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  1. As promised, here is the new set.


    150. Mikalah Gordon: Season 4 (11th Place)


    Leading off this set is Mikalah Gordon. To be honest, I have no idea how I let her get this high because I never really cared for her. She managed to slip through the cracks (in hindsight I would probably rank her in the 160s or 170s. Still she would be higher than Constantine and Scott) but not anymore. Anyway, Mikalah was this loud, sassy teenager who was more known for her personality and banter with the judges than her singing. Personally, I thought she was more annoying than endearing, but I guess that’s who Mikalah was. Speaking of her singing, I’ll go ahead and talk about her time on Idol. I didn’t really like Young Hearts Run Free, especially the talking in the middle of the song. Her next performance God Bless the Child was easily her best. Unfortunately, her subsequent performances were, quite frankly, bad. Somewhere was out of tune and she looked unsure of herself. Son of a Preacher Man while energetic, had a lot of bad notes throughout the performance. As for Love Will Lead You Back, it was easy to see how that would be her final performance; it was the worst of the worst. After Idol, I know she was a co-host of American Idol Extra as well as being a correspondent on a couple of AI finales. I don’t know if she’s still singing; if she is, best of luck to her.


    Clue: Said to share similarities to a television character (she was often compared to Fran Drescher's the Nanny character)


    149. MacKenzie Bourg: Season 15 (4th Place)


    Next up is MacKenzie Bourg. I remember MacKenzie from S3 of The Voice (one of the few seasons I watched all the way through) where he was a member of Cee-Lo’s team. I believe he was one of the first one’s cut. Four years later, he resurfaced on Idol where he obviously fared better, making it all the way to fourth place. MacKenzie had a pleasant voice despite lacking range, but to his credit he made it work for him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very compelling performer. Most of the time he would take whatever song he did and rearrange it to fit his style. The problem was whenever he did this, it took away what made the original the song it is in the first place. The two biggest examples were I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Titanium. He had no where near the voice to do those songs justice, so I understand why he changed them up. However, he may have been better off picking different songs. With that said, I did like a couple of performances from him such as his original Roses and I See Fire. Also, I kind of liked his I Hope You Dance duet with Lauren Alaina, though he looked completely uncomfortable with Lauren hitting on him and everything. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, to me MacKenzie was a weaker, better-looking Alex Preston.


    Clue: Team Cee-Lo (referring to his time on The Voice)


    148. Lil Rounds: Season 8 (7th Place)


    Up next is Lil Rounds. At the beginning of the season, it was of thought that the show was pushing for a Danny, Adam, and Lil Top 3. Each of the three got the pimp spot in their respective groups, and all three were voted into the finals. While Danny and Adam managed to navigate their way to the Top 3 with few bumps (maybe one big one for Danny, but it obviously didn’t affect him that much), Lil took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost, unable to set her Idol GPS correctly. She started off strong with her performance of Be Without You in the semis. Once in the finals, she gave a very solid performance of The Way You Make Me Feel. After that, however, things rapidly went downhill for Lil. She struggled with the rest of her performances and consequently, the judges started criticizing her more frequently. Apparently, Lil didn’t take too kindly to the criticism as she would freak out and get defensive, plus she wasn’t above arguing with the judges. She was just someone who didn't know how to play the Idol game. Eventually, her self-destruction would lead to a seventh place finish, which had to have been disappointing for her considering the expectations placed on her shoulders at the beginning of the season.


    Clue: Talk about a crash and burn...


    147. Jacob Lusk: Season 10 (5th Place)


    I think it’s about time to add some Lusky Stank to this list. To me Jacob was the most technically proficient singer of the males in S10, and when he was on his game, he was capable of magic. Two examples are A House Is Not A Home and You’re All I Need To Get By. When he was off, however, oh boy. His bad performances could be used in interrogations; I’m fairly certain suspects will confess to any crime after having to listen to them. When he tried to belt, it was excruciating. It was as if he was EJay Day on steroids. Some of the worst included I Believe I Can Fly, Alone, and Oh No Not My Baby. Of course, no Jacob write-up would be complete without mentioning the hot mess that was No Air. If Jordin listened to this and decided to no longer clear her songs for Idol, I wouldn’t blame her one bit. His other song that evening, Love Hurts, wasn’t much better. Finally, can’t forget about his pre-performance video before Man in the Mirror where he said if he ended up in the B3, it would be because America couldn’t look at themselves in the mirror. Of course, he was in the B3, and an evil part of me wanted him to be eliminated for the comeuppance. Overall, if Jacob had better control of his voice, I most likely would’ve enjoyed him more than I did.


    Clue: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to lecture voters prior to performing...


    146. Sanjaya Malakar: Season 6 (7th Place)


    @CarmenSandiego was wondering when Sanjaya would make his appearance. Well, the wait is finally over! What is there to say about Sanjaya? He started off as this shy kid who had a hard time projecting his voice on stage who eventually went on to become the biggest troll in Idol history. If I were being more objective, he would be about 30-40 spots lower than this. However, I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy some of his antics on the show. In fact, I thought about ranking him higher, but this is as far as I decided to carry him. From his many hairstyles and silly performances, Simon threatening to quit should he have won, Howard Stern encouraging his listeners to vote for him, and the fan who went on a hunger strike to protest his existence in the competition, there certainly was no shortage of things to talk about regarding Sanjaya. Personally, I found the hysteria surrounding him amusing. He may not have been the best vocalist, but he certainly wasn’t the worst the show has ever had. Anyway, on to his journey. He initially auditioned with his older sister Shyamali; both made it to Hollywood where of course she was cut, and he made it through. His first semifinal performance of Knocks Me Off My Feet wasn’t too bad; it was just boring. I know You Really Got Me is considered to be where he started trolling. However, I think Steppin’ Out with My Baby was where it all began. There was no way he thought he could perform the way he did and expect to be taken seriously. :haha: Of course, things got better from there with the two biggest performances being the aforementioned You Really Got Me and Bathwater. The former introduced the world to Crying Girl, and the latter had the infamous pony hawk. Two weeks after Bathwater, he decided to be somewhat serious and gave his best performance in the competition with Besame Mucho. The following week would be his last after a terrible performance of Something to Talk About. It wasn’t even funny bad; it was awful bad. I couldn’t disagree with his elimination although a part of me wondered what he would’ve had in store for Idol Gives Back. With that said, although I enjoyed S6 as a whole, it was less interesting after his departure. Either way, Sanjaya certainly gave people something to talk about.


    Clue: The man, the myth, the legend (Of course :haha:)


    150. Mikalah Gordon

    149. MacKenzie Bourg

    148. Lil Rounds

    147. Jacob Lusk

    146. Sanjaya Malakar


    For the upcoming set:

    • Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift
    • Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques
    • Family man
    • Big voice in a tiny body
    • May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website
    On 6/14/2020 at 7:19 PM, Bk1234 said:

    @Crisis When I saw you posted I got so excited because I thought you posted the rankings... 😣


    Sorry about that. :haha: Well, they're here now!

  2. 25 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

    That's my fan bias talking by the way. lol In regards to Catie.


    These rankings are cool though. I may be a little defensive on some, but not many. I actually agree with a lot of these placements! :P 


    I completely understand about the fan bias and being defensive. In the early seasons, I had a few snowflakes which I would get absolutely triggered should any negative thing be said about them (I was young and immature then). Now, while I'll still defend them from time to time, I just shrug my shoulders and move on. I learned the most important thing is if you like the contestants, continue to support them in their endeavors and pay little mind to anything negative said about them, including the douchebag who created this list. 😄


     Speaking of the list, nice to see no hard feelings and that you agree with a lot of the placements.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    As to the hints, I have absolutely no clue! 😆 


    3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Wait, is this Quentin Alexander? I feel like he had an issue with Joey Cook's elimination and he was then eliminated the week after.


    I'm currently working on the next set now and should have it up within a couple of hours. All should be revealed then. ;)

  4. Saw this while I was posting:


    22 minutes ago, psterina said:

    Only one comment, here: 


    Catie Turner,  was my 2nd favorite of Season 16 (2nd, only to Maddie Poppe). Fun, really good songwriter.Love her voice & performances (Ok, maybe not Manic Monday, so much ).  But ... 


    Really happy to see that she got signed to Atlantic. :thumbs:


    Good to see she was your second favorite from the season, though obviously she isn't that high for me, lol. Really cool to see was signed. Best of luck to her!

  5. 12 hours ago, KelseyW said:

    Catie Turner is still underrated as heck by some I see. lmao Not surprised though. :rolleyes:


    Her original music is quite good, and some of it has even gone viral thanks to a song plug during a Shane Dawson YouTube series last year. :thumbs:


    Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. As I mentioned in the first post, this list will be mainly based on how I felt about them on the show, and Catie was too up and down for me. It's good to see she's still pursuing music outside of the show.


    12 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No complaints about the rankings.


    Also, the question which referred to Catie was a real softball.


    Good to see no complaints. Yeah, that was definitely a freebie. :haha:


    13 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I'm new here so I just saw this... If I say "no comment" then I probably haven't watched their season.


    Season 18: This list is really just your opinion, but personally I wouldn't have ranked Jovin as high as you did. I also think you ranked Francisco Martin too low. My personal top 5 includes Francisco Martin (most consistent), Makayla Phillips (best female contestant that season- maybe my favorite of the season), Jonny West (true artist), Julia Gargano (I love her buttery voice), and Louis Knight (great, emotional performances.)


    Lazaro Arbos- I still can't believe he came in sixth place... 

    Jim Verraros- no comment

    A.J. Gil- no comment

    Daniel Seavey- I liked him during that season. However, it seemed to me that he didn't have a very strong voice compared to everyone else. 

    Gianna Isabella- For some reason I liked her during that season... weird... 

    Heejun Han- He was very funny, however, I did not like how he treated the competition as a joke... 😒

    Corey Clark- no comment

    Wade Cota- I hated him. Especially after he tried to cheat in Hollywood Week. 😒

    Curtis Finch, Jr.- no comment

    Carmen Rasmusen- no comment

    JAX- I actually liked her in her season. She seemed very fun to me. 

    Gabby Barrett- I agree to disagree on this one. She was one of my favorites from Season 16. I'm very happy with her recent success as well! 😃

    Cade Foehner- I don't remember anything from him... 

    Kevin Covais- no comment

    Lee Jean- I watched his entire season and I have no clue who he is... 

    Andrew Garcia- no comment

    Dexter Roberts- very boring except for One Mississippi, which I enjoyed.

    Stefano Langone- I think you ranked him too low... I also feel bad for the backlash he received after Pia's elimination. It's good to see that they're still friends. 


    I'll finish tomorrow...


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    Continued thoughts on your rankings:

    Tim Urban- no comment

    Tristan McIntosh- I thought that she was the best out of the teens that were on that season. 

    Ace Young- no comment

    Chris Richardson- no comment

    Constantine Maroulis- I was surprised to see him return as a duet partner (I think?) in season 15, Bohemian Rhapsody was very good though!

    Scott Savol- no comment

    Jon Peter Lewis- no comment

    Chris Eligh- no comment

    EJ Day- no comment

    Danny Gokey- no comment

    Matthew Rogers-no comment

    Ashton Jones- She had personality, which was good, but I still think that Kendra or Robbie were more deserving of her slot as a wildcard. 

    Jermaine Jones- I didn't really like his personality, it was just too weird for me, sorry... However, I  agree, I didn't like how the show handled his disqualification. 

    MK Nobilette- Pretty voice, poor execution as the show went on (thank goodness they didn't save her). 

    Julia DeMato- no comment

    Scott MacIntyre- no comment

    Karen Rodriguez- I loved her performance of Hero! She truly made it her own. (Maybe you put her too low?)

    Jasmine Murray- no comment

    Maddie Walker- I loved her in Season 14! She was very fun and exciting to watch. However, looking back, she isn't as good as I thought!

    Leah LaBelle- I totally agree with your stance on her death... It's not worth dying for such a careless mistake... 😢

    Ada Vox- He had a strong voice but America wasn't a fan from the beginning. After Circle of Life, there was no recovering... 

    Walker Burroughs- I agree with you on him. I actually liked him last season. However, I remember none of his performances... :/

    Kristen O'Connor- I completely agree. She tackled songs too big for her...

    Lacey Brown- no comment

    Brandon Rogers- no comment

    Charles Grigsby- no comment

    Shannon Magrane- I really liked her performance of Go Light Your World. However, it spiraled out of control after that. I remember how Erika Van Pelt gave an inconsiderate (in my opinion) victory dance, ignoring the fact that Shannon had to sing for her life in the competition. 

    Jorge Nuñez- no comment

    Jeremy Rosado- Definitely deserving of the Wild Card pick. However, I am so thankful that they saved Elise instead. 

    Catie Turner- Very fun, great personality. I liked her performances but I wouldn't call myself a fan. I guess she was having a Manic Sunday that night! 😆





    Trust me, you're not the only one who disagreed with where I ranked Jovin. :haha: Francisco was kind of in no man's land. I wasn't crazy about him, but I didn't dislike him either, so I felt that was the best place for him. The only one we appear to agree on is Julia, although Makayla and Jonny just missed my Top 5.


    As for the rest of the comments, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears most of the no comments were for contestants prior to Season 10; therefore, I assume that's when you started watching Idol. I'll focus on the contestants that have comments.


    Lazaro - yeah, it was crazy he finished that high and was the last male standing. I can imagine how ugly it would've gotten had he outlasted any of the females.

    Daniel - he was just too young and green to be on the show when he was. He apparently has gotten better since, which is good.

    Gianna- like Daniel, too young and green for my liking. Good to see you enjoyed her though.

    Heejun - pretty much agree with you on him

    Wade - yeah, him not even trying to learn the song in Hollywood was annoying, though I thought it was hilarious when he got caught cheating.

    JAX - she was definitely a love or hate contestant. Unfortunately, she was the latter for me though I don't like using the word hate

    Gabby - though we disagree, it's good to see she's one of your favorites

    Cade- consider yourself fortunate...

    Lee - fair enough

    Dexter - agreed

    Stefano - I just never got into him. Good to see he and Pia are still friends,

    Tristan - she was certainly better than Gianna and Lee

    Constantine - Bohemian Rhapsody was the only performance of his I really liked. That said, he wasn't a bad duet partner during S15

    Ashthon - agreed, though I was more disappointed at Lauren T. not getting a chance to sing in the WC than Kendra or Robbie not being selected

    Jermaine - I can see how his personality can come off that way. The way the show handled his DQ was bad

    MK - I don't think she ever looked comfortable on stage. Considering she was in the B3 a couple of times before her elimination, she really didn't have much of a shot at being saved

    Karen - Hero was good. Too bad she wasn't much better

    Maddie - yeah, another case of someone being too green

    Leah - glad to see you agree

    Ada - you have a point about America not being a fan. Unfortunately, I don't think she gave any reason for America to be

    Walker - yep, total agreement

    Kristen - agreed

    Shannon - agreed about her GLYW and everything after. As for Erika's celebration, I can see how it would look bad; however, I can only imagine how nerve wrecking and stressful waiting for the results is, so I really don't begrudge anyone showing relief or celebrating after they're told they're safe. Besides, Erika did hug Shannon and wished her luck afterwards.

    Jeremy - I was happy to see him get a WC spot too. Agreed about being thankful Elise was saved

    Catie - pretty much agree. LOL at Manic Sunday

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  6. Well, it's been a day and no new posts, so I'll post the next set:


    155. Charles Grigsby: Season 2 (11th Place)


    What is there to say about Charles? He had an OK voice, seemed to be a chill laid-back guy, worked at a grocery store at the time, and had good fashion sense. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to him than that. As for his Idol run, he was a part of Group 1 in the semis where he gave a solid if unspectacular rendition of Overjoyed. The voters liked it enough as he was voted into the finals. There he gave an OK performance of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) in the first week, which was enough for him to advance. The following week, however, would be his last as he gave a mediocre at best performance of the aptly titled You Can’t Win. All wasn’t lost for Charles as far as Idol was concerned. Because of Corey’s disqualification, Charles was invited to take part in the summer tour, which he originally wouldn’t have been able to do due to not placing in the Top 10. Other than these tidbits, there’s not much really to say about Charles.


    Clue: Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history


    154. Shannon Magrane: Season 11 (11th Place)


    What do you know, back to back eleventh place finishers. :haha: Stepping up to the plate is Shannon Magrane. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but Shannon was yet another teen who had promise but needed more time to mature vocally. Shannon’s Idol journey got off to an interesting start when Steven Tyler said something was “hot, humid, and happening, just like your daughter” to her father at her audition. :rofl: As for the rest of Shannon’s journey, she started off well enough with Go Light Your World in the semis, though she looked like she was on her way to her high school prom. It was enough to get into her finals where unfortunately she bit off more than she could chew with her song choices. If I were to take a guess, I believe she felt like she needed to try to compete with the other big voiced teens Jessica and Hollie, which was a battle she was always going to lose. The first week she did the overdone I Have Nothing (even though it was Whitney Houston week – which would be a struggle for anyone, even the most powerful singers – she could’ve picked a different song) which was shaky; it was too big for her and she was definitely nervous throughout the performance. The next week, she took on another diva, future AI judge Mariah Carey, and sung One Sweet Day, which it certainly wasn’t for her as once again, the song was too big for her. She wasn’t as fortunate this time as she was eliminated the following night. From what I understand, she’s done some singing and modeling post-Idol; the latter makes sense as she’s certainly tall and pretty enough, so good for her.


    Clue: It was just one note! (What she said during the judges critiques of I Have Nothing. It was more than one note though, just sayin'...)


    153. Jorge Nuñez: Season 8 (12th/13th Place)


    For S8, one of the places Idol held its auditions was Puerto Rico (shout-out to @x3 because of u). The most well-known auditioner to come from those auditions was Jorge Nuñez. Jorge appeared to be a nice earnest guy who was a strong balladeer. As for his Idol journey, he was a part of Group 3 where he gave a strong performance of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, which is another overdone song on Idol. I’ll admit I had some reservations after his performance, but not for the reason(s) one may think. I had some contestants I was interested in from that group and hoped they would advance to the finals. However, I knew Jorge had a great shot of advancing due to his performance and the banter with the judges afterwards. My reservations proved to be right because he did advance, and to be honest, I wasn’t mad about it at all. His stay in the finals was short lived, however, as he was eliminated along with Jasmine in the first week after his performance of Never Can Say Goodbye. I don’t think he picked the right song; I thought he would’ve been better off singing something like She’s Out Of My Life (look at me channeling my inner Kara). Nonetheless, Jorge had one great moment on Idol, which is nothing to sneeze at.


    Clue: The lone finalist from a US Territory


    152. Jeremy Rosado: Season 11 (13th Place)


    Jeremy appeared to be a nice guy who favored singing ballads, and J-Lo seemed to have a soft spot for him. However, in a season as stacked as S11 was, while I wouldn’t say he was out of his league, he didn’t really measure up to the other contestants. He started off by singing Gravity in the semis, which while pleasant, wasn’t anything to jump out of the chair for (which is saying something considering how standing ovation happy the judges were that season). He didn’t earn enough votes to advance to the finals; however, he was selected to perform in the Wildcard Round. There he gave a strong, emotional, and heartfelt performance of I Know You Won’t (one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs), which is a VERY difficult song to sing. Though he got too emotional at the end where he couldn’t finish the song, he was one of the very few contestants to do justice to a Carrie Underwood song on Idol. One thing I noticed was how into the performance the other contestants were. The judges liked it enough to the point where he was selected to go to the finals. There, he sang Ribbon In The Sky which wasn’t anything to get excited over. Due to a twist that week, the lowest male and female vote-getters had their fate decided by the judges as to who would stay in the competition. Jeremy and Elise were the unlucky two in those unenviable positions. The judges decided to keep Elise, which meant Jeremy’s Idol stay came to an end. I felt Elise had a lot more to offer than Jeremy, so I certainly agreed the decision. Still, I don’t think I would’ve minded Jeremy sticking around longer under different circumstances (I definitely preferred him to HeeJun), but it is what it is.


    Clue: You say you'll call, but I know you...(which of course is the beginning of the chorus of I Know You Won't. I was secretly hoping someone would guess Carrie for this clue :giggle:)


    151. Catie Turner: Season 16 (6th/7th Place)


    Ending this set is the polarizing Catie Turner. Catie had this unfiltered, quirky, off-beat personality that at times I found endearing and other times annoying. As an artist, Catie had something intriguing about her; however, based on her Idol run, she still needed time to understand who she wanted to be. She started her run with Call Me, a song that has never been done well on Idol, and Catie was no exception. Still, she was picked to go to the Top 14 where she made another questionable song choice with Take Me To Church. I didn’t think she had anywhere near the emotional depth or maturity the song required and therefore, I wasn’t too fond of this performance either. Despite this, she was voted into the Top 10, where she performed Havana as her victory song. I’m not the biggest Camila Cabello fan, plus I can’t stand the song (apologies to any Camila fans in advance :stealth:); however, this was the first time I liked Catie. She picked a song that actually suited her. The next week Catie gave my favorite performance of hers with Once Upon A Dream. To take it a step further, this was my favorite performance of the night. Out of all the finalists, Catie was the only one to really embrace the Disney theme and completely threw herself into the performance. Unfortunately, the next week was really rough for Catie. Her first performance, Oops!...I Did It Again, was rather polarizing. I believed the arrangement was based on something similar to what Postmodern Jukebox does. Personally, I kind of dug it; however, I can see how others wouldn’t. Unfortunately, her second performance, Manic Monday, was nothing short of a disaster. It got off to a rough start with her forgetting some lyrics to the opening verse, and it only got worse from there. I’m not one of those people who grabs a pitchfork when someone forgets the lyrics because it happens. The problem I had with this performance was Catie was clearly affected by her screw-up and therefore, the rest of the performance was way off. Despite this, I thought she still had a chance of advancing to the next round because she appeared to be very popular, especially since she had the biggest social media following of all the contestants. However, she ended up being eliminated that night. My favorite thing was her body language as the results were being read, as if she was hoping she wouldn’t be picked. As I mentioned, she was intriguing, but she obviously had some growing up to do. I haven’t kept track of her post-Idol, so I'm not sure what she's been up to since. I may look into it later.


    Clue: Oops!..I Forgot the Lyrics (a very difficult clue obviously 😜)


    155. Charles Grigsby

    154. Shannon Magrane

    153. Jorge Nuñez

    152. Jeremy Rosado

    151. Catie Turner


    What to expect for the next set:

    • Talk about a crash and burn...
    • Said to share similarities to a television character
    • The man, the myth, the legend
    • Team Cee-Lo
    • Maybe it wasn't a good idea to lecture voters prior to performing...
  7. 16 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Definitely no complaints about your rankings.  Incidentally, I rooted for the other background singer in Season 6 (Melinda Doolittle) and was devastated when she came in third.


    Yeah, Melinda coming in third was rather disappointing. With that said, I have some ideas as to why she finished third; however, I'm going to wait until her write-up before expressing them.


    16 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

     I think that the one who forgot the lyrics was Catie Turner.  I remember her doing it two seasons ago and going home for it.


    16 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:

    Yeah, definitely her, she forgot the lyrics on "Manic Monday" performance of hers I think. And she did a cover of "Oops! I Did It Again!" of Britney I think which is why this clue makes sense.


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:


    • Oops!...I Forgot the Lyrics! - Yup, agree with the two people above me that this is Catie Turner.


    I guess I made this one too easy. :dead: I won't even pretend this could be someone else.


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:
    • The lone finalist from a US Territory - Jorge Nunez (my people... Puerto Rico!)
    • Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history - Hmmmmm, I'm curious to see who this will be.
    • It was just one note! - No idea
    • You say you'll call, but I know you... - Jeremy Rosado


    We'll see if the ones you guessed are right. Anyone want to take a stab at the other two?

  8. I'll go ahead and post the next set.


    160. Ada Vox: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place)


    Time for another S16 contestant to enter the countdown. I actually remember when Adam Sanders auditioned for Idol during S12. He eventually was eliminated after lasting a few rounds in Hollywood. He came back for S16, this time as a drag queen named Ada Vox. Ada was definitely the most intriguing contestant, and I was interested to see how she would fare. Unfortunately, Ada turned out to be a huge disappointment. For starters, in spite of the creative persona, Ada lacked any originality performance wise. She picked songs that had been done multiple times before on Idol, which I don’t really have a problem with; the main issue was she simply did not sing them well. She wanted to be this big voiced diva; however, she would get screechy and lose pitch whenever she belted.  It was not pleasant to listen to. The worst of the worst was her final performance Circle of Life. That performance, plus her being a wildcard ended her run on Idol. Regarding Disney Night, I remember reading people wanted her to sing Poor Unfortunate Souls while dressed up like Ursula. I wouldn’t have said no to that, but it wasn’t meant to be. Oh well. In the end, I ended up liking Ada the idea more than Ada the contestant, if that makes any kind of sense.


    Clue: Performed under an alter ego


    159. Walker Burroughs: Season 17 (7th/8th Place)


    It’s been a while since I've posted a S17 finalist; it’s time to give Wade some company. To be honest, I originally found it difficult to write about Walker because he was pretty much a non-entity to me his season despite currently being a year removed from it. The main thing I remember about him is his red hair, glasses, and fashion style. If anyone were to ask me about any of his performances, I wouldn’t be able to give a solid answer because I wouldn’t have many memories about them. I decided to re-watch his performances for the purpose of this write-up, and the conclusion: he was OK, nothing groundbreaking. One thing I noticed was he was a bit of a dork (I mean that in a positive way, BTW) and fully embraced it. Going back to his performances, there is actually one I do remember before my re-watch: the Mrs. Robinson duet with Alejandro. What irritated me was Bobby Bones (who is as useful as speedos to a monastery of monks) saying that Walker needed to keep up with Alejandro. Based on that performance, it was the other way around. Walker was whispering the song so he wouldn’t overpower Alejandro (before any Alejandro supporters jump on me – not that anyone of them seem to read this thread anyway – notice I haven’t ranked Alejandro yet, so I do like him more than Walker, just not in this instance). That performance and his solo performance of Crazy Little Thing Called Love were his final performances in the competition as he was eliminated that night. For someone who I didn’t have much to say about, this write-up turned out to be pretty lengthy after all. :haha:


    Clue: Imagine having to spend that much time with Bobby Bones...(Bobby had Walker join him on his Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots Tour after the season)


    158. Kristen O'Connor: Season 13 (13th Place)


    Up next is Kristen O’Connor. Kristen appeared to be a lovely girl; however, she wasn’t the most consistent singer. She would give performances that would have some good moments, but they would often be overshadowed by her off moments. I think her biggest problem was she tried to be this powerhouse pop singer, thinking her voice was stronger than it actually was. Taking on Adele, Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson really exposed her vocal limitations. Turning Tables was pretty much out of tune through most of the song. Unconditionally was the best of the three, yet it still had more ups than downs. As for Beautiful Disaster, well…she’s beautiful, but that performance, while I won’t call it a disaster, to say it was not very good would be an understatement. Unsurprisingly, she was the first finalist eliminated, and I can’t say I disagree with the results (though I thought Malaya was even worse that week). Now that I think about it, after reading this write-up, in hindsight I probably should’ve rated her a few spots lower. Oh well. One thing I do remember during my lurking days was that the gay men really seemed to hate her. :haha: While I don’t dislike her as much as they did, I can’t say I’m a fan either.


    Clue: Pretty girl, pitchy singer


    157. Lacey Brown: Season 9 (12th Place)


    Next to arrive in the list is another first exit, Lacey Brown. Lacey had this strange yet interesting tone to her voice that could be good or bad depending on which song she chose. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the best at picking songs; therefore, it was often the latter. The biggest example was her first semifinal performance Landslide. It should’ve been a song that suited her voice perfectly, yet it ended up being really painful to listen to. She managed to survive it and gave a slightly better performance with Kiss Me. The last week in the semis is where she gave her best performance with The Story. The voters liked it enough where she was voted into the finals on what is considered to be one of the most controversial results shows on Idol. I believe she and Paige were the two main recipients of the outrage due to the results. Hopefully, Lacey didn’t settle in and unpack too many of her items because her stay in the finals was short. She was eliminated the first week after giving a forgettable performance of Ruby Tuesday. Overall, Lacey appeared to be a nice girl with an interesting voice, but she was nothing more than that.


    Clue: Was involved in a sing off in a previous season (she auditioned in S8, where she was one of the final cuts after competing in a sing off against Megan Joy)


    156. Brandon Rogers: Season 6 (12th Place)


    Why not make it three in a row? :haha: Here we have another first finalist exit entry with Brandon Rogers. One of the more compelling stories of S6 was the two background singers getting their chance to be in the spotlight. One went on to become who is considered to be one of the best vocalists in Idol history. The other couldn’t break out and show any signs of becoming a lead singer. Guess which category Brandon fell under (BTW, we won’t be seeing the other background singer any time soon ;))? Most of Brandon’s struggles came from a lack of charisma and poor song choices. His first performance of Rock With You didn’t start off too bad. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way when the up-tempo part kicked in. He should’ve committed to doing the whole song up-tempo or as a ballad because the change up didn’t work. Next was Time After Time, which while pleasant, was kind of boring. The main thing I remember was him giving a random birthday shout out to someone, which Simon mocked later. The following week he gave what I considered to be his best performance in the competition with I Just Want to Celebrate. Even then, I didn’t think it was enough for him to make the finals, yet he managed to earn enough votes to make it there. Unfortunately for Brandon, he gave his worst performance of the competition in the finals with You Can’t Hurry Love. It was just bad, from the flat singing, voice crack, cheesy dancing, and of course him forgetting the lyrics in which he walked around with a dumbfounded look on his face. 😐 It was easy to see he would be the first boot after that performance. After Idol, I know he went on to host some Idol related red carpet events. However, the most random thing about Brandon was that not only did he get an invite to the Fox Grand Finale, he got to sing a solo line in a group medley whereas Blake Lewis was relegated to the background in some of the performances. :rofl: Either way, Brandon didn’t make the most of his opportunity to show he could be a lead singer, which is unfortunate.


    Clue: Some people were meant to be in the background (should be obvious)


    160. Ada Vox

    159. Walker Burroughs

    158. Kristen O'Connor

    157. Lacey Brown

    156. Brandon Rogers


    As for the upcoming set:

    • Oops!...I Forgot the Lyrics!
    • The lone finalist from a US Territory
    • Often considered to be the most forgettable finalist in Idol history
    • It was just one note!
    • You say you'll call, but I know you...
  9. 3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    It's okay. :hug:  I still have many more big favorites (including from those two seasons) that have yet to show up and hopefully we'll have some in common! I did enjoy the humor. :haha:  


    I did not remember this either. :lmao: It's so weird. I would think she'd want them to sing her own songs, rather than ones that inspired her. 


    Thank you :hug:


    As for Gwen Stefani, judging from the looks on her face when some of the contestants did sing her songs in rehearsal, I don't think she wanted any of them singing her songs. :haha:


    3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Maddie was one of my favorites on her season and I wish she lasted longer. :( I'm glad she found some success post-show. I agree with you on Scott, but I like Karen and Jasmine a bit more than you seem to. I especially liked Jasmine in the earlier rounds. I wasn't a fan of Leah, but her passing is so incredibly sad. :( It's tragic to know how it could have been prevented and I agree with everything you said about that. 


    Too bad about Maddie not lasting longer than you would've liked. As is the case with most teens, she still had some maturing to do. Good to see she had some success post-Idol. Not much to say about Scott, Karen, and Jasmine except I pretty much agree. As for Leah, yes her passing was incredibly sad, even more so knowing it could've been easily prevented.


    1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I didn’t know which person was driving — Leah or her husband.  Given that both of them were drunk and high, I’m not terribly surprised that the husband chose to drive while drunk or that Leah chose to ride with him, but it was a terrible situation and I’m glad that I never got into that kind of situation!


    It was certainly was a terrible situation, and I hope no one ever find themselves in situations like those.

  10. On 6/9/2020 at 8:23 PM, CarmenSandiego said:

    I didn’t know that Leah was killed in a car accident, or that the accident was caused by driving while drunk.  Very dumb move, and I’m sad that it cost her her life.


     I think that the person who performed under an alter ego was Adam aka Ada Vox.


    It was her husband who was driving. Apparently, he had alcohol, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and marijuana in his system at the time. Leah wasn't much better, as she had methamphetamine and amphetamine as well as being over the alcohol limit. He was going well over the speed limit when he lost control of the car. The car eventually flipped over and both died instantly from their injuries suffered from the accident. It's a sad story all the way around.


    As for your guess, we'll see (though you may be right :haha:).


    15 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    165. Scott MacIntyre - agree

    164. Karen Rodriguez - I was so sad to see her Idol run go the way it did. I was actually a fan beforehand because she had appeared on the Spanish-language Objetivo Fama and gave a wonderful performance of "El Hombre Que Yo Amo".  I was happy to see her do some work with Romeo Santos after Idol (for the non-Spanish speakers, he is crazy popular) and was also excited to see that she was signed by Roc Nation Latin. I thought she really had a chance to blow up but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have panned out. I think she's super talented but her Idol run didn't really reflect that.

    163. Jasmine Murray - I barely remember her haha

    162. Maddie Walker - I vaguely remember enjoying her and being a little sad she got eliminated when she did.

    161. Leah LaBelle - My season 3 fave along with Diana. Mostly I loved her audition and I just kept hoping she'd do better. Unfortunately that didn't really happen . I was happy to see her success with Sexify and was shocked to hear of her death. 😭 I completely agree with your mini-rant. So preventable. I too don't drive when I've had a drink and if I do, it's hourssss later.


    Next set:

    • Imagine having to spend that much time with Bobby Bones...
    • Performed under an alter ego - Ada Vox
    • Pretty girl, pitchy singer - Haley Scarnato
    • Some people were meant to be in the background - Brandon Rogers
    • Was involved in a sing off in a previous season


    165. :thumbs:

    164. Too bad she wasn't better on Idol. It's nice to see you were a fan of hers before Idol. Too bad her career hasn't panned out the way you hoped

    163. Fair enough :haha:

    162. I liked Suitcase. Everything else was meh

    161. Too bad she didn't get much better during her time on Idol. She definitely got better after it. Her death was shocking indeed. Thank you for agreeing with my mini-rant


    We'll see about your guesses...

    13 hours ago, Elliott said:

    165. Scott MacIntyre - Not a fan.

    164. Karen Rodriguez - Meh.

    163. Jasmine Murray - Meh.

    162. Maddie Walker - Wasn't a fan at all. But she's from my least favourite season.

    161. Leah LaBelle - I couldn't stand her in S3 and was livid she made it over Suzy (and Lisa). I liked her original music that came out when she was signed to LA Reid's label, so it was nice to see she'd grown so much. RIP.


    165-162. I don't have much to say except I pretty much agree :haha:

    161. Don't get me started on what happened to Lisa Leuschner. That was one of my few so-called "Idol rage" moments. Agreed about her original music and growth as an artist (Leah, of course).


  11. Anybody ready for more list? If not, too bad because I'm posting my next set anyway! :haha:


    165. Scott MacIntyre: Season 8 (8th Place)


    Leading off this set will be the second S8 finalist to appear in this ranking: Scott MacIntyre. Scott was the first, and so far only, legally blind finalist on Idol. Unfortunately, that was the most interesting thing about him. He appeared to be a nice guy and a talented musician. However, he was one of the most boring singers to grace the Idol stage. In addition, he had some pitch issues that made him difficult to listen to. With that said, he had two solid performances: Mandolin Rain and Just The Way You Are. The former was in the semis, and it was good enough for him to advance to the finals from Group 3. The rest of his performances, however, we’re either boring or bad. His final performance on the show The Search Is Over was an unfortunate combination of both. He put away the piano and tried his hand at the electric guitar, and I appreciated he tried to do something different; however, it was a disaster. He was eliminated the following night, and I can’t say I disagreed with the result. I guess that’s all I have to say about him.


    Clue: Possibly Ryan's biggest fail as AI host (I'll let the gif speak for itself) :giggle: MatureHarshFrogmouth.webp


    164. Karen Rodriguez: Season 10 (12th Place)


    Speaking of boring, here’s another contestant who fits the description. I remember seeing Karen being called Señora Snoozefest because of this. :giggle:The most memorable thing about her is that she sung in English and Spanish. This was most evident in the semis with Hero, where she sang the song in both languages. I could see how it would come across as gimmicky; however, I enjoyed it. I can’t say the same for the two performances that followed it, unfortunately. She sang Love Will Lead You Back on her final week of the show, which is supposedly a “cursed” song because whoever sung it has been eliminated the following night. Unfortunately for Karen, she was no exception. The problem in her case was that she struggled to hit the high notes and rushed the song a bit. Plus, she sang in both English and Spanish again; however, it wasn’t as effective with this performance as it was with Hero. With all that said, it still wasn’t the worst performance of the night. Overall, Karen was a beautiful girl with a nice voice, but she wasn’t the most exciting or engaging performer during her time on Idol.


    Clue: A bilingual Idol finalist


    163. Jasmine Murray: Season 8 (12th/13th Place)


    I guess it’s time for another S8 finalist to show up. Jasmine was another teen with potential. However, as with most teens, she wasn’t prepared for a stage like Idol. For some reason the judges were enamored with her; maybe it was because of said potential. She got off to a rough start with Love Song. I knew she was in trouble when the first notes came out of her mouth. Unfortunately, the rest of the performance didn’t get any better and unsurprisingly, she didn’t advance out of her group. All was not lost for Jasmine as she was picked to sing in the Wildcard Round. I don’t begrudge Jasmine nor the judges for picking her for that matter, but there were other female contestants I would’ve picked before her. Nonetheless, she gave what I thought was her best performance in the competition with Reflection. It was enough to earn a wildcard spot and advance to the finals. Her finals run was short lived as she was eliminated after a forgettable performance of I’ll Be There, which is one of the worst things to be early in the finals. I understand Jasmine went on to compete in beauty pageants and has done some Christian music post-Idol. I decided to watch a video of hers and needless to say, she has come a long way since her time on Idol, so good for her.


    Clue: The original 13th place finalist (I realize this one's vague because of a scenario I didn't consider before. Plus, I don't think they made it official where Jasmine or Jorge placed. All is known is that Jasmine's elimination was announced first. Oh well, no point in changing it now)


    162. Maddie Walker: Season 14 (10th/11th Place)


    Next up is Maddie Walker from S14. Maddie was a teenage country singer whose Idol journey got off to an interesting start. Initially, she was supposed to be cut during the Top 24 selection. However, she was invited back to participate in a sing off with Rachael Halleck. The judges ended up putting Maddie through; I’m trying to remember if there was any serious outcry because this appeared to be a controversial decision. Anyway, Maddie managed to have two OK performances in the semis with Love Gets Me Every Time and I’ll Be There. She advanced to the finals where in the first week she gave her best performance with her audition song Suitcase. She managed to last two more weeks before she was eliminated in a double elimination alongside Adanna the week after Qaasim was saved. Her last performance of Let’s Hear It For The Boy was pretty rough; therefore, I can’t say the elimination wasn’t unjust. After Idol she joined the all-female country group South Haven. I know they had a video, single, and album; outside of this, however, I haven’t heard anything from them (maybe because I’m not actively looking, who knows). Either way, Maddie certainly had an interesting Idol run.


    Clue: A finalist who shares the same first name and home state of a winner (the winner in question is Maddie Poppe of course. Both are originally from Iowa)


    161. Leah LaBelle: Season 3 (12th Place)


    Now for the saddest write-up on the list thus far (to think there are two more to do after this). Leah was another teenager who was a little rough on the edges. One thing I vividly remember was she certainly wasn’t lacking in confidence, almost to the point of being full of herself. She started her run with the overdone I Have Nothing in the semis while not bad, it certainly wasn’t the best version on the show (heck, it was done better later in the season). She didn’t get voted through to the finals, but she was invited back to perform in the Wildcard Round. There she gave an underwhelming performance of Let’s Stay Together. It certainly didn’t measure up to the version Trenyce did a year before in the same round. Despite this, however, Paula picked her as her wildcard selection and thus, Leah was on her way to the finals. While there, she gave another underwhelming performance; this time it was for You Keep Me Hangin’ On in which her vocals, energy, and stage presence was lacking. Unsurprisingly, that was her only performance in the finals because she was eliminated the following night. I know she continued to pursue music after Idol and was able to land a recording contract. I heard about her single Sexify, but up to now I had never listened to it. I decided to do so for this write-up, and I’m not going to front: it’s a bop. :bobo: I know she had other songs, so I listened to them and I can say she appeared to have grown as an artist, not to mention blossom into a beautiful woman (then again, she was always a pretty girl). Unfortunately, as we all know, Leah and her husband, former NBA player Rasual Butler, lost their lives in a car accident in January 2018. May they both RIP. :( 💔


    * Warning: Mini-Rant Ahead *


    After learning more about the accident, their deaths were even more tragic because they could've been easily prevented. I can never comprehend how people could get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Why take the risk, especially if there are others with you? If someone plans on being intoxicated, have someone who is sober go with them so he/she will be able to get them home safely (if not possible, call a cab or Uber/Lyft driver). Nothing ever comes good from driving impaired, with the worst case scenario being death, which unfortunately happened to Leah and Rasual. I personally don't do drugs (the only drugs I take are the ones doctors prescribe to combat illness); however, I do enjoy a drink from time to time. Whenever I do drink, should I have to drive, I wait two hours minimum before I consider getting behind the wheel. I don't even drink at bars or restaurants unless I'm with someone who doesn't drink; it's not worth the risk. It's a shame two people lost their lives at relatively young ages because of a bad decision.


    I didn't mean to end Leah's write-up this way, but this is a subject that hits too close to home. I lost two good friends due to drunk driving (one was the driver, the other was hit by a drunk driver), and I had to stop my brother-in-law from driving home after a drink when he had his son with him. Fortunately, I was able to get them home safely. If only that was the case for Leah and Rasual...


    * End Mini-Rant *


    165. Scott MacIntyre

    164. Karen Rodriguez

    163. Jasmine Murray

    162. Maddie Walker

    161. Leah LaBelle


    Next set:

    • Imagine having to spend that much time with Bobby Bones...
    • Performed under an alter ego
    • Pretty girl, pitchy singer
    • Some people were meant to be in the background
    • Was involved in a sing off in a previous season
  12. 17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Aw, Ace and Chris were major favorites of mine from their seasons. :( Sad to see them so low. The other three were okay for me. I didn't care much for Tim or Tristan (I think I liked Tristan more in the earlier rounds though). "Tim made his semifinal debut with Apologize, and well, he needed to apologize to everyone after that performance" :lmao: Yikes. And I was never a huge Constantine fan, but I did enjoy some of his performances. "Constantine was someone who tried to come off as a rocker when in reality he was a theater geek posing as one." :haha:  His more theatrical ones were my favorites from him too. 


    Sorry to have Ace and Chris so low (it has not been good for some of your favorites thus far. Hopefully that will change though I can't make any promises). :( Happy to see someone appreciate my attempt at humorous takes. I was really proud of the Tim one. :haha:


    17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Danny is another one I'm disappointed more people on IDF don't care for. I always loved his voice and he's among my secondary favorites from S8. He's doing really well for himself with his career and I love a lot of the songs I've heard from him. :yes:


    As I said before, Danny wasn't a bad singer. Unfortunately, he didn't come off in the best light personality wise, which can be a hindrance no matter how well a contestant sings. Good to see he's doing really well for himself.


    17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    "Clue: Eliminated the week of what may be the most random theme in Idol history (Artists Who Inspired Gwen Stefani? What kind of theme was that?)" :dead: I forgot this ever happened. Seriously, what the heck?


    Exactly. :dead: I might be wrong, but I thought the original theme was supposed to be Pop. What made them change from that to this, who knows. Maybe that was the only way they could have Gwen Stefani agree to mentor the contestants. :haha:


    17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    I don't care for most of them, but I did like Matt. I enjoyed his personality on the Idol shows he hosted later on and thought he was a great fit. :yes:


    I don't believe I've watched anything Matt hosted. It's nice to see he's done well.


    I should have the next set up some time tonight.



  13. 5 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I should note that Matt got into an argument with Simon Cowell.  Bad move, as you should never argue with the judges.  Quentin Alexander found that out the hard way when he argued with Harry in Season 14.


    That's right, Matt did argue with Simon. :haha: As for Quentin, I'll wait until I get to his write-up (*spoiler alert* which won't be happening any time soon) for my thoughts on that, but for now I'll say I put that more on Harry.


    5 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    170. Matthew Rogers - no complaints here

    169. Ashthon Jones - same as above, I don't have much of an opinion on her.

    168. Jermaine Jones - same, LOL

    167. MK Nobilette - I think I liked her somewhat but again, not too surprised here.

    166. Julia DeMato - My original fave! (I didn't start watching Idol until Season 2). But yeah, watching her back she wasn't that good.


    For the upcoming set:

    • A finalist who shares the same first name and home state of a winner
    • Possibly Ryan's biggest fail as AI host - He never pulled a Steve Harvey, did he? I'm curious about this one...
    • The original 13th place finalist
    • A bilingual Idol finalist - Karen Rodriguez
    • Someone who is sadly no longer with us - Michael Johns 😭


    170-168. Fair enough

    167. I wanted her to do well, but it wasn't meant to be

    166. Interesting to see she was your initial favorite. Yeah, she wasn't that good.


    As for the guesses, we'll see...


    3 hours ago, Elliott said:

    170. Matthew Rogers - He's higher on my rankings, mostly just because I'm indifferent on him compared to the Idols I dislike.

    169. Ashthon Jones - She was an early favourite of mine in S10. I liked her Hollywood week stuff and her studio version of WYTMLYM was pretty nice. But then I found out she was homophobic so I instantly dropped her.

    168. Jermaine Jones - I don't doubt for a second the show brought him on knowing they were going to disqualify him (those warrants didn't just magically appear out of thin air) and did it for media buzz or whatever. It was gross. I liked the tone of his voice, but I don't think he would've gone much further tbh.

    167. MK Nobilette - She had a couple of performances I liked, but she was off more than she was on, so-to-speak. I would've preferred Emily staying over her.

    166. Julia DeMato - I've had an irrational dislike of her for years and it's probably from her Hollywood drama with Kim Caldwell because Kim Caldwell is one of my all-time favourites. :haha:


    170. Fair enough

    169. Wow at the homophobia. 😲 Yeah, that's a good reason to drop someone.

    168. Absolutely. I wasn't a fan of the twist to begin with. With that said, the worst part is the spot could've gone to someone else.

    167. Yeah, she was definitely more off than on.

    166. Put that way, it's easy too see how someone can irrationally dislike a contestant :haha:


    3 hours ago, Elliott said:
    • Possibly Ryan's biggest fail as AI host - Scott MacIntyre
    • The original 13th place finalist - I feel like this is a reference to S4, but I don't think Mario is included in this. Nikko Smith, perhaps?
    • A bilingual Idol finalist - Karen Rodriguez
    • Someone who is sadly no longer with us - Leah LaBelle


    I didn't even consider the Nikko Smith-Mario Vazquez scenario, so it's safe to say it's not that (I pretty much gave this one away). We'll see about the other guesses.


    2 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    Oh yeah, Leah makes sense for that last clue. One of my faves that season too. 😔


    Well, if I'm not mistaken, there are three finalists who fit this clue, so there's a 1/3 chance of getting it right.

  14. As promised, here is the next set. I'm pretty much listed the contestants I dislike and am now posting contestants I somewhat dislike/feel meh about.


    170. Matthew Rogers: Season 3 (11th Place)


    Leading off this set is Matthew (Matt) Rogers. Matt was this big, outgoing guy who was an OK if not spectacular singer. Prior to Idol, his biggest claim to fame was that he played in the Rose Bowl while in college. He appeared on what may be considered to be the worst night of performances in AI history: the infamous Group 2 of Season 3. He was one of three performers to give a performance that was at least average with What You Won’t Do For Love. He was one of the Top 2 vote getters from that group and thus was able to advance to the finals. There was a little controversy over this, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. He lasted two weeks into the finals before he was eliminated in 11th place after an underwhelming performance of Amazed. I remember him serenading Simon with the song during his sing out. After Idol, Matt went on to become a TV host for a variety of programs including American Idol Extra, There Goes the Neighborhood, and Coming Home, just to name a few. I don’t know if he’s still singing, but good for him for carving a nice career for himself.


    Clue: Managed to have a career post-Idol, even if it didn't have much to do with singing


    169. Ashthon Jones: Season 10 (13th Place)


    Next up is Ashthon Jones. Ashthon was someone who looked as if she was going to present herself as a contemporary R&B singer on Idol. However, due to some dumb advice from Randy, she tried to be this powerhouse diva which she didn’t have the voice for. Her semifinals performance of Love All Over Me was fine, but it wasn’t enough to make it into the finals. All was not lost for Ashthon as she was invited back to sing in the Wildcard Round, where she gave a valiant yet underwhelming version of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (from this point on I’m calling it AIATYING). I didn’t think she had the voice to do the song justice. It was good enough for the judges because she was one of the wildcard picks to advance to the finals. Her stay in the finals was short lived as she was eliminated the first week after her performance of When You Tell Me That You Love Me. Outside of Idol, I know she sang the hook on Christian rapper Lecrae’s song Mayday. Other than that, I don’t know if she’s done anything else as far as music is concerned.


    Clue: Would've been better off being a contemporary R&B artist


    168. Jermaine Jones: Season 11 (12th Place, Disqualified)


    Showing up next is Jermaine Jones aka the "Gentle Giant". Jermaine was not originally in the Top 24; however, there was a twist in which Idol decided to bring back a male contestant to make the Top 24 a Top 25. Jermaine was that pick, which unfortunately turned out to be worthless because he ended up being disqualified a couple of weeks later due to him having some outstanding warrants or something like that. Singing wise, Jermaine had this deep, bass voice which lent itself to doing well on ballads. His performance of Dance With My Father was decent enough for him to make it to the finals via the votes. While there he performed Knocks Me On My Feet which while I love the song, it comes of as boring without making any drastic changes to it. Jermaine’s was no different. The following week aired Nigel and Simon Fuller informing him of his disqualification, which I thought to be completely tacky and unnecessary. For starters, they had to have known about this; Jermaine himself stated he told the producers about his situation and was told he could still compete. Moreover, there was no need to air the conversation. They could’ve just had Ryan make the announcement and leave it at that. Even without the DQ, I don’t Jermaine would’ve lasted long in the competition. His voice didn’t appear to have much versatility, and I think he would’ve struggled with the different themes. Regardless, it was a bad look all the way around.


    Clue: What was the point? (referring to him being brought back only to be disqualified later)


    167. MK Nobilette: Season 13 (10th Place)


    Time for another Season 13 finalist to arrive. MK was the first openly gay contestant to compete on Idol (I know there’s been others prior to her, but I don’t think any of them were open about it during their time on the show, though there were some that were obvious. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Unfortunately, she was not that strong of a contestant. She didn’t have the strongest voice (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing BTW), plus she lacked any sort of stage presence. She always looked nervous and unsure of herself when she performed. It was thought she gave off a vibe she didn’t care if she was in the competition or not; even Harry mentioned it himself. With that said, she had two good performances with All Of Me and To Make You Feel My Love. Everything else wasn’t much to write home about with the exception of her final performance Perfect, which unfortunately was for all the wrong reasons. Anything that could’ve gone wrong in that performance pretty much did; it was sad to see it fall apart the way it did. Unsurprisingly, she was eliminated the following night. She was someone who could’ve been better if she had more confidence in herself, but that’s just my armchair opinion.


    Clue: The contestant's final performance was pretty much the exact opposite of the song title (referring to her performance of Perfect)


    166. Julia DeMato: Season 2 (10th Place)


    Speaking of lack of stage presence, it’s time for Julia DeMato to enter the spotlight (coincidentally, both she and MK finished in 10th place). The main thing I think most people remember about Julia was the feud she had with Kimberly Caldwell during Hollywood. I remember Frenchie stepping in trying to get things under control; I can’t remember if she was successful or not. It was fitting how both Julia and Kimberly were in the same group during the semis. While there, Julia gave a really solid performance of Son Of A Preacher Man, enough to the point where she was one of the Top 2 vote getters in her group and therefore, was able to make it to the finals. Unfortunately, that was Julia’s peak because to say her performances in the finals were rough would be a great understatement. It was obvious she didn’t have much performing experience because she always looked like a deer in headlights on stage. The most glaring example was Flashdance…What A Feeling. The slow part wasn’t bad; the performance became a hot mess once the up-tempo part kicked in. She ended up leaving the subsequent week after a lukewarm performance of Breathe. Overall, Julia is someone who appeared to be a true amateur during her time on Idol.


    Clue: Was involved in a scuffle during Hollywood (referencing the feud between her and Kim C)


    170. Matthew Rogers

    169. Ashthon Jones

    168. Jermaine Jones

    167. MK Nobilette

    166. Julia DeMato


    For the upcoming set:

    • A finalist who shares the same first name and home state of a winner
    • Possibly Ryan's biggest fail as AI host
    • The original 13th place finalist
    • A bilingual Idol finalist
    • Someone who is sadly no longer with us


  15. 3 hours ago, Elliott said:

    175. Scott Savol - Trash.

    174. Jon Peter Lewis - One of my favourites from S3 and I considered him my S3 favourite for a while with his post-show music.

    173. Chris Sligh - My least favourite from S6. 🤮

    172. EJay Day - Meh.

    171. Danny Gokey - He was my least favourite contestant overall for a while. He's just whatever to me nowadays.


    175. Yeah, pretty much :haha:

    174. I guess you were right when you said we may not agree on certain contestants. :haha: Good to see you're a fan of his

    173. With his performances and personality, it's easy to see how he could be someone's least favorite. If not for the other Chris, he would've been mine as well

    172. Yeah, pretty much

    171. Yeah, Danny was near the bottom of my rankings a few years back. I think he was in my bottom three at one point. Still not much of a fan obviously


    Since I was bored and had time to kill, I went ahead and typed my write-ups for the next set. I'll post it some time tonight.

  16. 14 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I hope that Sanjaya shows up soon.  He really wore out his welcome with me.


    Anyway, no problem with your rankings.


    I'm trying to go through this list without giving too many spoilers, but I'll go ahead and reveal one know. Regarding Sanjaya, at the very least one more Season 6 finalist will show up before he does; of course, I'm not going to say who or when. 😉


    Good to see no problems with the rankings.

  17. I'm going to go ahead and post the next set now.


    175. Scott Savol: Season 4 (5th Place)


    While deciding between my two least favorite Season 4 finalists, I wavered back and forth not really knowing who out of Constantine or Scott would be last. In the end, I realized I liked Scott’s voice a little more than Constantine’s and thus, I placed him one spot higher. Having said that, I still didn’t like Scott very much. He didn’t really have a bad voice; however, he was really arrogant and would look offended whenever the judges criticized him. He wasn’t above arguing with them either, as he’s done so a couple of times. On top of this, he definitely had a fair share of bad performances which included One Last Cry, The Impossible Dream, and especially Dance With My Father; the last one had Simon telling him to pack his bags. Not only was Scott not eliminated the following night, he was among the Top 3 vote getters. Having said that, he was in the Bottom 3 a few times but managed to squeak by. I'll say something positive about Scott: I thought he gave the best performance of Against All Odds on the show. In addition, his last week on the show was one of his best weeks with On Broadway and Everytime You Go Away. The best part of results night was when Ryan sent him back to the couch and he started celebrating, and Anthony looked at him crazy because he knew he and Scott were the bottom group. Scott was an OK singer with a bad attitude and therefore, I have no qualms ranking him this low.


    Clue: Considered to have done the best version of an overdone song (referencing his performance of Against All Odds)


    174. Jon Peter Lewis: Season 3 (8th Place)


    Jon Peter Lewis, JPL for short, is the first Season 3 finalist to show up in this list. Some of the nicknames I heard included Just Plain Lousy and Just Please Leave. One name I used was Jumpy Pesky Louse because he was known for his spastic dancing during his performances. As for his run, I wasn’t impressed with his Tiny Dancer. The judges, however, were impressed enough that he got to perform in the Wildcard Round. There he gave what is probably his most well-known performance with A Little Less Conversation where he was running all over the stage. The voters liked it enough to where he won their wildcard spot and got to go to the finals. I don’t think there was anything he did in the finals that was very good. My least favorite performance would probably be Rocket Man during Elton John week. Fortunately for him, that wasn’t anywhere close to being the worst performance of the evening. His luck eventually wore out the following week when he was eliminated on what I considered to be his best performance in the finals with Jailhouse Rock. From what I understand, he released a couple of albums post-Idol, plus he went on The Voice as one half of a duo called Midas Whale. They were eventually eliminated during the Knockout Round. With that, JPL has Just Plain Left this ranking.


    Clue: Fountain, gel, ballpoint, etc. (these are types of pens, a reference to when Simon told him he looked like a pens salesman at his audition)


    173. Chris Sligh: Season 6 (10th Place)


    With one Season 6 Chris eliminated, I might as well get rid of the other one now. Chris Sligh was one of the most disappointing contestants on Idol. He wasn’t a bad singer by any means; his main shortcomings had to do with his personality. He tried to come off as this too-cool-for-school hipster who acted like he wanted to troll Idol. Unfortunately for him, Sanjaya completely outdid him in that department. :haha: He shot his wad way too early during the first round of the semis after Simon slightly criticized his performance of Typical by saying (I’m going off of memory here) “just because I don’t sing Il Divo or Teletubbies doesn’t mean I’m not a good singer”. He wound up apologizing for it during Results Night and pretty much neutered himself for the rest of his run. As far as his singing went, he had a couple of performances I liked with Trouble and She’s Not There. His biggest flaw, however, was his inability to stay on tempo. He would always be ahead of the beat, which is something Paula would mention to him multiple times. The most flagrant example was his last performance of Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. The timing of that song is tricky enough; combine that with someone who struggled to stay on tempo and a recipe for disaster was created. To me, it looked like he practically gave up during the performance. Unsurprisingly, he was eliminated the following night. One thing that rubbed me the wrong way was him saying he wanted to quit the show after his arrangement of Endless Clocks Love was criticized, but he wanted to stay long enough in order to make the tour. In addition, after his elimination, he had this blog where he had some controversial takes which he would be called out for, resulting in him backtracking his statements. It eventually got to the point where he had to shut down his blog. His biggest achievement outside of Idol was co-writing the Rascal Flatts hit Here Comes Goodbye, so good for him on that front.


    Clue: Eliminated the week of what may be the most random theme in Idol history (Artists Who Inspired Gwen Stefani? What kind of theme was that?)


    172. EJay Day: Season 1 (10th Place)


    It’s been a while since I’ve eliminated a Season 1 male, so I’m going to go ahead and get rid of another one now. EJay had the strongest voice of the Season 1 males. His problem wasn’t a lack of vocal prowess; rather, it was a lack of control. Whenever he would belt, he would get really screechy and the notes were all over the place. In a way, he was a prototypical Jacob Lusk. Initially, EJay wasn’t in the Top 30. He was invited back because Delano Cagnolatti was disqualified when producers learned he lied about his age. During the first three seasons of Idol, the age range was 16-24. Delano claimed he was 23 when in reality, he was actually 29. EJay took advantage of this opportunity and gave a passable, if not slightly screechy performance of I’ll Be. It was good enough to get him into the finals. However, his stay was short lived as he gave a really screechy performance of My Girl during the first week. It was bad enough that he was the lowest vote getter that week; this is with A.J. and Jim still hanging around. Probably my favorite thing about EJay was how he got into the performances during the Finale. You can really see him giving it his all. I think EJay could’ve benefited from working with a vocal coach to learn how to control his voice better and auditioned in a later season, but it is what it is.


    Clue: The OG disqualification replacement


    171. Danny Gokey: Season 8 (3rd Place)


    The first Season 8 finalist to show up is the very polarizing Danny Gokey. At the beginning, the main thing about Danny was that he was a young widower. A lot of his pre-competition packages focused on his dead wife. With that said, Danny wasn’t a bad singer, though not anywhere near as great as the judges made him out to be. The issues with Danny appeared to be the thought he was exploiting his dead wife for sympathy votes and he came across as, quite frankly, a tool. I don’t know if he meant to come across that way, but it was as if there were droplets of smugness dripping from him. Performance wise, he gave a couple of performances I enjoyed such as P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and Come Rain or Come Shine. However, the performance he is infamous for is the trainwreck Dream On, which is also known as Scream On because of his botched attempt at the legendary scream. That scream used to give me nightmares; now it just cracks me up. What was the most maddening, however, was the judges trying to make excuses for him; only Simon called it out for what it was. In spite of this, he managed to make it to the Top 3, and I remember there was some serious outrage over it because it was thought that Allison should’ve made it instead of him. Also, it didn’t help that he had what appeared to be this smug look on his face during Allison’s sing out. Danny was eventually eliminated in the Top 3 after there was thought he was going to be in the Finale. I know he tried to go country post-Idol which I thought was strange because he showed no inclinations of wanting to be a country singer during his time on Idol. He eventually went the Contemporary Christian route, which suits him better and appears to have a solid career in that industry. I also know he remarried, so good for him.


    Cluelarger.jpg&width=1200&quality=80 (Edvard Munch's The Scream, which of course is a reference to Scream On)


    175. Scott Savol

    174. Jon Peter Lewis

    173. Chris Sligh

    172. EJay Day

    171. Danny Gokey


    With this set posted, Season 7 is the only set to not have a finalist posted yet. When will the first one appear? Who will be the first finalist from this season to show up? We'll have to wait and see...


    Hints for the upcoming set:

    • Was involved in a scuffle during Hollywood
    • The contestant's final performance was pretty much the exact opposite of the song title
    • Managed to have a career post-Idol, even if it didn't have much to do with singing
    • Would've been better off being a contemporary R&B artist
    • What was the point?
  18. 4 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I’m more pro-life than pro-choice, partly because of my religious beliefs, partly because I’m adopted and I could have been aborted had I not been put up for adoption right after birth.  But I’m willing to look at the pro-choice side.


    This is understandable. Based on someone's circumstances, such as yours for example, I can see how someone can be pro-life. I try to look at everything from as many angles as possible regarding topics such as this one despite where I stand on them.


    2 hours ago, mytake1 said:


    What about those contestants who have made statements or shown by their actions - that are homophobic.   These are people who finished high in the competition.


    The easy thing to do would be to completely no longer support such contestants. However, as mentioned earlier I try to be open-minded and look at every possible angle before making a decision. It all depends on where the contestant is coming from. If such contestants have such beliefs and truly believe in them, then yes I would have a difficult time liking them. On the other hand, it could be possible their homophobia could come from a place of ignorance, and they could be willing to change their stances after being educated on it. I don't think it's as black and white as it appears to be.


    Back on topic, the next set should be posted either some time tonight or tomorrow.

  19. 14 hours ago, Elliott said:

    180. A lot of anti-abortion stuff, so I just unfollowed him and stopped caring.


    I see. That's too bad. I'm trying not to let politics influence my rankings unless it's something completely egregious. With that said, I am definitely pro-choice.


    10 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I forgot about Tristan crying in Hollywood.


    Anyway, I might have placed Tristan a little bit higher, but she suffered because Scott Borchetta really favored her and may have tried to sabotage Sonika.


    You may have a point about Borchetta. As mentioned earlier, I'll wait until I get to certain contestants before I say anything more about him. I can see how someone could think about what went on behind the scenes regarding Tristan and Sonika.

  20. 7 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    OK this set killed me LOL.... Ace and Chris were like my top favorites in their seasons (plus Jordin on AI6). My email is even based off of Ace's name LMAO... Nah, but objectively speaking, I totally understand. I'm actually rewatching AI6 now and I know Chris was one of the weakest. Still, I wouldn't quite rank either of them so low but again, I was a fan, so maybe that's the reason. Also, Tristan: waaaay overrated. I hated how the judges acted like she was sooo amazing.


    Upcoming set:



    Sorry about some of your favorites being in this set. :( Hopefully the next one won't be as bad. As for Tristan, I do remember the judges being highly complimentary of her, but I don't think it was as bad as it was for other contestants.


    Good guesses. We'll see...


    4 hours ago, psterina said:
    180. Tim Urban
    179. Tristan McIntosh
    178. Ace Young
    177. Chris Richardson
    176. Constantine Maroulis


    Upcoming set:


    • Fountain, gel, ballpoint, etc. - 
    • Considered to have done the best version of an overdone song
    • The OG disqualification replacement - 
    • Eliminated the week of what may be the most random theme in Idol history
    • larger.jpg&width=1200&quality=80  Dream On - Danny Gokey


    Here's my 2 cents  ...

    I would have placed all of them, a little higher, especially Tristan. She got a lot of hate, because people thought she was the chosen one (which she wasn't). She had one of the best auditions I've seen, and happy to see her still performing out there (she has a wonderful, strong voice) . She also has some performance dates set up later in the year, in NY


    As far as the previous group, yeah  …  good placements 


    Fair enough. It's good to see Tristan is still performing. It did seem like Borchetta took a liking to her on the show (boy, do I have some thoughts on him, but I'll wait till later), but I don't know; I never thought of her as the "chosen one".


    :yes: at the last sentence.


    4 hours ago, Elliott said:

    Crisis, just a heads up - when you put the names in the code box for us to copy, it doesn't let us copy appropriately. It's easier to just put their names at the bottom for us to copy & paste. :haha:


    185. Kevin Covais - Not a fan.

    184. Lee Jean - Not a fan.

    183. Andrew Garcia - I didn't really care for him in the early rounds, but wound up liking him more as the season progressed. His performances were pretty terrible, but I dug his studio recordings. :haha:

    182. Dexter Roberts - Not a fan of him on Idol or The Virus.

    181. Stefano Langone - Meh tbh.


    OK I'll do that from now on. I remember the lists I used to read had the code boxes as well, so I thought that was the best way for others to access the contestants.


    185 & 184. Agreed

    183. Good to see you enjoyed his studio recordings. Maybe not having the pressure to live up to expectations helped him relax in the studio

    182. :lmao:at The Virus. I can't get into the show no matter how many times I try. As for Dexter, agreed

    181. Exactly


    4 hours ago, Elliott said:

    180. Tim Urban - I liked him during S9, but his social media turned me off of him.

    179. Tristan McIntosh - I wasn't a fan in S15 in the slightest and she shouldn't have outlasted Avalon or Sonika, but at least she was better than Lee & Gianna. She seems to be doing decently well for herself nowadays, at least.

    178. Ace Young - Ugh.

    177. Chris Richardson - One of my all time favourites. Sad he didn't do much musically post-show, but he seems happy with his domestic life nowadays.

    176. Constantine Maroulis - Not a fan. Hated everything he did other than BoRhap.


    180. What's going on with his social media?

    179. I thought Sonika outlasted Tristan (though with what happened to her (Sonika) the following week, it didn't matter much). Agreed about her being better than Lee & Gianna.

    178. MTE

    177. :( Too bad I didn't like him

    176. I think there was another performance I liked other than BoRhap; otherwise, I agree 

  21. 180. Tim Urban: Season 9 (7th Place)


    I just now noticed Tim is the third consecutive 7th placer to show up :haha:. Anyway, Tim was initially not in the Top 24. He was a replacement for Chris Golightly, who was disqualified after producers found out he had lied about a previous recording contract, or something like that, I can’t remember the details. Tim made his semifinal debut with Apologize, and well, he needed to apologize to everyone after that performance. Needless to say, the judges made the right decision when they cut him the first time. Somehow, he managed to survive that week and gave two OK performances with Come On Get Higher and Hallelujah although frankly, he had nowhere to go but up after Apologize. He managed to make it to the finals where his ride was uneven at best. The main things I remember was his reggae version of Under My Thumb (a song I don't like because of the misogynistic lyrics, plus doing reggae versions of songs almost never work), Kara blasting him for sliding on the floor during Crazy Little Thing Called Love and his butchering of Sweet Love. Anita Baker is one of my all-time favorite singers, and this was me after hearing his version:

    anger GIF

    Outside of this, he would always have a smile on his face and be positive whether he was getting criticized by the judges or finding himself in the Bottom 3. I guess he realized he was fortunate to be in the positions he was in considering where he started. He finished his run better than he started, but overall, I can’t say I was a fan of his.


    Clue: A replacement for a disqualified contestant who gave a performance that should've had said replacement begging for forgiveness (a play on words from Apologize)


    179. Tristan McIntosh: Season 15 (6th Place)

    Tristan McIntosh Promo pic close up with fence.jpg

    Time for another of the Season 15 teens to appear in this ranking. Tristan was further along than Gianna and Lee; however, she was still raw. Unfortunately, the main thing I remember about her was her whining and crying when she didn’t get the song she wanted to perform (What Hurts the Most, at least that's what I think it was) during Hollywood before a hopeful (her name eludes me at the moment) eventually let her have it. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but the story is Tristan’s mother confronted the other contestant and persuaded her to relinquish the song to Tristan. If true, that’s not a good look for either of them. Performance wise, Tristan showed some glimpses of promise here and there; however, she was unable to put it together. Her best performance was easily Go Rest High on the Mountain. She eventually finished in 6th place when she and Sonika were the Bottom 2, and the judges opted to keep Sonika, which I couldn’t disagree with. I also remember there being some outrage when she outlasted Avalon. In the end, Tristan had some potential but needed to learn how to harness it.


    Clue: Crying about something long enough actually paid off for this finalist (in reference to Hollywood)


    178. Ace Young: Season 5 (7th Place)


    Ace was a contestant who was thought had a strong shot at winning Season 5. He got off to a great start with Father Figure in the opening round of the semis, showing why he was considered a favorite. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got for him. The rest of his performances really exposed his vocals in the worst way, with the worst offender was him trying to use this non-existent falsetto (he made Sway Penala sound like Barry Gibb). In addition, he often came across as a corny performer (at least to me he did). The most glaring example was Drops of Jupiter when he revealed a scar during the lines, tell me/did you fall from a shooting star/one without a permanent scar. Finally, there was some controversy during Queen Week when he wanted to change the arrangement of We Will Rock You, and Queen was like, “no, we don’t agree”. His performance was kind of embarrassing to watch. He managed to make it through the week and gave what I thought was his best performance outside of Father Figure with That’s All. It was a good performance for him to leave on. Ace has done pretty well for himself post-Idol. He co-wrote Daughtry’s hit It’s Not Over, performed in a few Broadway shows, and married Season 3 runner-up Diana DeGarmo. I’ll just say should they decided to have children and they want to be singers, hopefully they’ll get their talent from their mother.


    Clue: You will not rearrange our song!


    177. Chris Richardson: Season 6 (5th Place)


    Chris was a very popular contestant during Season 6; a lot of it may have had to do with his bromance with Blake (I refuse to use the name for it 🤢). However, seeing he is the first Season 6 finalist to appear, it’s easy to see I never cared for him or his voice. He was way too nasally for my liking. Because of this, I couldn’t enjoy any of his performances, with the exception of Don’t Really Get Around Much Anymore due to it not being as nasally as the others. The worst of the worst were The Boss, Smooth, and Mayberry. Speaking of Mayberry, there was some controversy surrounding it. After he was called out by Simon for his nasal vocals, he defended his singing style by saying “nasally was a form of singing”. I didn't like him before, but this put him at the bottom of the barrel because it told me he was sounding like that on purpose. 🤢 Consequently, he gave a shout-out to those affected by the Virginia Tech shooting, which was thought as pandering for votes. In addition, Simon was caught rolling his eyes on camera, some people thinking it was directed as Chris invoking Virginia Tech. Simon apologized the following night for it, also explaining he was rolling his eyes at something Paula said. Either way, it was not a good look for either of them. Despite this, Chris lasted two more weeks in the competition before becoming a victim of a double elimination during Bon Jovi Week. He said he knew he was eliminated when the band brought out the six-string bass because his performance was the only one in which the bass was used. I know he released a couple of songs and sang the hook on Tyga’s hit Far Away; outside of that, however, I haven’t heard anything from him. While I don't have the strong disdain for him I used to, he still is my least favorite finalist from his season.


    Clue: Defended a singing "style" after a critique from the judges


    176. Constantine Maroulis: Season 4 (6th Place)


    It’s now time for Constantine to make his grand entrance on this list. Constantine was someone who tried to come off as a rocker when in reality he was a theater geek posing as one. Also, he was known for the ways he would look into the cameras. Throughout the semis, he tried so hard to convince everyone he was this hardcore rocker by singing three not-so-rock songs. All three were pretty bad; the absolute worst being Hard to Handle. Fortunately for him, he got a lot of airtime prior to the competition starting, so he was able to build quite a following which most likely helped him reach the finals. Once there, however, he seemed to shed his “rock” side and embraced his theatrical side more. The result was somewhat better performances. His best performance was easily Bohemian Rhapsody. This song allowed him to fully embrace his theatrical background while coming off as a somewhat convincing rocker. During his last week on the show, he once again tried to be a rocker by singing How You Remind Me. It was…not good, to say the least. This led to his elimination, which is considered to be one of the most shocking in AI history:

    The best part was when it was down to him and Scott, both of them went to Carrie and Bo, knowing those two were the safe group. It turned out Scott was right, and Constantine had to stand with Vonzell and Anthony. :lmao: Another funny thing was Paula’s meltdown afterwards. :rofl: Constantine did some theater work and was nominated for a Tony, which is no small feat. In addition, he hosted some Idol related shows, so he did pretty well for himself. I’m just not a fan.


    Clue: Pray for the Soul of Betty! (the name of the band Constantine was a member of before going on Idol)


    180. Tim Urban
    179. Tristan McIntosh
    178. Ace Young
    177. Chris Richardson
    176. Constantine Maroulis


    Upcoming set:


    • Fountain, gel, ballpoint, etc.
    • Considered to have done the best version of an overdone song
    • The OG disqualification replacement
    • Eliminated the week of what may be the most random theme in Idol history
    • larger.jpg&width=1200&quality=80
  22. 2 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I totally get that. :haha: 


    Oh, I believe I was caught up in the last post and don't see anything I haven't already. I'm ready for more, but thanks for waiting. :yes::hug: 



    OK, that's all I need to see! I should have the next set up soon.


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    185. Kevin Covais - Vincent was kind of a guilty pleasure but his lisp was distracting and he had no business advancing to top 12.

    184. Lee Jean - Such a nonentity. 

    183. Andrew Garcia - Straight Up was rather overrated and pretty much everything sucked after that. Lasted way too long. 

    182. Dexter Roberts - Yeah he was nothing but a karaoke country bar singer on Idol. At least One Mississippi was good and he got better on the Voice? 

    181. Stefano Langone - I agree so much that his cheesiness and mannerisms were so annoying. I Need You Now and Tiny Dancer were good, but that doesn't make up for terrible versions of Lately, Hello, etc. And don't get me started on I'm On a Roll. 🤮


    185. I can't say I disagree

    184. You may be right :haha:

    183. I don't have much of an argument against this

    182. Completely agree. I actually didn't see him on The Voice (then again, I can't really get into the show), but I did read about him being on there.

    181. Absolutely no arguments here.


    1 hour ago, Elliott said:

    To quote a mod, MY EX WANTS 😘 TONIGHT :bobo:


    What is this?!?! :dead:

  23. 11 hours ago, miss denise said:

    I would have Stefano quite a bit higher, but I still prefer several others from that season. "I'm on a Roll" though :bobo:  


    The others are mostly okay for me, although I did like Lee a bit more than this. LOL all your "straight up" mentions on Andrew. :lmao: I loved that performance, but yeah, everything to follow was a disappointment.  :(


    Fair enough on Stefano. Good to see someone enjoy I'm On A Roll, though I'm not a fan of it.


    Regarding Andrew, it was annoying how many times the judges mentioned Straight Up, so I was just having fun with it. :haha: Too bad his other performances were disappointing. :(


    I know you said you wanted to catch up. If so, I'll wait before posting my next set.

  24. 2 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No real complaints about the rankings.


     I don’t really know who might be the singers in your next batch, but Constantine seems like a good bet for the “Soul of Betty”.  I hope that Jasmine Trias isn’t the one who crying really paid off for.  I liked her even though she got to move on at LaToya London’s expense.


    Nice to see no real complaints.


    As for the guesses, we'll wait and see. I'll most likely have the new set up tomorrow or Friday evening. I'm aiming to post a new set every 2-3 days, barring any time constraints.

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