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  1. I was a bit surprised to see Russian Dolls eliminated; I thought they would at least be in the Finals. However, after learning they recently released a new song, I guess it makes sense for them to leave now. With that said, based on the night, Black Swan would've been my pick to leave. So Cluedle Doo will be unmasked next week? I have no idea who this could be, but I'll guess it's either Joel McHale and/or Craig Robinson.
  2. Replace Since I Fell For You with Until You Come Back To Me, and this is me. With that said, I would still have SIFFY over Think although Think itself is not a bad performance by any means. I only switched to it because I wanted at least one more Katharine performance in the Top 20 and saw this was the best bet. All things considered, I'm pretty content because four of the five Kat performances I wanted in the finals are there. Interesting discussion about Innuendo. I thought about cutting it myself but decided to leave it alone. I never realized it was such a favorite for Chris fans. Having said that, I would have it in the Top 20 over Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. The rest of the Top 20 is solid all around. I'm going to have my work cut out for me.
  3. Yeah, I would definitely love to have anything autographed by her. Yep, he has a one year old girl. He posts a lot about her on his Instagram page. Speaking of which, he posted a video of him singing the National Anthem at a Clippers game. Even wearing a mask he still has it! My favorite part, however, was Katharine, Chris, and Paris complimenting him on it! It makes me long for a S5 reunion. I know the S1 group sans Kelly and Nikki (this was before her passing) had an online session together. As for Haley, she used to be very active on her page, but I noticed she wasn't as much after her marriage and now I can't seem to find anything about her there. That's fine; however, I'm going to keep pushing you the same way you pushed me to watch Nicole's DWTS run! Well, we'll see how he does tomorrow night. I'm also hoping Nicole and Robin get on the board. All of the remaining acts are strong, so it'll be tough to lose anyone. Oh, too bad about the arm pain and being sick for a few days. I hope everything's better now although it appears to be the case. At least you're fully vaccinated. I got mine earlier this afternoon and as of right now I have a sore arm. I'll have to see how I'm feeling the next day, however. Seeing she's still one of the more popular and active contestants, you'd think she would. However, I won't create one; I'll just save everything for here.
  4. If things are like this now, I can only imagine what S7 will be like (I know I contributed to it, but I'm not changing anything else). This is a tough season. Some great performances have already been cut, and it looks like there will be some more that'll miss out. If there's any season I'd like to have at least a Top 30, it would be this one. Seasons 7 and 11 would probably go here as well.
  5. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - (6) Lily, Victoria, Gigi, Derek, Priscilla, Steven Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (2) Sola, JC Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (9) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Kaley, Andy Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (6) Crisis, Nico, Gigi, Wallace, JC, Priscilla Katharine McPhee "Think" - (8) Chris, Diana, Sola, Steven, Gigi, JC, Wallace, Crisis Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" - (6) Crisis, Victoria, Kaley, JC, Sola, Priscilla Taylor Hicks "Living For The City" - (2) Gigi, Derek Paris Bennett "All I Do" - (4) Crisis, Tom, Lily, Derek Chris Daughtry "Higher Ground" - (6) Alex, Elliott, Nico, Andrew, Weedy, Wallace Paris Bennett "Fever" - (9) Alex, Chris, Lily, Victoria, Wallace, Kaley, Weedy, Derek, Priscilla Chris Daughtry "I Walk The Line" - (10) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Weedy, Andy, JC Paris Bennett "Work It Out" - (1) Alex Elliott Yamin "I Don't Want To Be" - Paris Bennett "The Show Must Go On" - (7) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Andrew, Lily, Andy Elliott Yamin "It Had To Be You" - Chris Daughtry "Renegade" - (8) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew, Steven, Weedy Elliott Yamin "Home" - Taylor Hicks "Something" - Elliott Yamin "If I Can Dream" - Taylor Hicks "In The Ghetto" - (8) Chris, Sola, Victoria, Gigi, Kaley, Andy, Derek, Priscilla Elliott Yamin "Trouble" - (8) Sola, Crisis, Lily, Victoria, Wallace, Kaley, Weedy, Andy Taylor Hicks "Try A Little Tenderness" -
  6. Well... Elliott (the S5 one in case anyone is confused) is one of my all-time favorite Idol contestants, so I don't mind helping him out. I was mostly concerned about Katharine getting a fair shake, so I focused mostly on her at the beginning. However, it looks like she'll be OK, so now I'm trying to help some of the other contestants.
  7. It looks like Chris doesn't need me. I'll see if I can help Elliott some. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - (1) Sola Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (6) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (2) Crisis, Nico Katharine McPhee "Think" - (3) Chris, Diana , Sola Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" - (1) Crisis Taylor Hicks "Living For The City" - Paris Bennett "All I Do" - (2) Crisis, Tom Chris Daughtry "Higher Ground" - (4) Alex, Elliott, Nico, Andrew Paris Bennett "Fever" - (2) Alex, Chris Chris Daughtry "I Walk The Line" - (6) Chris, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew Paris Bennett "Work It Out" - (1) Alex Elliott Yamin "I Don't Want To Be" - Paris Bennett "The Show Must Go On" - (5) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Andrew Elliott Yamin "It Had To Be You" - Chris Daughtry "Renegade" - (6) Alex, Elliott, Tom, Diana, Nico, Andrew Elliott Yamin "Home" - (1) Sola Taylor Hicks "Something" - Elliott Yamin "If I Can Dream" - Taylor Hicks "In The Ghetto" - (2) Chris, Sola Elliott Yamin "Trouble" - (2) Sola, Crisis Taylor Hicks "Try A Little Tenderness" - (1) Crisis
  8. Lisa Tucker "I Am Changing" - Katharine McPhee "Since I Fell For You" - Chris Daughtry "Wanted Dead Or Alive" - (3) Chris, Elliott, Crisis Elliott Yamin "If You Really Love Me" - Mandisa "Cry" - (1) Chris Elliott Yamin “Moody’s Mood For Love” - (1) Crisis Katharine McPhee "Think" - (1) Chris Chris Daughtry "Broken" - Elliott Yamin "Heaven" - Katharine McPhee "Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)" - (1) Crisis Taylor Hicks "Living For The City" - Paris Bennett "All I Do" - (1) Crisis Chris Daughtry "Higher Ground" - (2) Alex, Elliott Paris Bennett "Fever" - (1) Alex Chris Daughtry "I Walk The Line" - (2) Chris, Elliott Paris Bennett "Work It Out" - (1) Alex Elliott Yamin "I Don't Want To Be" - Paris Bennett "The Show Must Go On" - (2) Alex, Elliott Elliott Yamin "It Had To Be You" - Chris Daughtry "Renegade" - (2) Alex, Elliott Elliott Yamin "Home" - Taylor Hicks "Something" - Elliott Yamin "If I Can Dream" - Taylor Hicks "In The Ghetto" - (1) Chris Elliott Yamin "Trouble" - Taylor Hicks "Try A Little Tenderness" - (1) Crisis
  9. I was a lurker during that season and yeah, that was certainly a night to remember (though not exactly the most pleasant). The other elimination that came the closest to that amount of chaos was Chris Daughtry's.
  10. Top 7 - Coldplay and Mother's Day Tonight, the hopefuls reach the point where they have to sing two songs. They tried their hands at Coldplay for their first performances before they dedicated songs to their mothers for their second. How did they do? We'll see. The biggest disappointment: no Graham visiting any of their mothers. Contestants: Casey: Paradise (Coldplay) On paper, this should've been a perfect song for Casey because of the subject matter and it should've fit her voice. However, this was very underwhelming. For starters, the band was too loud and from the parts I could hear her she wasn't consistent vocally. In addition, she looked uncomfortable on stage for the first half of the song before showing more stage presence during the second half. After showing steady improvement over the past couple of weeks, she took a step back with this performance. Ironic (Mother's Day) Well, this song isn't one that comes to mind when thinking about mothers. Regardless, this was a nice bounce back performance for her. She was much better vocally and her stage presence was much better. It appeared she was having fun on stage which was great to see. It was good to see her return to her rock roots after the previous three performances and while it looked like she might have been in trouble, she managed to make it another week. She can't afford to have any more performances like Paradise or she may not be so lucky next week. Chayce: Magic (Coldplay) First, I'll say this is the most upbeat arrangement Chayce has had in any of his performances. In addition, this was probably the most dynamic he has sounded all season as he showed different sides to his voice. With that said, I still wasn't excited about this because the song was repetitive and on the boring side (as is the case with most of Coldplay's songs). At the end of the day, Chayce did his thing and didn't really hurt himself. Mamma (Mother's Day - Original) I thought Chayce got off to a rough start because Chayce sounded kind of odd. However, he was able to find his footing and delivered a sincere performance of his original tune. The lyrics seemed like they came straight from the heart and seeing that it's an original, he really captured the heart of the song. As I said last week about him, Chayce knows who he is and appears he will continue to do his thing. Since there is an audience for that thing, he appears to be in good standing and it wouldn't be surprising to see him in the finale. Willie: Yellow (Coldplay) A couple of things came to mind when learning of this song choice. First, Brooke White's cover is my favorite rendition and I listened to it after watching Willie's. Second, Willie was only a year old when this song was released?! These ABC seasons are making me feel older every minute. Anyway, I thought this song fit Willie perfectly like a well-tailored suit. I thought he sounded great throughout the performance, and I especially like how his voice soared towards the end. Last week I said he needed to be careful of his performances sounding stagnant through the majority of them. I felt that wasn't the case here. Overall, it was my favorite Coldplay performance of the night. You Are So Beautiful (Mother's Day) This was another great performance from Willie. He had a strong emotional connection to the song, and I could tell he really appreciated his mother during it. I loved the vocal dynamics in the middle of the song; however, I can't help but feel he sounded off towards the end. Regardless, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the rest of the performance. Willie was 2 for 2 with his songs and I felt he had the best night overall. I understand there are rumblings about him sounding the same every week, but to me it's no different from Chayce or Caleb. In the end, if it's a genre people prefer, I don't think it matters much, and that appears to be the case for Willie and the others. Caleb: Violet Hill (Coldplay) This was the most interesting Caleb performance this season. First of all, the heavier and darker arrangement was very intriguing and fit the whole rebel country singer image Caleb has been trying to convey throughout the season. Vocally it was no different from what he has done this season, at least from the moments I could hear him. As with Casey's Coldplay performance, the band was too loud to the point where Caleb's vocals were drowned out by a sea of noise. Regardless, I think Caleb did what he needed to do to make it past this theme. Mama Said (Mother's Day - Original) What do you know, another original song. He took off the hat for this one. This one is a guitar ballad and a nice change of pace from his first performance. He seemed to emotionally connect to the song; however, there were parts where I felt he sounded a bit high pitched. Caleb did what he needed to do on both of his songs and he's just chugging along in the competition. One would think he needs to do something different in order to have a real chance at winning; however, I'm not sure if he does. He's the lone country contestant and appears to have a decent sized voting bloc. We'll see what happens with him next week. Grace: Fix You (Coldplay) Unfortunately for me, the first thing that came to mind after learning of this song was how Ashley wasn't voted into the finals after giving a solid performance of it (granted, she didn't do herself any favors with her WC performance, but that's not the point). This was the most vulnerable and restrained Grace has sounded this season. Although she is known for her glory notes, she didn't use them here. However, the one issue I had with this performance was the arrangement didn't fit with the singing. It felt that it was meant for Grace to go big at certain parts but she didn't do so, and that made the performance feel kind of off. Still, it wasn't a bad performance by any means. Finally, I would've liked to hear how she would've done with Hymn For The Weekend. When We Were Young (Mother's Day) First, Grace was serving some serious Jessica Rabbit realness with her dress! Well, as with Casey I don't see how this song choice fits the Mother's Day theme. Oh, this is one of her mother's favorite songs, so it kinds of make sense in this case. Adele can be really difficult to sing, but if anyone this season could sing her songs, it's Grace. I have to say she sounded fantastic on this song. She didn't struggle with it or appeared to miss any notes which was an issue last week. This may be her best technical showing of the season. However, the one thing missing was a lack of connection. I didn't really feel anything from this performance which is too bad. I think she's almost to the point where she's able to put everything together, but time is running out for her. Eliminated: Arthur: In My Place (Coldplay) Was this song In My Place? If it was, it sure as heck didn't sound like it. Back when he sang Iris, I thought he made the song unrecognizable. However, that was nothing compared to what he did here. In My Place is one of the few Coldplay songs I enjoy, and Arthur took everything from that song and turned it into something completely different. It could've worked if the performance was good, but I didn't think it was. I found myself preferring Louis' version which isn't a positive thing because I didn't like his version either. Simple Man (Mother's Day) This was better than his Coldplay song but not by much. Here he kept the arrangement as close to the original version as he could, which is the only positive thing I have to say about this performance. He didn't even try to sing the melody in the verses; it sounded as if his timing was off and it made the song sound incohesive. This song has been done well in past seasons, and needless to say I don't think Arthur's version is going to threaten any of the best renditions. Well, it appeared the twist was a waste of time. I had a feeling he wasn't going to win and thought he would either leave this week or the week after. If they did this at the beginning of the semis, it may be a different story. I'm not a fan of his, but at least he was able to have the opportunity to have the real Idol experience for a couple of weeks. Hunter: Everglow (Coldplay) Funny enough that Chris said this song was inspired by Bonnie Raitt because it sounded a lot like I Can't Make You Love Me. Hunter was his usual tender self except for the voice crack somewhere in the middle. Now I understand why he's been so hesitant to push his voice higher. Outside of that, he wasn't too bad and I felt this was the better of his two performances. The River (Mother's Day - Original) Wait a minute, all three WGWGs did an original song for the Mother's Day theme? What are the odds of that happening? Well, Hunter's was my least favorite of the three. For starters, maybe it was just me but there was nothing in the song that had anything to do with mothers. Also, I didn't like Hunter's voice on the song. He sounded whiny and it was difficult for me to understand what he was singing. If there was one positive, he appeared to be earnest. Hunter appeared to be a nice guy, but I felt we weren't going to see anything more from him and he was someone who didn't really register with me throughout the season. Performance Rankings: Coldplay 7. Arthur 6. Casey 5. Hunter 4. Chayce 3. Caleb 2. Grace 1. Willie Mother's Day 7. Arthur 6. Hunter 5. Caleb 4. Chayce 3. Casey 2. Grace 1. Willie Overall 7. Arthur 6. Hunter 5. Casey 4. Caleb 3. Chayce 2. Grace 1. Willie I am not a Coldplay fan, so the first half the show was hard to get through. I don't know if I would've dedicated an entire theme to them, but it is what it is. Oh, they have a new single and album coming out; that makes sense. The show picked up somewhat during the second half with the Mother's Day theme. Overall, it was an OK night. I don't know what to make of this season at this point. It isn't bad, but it isn't anything to get excited over either. Hopefully things will pick up over the final two weeks.
  11. Oof at two of Mandisa's performances being cut ("Never" and "I'm Every Woman"). I was hoping at least one of them would make the Top 20. Oh well.
  12. Don't you know I Sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder Who's loving you I love the song and didn't mind Lisa's version, but it goes no farther than this I'm afraid. Cutting Lisa's "Who's Loving You".
  13. Understandable about not being for confrontation. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but sometimes there is no choice but to face it head on. As tempting as it was, I didn't enter. I believe the requirements are to tag the post on your Instagram page. I'd rather just follow the people I'm interested in than post anything on mine. Outside of Katharine, I follow Nicole, Pia, and Elliott for now (speaking of Elliott, I learned he's a father a few weeks back when I started following him ). I used to follow Haley Scarnato, but it appears she doesn't have one anymore. If anyone else I'm interested in have a page, I'll follow them as well. I'm happy to see you watched some of the episodes and are enjoying it. I hope you finish it and give your thoughts on it. I hope it gets renewed as well. As for the accents, I guess we're used to how Katharine normally speaks that any accent sounds strange. I'm not that familiar with Eddie, so I guess it wouldn't be surprising with him. I think the first impression guesses are set. However, even though Ken changed his guess before the reveal, he still got the point because the first impression guess was correct. I'd like to see someone who's behind the scenes as a judge as well, for I think they will be more objective with their comments. Oh, that's great news that you got your second COVID vaccine! I get mine on Tuesday, so I'm both looking forward to and dreading it. If possible, let me know how it is so I can have an idea what to expect. Seeing there are so many possibilities with those two topics, I figure it would be better for them to have their own threads. I thought about creating a fan thread for her; however, I feel I would be the only one posting in it which would make me feel somewhat subconscious. Besides, this is a random thread, so anything goes indeed!
  14. I'll send in my rankings and will try to do write-ups if time permits.
  15. Something told me Robopine was Tyrese, for he sounded just like him. It was his last performance that confirmed it for me. I laughed when he said he gave those bogus clues in the beginning because he wanted to throw off the panel because he knew each of them personally. The remaining six were all strong, so it was difficult to pick who would leave this week. As for the remaining contestants, I enjoyed Chameleon the most. Busta Rhymes is tough to do, especially that song, but he did his thing with it. With that said, I think Russian Dolls have to be the favorite. However, I think Yeti could be a sleeper. He has shown some versatility the past few rounds with his singing and rapping. I think that played a big part in why Fox won S2.
  16. And we are cutting Bucky's "The Thunder Rolls" and Mandisa's "Shackles (Praise You)".
  17. Diana an I are sending Katharine's "Someone To Watch Over Me" to the Top 20.
  18. Oof, I lost my two all-time favorite Pokemon this round.
  19. . https://www.instagram.com/p/COdCLY2HcWg/ Hopefully there's a happy ending.
  20. @Alex95, @*Diana, and I are advancing: Paris Bennett - "All I Do" and cutting: Gedeon McKinney - "Shout!" Will Makar - "Lady" Melissa McGhee - "When The Lights Go Down"
  21. Victory Road! Also, it was disappointing Sw/Sh didn't have one.
  22. Top 10 - Disney Night Ah, Disney Night. A night that has been a staple since the ABC reboot. Which of the Top 10 were sprinkled with pixie magic, and which had performances that should be locked in the vault never to see the light of day again? Well, we'll find out. The night opens with Sofia Carson singing A Whole New World. Here I am remembering Ruben singing this in S2 and Maddie and Caleb doing a duet of this during S17. I don't know who this is, but she sounded a bit nasal to me. It ended with the remaining contestants appearing with her on stage singing background. Speaking of the contestants... I'm not the best at math, but there are only nine contestants. But wait, isn't this supposed to be a Top 10? Yes, for the winner of the S18 Comeback Round will fill the final spot. The winner is none other than...Arthur Gunn. This was a given when he was part of the comeback group. Here we have last season's runner up competing against contestants who except two (Louis and Makayla) were eliminated after one round. As I've said before, I don't think he should've been part of the twist because of him being last season's runner up; however, I'm not shedding tears over him getting the spot either. He competed with everyone else and the voters decided they wanted him to return, and to quote Forrest Gump, that's all I have to say about that. Contestants Caleb - Real Gone I had a feeling he was going to pick something from Cars; at least it wasn't Life Is A Highway. Performance wise, you can copy and paste what I said about his previous performances because tonight was more of the same. With that said, he had more energy than normal. He's a sedan who isn't going to wow anyone with high horsepower or insane specs, but he'll get to the destination with little to no trouble. He's starting to remind me of another Caleb who coasted his way to a second place finish, except that one had one standout performance and more personality. Willie - Circle Of Life When learning he was going to sing something from The Lion King, I knew it would be Circle Of Life. However, that doesn't mean I wasn't hoping for something different such as Be Prepared or Just Can't Wait To Be King, oh well. Willie has been a steady and consistent performer this season and this for the most part was no different. He was fine vocally; however, until the end this performance felt stagnant. This was a problem for him last week as well, and it's something he needs to be aware about going forward. Casey - When She Loved Me Well, Casey's steady rising in the competition continues. Not only was the song sung well, she did a good job connecting to it, or at the very least appeared to be connecting to it. I like that she's been mostly understated the past couple of rounds. I think she'll go back to her rock roots next week, but it's good for her to show she can do more than rock out. Chayce - Baby Mine This was unexpected from him. To his credit he managed to arrange the song to fit his style. I don't think he connected to the song as much as he could have, but it wasn't a bad performance by any means. I liked the slow intro he did before getting to the more fast pace the rest of the way. As with Caleb, Chayce knows his lane and it appears he's going to stay in it as long as he can. In other words, don't expect any fireworks or changes from him anytime soon. Oh, and is Graham going to travel across the country and appear with a different family every week?! If so, I'm all for it! Arthur - Remember Me Admittedly, I chuckled when he said he hadn't seen Coco. I haven't been a fan of any of Arthur's performances and have explained what my issues, if you can call them that, are regarding him. However, I have to say this performance wasn't all that bad. The strong vibrato was still present, but it wasn't as annoying as it was in his previous performances. His rendition wasn't as good as Michelle's, but it was better than Alejandro's. Overall, I would say this is my favorite of his. Hunter - You'll Be In My Heart Even with him messing up his lines at the end, I liked Hunter's last performance. However, I can't say the same this week. It wasn't poorly sung and he appeared to put some emotion into it; however, I found myself bored. I think the performance lacked the impact the song should have and because of that, the song went absolutely nowhere. Moreover, I wasn't a fan of his diction; the way he enunciated some of the words made me raise an eyebrow or two. Nonetheless, he has the sensitive singer-songwriter thing down and appears to be fairly popular. However, with the competition becoming less crowded, I don't know how long this will last. Grace - Into The Unknown The biggest issue with Grace this season hasn't been her voice. Rather, it's been her song choices. Tonight, however, she picked her best one yet. When learning she would sing this song, I thought she would finally give a performance that showcases her vocal talent. The result: she ALMOST did. There were a couple of spots where she missed some notes; outside of that, however, she did a fine job on a very challenging song. Hopefully next week she'll pick another song that will allow her to really get to that place because she took a huge step in the right direction tonight. Eliminated Alyssa - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes I've had my fair share of criticism of Alyssa, but it appeared she was improving each time she took the stage. This performance was no different. In fact, I would say this was her best performance of the season. She still had moments where she was out of control vocally; however, they weren't as bad as they were in the past. Another thing was this performance was also on the boring end if I'm to be honest. Still, it was her most controlled performance and a somewhat positive note for her to leave on. Cassandra - Go The Distance Ever since they've had Disney Night, I was hoping someone would sing this song. I never expected Cassandra to sing it. When I heard Hercules, I was expecting I Won't Say I'm In Love. I got strong Florence + The Machine vibes from both the arrangement and singing. This wasn't Cassandra's best vocal showing; there were times her vibrato was out of control, especially on the held notes. However, this was the most comfortable she appeared on stage. If this was a longer season and not many multiple eliminations, I think we would've seen her gradually become more confident each time out. She appeared to be a lovely person not to mention kind of cute in a weird way, but I had a feeling this would be her last week regardless how she did. DeShawn - When You Wish Upon A Star The one week I don't expect him to leave he does, go figure. This is an iconic song, and it's a huge risk to change it up. With that said, I will give him credit for trying to do something different, and I have to say the jazz arrangement was intriguing. However, it didn't pay off. He came across as a cheesy cruise ship singer in both singing and presentation, plus it didn't help the band drowned him out during most of the performance. He did well to get this far, but unfortunately the magic dried up and his underdog run came to an end tonight. Performance Rankings: 10. DeShawn 09. Alyssa 08. Hunter 07. Cassandra 06. Chayce 05. Caleb 04. Arthur 03. Willie 02. Grace 01. Casey Overall, it was an OK night; not bad but not great either. The Top 7 consists of 5 males and 2 females; I'm sure IDF is thrilled with that ratio (it's a joke in case anyone's wondering ). Next week will be another staple in the ABC version with Mother's Day and Coldplay. Of all the bands/singers, they dedicate a theme to Coldplay? The only positive thing is their songs will be sung by anyone other than Chris Martin. With that said, while I don't think it'll happen, I hope someone sings X Marks The Spot.
  23. Completely understandable. I've also had moments when I had to step away due to there being too much negativity. In the past, I fought anyone who said anything negative but later realized it was a waste of time. Although I may not care for some people, I at least try to be respectful of them and anyone who are fans of theirs. It is unfortunate. Selfishly I want her to do something musically, but at the end of the day it's her life and she has to live it the way she wants. The main thing I wish for everyone is to be happy with themselves whatever they do whether they pursue a music career or not. Gabby has nothing to do with the show; it was just something random. Speaking of the show, Kat had a live feed last week in which she talked with Ricardo Hurtado, who plays the oldest child, and Eddie Cibrian. I was at work so I didn't catch it live. She posted it on her Instagram page, however, so I was able to watch it there. She's also posted a contest in which whoever wins gets a guitar with hers and Eddie's autographs. She's been encouraging her fans to let Netflix know how much they love the show and that they want a second season. I think what happened was Ken got a point for his first impression guess despite changing it; I have to re-watch to see if that was it. If they did discuss it off-camera, hopefully someone leaks the footage. Yeah, they should have people who aren't afraid to judge. One of the main reasons the original panel worked was because none of them were really big household names until a few seasons in. Randy was a musician/producer/executive; Paula, a former pop star who hadn't been in the spotlight for a while; Simon, an executive who had experience in marketing. From S10 on they've brought in these big industry names thinking it would make the show better. I'd like to see a panel who would be complimentary and constructive when necessary. They don't have to be Simon Cowell mean; heck, I don't watch America's Got Talent but have seen a few clips and even Simon himself appears to have mellowed out a lot. No worries. Life happens. Yeah, the S19 one will be strictly based on S19. I won't do much with it after the season. It would be a lot to keep up with, especially since I'm still considering doing a Masked Singer contestants ranking thread. For the two Idol ones, as with this thread I'll make them interactive and allow others to participate. Of course I'll keep this thread going for as long as I can. In addition to the random Idol and other subjects, I guess this can somewhat double as a Katharine McPhee fan thread seeing that I talk a lot about her here.
  24. Not to the same extent, but Love You Inside Out was LaToya and Melinda's weakest performances and the song that prevented them from having a five-star average on WNTS for anyone interested in the scores (although LaToya was eliminated after that and Don't Leave Me This Way).
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