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  1. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    Aw, I missed where you weren't feeling well, but glad to hear you're better now. :hug: 


    100. Emily Piriz: She was my favorite of the season and what was disappointing to me about her journey was just how short it was! :( I didn't have an issue with "Let's Get Loud", but I get your points and it was my least favorite of hers. I loved and was obsessed with her version of "Stars" from Hollywood! :omg:❤️ I really hoped the judges would save her, especially with her singing that song again. :broken:  She did have so much potential and ugh, that season was not my favorite. 

    099. DeAndre Brackensick: DeAndre was also one of my favorites of the season. I loved his voice so much and was so impressed with his falsetto. Aw, I thought "Georgia On My Mind" was one of his stronger performances, but I agree with your other favorites.  I didn't know he released an album but am curious to check it out!

    098. Katie Stevens:  My biggest favorite after Aaron that season, so disappointed she was cut so early. :( I loved her voice and thought she was coming into her own.  The misleading critiques from the judges was confusing.... I always saw her as a pop R&B singer and loved her voice in that genre, but I did have a random moment of hearing a similarity in her tone to Danielle Bradbery, who sings country. :haha:  "Big Girls Don't Cry" was one of my favorites of hers, and I thought all her best performances were in the finals. I've been watching her as the lead on The Bold Type for years now, so I almost associate her with that now more than Idol, even though of course I know where she got her start. :haha:  It's so weird for me to remember that while watching the show. 

    097. Madison VanDenburg:  She probably has one of the most disappointing journeys on the show for me. I LOVED her audition and thought she was amazing, but then never really got that from her again. I'm sure I enjoyed some of her performances later on, but I honestly don't remember them. :(  She was still probably my third favorite of the season, but I also can't think of everyone :dead: It's weird how my memory is worst on the most recent seasons. And LOL at how every week was "finally" the time she would connect with a song. :lmao: 

    096. Dimitrius Graham: I never really took notice of him for some reason.  He has a good voice, but I guess I didn't connect with him. 


    I have ideas for two of the clues. :shiftywave: 


    I had a grueling homework assignment that frustrated me to no end. I managed to finish it, but I was so mentally tired I pretty much went straight to bed after my last post of the evening. I'm much better now, thank you. 😁


    100. Yeah, it was disappointing how short her journey was; I definitely expected her to go farther than she did. It shows how crucial songs choices are. If anyone was save worthy that saving, it was probably her.

    099. For Georgia On My Mind, I thought he overused the falsetto. As I mentioned in my write-up, however, as much as I didn't like it, it was still one of the better performances that round, so I actually didn't mind him being picked. As for his album, I only listened to a couple of tracks, but I liked what I've heard. If you're into neo-soul, it's worth a listen. 👍

    098. She did appear to be coming into her own when she was eliminated. Yeah, it was something watching the judges argue over who she should be as an artist. Agreed about seeing her as a pop R&B singer. As I said, Simon completely checked out that season, so who knows what the heck he was doing. :haha:

    097. I find it funny some of us don't remember much about the more recent seasons. :dead: As for Madison, the main thing I remember was her smiling in every performance, hence the running gag of it being the week she finally connects to a song. :haha: With that said, she has a tremendous upside; just needed more experience.

    096. Fair enough about him. It didn't help he was so inconsistent and appeared to have no idea where he wanted to take a song. With that said, he really did have an impressive voice.


    Well, the set is up now, we'll see if your ideas are correct or not...:shiftywave:


    That was fast! :haha: Enjoy your trophy!

  2. Here are the clues for the upcoming set:


    • Tangerine suit
    • Had an offspring audition for Idol
    • Burning piano
    • "You don't know a thing about her..."
    • An IDF darling...

    95. Chikezie: Season 7 (10th Place)


    Leading off this set is another S7 male. Chikezie may not be the most popular contestant, but I liked him. In fact, he was my favorite male of the season at one point. On the show Chikezie was two different performers. He did really well with his up-tempo numbers, but he wasn’t as captivating with his ballads, where he would take on Luther Vandross; spoiler alert: Chikezie did not win those battles. :haha: In addition to this, he wasn’t above mouthing off at the judges; he and Simon had a few exchanges during the season, the most notable one being after his Top 24 performance of More Today Than Yesterday, which was easily his worst. It looked and sounded like something that can be seen and heard on cruise ships. Between that and his performance, admittedly I was somewhat surprised he managed to advance to the following week. There he gave his best performance in the semis with I Believe To My Soul. It was certainly a great way to bounce back from the previous week. The performance Chikezie is probably the best known for is She’s A Woman during the first week of the finals. It was without a question my favorite performance of his and in my Top 3 of the night. I also enjoyed I’ve Just Seen A Face the following week. The week after he decided to channel his inner Luther Vandross again and sing If Only For One Night. It wasn't bad; it was boring and forgettable, which is the worst thing a contestant could be at that stage of the competition. It would be his last as he was eliminated the night after. I pretty much knew it was coming, though I was rooting for Syesha to leave that week at the time. :ph34rwave: While he may not be a contestant many may think of, Chikezie had his moments on Idol.


    94. Nikki McKibbin: Season 1 (3rd Place)


    Appearing now is the original B3 queen. Nikki spent so much time in the B3 in the finals she could've built a small town there. Every week but one she was in the B3. Outside of this, Nikki certainly stood out from the rest of the finalist looks wise with her pink hair and tattoos. She was billed as the pop rocker of the group. Performance wise, I think Nikki is on the underrated side. She may not have been the strongest contestant, but I don’t think she’s as bad as she’s made out to be, though being in the bottom so many times didn’t help her cause. I thought she only had two poor performances throughout her time on Idol. The first one was Ben, mainly because it was so boring and dragged on forever. Besides, it’s not exactly one of Michael Jackson’s best songs. The second was (There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me. While it looked like she was having a blast, the singing was completely out of tune. Everything else was at least average. Her best showing was definitely Top 4 night. On a night where the others had one good and one bad performance, Nikki was solid on both of her performances. Speaking of that week, Nikki received, and may very well still receive, some serious backlash due to her staying over Tamyra just because she was in the B2 with Tamyra. Though I like Tamyra more than Nikki, she hasn’t appeared yet after all, I thought most of the vitriol Nikki received was unfair. It wasn’t her fault she received more votes. If anything, that was the one week I wouldn't have placed her in the bottom; I would've had Justin down there and him leaving instead. Anyway, she eventually finished in third. Post-Idol, Nikki went through quite a bit; however, I won’t go into any details. Overall, Nikki was someone who I think is better than given credit for.


    93. Tyanna Jones: Season 14 (5th Place)


    It's time to go back to S14 with the next finalist. Tyanna was a confident teenager who started off well enough but ended up losing her way as the competition went on. Her first four performances were really good. My favorites out of this group were Lips Are Moving and Tightrope (I think I like her version more than Majesty’s; they're close). However, Circle of Life happened, and she hit a wall she was unable to completely get over. It wasn’t as bad as what happened to Majesty after Let It Go, but she became very inconsistent afterwards. It was like she would alternate between good and bad performances the following weeks. Going back to my wall analogy, the good performances were her reaching the top and getting ready to climb down the other side; the bad performances were her getting her foot caught in a nook or slipping and her having to climb the wall again. For example, she would have a performance like Stay, which was probably her best, then follow it with Why Do Fools Fall In Love. The following week she had a solid performance of Proud Mary, then lay two eggs with Party In The USA and Heaven. Those two would be her last as she was eliminated the following week. At least she had a nice send off with her video package and getting to perform one last time compared to what most of the others got that season. She also was a highlight during the finale when she performed with the Jacksons. Tyanna was someone who had a promising start but was unable to finish strong which is a shame.


    92. James Durbin: Season 10 (4th Place)


    James is the metal head who wanted American Idol to give metal a chance. Funnily enough, he didn’t do a lot of hard rock/metal songs on Idol. Maybe it had something to do with clearance issues; I doubt many metal bands would clear their songs to be performed on Idol. With that said, he sang You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ in the semis. I thought I’d never hear a Judas Priest song performed on Idol (not to mention Judas Priest themselves appearing on Idol at the Season Finale), so it was really cool to see. However, some of James’ best performances were when he wasn’t rocking out. My favorite performances of his were Maybe I’m Amazed (though it was somewhat surprising to see Paul McCartney was James’ personal idol. Then again, it really shouldn’t have been thinking about it), While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. The one knock I have on James is he could get screechy from time to time. If I had to pick a performance of his I really didn’t care for, it would be Don’t Stop Believin’. Also, I really disliked Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting. It was just him running around on stage and him screaming with the background singers doing the heavy lifting. Finally, I have to mention the I'm Into Something Good duet with Jacob. It was a hot mess. To be fair, however, with James being a rocker and Jacob a gospel singer, it was certainly an odd pairing. Considering that Casey & Haley and Scotty & Lauren were similar music wise, it made sense for those pairings to occur and therefore, James and Jacob were stuck with each other. 😂 I would’ve also included Without You; however, I gave him a slight pass because he got emotional thinking about his family. Eventually, James finished in fourth after there was thought he would be in the finale. Post-Idol, I know he released a few albums and was the lead singer for Quiet Riot for a couple of years. Overall, I gave metal a chance and James was someone I enjoyed from time to time.


    91. Jessica Sanchez: Season 11 (2nd Place)


    Closing out this set may be the most controversial ranking thus far.  Earlier in the thread, I mentioned Jessica and Joshua may not be as high as some people think and that Phillip would be ranked higher than at least one of them. Well, Phillip has yet to appear; however, Jessica has, so now there is an answer (Joshua’s fate has yet to be determined, however :muwahaha:). I know there will be some complaints about this and thoughts that Jessica is too low. However, I was never really a big fan of Jessica; in fact, I thought (and still think) she’s quite overrated and almost didn’t put her in the Top 100 in the first place. With all that said, I will not deny her vocal abilities; they are absolutely insane and the reason she’s this high. It’s just that I didn’t enjoy her as much as I wanted to. Also, though this is really no fault of Jessica’s, I was nauseated at the way her save was handled, with the judges going on stage, snatching the mic from her during her save song, and finally scolding the voters for not voting for her. It made me wish she was eliminated the following week just to see their heads explode knowing they couldn’t do anything about it. As for her performances, if anything, I liked her more before the save because at least she was taking chances and trying to show artistry. Afterwards, she definitely played it safe and became less interesting. Having said that, the performances of hers I enjoyed the most were Love You I Do, Sweet Dreams, Stuttering (even if it led to her “elimination”), and The Prayer. I know some are wondering where is And I Am Telling You I’m Going. Personally, I found that performance to be MASSIVELY overrated. I didn’t think it was anywhere near as great as it was made out to be, though the duet with Jennifer Holliday at the Finale was all sorts of epic. :dead: Other than that, I also didn’t enjoy any of her Top 3 showings; I actually thought she was the worst that night. My All was particularly bad, but I’m maybe being too tough on it because it’s one of my all-time favorite Mariah Carey songs. I’ll Be There was another odd one because it sounded like she was trying to channel both Michael and Jermaine. Finally, her coronation song was tragic. Though I thought she outperformed Phillip in the finale, she had no chance because Phillip was a WGWG, and they were practically unstoppable at the time. Furthermore, her performance of said coronation song didn’t help. I’ll end this write-up on a positive note: she absolutely slayed The Prayer at the S15 Grand Finale. Though I may seem critical of her and think she’s overrated, Jessica is a very gifted singer and had her fair share of strong moments on the show.


    095. Chikezie

    094. Nikki McKibbin

    093. Tyanna Jones

    092. James Durbin

    091. Jessica Sanchez


    What to expect for the next set:

    • No plane tickets needed to be booked for at least a week
    • "One gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight"
    • The other country blonde
    • Buff Love, Doug E. Fresh...
    • This finalist's run went into the grave not too long after being born

    This set shouldn't be difficult, so have at it (assuming some aren't too upset about a certain finalist...).

  3. 14 hours ago, x3 because of u said:


    It's in Miami. I'm interested to see how the rest of the season plays out. Background: The season 1 winner released a single and it went practically unnoticed. Now, Covid hits during season 2 and La Voz didn't go the route of Idol and The Voice with remote shows. They just stopped production all together and are about to return in the middle of this month. I'm curious to see if the winner's single does the same or worse than the Season 1 winner's, given that we became invested in these contestants and then they disappeared from our TV screens for so many months.


    For some reason I thought it was in a Latin country. It makes sense for it to take place in Miami, especially with the heavy Latin influence. From the looks of it, so far La Voz isn't much different from The Voice regarding their winners. Interesting to see La Voz suspend production rather than do remote shows like Idol and The Voice. Yeah, seeing how well the single of Season 2 does certainly raises interest, especially with everything that's going on.


    4 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    100. Emily Piriz - I liked her ok at first, but Let's Get Loud definitely isn't a singer's song and rightfully sent her packing. I liked this song from her though:



    099. DeAndre Brackensick - I didn't like his falsetto performances either - I preferred Master Blaster and I Like It as well and always liked his style.

    098. Katie Stevens - Inconsistent and needed a musical identity but I liked seeing her improve and I didn't like Simon' bussing of her after her last performance - I too enjoyed it. 

    097. Madison VanDenburg - She was ok from what I saw for S17 standards, no emotional connection. 

    096. Dimitrius Graham - I liked Hello but that's all I remember from him. :haha: 


    100. I don't know about being rightfully sent packing considering who was still around; however, I agree about Let's Get Loud not being much of a singer's song. One Of Those Nights is a nice song

    099. Pretty much agree

    098. No arguments here

    097. The lack of emotional connection was the main thing about Madison. She performed every song with a smile on her face no matter what it was

    096. Hello grew on me after I got over the unusual start. Fair enough about that being all that can be remembered about him


    1 hour ago, hayden98 said:

    Emily had a lot of potential. She was only like 17, I believe when she auditioned, so I'd definitely say she'd fall into the big category of teens who auditioned too soon. I'd probably lump DeAndre, Katie, and Madison into that category as well. Both had potentially amazing voices, but were still finding out who they were as artists so they didn't shine nearly as much as they should've. I liked Dimitrius and was kinda in awe of his vocal abilities, but he was never a favorite of mine.


    I forgot how young Emily was during S13. I just remembered she turned 18 during it. For some reason I thought she was older. Pretty much agree about the other three teens who auditioned too soon. Fair enough about Dimitrius; I pretty much feel the same way.


    Unless anything else happens, the next set should be coming up in my next post. 👍

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  4. 1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Sorry I’m a little late with my comments, but here they are:


    1.  Emily was okay, but “Let’s Get Loud” is better for a dancing competition than a singing one.


    2.  I don’t have much to say about DeAndre, but he was better than Sanjaya.


    3.  Katie was my first favorite from Season 9, but she was just too green.  I’m glad that she’s doing well.


    4.  Madison was also too green, and she’s no Kelly Clarkson, not yet at least.


    5.  Beginning ““Hello” in an operatic style certainly was memorable!  Unfortunately, Dimitrius was too inconsistent. 


    Agree on Emily and Let's Get Loud being better for dance competitions than singing ones


    Can't argue with what was said about DeAndre


    Pretty much agree about Katie


    Agree about Madison


    Agree about Dimitrius


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    Considering it was Randy giving the advice that season I wouldn't be surprised!


    Here I am thinking Randy wasn't giving her any advice when he would likely be the one to encourage singers to go for the big notes. I should've known better! 🤣


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    105. Lee DeWyze - I don't hate him as much as I used to and he's released a song I lked that was featured on The Walking Dead, but he had a lot of pitchy performances and a lack of stage presence while on the show.

    104. Burnell Taylor - He was pretty decent but got overshadowed by the girls. An uptempo performance or two would've helped.

    103. Adanna Duru - I like that he was improving, though she was slated to sing I Love Rock and Roll the week after she got eliminated and I'm not sure that would've gone well. 

    102. Laine Hardy - I love my country artists, but I didn't care for some of the performances of his I watched, particularly his butchering of Jambalaya. He's better than Gabby though. :wacko: 

    101. Majesty Rose - I liked her a lot at first, especially Tightrope, but I never thought she was going to win. Her downfall was sad to see and I definitely hink she was given bad avice to try and be a belter.


    105. I pretty much agree about Lee, though I don't watch The Walking Dead, so I wouldn't know about the song

    104. Agreed although going off of just YGLABN, I'm not sure how he would've done on up-tempos

    103. Considering some of the performances given that week, Adanna's may have been a highlight. 😂 Agreed about her improvement though

    102. Fair enough

    101. Completely agree about Majesty

  5. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Yeah, Emily isn’t what many would consider someone deserving of Top 10 of all-time, but hey, I loved her! 😂 If you guessed Jena as my favorite from S13, you were close... She was my favorite after I realized Sam wasn’t going anywhere and Emily was eliminated. Jessica Meuse also grew on me, taking Sam’s spot in my Top 3 from S13. 


    I definitely thought Jena was your favorite, though I kind of suspected Emily. 😆 Hey, it's good to see some contestants who may not be considered favorites for most people. You like who you like, and that's that. 👍

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  6. 3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    Yup! She's on Team Fonsi and is doing pretty well (hence, why she's in my signature). 😃 I think she's much improved. (Also side note: Karen Galera from The Voice is also on La Voz this season).





    3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Oh good! I think I watched her audition but I wasn’t sure if she was on the show currently. Yes, she has improved dramatically! 😊👍


    I concur with the both of you regarding Emily's improvement. She sounded really good here. Also, out of curiosity, where does La Voz take place?


    As for the new way of handling the clues of the upcoming sets, I've decided to white them out. If anyone wants to see them, they can highlight them; however, I ask not to post or discuss them in the thread until I post the set. Some have already been posted for the upcoming set, so there's nothing that can be done now; this will be for future sets. Anyone who does so will be disqualified from receiving a trophy. I think this is a fair way to do this so anyone who wants to try their hand can have a fair chance.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    -The voters told this finalist they’d rather stay quiet- Emily Piriz. Aah, you got my S13 favorite, who is also in my Top 10 of all-time! 💔 I honestly loved her voice the most about her, and the fact that she was different from the country guitarists and the big voices. My favorite performance of hers was “Stars” during the Top 30. It showed her beautiful voice and her ability to play piano. “Glitter In The Air” was such a captivating performance and it convinced me that she would at least get to Top 10... 😒 Unfortunately, she sang “Let’s Get Loud” the week after. Yes, it was bad. Do I think she should’ve gone home? No, but that could just be bias. Her song “One of Those Nights” is AMAZING and I believe she is on La Voz currently, but correct me if I’m wrong... ❤️


    Was in a group with a winner and a runner-up- DeAndre Brackensick. I think you hit the nail on the head with him. He overused his falsetto in some performances to the point where it became an annoyance. Thank goodness the judges didn’t save him, since Jessica has the lowest number of votes the week after... 😔


    “What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down”- Katie Stevens. If I had to pick a favorite from Season 9 it would probably be her (though she is nowhere near my Top 10! 😂) My favorite performance of hers was also “Let It Be.” I felt that she knew what she was doing. Plus, I think the slow nature of the song allowed her to really connect with it and make me feel something. 

    This is the week it finally happens- Madison VanDenburg. I really liked Madison. She was my pick to win the show, but I knew that would never happen... 😔 (I’m just happy she made the Top 3 and Wade didn’t...) Madison was always faced with the Kelly Clarkson comparison, but couldn’t live up to it. She just wasn’t as good... However, after Ashley 💔 and Alyssa were eliminated, I started really supporting Madison... 😂 at the Bobby Bones jokes!!!!


    That was an interesting beginning to that song- Dimitrius Graham. I wasn’t really the biggest fan of him... I was always left unsure what he wanted to do... Also, I just didn’t like the vibe he gave off. It was just weird for me... I think he did deserve the WC spot though (even though I wish Ashley got it 💔). 


    Congratulations, you got all of them correct!


    Emily: Oof! 💔 At least she's in my Top 5 for that season if it's any consolation. I had someone else in mind for your S13 favorite. Wow, she's in your Top 10. Yeah, Let's Get Loud wasn't good and I can understand her elimination, but I don't know if I would've or not. I'm not sure about La Voz; maybe someone else can chime in or I can look it up once I have from free time at work.


    DeAndre: Pretty much in agreement though I liked him for the most part. He just needed to learn when to use it.


    Katie: She wasn't my favorite (there are four more ahead of her after all), but I agree with your thoughts about Let It Be.


    Madison: Pretty much agree about Madison. To be fair, no one can really live up to the Kelly Clarkson comparisons, especially a still developing teenager. The judges did her a disservice by constantly mentioning it.


    Dimitrius: Fair enough about him. I especially agree with the last sentence about him earning the WC spot.


    33 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


    @Bk1234 guessed it right too! same predictions man


    Nice try, but I already quote the original guesses. :haha: However, I'm feeling lenient, so I'll reward the trophy this time...


    7 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I was pretty loud after Emily was eliminated! 😂




    As for the clue explanations:


    Emily Piriz: Pretty much what was said. It was a play on Let's Get Loud, which led to her elimination.

    DeAndre Brackensick: He was in the same group as Jessica Sanchez and Candice Glover during Group Round in S11.

    Katie Stevens: The quoted words were from the chorus of Alicia Keys' song Karma, which was the name of Katie's character in Fakin It.

    Madison VanDenburg: Referencing Bobby Bones saying each week was the one where Madison would finally emotionally connect to a song.

    Dimitrius Graham: Referencing his operatic beginning of Hello in the semifinals.

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  8. 9 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    "You don't know a thing about her..."


    Haley's "You Oughta Know" performance?? 🙂


    Couldn't be Kelly's "Mr. Know It All" line??


    We'll see...


    4 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    "What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down..." - Katie Stevens, she played a student named Karma, and that clue/quote says karma all over it.


    Was in a group with a winner and runner up- Deandre Brackensick, definitely, because he was in a group performance with Jessica Sanchez, the runner-up of Season 11 (which became her ex-gf) and Candice Glover, who won Season 12. [This is the guess that I am really sure about]


    This is the week it finally happens- Dimitrius Graham, I have a huge gut feel that this is him.


    [this is a toss-up between Madison and Emily bc I really don't have a clue]


    That was an interesting beginning to that song- Madison VandenBurg, she had interesting beginning at some of her performances so yeah.


    The voters told this finalist they'd rather stay quiet- Emily Piriz, I did not payed much attention on her season, but since she's the only one left, yeah, and also I don't remember Madison nor Dimitrius receiving this comment, IDK.


    3/5 are correct. Solid attempt.


    2 hours ago, Yti said:


    It's about the song Emily sang that led to her elimination - "Let's get loud". The viewers didn't get loud... so they stayed quiet xD. This is the only one that I got.


    Also while I spoke here, I love reading this thread even if I watched like 2 seasons of AI (9th, which I don't really remember and 16th). And I wanted to know your opinion, Crisis, on those eliminated at the Top 14 in seasons 16 & 17, because I came to realization that you're not including them in this ranking (which I understand, but I would include them if I could lol).



    Correct on the guess! Welcome aboard, BTW!


    Sure, I'll give my opinions on those who were eliminated at the Top 14 in those seasons:


    Season 16:

    I agreed with the Top 10 for that season though there were some who I didn't care for. As for the eliminated, both Jonny and Garrett weren't ready for the big stage. Jonny was similar to Sam Woolf in that he needed to work on coming out of his shell and his stage presence. Plus, his two performances weren't very good. Garrett, on the other hand, had some vocal issues he needed to clean up. His stage presence wasn't that great either, but he looked more comfortable on stage than Jonny. Marcio came across as very desperate, to the point of being cringe-worthy to watch. His WC performance in particular really epitomized this. It was easy to see how crushed he was that he wasn't one of the top vote getters, which really came out in his performance; therefore, I didn't mind his elimination. Finally, Mara is the most interesting case. I know there was some outcry when she wasn't picked and Michelle was instead; however, I knew it would happen. Besides, while Mara had a strong voice, she had some things that needed to be ironed out, in particular her emotions and facial expressions. She often came across as trying too hard.


    Season 17:

    The only one I was disappointed about was Ashley. I really wanted her to be in the Top 10; I even voted for her after not voting in years. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier in the thread, she didn't exactly pick the best song to showcase herself, so I understood why she wasn't picked. Still, I would've liked for her to be in the finals over Walker or Wade, but they got the votes and she didn't. Should I make a favorite semifinals list, which I'm still thinking about doing, she would be definitely be on it. The other three I agree on. Riley wasn't quite there vocally; however, unlike most teens she knew who she wanted to be as an artist (country-pop). I know she received her fair share of hate, but I thought a lot of it was unwarranted. Eddie, on the other hand, would've been in my Bottom 20, if not Bottom 10, had he made the finals. I got the vibe he never took the competition seriously, plus he was bad and not in a fun, train-wreck way. I just didn't care for him. Finally, as for Evelyn, I don't watch 90 Day Fiance, so this is the first time I saw her. From what I saw I wasn't impressed. The main issue is I didn't think her voice sounded natural; it was as if she was forcing it to have a certain sound. Plus her Top 14 performance was pretty bad.


    So there you have it! I wouldn't mind hearing other thoughts on this.

  9. Time to kick off the Top 100! Usually, I match the clues with the finalists after their listings; however, I'm going to do something different from now on. I'll post the clues at the beginning and allow others to match the clues with the finalists. Whoever matches all of them correctly first will get a trophy at the bottom right corner of his/her post. Without further ado, here are the clues followed by the write-ups:


    • This is the week it finally happens
    • "What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down..."
    • The voters told this finalist they'd rather stay quiet
    • Was in a group with a winner and runner up
    • That was an interesting beginning to that song..


    100. Emily Piriz: Season 13 (12th Place)


    Kicking off the Top 100 is S13's 12th placer. Back-to-back S13 finalists, what do you know! :haha: There have been a few contestants who have wasted their potential. Emily, however, is the poster child of wasted potential. She was someone who I was really looking forward to during her season, so to say her run was a disappointment would be an understatement. With that said, I enjoyed her Rush Week performance of Paris (Ooh La La). I liked that she stepped away from the piano and focused on putting on a show and working the stage. Her Glitter In The Air was also really nice. Unfortunately, she completely shot herself in the foot the following week with Let’s Get Loud. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great song to play at parties and other fun events. However, it’s not a song where one can showcase him or herself vocally. Besides, all though it looks like she put in the effort, she didn’t have anywhere near the energy the song called for. Finally, it’s a risky proposition to perform a judge’s song right in front of him or her. It was such a bad song choice it led to her elimination the following night. It could be argued it was worse than Majesty’s Let It Go because at least Majesty was able to hang on for two more weeks, whereas Emily was one and done. I’ve made it clear a few times I’m not a fan of the save; however, since it was in play, I think Emily could’ve benefited from it. It could’ve been a wake up call for her to pick better songs and showcase the promise she showed in Hollywood. As it is, Emily, as much as I liked and was rooting for her, is looked at as having one of the most disappointing Idol runs.


    99. DeAndre Brackensick: Season 11 (8th Place)


    It's been nearly thirty spots since a S11 finalist appeared. Well, that ends now with DeAndre showing up. There are two things DeAndre are probably known for: his hair (though not as much as Sanjaya, LOL) and his falsetto. Regarding his falsetto, I don’t think DeAndre received enough credit for his technical ability. Being able to sing in and control a falsetto at such a young age is an impressive feat. With that said, did he overuse it on the show? Absolutely, sometimes to his detriment. Some of the worst offenders included Reasons and especially Georgia On My Mind. He sung the latter during the WC round and based on that performance under different circumstances, he wouldn’t have been one of my WC picks. However, he was better than a majority of the performers that round, so it made sense for him to be picked out of the options. In addition to those two, I wasn’t too fond of Only The Good Die Young. The one time I felt he used his falsetto properly was for Sometimes I Cry; I thought he did a great job with it. Other performances of his I enjoyed were Master Blaster (Jammin’) and I Like It, which would be his final performance in the competition as he was eliminated the following night. I’ve watched a few of his video post-Idol and he has definitely come into his own as a singer. I just learned he has an album, so I listened to a couple of tracks. It certainly has a neo-soul vibe, which I thought would suit him well after Sometimes I Cry. Apparently, he came out as bisexual, and I say good for him. Overall, DeAndre was someone who, while not a personal favorite, is someone I enjoyed on some occasions.


    98. Katie Stevens: Season 9 (8th Place)


    Time to go back to S9 with the next finalist. Katie was yet another teenager on Idol who had potential but was on the green side. The main thing about her run was the judges arguing over what direction she should go musically. Randy and Kara thought the R&B-pop route was the best way to go. Simon, on the other hand, thought Katie would be better off going country. This says all that is needed to be known about Simon that season; he had all but checked out knowing it would be his last. From the beginning, I thought Katie was pop with some R&B influences; under no circumstances did she ever show she wanted to be a country artist. :rolleyes: Performance wise, Katie was hit or miss. She made some questionable song choices, Breakaway being the main one. In addition, while she had her moments, she had quite a few pitch issues, most notably in the aforementioned Breakaway and Big Girls Don’t Cry. Her best performance in my opinion was Let It Be. It was here where it looked as if she was starting to put everything together. I also enjoyed Baby What You Want Me To Do. For that one, I’d like to think the song choice was a subtle dig at the judges constantly arguing over which direction she should go musically. :giggle:Unfortunately, that was the last performance Katie would give because she was eliminated along with Andrew Garcia in a double elimination the following night due to the save being used on Big Mike the week before. Post-Idol Katie went into acting where she is probably best known for her roles in Faking It and The Bold Type. As with Thia, I wonder if she’s still singing. Either way, it seems Katie is doing well for herself.


    97. Madison VanDenburg: Season 17 (3rd Place)


    With Madison's appearance, S17's Top 3 have been listed the past three sets. :haha: Out of all of the finalists that season, Madison had the most raw ability and the biggest upside. The problem, once again, is that she was too green and had no idea who she wanted to be as an artist. In addition, she performed pretty much the same way: with a huge smile on her face even if the song didn’t call for it. Speaking of which, as for her time on Idol, two drinking games could be centered around her. One was to take a sip every time she was compared to Kelly Clarkson; the other was to take a sip every time Bobby Bones mentioned this would be the time Madison would finally connect to a song. If people didn’t value their livers or were on the verge of receiving liver transplants, both could’ve been played at the same time. I, for one, value my liver, so I abstained from such games. With that said, Madison had her moments. If I were to pick a favorite performance of hers, it would be Fallin’. While the song has been overdone on the show, her version happens to be my favorite. Other performances I enjoyed were How Far I’ll Go and Your Song. As for the performances I didn’t care for, one in particular was Piece Of My Heart. The song was too big for her for starters, plus she had a guitar and didn’t really play it; it was just a prop. If I had to pick her worst performance, it would definitely be Breakaway. This performance showed she had ways to go before she can be in the same room as Kelly. Besides, that song has never been done well on Idol, even by more experienced singers. I did appreciate her deciding to do Shallow instead of the extremely overdone I Have Nothing for her other song that night though. Regardless, she went as far as she was going to go seeing that the Top 2 were going to be Laine and Alejandro barring anything strange happening. As with most teenagers, Madison just needed more experience.


    96. Dimitrius Graham: Season 17 (9th/10th Place)


    Closing out this set is yet another S17 finalist. Dimitrius was one of the more intriguing contestants to appear on Idol. Out of all the finalists, Dimitrius had the largest range. The main issue with him was that he was very inconsistent, often within the same song. Vocally, he would have his moments; however, there were some areas where he would get very pitchy. He began his Idol journey by singing Hello in the semifinals. It was certainly unconventional, with the operatic start and all. It was a performance that grew on me upon re-watch. From there, I enjoyed his Love Someone duet with Lukas Graham. He was eventually picked to move on to the Top 14, where he sang Perfect. It was easily my least favorite performance of his. For starters, I absolutely can’t stand the song, mainly because I hear it all the time no matter where I am. Furthermore, I don’t think Dimitrius sang the song all that well. I felt it was a pitchy mess from beginning to end. Unsurprisingly, Dimitrius wasn’t voted into the Top 7; therefore, he had to sing for a WC spot. He sang when the party’s over, which was certainly an interesting choice to say the least. Fortunately, it was for a WC spot instead of a victory performance. Dimitrius did his thing and as a result, he received one of the three coveted WC spots. As is the case with the ABC reboot WC picks, however, he didn’t last long as he was eliminated the following week despite giving a very solid performance of You’ll Be In My Heart. Nonetheless, the best vocal Dimitrius had on the show was the Bohemian Rhapsody duet with Adam during the season finale; it was easily my favorite of all the duets. It made me wonder what he would’ve had in store had he made it to Queen week. At the end of the day, Dimitrius is someone who I would have ranked higher had he been more consistent with his vocals.


    100. Emily Piriz

    099. DeAndre Brackensick

    098. Katie Stevens

    097. Madison VanDenburg

    096. Dimitrius Graham


    Coming up in the next set:

    • Tangerine suit
    • Had an offspring audition for Idol
    • Burning piano
    • "You don't know a thing about her..."
    • An IDF darling...
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  10. 17 minutes ago, miss denise said:


    - I googled the name and saw he was a baseball player, but had no idea what to do with that information. :dead: 

    - Yes! And actually, I got my ideal Top 2, Top 3, and Top 4 that season. :giggle: If Lauren had won over Scotty, it would have been perfect for me. Although I was a bigger Haley fan than Scotty at the time, I still wanted a McLaina finale. :wub: :haha:  

    - It just drives me nuts the way they refer to the seasons by those numbers. :dead:  


    -Yeah, you'd have to be a die-hard baseball fan to be able to put everything together. 😆

    -Lucky you. :haha: I could see how perfect if that were to happen; however, no one was beating Scotty that season. 

    -Yes, it makes me shift my eyes as well :dead:


    I'm feeling better tonight, so my next post will have the new set, barring me responding to other posts.

  11. 4 hours ago, psterina said:

    Lee -  This may come as a shock coming from me, but I would put him a little higher. While he was pitchy, and not the most exciting of performers, I do like his voice. 


    Burnell - Good placement


    Adanna - She was my favorite that season, and "Runaway Baby" was awesome!! So … I would have her higher


    Laine - Lane was my 3rd fav of the season (After Ashley Hess & Madison Vandenberg), and I would have him a little higher


    Majesty - Good placement. I really enjoyed "Tightrope"


    Lee: Fair enough about Lee. He actually grew on me to be in the spot he's in now


    Burnell: 👍


    Adanna: Yes, Runaway Baby was awesome indeed! It's one of the few performances from that season I re-watch from time to time. She would've been higher had she been more consistent vocally


    Laine: Fair enough


    Majesty: 👍 If she didn't have her downward spiral, she would've made the Top 100 easily. 💔

  12. 55 minutes ago, miss denise said:


    - Thank you. ❤️ I'm so glad you took the time to listen to the song, and I hope you'll enjoy the other music you hear from him!

    - Yes, and thanks for hearing me out. ❤️ Curious to find out who you're most protective of, but Dalton and Lauren are definitely some of my biggest ones (and David A, as I already spilled my thoughts on him :giggle: )  Aw, I appreciate you saying this! :hug::wub: Thank you.

    - lol that's true!


    110. Josh Gracin: One of my favorites from the season and I love his music post-show as well.

    109. CJ Harris: I liked him, but not a big fan. Funny you mentioned thinking Spencer Lloyd would advance as a WC because he was my actual favorite guy. Oh, and clever clue on him. :haha: 

    108. Gina Glocksen: I like her well enough, but again not a huge fan. "Sanjaya rocked harder than her that evening for crying out loud!" :lmao: 

    107. Scotty McCreery: "Baby lock dem doors" :giggle: He was one of my favorites and I love him even more post-show! He's had great success and I'm happy for him. :yes: Also agree on your favorite performances. And yes, he's legendary to be the lone contestant to have his own forum after IDF's malfunction. :giggle: 

    106. Alejandro Aranda: I was never a fan at all. :( I agree that creative song arrangements started so long ago, and people like Blake, David C, and Kris were amazing at it. Of course, Idol likes to call itself season 1, 2, or 3 since the reboot, so we can already see that they ignore all the previous seasons most of the time. :closedeyes: "he pretended to be a DJ" :haha: 


    105. Lee DeWyze:  I like him and he's among my favorites of the season, although I did say before that season was a rough one for me. I really cared for two or three of the finalists. LOL forgetting he was in the competition and the "wet noodle" comparison. Yikes. I like his voice though.

    104. Burnell Taylor: I don't mind him, but he doesn't particularly stand out as a favorite to me. LOL his comment after the train-wreck. :giggle: 

    103. Adanna Duru:  Again, not a huge favorite, but she's okay for me.

    102. Laine Hardy: Love him and he was my joint favorite (with Jeremiah) of the season.  Yayy your Oo-De-Lally comment. :wub:  I always enjoyed his personality and style of performance, although do agree he could have shown more versatility. I always hoped he'd do an acoustic ballad. Wishing him all the best for his health right now. ❤️  

    101. Majesty Rose: I remember liking her at first, but then losing interest.... probably after Let It Go, as you mentioned. It's a shame, as she had a lot of potential.


    - Yeah, I'm looking forward to whatever else he has in store.

    - No problem. Feel free to call me out if I go too far. As a minor spoiler, it'll be quite a while before that finalist shows up, though as I stated earlier I may drop a hint or two depending on the circumstances. :giggle: You're welcome. :hug:

    - Absolutely!


    110. Nice to see you're a fan of his and that you enjoy his music

    109. Funny that Spencer was your favorite guy. :haha: Yeah, I had a feeling no one was going to get that clue :haha:

    108. Pretty much the same

    107. Happy to see that you're so happy for him, so the Top 2 that season was really kind to you! Yes at being so legendary he's the only contestant to have his own sub-forum post crash. :haha:

    106. Fair enough. He's a rather polarizing contestant. Yes at ABC trying to pretend the FOX seasons didn't exist, though they are getting better at acknowledging those seasons by including some of the past contestants


    105. S9 is my least favorite season, so I completely understand this view point. Yeah, that's how I felt about him at the time, though he has grown on me somewhat.

    104. Fair enough. Yes, his comment was hilarious :rofl:

    103. Fair enough.

    102. Pretty much agree except for the favorite part as I have five other finalists from that season to list. I'm wishing him all the best as well; I'd like to think most of us are 👍

    101. It's unfortunate she fell apart after that. If not for that, she would've easily cracked my Top 100. :(


    1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I wonder if the pigeon-holing that you suggested played a role in Majesty going off the rails the way she did.  Maybe she was being encouraged to be a belter and not a singer-songwriter, and that was her downfall.


    I had never considered this point. At first, I thought she just wasn't getting any advice. Maybe she did get some advice, but it wasn't the right type. I guess we'll never know. 🤷‍♂️


    55 minutes ago, blackfield said:


    thank you for answering that. pretty much my thoughts exactly. 


    You're welcome.


    I know I said I would post the next set tonight. However, I just finished a grueling homework assignment and am beat, so I'll post it tomorrow. To those who were looking forward to the new set:

    Sorry Dog GIF by swerk

  13. 7 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    Especially nowadays, Lee is one of my favorites from season 9. I liked the gravelly/raspy quality to his voice. He'd still probably only be my third favorite of the season (biases for Crystal and Paige lol), but I definitely think he's better than a lot of people give him credit for!


    I don't remember ever disliking Burnell, and it could change if I ever rewatch season 12, but he was just there for me the entire time. 


    Oooh, Adanna is someone else that I like more based on their post-idol work. While on Idol, poor girl was a bit of a mess lol. She's gotten much better control of her voice since I think. She's participated in a couple Postmodern Jukebox performances that I still revisit every now and then. I think your opinion of her on the show mirrors mine pretty strongly though.


    I always liked Laine, but I almost felt disappointed by his run. I agree with your assessment that his performances kinda faded together. I don't remember Laine ever being bad, but I felt like he had the chops and the creativity to deliver better than he did. I do really hope that he recovers from COVID as quickly as he can!


    Ugh, Majesty had so much potential 💔 She was a breath of fresh air early on; I feel like a lot of the women of color who audition for these shows are kinda pigeon-holed into certain archetypes and Majesty came across as very singer-songwriter during the early stages of the competition. I think her downfall may have actually began with Fix You interestingly enough. I remember her going off the rails a bit at the end. I wish she'd been coached a little better into picking better songs because she could've been a frontrunner. That being said, outside of the obvious trainwreck, I don't think Majesty deserved to be anywhere near the bottom 3 for her remaining couple weeks in the competition. It kinda made me sad how quickly she was kinda tossed aside. Now that I think about it, I think I like Majesty more than I thought.... maybe it's time for me to look for some of her music lol


    While I wouldn't say Lee is one of my favorites from the season (there are 5 I still have ahead of him), he has grown on me some.


    Understandable about Burnell. S12 was all about the ladies, so any guy could just be there besides Lazaro, who's remembered for all the wrong reasons.


    Pretty much agree about Adanna. I'll go check out what's she done with Postmodern Jukebox.


    I pretty much agree about Laine. It did feel like he was playing it safe. Maybe he was still trying to break his inhibitions. Yes, here's to him recovering as quickly as possible.


    I re-watched Majesty's Fix You, and I definitely saw her lose it towards the end. Absolutely agree about her being coached better into picking better songs. Totally agree about her being a breath of fresh air earlier.

  14. 8 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    See... Adam was way more polarizing (still is) then Alejandro, but he's in my sig so I digress. lol


    Short and sweet? He has talent, writes and makes good tunes, and is probably the only AI person who could have their tunes on Adult Swim or Toonami! ;)


    I think he is a sweetheart too. Same with Laine! 🙂


    Glad you have Kradison and some other good peeps in your Top 100! 😄


    I absolutely agree that Adam is more polarizing than Alejandro; I'll throw in Clay, Danny, and JAX as well. Having said that, he does appear to be a lightning rod for debate whenever his name is mentioned, which is why I said he was the most polarizing contestant in some time. As I mentioned in my write-up, I do think he's talented (to be fair, they all are even if I'm not as big a fan of some), but I don't think Idol was the right venue for him. At least he appears to be doing his own thing now.


    Glad to see you approve of my Top 100! :))


    Hopefully, I'll be able to post the next set some time tonight. It should be enough time to take a crack at the clues to see who will appear next. ;)

  15. 16 hours ago, Elliott said:

    105. Lee DeWyze - My all-time favourite Idol contestant, and it isn't close. I've been fortunate to see him live a good 3 or 4 times every year since his win (sometimes more), and my husband & I have made some good friends at his shows. Not only have we gotten a good relationship with Lee, but we've gotten to know some of his family and his wife as well. When we were married, we asked if we could involve him somehow, and when we told him we were doing our first dance to his song Carry Us Through, he recorded a video for us to dance to. ❤️

    104. Burnell Taylor - Meh.

    103. Adanna Duru - She was getting better, but I didn't have any strong feelings for her.

    102. Laine Hardy - He was my favourite of his season, so I was glad to see him win (especially considering I've already made my feelings on Alejandro clear lol). I'm a big fan of southern rock music, so I liked the vibe he brought to his performances as well. His coronation single was catchy, but I wasn't as big on the two songs he put out earlier this year as I wanted to be.

    101. Majesty Rose - She was kind of a disappointment on the show since there was so much hype around her coming into the live shows. I really liked her early on, but was more-or-less fine with her elimination when it finally happened (outside of Dexter and CJ still being there).


    105. That's really cool about you and your husband's relationship with Lee (I'm starting to get a tad bit jealous of you interacting with so many contestants, LOL). That was really nice of him to record a video for the two of you to dance to at your wedding. 👍

    104. Not much to say here :haha:

    103. Pretty much the same

    102. It was nice to see he was your favorite and that he won. I thought his coronation single was catchy as well, and pretty much agree about the two songs he put out

    101. Can't say I disagree. It was just sad to see her run ended the way it did


    16 hours ago, blackfield said:

    finally I have managed to get one hint correct! yey!! no complains about the set. pretty much agree about most of it.

    still  i would have rated some contestants higher like casey james and dalton rapattoni. and even gabby barrett. they should be in the top 100. 


    here is a small poll for you: which season was screwed more, season 15 or season 18? :mrgreen:


    Good to see no complaints about the set! Fair enough about the contestants.


    As for the question, I would have to go with S18. The S15 finalists got the short end of the stick no doubt, with them being virtually non-existent during the finale (which is the one major negative I have about it. While it was really nice to see some of the past finalists, the S15 finalists are also part of Idol history; therefore, they should've been more involved in the finale) and not having a tour, but at least they got to perform on stage in front of a crowd and got to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. S18, on the other hand, didn't get any of that, plus their season was much more condensed though it wasn't anyone's fault; no one expected anything like this to happen. I just hope this pandemic is behind us by the time next season rolls around.

  16. 3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Yay, I got four right!!!! 😀

    My Opinions:


    Lee DeWyze- One of my least favorite Idol winners, but I understand how he beat Crystal. I personally didn’t like the bagpipe idea. It felt too out of nowhere. Maybe it’s just me...


    Burnell Taylor- Probably my favorite male finalist from S12, though he wasn’t that memorable for me. I don’t have much to say except for good job for emerging as the best S12 male finalist in Crisis’ rankings! 😂  

    Adanna Duru- Aah yes, this is where the Rayvon thing all started... Anyway, I really don’t remember much about her... Even though Maddie arguably had a worse Idol run, I remember her more because she was more fun! 😅


    Laine Hardy- I personally disliked the outcry after he won. I personally liked him better than Alejandro. He had more consistent performances and a MUCH better stage presence than Alejandro. I hope he recovers quickly! 🤞😢


    Majesty Rose- I was always unsure what she wanted to be as an artist and her poor song choices did not help her... “Let It Go” was a terrible performance, and I thought that she should have been eliminated after that night... 🙁


    Congratulations on getting four right! 👍


    Lee: I pretty much agree about Lee, though I've come around on him a bit. Yeah, that bagpipe player idea seem to come out of nowhere :rofl:

    Burnell: It easy to see how Burnell, or any of the guys sans Lazaro, albeit for the wrong reasons, for that matter can be forgettable. Good job indeed :haha:

    Adanna: Yep, the beginning of Rayvon hanging on over the following few weeks. I'm the opposite: I remember Adanna but can't remember much about Maddie :haha:

    Laine: Pretty much agree. Absolutely yes to the last sentence!

    Majesty: Fair enough, though I disagree about her being eliminated that night considering some who were still around. Having said that, I would've understood if she were


    3 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments:


    1.  Lee:  one of my least favorite winners of American Idol.  He was better than Nick, though.  And I wanted Crystal to win.


    2.  Burnell — I don’t know which is funnier — Lazaro’s meltdown during the train wreck that was “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)”, or Burnell deciding just to enjoy the ride because he knew that there was no way for anybody to save the performance.  :rofl:

    3.  Adanna — this is possibly the right spot for her.


    4.  Laine — he wasn’t my favorite winner, but he was a better singer than Alejandro.


    5.  Majesty — sigh.  She was my favorite from her season, but she made one terrible song choice (and an even worse decision to sing it straight instead of rearranging it), and she never recovered.  I wonder if someone thought that she was a more powerful vocalist than she was.


    Lee - Pretty much agree


    Burnell - I would probably say Burnell doing his own thing was funnier :lmao:


    Adanna - I felt this was a good spot for her as well


    Laine - Pretty much agree


    Majesty - I can see how difficult it is for a favorite to fall apart like she did. I don't know, but someone should've advised her not to pick that song, or at the very least rearrange it so it would suite her better


    38 minutes ago, wgm said:

    what is thread about?



    It's a personal ranking list of the American Idol finalists where I rank them based on my personal feelings about them and other posters give their opinions on my rankings. It's meant to be a fun list just to pass the time. :))


    I updated the first post to include who has been listed and who still remains. Maybe it will help out when it comes to guessing who will appear next...

  17. Let's see who just missed out on my Top 100...


    105. Lee DeWyze: Season 9 (1st Place)


    Leading off the set is the third winner to appear in this ranking. Lee is considered to be one of the most controversial winners in Idol history, though it appears he’s no longer the main punching bag as far as Idol winners go (he can thank Nick for that, LOL). With that said, he certainly wasn’t my pick to win. I never really cared for him as a contestant; in fact, there were times I forgot he was even in the competition. The things I did remember about Lee was he had this harsh quality to his voice I didn’t care for. On top of that, he had troubles staying in key at time and had the stage presence of a wet noodle. So yeah, I was astonished he walked away with the crown. With all of this said, many are probably wondering why he is even this high. Well, time has been kind to Lee as well as a re-watch. After the re-watch, while he still may not have been my pick to win, especially with his showing during the finale, he was better than I gave him credit for. Though the lack of stage presence and being in key were still prevalent, he certainly had his fair share of solid performances. The one he’s probably best known for, as well as my personal favorite, is Treat Her Like A Lady. I also enjoyed his A Little Less Conversation, Simple Man, and especially the Falling Slowly duet he did with Crystal. Finally, I cannot write about Lee and not mention Hey Jude where a bagpipe player randomly came on stage, though I just learned it was Lee’s idea. As for his win, I think a lot of it had to do with him being more likable and relatable than Crystal, though personally I liked Crystal’s personality (BTW, she won’t be showing up any time soon). From what I understand, he released a couple of items post-Idol and has made a decent living as a songwriter; I haven’t really kept track of him. Overall, Lee grew on me enough to make it to just on the outskirts of my Top 100.


    Clue: Bagpipes (referencing Hey Jude of course)


    104. Burnell Taylor: Season 12 (7th Place)


    Burnell has the honor of being the last S12 male to appear in this ranking, making him my favorite male of the season. Seeing that he is the last one to appear but not make the Top 100, that isn’t really saying much. One of the main things noticeable about Burnell was his physical change. At his audition and in Hollywood, he was this big burly guy. At the start of the semis, however, he had slimmed down significantly; I say good for him. As for his time on Idol, Burnell had this unique tone that could be considered an acquired taste. It was one I was to acquire most of the time. In addition, he often performed by standing in one place with his hands moving all around. The performances from him I enjoyed the most were This Time, his victory performance Ready For Love, and especially I’m Here. Of course, Burnell is the last of the trio to appear who was a part of the I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) train wreck. While Lazaro was poking holes in the ship’s hull and Devin was frantically running around trying to patch them up, Burnell was all “we’re all going down anyway, so I might as well enjoy the ride while it lasts”. 🤣He was definitely doing his own thing! It reminded me of the hook to the Outkast song Unhappy: “might as well have fun ‘cause your happiness is done when your goose is cooked”. :rofl: He managed to survive the wreckage; however, it wasn’t for long as he was eliminated the following week after a lackluster performance of You Give Love A Bad Name. It was easy to see why Burnell didn’t do up-tempo numbers up to that point after that performance. The main thing I remember about him post-Idol was that he got to perform with Nicki Minaj during her performance at the 2014 BET Awards. Either way, congrats to Burnell for being the last guy standing of his season in this ranking (not that it means much)!


    Clue: "I sang what I was supposed to sang!" (what Burnell said after the train wreck :lmao:)


    103. Adanna Duru: Season 14 (10th/11th Place)


    It's time to go back to S14 with this listing. Adanna was first introduced to us on The Voice where she was a part of Team Adam in S3. However, she was cut during the Battle Rounds; both her audition and her Battle Round showing were montaged, so we didn’t get to see a lot of her. She re-emerged on Idol three years later where she had a much better showing. Adanna was definitely a confident performer with a great stage presence. Vocally, however, she was often hit or miss. This was evident in her two semifinal performances. Rather Be was fine at the beginning with just the piano; however, when she went big it fell apart. My favorite part was the look on Clark’s face when the camera showed the guys. :haha: Hello, on the other hand, was flat all the way through. I do give her credit for trying to interpret the song, but it wasn’t very good vocally. Regardless, she was one of the two judges’ wildcard selections, which she followed up with You And I, which was her audition song. It was fine all things considered; it was definitely better than her previous two performances. The following week Adanna gave what I felt was her best performance of the season with Runaway Baby. Adanna really worked it out with that one; It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, she took a step back with Love You I Do. The song was too big for her, but at least she looked great. LYID would be her last performance as she was a victim in a double elimination along with Maddie (this is also considered the beginning of Rayvon’s Reign of Terror 👹). Adanna would’ve been better off learning to control her voice better before going on Idol (the irony is not lost on me of her giving vocal lessons to kids in her spare time :haha:). Having said that, considering who was still around, I wouldn’t have minded if she lasted a little longer than she did.


    Clue: Team Adam, though this finalist wasn't around long


    102. Laine Hardy: Season 17 (1st Place)


    Another winner just misses out on my Top 100! Laine is one of three repeat auditioners to win Idol. He definitely improved from the shy kid who lacked confidence he was back in S16, where he made it to the Final Judgment before being cut. He had a Colton Dixon-esque audition where he was there to support his friend Ashton Gill but got talked into auditioning again (I don’t know if it was scripted or not, but it is what it is). As it always seems to be the case, he made it to the voting rounds, and she didn’t. As for his Idol run, though I just mentioned he was a completely different person from the year before, I felt he was cosplaying what an entertainer should be like. It often felt like he was impersonating Elvis to an extent. Having said that, I do give him credit for at least trying to improve his stage presence though there were hints of his shyness still coming through from time to time; fake it ‘til you make it after all. Performance wise, I would say my favorite of his would be his victory song Hurricane. I also enjoyed Bring It On Home To Me, and Johnny B. Goode. Finally, I thought his Oo-De-Lally was underrated; I found it to be charming. Outside of the performances I mentioned, another one that stood out was Something About The Way You Look Tonight, if only because that was the lone performance Laine didn’t have his guitar and he looked completely lost without it; he even played air guitar at point. 😂 If there was a criticism of Laine, it would probably be all of his performances tended to look and sound the same, but it didn’t bother me too much all things considered. Barring a meltdown, I thought it was clear the crown was Laine’s to lose, though Alejandro made it interesting towards the end. I listened to the two singles he released post-Idol and based on them it appears as if he’s going more of a country route. Unfortunately, Laine has recently tested positive for COVID-19; I don't know if he just has the symptoms or if he's really ill. Either way, here’s hoping he kicks that disease’s :censored:!


    Clue: Here's to a speedy recovery!


    101. Majesty Rose: Season 13 (9th Place)


    Taking up the final spot just before my Top 100 is Majesty Rose. Majesty was a cute girl who had a promising start. However, she made one horrific song choice and the train went completely off the rails. Her first three performances Happy, Tightrope, and Fix You were easily her best and based on these, she was poised to have a solid Idol run. Unfortunately, Movie Night came along, and Majesty must have graduated from the Lindsey Cardinale School of Song Selections because she made the worst song choice she possibly could with Let It Go. It’s a song that had a lot of long notes and requires a huge range, which Majesty didn’t have. As predicted, the performance was not very good, and I’m being euphemistic when I say that. It made me wonder what the heck Randy was doing; wasn’t he supposed to be the mentor that season? Regardless, someone should’ve steered her away from the song. The voters agreed with me because Majesty landed in the B2 the night after. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the same because it was easy to see her confidence was shot. With that said, I did enjoy Wake Me Up to an extent. Shake It Out, however, while not anywhere near as bad as Let It Go, was yet another poor song choice. Majesty was unable to overcome that one as she was eliminated the following night. Her save performance was just sad. She tried to be in good spirits; however, she got more and more desperate to the point of it being uncomfortable to watch. There was pretty much zero chance she would get saved after that. It’s too bad Majesty’s Idol run was derailed by a very poor song choice because I really enjoyed her.


    Clue: "The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried..." (Lyrics to Let It Go)


    105. Lee DeWyze

    104. Burnell Taylor

    103. Adanna Duru

    102. Laine Hardy

    101. Majesty Rose


    Here's a list of the Top 100, which will be listed by season and placements (from top to bottom):


    Season 1:
    Kelly Clarkson
    Nikki McKibbin
    Tamyra Gray
    RJ Helton
    Christina Christian
    Season 2:
    Ruben Studdard
    Clay Aiken
    Kimberley Locke
    Kimberly Caldwell
    Rickey Smith
    Season 3:
    Diana DeGarmo
    LaToya London
    George Huff
    Jennifer Hudson
    Season 4:
    Carrie Underwood
    Bo Bice
    Vonzell Solomon
    Anwar Robinson
    Nadia Turner
    Nikko Smith
    Jessica Sierra
    Season 5:
    Taylor Hicks
    Katharine McPhee
    Elliott Yamin
    Chris Daughtry
    Paris Bennett
    Melissa McGhee
    Season 6:
    Jordin Sparks
    Blake Lewis
    Melinda Doolittle
    LaKisha Jones
    Phil Stacey
    Haley Scarnato
    Stephanie Edwards
    Season 7:
    David Cook
    David Archuleta
    Syesha Mercado
    Brooke White
    Carly Smithson
    Kristy Lee Cook
    Michael Johns
    David Hernandez
    Season 8:
    Kris Allen
    Adam Lambert
    Allison Iraheta
    Matt Giraud
    Anoop Desai
    Megan Joy
    Alexis Grace
    Season 9:
    Crystal Bowersox
    Michael Lynche
    Siobhan Magnus
    Katie Stevens
    Didi Benami
    Season 10:
    Haley Reinhart
    James Durbin
    Casey Abrams
    Pia Toscano
    Naima Adedapo
    Season 11:
    Phillip Phillips
    Jessica Sanchez
    Joshua Ledet
    Hollie Cavanagh
    Skylar Laine
    Elise Testone
    DeAndre Brackensick
    Erika Van Pelt
    Season 12:
    Candice Glover
    Kree Harrison
    Angie Miller
    Amber Holcomb
    Janelle Arthur
    Season 13: 
    Caleb Johnson
    Jena Irene
    Alex Preston
    Jessica Meuse
    Emily Piriz
    Season 14:
    Clark Beckham
    Rayvon Owen
    Tyanna Jones
    Quentin Alexander
    Joey Cook
    Sarina-Joi Crowe
    Season 15:
    Trent Harmon
    La'Porsha Renae
    Sonika Vaid
    Avalon Young
    Season 16:
    Maddie Poppe
    Michael J. Woodard
    Dennis Lorenzo
    Season 17:
    Madison Vandenburg
    Laci Kaye Booth
    Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
    Dimitrius Graham

    Hope I didn't miss anyone. 🤞 :haha: I'll update the main post with whoever's remaining eventually.


    Clues for the next set:

    • This is the week it finally happens
    • "What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down..."
    • The voters told this finalist they'd rather stay quiet
    • Was in a group with a winner and runner up
    • That was an interesting beginning to that song...



  18. 2 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    115. Lisa Tucker - I loved I Am Changing, but it was pretty much all downhill from there. Even performnces like Signed Sealed Delivered that the judges liked were pretty pedestrian. 

    114. Sam Woolf - A very bland WGWG from my least favorite season. So bland in fact that the judges had to use their save on him when he should've been a vote magnet and tried additional shenanigans to keep him more. 

    113. Dalton Rapattoni - Stylistically he was interesting but I agree with you that the execution was poor a lot of the time. 

    112. Lauren Alaina - Was pretty boring and mediocre throughout her run. I love country girls but she just coasted her way to the top 2. She also managed to annoy me with her peaches shtick with Ryan which is rare for a contestant to do, so glad you brought that up as well. I wish Simon were there that season; he would've called her out on that as well as her outfits. :haha:  

    111. Amy Adams - Well I liked Sin Wagon but she was kind of forgettable otherwise. 


    115. Yeah, pretty much agree about Lisa

    114. It was ridiculous how often the producers tried to keep him around :haha:

    113. Not much to say but pretty much agree

    112. I initially felt the same way, but she has grown on me some, well at least enough to rank her higher than where she would've been at first

    111. It's easy to see how someone could feel that way about her


    23 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

    110. Josh Gracin - I thought he couldn't return for the finale because of personal issues? (his suicide attempt) But yeah while he gave a vouple decent country performances, he was a trainwreck a lot of the time. Celebration, That's When I'll Stop Loving You, and Ain't Goin' Down Till the Sun Comes Up are three of the biggest messes that season. 

    109. CJ Harris - I loved Can't You See, but he was a pitchy mess the rest of the time. 

    108. Gina Glocksen - Always disliked Gina. She shoulted he way through Alone and Call Me When You're Sober and while her last two performances were better, I always thought she should've been a singer from the get-go, not a rocker. 

    107. Scotty McCreery - Despite his monotonous performances, he was actually my favorite of the season since Naima, Pia and Jacob ended up disappointing, or in the case of the earlier two, getting robbed. I love his classic country sound as well as the music he's put out post-Idol. Definitely a worthy winner over Lauren. 

    106. Alejandro Aranda - I didn't watch a lot of season 17, but I haed every performance of his that I did see. 🤮


    110. It looks like @Elliott explained his reason for not being in the finale. Other than that, I pretty much agree about him

    109. Unfortunately, he was a pitchy mess throughout his time on the show

    108. Yeah, I was never convinced she was a rocker. I completely agree about Call Me When You're Sober. I couldn't believe it when she was praised for it

    107. He wasn't my pick to win, but I definitely preferred him over Lauren at the time

    106. This appears to be a popular opinion about Alejandro :haha:


    21 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    afaik, he never attempted suicide. He just posted weird status on FB that everyone interpreted that way and the police were called.


    But that also happened after the S15 finale. He pulled out a few days before because they wouldn’t give him a solo slot to perform an original. It’s why Ace was randomly in the country performance.


    I thought his post had something to do with him being bummed out about his impending divorce, yet it was somehow thought to be a suicide note.


    With Ace, Constantine, and Diana, the country medley sure had some random performers in it. 😂


    Barring anything new, my next post should have the new set.

  19. 9 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I should have said ONE of my least favorites! 😅 (I forgot about Kristen). My least favorite S13 finalist is between CJ and Kristen. I felt that I didn't see enough of Kristen to make a proper judgement, however, when CJ had no pitch issues he could deliver a somewhat compelling, emotional performance. 


    Sorry if I came across as too harsh in my opinions... 


    Your opinions are fine. 🙂 They're not any harsher than others that have been posted.


    Kristen isn't one of my favorites either. In hindsight, I probably should've rated her below MK (Dexter would still be my least favorite), but what can you do. She would've been much better off not trying to be a powerhouse pop diva and sang songs that didn't have too much range.


    I should have my next set up some time today. I just have one more write-up to do.

  20. 4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Thoughts:

    Josh Gracin- No comment.

    CJ Harris- You didn’t rank my favorite S13 finalist yet, but you sure just ranked my least favorite! 😅 I thought that the judges, especially JLo had way too much faith in CJ. With him it was always a hit or miss. I personally thought he should have been eliminated WAY earlier... 😒 I think Sam should be ranked higher than CJ, but whatever, they’re close... 

    Gina Glocksen- I guess it’s unfair to compare, but in my opinion, her performance of “I’ll Stand By You” felt lacking compared to Angie and Pia’s. 
    Scotty McCreery- I’m usually not a fan of the slow country guys, but I didn’t mind Scotty. “Gone” was also my favorite performance of his. I think you ranked him a bit too low, but I don’t really mind...

    Alejandro Aranda- I agree with what you said. The show overhyped Alejandro. Yes, he was a talented musician, but no, his vocals did not compare to the other contests, in my opinion. His duet with Walker was horrendous... 🤮 I liked Alejandro, but I didn’t love him. 


    CJ: Wow, CJ was your least favorite? It's true he was hit or miss. I wanted to place him into my Top 100, but I couldn't justify it with his pitch issues and all

    Gina: I thought Gina's I'll Stand By You was very strong; however, it's fair to say her version was lacking compared to the two mentioned

    Scotty: Fair enough about Scotty. I almost rated him lower, but I felt this was the best spot for him

    Alejandro: Pretty much agreed. Yes, his duet with Walker was awful


    4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Take On Some Clues:


    -“The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I’ve tried...”- I think this clue refers to Majesty Rose. These are lyrics to “Let It Go,” a song she sang horribly during Movie Night (or whatever it was called)...


    -Here’s to a speedy recovery!- I think this clue refers to Laine Hardy, who recently announced that he was diagnosed with coronavirus... 🥺


    4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Take On Some More Clues:


    -Team Adam, though this finalist wasn’t around long- I think this clue refers to Adanna Duru. She was on Team Adam when she was on the Voice, and I believe she got in 10th/11th place on Idol. 

    -Bagpipes- I think this clue refers to Lee DeWyze. I believe he had a bagpipe player come out and play during one of his performances on Idol (it was his idea). 


    I've been working on the write-ups today. I should have them up tomorrow. We'll see if these guesses are correct...


    47 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    I actually agree with you about alejandro. he wasn't as good as the show was trying to make him nor he is that special or revolutionary outside the idol bubble. his audition was hyped so much that it left very underwhelmed. his voice is weak and poor diction and  i found it hard on many occasions to understand what he was singing. i did tried to listen to his originals and didn't find anything revolutionary or special in it. i would have rate him even lower. 



    • "The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried..." - lyrics of let it go.. sonika vaid .. she had a wind machine during that performance..
    • Here's to a speedy recovery!
    • Team Adam, though this finalist wasn't around long - 
    • Bagpipes - lee dewyze had bagpipes on  during beatles week and was so bad they made fun of it. one of my least fav contestants. should be even lower than this. 
    • "I sang what I was supposed to sang!"


    I'm just glad I didn't post any of your favorites this past set. :haha: I can't say I disagree with your thoughts on Alejandro.


    We'll see about your guesses...

  21. 2 hours ago, Elliott said:

    110. Josh Gracin He had a couple of good performances but lasted too long. His post-Idol music was decent, but I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan.

    109. CJ Harris I wanted him to be better than he was, but he was a mess.

    108. Gina Glocksen One of my favourites from S6 and overall. I really wished she’d lasted longer on the show.

    107. Scotty McCreery I hated him on S10 but nowadays he’s one of my favourites. His second and third albums were really good and he put on a good show whenever I’ve seen him.

    106. Alejandro Aranda He’s absolutely dreadful. One of the worst contestants I’ve had to suffer through, and easily in my bottom contestants of all time. The show needs to get it through their brains that he lost already because constantly bringing him up ain’t cute.


    110. Fair enough. I would've liked to see him leave a week before he did, but what can you do?

    109. Pretty much agree, though I did like him the few times he wasn't a mess

    108. I wouldn't have minded if she lasted longer than she did

    107. Fair enough

    106. Ouch! 🤕 He was that bad for you?


    1 hour ago, hayden98 said:

    Josh was fine, though I'd definitely have had him peace out earlier in the competition than he did. I also always kinda dislike when people act like they're too good for the show, especially since, like you mentioned, Josh wasn't releasing any hits or anything at the time.


    CJ had the potential to be soooo good! I wish his pitch was more in control, because his tone was really good tbh.


    Gina ❤️ Definitely one of my favorites from season 6; it's a shame that she was booted when she was because she was finally starting to come together when she left imo.


    Scotty was just there for me during his time on Idol; especially at the time, I just wasn't interested in his style. I will admit that I'm tempted to check out his music sometime though. I don't remember any bad performances from him~


    Funnily enough, even though Alejandro is a love-or-hate contestant, I'm somewhere in the middle. I'm definitely not here for all the pimping he got, but that's more on the judges/producers. I do listen to Out Loud every now and then. Definitely more of a musician than a vocalist, but I like his vibe.


    Pretty much in agreement about Josh.


    Completely agree about CJ! I was hoping he would somehow get it together, but he never did.


    Yeah, it did seem like Gina was starting to put everything together before her elimination.


    I pretty much feel the same about Scotty, except I do remember some bad performances from him, which I listed in his write-up.


    I feel pretty much the same way about Alejandro.


    8 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    These rankings are about right.  Although I’d rank Alejandro somewhat lower, for reasons which I’ll address soon.


     I think that Alejandro,had two problems.  The first is the one that you mentioned.  Alejandro was the victim of being overly hyped by the judges.  Part of it could be because he might have been the first contestant in the seasons that ABC aired the show to make the songs he performed his own, he wasn’t the first singer on the show to do so.  Blake Lewis and David Cook beat him there.


    But Alejandro’s second problem, and the one that makes me want to rank him lower, is that he’s a much better musician than a vocalist.  This might explain why I thought that he was better on original songs than on covers.  And I prefer performers on this show that are fine vocalists.  They may not have to be belters, but they still should sign very well.  Alejandro was a mediocre vocalist.


    This is a completely fair assessment regarding Alejandro. We all have a preference as to what we want in a performer. Those of us who prefer strong vocalists may not be fans of someone like Alejandro, and that is perfectly fine.


  22. As promised, here is the next set...


    110. Josh Gracin: Season 2 (4th Place)


    Leading of this set is Idol's favorite marine. Josh was a contestant who was in the USMC (United States Marine Corps). In addition, he is considered to be the first country artist to compete on Idol. His run on Idol had its fair share of ups and downs. Some of the positives included I’ll Be, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, and Amazed. Some of the negatives are Celebration, That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You, and both of his Top 5 performances Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye and especially Bad Blood. Despite this he was only in the B3 once during the finals and he managed to avoid the B2 after his poor Top 5 showing. He eventually finished in fourth place, which is fine because it was pretty obvious the Top 3 were going to be Ruben, Clay, and Kimberley. I remember how curt Ryan was when he announced Josh’s elimination: “Josh, you’re out!”. :haha: I’d like to think being a marine Josh heard far worse during boot camp. One of the better moments was Josh singing to his daughter during his sing out. Outside of his singing, another thing I remember about him was as with Vanessa, Simon suggested he could lose a few pounds. Josh then responded by challenging Simon to a push up contest on stage, and to Simon’s credit he was game. Because he was on active duty at the time, Josh couldn’t participate during the summer tour, which was unfortunate. However, he had a commitment to honor and therefore, it was understandable. He went on to release a couple of country albums, his first being certified Gold, as well as a few hits. I also remember he was invited to partake in the country medley during the S15 Grand Finale but declined because he wasn’t able to perform any of his songs, plus he thought it would hurt his career, which is why Constantine was in it instead. I guess he forgot Idol was the reason he had a career in the first place, and he wasn’t exactly lighting up the charts at the time; therefore, I felt he came off as very entitled. Either way, Josh was a contestant who had an interesting ride on the Idol roller-coaster.


    Clue: Sang the same song as the winner and runner up on different nights (Josh and Ruben sang Baby I Need Your Loving during T12, and both Josh and Clay sang To Love Somebody during T4. Looking back, I may have worded this clue poorly)


    109. CJ Harris: Season 13 (6th Place)


    CJ is the last of the S13 country males to appear, which obviously makes him my favorite of the bunch. To be honest, I thought Spencer Lloyd was going to be a wildcard pick, so I was pleasantly surprised CJ was picked. CJ had this soul/country/rock vibe I completely dug. I also liked the songs he picked; my favorite performances of his were Shelter, Can’t You See, Soulshine, and Gravity. However, the elephant in the room regarding CJ was his pitch issues. CJ was never the most technically proficient vocalist, but some of his performances were downright painful to listen to. He would go sharp a lot, and he never seemed to be able to fix it. Considering he was a music teacher prior to Idol, it’d be thought he’d be able to correct his issues; however, they continued to plague him up until his elimination. His worst performances included Invisible, If It Hadn’t Been For Love (which is too bad because I love that song), Free Fallin’, and both of his Top 6 performances. His last performance, Whatever It Is, was probably the worst of the worst because I believe he was both sharp AND flat in the song. I didn’t know if that was possible, but CJ somehow managed to pull it off. He was eliminated after it, and as much as I liked him at the time, it was for the better. Post-Idol, CJ had some run ins with the law, including being arrested in a undercover drug sting. Yikes! I haven't kept up with him, but hopefully his legal issues are behind him. As for his time on Idol, CJ is someone who possibly could’ve been in my Top 50 if he were able to fix his pitch issues. As it is, however, he’s on the outside looking in at my Top 100.


    Clue: Rick Ankiel (you have to be a baseball fan to get this one. Rick Ankiel was a professional baseball player who was a pitcher turned outfielder because of his issues of throwing the ball over the plate. You could say he had pitching (or pitch) issues, which is a roundabout way of referencing CJ's pitch issues)


    108. Gina Glocksen: Season 6 (9th Place)


    It’s time for another S6 finalist to arrive. Gina was first introduced in S5 where she made it to Hollywood before being cut. Undeterred, she came back the following season and made it to the Top 24. Gina was slated to be the resident rocker of the season. However, I may be way off on this, but I don’t think Gina was really comfortable with that label. It was as if she wanted to be much more but was pigeonholed into the rock box. Going to her first performance in the semis, I believe it was expected that Gina would come out with a rock number. Instead, she came out with…All By Myself? Really? A soft rock ballad? Regardless, I don’t think Gina did too well with it. The problem is Gina’s worst performances were when she tried to rock out. The worst offenders were Love Child (Paula calling Love Child a feel good song :rolleyes:) and Paint It Black. For the latter, Sanjaya rocked harder than her that evening for crying out loud! With that said, Gina did have her moments. I thought Alone was underrated and her best performance was easily I’ll Stand By You during Top 10. It was thought that this was the moment Gina settled down as an artist and was poised to make a deep run. However, the following week she gave a forgettable, middle-of-the-pack performance of Smile and was eliminated. Her elimination was one of the most heartbreaking to watch. She pretty much broke down once the reality hit her and then there was her and Haley crying while hugging each other. She put on a brave face and tried to look on the bright side, but you can tell how badly she wanted it. She appeared to be close to the other contestants; after all Jordin and Haley were bridesmaids at her wedding, which I thought was pretty cool. Post-idol I know she hosted an American Idol related show with Constantine, and I believe she released some music as well as form a band. I don't know if they're still together or not. Overall, Gina was someone who really didn’t (or maybe couldn’t) showcase what she was really capable of.


    Clue: A swan song that sadly described the situation perfectly (Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though it's breaking. As promised, no Allison in this set :mrgreen:)


    107. Scotty McCreery: Season 10 (1st Place)


    Baby lock dem doors because Scotty McCreery has entered this ranking! :haha: Scotty is the second winner to appear thus far. He was this teenager with a very deep, traditional country voice. He also appeared to be down to earth and a regular guy. I think Scotty won the crown the moment he opened he sang Your Man at his audition. After all, he pretty much ran away with the competition; everyone else was vying for second. With that said, there were a couple of things about Scotty I wasn’t too fond of at the time. For starters, the way he held the mic early on drove me nuts. It was as if he thought it was a flute. The main thing, however, was him taking every song and turning it into a slow, traditional country ditty with a few exceptions. While it was good to see him stay true to himself and showcase what kind of artist he wanted to be (which is something most teenagers on the show struggled with), it wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing to watch. Having said that, Scotty had his moments. My favorite performance from him was definitely Gone; it’s the song he’s most likely known for on Idol. It was a fun, up-tempo song which was different from the usual slow songs he did. I also liked That’s All Right for the same reasons. Some of the other performances I enjoyed included Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) and You’ve Got A Friend. On the flip side, Scotty had some very poor performances which included Swingin’, Young Blood, and Amazed. I also wasn’t too fond of his countrified version of For Once In My Life. Regardless, those performances didn’t matter because as mentioned he ended up winning easily. I know he released a few albums, including his Platinum debut album, and had a few hits. One of them, Five More Minutes, went on the chart without the backing of a record label, which I believe is the first time that has ever happened in Country Aircheck/Mediabase history. Next, I can’t forget when he returned to be a S15 duet partner and was saddled with Jeneve for Gone. Boy, was that an entertaining mess or what? :rofl: Finally, Scotty is the only finalist to have his own subforum on the site; it looks as if he has his own dedicated fanbase here. :haha: Scotty appears to be doing well for himself post-Idol, so good for him.


    Clue: Nuts of Wonder (Of course, referencing to when he forgot the lyrics to I Hope You Dance and sang those words during Hollywood :lmao:)


    106. Alejandro Aranda: Season 17 (2nd Place)


    Closing out this set is the most polarizing contestant on Idol in quite some time. Alejandro aka Scarypoolparty has been someone who has been discussed quite a bit not only in this thread, but in general. I have kept mum on him because I wanted to wait until his write-up before expressing my thoughts. Well, the time has come, so here it goes. I think Alejandro is a victim of the extremely high expectations and hype placed on his shoulders. Going back to his audition, the show was hyping him up as this immense, revolutionary talent the likes of Idol has never seen. When his audition finally came, however, I was very underwhelmed to say the least. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t as great as the hype made it out to be. As for Alejandro in general, do I think he’s immensely talented? Yes. Do I think he can be an influence on those who come after him? Absolutely. Do I think he’s this revolutionary, once in a generation game changer who will change how things will be done not only on Idol but music in general? No. The thing is Alejandro wasn’t even the first to try to make songs truly his own. I would go back as far as S6 with Blake Lewis, who I thought was the first to really try to make performances his own. It was taken to the next level the following season with David Cook. Even Kris Allen contributed to this a little, so for the show to say Alejandro was the first to do so is a bit disingenuous.


    With all of this said, I did like Alejandro. He wasn’t a personal favorite of mine or anything, but I probably liked him a lot more than most of IDF. He was definitely better on his own material than covering other people’s songs which while it’s good for him outside of the Idol bubble, it didn’t look too good for him on it. Having said that, he did give some performances I enjoyed during his time on Idol. The main ones are I Fall Apart though I’m not a Post Malone fan by any means, and Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word. He did have some clunkers such as One Dance in which he pretended to be a DJ, Remember Me, and Under Pressure. As for his originals, I really enjoyed Poison and Blesser. My least favorite was Millennial Love because I thought it was repetitive; maybe the full length version isn’t as much, speaking of which I’ve been meaning to check out his album. In conclusion, while I don’t think Alejandro is as great as the hype is making him out to be, I did enjoy him on Idol all things considered.


    Clue: It's time... (referring to Alejandro's long awaited appearance in this ranking)


    110. Josh Gracin

    109. CJ Harris

    108. Gina Glocksen

    107. Scotty McCreery

    106. Alejandro Aranda


    I have a feeling it'll be testy after this post; let's try to keep it clean and respectful.


    Clues for the last set before my Top 100:

    • "The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried..."
    • Here's to a speedy recovery!
    • Team Adam, though this finalist wasn't around long
    • Bagpipes
    • "I sang what I was supposed to sang!"
  23. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:

    115. Lisa Tucker: She was among my top 2 favorites at the start, but a few others overtook her by the end of the season. I still consider her one of my favorites of that season, although it's one of the seasons I had a large amount of favorites. :haha:  I love her voice and thought she had so much potential. I loved all her semi-finals performances, as well as "Signed Sealed Delivered." I agree her last two were my least favorites, and it's a shame she couldn't get back to where she was in the previous weeks. :(  I actually watched all the shows you named that she had a role on, so I've seen her in a few things. :haha:  

    114. Sam Woolf:  I was never really a huge fan and he was just kind of there for me. I did really like one performance though (I think Time After Time? I actually can't remember) And he seems nice.

    113. Dalton Rapattoni: One of my all-time favorites. I ADORE HIM. ❤️ I was such a fan from the start, but I formed a really personal connection with him as well through things he shared about his life. I love his song-writing, creativity ("Daltonize" :wub: ), personality, and everything... I just love him. 😢  His album is really really good. I know you say he's not your type of music  (and most people would say he's not my typical kind of favorite either, lol), but it may not be what you expect. His song, "Turn to Stone", is especially powerful and heart wrenching, but I honestly love the whole album and just him in general. I have love for all of his performances on the show, just because it's hard for me not to, but I do agree on his best ones. And I know Dalton was really close friends with both La'Porsha and Trent, so he was genuinely so happy for them to advance. ❤️ 

    112. Lauren Alaina:  Ah, they are literally back to back. Lauren is another one of my all-time favorites and I LOVE HER SO much. I never had more of an attachment to a female contestant than I did with her. I just fell in love with her voice instantly and then love her personality too... I feel so protective of her (and Dalton as well).  Yikes, some of your comments are hard for me to read, particularly name-calling. 😢  I'm glad you changed your mind on her performances after a rewatch. I loved all her performances again, just because I adore her and her voice so much. Surprised you didn't name "Anyway" as one of your favorites. Yess, her career has really blossomed these last few years and I am so so proud of her and happy. I love her music and she's not just one of my favorite Idols, but one of my favorite music artists in general. 

    111. Amy Adams: I liked her, but she wasn't necessarily among my favorites. She was also kind of just there for me, but then I enjoyed her more than other people that were "just there", if that makes sense. :haha: I really liked her "Power of Love" and "Sin Wagon" a lot. She does have a nice voice. "The most memorable thing about it was Simon saying she reminded him of Jay Leno. I guess it was something since he didn’t have anything to say the week before. " :dead: to both these sentences. 


    115. Yeah, it's a shame she couldn't get back to where she was in the finals. I think she wasn't ready to be on the big stage and her being in the B3 the first week of the finals affected her badly. As stated, she just needed more time and experience before going on Idol.

    114. I don't have much to say here except fair enough about Sam. :haha:

    113. Nice to see he's one of your all-time favorites! I do think him sharing some of his personal life helped build a connection to the audience, which is just as important as the performances as long as its not being repeated ad nauseam. I just listened to the song you linked and yes, it's just as you described. 😢 As I mentioned earlier, I most likely will check out some of his other stuff. Him being really close friends with La'Porsha and Trent does explain why he was so happy for them.

    112. :stealth: I guess it's the part where I said I thought she was a bit of a brat. Looking back, that wasn't the right thing to say. Maybe I should've said I felt she acted bratty instead, though it's probably not much better. I totally understand about being protective of certain contestants. I have one who I can be fiercely protective of at times; I won't say who it is until I get to that person, though (I may drop a hint or two depending on the circumstances). 🤫 I'll try to be better in the future; after all, I'm trying to be objective as possible with these write-ups though my personal bias may leak out here and there. 🤗 As for Lauren, it is nice to see her career blossom and see that you're so proud of her. 🤗

    111. Fair enough about Amy. I would've liked to see her last longer than she did, but at least she got to go on tour. Seeing how Simon notoriously hates country music, it shouldn't have been such a surprise he didn't have much to say after Sin Wagon:dead:


    18 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Yeah, it’s not Alex! 😂 I didn’t dislike him, but I didn’t love him either. (Which is interesting because he’s pretty similar to MacKenzie... 🤔)


    That is interesting. I have probably have a few like this as well. 😂


    I'm wrapping up the next set. It should be posted within the next couple of hours.

  24. 15 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    That "Nuts of Wonder" has to be Scotty...I remember that joke. lol


    Cry Baby was Allison Iraheta's swan song... :( 


    We'll see...


    14 hours ago, Elliott said:

    115. Lisa Tucker - She had potential, but (like with pretty much every minor sans Allison Iraheta) was too young to handle the show.

    114. Sam Woolf - I liked him, but I don't have any strong feelings about him. I found some of his performances a tad on the underrated side, and I was fine with him making it to the final five all things considered. That Top 5 twist backfiring so much was great to watch :wub:

    113. Dalton Rapattoni - One of my early favourites, but I hated practically everything he did once we got to the "live" shows. Bird Set Free was easily his best, though. As I also suffer from bipolar, it was nice to see him so candid about it on the show. I also got to meet him on my birthday the year after season 15 because he came into the restaurant I worked at. :haha:

    112. Lauren Alaina - Mehhhhhhhhhhh.

    111. Amy Adams - I really liked Amy in S10 and was bummed that she left so early considering who was still in the cast.


    115. Pretty much agreed

    114. Pretty much the same. Yes, the Top 5 twist backfiring was awesome. The producers definitely wanted that feel good story thinking the contestants would agree to the twist, forgetting it was a competition with a recording contract on the line. I was so happy to see that squashed

    113. Yes, it was nice to see him be open about his bipolar disorder. You seem to be lucky getting to meet all of these contestants :haha:

    112. Can't blame you :rofl:

    111. Pretty much agree


    12 hours ago, blackfield said:

    why are you targeting all my fav contestants!? what have I done to you?

    dalton doesn't deserve to be that low. loved all his performances and the way he rearranged his songs. he's also a very good songwriter which was never mentioned on the show. just go find some of his originals like hercules, somewhere in america, open book, clockwork, holy man, stop..


    • Nuts of Wonder
    • Sang the same song as the winner and runner up on different nights
    • A swan song that sadly described the situation perfectly - if it is allison and cry baby I am coming to get you!!! :no: 
    • Rick Ankiel
    • It's time...


    I seem to recall my S18 favorite being made fun of. 🤔 All kidding aside, with the exception of maybe a few, I don't really have much inkling as to any of the posters' favorite contestants, so this is completely unintentional. With the way he rearranged his songs, I could tell he had some good songwriting ability. Maybe I'll check out some of his music somewhere down the road.


    I am so tempted to cut Allison now. :muwahaha: However, since I know this is a tough set for some (I should probably have a box of Kleenex ready for @miss denise), I'll show leniency. There is absolutely ZERO chance Allison will appear this soon, so that clue is referring to someone else.


    6 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Yes, you broke some hearts with these rankings, but I like that you’re staying true to your opinions. 👍


    My Opinions:

    Lisa Tucker- No comment.

    Sam Woolf- When it came down to the Top 13, two favorites immediately emerged. One, who is my favorite from the season, I will not name until they are ranked, and the other was Sam Woolf. The tone of his voice really got me from the start. I also enjoyed watching him slowly try to come out of his shell. However, when it got to the later rounds it was clear to see that he was one of the weaker ones. I stopped looking forward to his performances. So, in terms of your rankings, this is an ok spot, but I would’ve ranked him over C.J. Harris. 😒

    Dalton Rapattoni- While I loved his performance of “Rebel Yell,” he never emerged as a favorite to me (MacKenzie did 😊). I just never resonated with him for some reason. However, I will note that he gave some great performances. So, maybe you ranked him too low? 🤔

    Lauren Alaina- Ooh... I actually don’t know how to feel about this ranking. Yes, I enjoyed her performances, but she wasn’t my all-time favorite from the season. I really enjoyed Lauren’s performance of “Turn On The Radio.” While I think you could have ranked her a bit higher, this ranking doesn’t really bother me.

    Amy Adams- No comment.


    Thank you. :hug:


    Sam - Yeah, it was easy to see he was one of the weaker contestants compared to who was left. It's better off staying mum about your favorite from that season, though from a later post I can tell it's not Alex :haha:

    Dalton - Yeah, I had a feeling people would think he would be too low. With that said, I was more interested him as a person than performer, though I did like a few of his performances

    Lauren - Fair enough about Lauren


    5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Take On The Clues:


    Nuts of Wonder- I think this clue refers to Scotty McCreery. During Hollywood Week, he botched the lyrics to “I Hope You Dance,” and sang “nuts of wonder.” :haha:

    Sang the same song as the winner and runner up on different nights-


    A swan song that sadly described the situation perfectly- I think this clue could refer to Allison Iraheta who sang “Cry Baby” for her swan song. Like the song title, she was crying through the whole thing. 


    Rick Ankiel- 


    It’s time...- 


    Nice guesses, though I mentioned earlier Allison won't be appearing in the upcoming set.


    4 hours ago, hayden98 said:

    ITA that Lisa should've waited a few years.


    Sam was someone that I believe I was fond of early on, but while his voice was usually pretty good, he was definitely inhibited by his (lack of) performance skills.


    Dalton was never one of my top favorites his year, but I always liked him and I still follow him on social media.


    At one point, Lauren might've been in my top 5/10 contestants of all time. I'd probably attribute that largely to being active in her fan forum during the season (I had just joined IDF at that time) and I have many fond memories chatting with people over there. I think you nailed what are some of my favorite performances of hers. I'm very glad that she's kept up doing music since her time on the show; she's really grown in her skill and confidence as a performer in the years since she was on Idol. :yes: 


    I remember Amy being fun and I wish she'd lasted a little bit longer.


    Ooooh, for the clues.... I know Scotty is the first one. Not too certain about the others though.


    I would address them individually; however, I pretty much agree with everything said, with the exception of following Dalton on social media and Lauren being possibly a Top 5/10 contestant.


    We'll see if your guess is right.


    4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I also forgot to mention something about Sam. I remember he did TWO duets with Alex. In these duets it was glaringly obvious that Alex was much more talented than Sam. In my opinion, these duets hurt Sam because they exposed everything he lacked. However, Sam most definitely won in the looks department! 😂


    Yeah, it was pretty obvious Alex was more experienced than Sam and perhaps unintentionally exposed Sam's shortcomings.


    1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No real complaints about these rankings.  Especially Sam’s.


    Good to see!


  25. I just finished my test and feel content, plus I managed to finish my write ups, so I'll go ahead and post the next set a day ahead of schedule.


    115. Lisa Tucker: Season 5 (10th Place)


    We're going to go back to S5 to lead this set with Lisa Tucker. Lisa was technically sound vocally and there was potential for a strong voice. Her main shortcoming was she appeared to be too rehearsed, as if she were performing in pageants. I think she may have been in her head too much and overthought her performances. Having said that, she had a nice run in the semis. I would say her best performance was I Am Changing, which was her first semifinal performance. Her other two performances in the semis were solid as well. Unfortunately, it fell apart for her in the finals. After three ballads in the semis, she decided to go up-tempo in the Top 12 with Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours). While it looked like she put in great effort, it looked forced, unnatural, and rehearsed. The voters probably felt the same way because she was in the B2 that week. Despite that, she came back the following week with another up-tempo number with Why Do Fools Fall In Love. This one was a bigger mess than the previous week. She moved around more and as a result, her breath control was off, and she struggled to hit some of the notes. Once again, she was in the B3, but held on for at least another week. After two failed up-tempo attempts, Lisa decided to go back into her ballad box. The problem was she picked one of the absolute worst songs she could. She decided to tackle the great Kelly Clarkson ballad Because Of You. For starters, while I’m not one of those people who are up in arms if contestants sing any Kelly Clarkson songs on the show, I understand it is a huge risk to take on a song done by an Idol winner, especially the original winner who is very beloved among Idol fans. I guess Lisa figured she didn’t have much to lose, so she decided to put all her chips in on this performance. Unfortunately, she overplayed her hand and was wiped out. The song was too big for her and she came nowhere near the emotional connection needed for the song. To no one’s surprise, she was eliminated the following night. I know she received some acting gigs after Idol; other than that, I’m not sure what she’s been up to. Either way, Lisa was another finalist who belongs in the Teens Who Needed More Experience category.


    Clue: The OC, The Vampire Diaries, Zoey 101 (Three shows Lisa appeared in)


    114. Sam Woolf: Season 13 (5th Place)


    At the beginning of S13, it was thought that Sam had a strong chance at the Idol crown. After all, he was a WGWG with a pleasant voice and appeared to be poised to be the season’s heartthrob, so it should’ve been a slam dunk for him. So, what was the problem? Well, Sam was one of the most uninteresting performers to hit the stage. He was this shy kid who always seemed to perform with a deer in the headlights look. The judges were doing everything they could to get him out of his shell, but Sam was never really able to break his inhibitions. Also, he didn’t really connect to any of the songs he sang. He did give some performances I liked such as Babylon, Time After Time, Sail Away, and It’s Time (the only time I enjoyed an Imagine Dragons song on Idol). He also gave some performances which I hoped would end soon. The main culprits were Come Together, You’re Still The One, and Sing. With Sing, he completely sucked the fun and playfulness out of the song (though to be fair, if my celebrity crush hugged me before I were to go on stage, I wouldn’t be able to walk let alone perform). The thing Sam may be the most known for is how often the show tried to keep him around. He was initially eliminated during the Top 8; however, the judges used the save on him. Then there was the infamous Top 5 Results Show. A twist was introduced in which the remaining contestants had the opportunity to vote whether or not someone would be eliminated that week. If the contestants unanimously voted not to eliminate anyone, there would be no elimination; however, two contestants would be eliminated the following week. Jena and Alex made sure that didn’t happen and unfortunately for Sam, he was the lowest vote getter and thus eliminated. Finally, I felt bad for him during the finale when he was steamrolled by PP during their “duet”. With all this said, I did like Sam all things considered; it’s just too bad it seemed he couldn't break out of his shell while on Idol.


    Clue: No second chance for you! (referring to the Top 5 Results Show twist. I thought this one would've been guessed correctly. Maybe if I were to put something like #teamno victim, it would've been guessed easily :haha:)


    113. Dalton Rapattoni: Season 15 (3rd Place)


    Dalton is a contestant who some feel is too low. The thing is Dalton isn’t the type of contestant I normally gravitate towards, so naturally he would've been lower than this. He appeared to have lean towards the emo genre musically (he did call himself an emo :censored: after all), which is not a genre I listen to all that much. Yet there was something about him that intrigued me. I want to say it started when he auditioned with The Phantom Of The Opera; that was certainly an out of the box song choice. However, it truly began with Rebel Yell. This is the first of the many songs he would rearrange to fit his style or Dalton-ize them if you will. After that performance, I found myself wanting to see what he would do with future ones. The results were often mixed bags. I thought his better performances were the ones he would change up; these included The Sound of Silence, Dancing In The Dark, and God Only Knows. With all that said, I felt his best performance was Bird Set Free. It was easy to see he really felt that song, and he pretty much sang it straight. Unfortunately, that was the only one he sang straight that he did well on. The other times he didn’t change the song up often led to very poor results. Examples included Radioactive, Numb, and Everybody Wants To Rule The World. He did well enough to make it to the Top 3; however, it was pretty much a given barring anything unexpected, the Top 2 were going to be Trent and La’Porsha. At least Dalton got to perform what would’ve been his coronation song before his elimination and got a nice send off compared to what happened to JAX the year before. Despite this, he appeared to be genuinely happy for La’Porsha and Trent after the announcement. Dalton appeared to be a good guy all things considered. He was definitely an intriguing contestant, that’s for sure.


    Clue: Member of a boyband prior to Idol (the group IM5)


    112. Lauren Alaina: Season 10 (2nd Place)


    Three runner ups within the last two sets after having none for a while; I guess the laws of balance are kicking in :haha:. Like Dalton, some posters may feel Lauren is too low. However, Lauren is very similar to Kellie, in that she was someone who I didn’t like at all but have come to gradually like over the years. She was this outgoing, bubbly girl who irritated me throughout her time on Idol; honestly, I thought she was a bit of a brat. However, the main issue I had was that I felt she was handled with kid gloves and was pushed to the finale. It seemed as if every other week the judges would say something along the lines of “Lauren is back!” while she never really gave anything better than slightly above average. With all of this said, I felt I was being unfair to her, so I decided to re-watch her Idol run and have come to realize I was indeed too harsh. While I don’t think she was as good as the judges/producers wanted her to be, she was better than I initially gave her credit for. She had a few performances I liked which included Turn On The Radio, Flat On The Floor, and I Hope You Dance (too bad her other two performances that night were tragic). It was just plain to see she was underdeveloped and had ways to go before reaching her full potential. Lauren appears to be doing very well for herself post-Idol. Apparently, her career got off to somewhat of a slow start; however, she kept plugging along and appears to have a viable career. The main thing I noticed was how strong her voice had gotten over the years. During the S15 duets, she blew MacKenzie and Emily out of the water without even trying (as an aside, I’m not a fan of the celebrity duets; it’s one of the things I didn’t miss during S18. However, I didn’t mind it with the former Idol finalists). If she waited a few years for her voice to develop, I might have looked at her more favorably. As it is, while she may never crack my Top 100, let alone be an all-time favorite, I have come around on her over time.


    Clue: Those darn stairs! AjarFearlessGrackle-max-1mb.gif (it sounds like something Lauren would say :giggle:)


    111. Amy Adams: Season 3 (10th Place)



    Oops, wrong one! 😜




    That's more like it! :giggle:


    This set started with a 10th placer; it ends with 10th placer. Not to be confused with the Golden Globe winning actress, this Amy Adams was a contestant during S3 who had her moments in the sun. Amy stood out from the crowd because she wasn’t a teen or an R&B diva. Her pink hair definitely helped as well. As for her Idol run, she started off as a part of Group 3 with The Power of Love. It was a very solid vocal, the second best of the night I thought. She was voted into the finals where she kind of struggled with You Make Me Feel Brand New. It was a bit safe and boring, plus I felt the band drowned her out. She landed in the B3 that night but was able to survive. Needless to say, Amy bounced back the following week with Sin Wagon, which was not only easily her best performance, it was one of the best performances of the season. The performance was really fun, and she was vocally on point. Seeing there were no viable country singers that season, it was a void Amy could’ve filled if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, she never really got the chance because she was eliminated the subsequent week after her performance of Dancing In The Street. The most memorable thing about it was Simon saying she reminded him of Jay Leno. I guess it was something since he didn’t have anything to say the week before. Overall, Amy appeared to be a fun, outgoing,  and friendly woman with a very pretty voice, and I wouldn’t have minded if she lasted a few weeks longer than she did.


    Clue: Lois Lane (has the same name of the actress who plays Lois Lane in the DC Universe movies)


    115. Lisa Tucker

    114. Sam Woolf

    113. Dalton Rapattoni

    112. Lauren Alaina

    111. Amy Adams


    3/5 were right this time. Apologies to those who were hoping certain finalists wouldn't appear in this set. :broken: I have to stay true to how I feel, which means I may break a heart or two unfortunately. :broken:


    For the upcoming set:

    • Nuts of Wonder
    • Sang the same song as the winner and runner up on different nights
    • A swan song that sadly described the situation perfectly
    • Rick Ankiel
    • It's time...
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