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  1. 129. It makes me sad as well (as well as disgusted) 128. 127. Fair enough 126. I may have ranked him too low. However, as with Kellie, if this were a few years ago, he would've been even lower This may be a tough one because 4 of the 5 were prior to S8. We'll see if that guess is right, however. 130. Pretty much agree 129. Crocodile Rock was indeed legendary 128. It's easy to see why people would feel this way about her 127. I had no idea that season might have blatantly been rigged to make her the winner (I've only watched a few seasons of DwtS, and her season wasn't one). If so, that's not good. Pretty much agree with everything else 126. Sorry. There's probably a chance you won't like some of my all time favorites
  2. With the exception of maybe a few finalists I let slip through the cracks, or some I don't necessarily care for but ranked them this high for other reasons, I can pretty much say I like everyone remaining in some form or another. With that said, here's the next batch of finalists. 130. Devin Velez: Season 12 (8th Place) Time to start another set with yet another S12 male finalist. I realize this is the 4th time I started a set with a S12 male (watch out Burnell, lol). On to Devin. Devin had a nice voice. The issue with him was he seemed to focus too much on hitting the notes correctly and as a result, he never really connected to anything he sang. The most evident case was Temporary Home, in which while sung well, lacked any kind of emotion. The rest of his performances were of a similar vein, though I did like a couple such as Listen and Somos Novios (It’s Impossible). The main thing Devin may be known for is being a part of the I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) disaster. He was the one trying to keep everything together after Lazaro botched his parts. Unfortunately, he could only do so much. More unfortunate for Devin was he was the one eliminated the following night. I know there was some thought he should’ve been saved; however, the problem was even before the train wreck, he was in the B3 every round of the finals, so the save would’ve most likely have been a waste. Besides, there was Nicki being petty because Curtis wasn’t saved. I do remember in an exit interview where he said something along the lines of memorizing and rehearsing all of ICHM (SPHB), including Lazaro and Burnell’s parts because he knew Lazaro had a history of being lazy and messing up his parts in group performances, so he wanted to be prepared. It’s unfortunate he had to think that way. Also, I remembered he and Nicki feuded over Twitter after his elimination. Either way, Devin was someone who I felt would’ve had a better chance had he connected more to what he was singing as well as being in another season. Clue: Tried to keep a sinking ship afloat. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off...(should be obvious) 129. John Stevens: Season 3 (6th Place) It’s time to bring some standards into this ranking, musically and maybe literally. I have quite a bit of a soft spot for John. I thought it was really cool to see someone as young as he was have a genuine love of the standards/big band style of music. He was really good when he was in his element, and if he were able to perform his preferred style of music throughout the competition, he would’ve definitely fared better. However, American Idol doesn’t really allow that to happen; therefore, John had to navigate through the different themes. To say the themes exposed his limitations would be the understatement of the year. I do think John genuinely tried to do well, but it was obvious he struggled mightily. With that said, he had a few bright spots, such as She’s Always A Woman, King Of The Road, and Mandy. The rest of his performances, however, were hard to watch. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to look in the mirror and call myself an Idol fan if I did not mention what may be the most infamous performance of all time with Crocodile Rock. It’s a performance anyone who calls themselves an Idol fan has to watch at least once. I’ll post the vid below: I would go into great detail about the performance, but the video speaks for itself. Whenever I’m not in the best of moods, there are two Idol related videos I know I can watch that will make me feel better: the Archie fangirls melting down after his loss and Crocodile Rock. Unfortunately, things weren’t all as well for John. I believe he had it the worst when it came to negative criticism from Idol fans. I know contestants such as Sanjaya, Lazaro, and Daniel, just to name a few got their fair share of hate; however, I doubt any of them allegedly received death threats (or at least I hope that’s not the case). Yes, you read that right. Some “fans” sent a then 16 year old kid death threats because he had the gall to receive enough votes to stay in a TV competition. It wasn’t all that serious! I’m sorry; I just found the whole thing nauseating. Anyway, John eventually bowed out in sixth place. The one thing I found interesting was him being eliminated the week before Big Band Night, where I’m sure he would’ve shined. As it is, I didn’t mind John’s presence on the show. Clue: Red (referring to his hair color and a name of his album) 128. Thia Megia: Season 10 (10th/11th Place) Well, she definitely grew to be a stunner! Anyway, during her season Thia was the youngest contestant to appear on Idol, as S10 was the first season in which the new minimum age limit of 15 was set. As a contestant, Thia had a very nice tone to her voice; however, she wasn’t exactly the most compelling performer. I did like her semifinals performance of Out Here On Our Own, though I agree with what @Bk1234 said up-thread about it not having time for a proper build up. Regardless, she went on the finals where she stated Michael Jackson was her biggest Idol, yet she chose Smile because he covered it on his HIStory album. It was certainly an odd choice considering Michael Jackson’s massive catalog. The performance itself was OK, though I liked it when the up-tempo part kicked in. She next sang Colors Of The Wind, which was my favorite version done on the show (I don’t know if this qualifies as an unpopular opinion or not). The following week she went up-tempo by singing Heat Wave, a song that has never been done well on Idol (considering the contestants who have done this song, that says a lot). Well, at least she gave it her all. She ended up in the B3, but survived to sing another week, in which she easily gave her most underrated performance with Daniel. This was the most connected she felt to a song in the competition. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as she was eliminated with Naima in a double elimination the following night due to Casey being saved the week before. After Idol, Thia did a couple of songs with Postmodern Jukebox and took up acting. Her most well known role is Haley Chen in the longtime soap opera Days Of Our Lives. I was visiting my mother, who is a huge Days Of Our Lives fan, one day and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone vaguely familiar on the TV. I decided to look and thought to myself “that couldn’t be her, right”. I looked it up afterwards, lo and behold it was Thia! I have no idea if she’s still on the show, but it was good to see her do something for herself post-Idol. I do wonder if she is still singing, however. Clue: Like sands through the hourglass...(the tagline for Days Of Our Lives) 127. Kellie Pickler: Season 5 (6th Place) It's been a while since a S5 finalist has been posted, so I'll post another one now. Kellie appears to be pretty popular around these parts, so for some, I may have Kellie too low. However, she has actually grown on me over the years because I absolutely could not stand her during her season, so she would’ve been even lower than this had I ranked the contestants a few years prior. Kellie was this bubbly, outgoing, and presumably naïve country girl who was experiencing life in a big city for the first time. As far as her singing went, I felt she was one of the weaker singers in her season. With that said, she did well on her up-tempo performances such as Walkin’ After Midnight and Fancy. There was also Bohemian Rhapsody, which out of all the Queen songs I didn’t expect her to pick that one. Honestly, I expected it to be a complete and total train wreck; however, she did better on the song that I thought. She certainly held nothing back and gave it her all, which I absolutely appreciate in a contestant. However, her biggest weakness was ballads, for they clearly showed her vocal limitations. I did not enjoy a single ballad she did. How Far and Blame It On The Sun were both painfully boring. However, her absolute worst showings were during her final two weeks on the show. Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered was just painful to sit through (she butchered it!); I was certainly bewitched, bothered, and bewildered after that. The best part was Simon lowering his head on the table. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kellie told everyone to hold her beer (though she wasn’t at the legal drinking age at the time) and did Unchained Melody the following week. That is an insanely difficult song to sing, especially with all of the notes that needed to be held throughout it. Kellie wasn’t the best at holding notes, so it was easy to see this would be a disaster. I don’t know why she didn’t pick an easier country song to sing. Either way, she was eliminated the following night, which I was fine with because I felt she was the weakest one remaining at the time. Regardless, Kellie did really well for herself post-Idol. She’s released a few albums which spawned a few hits. Furthermore, she’s appeared on a few TV shows such as Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader and Family Feud, not to mention have her own reality TV show. Then there’s her winning S16 of Dancing With The Stars. As mentioned earlier, Kellie went from someone who I didn’t like at all to someone who I have come to gradually appreciate over time. Clue: Went on to win a different reality TV contest 126. Colton Dixon: Season 11 (7th Place) Colton is another contestant who some may feel is too low. For me, Colton is someone who I thought was slightly overrated. To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of his voice, especially when he went into his upper register, where it gets really tinny and whiny. With that said, I did enjoy some of his performances on the show. Colton was first introduced to us when he auditioned during S10. He may it all the way to the Final Judgment before being cut. He even got to perform on Ellen after he was cut, so I'm sure that helped him build a following. He resurfaced during S11 where he was initially there to support his sister Schyler. However, the judges talked him into auditioning again in which once again he received a Golden Ticket. Predictably, Colton reaches the semis whereas Schyler was cut. As for his Idol run, some of the performances I enjoyed for the most part was Decode, Broken Heart, Time After Time, and Love The Way You Lie, ignoring when he goes high of course. One performance I never got into was Piano Man. I thought it was his most overrated performance of the competition. His other performances I didn’t care for, especially his last two. Bad Romance didn’t suit him well, and I absolutely despised what he did to September. He took the heart and soul completely out of the song and replaced it with some emo feelings. I thought it was just terrible. America must have felt the same because he was eliminated that week. His elimination was considered to be a shock; the beginning of the show mentioned there would be a shock elimination. Once Colton was in the B3, it was easy to see what would happen. One thing I did feel bad for him was he never got that standing ovation he chased, despite the judges handing them out like candy canes that season (even Heejun got one for crying out loud). Regardless, he did pretty well for himself post-Idol. I even heard some of his songs on the radio. One thing I noticed was his upper register has definitely improved. Overall, I feel this is a good spot for him, considering I never really cared for him that much despite enjoying a few performances of his. Clue: "Honestly, I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I don't care" (which is what he said after being panned for his Top 7 redux performances. He said it backstage, but it wasn't aired until the Results Show; hence, I doubt this had any effect on his elimination) 130. Devin Velez 129. John Stevens 128. Thia Megia 127. Kellie Pickler 126. Colton Dixon For the upcoming set: Not everyone had Disco Fever Was said to have hair similar to a pop star Sang the same song on the same night as an Idol winner Sang songs by the same artist within four weeks of each other Was the first contestant to use an instrument on the show You may be right about Paul not taking the competition seriously. Either way, he had his moments, both good and bad, on the show.
  3. 135. Nice to see he grew on you and that he was really good on tour 134. 100% agreed 133. I've heard his original music was good. He was someone who I always thought would be better with his own material than covering other artist's songs 132. Yeah, I can see how she can be a guilty pleasure. Her Against All Odds was unfortunate 131. Can't say I disagree with this 135. I don't have much to say except pretty much agreed 134. Fair enough. Considering that season's cast, I wouldn't have minded her lasting longer than she did 133. I liked a couple of performances; however, I understand this point of view 132. Fair enough 131. I won't say he (or Lee) were undeserving. You get the votes, you are deserving. However, he was no where my pick to win and wouldn't have minded seeing others with the title instead Barring anything else happening, my next post will be the new set.
  4. I'm putting the finishing touches on the next set. However, I'll wait before posting it because I want to give others who may want to comment on the recent set a chance.
  5. Yeah, which is why I give her some slack on that performance. Mind you, it was still awful, but at least there was a valid reason. I pretty much agree with everything said about Nick. Good to see! Paul - it's completely understandable to feel that way about him. He wasn't the most conventional contestant, that's for sure Paige - poor girl indeed Nick - understandable about Nick. Clark was pretty consistent in his own right, with the exception of a couple of rough spots during the last few weeks. Good guesses. We'll find out if they're true or not. Speaking of which, since it's the weekend and I don't have much to do, I'll try (emphasis on the word try) to have one set up some time today and another one tomorrow.
  6. 135. Aaron Kelly: Season 9 (5th Place) To start off this set, we're going back to S9. Aaron is another finalist I have no idea how I let get this far. I don’t really dislike him, but I don’t like him enough to rank him this high. There are some contestants I ranked below him who I like more. Oh well, I’m not going to go back and change anything, so might as well list him now. Aaron appeared to be a nice kid who was often thought to be a country version of David Archuleta, though I wouldn’t go that far. He wasn’t as strong of a singer and didn’t have much of a stage presence. In addition, his song choices weren’t the most inspiring, the absolute worst being I Believe I Can Fly. With that said, Aaron did have his moments on the show. I remember liking his performances of Angie and You’ve Got A Way, and there were a couple of others I didn’t mind such as Here Comes Goodbye and Ain’t No Sunshine. Regardless, he resonated with the voting public most of the time as he made it all the way to fifth place. Outside of this, I don’t really have much to say about Aaron (this may be the shortest write-up I’ve done for a contestant thus far). Clue: A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set (the other finalist will be listed below) 134. Vanessa Olivarez: Season 2 (12th Place) Vanessa was an interesting case. She was this outgoing, flamboyant singer who I thought was a lot of fun and wouldn’t have minded if she stuck around longer than she did. She was a member of Group 3 in the semifinals where she sang Out Her On Our Own. I thought it was one of the better performances of the episode, and the voters obviously agreed because she was voted through into the finals. There, she gave what would be her only performance in the finals with You Keep Me Hangin’ On. All things considered, I didn’t think it was that bad; sure, there were a few pitch problems, but nothing too terrible. Nevertheless, Vanessa was eliminated the following night. However, there was some controversy surrounding this elimination. After her performance, Ryan interviewed Vanessa where she read a script saying something along the lines of her being a real artist and not a performing monkey like Ryan. It was thought that moment may have greatly contributed to her elimination. Either way, the way the show acknowledged (or in this case didn’t acknowledge) Vanessa afterwards was disgraceful. For starters, she didn’t get to go on tour despite there being an opening. Charles was invited on after Corey was disqualified. In addition, Josh couldn’t participate in the tour because he was on active duty, so you’d think Vanessa would be invited to take this place, right? Wrong. Furthermore, Vanessa was the only finalist who didn’t record a track on the compilation album, yet Corey was able to do so. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth and I thought Vanessa deserved better. Clue: Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon (Vanessa was one of two finalists from that season Simon said this to. Vanessa responded by shaking her butt in his face, which I thought was hilarious ) 133. Paul McDonald: Season 10 (8th Place) Paul was certainly a unique character. He was like a combination of the worst traits of Diana DeGarmo (come on y'all) and Taylor Hicks (drunken dancing), yet he made it work for him. Outside of this, he was known for his flashy suits and teeth bright enough to light up caves. As for his voice, it was certainly unique; it was definitely an acquired taste. The thing with Paul is because his voice was so unique, it really didn’t lend itself to covering other people’s songs, which is why I don’t think Idol was the most ideal environment for him. Regardless, Paul had his moments during his Idol run. He started off by singing Maggie May in the semis. It was a nice, pleasant performance, definitely a highlight in what was otherwise a lackluster night. It was enough for him to get voted into the finals. There he began by singing Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams, both a song and artist I was not familiar with prior to his performance, which I thought was pretty cool. After listening to the original, I don’t think Paul really did this song justice. The tempo was too fast, and he didn’t capture the mood the song required. Plus, he looked completely drunk. The following week wasn’t much better with I Guess Why They Call It The Blues. He rebounded the next week with Tracks of My Tears, which was my favorite finals performance of his. Rocket Man was OK, nothing special. The subsequent week Paul had his most polarizing performance with Folsom Prison Blues. It was certainly a love or hate performance. Originally, it was the latter for me; however, it has actually grown on me over the years. Unfortunately, the following week Paul had his worst showing with Old Time Rock And Roll. It was evident his voice was shot; he was practically whispering the song. Unsurprisingly, he was eliminated the following night, which may have been for the better. One thing I remember was the following week when the eliminated contestants came back and performed So What. Paul looked and sounded completely out of it; it was a fun trainwreck to watch. Nonetheless, Paul was certainly one of the most unique contestants to ever appear on Idol. Clue: Twilight (Paul was married to Nikki Reed, who was in the Twilight saga, for a few years) 132. Paige Miles: Season 9 (11th Place) Paige was a S9 finalist who I thought was slightly underrated. She wasn’t the most consistent contestant, but she had her moments. She started off with All Right Now, which was meh at best. Despite this, she went on to the next round where she gave her best semifinals performance with Walk Away. At that point, she was one of the few contestants to do justice to a Kelly Clarkson song. Unfortunately, the following week she gave what was her worst performance in the semis with Smile. In spite of this, she was voted into the finals. I think a lot of it had to do with the S9 female cast had too many singer-songwriter types, which meant some of them were bound to fall through. Paige was completely different from them which helped her stand out and establish a mini voting bloc to herself. Regardless, Paige had a solid start in the finals with Honky Tonk Women. Unfortunately, the next week was easily Paige’s worst with the disaster that was Against All Odds. It is widely considered to be the worst version of the song on Idol (though as mentioned earlier, I disagree. I still think Corey’s version was worse). The judges really let her have it afterwards. To no one’s surprise she was eliminated the following night. It was later discovered Paige had laryngitis during the finals. Learning that, I commend Paige for even getting on stage and singing. Some of Paige’s potential was on display during the finale where she did her thing during the Christina Aguilera medley. It made me think what could’ve been had she not been sick. Oh well. Clue: Laryngitis ain't no joke 131. Nick Fradiani: Season 14 (1st Place) Closing out this set is Nick Fradiani. Nick is the first winner to show up in this ranking, making him my least favorite winner. With that said, I don’t dislike Nick. He appeared to be a good guy as well as a capable musician and singer. It's just that when I think of Idol winners, they either have a portfolio of strong performances, show glimpses of potential showing they are capable of more, or have something unique about them to help them stand out from the rest of the field. The issue with Nick was he had neither of these things going for him. He was the living embodiment of the adage “slow and steady wins the race”. In a season full of big and eccentric personalities, Nick was the most normal person there. This may have benefited him as the other contestants were too polarizing or fell off at some point. As for his run on Idol, it got off to a weird start where both he and his girlfriend at the time auditioned together. He received a Golden Ticket, but she didn’t. As for the rest of his run, he was steady if not spectacular, almost to the point of boring mediocrity. He never really had any bad performances (though Danger Zone and Catch My Breath came close). Some of his performances I liked were Thinking Out Loud, American Girl, Only The Good Die Young, Back Home, and his coronation song Beautiful Life. Speaking of which, outside of Beautiful Life, I thought Clark outperformed him that night (not to mention throughout most of the season), yet Nick managed to get more votes and take the S14 crown. Personally, he wouldn’t have been my choice to win, but what can you do? Apparently, he wasn’t most of IDF’s either as the site crashed for a month after he was crowned the winner. With that said, I felt Nick would be looked at in a more favorable light had he not won. As it is, he is one of the biggest punching bags as far as Idol winners go. Clue: Haters can hate...(though the song isn't bad, I can't take a near 30 year old man at the time singing these words seriously ) 135. Aaron Kelly 134. Vanessa Olivarez 133. Paul McDonald 132. Paige Miles 131. Nick Fradiani Coming up: Like sands through the hourglass... "Honestly, I'm not trying to sound cocky, but I don't care" Red Went on to win a different reality TV contest Tried to keep a sinking ship afloat. Unfortunately, it didn't pay off...
  7. This is not what I had in mind when creating this thread. I just wanted to bring back an old school IDF pastime of listing favorite American Idol contestants because it was something I really enjoyed reading. The main thing I worried about was whether or not I would be flamed or ridiculed for having an opinion that wasn't similar enough to other posters. I never expected to have to worry about race or ethnicity being an issue, especially when there are no grounds for it. I don't want to go any further on this subject, plus I don't want this thread to be suspended or locked, so I'm going to ask not to escalate this any more here. I hope that's not too much to ask for. To try to bring this back to normal, I have some homework to do tonight. However, should I get done with it quickly, I'll try to post the next set. If not, I will definitely have it up tomorrow.
  8. J/K, I'm actually enjoying the conversation Just popping in to say so.
  9. Good to see there are no complaints about the rankings. As for Alejandro, I'll wait until his write-up before I say anything about him.
  10. It probably is better not to say anything. The earliest most likely would be tomorrow evening. I haven't even started the write-ups yet.
  11. As promised: 160. It was cool to see a drag queen on Idol. I don't know if America is ready to accept one yet; however, Ada didn't do much to warrant any voters to get behind her 159. Fair enough about Walker. Even now, it's hard to remember anything about his performances 158. Ouch 157. Yeah, she didn't really do much to make people care for her 156. Exactly. What a disappointment 155. Exactly proving my point 154. Agreed. There has been some talk about another female contestant should've been voted through instead. However, it lead to a complete slayage of a WC performance 153. Yeah, pretty much 152. Agreed, especially about the judges picking Elise. However, I wouldn't have minded Jeremy staying under different circumstances. 151. Pretty much my thoughts on her 150. Sorry, she didn't do much for me 149-147. Not much to say about these contestants, eh 146. Agreed, especially with the strikethrough part 145. Fair enough. The guys that season were pretty much a non-entity 144. Woah, that's cool you and your husband are friends with him and have helped him out over the years. Good to hear his post-Idol music is nice. It's too bad I couldn't really enjoy him on the show 143. though I understand. I wanted to rank her higher, but her run couldn't justify it 142. * Checks WNTS About Page * It is true. Both Lindsey and Nadia had questionable song choices. Nadia made hers work; Lindsey not so much. It was aggravating to see 141. Fair enough 140. Fair enough. Ugh, don't remind me of Majesty's really poor song choice and said performance of it 139. As I've mentioned before, I don't like the save. However, I certainly would've saved Sarina over Qaasim. Them using it on him the week after saying it was too early to use it on Sarina completely nullified any credibility the judges had regarding the save. Nonetheless, agreed about Qaasim being entertaining at times 138. Her Unconditionally wasn't that bad. With that said, I do remember you saying she was your least favorite finalist that season, so this shouldn't be surprising 137. No doubt she would've been miserable on tour. However, just thinking about her having to do the cheesy group performances makes me think what could've been 136. Fair enough
  12. I won't be able to reply to everyone now, but I'll get to as many as I can. @Elliott, I'll definitely get to yours later this evening. That seems to be the opinion of most regarding Qaasim and S14 in general. Fair enough about Michelle. There were a couple of contestants I would've liked to see make the Top 14. That said, I didn't mind her being a WC pick considering who was there. Yes, you were right after all! Pia and Haley aren't quite safe yet though (unlike Hollie, I won't spoil when they might show up) Ben - I pretty much agree. It's unfortunate him changing up things didn't pay off... Qaasim - Agree Olivia - It was disappointing to see her go when she did. However, considering the circumstances, I can't say I was too disappointed Michelle - I loved I'm A Dreamer as well. Despite that, I knew she wasn't to last long in the competition 140. That's unfortunate 139. Fair enough 138. She probably did. LOL about hating her stage name 137. Same here 136. She was a lot of fun to watch. Maybe one day a strong Latin contestant will come on Idol and have a strong run or win See, I'm not too bad of a person. I don't know if this will last though... We'll see if your guess is right or not.
  13. 140. Ben Briley: Season 13 (11th Place) Leading off this set is the second of the three S13 male country singers: Ben Briley. Ben’s Idol journey didn’t have the most conventional start. Before the semis, he was in a competition with Neco Starr to see who would get the most votes, which resulted in a spot in the semis. Obviously, Ben won and was not only able to make the semis, but he was picked to perform in that god awful Rush Week semifinals format. He gave a solid performance of Soulshine and as a result, was voted into the finals. There he gave two OK performances of Folsom Prison Blues and Turning Home during the Top 13 and Top 12 respectively. However, he took a risk and tried to do something different with Bennie and the Jets the following week, and to say it didn’t pay off would be a gross understatement. It came off as a sleazy Las Vegas lounge performance. I remember the judges being confused about it and basically telling him to stay in his country lane. Unfortunately, Ben never got the chance to as he was eliminated the following night. I kind of liked Ben, but not enough to get too upset over his elimination. That’s all I have to say about him. Clue: Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet (lyrics to Bennie and the Jets, of course) 139. Qaasim Middleton: Season 14 (8th Place) If there is one word that cannot be used to describe Qaasim, it would be inert. The man was full of energy whether he was on or off the stage. Vocally, I felt he was the second weakest singer (ahead of only Daniel, of course); however, what he lacked in vocals, he more than made up for it with his energetic, albeit at times over the top stage presence and performances. With that said, I felt he would’ve been a better fit on the X Factor if it were still around rather than Idol. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some of his performances. His first two performances, Uptown Funk and I Wish were a lot of fun. Those were Qaasim in his element. The problem is when he had to sing some songs straight, they were painful to listen to. Examples include Jet, Addicted to Love, and Stronger, especially Stronger. Initially, Qaasim was eliminated in eleventh place; however, the judges used the save on him (I just realized Qaasim is the first saved finalist to appear). I want to think the judges saved him because after Come Together, he looked like he would cut someone if he didn’t get saved. Eventually, he made it to eighth place before bowing out of the competition after a fun performance of Hey Ya. While not the best singer, Qaasim had some entertaining moments during the season. Clue: Was in a Nickelodeon show (The Naked Brothers Band to be exact) 138. Olivia Rox: Season 15 (9th/10th Place) At the beginning of the S15 voting rounds, four of the Top 14 received Fast Passes, meaning they were automatically in the Top 10 and not have to perform in the Wildcard Round. Three of the contestants went on to be the Top 3 of the season; the fourth was Olivia. Olivia appeared to be a nice girl who appeared to be going the pop-rock route. She started off in the Top 24 with a decent performance of Confident. Her advancing to the Top 14 was pretty much expected. There she received one of the aforementioned Fast Passes (though personally I would’ve given one to Avalon instead of her, but I digress). The next time we saw Olivia on stage is when she sang Unconditionally. Personally, I liked it; however, the voters had different thoughts because she landed in the B3 the following week. For her save me song, she sang Trouble, which is exactly what I thought she would be in the moment she picked that song. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good, not to mention Avalon slayed her performance, so I pretty much knew Olivia was toast. I remember there being some meltdowns after Olivia’s elimination because she was thought to have been a frontrunner. Under different circumstances, I wouldn’t have minded if she stuck around a little longer; nonetheless, it fair to say Olivia’s run on Idol didn’t quite live up to expectations. Clue: Some advantage that was...(referring to the Fast Pass of course) 137. Amanda Overmyer: Season 7 (11th Place) After going eleven sets without any S7 finalists, two appear in back to back sets. The second finalist to appear is the rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer. Amanda is the most authentic female rocker to ever appear on the show. With that said, she was a bit of a letdown. At times, it was difficult to understand what she was singing, plus she often looked disinterested. Looking at her Idol run, she started off well enough with Baby, Please Don’t Go. However, the following week was not only her worst performance in the competition, it may have been one of the worst performances of all time. Of course, I’m talking about Carry On Wayward Son. Not only was the singing bad, she looked like a Cruella de Vil stunt double for a live action 101 Dalmatians movie. I was just waiting for it be over. She rebounded the following week with I Hate Myself For Loving You, which I thought was her best performance overall. She made it to the finals where her two performances weren’t anything to get excited over. She eventually finished in eleventh place, meaning she missed out on participating in the summer tour. A part of me wished she made the Top 10, if only to watch a little piece of her soul die while doing the cheesy group performances. I would’ve purchased a ticket just for this. The ones she had to do on the show were entertaining as hell because she looked as if she wanted to do anything but them. Alas, what could’ve been. Clue: Ballads are boring! (what she said to Simon after he suggested she should sing a ballad during a critique) 136. Michelle Sussett: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place) Closing out this set is Michelle Sussett. Michelle was a bit of a guilty pleasure contestant of mine. Yes, she was the weakest singer of the Top 10; however, I thought she was cute, earnest, and a lot of fun. I still remember her audition where she had Katy dance with her resulting in Katy falling on her butt. As for the rest, to be honest it started off kind of rough with If I Were A Boy, where she channeled her inner Karen Rodriguez and sung in both English and Spanish. However, I thought her duet with Luis Fonsi was underrated. It wasn’t my favorite duet, but I enjoyed it. She was picked to advance to the Top 14 where she sang FRIENDS. Re-watching that performance, I realize she hit a bunch of sour notes; nonetheless, I still enjoyed it for the most part. It looked like she was having fun and worked the crowd pretty well. The performance wasn’t strong enough as she wasn’t voted into the Top 10 and thus, she had to sing for a Wildcard spot. She took a risk and sang an original song titled I’m A Dreamer, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t find that song catchy. Obviously the risk paid off as she was one of the judges’ WC picks. There was some outrage over it as many thought Mara was going to be picked. Me? I had a feeling Michelle was going to be picked, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise. Either way, she made it to Disney Week where she gave her best performance in the competition with Remember Me (it was definitely better than Alejandro's). I pretty much knew this would be her last performance, but at least she went out on a high note. I found it interesting she was the only finalist who didn’t get to perform with a celebrity during the finale; I wondered what was up with that. Nevertheless, while she wasn’t the strongest contestant, I enjoyed Michelle during S16. Clue: Remember her as a dreamer (Combining the titles of two songs she sang: I'm A Dreamer and Remember Me) 140. Ben Briley 139. Qaasim Middleton 138. Olivia Rox 137. Amanda Overmyer 136. Michelle Sussett So no Jordin, Pia, or Haley...for now. Everyone can breathe easy and put their knives away. Coming up in the next set: Haters can hate... Was told could lose a few pounds by Simon Twilight Laryngitis ain't no joke A fifth place finisher from the same season as one of the finalists in the upcoming set
  14. This is good to see! Hopefully, none of your top 10 will show up soon (though as I said before, I can't make any promises). We'll see if any of your bigger favorites from that season show up. Nice to see someone feel the same about Sanjaya. As for the comments for the previous set: 145. Fair enough 144. 143. I rooted for her as well. It is too bad the nerves always seemed to get the best of her. 142. Fair enough 141. I just re-watched I Should Have Known Better. It was a cute performance and it looked like she had fun. It is too bad she couldn't live up to her potential. We'll see about the clue... Considering it was thought he should've been, it's easy to forget. I just wrapped up my write-ups, so I'm going to go ahead and list them in my next post.
  15. I'm just having fun. I won't make any promises, but I may be able to post the next set tonight. If not, it'll definitely be up tomorrow evening. We'll see who shows up then.
  16. 145. Glad to see he was nice at the tour. Agreed about him on the show 144. Fair enough 143. Agreed 142. Her audition is one of my favorites. Completely agree about the song choices 141. Fair enough We'll see about your guesses... Danny wasn't a finalist (speaking of which, I thought their friendship was cute). Agree about the song choices though. Good to see no complaints.
  17. There was no way I was getting rid of that cutie this soon. However, it was kind of fun to have people think it may have been the case. As for the guesses, maybe I don't like Pia or Haley as much; therefore, they may very well show up in the next set... Regarding Gianna, I think that's the case with most teenagers on this show (or any other show to be honest). While there have been a few exceptions (Diana, Jordin, David A., Scotty, Jessica Sanchez), for the most part minor contestants have some promise but are too green and/or inexperienced to perform consistently, not that it doesn't happen with older contestants (Julia DeMato, for instance). It's just that it's more evident with minors when they perform.
  18. New set! 145. Paul Jolley: Season 12 (9th Place) It’s been 45 spots since we’ve seen a S12 male, so I think it’s about time for another one to show up. Paul was an interesting case. Vocally, he had the strongest voice of the males. The main thing I remember about him was him stating he wanted to be a country singer, and no one really took him seriously, including myself admittedly. I thought his voice was more suited for theater or pop with maybe a little bit of country sprinkled in it (funny enough, he was criticized for being too theatrical in his performances). Plus, the judges seemed to be really harsh on him, especially Nicki. Outside of this, I also remember people thinking he was a threat to win because he was the closest thing to a WGWG though he didn’t play any instruments, if only because there were no WGWGs in the voting rounds. On to his performances, he had a couple of solid, if not spectacular performances in the semis with Tonight I Want To Cry and Just A Fool. However, I wasn’t really impressed with his performances afterwards, starting with his victory performance Alone. Amazed wasn’t anything to write home about, and his final performance Eleanor Rigby was easily his worst. He had no where near the intensity or feeling the song required and it just fell flat. It was no surprise he was eliminated after it. Maybe Paul would’ve fared better in a different season, who knows? Clue: Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift 144. Michael Sarver: Season 8 (10th Place) My thoughts on Michael Sarver can be summed up in one word: meh. I didn’t really dislike him, but I wasn’t a huge fan of his either. Michael’s story was that he worked as an oil rigger to support his family, so he had that blue collar background that could potentially resonate with voters. He was a part of Group 1 where he sang I Don’t Wanna Be. It was OK, but I didn’t think it would’ve been enough for him to advance. The voters obviously disagreed with me because he was voted into the finals. His performance of You Are Not Alone was his best showing in the competition. Unfortunately, his next performance of Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up), to put it euphemistically, was not very good. I know he tried to have fun, but it just didn’t work. The best part of the performance was the harmonica player. Despite that, he still advanced to the Top 10 and thus was able to go on tour. I remember there being some outrage over that, especially since Alexis was the one who was eliminated. While I would’ve preferred Alexis to stay, it wasn’t Michael’s fault, so I found the outrage and blame kind of ridiculous. Anyway, his Top 10 performance of Ain’t Too Proud To Beg wasn’t much better than the previous week, even Paula didn't really have anything positive to say about it, which says a lot. That performance would eventually be his last as he was eliminated the following night. Michael appeared to be a nice guy, but I was just meh towards him as a contestant. Clue: Family man 143. Camile Velasco: Season 3 (9th Place) This next listing comes straight from the Aloha State. Camile was one of the two S3 female contestants to hail from Hawaii (Jasmine being the other, of course). Between her and Jasmine, I actually preferred Camile’s tone more (plus, I thought she was a total cutie); however, Jasmine had the better Idol run (though to be honest, neither of their runs were that great), so I decided to rank Camile first after some consideration. I thought Camile had some raw potential. The problem, however, was she had little to no experience performing, which was completely evident during her time on Idol. She had some serious stage fright whenever she performed and as a result, her performances were often very shaky. Her One Last Cry was not all that bad; it was probably her best performance of the season. Then again, it may have only looked good because it was part of the infamous S3 Group 2 night. Either way, she was voted into the finals where her stage fright really came to life. There was not a single performance in the finals where she ever looked comfortable, which was too bad because I really wanted her to do well. Of course, her absolute low point was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road which spawned this Simon comment: “Camile, somewhere in Las Vegas, a television will be thrown out of a hotel window, and that is where Elton John is watching this show”. Ouch! It was just a bad performance with little to no redeeming qualities (unlike another performance that night, hint hint...) She was predictably eliminated the following night. In hindsight, I might have ranked her too high, but I guess it’s because I still have a bit of a soft spot for her. I understand after Idol she started performing under the name Eli-Mac; however, I haven't heard any music from her (I probably will soon). As for her Idol run, she was someone who would’ve been better off performing a few gigs and audition a few more years down the road after gaining some more experience. Clue: Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques 142. Lindsey Cardinale: Season 4 (12th Place) Sigh. I wanted to like Lindsey a lot more than I did. She was really pretty, and she had (and still has) one of my favorite voices out of the Idol finalists (note I said favorite voice, not singer; there is a difference). She had this deep, husky tone that I found to be absolutely beautiful; if it’s possible to fall in love with a voice, then that sneaky b*st*rd cupid fired an arrow in me while I wasn’t paying attention. So, what was the problem? She couldn’t pick a song if her life depended on it! It was absolutely frustrating to watch. This perfectly sums up my thoughts on her Idol run: With that said, my favorite performances of hers were I Try To Think About Elvis and the overused I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. I thought the former was fun, though Simon eerily predicted Lindsey’s fate when he said she would last only two more weeks if she continued to struggle picking better songs. That is exactly what happened as she was the first contestant eliminated in the finals after an awkward, lackluster performance of Knock On Wood. Overall, Lindsey is one of the finalists who I reluctantly place in my “wasted potential” category. Clue: May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website (I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard she was the inspiration behind WNTS because of her questionable song choices) 141. Ramiele Malubay: Season 7 (9th Place) After eleven sets and fifty-seven contestants, the first S7 finalist has finally arrived, meaning all of the seasons have officially been accounted for! Unfortunately, Ramiele has the dishonor of being the first, making her my least favorite finalist of the season. She wasn’t a bad contestant by any means; she just happened to be the least interesting. She didn’t pick the best songs, nor she did she have much stage presence; however, to her credit she was a very strong singer. This was evident in her first semifinal performance when she sang You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. This was easily her best performance in the competition. I also liked her second semifinal performance of Don’t Leave Me This Way; I thought it was fun and cute. Unfortunately, I can’t say I liked the performances that came after those two. I don’t know what happened, but it appeared she lost her way as the competition went on. She eventually went out in ninth place after a poor performance of Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. Ramiele was a good singer, but she wasn’t the most exciting contestant. I realize there are three ninth place finishers in this set, so it looks like the ninth place slaughter continues. Clue: Big voice in a tiny body (@miss denise got this one right. As for Hollie, *spoiler alert* it'll be quite some time before she shows up ) 145. Paul Jolley 144. Michael Sarver 143. Camile Velasco 142. Lindsey Cardinale 141. Ramiele Malubay What to expect next: Was in a Nickelodeon show Ballads are boring! Remember her as a dreamer Oh Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet Some advantage that was...
  19. I felt it was like that during the early seasons as well, though not as much as it is now. The main example I can think of is Season 5 when Taylor Hicks was able to gain a huge voting bloc and pretty much won the season fairly easily. With that said, it did seem like the voting was based on who did well, with a few exceptions. Take Season 1 for example. Tamyra Gray was a consistently strong performer and was a favorite to win the crown. However, she had an off night during Top 4 week and was eliminated the following night. Prior to that, she had never been in the bottom group at any point during the competition, so one off night ended her Idol run; because of this, she was known as the original shock elimination. Welcome! Happy to see you agree with everything so far. We'll see how long this will last though, lol. I liked Sam more than Arthur, so I was happy to see her win. However, I agree with this post, especially about the time zone voting. They could've done a better job notifying everyone about it.
  20. Fair enough about Sanjaya. I completely agree with the first sentence. However, I believe Arthur could've literally farted a song out of tune and he still would've made the finale. Here I was thinking you abandoned this thread, Though this may very well happen should I keep listing your favorites this early. Pretty much agree about Brandon. Shannon did have potential, and I think she would've been much better off giving more performances similar to Go Light You World and less like I Have Nothing. Agreed about Jeremy. Ouch, another favorite bites the dust (I don't mean to do this on purpose, I swear). Glad to see my comments cracked you up. Agreed about Sanjaya having a nice voice. One of my very unpopular opinions is Sanjaya wasn't even the worst singer in his own season. He may have been better off working on projecting his voice rather than go the troll route, but then again, we wouldn't have this part of Idol lore if he didn't let loose and had fun. As for the clues, I managed to finish my homework early and I'm just about wrapping up my write-ups, so I should be able to post them tomorrow after work. We'll see if all of the guesses are right or not...
  21. I try to post them every 2-3 days, though since my online classes have started along with working full time, they may not be as frequent. I'll try to have the next set up tomorrow evening if I'm not too busy.
  22. We can agree to disagree about MacKenzie. It's fine to see different perspectives about contestants. There may be some contestants I like you may think I'm crazy about liking them. I can't say I agree about her personality, but her audition and God Bless the Child were her highlights.
  23. Quick post before I head to work: MacKenzie: I absolutely agree he wanted to be himself. However, it doesn't necessarily make for an interesting performer, though it would be better outside of Idol. Glad you liked my Alex Preston comparison! Lil: Yeah, it was pretty funny none of the three won, which I didn't mind. Jacob: Yeah, he was definitely hit or miss Solid guesses. We'll see if they're right or not...
  24. As promised, here is the new set. 150. Mikalah Gordon: Season 4 (11th Place) Leading off this set is Mikalah Gordon. To be honest, I have no idea how I let her get this high because I never really cared for her. She managed to slip through the cracks (in hindsight I would probably rank her in the 160s or 170s. Still she would be higher than Constantine and Scott) but not anymore. Anyway, Mikalah was this loud, sassy teenager who was more known for her personality and banter with the judges than her singing. Personally, I thought she was more annoying than endearing, but I guess that’s who Mikalah was. Speaking of her singing, I’ll go ahead and talk about her time on Idol. I didn’t really like Young Hearts Run Free, especially the talking in the middle of the song. Her next performance God Bless the Child was easily her best. Unfortunately, her subsequent performances were, quite frankly, bad. Somewhere was out of tune and she looked unsure of herself. Son of a Preacher Man while energetic, had a lot of bad notes throughout the performance. As for Love Will Lead You Back, it was easy to see how that would be her final performance; it was the worst of the worst. After Idol, I know she was a co-host of American Idol Extra as well as being a correspondent on a couple of AI finales. I don’t know if she’s still singing; if she is, best of luck to her. Clue: Said to share similarities to a television character (she was often compared to Fran Drescher's the Nanny character) 149. MacKenzie Bourg: Season 15 (4th Place) Next up is MacKenzie Bourg. I remember MacKenzie from S3 of The Voice (one of the few seasons I watched all the way through) where he was a member of Cee-Lo’s team. I believe he was one of the first one’s cut. Four years later, he resurfaced on Idol where he obviously fared better, making it all the way to fourth place. MacKenzie had a pleasant voice despite lacking range, but to his credit he made it work for him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very compelling performer. Most of the time he would take whatever song he did and rearrange it to fit his style. The problem was whenever he did this, it took away what made the original the song it is in the first place. The two biggest examples were I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Titanium. He had no where near the voice to do those songs justice, so I understand why he changed them up. However, he may have been better off picking different songs. With that said, I did like a couple of performances from him such as his original Roses and I See Fire. Also, I kind of liked his I Hope You Dance duet with Lauren Alaina, though he looked completely uncomfortable with Lauren hitting on him and everything. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, to me MacKenzie was a weaker, better-looking Alex Preston. Clue: Team Cee-Lo (referring to his time on The Voice) 148. Lil Rounds: Season 8 (7th Place) Up next is Lil Rounds. At the beginning of the season, it was of thought that the show was pushing for a Danny, Adam, and Lil Top 3. Each of the three got the pimp spot in their respective groups, and all three were voted into the finals. While Danny and Adam managed to navigate their way to the Top 3 with few bumps (maybe one big one for Danny, but it obviously didn’t affect him that much), Lil took a wrong turn somewhere and got lost, unable to set her Idol GPS correctly. She started off strong with her performance of Be Without You in the semis. Once in the finals, she gave a very solid performance of The Way You Make Me Feel. After that, however, things rapidly went downhill for Lil. She struggled with the rest of her performances and consequently, the judges started criticizing her more frequently. Apparently, Lil didn’t take too kindly to the criticism as she would freak out and get defensive, plus she wasn’t above arguing with the judges. She was just someone who didn't know how to play the Idol game. Eventually, her self-destruction would lead to a seventh place finish, which had to have been disappointing for her considering the expectations placed on her shoulders at the beginning of the season. Clue: Talk about a crash and burn... 147. Jacob Lusk: Season 10 (5th Place) I think it’s about time to add some Lusky Stank to this list. To me Jacob was the most technically proficient singer of the males in S10, and when he was on his game, he was capable of magic. Two examples are A House Is Not A Home and You’re All I Need To Get By. When he was off, however, oh boy. His bad performances could be used in interrogations; I’m fairly certain suspects will confess to any crime after having to listen to them. When he tried to belt, it was excruciating. It was as if he was EJay Day on steroids. Some of the worst included I Believe I Can Fly, Alone, and Oh No Not My Baby. Of course, no Jacob write-up would be complete without mentioning the hot mess that was No Air. If Jordin listened to this and decided to no longer clear her songs for Idol, I wouldn’t blame her one bit. His other song that evening, Love Hurts, wasn’t much better. Finally, can’t forget about his pre-performance video before Man in the Mirror where he said if he ended up in the B3, it would be because America couldn’t look at themselves in the mirror. Of course, he was in the B3, and an evil part of me wanted him to be eliminated for the comeuppance. Overall, if Jacob had better control of his voice, I most likely would’ve enjoyed him more than I did. Clue: Maybe it wasn't a good idea to lecture voters prior to performing... 146. Sanjaya Malakar: Season 6 (7th Place) @CarmenSandiego was wondering when Sanjaya would make his appearance. Well, the wait is finally over! What is there to say about Sanjaya? He started off as this shy kid who had a hard time projecting his voice on stage who eventually went on to become the biggest troll in Idol history. If I were being more objective, he would be about 30-40 spots lower than this. However, I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy some of his antics on the show. In fact, I thought about ranking him higher, but this is as far as I decided to carry him. From his many hairstyles and silly performances, Simon threatening to quit should he have won, Howard Stern encouraging his listeners to vote for him, and the fan who went on a hunger strike to protest his existence in the competition, there certainly was no shortage of things to talk about regarding Sanjaya. Personally, I found the hysteria surrounding him amusing. He may not have been the best vocalist, but he certainly wasn’t the worst the show has ever had. Anyway, on to his journey. He initially auditioned with his older sister Shyamali; both made it to Hollywood where of course she was cut, and he made it through. His first semifinal performance of Knocks Me Off My Feet wasn’t too bad; it was just boring. I know You Really Got Me is considered to be where he started trolling. However, I think Steppin’ Out with My Baby was where it all began. There was no way he thought he could perform the way he did and expect to be taken seriously. Of course, things got better from there with the two biggest performances being the aforementioned You Really Got Me and Bathwater. The former introduced the world to Crying Girl, and the latter had the infamous pony hawk. Two weeks after Bathwater, he decided to be somewhat serious and gave his best performance in the competition with Besame Mucho. The following week would be his last after a terrible performance of Something to Talk About. It wasn’t even funny bad; it was awful bad. I couldn’t disagree with his elimination although a part of me wondered what he would’ve had in store for Idol Gives Back. With that said, although I enjoyed S6 as a whole, it was less interesting after his departure. Either way, Sanjaya certainly gave people something to talk about. Clue: The man, the myth, the legend (Of course ) 150. Mikalah Gordon 149. MacKenzie Bourg 148. Lil Rounds 147. Jacob Lusk 146. Sanjaya Malakar For the upcoming set: Wanted to be the male Taylor Swift Was the recipient of one of Simon's most memorable critiques Family man Big voice in a tiny body May have been the inspiration behind the creation of a certain website Sorry about that. Well, they're here now!
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