his best and worst performances of the season. Get Here was a strong showing; however, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) was just an abomination. The bad singing and cheesy dancing were absolutely cringeworthy. An argument could be made that he should've been in the B2 that week if not eliminated. Regardless, Justin had an OK showing during the Top 3 the following week and eventually made it to the finals where he was pretty much no match for Kelly. The coronation songs, especially A Moment Like This suited Kelly better. Justin gave it a valiant effort, but it wasn’t enough as he finished in second place. After Idol, I know he released a couple of albums and did a few Broadway shows. Of course, I have to mention the film masterpiece that was “From Justin to Kelly”. 🤭 Another thing I remember was him coming back the following season and singing Unchained Melody during the Top 3 results show. It was kind of a letdown, especially after hearing Clay sing it the night before. Finally, there’s him playing Lil’ Sweet in the Diet Dr. Pepper commercials. Some were hilarious, others were corny. Nonetheless, while he may have been a ham, Justin was a charismatic contestant.


    Clue: Opposite of big sour (Lil Sweet of course)


    117. Ryan Starr: Season 1 (7th Place)


    Sauntering her way into the ranking is Tiffany Montgomery, aka Ryan Starr. Ryan is probably better known for her good looks and skimpy outfits than her singing. In a season where just about everyone was showing skin, including the guys, Ryan definitely showed more than most. As for her singing, her song choices were all over the place, which confused the judges who wanted to know what type of artist she wanted to be. With that said, she had a moment or two on the show. She started off her run in the semis with Frim Fram Sauce, a completely out of the box song choice. It was easily her best performance of the competition. From there, she was voted into the finals, where in the Top 10 she gave an OK performance of If You Really Love Me. However, it was the following week where Ryan gave her most infamous performance: You Really Got Me. It was truly a sight to behold. Not a single note was in tune, plus she looked as if she was going through the motions and not caring about the performance at all. Finally, it was the last performance of the evening; what a way to close the show! She definitely gave the audience something to remember. :haha: She managed to survive to next week where she performed Last Dance (an ominous title if there ever was one). It was certainly better than YRGM, but it was still as if she was just going through the motions; at least she looked hot during it. She was eventually eliminated the following night. I pretty much expected it (though I was secretly rooting for Justin to leave). Supposedly she deliberately performed badly towards the end of her run because she was trying to get eliminated. Post-Idol I know she released a single called My Religion which I recall did pretty well on iTunes. Other than that, she did some acting in movies and commercials. However, the main thing she may be remembered for post-Idol was starring in The Surreal Life. I never watched the show, but I heard some things about her; unfortunately, most of them weren’t good. Anyway, while not the best contestant, Ryan was someone I didn’t mind ogling watching.


    Clue: Considered to have given the first true train wreck in the finals Idol history (the original clue didn't have the finals in it, so I added it. I forgot there were a few trainwrecks in the semis; the most memorable one was probably Rodesia Evan's Daydream Believer)


    116. Alyssa Raghu: Season 17 (7th/8th Place)


    Hope everyone brought their pasta bowls because it’s time for some sauce to be poured into this ranking! Alyssa was this young bubbly girl who we were first introduced to in S16. She made it to the Top 24 where she sang Stay for her solo and Yellow as a duet with Banners. Unfortunately, she wasn’t picked for the Top 14 then. The main knock on her was her lack of stage presence and experience. I guess she took that to heart because she came back the following season, stating she has performed a few gigs and she felt her stage presence had improved. She tried to show this with her Top 20 performance of Ain’t It Fun. For me, although it was a valiant effort, it felt like she was trying too hard. Nonetheless, after her duet with Julia Michaels, she made the Top 14 this time around. There, she went back to her ballad lane with She Used To Be Mine. It was my favorite of hers because I felt she was right in her element. However, it wasn’t enough for her to be one of the Top 7 vote getters; therefore, she had to sing in the Wildcard Round. Considering how much the judges were invested in her, unless she imploded in a spectacular way there was no chance Alyssa wasn’t going to be a WC pick. Her picking a Katy Perry song and singing it fine enough certainly helped. She sang Colors Of The Wind the following week, which was OK. The subsequent week she sang Somebody To Love which while not bad vocally, the presentation was awkward, especially the air guitar. With that said, I was amused at her stalling for time so she could try to get more votes since she was the final performer of the evening, and Idol was doing the Coast to Coast voting. Unfortunately for Alyssa, it was all for naught as she was eliminated alongside Walker that night. It was pretty much a given considering she was a WC pick and WC picks have lasted two weeks at most during the ABC reboot. Though I’ve said I felt she tried too hard at times, I did she some improvement and I liked seeing her determination in trying to get better. Overall, Alyssa was the sauce that had a good base, but needed more seasoning.


    Clue: Not Prego (Prego and Ragu are spaghetti sauces. If not Prego, then more than likely it's Ragu, which is a play on Alyssa's last name)


    120. Caleb Lee Hutchinson

    119. Casey James

    118. Justin Guarini

    117. Ryan Starr

    116. Alyssa Raghu


    4/5 were guessed correctly. We'll see how everyone does with the next set:

    • Those darn stairs!
    • No second chance for you!
    • Lois Lane
    • The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101
    • Member of a boyband prior to Idol
  6. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    - Well, the last time I did an Idol list David was my #1, so you could say I'm a fan. :lmao: I never loved an Idol more. I sure hope it's more than a few sets. :blushingwave: 

    - My favorite ballad of hers is "I Wonder." ❤️ I'm guessing you may have heard that one. 


    I was feeling all clever until I saw other people made the same guesses. :haha:  


    Ooooo.... I think everyone felt they were pushing for a female winner, so interesting that's what started this all. I can't remember what Nicki said to him following the performance. But LOL his final comments. Okay then. :dead:  Thanks for the recap, haha.


    - We'll see where he eventually ends up. It's good to see you're still a huge fan of his

    - Yeah. The first time I heard it was during the S6 Top 16 Results Show. I mainly remember the exchange between her and Ryan. 😆


    After the performance, Nicki said something along the lines of she was going to pretend she didn't see that and told all three of them to get off the stage. Yeah, his final comments were something else. :haha: He deleted that tweet not too long after posting it, but the Internet never forgets. :haha:


    I just wrapped up the write-ups for the new set. They shall appear in my next post. 👍

  7. 42 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    Yikes, I got really behind again. I'll catch up now.


    140. Ben Briley: He was okay for me.

    139. Qaasim Middleton:  Not a favorite, but I found him fun.

    138. Olivia Rox: She had potential, but I didn't connect with her as much as I wished I did.

    137. Amanda Overmyer: I love S7 so so so much, and she is the only finalist I am not a fan of. But LOL your Cruella comment.

    136. Michelle Sussett: She was okay for me.


    135. Aaron Kelly: I love him and he was my favorite of the season. ❤️  It was a rough season for me and he's one of the only ones I cared about. I just love his voice.

    134. Vanessa Olivarez:  I don't mind her, but she doesn't do much for me.

    133. Paul McDonald: Not a fan.

    132. Paige Miles: She wasn't among my favorites, but I did like her.

    131. Nick Fradiani: I liked him too, but I had much bigger favorites... including Clark, who I love, so that season did not end well for me, lol.


    130. Devin Velez: He may have been my favorite guy that season. I like his voice and felt bad he was the one eliminated after that iconic group performance.

    129. John Stevens: Crocodile Rock legend :wub:  lol I wasn't a fan, but he is still pretty much an Idol icon. :haha: He did seem like a nice guy and had some good performances. "Whenever I’m not in the best of moods, there are two Idol related videos I know I can watch that will make me feel better: the Archie fangirls melting down after his loss" Oh. 😢  I do remember hearing about the death threats. :( So awful. 

    128. Thia Megia: I liked her, especially when she sang ballads. All those performances were really good. ❤️ Interesting you say nobody has ever done "Heat Wave" well, since I enjoyed other performances of it. 😮 

    127. Kellie Pickler: I was thinking her for the clue! Aw, I love Kellie and she's one of my favorites. ❤️ I loved her on the show a ton, but she has grown a lot since then and I love her even more now.  Aw, "How Far" was one of my favorites though. 😢 But she did best with uptempo (although she has a lot of great ballads of her own). I love everything about her and am a huge fan of DWTS as well, and was so pleased she won there. ❤️  It's great seeing all her success with everything.

    126. Colton Dixon: One of my favorites from S11 and definitely one of my favorite guys. Darn, you really didn't like some of my favorite performances of his. :blushingwave: At least we can agree on "Love the Way You Lie."  But he's another I hear about in his post-show career, which makes me happy, and I like many songs I've heard from him.


    125. Jasmine Trias:  I always loved her and she was one of my favorites... I will always have such a soft spot for her, as that was the season I really became obsessed with Idol. ❤️ I feel alone in my opinion with most people around here now, but she did have quite a fanbase on IDF back in the day as well. :broken:  I still enjoy the music she put out following Idol as well.

    124. Bucky Covington: I like him well enough, although he's not a favorite. But he's fine and I liked his voice, especially on some songs he sung.

    123. Anthony Fedorov: I love him and he was one of my big favorites that season. :wub: I love his voice, personality, and everything. Him and Carrie were cute. ❤️  And I feel like it's a popular opinion that his IYDKMBN was stronger than Carrie's (and I also love Carrie more).

    122. Jason Castro: I love him too, although not sure exactly where he ranks for me, since again I love S7 so much.  But I loved his musical style a lot. It's a shame his time on the show ended how it did with him not seeming to care. :(  He's a fun and talented guy though. Oh, and I think you meant to say "I Don't Wanna Cry", rather than "Tonight I Wanna Cry" when referring to his Mariah Carey performance.

    121. Malaya Watson: Not a fan, but I did like some of her performances.


    I didn't mean to say so much. :lmao: Hopefully I can keep up better going forward.


    Not Prego: Alyssa Raghu... referencing pasta sauce

    Opposite of big sour:  Justin Guarini here because of his Dr. Pepper commercial character Lil' Sweet


    It's OK. I had a lot of free time over the weekend, so I posted as many sets as possible. :haha:


    140. Fair enough

    139. I pretty much feel the same. Not a favorite, but was fun to watch

    138. I pretty much agree with this

    137. I can see how this is the case. When I first saw her during that performance, that was the first thing that came to mind. :haha:

    136. Fair enough


    135. Nice to see he was your favorite from that season.

    134. Fair enough

    133. It's easy to feel away about him :haha:

    132. I pretty much feel the same way about her

    131. I don't think that season ended well for most people. :haha: Fair to feel that way about Nick


    130. I felt bad for him as well when he was the one trying to keep everything on track

    129. Yes, Crocodile Rock is indeed legendary. :wub: I feel the same way about him. Uh oh, :stealth: I take it you're a David Archuleta fan (if so, if there's any consolation, he won't be showing up for at least a few sets *spoiler*). The death threats were awful indeed.

    128. Nice to see you like her. As for Heat Wave, I've just never enjoyed anyone doing it on the show

    127. She did do the best with uptempo numbers. With that said, I've heard a ballad or two from her since her time on Idol, and needless to say she's improved a lot

    126. Uh oh, back to back favorites. 😳 It's nice to see you like what you've heard from him post-Idol


    125. Geez, these past two sets haven't been too kind to your favorites. Either way, I think I recall how big her fanbase was on here. It's good to see she's still one of your favorites despite this fairly low ranking

    124. I pretty much feel the same way about him

    123. 💔 He and Carrie did appear to have a cute friendship

    122. It is a shame to see his run ended as if he didn't care

    121. Fair enough


    As for the guesses, all should be revealed when the time comes...


    38 minutes ago, miss denise said:


    I forgot to quote this and ask what that was about? :haha: It sounds familiar, but I can't remember. 


    After his elimination, Devin felt the judges were pushing for a female winner and he didn't take too kindly to Nicki's remarks after the trainwreck. Nicki replied on Twitter by saying he should be more gracious because she fought for him and be upset at America for not voting for him. Devin responded by saying something along the lines of Nicki stooping down to 3rd grade level and that he had songs to write. It was interesting to say the least. :haha: 

  8. 20 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    My take on the clues:

    • Thanks to this finalist, Kara really needed a beverage :haha:
    • Not Prego- I think this refers to Alyssa Raghu. The sauce brand Prego's main competitor is the brand Ragu (a reference to Alyssa's last name). 
    • Opposite of big sour- I think this refers to Justin Guarini. He began appearing in Dr. Pepper commercials as "Lil' Sweet." "Lil' Sweet" is the opposite of big sour. 
    • Considered to have given the first true train wreck in Idol history- I think this refers to Ryan Starr. She delivered a terrible performance of "You Really Got Me." Not sure if this was the first trainwreck, but that's my guess. 
    • Not that Big D


    Solid guesses. It'll probably give it away, but I'll append the 4th clue:


    • Considered to have given the first true train wreck in the finals in Idol history


    15 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    Oh, and I think you meant to say "I Don't Wanna Cry", rather than "Tonight I Wanna Cry" when referring to his Mariah Carey performance.




    I went ahead and fixed it. :haha: I'll respond to rest of your post later.

  9. 5 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    125. Jasmine Trias - She started off well, then quickly lost steam and picked songs too big for her. 

    124. Bucky Covington - I liked him throughout his season somewhat and thought he should've stayed over Ace the week he left, at least. 

    123. Anthony Fedorov - His Climb Every Mountain performance was my first peisode of Idol. Before Simon talked, my dad described his performance as "hideous". :haha: I liked the performances of his that you did, but other than that he was horrible. 

    122. Jason Castro - Eh I used to like him during his season (Travelin Thru especially) but his downward spiral was pretty rough to watch. I don't like wen contestants give up either. 

    121. Malaya Watson - I liked a few performances like Take Me to The King, but overall she was just so  underdeveloped.


    125. Agreed. It was hard to watch her descend after such a strong start

    124. No arguments here, especially given the performance Ace gave that week...

    123. 🤣 at your dad calling it hideous before Simon did. I wouldn't say he was horrible, but he wasn't great. I thought he was better than Constantine and Scott at least

    122. Yeah, it was rough to watch, especially towards the end

    121. Pretty much agree about Malaya


    The next set will most likely be up tomorrow evening. I'll start the write-ups tonight.

  10. 1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    I hope you're not right about "Not Prego." Katharine McPhee is amazing, and she may take the final slot in my Top 10. 


    We'll see...


    46 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No real complaints about the rankings.


    I seem to remember Simon also telling Jasmine after one of her performances on Disco Night that a packed suitcase and a plane ticket were in her future.  And afterwards, she was crying.  I felt sorry for her, but not enough to vote for her.  But while I doubt that she was crying just to get the sympathy vote, she probably got a lot of votes from people who wanted to stick it to Simon, as well as the Hawaii vote, of course.  I certainly wasn’t happy when she survived and my favorite, LaToya, didn’t, but I didn’t blame Jasmine.


     I think that the “Not Prego” clue might refer to Alyssa Raghu, since Prego is a spaghetti sauce and so is Ragu.


    The Simon comments about a packed suitcase and plane ticket had to be after Everlasting Love because the other comment about hoping every household in Hawaii having at least 5 phone lines was after It's Raining Men. It's possible about Jasmine getting enough votes due to those factors.


    We'll see about your guess...

  11. 4 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    Because I've missed some 70 contestants, I'll just comment on some standouts lol.


    I might've ranked Gianna a little higher. I mean, she shouldn't have made it to the finals imo, but I think with several years under her belt (and hopefully less emphasis on her mom), she might've been a contender. I've not checked out any post-idol music from her though, so idk.


    ITA with you on Gabby. I've not bothered listening to her single, but her few standouts on the show were the songs she did that were not country. The drama with both her family and Cade has really soured her for me as well. Hopefully she continues to do well in music though.


    It may have been because one of my friends on IDF at the time was a huge Stefano fan, but I also was pretty fond of Stefano so I'd probably rank him quite a bit higher lol. I will say that I'm much more invested in him post-idol though with the hilarity that is "I'm On a Roll" and he's actually done some really good stuff with Postmodern Jukebox so I'd highly recommend the stuff he's done with them if nothing else.


    Karen Rodriguez is someone who I thought was boring on Idol, but like Stefano, some of her post-Idol work is actually quite good! She posts covers at least on her YouTube channel.


    And Paige was actually one of my all time favorites for a time lmao. I'm glad that you've got a bit of love for her (even if I'd still probably rank her about 60 placements higher). I mostly just wish Paige released more post-Idol content for me to stan lol. What she has released has been pretty good though at least.


    And since they're recent posts, I'll comment on the last set~


    I remember liking what I've seen of Jasmine, but I never did reach the trainwreck!Jasmine portion of season 3 so my vision of her is mostly her highlights lol.


    Not much to say about Bucky. I don't remember watching any of his performances, but this seems like a solid spot to place him.


    Anthony is someone who I've mostly just seen pre-live show footage of, so I'd say I like him and think he's pretty attractive, but I'm also not complaining about this placement.


    I recently watched through season 7 and was surprised at how much I liked Jason. I'd probably have swapped him and Brooke in the actual show, especially since Jason pretty much checked out by the end of his run.


    Malaya was something of a default favorite of mine during season 13 (ugh, that semifinal format). Malaya is another example of a teen who should've waited a few years imo, because she did have a lot of potential!


    - I can see Gianna being a contender with a few more years of experience under her belt. However, as I mentioned in my write-up, her season was billed to be the final season, so I could understand why she decided to audition then.


    - Pretty much agree about Gabby.


    - He probably could've been ranked higher; however, he still would've been my least favorite finalist from that season. Unfortunately, I won't listen to I'm On A Roll more than I have to. 🤮 I do remember him and Pia doing The Prayer with PJ (They were near me last year. I wanted to go see them, but the show was sold out before I could get tickets 😭), and the reviews were quite polarizing.


    - I heard some of Karen's work outside of Idol was good; I may have to check some of it out.


    - It's good to see Paige have a fan! I remember her getting a lot of heat for making the Top 12 as well as for her Against All Odds


    For the most recent set:


    - Pretty much from Top 9 on was when train wreck Jasmine occurred. It's too bad because she had such a promising start

    - Fair enough about Bucky

    - Fair enough about Anthony

    - Pretty much agree about Jason. I would throw Carly in there as well because as mentioned, it was around that time he checked out

    - Ugh, tell me about that season's semifinals format. I wouldn't say Malaya was a favorite of mine, but I agree about her having a lot of potential and waiting for a few years


    3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    125. Jasmine Trias - I remember being happy with how far she made it. She was never a top favorite for me but I still enjoyed her voice and personality.

    124. Bucky Covington - I don't remember loving his Idol run. However, I've recently rewatched his season and I actually like him more now.

    123. Anthony Fedorov - I loved his audition but not everything after. I always thought it was weird he sang the same song as Carrie that one night. haha He made it slightly too far for me.

    122. Jason Castro - JASON 😍 Yes, I loved him and yes, I still follow him on social media and he has a gorgeous family. Ugh, such good genes. 🤣 I'm about to rewatch his season. I liked his chill vibe and just the sound of his voice in general but I know he struggled near the end of his run. I was sad to see it end.

    121. Malaya Watson - I don't remember much about her but I wasn't a huge fan and thought she made it too far.


    125. Fair enough about Jasmine

    124. Bucky is someone who tends to grow on people (he certainly did on me)

    123. Fair enough about Anthony. I preferred him to Constantine and Scott, so I was happy he outlasted them

    122. Nice to see you feel that way about Jason. Yeah, it was unfortunate to see his run end that way, especially with him practically quitting

    121. Fair enough about Malaya


    3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:
    • Thanks to this finalist, Kara really needed a beverage :haha:
    • Not Prego - Katharine McPhee
    • Opposite of big sour - Justin Guarini
    • Considered to have given the first true train wreck in Idol history - Nikki McKibbin?
    • Not that Big D


    2 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    Oooh, and for the clues, I'm guessing Casey James, Alyssa Raghu, not sure, Ryan Starr, and not sure :haha: 


    Interesting guesses. We'll see if they're right or not. 

  12. 12 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    I do think I Am Changing performance of Malaya was easily her worst. She's just so pitchy all the way through. I am really on and off about her, she always chooses big songs that aren't fitted for her so yeah


    I thought I Am Changing was one of her better ones *shrugs*. I do agree about her picking songs that were too big for her, though.


    11 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I got none of these clues right! :haha:


    Jasmine Trias- No comment. 

    Bucky Corvington- No comment. 

    Anthony Fedorov- No comment. 

    Jason Castro- No comment.

    Malaya Watson- I think this is a good spot for her. She was inconsistent. She had some good performances and some bad ones! (I am very pleased to see that my S13 favorite has not been ranked yet! 🙂)




    Not much to say about this set. :haha: I agree about Malaya being inconsistent. Hopefully your S13 favorite won't show up anytime soon (though I can't make any promises).

  13. 125. Jasmine Trias: Season 3 (3rd Place)


    Leading off this set is the second S3 female contestant from Hawaii to appear in this ranking. Jasmine at the time was a teenager who appeared to have great promise, this was shown with her semis performance of Run To You and especially with her Top 12 performance of Inseparable which was easily her best performance in the competition. Everything after that, however, with the exception of You’re All I Need To Get By, was nothing to write home about. It appeared she had lost her way. The absolute worst of the worst, however, was Disco Night, where she bombed both of her performances. I can’t decide which was worse, Everlasting Love or It’s Raining Men. After the latter, Simon told her she’d better hope every household in Hawaii had at least five phone lines because she was going to need every single one of them. Hawaii must have taken that to heart because she manage to advance to the Top 3, which engendered quite a bit of outrage. Jasmine became the season’s punching bag after John's elimination, so her advancement added more fuel to the fire. There she didn’t fare much better; it was obvious she was clearly out of her league compared to Fantasia and Diana. However, I did feel kind of bad for her when Clive picked All By Myself for her to sing. Of course, this was a song LaToya slayed during the semis, plus LaToya was eliminated the week before; therefore, there is some thought Clive may have sabotaged Jasmine on purpose. Either way, Jasmine was eliminated the following night. She became huge in the Philippines post-Idol, and she is pretty much an icon in Hawaii, so she seems to be doing fine. It’s too bad she couldn’t live up to the promise she showed earlier in the season.


    Clue: Not everyone had Disco Fever (referring to her not so stellar Top 4 week)


    124. Bucky Covington: Season 5 (8th Place)


    Bucky was someone I enjoyed more as a person than a singer. He appeared to be this friendly, outgoing guy despite being a bit rough on the edges. He was like the male Kellie Pickler, though I felt he was more genuine. As for his voice, he had this rough, gravelly voice that took some time to get used to. With that said, I did enjoy a few of his performances. Simple Man, while not the best version done on the show, was something I enjoyed. I didn’t care for his other two semifinal performances, but apparently America did as he was voted into the finals. There he performed Superstition, which was probably the song that was the best suited for him. I thought he did OK with it. The following week he did Oh Boy which was a huge guilty pleasure of mine. It never fails to put a huge smile on my face. His following two performances were him in his element, so nothing much to say there. He gave my favorite performance of his during Queen Week with Fat Bottomed Girls. I even voted for him a couple of times that night! However, it would be his last as he was eliminated the following night. It was probably the best time for him to go because I couldn’t see him do well with the Standards. With that said, I wouldn’t have minded if he stuck around for at least another week; at least he went out on a somewhat positive note. I know Bucky released a couple of items post-Idol, though I haven’t heard anything from them. I don’t know what he’s up to now, but whatever it is I hope he’s living his best life.


    Clue: Was said to have hair similar to a pop star (Simon said something along the lines of Bucky having a Jessica Simpson style hairdo during his critique after Superstition 😂)


    123. Anthony Fedorov: Season 4 (4th Place)


    Anthony appeared to be a nice guy, and he doesn’t have a bad voice; however, I found him to be corny for the most part. With that said, considering he had a near death experience right after birth and was told he wouldn’t be able to talk let alone sing, I highly commend his perseverance (then again, he is a Taurus, so it shouldn’t have been that surprising 😆). As for his Idol run, some performances I liked were I’ve Got You (though Simon said he had as much Latin flair as a polar bear 😆), I Surrender, I’m Already There, and If You Don’t Know Me By Now. Actually, I thought his IYDKMBN was way better than Carrie’s (I hope the Care Bears don’t come after me too hard for that one. If that isn’t a name of her fan base, I’m in double trouble :haha:). However, I can’t say I was too fond of any of his other performances. My least favorites were easily Climb Ev’ry Mountain (especially that last note, ugh) and Poison Ivy. For the former, I couldn’t decide who was worse that night, him or Scott with his The Impossible Dream. For the latter, that was just pure cheese all the way around. It was one of those performances you wanted to look away from but couldn’t. In spite of this, he managed to make it all the way to fourth place. The main thing I remember during his elimination was Carrie crying during his swan song. From what I understand, the two became close friends during the show, plus there was speculation the two of them were dating at some point. In conclusion, As I’ve said before, Anthony was a nice guy and an OK singer, even if I found him to be corny most of the time.


    Clue: Sang the same song on the same night as an Idol winner (the aforementioned IYDKMBN during Top 4 week)


    122. Jason Castro: Season 7 (4th Place)


    Back to back 4th place finishers in this set. :haha: Anyway, on to Jason. Jason was this laid back, easy going heartthrob who musical style was just as laid back as he was. He wasn’t the strongest singer, but he knew who he was and made everything work for him. Some of the performances I enjoyed were Daydream, Hallelujah, Over The Rainbow, and I liked his take on I Don't Wanna Cry. For that one, he knew he had nowhere near the vocal prowess Mariah has, so he toned it down and made it fit his style. Then again, seeing it was Mariah Carey Night, he pretty much didn’t have any choice if he wanted to avoid a train wreck (as an aside, I found it funny how the judges often tell singers to avoid Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion because most of the time they won’t measure up to them, yet there were theme nights dedicated to two of them, go figure 😕). Some of his other performances I didn’t mind. However, from Top 6 on, it appeared he just flat out gave up and wasn’t even trying to do well anymore. To be honest, this annoyed me to no end. Say what you want about Brooke and her downward spiral in the finals, but at least it appeared she still wanted to be there and gave her all in every performance. Jason, on the other hand, was practically begging voters not to vote for him; I believe he even mouthed don’t vote during the Top 4 when Ryan was giving out the numbers. It appeared he got his wish when he was eliminated that week after giving two horrific performances. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as relieved as he was when he was eliminated. Post-Idol, I know he released a couple of albums; I even heard a song of his on Pandora one day. From there, he formed a group with his siblings, and they performed for a few years before splitting up. I believe he is now in real estate and living a normal life. Regardless, as a contestant, Jason might have been ranked higher had he not thrown in the towel towards the end of his Idol run.


    Clue: Was the first contestant to use an instrument on the show (He played the guitar for Daydream in the first round of the semis)


    121. Malaya Watson: Season 13 (8th Place)


    Closing out the set is another 8th placer. Malaya was this very energetic teenager, to the point of being hyper at times. This was definitely the case during Runaway Baby, where she was bouncing all over the place. As a result, her breath control was off, and the singing was very difficult to listen to. Also, I thought Runaway Baby was an interesting choice, given the weekly theme (This Is Me). Prior to this, she gave a solid performance of Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) during the semis (which is easily the worst semifinal format Idol has ever employed). I don’t know if I would’ve picked her to perform, but it is what it is. Going back to the finals, she recovered pretty nicely with Take Me To The King the following week, though I thought she was sharp at the end. The performances that came after were solid for the most part; however, the absolute gem of her portfolio was When I Was Your Man. I felt she really connected well to the song and I also appreciated her not changing the pronouns, which is often the case when contestants do songs from someone of the opposite gender. Unfortunately, the last week of her time on Idol was rough with her performance of Through The Fire. Chaka Khan is a very powerful singer with huge range, so any song of hers would be a challenge. Sadly, it wasn’t a challenge Malaya was up to. It was easily her worst performance outside of Runaway Baby. She was eliminated the following night and I have her say her swan song was one of the hardest to watch, especially when she softly whimpered the last note because she got too emotional. Overall, Malaya was a contestant with a few ups and downs, but she was fine for the most part.


    Clue: Sang songs by the same artist within four weeks of each other (Runaway Baby during Top 13 and WIWYM during Top 10, both by Bruno Mars)


    125. Jasmine Trias

    124. Bucky Covington

    123. Anthony Fedorov

    122. Jason Castro

    121. Malaya Watson


    What to expect for the next set:

    • Thanks to this finalist, Kara really needed a beverage :haha:
    • Not Prego
    • Opposite of big sour
    • Considered to have given the first true train wreck in Idol history
    • Not that Big D
    • Thanks 1
  14. 38 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I just realized there are 7 more to go. Makayla is not part of this ranking, and MacKenzie and Gabby have been ranked. I'm actually not sure who my tenth favorite is! 😂 Hopefully, these rankings help me determine that.


    I hope they will as well. 👍


    38 minutes ago, hayden98 said:

    I've completely dropped the ball with following this list 💔 I'll try to cover some highlights either later tonight or in the morning!


    It's OK. :hug: I look forward to reading what you have to say.


    My next post will have the new set, so be ready!

  15. 1 hour ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    Darling, you don't have to view this thread just to throw hate here. You're free to leave, if you don't like what Crisis is saying, what we are doing here is to show sum support and love. Do you own redux lol 


    54 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Thank you!



    While it’s true that what gave Idol legitimacy initially was the success of their contestants, and while it’s certainly true that the show should just be a starting point and not the highlight of a singer’s career, Crisis is right to point out that you’re harping on this point in every post of yours to the point of becoming a serious annoyance.  That’s why I snapped at you the way I did.  Please put up your own rankings of the contestants.


    Now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program.


    43 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    It's literally a list solely based off his personal opinions on the contestants regardless of how successful they are or aren't. You're literally arguing that his personal feelings on contestants aren't correct just because you think a list should only be based off of sales, which is ridiculous. If the only list people are allowed to do are centred solely on the amount of sales an Idol has, then what would even be the point of having personal favourites every season? There are plenty of Idols who have sold a lot I'm not a fan of, and plenty of Idols I'm a fan of who haven't done much post-Idol. I'm not going to stop considering them my favourite just because you think they shouldn't be ranked high in a personal listing solely because of their success. Good grief.


    my little pony hug GIF


    I have some homework to do right now. After I'm done, within the next few hours barring any new posts to reply to, I should have the next set up.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    These rankings haven't been too bad. 👍 Only one of my Top 10 has been ranked (MacKenzie Bourg 💔).


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Actually you ranked two of them! 🤣 You ranked Gabby Barrett and MacKenzie. I guess you technically ranked Makayla Phillips already (very high too 👍), so you ranked three. 


    There's still 8 more to go! I can't promise when they'll show up, especially since I don't know who they are (it's better that way)!


    1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments:


    Poor Devin.  He really did try to save the sinking ship that was “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”, but there was no way to save that disaster!  And sadly, Devin didn’t help his cause by being honest when asked by Ryan about that disaster.  But it did make for a hilarious train wreck!  :rofl:

    Poor John.  He was just in way over his head.  But he still shouldn’t have received death threats.


    Thia was my first favorite in Season 11, and I was really disappointed in her.  She was probably too young and inexperienced. Glad that she made a name for herself on the show, at least.


    Kellie wasn’t great while on the show.  But at least she won Dancing With the Stars.


    Colton wasn’t as good in Season 12 as Joshua or Jessica.  And as I said before, you shouldn’t come off as cocky during your time on the show.  At least his remark was shown on the results show, when it was too late for it to matter.


    He really did try to save the sinking ship. Unfortunately, Lazaro kept poking more holes in it. :haha: I think what set Devin off was Lazaro saying we forgot the lyrics when it was clear he was the only one who did. Honestly, I don't blame him. This wasn't the first time Lazaro ruined a group performance because of his lack of preparation and inability to remember the words.


    Agreed about John. No one should receive death threats, especially over something as a reality TV singing competition


    I think for Thia and Colton, you're off by a season. ;) I pretty much agree about Thia.


    Agreed about Kellie.


    I can't say I disagree about Colton. Yeah, coming off as cocky is typically not a good way to influence voters.


    I'm currently working on the next set. It should be up some time today.

  17. 3 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    Colton Dixon is one more successful alums.  He is a GMA DOVE winner who has made a name for himself in CCM.  One of the few Idols that has gone from one major label to another.


    I am willing to bet that belters Jessica Sanchez and Josh Ledet will rank very high here.  But both also had careers that TANKED after the show. 


    If we're going to pimp people when they were on the show, it's important to look at why some of them bomb when it came to launching a career. 


    Now for a post I didn’t want to make because I'm trying to avoid too much controversy and not to have the thread derailed too much. I’ve made it clear on day one this list would mainly be subjectively based on what the finalists did during their time on the show, not what their prospects are or how successful they are after the show, though it may be mentioned from time to time. I felt this was the fairest way to do this because not everyone has or had anything resembling a career after the show. Besides, this list is meant to be fun, not serious. Honestly, I think saying how well they do after the show being the only thing that matters is rather arrogant. It may be the only thing that matters to YOU; however, other people watch and enjoy Idol for other reasons. I’ve said this before: I hope all the contestants do well after Idol no matter how I feel about them; however, no matter how successful contestants are post-Idol, they will not be ranked very high if I didn’t enjoy them on the show. Frankly, I noticed this is something that’s done in just about every thread you participate in. Everything always comes back to one subject: how well a contestant does or does not do after Idol no matter how relevant it is to the thread. Between this and insinuating the reason certain contestants aren’t ranked high as desired because of their skin color despite there being absolutely no basis for it (the classic straw man fallacy), it’s starting to get annoying (actually it’s already there). If this list bothers you so much, you’re more than free to create your own list in a separate thread and rank the contestants based on whatever criteria you see fit. As for this list, it’s not going to change because it doesn’t fit the standards of one person.


    * SPOILER ALERT * For the record, neither Josh nor Jessica will be as high as people expect. As a matter of fact, Phillip will be ranked higher than at least one of these two.


    In addition, I did mention some of Colton's success post-Idol. I did mention he seems to be doing well for himself and that I heard some of his hits on the radio.


    Now back to the daily scheduled program...

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  18. 3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I guessed Thia, Kellie, and Colton! 😄


    130. Devin Velez- No comment. 


    129. John Stevens- The death threat thing makes me sad... 😭


    128. Thia Megia- I agree with you on everything.

    Vocally, "Out Here On My Own" was good, but like I said before, I think it needed more build-up/escalation. 


    127. Kellie Pickler- While I'm fine with her being ranked here, I'm genuinely surprised she was ranked this low. 


    126. Colton Dixon- Aah, one of my temporary favorites until Skylar Laine sang "Wind Beneath My Wings." I did not like his arrangement of "September," and what really disappointed me was the fact that JLo said it was going to be so good before he performed. I did not find his elimination shocking at all. I was just praying Hollie edged out over him. 😂 (Also, maybe you ranked him too low?) 


    129. It makes me sad as well (as well as disgusted)

    128. 👍

    127. Fair enough

    126. I may have ranked him too low. However, as with Kellie, if this were a few years ago, he would've been even lower


    3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    In terms of the clues...


    ~Not everyone has Disco Fever- I'm going to guess Anoop Desai. I'm probably wrong, but I feel that he did terrible during Season 8's Disco Fever night. 


    ~Was said to have hair similar to a pop star


    ~Sang the same song on the same night as an Idol winner


    ~Sang songs by the same artist within four weeks of each other


    ~Was the first contestant to use an instrument on the show


    **Will update later, if I can solve more clues!**


    This may be a tough one because 4 of the 5 were prior to S8. We'll see if that guess is right, however.


    1 hour ago, Elliott said:

    130. Devin Velez - Probably the best guy in the S12 finals, but again... that doesn't say much. Shame that he was the victim of that trio performance and not Lazaro, though.

    129. John Stevens - Another contestant I liked in a guilty pleasure kind of way. He shouldn't have lasted as long as he did, but Crocodile Rock was legendary. :giggle:

    128. Thia Megia - Meh.

    127. Kellie Pickler - Hated her on Idol and while she was okay on Dancing With the Stars, them blatantly rigging the finale to make her the winner (they suddenly had an "issue" with all of the voting methods - that benefitted Zendaya - except calling in your vote the old fashioned way) has left a sour taste in my mouth. Not that it's her fault, but it was hard to enjoy her run. All things considered, I'd probably put her around here, too.

    126. Colton Dixon - In my Top 10. :broken: I actually think his Top 7 performances were really underrated - I liked his rendition of Bad Romance, and thought September was great. But it was clear the show wanted him to be a shock boot after they'd saved Jessica. 🤮


    130. Pretty much agree

    129. Crocodile Rock was indeed legendary :giggle:

    128. It's easy to see why people would feel this way about her

    127. I had no idea that season might have blatantly been rigged to make her the winner (I've only watched a few seasons of DwtS, and her season wasn't one). If so, that's not good. Pretty much agree with everything else

    126. Sorry. :broken: There's probably a chance you won't like some of my all time favorites :haha:

  19. With the exception of maybe a few finalists I let slip through the cracks, or some I don't necessarily care for but ranked them this high for other reasons, I can pretty much say I like everyone remaining in some form or another. With that said, here's the next batch of finalists.


    130. Devin Velez: Season 12 (8th Place)


    Time to start another set with yet another S12 male finalist. I realize this is the 4th time I started a set with a S12 male (watch out Burnell, lol). On to Devin. Devin had a nice voice. The issue with him was he seemed to focus too much on hitting the notes correctly and as a result, he never really connected to anything he sang. The most evident case was Temporary Home, in which while sung well, lacked any kind of emotion. The rest of his performances were of a similar vein, though I did like a couple such as Listen and Somos Novios (It’s Impossible). The main thing Devin may be known for is being a part of the I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) disaster. He was the one trying to keep everything together after Lazaro botched his parts. Unfortunately, he could only do so much. More unfortunate for Devin was he was the one eliminated the following night. I know there was some thought he should’ve been saved; however, the problem was even before the train wreck, he was in the B3 every round of the finals, so the save would’ve most likely have been a waste. Besides, there was Nicki being petty because Curtis wasn’t saved. I do remember in an exit interview where he said something along the lines of memorizing and rehearsing all of ICHM (SPHB), including Lazaro and Burnell’s parts because he knew Lazaro had a history of being lazy and messing up his parts in group performances, so he wanted to be prepared. It’s unfortunate he had to think that way. Also, I remembered he and Nicki feuded over Twitter after his elimination. :haha: Either way, Devin was someone who I felt would’ve had a better chance had he connected more to what he was singing as well as being in another season.


    Clue: Tried to keep a sinking ship afloat. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off...(should be obvious)


    129. John Stevens: Season 3 (6th Place)


    It’s time to bring some standards into this ranking, musically and maybe literally. :haha: I have quite a bit of a soft spot for John. I thought it was really cool to see someone as young as he was have a genuine love of the standards/big band style of music. He was really good when he was in his element, and if he were able to perform his preferred style of music throughout the competition, he would’ve definitely fared better. However, American Idol doesn’t really allow that to happen; therefore, John had to navigate through the different themes. To say the themes exposed his limitations would be the understatement of the year. I do think John genuinely tried to do well, but it was obvious he struggled mightily. With that said, he had a few bright spots, such as She’s Always A Woman, King Of The Road, and Mandy. The rest of his performances, however, were hard to watch. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror and call myself an Idol fan if I did not mention what may be the most infamous performance of all time with Crocodile Rock. It’s a performance anyone who calls themselves an Idol fan has to watch at least once. I’ll post the vid below:

    I would go into great detail about the performance, but the video speaks for itself. :rofl:Whenever I’m not in the best of moods, there are two Idol related videos I know I can watch that will make me feel better: the Archie fangirls melting down after his loss and Crocodile Rock. Unfortunately, things weren’t all as well for John. I believe he had it the worst when it came to negative criticism from Idol fans. I know contestants such as Sanjaya, Lazaro, and Daniel, just to name a few got their fair share of hate; however, I doubt any of them allegedly received death threats (or at least I hope that’s not the case). Yes, you read that right. Some “fans” sent a then 16 year old kid death threats because he had the gall to receive enough votes to stay in a TV competition. It wasn’t all that serious! :rolleyes: I’m sorry; I just found the whole thing nauseating. Anyway, John eventually bowed out in sixth place. The one thing I found interesting was him being eliminated the week before Big Band Night, where I’m sure he would’ve shined. As it is, I didn’t mind John’s presence on the show.


    Clue: Red (referring to his hair color and a name of his album)


    128. Thia Megia: Season 10 (10th/11th Place)


    Well, she definitely grew to be a stunner! Anyway, during her season Thia was the youngest contestant to appear on Idol, as S10 was the first season in which the new minimum age limit of 15 was set. As a contestant, Thia had a very nice tone to her voice; however, she wasn’t exactly the most compelling performer. I did like her semifinals performance of Out Here On Our Own, though I agree with what @Bk1234 said up-thread about it not having time for a proper build up. Regardless, she went on the finals where she stated Michael Jackson was her biggest Idol, yet she chose Smile because he covered it on his HIStory album. It was certainly an odd choice considering Michael Jackson’s massive catalog. The performance itself was OK, though I liked it when the up-tempo part kicked in. She next sang Colors Of The Wind, which was my favorite version done on the show (I don’t know if this qualifies as an unpopular opinion or not). The following week she went up-tempo by singing Heat Wave, a song that has never been done well on Idol (considering the contestants who have done this song, that says a lot). Well, at least she gave it her all. She ended up in the B3, but survived to sing another week, in which she easily gave her most underrated performance with Daniel. This was the most connected she felt to a song in the competition. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as she was eliminated with Naima in a double elimination the following night due to Casey being saved the week before. After Idol, Thia did a couple of songs with Postmodern Jukebox and took up acting. Her most well known role is Haley Chen in the longtime soap opera Days Of Our Lives. I was visiting my mother, who is a huge Days Of Our Lives fan, one day and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone vaguely familiar on the TV. I decided to look and thought to myself “that couldn’t be her, right”. I looked it up afterwards, lo and behold it was Thia! I have no idea if she’s still on the show, but it was good to see her do something for herself post-Idol. I do wonder if she is still singing, however.


    Clue: Like sands through the hourglass...(the tagline for Days Of Our Lives)


    127. Kellie Pickler: Season 5 (6th Place)


    It's been a while since a S5 finalist has been posted, so I'll post another one now. Kellie appears to be pretty popular around these parts, so for some, I may have Kellie too low. However, she has actually grown on me over the years because I absolutely could not stand her during her season, so she would’ve been even lower than this had I ranked the contestants a few years prior. Kellie was this bubbly, outgoing, and presumably naïve country girl who was experiencing life in a big city for the first time. As far as her singing went, I felt she was one of the weaker singers in her season. With that said, she did well on her up-tempo performances such as Walkin’ After Midnight and Fancy. There was also Bohemian Rhapsody, which out of all the Queen songs I didn’t expect her to pick that one. Honestly, I expected it to be a complete and total train wreck; however, she did better on the song that I thought. She certainly held nothing back and gave it her all, which I absolutely appreciate in a contestant. However, her biggest weakness was ballads, for they clearly showed her vocal limitations. I did not enjoy a single ballad she did. How Far and Blame It On The Sun were both painfully boring. However, her absolute worst showings were during her final two weeks on the show. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered was just painful to sit through (she butchered it!); I was certainly bewitched, bothered, and bewildered after that. The best part was Simon lowering his head on the table. :rofl: Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kellie told everyone to hold her beer (though she wasn’t at the legal drinking age at the time) and did Unchained Melody the following week. That is an insanely difficult song to sing, especially with all of the notes that needed to be held throughout it. Kellie wasn’t the best at holding notes, so it was easy to see this would be a disaster. I don’t know why she didn’t pick an easier country song to sing. Either way, she was eliminated the following night, which I was fine with because I felt she was the weakest one remaining at the time. Regardless, Kellie did really well for herself post-Idol. She’s released a few albums which spawned a few hits. Furthermore, she’s appeared on a few TV shows such as Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and Family Feud, not to mention have her own reality TV show. Then there’s her winning S16 of Dancing With The Stars. As mentioned earlier, Kellie went from someone who I didn’t like at all to someone who I have come to gradually appreciate over time.


    Clue: Went on to win a different reality TV contest


    126. Colton Dixon: Season 11 (7th Place)


    Colton is another contestant who some may feel is too low. For me, Colton is someone who I thought was slightly overrated. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of his voice, especially when he went into his upper register, where it gets really tinny and whiny. With that said, I did enjoy some of his performances on the show. Colton was first introduced to us when he auditioned during S10. He may it all the way to the Final Judgment before being cut. He even got to perform on Ellen after he was cut, so I'm sure that helped him build a following. He resurfaced during S11 where he was initially there to support his sister Schyler. However, the judges talked him into auditioning again in which once again he received a Golden Ticket. Predictably, Colton reaches the semis whereas Schyler was cut. As for his Idol run, some of the performances I enjoyed for the most part was Decode, Broken Heart, Time After Time, and Love The Way You Lie, ignoring when he goes high of course. One performance I never got into was Piano Man. I thought it was his most overrated performance of the competition. His other performances I didn’t care for, especially his last two. Bad Romance didn’t suit him well, and I absolutely despised what he did to September. He took the heart and soul completely out of the song and replaced it with some emo feelings. I thought it was just terrible. America must have felt the same because he was eliminated that week. His elimination was considered to be a shock; the beginning of the show mentioned there would be a shock elimination. Once Colton was in the B3, it was easy to see what would happen. One thing I did feel bad for him was he never got that standing ovation he chased, despite the judges handing them out like candy canes that season (even Heejun got one for crying out loud). Regardless, he did pretty well for himself post-Idol. I even heard some of his songs on the radio. One thing I noticed was his upper register has definitely improved. Overall, I feel this is a good spot for him, considering I never really cared for him that much despite enjoying a few performances of his.


    Clue: "Honestly, I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I don't care" (which is what he said after being panned for his Top 7 redux performances. He said it backstage, but it wasn't aired until the Results Show; hence, I doubt this had any effect on his elimination)


    130. Devin Velez

    129. John Stevens

    128. Thia Megia

    127. Kellie Pickler

    126. Colton Dixon


    For the upcoming set:

    • Not everyone had Disco Fever
    • Was said to have hair similar to a pop star
    • Sang the same song on the same night as an Idol winner
    • Sang songs by the same artist within four weeks of each other
    • Was the first contestant to use an instrument on the show
    26 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    Paul Mcdonald was one of my fav contestants and love his original music. but during idol he seemed that he doesn't really belong there and just "accidently" ended himself there.. he always looked like a fish outside the water on the idol stage. I can understand that his stage antics and vocals is an acquired taste. love or hate thing. it didn't seem he took the competition that seriously and coasted along until he was voted off. but at least he lasted longer than pia.. 


    You may be right about Paul not taking the competition seriously. Either way, he had his moments, both good and bad, on the show.

  20. 3 hours ago, psterina said:

    I have zero complaints on these rankings




    3 hours ago, Elliott said:

    135. Aaron Kelly - I wasn't really a fan of him at the start, but he grew on me as the season progressed and I really enjoyed his last 2 or 3 performances. He was also really good on tour, and was the biggest surprise to me after Katie. All in all, my third favourite from his season.

    134. Vanessa Olivarez - The show did her dirty with that Ryan shtick, and then not inviting her back on tour to fill in for Joshua while Charles got to go on tour for Corey was unfortunate.

    133. Paul McDonald - Another one of my all-time favourites. I loved his vibe and his original music is great.

    132. Paige Miles - I kind of liked her in a guilty pleasure way (and HTW was one of my favourites of that season), but her performance of Against All Odds is easily one of the all-time worst performances.

    131. Nick Fradiani - Ugh. Least favourite winner by a mile. Him winning over Clark was a travesty.


    135. Nice to see he grew on you and that he was really good on tour

    134. 100% agreed

    133. I've heard his original music was good. He was someone who I always thought would be better with his own material than covering other artist's songs

    132. Yeah, I can see how she can be a guilty pleasure. Her Against All Odds was unfortunate

    131. Can't say I disagree with this


    47 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

    Just here to agree with the Nick F. dislike... lol


    Seriously. How can one be MORE bland than Lee Dewyze and still win? :thumbsdown: At least Lee makes good music...




    33 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

    135. Aaron Kelly - I liked Angie but can remember pretty much nothing else he did. One of the most forgettable finalists ever as you said.

    134. Vanessa Olivarez - I might have her higher for Out Here On My Own alone. I'd consider her robbed; she should've lasted a few more weeks in season 2 at least.

    133. Paul McDonald - Blah, he pre-Idol stuff was good but I wasn't here for his drunken dancing or karaoke performances on the show. 

    132. Paige Miles - One of the contestants I wanted to like more than I did. Walk Away and Honky Tonk Woman were decent enough, but her two epic fails with Smile and Against All Odds more than justified her elimination. 

    131. Nick Fradiani - He and Lee are the two winners who didn't deserve it by any stretch. He proved you can be increasingly safe and bland every week and still get pimped to the high heavens and beat many more deserving people.


    135. I don't have much to say except pretty much agreed

    134. Fair enough. Considering that season's cast, I wouldn't have minded her lasting longer than she did

    133. I liked a couple of performances; however, I understand this point of view

    132. Fair enough

    131. I won't say he (or Lee) were undeserving. You get the votes, you are deserving. However, he was no where my pick to win and wouldn't have minded seeing others with the title instead


    Barring anything else happening, my next post will be the new set.

  21. 9 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I didn’t know that Paige had laryngitis!  That might explain why her rendition of “Against All Odds” was so terrible.  Poor girl.  :(


    Nick and Lee DeWyze are probably my least favorite winners ever.  Nick was very consistent.  Unfortunately, he was consistently boring and good at best, mediocre at worst.  But he was more consistent and less polarizing than everyone else, and I think that’s why he won that season.  It just wasn’t satisfying.


    Yeah, which is why I give her some slack on that performance. Mind you, it was still awful, but at least there was a valid reason.


    I pretty much agree with everything said about Nick.


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I don't have any issues with these rankings.


    Aaron Kelly- No comment.

    Vanessa Olivarez- No comment.

    Paul McDonald- Definitely an acquired taste. I was not a fan. It looked like he was drunk during some of his performances and his voice was too weird for me... :/

    Paige Miles- Poor girl... ☹

    Nick Fradiani- I was wondering when the first winner would come. S14 was a very lackluster season in my opinion. I thought Clark was the most consistent. At the time, I liked Nick's voice better than Clark's. However, now, I agree that Clark should have definitely won!


    Good to see!


    Paul - it's completely understandable to feel that way about him. He wasn't the most conventional contestant, that's for sure 😅

    Paige - poor girl indeed ☹️

    Nick - understandable about Nick. Clark was pretty consistent in his own right, with the exception of a couple of rough spots during the last few weeks.


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Here's my take on the clues:


    ~Like sands through the hourglass...- I think this is Thia Megia. I believe she was on a soap opera that had an hourglass as a symbol, or something like that? (Was it called Days of Our Lives?) In terms of Thia, I'd be fine with this ranking. Unpopular opinion (?), but I found her Top 12 Girls performance of "Out Here On My Own" very boring and too short to have a proper escalation. :/


    ~"Honestly, I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I don't care"- I'm 99% sure this is Colton Dixon. I'm pretty sure he said this after a performance. (And I'm pretty sure he got eliminated right after! 😂) I actually didn't find his elimination that surprising. Being a "heartthrob" can only get you so far... Even though he wasn't my favorite of the season, if it is him, I think you ranked him too low... :/




    ~Went on to win a different reality TV contest- Is this Kellie Pickler? I think she won Dancing With The Stars. 


    ~Tried to keep a sinking ship afloat. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off...


    ***I'll update this post later if I can solve more of these clues!***


    Good guesses. We'll find out if they're true or not.


    Speaking of which, since it's the weekend and I don't have much to do, I'll try (emphasis on the word try) to have one set up some time today and another one tomorrow.

  22. 135. Aaron Kelly: Season 9 (5th Place)


    To start off this set, we're going back to S9. Aaron is another finalist I have no idea how I let get this far. I don’t really dislike him, but I don’t like him enough to rank him this high. There are some contestants I ranked below him who I like more. Oh well, I’m not going to go back and change anything, so might as well list him now. Aaron appeared to be a nice kid who was often thought to be a country version of David Archuleta, though I wouldn’t go that far. He wasn’t as strong of a singer and didn’t have much of a stage presence. In addition, his song choices weren’t the most inspiring, the absolute worst being I Believe I Can Fly. With that said, Aaron did have his moments on the show. I remember liking his performances of Angie and You’ve Got A Way, and there were a couple of others I didn’t mind such as Here Comes Goodbye and Ain’t No Sunshine. Regardless, he resonated with the voting public most of the time as he made it all the way to fifth place. Outside of this, I don’t really have much to say about Aaron (this may be the shortest write-up I’ve done for a contestant thus far).


    Clue: A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set (the other finalist will be listed below)


    134. Vanessa Olivarez: Season 2 (12th Place)


    Vanessa was an interesting case. She was this outgoing, flamboyant singer who I thought was a lot of fun and wouldn’t have minded if she stuck around longer than she did. She was a member of Group 3 in the semifinals where she sang Out Her On Our Own. I thought it was one of the better performances of the episode, and the voters obviously agreed because she was voted through into the finals. There, she gave what would be her only performance in the finals with You Keep Me Hangin’ On. All things considered, I didn’t think it was that bad; sure, there were a few pitch problems, but nothing too terrible. Nevertheless, Vanessa was eliminated the following night. However, there was some controversy surrounding this elimination. After her performance, Ryan interviewed Vanessa where she read a script saying something along the lines of her being a real artist and not a performing monkey like Ryan. It was thought that moment may have greatly contributed to her elimination. Either way, the way the show acknowledged (or in this case didn’t acknowledge) Vanessa afterwards was disgraceful. For starters, she didn’t get to go on tour despite there being an opening. Charles was invited on after Corey was disqualified. In addition, Josh couldn’t participate in the tour because he was on active duty, so you’d think Vanessa would be invited to take this place, right? Wrong. Furthermore, Vanessa was the only finalist who didn’t record a track on the compilation album, yet Corey was able to do so. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth and I thought Vanessa deserved better.


    Clue: Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon (Vanessa was one of two finalists from that season Simon said this to. Vanessa responded by shaking her butt in his face, which I thought was hilarious 🤣)


    133. Paul McDonald: Season 10 (8th Place)


    Paul was certainly a unique character. He was like a combination of the worst traits of Diana DeGarmo (come on y'all) and Taylor Hicks (drunken dancing), yet he made it work for him. Outside of this, he was known for his flashy suits and teeth bright enough to light up caves. As for his voice, it was certainly unique; it was definitely an acquired taste. The thing with Paul is because his voice was so unique, it really didn’t lend itself to covering other people’s songs, which is why I don’t think Idol was the most ideal environment for him. Regardless, Paul had his moments during his Idol run. He started off by singing Maggie May in the semis. It was a nice, pleasant performance, definitely a highlight in what was otherwise a lackluster night. It was enough for him to get voted into the finals. There he began by singing Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams, both a song and artist I was not familiar with prior to his performance, which I thought was pretty cool. After listening to the original, I don’t think Paul really did this song justice. The tempo was too fast, and he didn’t capture the mood the song required. Plus, he looked completely drunk. The following week wasn’t much better with I Guess Why They Call It The Blues. He rebounded the next week with Tracks of My Tears, which was my favorite finals performance of his. Rocket Man was OK, nothing special. The subsequent week Paul had his most polarizing performance with Folsom Prison Blues. It was certainly a love or hate performance. Originally, it was the latter for me; however, it has actually grown on me over the years. Unfortunately, the following week Paul had his worst showing with Old Time Rock And Roll. It was evident his voice was shot; he was practically whispering the song. Unsurprisingly, he was eliminated the following night, which may have been for the better. One thing I remember was the following week when the eliminated contestants came back and performed So What. Paul looked and sounded completely out of it; it was a fun trainwreck to watch. Nonetheless, Paul was certainly one of the most unique contestants to ever appear on Idol.


    Clue: Twilight (Paul was married to Nikki Reed, who was in the Twilight saga, for a few years)


    132. Paige Miles: Season 9 (11th Place)


    Paige was a S9 finalist who I thought was slightly underrated. She wasn’t the most consistent contestant, but she had her moments. She started off with All Right Now, which was meh at best. Despite this, she went on to the next round where she gave her best semifinals performance with Walk Away. At that point, she was one of the few contestants to do justice to a Kelly Clarkson song. Unfortunately, the following week she gave what was her worst performance in the semis with Smile. In spite of this, she was voted into the finals. I think a lot of it had to do with the S9 female cast had too many singer-songwriter types, which meant some of them were bound to fall through. Paige was completely different from them which helped her stand out and establish a mini voting bloc to herself. Regardless, Paige had a solid start in the finals with Honky Tonk Women. Unfortunately, the next week was easily Paige’s worst with the disaster that was Against All Odds. It is widely considered to be the worst version of the song on Idol (though as mentioned earlier, I disagree. I still think Corey’s version was worse). The judges really let her have it afterwards. To no one’s surprise she was eliminated the following night. It was later discovered Paige had laryngitis during the finals. Learning that, I commend Paige for even getting on stage and singing. Some of Paige’s potential was on display during the finale where she did her thing during the Christina Aguilera medley. It made me think what could’ve been had she not been sick. Oh well.


    Clue: Laryngitis ain't no joke


    131. Nick Fradiani: Season 14 (1st Place)


    Closing out this set is Nick Fradiani. Nick is the first winner to show up in this ranking, making him my least favorite winner. With that said, I don’t dislike Nick. He appeared to be a good guy as well as a capable musician and singer. It's just that when I think of Idol winners, they either have a portfolio of strong performances, show glimpses of potential showing they are capable of more, or have something unique about them to help them stand out from the rest of the field. The issue with Nick was he had neither of these things going for him. He was the living embodiment of the adage “slow and steady wins the race”. In a season full of big and eccentric personalities, Nick was the most normal person there. This may have benefited him as the other contestants were too polarizing or fell off at some point. As for his run on Idol, it got off to a weird start where both he and his girlfriend at the time auditioned together. He received a Golden Ticket, but she didn’t.

    awkward GIF by Jadagrace  

    As for the rest of his run, he was steady if not spectacular, almost to the point of boring mediocrity. He never really had any bad performances (though Danger Zone and Catch My Breath came close). Some of his performances I liked were Thinking Out Loud, American Girl, Only The Good Die Young, Back Home, and his coronation song Beautiful Life. Speaking of which, outside of Beautiful Life, I thought Clark outperformed him that night (not to mention throughout most of the season), yet Nick managed to get more votes and take the S14 crown. Personally, he wouldn’t have been my choice to win, but what can you do? Apparently, he wasn’t most of IDF’s either as the site crashed for a month after he was crowned the winner. With that said, I felt Nick would be looked at in a more favorable light had he not won. As it is, he is one of the biggest punching bags as far as Idol winners go.


    Clue: Haters can hate...(though the song isn't bad, I can't take a near 30 year old man at the time singing these words seriously 😆)


    135. Aaron Kelly

    134. Vanessa Olivarez

    133. Paul McDonald

    132. Paige Miles

    131. Nick Fradiani


    Coming up:

    • Like sands through the hourglass...
    • "Honestly, I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I don't care"
    • Red
    • Went on to win a different reality TV contest
    • Tried to keep a sinking ship afloat. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off...
  23. :no:


    This is not what I had in mind when creating this thread. I just wanted to bring back an old school IDF pastime of listing favorite American Idol contestants because it was something I really enjoyed reading. The main thing I worried about was whether or not I would be flamed or ridiculed for having an opinion that wasn't similar enough to other posters. I never expected to have to worry about race or ethnicity being an issue, especially when there are no grounds for it. I don't want to go any further on this subject, plus I don't want this thread to be suspended or locked, so I'm going to ask not to escalate this any more here. I hope that's not too much to ask for.


    To try to bring this back to normal, I have some homework to do tonight. However, should I get done with it quickly, I'll try to post the next set. If not, I will definitely have it up tomorrow.

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