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  1. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    You are forgiven. 😀 After all, it’s just a ranking and you’re doing a very good job at it! 👍 Also, I’m surprised you didn’t notice anything weird about my response to Archie being ranked. 😉


    Archie- Anyway, in terms of David’s performance on the show, I thought he had an amazing run! 😄 “Imagine” is one of my favorite Idol performances of all-time! “Stand By Me” and “Angels” were also great. I do have to agree with you on his up-tempo performances. Most weren’t that great, but I thought he gave them a good effort. In a realistic ranking (in a not realistic one, he’d be #1 for me) I would have ranked him above Brooke. Post-Idol, Archie has definitely proven to be my favorite Idol alum of all time. I love his voice, I love his music, I like him as a person, he just checks all the boxes! He is also such an inspiration. 😁 He went on a religious mission for two years! 😅 He also introduced me to the wonderful Madilyn Paige, who is in his song “Seasons.” His latest album, Therapy Sessions, is definitely worth a listen. 😊👍

    Jordin- I actually forgot about Jordin and Justin’s version! 😅 Anything is better than Jacob’s version though... 

    You’ve gotten my #1 favorite, but as you can see by my signature, there are still two left! Hopefully, they aren’t ranked too soon.🤞


    Thank heavens! 😁 Again, thank you. I had a feeling it might have been a joke; however, I decided to play it safe just in case. 😅


    As for the real Archie comments (I hope), with everything said, it's makes sense for him to be #1! I knew about his religious mission; I just didn't know how long it was.


    Just about any horrific sounds was better than Jacob's No Air🤮 It may very well be my least favorite Idol performance of all time, or in the bottom five at least.


    We'll see where the last two end up!


    4 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    045. David Archuleta - Archie! He's practically my age but I still think he's adorable. I would've been fine with either David winning the crown and I really enjoyed his run.

    044. Angie Miller - So talented. That top 3 elimination was rough. I had a feeling Candice would make it and then I loved both Angie and Kree so I knew I'd be sad either way. I can't wait to rewatch that season because your writeup just reminded me of all of her great performances.

    043. Jordin Sparks - You just killed me. 😭 JK, but Jordin is my all-time fave. I have so many amazing memories tied to AI6 and Jordin in particular. I have to disagree with Jordin being the worst on Top 3 night; I felt that Melinda and Jordin were the better ones that night (but I might be biased). Had it been a Jordin/Melinda final two, that would've been a tough call for me. Of course, I still follow Jordin and most recently saw her in Waitress on Broadway. She was phenomenal.

    042. Avalon Young - Love her. I wish she would've made it further but I think her style wasn't for everyone.

    041. George Huff - I love his voice and personality!  I was so happy to see him make it as far as he did, especially being a wildcard. I wish he would've made it further but 5th place was OK for me.


    045. It doesn't hurt that it looks like he hasn't aged that much. :haha: Fair enough about either David winning the crown.

    044. Pretty much agree about the Top 3 elimination being rough. Any of the three had valid claims to be in the finale.

    043. I got two #1 favorites in one set. I'm On A Roll!


    Jokes aside, good to see how supportive you are of her. We'll agree to disagree on Top 3, though a Jordin/Melinda final two would've been nice despite Blake growing on me some over the years.

    042. Pretty much agree with everything here.

    041. Again, pretty much agree with everything.


    3 hours ago, blackfield said:

    not even close! try again.. ;) 

    season 9 fav was casey.  you already seen that. adam was second fav during season 8.. 


    Oh yeah, I forgot Casey was your S9 favorite. So Allison is your S8 fav? After the crap I got for ranking Adam where I did, I thought he would be your favorite. :haha:


    I won't have the next set up until tomorrow at the earliest because I haven't even started the write-ups yet; things are pretty hectic at work today. 😅

  2. 9 hours ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

    - A different name and music direction post-Idol - Angie Miller 
    - A Tim Allen sitcom - George Huff
    - Apologies to @miss denise and @Bk1234 - David Archuleta 
    - This finalist apparently didn't want to want this singer - Jordin Sparks
    - Often sang songs of the opposite gender - Avalon Young




    7 hours ago, blackfield said:

    since none of these are my fav no arguments from me.. here are my guesses:

    045. David Archuleta - - Apologies to @miss denise and@Bk1234: i think he's their fav.. 

    044. Angie Miller -  A different name and music direction post-Idol: she goes by name zealyn now.. 

    043. Jordin Sparks - A Tim Allen sitcom

    042. Avalon Young - Often sang songs of the opposite gender: she did mostly guys songs. I think she came out as lesbian after idol. 

    041. George Huff - - This finalist apparently didn't want to want this singer


    Almost. Jordin and George need to be swapped.


    7 hours ago, blackfield said:

    i think it would make a nice discussion for listing a fav contestant from each season. i see we have 1 fav in common from one season already!! i will let you guess who... 


    Jovin! :giggle:


    All kidding aside, I would probably guess Crystal since Adam appears to be the S8 favorite, and I'm not sure about Laci.


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    -Apologies to @miss denise and @Bk1234David Archuleta. Another all-time favorite. 💔  When I saw this clue I felt numb, paralyzed, crushed and I got chills like the ones I get when winter is in the air. In these rankings everybody hurts eventually, so I knew my time was coming. Despite this I told myself to just breathe and find the good in the bad. Things are going to get better, this is just a ranking. Heck, he made the Top 50 in Crisis’ rankings, which is a huge achievement. Even though I’ll be up all night pondering why he was ranked here, I won’t go on a rant because my future self will look down upon it. Anyway, what I think makes @Crisis such a good ranker is that they really analyze how well contestants did on the show, and not just in this moment. I don’t want to imagine how much of a disaster it would be if I did these...  Anyway, as a closing note, I hope @miss denise will stand by me on this next point. Archie has the glorious voice of angels and he showed me how impactful music could be. (More performance-based opinions coming later... aka more gushing. 😅)

    -A different name and music direction post-Idol- Angie Miller. Angie and Candice were my favorites from Season 12, so I had hoped that they would be in the finale, but hey, I understand your points about Kree being more likable. 😊 My favorite performances of Angie were “Bring Me To Life” and “I’ll Stand By You,” which had such a sweet mention of Boston in it. ❤️ Angie would’ve probably been one of my all-time favorites had she stuck with the music direction that she performed on Idol. (Thank goodness she isn’t one, or that would be two in one set...) Changing her name is fine, but I’m just not a fan of the music. 😕


    -This finalist apparently didn’t want to want this singer- Jordin Sparks. “I (Who Have Nothing)” was my favorite of hers, but in my opinion, someone performed a better version four seasons later... 🤔 “No Air” used to be tolerable until Jacob Lusk sang it, but I really like “Battlefield,” which Simon mocked in one of the seasons... 😅


    -Often sang songs of the opposite gender- Avalon Young. I didn’t mind her, but I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan. It is a shame that the save didn’t really pay off for her... 😕


    -A Tim Allen sitcom- George Huff. I would have ranked him below Diana, but he just seemed like such a lovable guy on the show, so I see why you like him. 👍



    Sorry Yom Kippur GIF by MOODMAN 💔

    Thank you for the kind words about being such a good ranker despite placing one of your all time favorites here. As I mentioned, this is where it really gets tough because I really like everyone left. I'm sure @miss denise certainly will back you up regarding him. 😅


    Angie: Completely understandable. I've heard some of her Weathered EP; however, I haven't really heard anything from her since she started going by Zealyn. I'll have to check it out to see how it is.


    Jordin: Pretty much agree with everything here. Yes, Jacob ruined No Air (though Chris Brown becoming the douchebag he is tainted it before then); however, it was somewhat redeemed when she and Justin performed it at the S15 Grand Finale.


    Avalon: Fair enough about her.


    George: Fair enough about him.




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  3. Ugh, I don't like triple posting and was hoping to get to the next page before the next set; nonetheless, here it is. The clues to 45-41 are as followed:


    - A different name and music direction post-Idol
    - A Tim Allen sitcom
    - Apologies to @miss denise and @Bk1234
    - This finalist apparently didn't want to want this singer
    - Often sang songs of the opposite gender


    45. David Archuleta: Season 7 (2nd Place)


    Leading of the new set is the second of the three S7 Davids to appear (the question now becomes when will the last one show up 🤔). David Archuleta, or Archie as I will refer to him from now on, was certainly a very popular contestant during S7. It was thought he would have a very strong chance to capture the AI crown. He is certainly one of the best teenagers Idol has ever had on the show. His biggest strength was ballads; he certainly shined on them. However, his up-tempo numbers were often lagging, so in a way he was a teenage albeit stronger version of Anoop Desai, who Archie came before. Archie’s run started off in the semis with Shop Around, which would be his best up-tempo number of the season and my personal favorite semifinals performance of his. The following week he would give the performance he’s best known for with Imagine. It was good don’t get me wrong; however, I wasn’t one ready to immediately crown him after it, plus it's another song that's in my "could go without having to hear it again" list. He then came back the following week with Another Day In Paradise which was fine. He undoubtedly made the finals where he had a rough start. He sang We Can Work It Out and unfortunately he couldn’t work that performance out because he forgot the words multiple times through it. 😣 In addition, he looked pretty awkward moving around on stage. He did say he was nervous about doing the song in his pre-performance video, so that should’ve been a sign of things to come. Fortunately, as mentioned he was very popular and a front runner, so he didn’t have the same fate the two twelfth placers had from the previous seasons. He redeemed himself the following week with The Long And Winding Road, which was a solid performance. I didn’t care too much for You’re The Voice the following week; however, I liked the next two performances of Smoky Mountain Memories and Angels. I didn’t care too much for When You Believe; also, this was the week where Archie played the George Huff role and had to pick the safe group. He responded by sitting in the middle of the stage, and David Cook came to join him which was a nice moment. :haha: Think Of Me was an OK performance, though there were better that evening. I didn’t care for either of his Neil Diamond offerings; they just didn’t do anything for me. 🤷‍♂️ I liked Stand By Me but was lukewarm towards Love Me Tender. He had mixed results during Top 3 Week. And So It Goes and Longer were solid; however, for some reason he picked Chris Brown’s With You as his third song.

    Oh No What GIF by Identity

    Needless to say, it was disastrous; I know he tried to show he could be contemporary, but that just wasn’t who Archie was. Regardless, he made it to the finals where he had a solid showing. His best performance was Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. It wasn’t enough as he finished as the runner up to David Cook. Something I vividly remember was a video of some of his fan girls melting down after his second place finish; however, I’ll be nice and not post it. 😇 Anyway, Archie was able to release a few albums post-Idol. I remember hearing Crush a lot when it was first released. Outside of that, I really haven’t kept track of him; however, I’m sure the fans that follow this ranking will have more to say. 😉 In a season as strong as S7, Archie was definitely one of the strongest contestants that season.


    44. Angie Miller: Season 12 (3rd Place)


    Angie was someone who I couldn’t really form an opinion on until after her season. She was one of the most hyped contestants Idol’s ever had and therefore, she was someone who I wouldn’t be able to assess objectively during the season because of it. I guess it’s whenever someone is hyped by the show, I expect said contestant to live up to it and eventually would be let down. This was especially true after she received such high praise for performing her original song You Set Me Free during Hollywood. Nonetheless, after re-watching her journey after knowing the results, I’ve come to realize I liked her quite a bit. One thing that I really noticed was that she was a student of Idol and had a game plan to take the crown. Unfortunately, she may have come off as too hungry and as a result did not come off as relatable to the voters, which may explain why she fell short. Her run began with Nobody’s Perfect which was solid. She would then sing Never Gone, which I really liked. Unsurprisingly, she made it to the finals where she had two solid performances of I Surrender and Yesterday. However, she would give what I felt was her worst effort of the season with Shop Around. I liked that she tried something different, and I liked the arrangement; however, she tried too hard to come off as this sex kitten which, while she is an attractive girl, didn’t work. She came back the following week with one of my favorite performances of hers with Bring Me To Life. This was after she threw the short straw and had to pair with Lazaro for a duet, which of course was not good mainly due to him. Fortunately, Angie was popular enough not to be dragged down by him and worry about being eliminated. Anyone Who Had A Heart was another weak showing for Angie; I thought she lacked the soul the song needed. I loved Love Came Down later that evening, however; it was certainly unexpected to hear a Kari Jobe song on Idol. I’ll Stand By You was fine, though I’ve heard better versions done on the show; Halo, on the other hand, was really good I thought. She would give my personal favorite of hers the following week with Who You Are. It was probably the performance in which she was the most vulnerable. I also liked Cry Me A River, though not as strong as WYA. Her two performances during the Top 4 Redux were fine. She had a solid Top 3 night, with my favorite being Try. It would be her last week as she was eliminated when many thought she would be in the finale. If I were being objective, I thought she had a better overall night than Kree. However, Kree had one performance that was better than all of Angie’s, plus she appeared to be more likable and relatable, which is probably why she moved on instead of Angie; besides, I liked Kree more, so I was fine with the results, though I would've understood if Angie made the finale over her. Angie took her elimination pretty hard as she was crying during her exit package; some joked this was the most emotion Angie showed all season. It was obvious she really wanted the crown, maybe a little too much. Post-Idol, I know she released an EP under her name before deciding to perform under the name Zealyn and pretty much became an electro pop artist, which is completely different from what it was thought she would do. Regardless, Angie was certainly one of the more driven contestants Idol’s ever had and is someone who I’ve come to like after the hype died down.


    43. Jordin Sparks: Season 6 (1st Place)


    Here we have the S6 winner. Jordin was this bubbly girl who I felt had the biggest upside of anyone that season; she was only seventeen after all, a fact Randy reminded us of every chance he got. 🙄 At the time, I was ambivalent towards her and if the person I was then did this list, she would probably be about thirty spots lower. However, she’s grown enough on me over time to rank her in the forties. She started off nicely with an up-tempo version of Give Me One Reason. I didn’t care for her other two performances in the semis; Reflection was a bit of a mess because I guess she got too emotional after watching her dedication video prior to performing, and I wasn’t too fond of her upbeat attitude on Heartbreaker, not to mention she hit quite a few bad notes in it. Regardless, she made it to the finals where she sang If We Hold On Together, which was a solid effort and one of the best of the evening. It was the following week, however, where Jordin showed her immense potential and established herself as a dark horse to win the crown. She sang I (Who Have Nothing), which I thought she would have a problem with because that’s a pretty big song for anyone to tackle, let alone a teenager. However, to her credit she completely nailed the song. While I was critical of her smiling in Heartbreaker, she absolutely got the emotional connection right on top of singing it well. It was easily her best performance of the season. The following week she took a step back, however, with Hey Baby. The biggest problem is that HB is a performer’s song, so it wouldn’t do much to showcase anyone vocally. On A Clear Day was a solid effort from Jordin, especially the held note at the end. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You had the same problem as HB, in that it’s more of a performer’s song. A Broken Wing was one of the better performances on an otherwise lackluster night. The following week, however, she gave not only what I thought was the most overrated performance of the season, it may very well be one of the most overrated performances of all time with You’ll Never Walk Alone. It wasn’t anywhere near as great as it was made out to be. Personally, I thought Phil and Melinda had better performances that night. Anyhow, on to the following week where she easily gave her worst performance of the season with Livin’ On A Prayer. Not only was the singing bad, I had no idea what she was doing with her body. The only thing I liked about it was the Sanjaya hair joke during the judges comments. 😆 However, she managed to survive the double elimination and gave two OK performances the following week. From there, it was on to the Top 3 where I actually thought she was the weakest of the three, yet she made it to the finals where she would eventually edge out Blake for the title. She would go on to have a solid career post-Idol, and I liked a couple of her songs. Of course, I can’t listen to No Air because Chris Brown’s presence taints it. However, I liked One Step At A Time and Battlefield. So yeah, Jordin is another contestant I’ve come to like more over the years.


    42. Avalon Young: Season 15 (7th/8th Place)


    Avalon was someone whose vibe I really dug. She was someone who had this urban contemporary R&B vibe which was nice and something different from the others that season. Also, she wasn’t into the glitz and glamour of the industry; her disdain for wearing dresses and other “girly” accessories was very apparent. 😅 She began her run by singing Love Yourself, which I, despite not being the biggest Justin Bieber fan, thought she did a great job with. It was certainly one of the better performances of the group. I also enjoyed the Flying Without Wings duet with Ruben, though I admittedly had reservations about it in the beginning, if only because that didn’t seem to be the style of music Avalon would do well in. However, I think Ruben was a good duet partner and everything seemed to work out. She would be picked to advance to the Top 14 where she would have to participate in the WC Round due to not receiving a Fast Pass. As I briefly mentioned in my Olivia Rox write-up, I would’ve liked to have seen Avalon get a Fast Pass instead of Olivia, but it is what it is. There she would reprise her Hollywood Showcase performance of Yo (Excuse Me Miss), which I enjoyed quite a bit although I had to pretend it wasn’t a Chris Brown song; I would say it was my second favorite of hers. She would advance where she would give her weakest performance with Stitches. Having said that, it wasn’t all that bad all things considered; I certainly didn’t think it was B3 worthy considering who was in the competition at the time, which is where Avalon unfortunately found herself the following week. There she would give my favorite performance of hers with Earned It, and she was thankfully picked by the judges to advance; it also helped that Olivia, who I felt was the biggest threat to Avalon advancing, didn’t give a strong performance in her own right. Unfortunately, that performance wasn’t strong enough for the voters because Avalon found herself in the B3 again the following week. There, she would sing P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) which while it wasn’t her best effort, was still something I liked. However, I will begrudgingly admit Sonika’s performance was better despite singing the overdone I Have Nothing, so I had a feeling Avalon was in trouble (Lee had zero chance of being saved, lol). My fears were right because Sonika was saved (which I didn’t have much of a problem with because I did like her; I just liked Avalon more, and if it were up to me Tristan would’ve been in the bottom instead of one of those two), which meant Avalon’s time on Idol came to an end. I know Avalon released an album post-Idol and went on to compete in the BET singing competition The Next Big Thing. I remember really liking her album and I believe I still have it on my Spotify playlist. In the end, Avalon is someone I really liked and would’ve liked to see her make it farther than she did on Idol.


    41. George Huff: Season 3 (5th Place)


    It’s been a long while since a S3 male has been posted; we have to go all the way back to John Stevens at #129. Anyway, George was a contestant who always seemed to have a smile on his face. He appeared to be liked by everyone he came across. He also had a nice soulful voice that was pleasant to listen to. To think George almost wasn’t a part of S3. He originally did not make the semifinals; however, Donnie Williams, who did make it, decided to celebrate a bit too much and made a mistake of getting behind the wheel. As a result, he was arrested for a DUI and thus was disqualified (I’ve made it clear how I feel about drunk driving). This allowed George to come back and take part in the semifinals. He sang Always And Forever as a part of Group Four, which was OK. If I had a criticism, it was that he used a little too much vibrato. He didn’t advance to the finals via the public vote; however, he was invited to take part in the WC round where he sang Lean On Me. He would eventually be Simon’s wildcard pick (which was definitely better than his WC pick the year before 😣) and thus, George was on his way to the finals. He got off to a very strong start with his first four performances of (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay, I Can Love You Like That, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, and Take Me To The Pilot, with the last two being my personal favorites of his. His version of ATPTB is my favorite version done on Idol, and TMTTP was a lot of fun and definitely a highlight on an otherwise mixed night. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as smoothly for George after those four. ☹️ Around this time, he had gotten sick and started to lose his voice; therefore, the quality of his performances decreased dramatically. ☹️ His next three performances - Against All Odds, Tryin’ To Get That Feeling Again, and Live For Loving You - were all difficult to listen to, with TTGTFA being the worst of the trio. Speaking of said performance, this was also the week where Idol introduced the Top 7 Results twist where there would be two groups of three in which one group would be the B3 and the other the safe group. From there one safe contestant would pick the group who s/he thought was the safe group. George was the guinea pig and he picked the group with the Three Divas, who many, myself included, thought was the safe group. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as this was the week of the infamous Three Divas B3, with Jennifer leaving. 😣 Back to George’s run, he had a bit of a comeback during Top 5 with his two performances of Cheek To Cheek and What A Wonderful World. While they weren’t up to the standards of his early finals performances, they were much better than his previous three efforts. This would be George’s last week as he was eliminated the following night. I know he released a couple of gospel albums post-Idol and for a while was one of Jennifer’s backup singers (I don’t know if he still is); I was happy to see him when Jennifer performed during a S10 Results Show (I can’t remember which one though). Despite his rough finish, George was one of the better contestants of S3.


    045. David Archuleta

    044. Angie Miller

    043. Jordin Sparks

    042. Avalon Young

    041. George Huff


    What's to come next time around:


    - What's wrong with the Golden State?

    - A rather deadly necessity

    - Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method

    - Came back into the light after four years

    - Not sad hands



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  4. I should have the next set up within the next hour or so. In the meanwhile, I'm curious to see who posters think will be my favorite finalist from each season. @thevoiceisthetop was the one who inspired this idea. He/she has posted his/her guesses and so far got two right (Laci was revealed before the guesses were made and Jovin was from the separate S18 ranking). Four have been revealed already with two of them having yet to be ranked. This is what is known thus far:









    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox








    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb

  5. 5 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    050. Skylar Laine - My season 11 favorite. :wub: I had high hopes for her from the beginning and Stay With Me is one of my favorite Idol performances, period. She never quite lived up to this performance-wise in the finals, but I loved WDBHG, G&L, LSUOY, and WBMW, and I don't think she ever really had a bad performance. I wish she'd released more music because I liked her EP.

    049. Nikko Smith - I liked him ok when I watched season 4 after the fact. Incomplete and Can We Talk were good modern R&B performances. He had some forgettable ones too which is what sent him home. 

    048. Naima Adedapo - Loved Naima, one of my few season 10 favorites. I loved For All We Know and loved her up-tempo current performances as well; stylistically she was breath of fresh air especially that season. I wish she'd gone with Circle of Life or something on Elton John night. 

    047. Didi Benami - She was my initial season 9 favorite as well, and I too think her "bad" performances are underrated. Her Lean On Me was good in the first half, and if she hadn't listened to Usher and gone with the folk arrangement of WBOTBH as you said, she might well have been safe. She did release an abum thugh even if it was a bit dull, as well as had a song played at the audition episodes of Idol one season. So she's done more than most 10th placers. 

    046. Megan Joy - I loved her audition and enjoyed PYRO, RR, and WAM well enough, but everything else was a bit of a mess, heck even Rockin Robin was more a guilty pleasure. And yes her post-Idol music is great. :yes: 


    050. This is the only time I've seen someone list Skylar as their S11 favorite, which is absolutely great! Considering who my S18 favorite is, I know about having unconventional ones. :haha: You may be right about her not ever really having any bad performances, though there were some I didn't care for. I never heard her EP; it may be something I'll have to look for.

    049. Fair enough about Nikko. Still, though I'm grateful he got a second chance, I was hoping he'd last a little longer.

    048. Pretty much agree, except I'm glad she stayed away from Circle Of Life. She may have had better luck with a different song though.

    047. Again, pretty much agree here. I didn't know she released an album; something else to check out though what you said about doesn't inspire much confidence. :haha:

    046. Fair enough about her. Yes, I need to get her music back. 😅


    2 hours ago, miss denise said:


    - It's okay. :haha: Aww. :( I like the song, but either way, I just thought her delivery of it was great and impressive. 

    - Yes, you did rank some big favorites of mine quite a bit low, so we'll have varying opinions. :haha: 😛 It is funny how that works out.


    Oh, I'm curious, but will wait and see. :shiftywave:


    - Though I'm tired of the song, I do agree Skylar's delivery was great on it.

    :stealth: Having said that, varying opinions can be fun depending on the environment. It certainly funny how everything works out. :haha:


    2 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments on the rankings:


    1.  I liked Skylar.  I just loved Jessica more.

    2.  This was a fairly good spot to rank Nikko.

    3.  Naima was pretty good, but I’m not sure that I’d rank her quite this high.  She was too inconsistent.

    4.  I liked Didi, but she was never my favorite.  I wonder why the judges were so lukewarm on her.

    5.  I’d definitely not rank Megan Joy this high!  She wasn’t a great singer.  But she was fun, especially with “Rocking Robin”.


    1. Fair enough.

    2. I thought so as well.

    3. What can I say; while she may have been inconsistent, I enjoyed her a lot.

    4. I wonder that myself. I don't think she was as bad as they made her out to be.

    5. I don't think many people would! 🤣 I guess how I feel about her is the same way people feel about Mikalah Gordon. :haha: She was definitely fun despite not being the best singer.


    43 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    we finally found something to agree on! :hug:but actually you can say it about almost every season. yet with the format of season 8 it was more obvious. 


    I thought we agreed the S18 cast was the most screwed, so there should be two things! Yeah, it could be said about almost any season. S1 is another one I could place in this category.


    I'm about 2/3 done with the write-ups for the next set, so they will most likely be posted tomorrow evening at the earliest.

  6. 5 hours ago, blackfield said:

    and a few notes: 

    season 8 was one of my fav seasons just because the amount of talent was immense. however, a lot of that talent was eliminated in semis like jesse langseth.


    Regarding the bold, that is the main reason why S8 was such a let down to me. I think that season had some of the best talent in the semis out of all the seasons (I'm still contemplating whether or not to list my favorite semifinalists, so I won't mention any names for now). Unfortunately, it meant a lot of it would be filtered out, especially with the semifinals format that was used. Still, I think the finals could've been better.


    3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    050. Skylar Laine - She was just OK for me.

    049. Nikko Smith - I was glad he was the one to replace Mario but I was sad to see Mario leave. I liked Nikko's run and think he should've stayed slightly longer but I wasn't surprised when he was voted off. I really enjoyed his version of Part Time Lover.

    048. Naima Adedapo - She was underwhelming for me. But her season as a whole was.

    047. Didi Benami - Loved her. I had high hopes for her.

    046. Megan Joy - Didn't like her at all. However, her recording of Rockin' Robin was one of my favorites of the season, surprisingly.


    050. Fair enough

    049. I agree with most of this. The only thing is I didn't care too much for Mario; still, it was disappointing to see him leave.

    048. Fair enough

    047. Same :(

    046. :( Completely understandable however.


    While working on the write-ups for the next set, I decided to go back and read my older write-ups. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea because I ended up cringing at some of them. 😂 I certainly could've done a better job at them, the main thing being making them longer with more details. The good thing is seeing I'm at the part where I like everyone left, the next few should be longer and hopefully better written, LOL. 😅

    • Haha 1
  7. 8 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Wow, the time difference. :lmao:  It really took me a while to put some of these together. I couldn't figure out the "Flame" part of that clue, but thanks for explaining. :haha:  LOL okay I see about the birds (and the robins). :haha:  


    050. Skylar Laine: I loved Skylar and she was always fighting for my second favorite of the season. ^_^ I loved her confidence on stage, and enjoyed her on both ballads and uptempo numbers. WBMW was one of the standouts for me, so too bad you didn't care as much for that one. "The subsequent week she sang Why Haven’t I Heard From You, which I believe is the first time a Kellie Pickler song has been sung on Idol." I'm sure you meant "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You"? But I agree, it was a great choice for her and loved hearing another Idol alum's song on the show. ❤️  I liked some of her performances the last couple weeks, and wish she had gone a bit further, but oh well. I do think I remember her listening some music a few years ago, but yeah, not as much as I'd hoped. :( 

    049. Nikko Smith: He was one of my favorites! I agree, all his semis performances were so strong and I thought he should have made the finals originally. Mario was my favorite at the time, so I was devastated when he left the competition, but I guess it was bittersweet since Nikko took his spot in the finals. "Incomplete" was definitely a standout, although I enjoyed the others and have a soft spot for his last performance. :blushingwave: He's another I wish made it further in the competition. 

    048. Naima Adedapo: I was never a fan of hers at all, sorry to say...  funny you mention Qaasim and Uche, because I enjoyed them both and prefer them (including Naima)  in the opposite order they all appeared on the show. :haha:  But yeah, I could never get into her voice or style, so she just wasn't for me.  

    047. Didi Benami: I don't mind her, but she wasn't a standout or favorite for me. I did love "Terrified", although I forgot all about it until trying to figure out the clues and it popped back into my mind. :haha:❤️ I enjoyed "Play With Fire" as well, but nothing else really did much for me. 

    046. Megan Joy: These last three are all some of the ones I mentioned I was surprised to see rank here. :haha: I was also not a fan of Megan. :( I might prefer her to Naima, but her voice wasn't my favorite and I didn't really connect with her personally. I think I've liked some of what I heard from her post-show though.


    I have some ideas floating in my head for the next set of clues, although yikes at one of them being an apology to me (and Bk1234) :dead: That is certainly not something you want to see! :lmao:😢 I'm sure I know the answer, but of course, won't say yet. 



    Yes, sometimes the slightest difference can have the biggest impact. :haha: No problem about explaining the clues. :thumbs:


    050. 🤦‍♂️ at getting the song title wrong; maybe that's a sign I need to take a break from this thing. 😅 I went and fixed it. As for the rest of the comments, WBMW is a song I'm tired of hearing and I instantly change to something else whenever it comes on. Yes, her confidence on stage was great to see, and she did well on both ballads and uptempo numbers.

    049. I pretty much agree with everything here. It's too bad about Mario being your favorite and him dropping out, but at least you liked Nikko enough to be one of your favorites.

    048. :( at Naima not being one of your favorites, but I respect the opinion. Well, I did rank some favorites of others pretty low, so I should be expecting more of this. :haha: LOL at preferring Uché, Qaasim, and Naima in that order.

    047. Fair enough about her.

    046. :haha: at the last three being some of the surprises. I expected Megan to be one of them because she was one of the more unconventional contestants. 😅 Fair enough about her though.


    I would say something about the clue, but I feel I would give it away. It'll just have to wait until the set appears.


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Good job to @miss denise and @thevoiceisthetop for getting all the clues right! 👍


    My Opinions


    Skylar Laine- Skylar grew to be one of my favorite finalists in S11. I also really liked “Where Do Broken Hearts Go,” even though it left a bitter taste in my mouth after S10... 😅 For me, Skylar’s performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings” truly elevated her to the top of my list. It showed me that she could be a very strong vocalist as well as a performer wanting to have fun. It’s a shame Skylar hasn’t done much post Idol... 😕 Also, while I’m on the topic of S11, I was watching one of Aydan Calafiore’s performances on the Voice Australia and noticed that DeAndre appeared to be a backup singer in this video. Maybe it’s not him...? 🤔


    Nikko Smith- No comment. 

    Naima Adedapo- I’m glad she got the WC pick, but she never really delivered for me afterwards... I would have ranked her lower. 😕


    Didi Benami- No comment. 

    Megan Joy- No comment. 

    Also, I’m mentally preparing myself for the next set... 😅


    Skylar: I pretty much agree with everything written here. Watching that video, that backup singer does look a lot like DeAndre. :lmao: Maybe he has a twin we don't know about...🤔


    Naima: Fair enough about her.


    Again, I won't mention anything until I post the set. I'm not sure when, but everything will be revealed then...

  8. Last post before I call it a night:


    39 minutes ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


    I bet this is Angie, her name is Zealyn nowadays.


    Maybe. However, I requested not to discuss future clues before the set was posted. Nonetheless, I'm feeling generous, so I'll look the other way just this once. ;)


    24 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    - I love the way you lie in the flame: Skylar? Shares a first name with Skylar Grey who wrote "Love the Way You Lie"
    - A hot explosion: Naima? For her shouting "boom fiyah"? 
    - That may have been the wrong breed:  I originally had Skyler here, but now I'm left with Megan. Does this refer to her "caw caw" as a bird? Although I think birds have species, not breeds, which has me all confused. :lmao: 
    - Came from a pair of Golden Gloves: Nikko - he is the son of Ozzie Smith, a Baseball Hall of Famer
    - Nothing for this finalist to be afraid of: Didi because of the song "Terrified"


    23 minutes ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

    - I love the way you lie in the flame - Skylar Laine
    - A hot explosion - Naima
    - That may have been the wrong breed - Megan Joy
    - Came from a pair of Golden Gloves - Nikko Smith
    - Nothing for this finalist to be afraid of - Didi






    Both got it right! However, since miss denise posted first by apparently one minute, she gets the prize.


    The Skylar Laine clue referenced both the songs of Love The Way You Lie  by Skylar Grey and Flame, which was Laine Hardy's coronation song. Thus, it's a combination of the two first names.


    Naima's is self-explanatory :haha:


    Yeah, I meant species instead of breed; I couldn't remember what birds had so I went the next best thing. :dead: Of course, Megan cawed after Rockin' Robin; however, robins don't caw, which made it more epic. The cawing would've been more appropriate if the song was called Country Crows or something along those lines. :haha:


    @miss denise pretty much explained the Nikko and Didi clues. 👍

  9. It's time to reveal the first set of the Top 50! Things only get tougher from here because I like everyone remaining a lot in one way or another. The clues for 50-46:


    - I love the way you lie in the flame
    - A hot explosion
    - That may have been the wrong breed
    - Came from a pair of Golden Gloves
    - Nothing for this finalist to be afraid of


    50. Skylar Laine: Season 11 (5th Place)


    Kicking off the new set and the Top 50 is the country girl from S11. Personally, I feel Skylar is one of the more underrated Idol contestants. Whenever I see discussions about S11, Skylar’s name is hardly mentioned, which is too bad because she was a strong contestant in her own right. I guess in a season as stacked and heralded as S11, some names are bound to be overlooked. Anyway, Skylar was a firecracker of a contestant who certainly knew how to work the stage. I remember her airing her audition but not much of it if that makes any sense. When the Top 24 25 rolled around, I saw Skylar as a part of the group, but I hardly paid her any mind because my focus was on other contestants at the time. That changed with her performance of Stay With Me in the semifinals. Before then, I thought Baylie Brown would be the token country singer; however, Baylie had one of the worst tank jobs on Idol whereas Skylar was strong and confident. She advanced to the finals where she had a steady run with the exception of a few hiccups. She followed the up-tempo SWM with the ballad Where Do Broken Hearts Go, which I felt was one of her strongest performances of the season. Love Sneakin’ Up On You was another fun number I enjoyed. The following week, however, I didn’t care that much for Shameless; I thought it was her weakest performance up to that point. She came back the next week with Gunpowder And Lead which was another fun up-tempo number though I thought she messed up a bit on the final chorus. Wind Beneath My Wings was fine all things considered though that’s a song I could go ten lifetimes without ever having to hear again. The subsequent week she sang Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You, which I believe is the first time a Kellie Pickler song has been sung on Idol. It was nice to see a song from an Idol contestant who wasn’t from the usual group of Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia, etc. The following week I liked Born This Way; however, I wasn’t too fond of I Heard It Through The Grapevine. Although I appreciated Skylar doing the Gladys Knight version, I thought the performance was shouty and the country-like arrangement itself was hard on the ears. I thought both of her numbers during Top 6 were fine, but her Top 5 showing may have been her weakest efforts. I didn’t care for either of her songs; having said that, she wasn’t the worst of the night (I think we all know who I thought was the worst). She would be eliminated the following night. It was thought Skylar would have a chance to do something post-Idol; however, it doesn’t appear much has happened. Regardless, I enjoyed Skylar a lot during the season.


    49. Nikko Smith: Season 4 (9th Place)


    Nikko was someone who I enjoyed a lot during S4. He had this contemporary R&B vibe from a male that Idol wouldn’t see until at least Anoop in S8 (though as I mentioned earlier, I think Rayvon was the closest thing to a true male contemporary R&B singer since Nikko). As for his Idol run, I enjoyed all three of his semifinal performances (Part-Time Lover, Let’s Get It On, and Georgia On My Mind). If I had to pick my favorite of the bunch, it would be LGIO. Unfortunately, the voting public didn’t feel the same way because Nikko was eliminated in the last round of the semis. I remember being disappointed he was eliminated while Scott and Constantine advanced to the finals. However, all was not lost for Nikko because Mario Vasquez, who was voted into the finals, decided to drop out for some reason. Because of this, due to Nikko having more votes than Travis Tucker (who I liked but had some questionable song choices and performances, to say the least) he was invited back to participate in the finals. He had an OK run in the finals all things considered; however, I don’t think it was quite up to the level of his semifinals showing. His first performance I Want You Back wasn’t one I was too fond of; however, I’ll give him a bit of a pass here because of him coming back so late and therefore, he probably didn’t have much time to rehearse. However, I really enjoyed his next two performances of Incomplete and Can We Talk. The following week he gave what I felt was his weakest effort of the season with One Hand, One Heart which was a bit on the boring side, not to mention having a few pitch problems. Even with all of this said, it still wasn’t the worst of the night (hello Anthony and Scott). Unfortunately, it would be his last as he was eliminated the following night. It was disappointing to see him leave at the time; however, I’m grateful he managed to make it as far as he did, considering where he was originally eliminated and receiving a second chance and all. So yeah, I liked Nikko a lot and appreciate what he brought to the show.


    48. Naima Adedapo: Season 10 (10th/11th Place)


    Naima was a contestant who, while not the best singer from a technical standpoint, I thought was a lot of fun. She was certainly the most innovative contestant of the season when it came to her performances; you’d never know what she’d do next. In fact, I’d like to think of her as a precursor to contestants such as Qaasim and Uché. As with those two, I thought she would’ve been a better fit on the X Factor than Idol, but I’m certainly not complaining about her time on Idol. Speaking of which, it began with her singing Summertime in the semifinals, in which while she was no Fantasia, she did a fine job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t fine enough for the voting public because she wasn’t voted into the finals. All was not lost for Naima, however, as she was invited to participate in the WC Round, in which she sang For All We Know. It was enough for her to attain one of the three coveted WC spots and thus, Naima was on her way to the finals. Based on her semifinals and WC performances, I would’ve thought Naima would go for a more adult-contemporary, jazzy type of performance for Top 13 because I felt that she would pick an artist from those genres as her influence. Boy, was I wrong! :haha: She picked Rihanna as her personal idol and performed Umbrella, and I mean that literally because that was a performance. The singing wasn’t all great; there were quite a few pitch problems. However, the energy and confidence made it captivating to watch. The highlight was her shouting BOOM FIYAH in the middle of it. :lmao: She followed that with What’s Love Got To Do With It, which unfortunately was not good. It was very poor vocally, and the more upbeat arrangement didn’t work. She rebounded the following week with Dancing In The Street, which was probably her best showing in the finals. The dance breakdown in the end was certainly a highlight. Unfortunately, tried to do a reggae version of I’m Still Standing which turned out to be a mess. I mentioned this way back in the beginning of the thread but doing reggae versions of songs never seem to work on Idol; Naima’s take on the Elton John classic was no different. It would be her last performance as she would be eliminated along with Thia in a double elimination the following night. To be honest, I would’ve liked to see her stick with the kind of the jazz route she was on in the semis; however, I won’t say I didn’t enjoy what she eventually did on Idol. Overall, Naima was someone who I felt was definitely worth watching.


    47. Didi Benami: Season 9 (10th Place)


    Up next is the penultimate contestant from S9 (which means @thevoiceisthetop got my favorite S9 finalist correct; the only question is when will she show up? 🤔) Didi was a contestant who is often compared to Brooke White. Both were pretty, blonde (at least I believe Didi was during the season; I don’t know if she is now, but if she wasn’t then, ignore this description, LOL), and emotional singer-songwriter types, so I don’t think the comparisons were too far off. I think the main difference is Didi was more sensual whereas Brooke was pretty much chaste. In Didi’s case, she was inspired by the memory of her deceased friend to audition for Idol. She made it to Hollywood where she received high praise after her rendition of Terrified (which was co-written by then judge Kara DioGuardi). She eventually made it to the voting rounds where unfortunately she wasn’t the most consistent contestant. She started with The Way I Am, which I thought was underrated by the judges. I thought she did a great job with it. However, Lean On Me the following week was rough; it was easily her worst in the semis. It started off well enough, but she got kind of screechy in the second half of the song and was difficult to listen to. Fortunately, she was able to rebound the following week with Rhiannon, which was not only my favorite of hers in the semis, it may very well have been my favorite overall performance of hers. Didi would eventually move on to the finals where she would give an intense yet sensual performance of Play With Fire. It was my favorite of hers in the finals. The following week she would sing You’re No Good which was fine all things considered; it’s just that it felt like a bit of a let down after PWF. The subsequent week she would sing What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted, which turned out to be her worst effort in the finals. With that said, I don’t think it was that bad, at least not as bad as the judges made it out to be. If anything, the worst part was the big note at the end where she went sharp. I listened to the studio version, and it has more of a folksy/bluegrass feel to it. I think if Didi was able to do this version, she would’ve been much better off. Finally, the exchange with Ryan at the end was awkward to say the least. He was trying to get Didi to say she was thinking of her deceased friend; however, Didi clearly didn’t want to go there, but Ryan kept pushing the issue. Needless to say, it was pretty uncomfortable to watch. Unfortunately, Didi would be eliminated the following night which was disappointing. I know there were some who hoped she would get the save; however, as much as I liked her and wouldn’t have minded if she got the save despite not liking the save in general, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to happen because the judges seemed to be pretty lukewarm to her. Considering who was still in the competition at the time, it was disappointing to see her leave as early as she did. Nonetheless, I liked Didi a lot and she’s still one of my favorites from her season.


    46. Megan Joy: Season 8 (9th Place)


    Closing out the set is the Avian Goddess flying in and perching on her spot in the rankings. Megan is the second to last S8 finalist to appear (which means @thevoiceisthetop got two right thus far :haha:). S8 wasn’t, and to be honest, still isn’t one of my favorite seasons as a whole, mainly because I felt it had so much promise to be better than what it was; therefore, while it wasn’t a bad season, it was certainly one of the more disappointing ones to me. However, this gorgeous goofball was definitely one of the biggest bright spots of the season for me. I’ll admit Megan wasn’t the most technically sound singer; she had a number of intonation and pitch issues. She stated she never had any singing lessons and to be honest, it showed quite a bit during the season. 😖 However, I really loved her tone and looked forward to what she would do. In addition, she was a lot of fun to watch; I enjoyed her silly dancing and stage antics (I especially loved her dance during the Group 2 montage :dead:). She was a part of the famed Group 2 in the semis where she sang Put Your Records On. I enjoyed it despite her over-singing it at the end and hoped she would advance to the finals; however, I knew her chances were slim, especially as being the top female vote getter because Allison slayed her number. Nonetheless, Megan was invited to participate in the WC Round where she sang Black Horse And The Cherry Tree. Admittedly, this performance was a bit of mess, but I still enjoyed it. Regardless, she was picked to go in the finals, though if I were to be objective, Jesse Langseth had a better showing and probably should’ve been picked instead. Personally, I would’ve picked both Megan and Jesse and left Jasmine behind, but what can you do. Either way, Megan was in the finals where she sang Rockin’ Robin, which I thought was a really fun number. Of course, the most memorable part of the performance was her cawing at the end, which was absolutely legendary, thus the explanation of her Avian Goddess title :dead:. The following week she gave her best performance in the finals with Walkin’ After Midnight despite being sick. She sang For Once In My Life the following week and oh boy, as much as I love Megan, that was a complete train wreck; I won’t even try to make excuses for that one. 😣 Despite that, she didn’t even land in the B3 that week even though it would have certainly been justified if she had. The following week she would give her final performance with Turn Your Lights Down Low. I may be crazy, but I actually kind of liked this one; I thought it was certainly better than the previous week. As alluded to earlier, she would be eliminated the following night. Her elimination was certainly a memorable one with her cawing and flapping her wings as she headed to the B3 and breaking down after finishing her swan song. The main thing I remember was Simon saying the judges wouldn’t even deliberate saving her after she said she didn’t care about being on the show. I remember that irritated me to no end because Megan said she didn’t care that he didn’t like her performance, not she didn’t care about being on the show. Later it was revealed Megan was going through some real tough times in her life during the season; I believe the main one was her being in a heated custody battle with her ex-husband over their son. For her to be on the show and try to have fun and be in a positive mood, I commend her. I know she released some music post-Idol and remembered liking it a lot; I have to see if I can find some of it because it was lost after I switched computers. While she certainly had her flaws, I really enjoyed Megan during S8.


    050. Skylar Laine

    049. Nikko Smith

    048. Naima Adedapo

    047. Didi Benami

    046. Megan Joy


    Alright, the set is up. As to who may show up next:


    - A different name and music direction post-Idol

    - A Tim Allen sitcom

    - Apologies to miss denise and Bk1234

    - This finalist apparently didn't want to want this singer

     - Often sang songs of the opposite gender




  10. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:

    Understandable. I am online much less during the weekends though, so I tend to miss a lot. :haha:  


    You have not yet. :shiftywave:  


    - I agree! :lmao: Unfortunately, I think my video has been lost into the abyss. :broken: I'm sure it was on one of my older laptops or hard drives that crashed. :( 

    - :giggle: 


    Yay! Ooh I know, but I like to still play along and guess the clues, so I thought I'd post my thoughts anyway. :haha:  


    Understandable. I find a good number of people tend to be online less during the weekends. It's good to get away once in a while. 👍


    OK, I guess we'll find out who it is when that person is posted. It could or could not be in the upcoming set... :shiftywave:


    - That's unfortunate about the video being lost. :(


    Good to see you (and others) enjoying this. I always like to see guesses and thoughts regarding them. ^_^


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    060. Carly Smithson - I loved a few of hers like Come Together, Here You Come Again, Blackbird, and Crazy On You, but overall I connected to others more her season Maybe I was sipping Simon's Kool-Aid. :haha:  I did love her post-Idol music; I wish she'd had a chance to do more rock on the show. 

    059. Adam Lambert - Obviously very talented and I liked him on his season as well, but his performances tended to go 1 or 100 with no in-between. Still wanted a final 2 of him and Allison after their duet of Slow Ride. 

    058. LaKisha Jones - Loved her at the start of the season, but she was lacking in the song choice department, although I liked JTTW. :ph34rwave: Her Bon Jovi performance was also incredible. 

    057. Joshua Ledet - Joshua overdid at times but he had some great moments like No More Drama and It's a Man's World. I Wish was also great and gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things due to all the standing O's. Definitely deserved his top 3 placement.

    056. Phillip Phillips - Never wanted him to win but he did have a few good ones like Volcano, Give a Little More and Disease. I'd have sent him home after his two poor performances at top 5, but his win didn't really bother me. 


    060. Fair enough. I would've liked to see her do more rock as well because I believe that's where she shined the most.

    059. Can't say I really disagree with what's written here. The Slow Ride duet with Allison was certainly a highlight.

    058. Don't really disagree here. I guess we all have our performances we like that may not be popular with others. :haha:

    057.Pretty much agree with nearly everything here.

    056. Again, pretty much agree with almost everything, except I didn't care too much for Give A Little More🤷‍♂️


    I just finished the write-ups for the next set and barring anything new, they should be my next post. 👍

  11. 3 hours ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

    s17  is gone


    Who I Think will be the last standing for each season

    s1 - Kelly Clarkson

    s2 - Kimberley Locke

    s3 - Jennifer Hudson

    s4 - Carrie Underwood

    s5 -  Chris Daughtry

    s6 -  Jordin Sparks

    s7 -  David Cook

    s8 -  Allison Iraheta

    s9 -  Crystal Bowersox

    s10 -  Haley Reinhart

    s11 -  Elise Testone

    s12 - Angie Miller

    s13 -  Jessica Meuse

    s14 -  Clark Beckham

    s15 -  La'Porsha Renae

    s16 -  Maddie Poppe

    s17 - Laci Kaye Booth


    Interesting guesses. We'll see how everything turns out...😁


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    I’m pretty sure @Crisis confirmed that Erika Van Pelt would be the last one standing for S11, as she was their favorite. 


    are you sure about that john cena GIF 🤭 (I just love using this gif 😅)


    I said Erika was my S11 favorite up until her elimination. I didn't say she was my overall S11 favorite; a contestant or two very well could've overtook her. Time will reveal everything. 😆 

    • Haha 1
  12. 8 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Sorry I’m a little late, but here’s my comments:


    1.  Anoop — he wasn’t versatile enough, since up-tempo songs were his weak spot.

    2.  Jeremiah — I think that Jeremiah was a victim of his own consistency and many of his songs being so similar.  Had Wade been in the Bottom 2 and not Laci, I’m sure that Jeremiah would have been spared.  But the judges probably wanted two girls and not just one.

    3.  Laci wasn’t my favorite but I’m glad that she went out on a high note.

    4.  Clay is the only guy I ever voted for from the start.  I think that part of it was because he worked with Special Ed. kids.  That said, his comments on Catie weren’t so smart.

    5.  I voted for Kris in the Final 3.  There were no more girls, I didn’t think Danny was good enough and the other option was Adam, whom I’d never have voted for.  Thus I was thrilled when Kris beat Adam.


    1. As much as I like him, I agree with this. 😕

    2. That's a good point regarding the first sentence. I pretty much agree with everything else.

    3. Fair enough about Laci. I'm glad she went out on a high note as well.

    4. Completely understandable about voting for Clay, especially considering how dear it is. Pretty much agree with the last sentence.

    5. Pretty much agree with everything written here.


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    Just wanted to point out that you got Skylar Laine’s last name wrong here because I’m annoying... 😅




    I went ahead and fixed it. That's what I get for rushing. :dead:

    • Haha 1
  13. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    I would say I love about half of the contestants remaining. :yes: A few would make my Top 10 (not sure how many for my Top 50 as I can't think of that so easily :haha:  ) And then a few I'm very surprised to see rank this high, so your comments will be interesting to see. ^_^ 


    I have a feeling I know the few who are surprising. I won't say anything until I'm ready to post them though. ;)

  14. 37 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    not telling you who those are though  you'll know when you know.. :nanananana:


    I have a feeling I know a couple of them...🤔


    37 minutes ago, miss denise said:


    I guess I can share now. :haha:  The two I had in mind before you posted the set were Diana and Michael J, and then I figured out Jena after reading through your comments. That left me with Alex and Casey, and my guess was Casey for the debate clue (because of the save was my guess - but now I see that wasn't why and I never would have remembered that debate from the finale lol). I didn't know how Alex fit the remaining clue, but I see it now and and also not sure it's something I ever would have come up with on my own, lol. 


    Gosh, I'm so behind!


    065. Michael Lynche: He was one of my favorites of the season and it looks like we share our main favorite performances from him as well. I also enjoyed his brother and wanted him to advance through on S3. :( 

    064. Kimberly Caldwell: I really like her and voice.  I thought "Anymore" was one of her standouts, so a bit surprised you didn't mention that one. I also saw her host lots of Idol related shows over the years and enjoyed her on those a lot.

    063. Janelle Arthur: I like her and she's among my favorites, but I mostly cared about one person that season. I also prefer a lot of other country contestants to her, but still like her.

    062. Michael Johns: Love him and can't think of him without feeling so sad. :( I loved his voice and agree that his soul side was best. He was one of my favorites to meet on tour, mostly because my mom absolutely ADORED him. :broken:  We had great interactions with him. I don't remember hearing the cause of his passing, but ugh. :( It still has me shook. I also loved his duet with Brooke so much.

    061. Sarina-Joi Crowe: She had so much potential and was cut way too soon. :( Ughh. I loved those first couple performances of hers and wish she had stayed based on previous showings  + her voice alone. Such a shame because she could have made the season better. I understand the judges not wanting to use the save so soon, but then... to just use it the next week on someone I didn't agree with at all was a real disappointment too.


    From the clues for that set, I correctly predicted both Michaels and Kim ahead of time. I was able to place Janelle and Sarina-Joi after seeing them. :yes: 


    060. Carly Smithson: I wasn't a huge fan, although she has a great voice. But she is one who also grew on me quite a bit on tour. I didn't enjoy most of her performances on the show all that much, but loved a couple (especially "Here You Come Again" ❤️

    059. Adam Lambert: He was my immediate thought for the clue, but wasn't sure if you might rank him higher or the clue could mean something else. I had several favorites that season, but he was among my secondary group. I thought he was so talented and I enjoyed him on all different kinds of songs, but definitely loved the top 2 favorites you named most, as well. ❤️ And I'm also a huge Kris fan, so I was happy with the end result. 

    058. LaKisha Jones: I was never a fan, but LOLOLLLLLLLL the ignoring all the mentors advice. :dead: I completely forgot and should have KNOWN because I made a video montage back in the day of all the times this happened. :dead:  Hilarious. I agree, her Bon Jovi song was the best and the only one I really loved. 

    057. Joshua Ledet:  I really like him a lot. :yes:  LOL all those gifs. The judges standing ovations annoyed me across several seasons, so not sure if they did particularly for just him.  He does have an amazing voice and gave some fantastic performances. 

    056. Phillip Phillips:  I was not a fan at all, but he has grown on me somewhat after the show. I like some of the songs I've heard from him. His voice just didn't really appeal to me and I also didn't care for most of his performances, but the few that I did, I loved. "Unfortunately, I didn’t care for his other Top 7 Redux performance, nor did I care for either of both of his Top 6 nor especially both of his Top 5 performances." :lmao: Oh, but his "In the Midnight Hour" performance was one of my favorites and I was weirdly obsessed with it. :dead:  "Despite this, he managed to not land in the bottom because he was a WGWG and therefore, had superpowers." :dead:  I could never get into "Volcano", but I loved both his duets with Elise. Oh, and no mention of the Joshua and Phillip duet? :giggle: You should have posted it in between them on the set. :giggle: 


    From those clues, I guessed Carly, Adam, and Phillip prior to seeing them posted. :yes:  LaKisha's clue is super obvious now and I wish I hadn't forgotten. :dead:  And Joshua's makes sense.


    055. Anoop Desai: "It’s time for Anoop aka Noop Dawg to bark his way into this countdown." :lmao: I really like him and consider him a secondary favorite for me that season. I love the tone of his voice. I agree he was best on ballads and agree on which uptempos were his best, as well.  Love all the agreement here! I forgot all about his TOTEM name. :dead: 

    054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: He was my joint favorite with Laine, which I believe I mentioned earlier. I love his voice and thought he was so consistent.... ugh such a shame and a surprise when he was eliminated, especially with the save not being used on him. :(  His audition moment will always be a standout for me. ❤️ 

    053. Laci Kaye Booth: I was never a big fan, but she has a nice voice. She didn't do much for me really, although I loved her duet with Brett Young (as he's one of my favorite contemporary artists ❤️ ) and thought she was great on that. I'm not sure where I'd rank her personally, as she's not a favorite, but I don't mind her either.

    052. Clay Aiken: He's the only one I could predict from the clues, lol.  Ugh, the constant runner-up status though. :broken: I'm a big fan and it helps that my mom LOVED him so much that season that it kind of got me into watching the show and becoming such a fan, as well. Her love for him is what led me to my first ever concert since she agreed to take me to see a show when he went on tour with Kelly Clarkson. :haha: So, I have fond memories. But I loved his Idol run and loved his debut album, Christmas album, and more. He's so talented and will always be one of my all-time favorites.

    051. Kris Allen: Oh darn, I was hoping he'd be quite a bit higher, particularly after Adam just showed up. :haha:  Oh well. Kris is another one of my all-time faves. ❤️  Yess, love your comment about him having the best underdog journey! :wub: He really was the little engine that could and it was amazing to see. I love everything about him, but yeah, his musicality and creativity with the songs really stood out to me. "Heartless" will forever be one of the best Idol moments for me. :wub: I was THRILLED when he won and also enjoy his music post-show! 

    Okay, as I mentioned, I guessed Clay from the clues, but am still trying to figure out where the rest of these go. :haha: Well I thought Anoop for a song that came true ("Dim All the Lights") and okay, Kris for "Heartless" because he has a heart, of course. :haha:  I didn't remember Lacey as country even though I mentioned her celeb duet.  That leaves Jeremiah with the other clue.


    Now I'm trying to figure out the next set and have no guesses at all so far. But glad I'm caught up in time for the Top 50! 😄 



    Yeah, the Michael clue was probably the most obvious, and I can see how Diana could be guessed. Jena's was probably obvious after my write-up and Casey and Alex can be tricky if no one really paid any attention to what was going on with them on Idol.


    I usually speed everything up on the weekends mainly due to not being able to do much during the pandemic, so it can be easy for some to fall behind if they're not actively following this thread. :haha:


    065. Pretty much agree with everything written here. Too bad about his brother. :(

    064. I guess I overlooked Anymore. I did watch some of her hosting gigs, and it appeared she was a natural at it.

    063. I don't know if I've posted that person yet; we'll find out sooner or later. ;) As for Janelle, I'm pretty much in the same boat.

    062. I pretty much agree with liking his soul side more. Glad to see you and your mother have a great experience with him on tour. Yes, his passing is still sad after all this time. :( His duet with Brooke is ❤️.

    061. Pretty much agree with everything here. Yes, letting her go then using the save on Qaasim, who I enjoyed at times but wouldn't have used the save on him, the following week was a disappointment.


    Good job on the clues placement. 👍


    060. Fair enough about her on the show though I'm happy to see she grew on you during the tour.

    059. I probably would've enjoyed him more and ranked him higher if he would've toned down the shrieking. Nice to see he was one of your secondary favorites and was happy with the end result. 👍

    058. Yes her ignoring the guest mentors' advice was hilarious. :dead: I would've loved to see the video montage of her doing it. Fair enough about her on the show; at least you enjoyed one of her performances.

    057. I'm glad someone acknowledged the gifs. 😅 He does have an amazing voice and did give some great performances. He just needed to learn how to dial back some and not over-sing when it's not needed.

    056. I pretty much agree with what was written here. Glad to see you appreciate my WGWG joke regarding him. :haha: As for posting his and Joshua's duet in between them, to quote a Hall and Oates title, "Missed Opportunity"! 🤦‍♂️:haha:


    Nice job with the clues again! 👍


    055. Not much to say but again pretty much agree with everything here.

    054. Yeah, his elimination was disappointing. As I mentioned earlier, that B2 sucked because they were my Top 2 of the season, so even with the save used I was going to lose someone I liked. Nice to see his audition will always be a stand out for you.

    053. Fair enough about her

    052. Yes, no matter what he does, he always seem to come in second. Maybe one day he'll break through and be first at something. :haha: There always seems to be that one contestant who draws us in and makes us fans of the show. I'd be interested to see who that is for everyone. Of course, mine will be revealed later in this ranking. ;) As for Clay, yes he is talented and nice to see he's one of your all-time favorites.

    051. He really did have the best underdog journey and was the little engine that could. :thumbs: Yes, his musicality and creativity were great to watch and completely agreed about Heartless being a stand out. That was probably the game changer that propelled him to victory. 👍


    For this set, you got them all right. Unfortunately, someone got them all first...


    We'll see what happens when the next set arrives. Unfortunately, it won't be tonight because I haven't finished the write-ups. I'll try to have them up tomorrow evening.

  15. 5 hours ago, blackfield said:

    my guesses (probably off with most of them): 

    055. Anoop Desai - - A song title that definitely came true on this finalist's Idol run

    054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - - Not quite nirvana

    053. Laci Kaye Booth - - Where's the country?

    052. Clay Aiken -  This finalist always seems to finish 2nd no matter what

    051. Kris Allen - - This finalist certainly didn't lack a vital organ. because he had cojones to face both adam and danny and win... ??


    at least i still have a few favs in the top 50.. ;)




    A song title that definitely cam true on this finalist's Idol run (Anoop's final performance was Dim All The Lights. The lights were certainly dimmed on him 🤭)

    - Not quite nirvana (referencing Jeremiah's original song Almost Heaven)

    - Where's the country? (Laci was a country singer who only sang two country songs on Idol: the Jackson duet with Laine (speaking of whom, I guess the show was spoiled by the couples the previous season that they tried to force another one with Laine and Laci. 🙄 The problem was Laci already had a boyfriend and I believe Laine had a girlfriend) and The House That Built Me)

    - This finalist always seems to finish 2nd no matter what (Clay was 2nd on Idol, The Celebrity Apprentice, and running for office 🤭)

    - This finalist certainly didn't lack a vital organ(referencing Kris singing Heartless during Top 3 Week)


    Now all I need to do is find out who they are so i can immediately get rid of them...;)


    5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I’m going to give the clues a chance. Let’s see how I bomb this... 😅


    -A song title that definitely came true on this finalist’s Idol run- Kris Allen. 

    -This finalist always seemed to finish 2nd no matter what- Clay Aiken.


    -This finalist certainly didn’t lack a vital organ- Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon.


    -Not quite nirvana- Anoop Desai. 


    -Where’s the country?- Laci Kaye Booth.


    2/5; not a bad effort? 👍


    4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Did people really think it would be Danny and Adam in the finale? Danny crushed all his dreams of winning after giving that horrendous performance of “Dream On.” 


    Frankly, I would've sent Danny home after he butchered Dream On😕 Still, I think there was still a possibility of an Adam/Danny showdown; however, I want to believe Heartless put an end to that. 😄


    3 hours ago, DScott said:

    Kris is actually my favorite all time contestant. Adam is in my top 5 lol, so i really liked Season 8. I work(ed) in tv and have met so many celebs and meeting Kris Allen was the one that excited me the most lol. 


    Clay was always top ten for me, but don't love him post show. 


    It looks like three of your top 10 were ranked in the previous two sets. Good to see meeting Kris excited you the most. All of the things I've heard about Kris interacting with fans and other Idols have all been positive, so I'd like to think this was one as well. 👍 Fair enough about Clay.


    3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    You were on a roll! I feel like I missed so much. 😅 My thoughts...


    065. Michael Lynche - I barely remember his run but I think I liked him at the beginning and not so much at the end.

    064. Kimberly Caldwell - I didn't like her during her season but I don't mind her after a rewatch. I don't know if it's her phrasing and the way she pronounces her words or what, but I don't like her much as a singer.

    063. Janelle Arthur - I liked her. I tried to keep up with her post-Idol but have failed. haha

    062. Michael Johns - 😭 I just rewatched Season 7. I always loved him. His voice was amazing. I do wish he had leaned more into the soul side of his voice, as he killed it when he sang more soulful songs. I'm so sad he left us so soon (both on Idol and in life).

    061. Sarina-Joi Crowe - I remember I thought she was overhyped. However, I don't think she should've left the competition so early.

    060. Carly Smithson - So talented! I think she sometimes wanted to show off her range TOO MUCH. She tended to sound strained when she pushed her voice just a tad too far (which felt like, to me, at least once in every performance). I think she was eliminated too early though. I was happy to see her with her band after Idol.

    059. Adam Lambert - I agree with your write-up entirely.

    058. LaKisha Jones - Again, agree.

    057. Joshua Ledet - I need to rewatch his season but I think I liked him quite a bit.

    056. Phillip Phillips -  I wouldn't have chosen him as winner but I did enjoy what I heard of him post-Idol.

    055. Anoop Desai - This season was pretty forgettable for me and he was one of the most forgettable contestants in the bunch.

    054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - So good. That bottom 2 with Laci sucked! I didn't want either of them to go.

    053. Laci Kaye Booth - Same as above. She was one of my favorites. I'm so happy to see she got signed and I'm so excited to hear her new music.

    052. Clay Aiken - I was a Trenyce fan but I can't deny how good he was. I still love Bridge Over Troubled Water. One of the best vocals on Idol ever, in my opinion.

    051. Kris Allen - I liked him quite a bit. Never pegged him as winner but I wasn't upset when he won.


    Well, it was the weekend and due to the pandemic, I had plenty of free time on my hands; hence, I figured might as well knock out a few sets. :haha:


    065. Fair enough about

    064. Fair enough about

    063. Well, it's not too late to try again :haha:

    062. He certainly left us too soon 😢 💔

    061. Fair enough

    060. I pretty much agree about her pushing her voice too much at times. Fair enough to think she was eliminated too early.

    059 - 058. 👍

    057. Not much to say here but fair enough

    056. I pretty much feel the same

    055. Fair enough

    054. Ugh, tell me about it, especially with Wade still there 😒

    053. I'm happy to see she was signed and hope to hear some new music from her as well. 👍

    052. Pretty much agree here, especially about BOTW

    051. Pretty much feel the same way about him

  16. 8 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


    Glad these 3 is in the Top 50!! And La'Porsha and Trent too 😁. Great rankings so far, no problems


    Glad to see there are no problems with the rankings so far and that some of your favorites are in the Top 50 as well!


    15 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I’m not going to take a crack at the clues because in all honesty, I have no idea who they refer to. 😅


    Anoop Desai- No comment. 

    Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon- I liked Jeremiah during S17, but I didn’t really love anyone that season besides Ashley Hess. In terms of the save, I think he did deserve it because there was no “save” performance and he did the best out of the two on the night. 

    Laci Kaye Booth- Laci is a contestant who I wasn’t a big fan of during the season. However, looking back, I’ve started to really like her smoky voice. Also, “The House That Built Me” was Bobby’s pick, so yeah... In my opinion, Makayla delivered an amazing version of this song during S18 that was much better than Laci’s... Anyway, I think the main issue with the save is that Wade should have been in the bottom 2 instead of one of them! 😒 While I wish Jeremiah was saved, Laci wasn’t too bad for me... 


    Clay Aiken- “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is one of my favorite Idol performances of all-time. 👍 However, I’m not a big fan of some of Clay’s actions, especially when he called out Catie and the judges... 😒


    Kris Allen- Aah, you got one of my all-time favorites! 💔 Just before the Top 50 too... 😕 I’m very pleased to see that he was ranked a live Adam Lambert! 😊👍 Part of the reason why I think he won is because he was more likable than Adam. The show is called American “Idol,” not American “Singer” after all! 😅 My favorite performances of Kris were “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Heartless,” which has an amazing studio version! 😀 In terms of original music, I also really like “Live Like We’re Dying,” “Vision of Love” (especially with the music video ❤️), and “Waves.” Part of the reason why I really like Kris is because of his love for Idol and his winning personality. He has a great relationship with Idol contestants too! 😁 Some examples- him touring with Maddie and Caleb, Skylar Laine’s Facebook profile picture is of him and her together, he is also subscribed to Catie Turner’s YouTube channel. In terms of the hate from Adam’s fans... I don’t get the point since Kris and Adam have a great relationship... 😅 Before I end this I just wanted to thank some people... 

    -Thank you to Matt Giraud for not doing great and allowing Kris to get to the finale. 😊

    -Thank you Kristy Lee Cook for calling his win all along. ❤️

    In terms of the Top 50, I see some people I like and don’t like, but I won’t reveal them until they are ranked. 


    Not even one attempt? 🥺😉


    Jeremiah: Fair enough. While I won't say he "deserved" the save, I would've used it on him as well despite liking Laci more.


    Laci: Fair enough about her. I absolutely agree about having Wade in the B2 instead of one of Jeremiah or Laci. I believe even the judges said something along the lines of expecting Wade to be there.


    Clay: Pretty much agree with everything here.


    Kris: Sorry! 🥺💔 Some very valid points regarding Kris' win. He does appear to be a nice guy and a love for Idol. Finally, 🤣 at the bolded parts!


    I'm eager to see who you like and don't like in my Top 50 when the time comes! 👍

  17. 31 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    059. Adam Lambert-  Idol royalty and The greatest singer to set foot on the Idol stage!! I will not comment on the others as they deserve the ranking. but I will comment on Adam. HOW DARE YOU YOU PUT HIM SO LOW!!? :no::mad:he should be in the top 10 of idol of all time. both idol royalty and one of the best singer on that show ever. I understand that it is a love or hate thing with him but I loved him and his performances. the only thing that bothered me was the overpraising that sometimes came over others who where worthy as well. not winning idol eventually helped  and benefited him. the others on that list don't hold candle to him!! 


    Love It I Regret Nothing GIF by A Little Late With Lilly Singh




    Game Of Thrones Emmys 2019 GIF by Emmys




    All kidding aside, I knew this wasn't going to be a popular ranking, but I expected as much. I explained what my issues with Adam were; also, I recognized his talent and that's why he's ranked where he is. If he's in your or anyone else's Top 10, great; he is certainly worthy of being there! 👍

  18. Let's see who misses out on my Top 50. Clues for 55-51:


    - A song title that definitely came true on this finalist's Idol run
    - This finalist always seems to finish 2nd no matter what
    - This finalist certainly didn't lack a vital organ
    - Not quite nirvana
    - Where's the country?


    55. Anoop Desai: Season 8 (6th Place)


    Leading off this set is another S8 finalist. It’s time for Anoop aka Noop Dawg to bark his way into this countdown. Anoop’s strong suit were definitely ballads; he really had a nice voice for them. On the flip side, his biggest weakness were up-tempo numbers; I think the main problem he had was trying too hard to look like he was having fun with them. I also remember Simon being really tough on him for some reason. For his Idol run, like Matt Giraud, Anoop was someone who I was looking forward to when the competition started. He started off with Angel Of Mine, which was fine all things considered; however, I felt he was capable of being better. Still, I would’ve liked for him to advance based on the rest of the performances that night. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case; nonetheless, Anoop was invited to perform in the WC Round where he performed My Prerogative, which would be his best up-tempo performance of the season. What I didn’t care for was the judges toying with Anoop when they told him the Top 12 was decided, implying he wouldn’t be in the finals, only to tell him they were having a Top 13 and he would be a part of it. Regardless, Anoop was in the finals where he sang Beat It during the Top 13. It was a pretty bad effort, and Simon was all like we would’ve been right excluding you if we didn’t have a Top 13. He definitely rebounded the following week with Always On My Mind, which is probably my favorite of his. His next performance of Ooh Baby Baby was fine; however, the following performance Caught Up was another mess. I thought Kara hit the nail on the head when she said he came across as a frat boy who was dared by other frat members to go on stage and sing (well, he was in college at the time, so it made perfect sense :haha:). He went back into his ballad box the next two weeks and gave solid performances of True Colors and Everything I Do (I Do It For You). His next performance, Dim All The Nights, I felt was underrated and one of the two up-tempo numbers he did well. Of course, Simon hated it, though the other three liked it. It would be his last as he was eliminated along with Lil in a double elimination since Matt was saved the week before. Post-Idol, I know he goes by TOTEM and has released music under that name, though I haven’t heard any of it. Despite his struggles with up-tempos, I liked Anoop during his time on Idol.


    54. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: Season 17 (6th Place)

    image_6483441 (1).JPG

    We go from one 6th placer to another. Jeremiah was a very strong singer and appeared to be a talented songwriter as well. With that said, the main criticism I have of him is his voice can be really strident when he goes high; it was definitely my least favorite part of his range. In addition, though no fault of Jeremiah’s, I didn’t care for the show shoving his background and issues with his parents about his sexuality down our throats. While I get it’s a part of Jeremiah’s story, I thought they went overboard with it. 🙄 With that said, I’m going to focus on Jeremiah as an Idol contestant. Jeremiah was a very consistent contestant with a portfolio of strong performances; I can’t recall him ever really having a bad one. He started off strongly with To Make You Feel My Love in the semis. He followed that up with a great Time After Time duet with Cynthia Erivo, who was a really gracious and generous partner. She didn’t try to overpower him, plus you can see her guiding him at the end when the performance was wrapping up. Jeremiah was a no-brainer to move on to the Top 14, where he sang We All Fall In Love Sometimes, which was another solid performance from him. I liked his Disney performance Candle On The Water; however, I didn’t care for Who Wants To Live Forever the following week. Having said that, it wasn’t because of anything Jeremiah did; I actually thought he sang it really well. It’s just that while WWTLF is a great song, it’s not a great song to sing on Idol because it’s one that requires a slow, powerful buildup which leads to an explosive finish, and that is something that really can’t be done in ninety seconds or however long contestants have to perform. At this time, the knock on Jeremiah was that he did nothing but ballads up to that point. He decided to address that by performing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot the following week, going back to his church roots. He followed that up with Somewhere, which was another strong showing and perhaps my favorite. The main thing that is probably remembered about that week was the results and what happened after. Jeremiah and Laci were the B2; however, the save was still in play. It was thought the judges would use the save and then use it on Jeremiah. While the first half of the sentence was true, the second half was off because the judges opted to save Laci instead, meaning Jeremiah, who many thought – myself included – would at least be in the finale, ended up leaving in sixth place. Looking back, based on his body language and facial expressions I think Jeremiah knew Laci would be saved instead of him. That B2 hurt because they were my Top 2 of the season; nevertheless, out of the two though I liked Laci more, I would’ve saved Jeremiah because he had a stronger track record let alone a stronger night. I guess the judges didn’t want Madison to be the lone girl in the Top 5, I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️ Either way, Jeremiah was a strong contestant who unfortunately had a disappointing end to his run. Speaking of Laci…


    53. Laci Kaye Booth: Season 17 (4th/5th Place)


    With Laci’s appearance, this means S17 is the first season to be completely ranked. This doesn’t mean S17 is my least favorite season, however, though it would probably be in the bottom half if not somewhere around the halfway point. Still, it probably doesn’t look good that all of the contestants from the season were ranked before the Top 50. :haha: Regarding Laci, while she didn’t have the strongest voice, she had this haunting raspy quality I was enamored with, plus it didn’t hurt I thought she was very attractive (though she could've laid off the spray tan a tad). Another thing I liked about her was that she wasn’t afraid to pick songs that weren’t in her preferred genre and rearrange them to suit her the best. This was evident during the semifinals when she sang I Want You To Want Me. It was certainly a haunting performance and a different take on the song. She went on to the Top 14 where she sang I Miss You, which was another performance I enjoyed. I didn’t care too much for her Disney effort, but I absolutely loved The Love Of My Life the following week. More than anyone that evening, I think Laci picked the best song for her; it was my favorite performance of the night as well as my personal favorite of hers overall. After that, I thought she had a strong chance of being the last female standing that season. Unfortunately, the following week Laci took quite a tumble. To Love Somebody was one of her worst performances of the season, and Open Arms was just a bad song choice in general. That’s a song that requires some powerful vocals which Laci didn’t possess, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; at the very least she could’ve rearranged it to suit her voice better. I guess because the theme was Showstoppers she felt she had to pick a big song even if it wasn’t the most practical. It sorts of reminded me of Majesty’s ill-advised Let It Go, though not anywhere near as bad. She would eventually be in the B2 with Jeremiah where I thought she was toast. However, she received the save where most people if not everyone thought it would go to Jeremiah; even Laci herself was shocked at the decision. 😲 I talked about it quite a bit in Jeremiah’s write-up, so I won’t go into too much detail about it here. What I will say is I read and heard a lot of not so flattering things about Laci that made my stomach turn after she was saved. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was surprised because this seems to happen all the time; still, it doesn’t make it any better. Regardless, Laci had an inconsistent night the following week. Her first number The House That Built Me was OK though I thought it could’ve been better. Her second number, Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting, was a mess that nearly went into train wreck territory. I appreciated her doing something different and appeared to put in a lot of effort, but that was not good, to put it mildly. 😣 She redeemed herself with Dreams, which was easily her best of the night and was similar to her performances earlier in the season. It was a nice performance for her to go out on because she would eventually be eliminated with Wade later that evening, which was predictable because she had to be saved the week before. While her run petered at the end, I still like Laci enough for her to edge out Jeremiah as my favorite contestant of the season (those two are really close). Finally, I was really happy to see she was signed to a deal. Here’s to good things for her and hopefully she’ll be able to put out some music; I would certainly love to hear it! 👍


    52. Clay Aiken: Season 2 (2nd Place)


    It's now time for the S2 runner up to appear in this ranking. Like Adam, Clay is another polarizing contestant who can spark some heated debates whenever his name is mentioned. He is also one of the most gifted vocalists to ever appear on Idol. I remember his audition when the judges were bewildered that a voice like his could come from someone who looked like him. As for his Idol run, it started with him singing Open Arms during Group 2 of the semifinals. It was a fine performance all things considered; however, I felt Ruben and Kimberley gave better performances and therefore was fine with the results. All was not lost for Clay as he was invited to perform in the WC Round where he gave a strong performance of Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. He ended up getting America’s WC vote and proceeded to the finals. There he gave some really strong performances in the finals; I’d say he was the most consistent contestant that season. I really enjoyed his first two performances I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) and Somewhere Out There. Other performances I enjoyed were Tell Her About It, Build Me Up Buttercup, Solitaire, To Love Somebody, and Bridge Over Troubled Water. Honestly, I thought Clay had the Idol crown wrapped up after BOTW; however, that wasn’t the case. Though I mentioned Clay was the most consistent contestant, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have some weak performances; he just had fewer of these than everyone else that season. One performance I didn’t really care for was Someone Else’s Star; it just didn’t do anything for me. Grease was another performance I didn’t like. It came off as really cheesy, plus I still shudder at those hip shakes. 🥶 Finally, Vincent was dreadfully boring and there was an awkward pause in which he forgot the words. I heard they added an extra line at the last minute, so Clay didn’t have enough time to practice it which may explain the pause. 🤷‍♂️ With all this being said, as mentioned, I thought he would win, but the crown went to Ruben instead, which I was fine with because I liked Ruben more. There was some controversy over this because I believe Nigel said something along the lines of there weren’t enough phone lines to handle the volume of votes coming in; therefore, some votes that may have gone to Clay didn’t go through. Regardless, Clay has had a very interesting career post-Idol. He released a few albums; I remember Invisible being played frequently when it came out. In addition to his music career, he’s also dabbled in politics and competed on a season of “The Celebrity Apprentice”. Finally, he was involved in a spat with Catie and Ada on Twitter during S16 when he was critical of Catie and mainly the judges for them being too lenient towards Catie after she forgot the lyrics to Manic Monday. I’ve had some issues with some of his actions post-Idol, but they don’t detract from him being a great vocalist. Overall, Clay was a very strong singer and one of the best Idol’s ever had.


    51. Kris Allen: Season 8 (1st Place)


    Closing out the set and just missing my Top 50 is the S8 winner. IMO, Kris had the best underdog journey in Idol history. He hardly received any airtime prior to the semis; the only time he was shown was during the famed White Chocolate group performance during Hollywood. However, he managed to overcome that disadvantage and win the crown over much more favored and popular contestants while becoming popular in his own right. As for Kris as a contestant, he is right up there with Casey Abrams as far as having some of the best musicality on Idol, except Kris was more mature and consistent with his performances. He may not have had the strongest voice, but he knew how to use it properly. If I had one criticism of his voice, it would be he would have these moments were this squeaky sound would come out. With all of this said, the reason he isn’t higher is because while I liked him, I didn’t LOVE him if that makes any sense. 🤷‍♂️ His improbable journey started off with Man In The Mirror during Group 2 of the semis. It was a nice performance, though nothing too groundbreaking. It was good enough for him to be voted into the finals; as I touched on in my Matt Giraud write-up, I believe Matt, who did receive plenty of airtime prior to the semis, bombing as badly as he did help paved the way for Kris. In the finals, I liked his first three performances OK enough. However, it was Ain’t No Sunshine that made me think Kris actually has a shot of going really far in the competition. This was especially the case since some of the more popular contestants (*cough* Lil *cough*) were inconsistent or starting to fade. He unfortunately took a step back with All She Wants To Do Is Dance the following week; it’s probably my least favorite of his. He came back with Falling Slowly the week after, and I felt this performance was underrated. I had never heard of the song before, but I thought he did a good job with it. I really enjoyed his rendition of She Works Hard For The Money the week after, plus Ryan before it was hilarious. I didn’t care much for his other two performances afterward; however, I do think Come Together was a bit underrated. Regardless, he made it to the Top 3 where I started rooting for him after Allison’s elimination because I was NOT here for Danny or Adam at the time. Apologize was fine enough; however, it was Heartless that pretty much punched his ticket into the finals where it was thought it was going to be an Adam/Danny showdown. Kris had a strong showing in the finals, though it was thought Adam was going to win. However, Kris managed to win instead, and I was really happy for him. It’s sad he gets some heat from some of Adam’s fans even though both he and Adam appear to be good friends. 😕 While Kris may not be a chart topper, he appears to have a nice career post-Idol. I haven’t heard a lot of his stuff, but from what I have heard, I liked Live Like We’re Dying, Vision of Love, and Waves. In the end, Kris certainly had an underdog run for the ages and has nothing to be ashamed of regarding his victory.


    055. Anoop Desai

    054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

    053. Laci Kaye Booth

    052. Clay Aiken

    051. Kris Allen


    Wow, Top 50 already? It seems like we were at the Top 100 just yesterday. :haha: I was hoping to finish this thing before next season; however, at this pace, I may be done around early/mid August. Here my Top 50 (listed based on season and placement):


    Season 1

    Kelly Clarkson

    Tamyra Gray


    Season 2

    Ruben Studdard

    Kimberley Locke



    Season 3


    LaToya London

    George Huff

    Jennifer Hudson


    Season 4

    Carrie Underwood

    Bo Bice

    Vonzell Solomon

    Nadia Turner

    Nikko Smith


    Season 5

    Katharine McPhee

    Elliott Yamin

    Chris Daughtry

    Paris Bennett



    Season 6

    Jordin Sparks

    Melinda Doolittle

    Haley Scarnato


    Season 7

    David Cook

    David Archuleta

    Syesha Mercado

    Brooke White


    Season 8

    Allison Iraheta

    Megan Joy


    Season 9

    Crystal Bowersox

    Didi Benami


    Season 10

    Haley Reinhart

    Pia Toscano

    Naima Adedapo


    Season 11

    Hollie Cavanagh

    Skylar Laine

    Elise Testone

    Erika Van Pelt


    Season 12

    Candice Glover

    Kree Harrison

    Angie Miller


    Season 13

    Caleb Johnson

    Jessica Meuse


    Season 14

    Clark Beckham

    Quentin Alexander


    Season 15

    Trent Harmon

    La'Porsha Renae

    Avalon Young


    Season 16

    Maddie Poppe


    Dennis Lorenzo


    Alright, everything's set. Coming up in the next set:


    - I love the way you lie in the flame

    - A hot explosion

    - That may have been the wrong breed

    - Came from a pair of Golden Gloves

    - Nothing for this finalist to be afraid of



  19. 27 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    It was actually Erika during the season :haha: Colton was my favourite after she went home and for a few years afterward, but Phil's who I'd consider my favourite now. I rank them back-to-back on my personal ranking of the finalists, though, so there's not a massive gap between them.


    I knew I would be off. :haha: As a bit of a spoiler, Erika was my favorite during the season up until her elimination and is still one of my overall favorites from the season (obviously she hasn't appeared yet 😄). 

  20. 2 hours ago, Elliott said:

    060. Carly Smithson - In my personal top twenty. I loved her in S7 (she was my second favourite) and have enjoyed the music she put out post-Idol. I wish she had been able to channel into her rocker side more, but I still liked nearly everything she did on the show. Despite the band no longer being together, I still loved the album she put out with WATF; but I'd always preferred the Ben Moody era of Evanescence to the music after he left, so I'm not surprised.

    059. Adam Lambert - I really liked him in S8, but he's fallen for me a lot over the years. I like him, but I wouldn't consider him one of my all-time favourites anymore. That said, I've really enjoyed when he's come back and mentored since he actually gives the contestants good advice.

    058. LaKisha Jones - Really strong in the semi-finals, but I can't say I cared for her much in the finals with the exception of Bon Jovi week. This Ain't a Love Song, while perhaps not her best performance, was my personal favourite performance that she turned in.

    057. Joshua Ledet - The constant OTT praising of him was a nightmare. Other than Runaway Baby, I can't say I really cared for him. I didn't really find his voice pleasant.

    056. Phillip Phillips - Easily in my top ten of all time. While not being my favourite during season eleven, he was one of my favourties and I enjoyed him most of the time - though his Top 5 was rough. Considering how much IDF loved Jessica and hated him at the time, I had fun on the night of the finale when he thankfully won. I've really enjoyed the music he's put out post-Idol and he's put on a great show every time I've seen him. 


    060. I wish she would've channeled her rocker side more as well; she may have fared better. I've been meaning to check out some of WATF's music but haven't gotten around to it.

    059. It's pretty much the opposite for me. Though the shrieking still bothers me, I've come to appreciate him more over the years. Yes, he's done a great job whenever he came back to mentor the contestants; I especially agree with the last part. 👍

    058. Pretty much agree with what was written here

    057. Yeah, the OTT praise bothered me at times as well. Still, I enjoyed him for the most part.

    056. I would take a guess and say Colton was your favorite, but I'd probably be wrong. :haha: Yeah, his Top 5 was really rough. I think the result would've been controversial no matter who won: Phillip because he would be the 5th WGWG in a row, or Jessica because she had already been eliminated but was saved. I'm sure that was a blast when he won. Good to see he appears to put on great shows.


    1 hour ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I think that I wasn’t too fond of Adam from the start and I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t like his shrieking even before “Ring Of Fire”, but I do believe that it was on that song that I began to be so annoyed by his shrieking that I’d be ready to vote for anyone but him! 


    It was pretty much the same for me. I didn't care for his shrieking but was able to tolerate it early on. It was Ring Of Fire that was the breaking point for me as well; however, I knew he was in for the long run, so it wasn't a pleasant time for me. Having said that, as mentioned earlier, he's grown on me over time.


    I'm wrapping up the next set now and should have it up some time tonight. 👍

  21. 22 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I swapped around Adam and Joshua’s clues because those are the only ones I could think about swapping. I might’ve messed it up more though! 😅


    Those were the two that needed to be swapped! "Idol royalty" is a double entendre because Adam is one of the more celebrated Idol finalists and the show treats him like royalty, plus he's a member of Queen. "The greatest singer to set foot on the Idol stage" was tongue-in-cheek for Joshua because of all the standing ovations he received.


    2 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I’ve also updated my “favorites” list by splitting it up into groups. “Kinda Favorites” includes people I really liked on the show, but I’m not a huge fan of the majority of their music. Some that come to mind are Diana DeGarmo and Jena Irene. My “All-Time Favorites,” which I will be focusing on for this ranking have only changed slightly. So far you’ve ranked Gabby, MacKenzie, and Emily, so I think that’s pretty good. 😊👍


    OK, so far I've only ranked three of your all-time favorites which is pretty good. We're getting to the home stretch, so we'll see where the others end up. 👍

  22. 6 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Opinions

    -“All you gotta do is smile that smile, and there go all my defenses..."- Carly Smithson. Carly was one of my favorite finalists from S7 (probably in my Top 3 finalists of the season). While I didn’t think the comparisons were justified, I did think that she was still a very powerful vocalist. 👍 I enjoyed all of her performances in the finals except “The Show Must Go On,” which even I will admit, was a trainwreck. 😅 Like I mentioned before, I thought Carly should have been eliminated when Michael was, though I didn’t mind her staying around. I agree with what you said about Brooke and Jason on the Top 6 results night. After Brooke’s start and stop and Jason’s disastrous song choice, they both should have been in the bottom 2 instead of Carly and Syesha, who gave pretty strong performances. 😔


    -The greatest singer to set foot on the Idol stage- Adam Lambert. Let’s hope you don’t get too much backlash for this one... 🤞I am not really a huge fan of singers who do drastic things to their voices, so Adam’s shriek was annoying!!!! 😒 However, I will admit that he was a very great singer (maybe he was the greatest? 🤔) and had what it took to win. I still can’t stand Adam’s fans who are just plain nasty to Kris and his fans... Especially since Kris and Adam have such a good relationship. (Also, I’m more than happy that Kris won, but I’ll save that for when he’s ranked! 😊


    -Who needs advice?- LaKisha Jones. No comment. 

    -Idol royalty- Joshua Ledet. In my opinion, Joshua could ruin a song or slay a song with his over singing. I enjoyed some of his performances, but I hated when he got to a really high place with his voice because his voice just seemed to scrunch up if that makes sense... 😅 Joshua was probably my least favorite out of the Top 7, but I didn’t hate him... 👍


    - Nothing to pawn here...- Phillip Phillips. Phillip had some pretty solid performances and some pretty bad ones. However, the thing I liked most about Phillip was his take on the glam of being a star. He showed that he truly cared about delivering the music in the most authentic way. I also loved his interaction with Tommy Hilfiger, but it didn’t beat when Heejun told Tommy that Jessica Sanchez was his biggest fashion idol! 😂 Overall, Phillip was someone who I enjoyed more because of their personality. However, I still did enjoy some performances. 😊


    3/5 are correct!


    Carly: Pretty much agree with everything said.


    Adam: I probably will, but if I do so be it; after all, these are only my personal opinions. 🤷‍♂️ I pretty much agree with everything said here.


    Joshua: He could definitely slay or ruin a song when he went to that place vocally. I mentioned a couple of songs in my write-up that I felt he ruined by over-singing. Good to see you didn't hate him despite being your least favorite of the Top 7.


    Phillip: I pretty much agree with what was written here. Oh yeah, I remember when Heejun said that; it had me rolling! 🤣


    26 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    I won’t be guessing the clues, but I will be commenting on the contestants:


    1.  This is a pretty good spot for Carly.  She was very good but not consistent enough to get close to the finale.

    2.  You probably hit the reason why I couldn’t stand Adam, or at least one of the main reasons:  his shrieking.  I couldn’t stand it and by the Final 4, I was ready to vote for anyone but Adam!  I still cringe whenever I think of his performances!

    3.  I liked LaKisha.  Not as much as Melinda or even Jordin, however.

    4.  I think Joshua was somewhat overrated by the judges, but this is still a good spot for him

    5.  I like Phillip more now, but at the time I was rooting for Jessica and the fact that he beat her totally devastated me.


    1. Pretty much agree

    2. Yeah, his shrieking was something else. I can imagine it being so annoying it would cause anyone to vote for anyone but him. 😆

    3. Same here, seeing that neither Melinda nor Jordin have appeared yet.

    4. Pretty much agree

    5. Yeah, I can see how tough it was to see Phillip win if you were a Jessica fan. However, as I mentioned I knew he would win from day one, so it didn't come as a surprise.

  23. Time for the new set. Here are the clues for 60-56:


    - Idol royalty
    - The greatest singer to set foot on the Idol stage
    - Who needs advice?
    - Nothing to pawn here...
    - "All you gotta do is smile that smile, and there go all my defenses..."


    60. Carly Smithson: Season 7 (6th Place)


    Starting off the new set is the S7 rock songbird. Carly was a contestant who had some lofty expectations placed upon her, especially by Simon which is probably why he was so hard on her. While I don’t think she quite lived up to them (then again, I don’t think anyone really can), she still had a solid run on Idol. There was a bit of controversy surrounding Carly at the beginning of the season because she had a record deal and an album prior to Idol. In addition, Randy was working at the label Carly was signed to; therefore, it was felt there could potentially have been some conflict of interest. As a result, it was believed that Carly shouldn’t have been allowed to be on Idol in the first place. Prior to all of this, she originally auditioned in S5 but was later disqualified because there were some issues with her visa. Needless to say, Carly had quite a beginning to her Idol journey. She started off with Shadow Of Your Smile in the semis, and to be honest, I found it a bit underwhelming. I did enjoy her next two performances (Crazy On You and I Drove All Night), however. I also like Come Together in the first round of the finals. I didn’t care for her subsequent two performances; however, the one after those two, Here You Come Again, was my personal favorite of hers. I loved that she did an acoustic version of it which allowed her voice to shine through. I also loved the version she did during the S15 Finale. Unfortunately, she would give my least favorite performance of hers the following week with The Show Must Go On. It started off well enough; however, it fell apart once she got to the chorus. It didn’t help that the background singers drowned her out at parts. I didn’t care for Without You the following week, either. She rebounded the following week with Superstar, which unfortunately would be her last as she was eliminated the following night. If I were to be objective, neither Carly nor Syesha should’ve been the B2 that week; I would’ve had Brooke and Jason there instead. I know Carly was the lead singer of the band We Are The Fallen post-Idol; however, I believe the band disabled some time back, so I don’t know what she’s doing now. Regardless, while Carly may not have lived up to expectations, I liked her quite a bit during her time on Idol.


    59. Adam Lambert: Season 8 (2nd Place)


    Adam is certainly one of the most polarizing contestants in Idol history. In some circles, he is considered to be the best vocalist to set foot on the Idol stage. I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I’ll admit he objectively has one of the best voices Idol’s ever had. Another thing I’ll admit to is that he certainly was a captivating performer who knew how to work the stage; his theatrical background really paid dividends there. With that said, my issue wasn’t his voice; rather, it was how he used it. Most of the time, he would start off well enough and do something I would be interested in. However, he would then let out this horrific shriek out of nowhere; it drove me absolutely nuts and detracted from whatever he was doing. The worst thing is, he didn’t even have to do it because it didn’t add anything special to his performances; if anything, he was just showing off. Needless to say, the performances I enjoyed the most from him were the few where he didn’t shriek. The main two are Tracks Of My Tears and Mad World, with the latter being the most notable because it was the first time Simon ever gave a standing ovation to a performance on Idol. Another performance of his I enjoyed was Whole Lotta Love, though a better version came three years later (hint, hint); it was the one performance where the shrieking was appropriate. Finally, a performance of his I liked in a kind of weird way was Play That Funky Music. It didn’t sound anything like the original, and I dug it. One performance in particular I did not like at all was Ring Of Fire. Simon in a roundabout way said it was a love or hate performance; count me in on the hate side. I also didn’t like If I Can’t Have You or One. It was widely thought he would win S8 easily; however, the crown went to Kris Allen in what is considered to be one of the biggest upsets in Idol history. Unfortunately, some of his fans took it too personally and acted really terrible towards Kris and his fans. The worst Glamberts reminded me of some of the worst Claymates; I can’t tell who’s worse. As for Adam, despite not winning, he carved out a really nice career for himself. He released a few albums and did quite a bit of theatrical work. Whataya Want From Me was an ear-worm that was stuck in my head for a few days. In addition, he was the first Idol contestant to be a guest mentor in S9 when he mentored the Top 9. He has since been back a few more times to mentor and perform. Finally, I have to mention him becoming the front man of Queen, which is really huge seeing that Queen is one of the most famous rock bands of all time. In the end, despite some things I didn’t care for, Adam was a very captivating contestant who would’ve made a worthy winner if he were to be so.


    58. LaKisha Jones: Season 6 (4th Place)


    LaKisha was one of the “divas” from S6, and the title certainly fit her to a T. She had the biggest range out of all the finalists that season. As great as her upper register was, she was just as good at her lower register; I don’t think she gets enough credit for it. She certainly got off to a hot start with her three semifinals performances (And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going, Midnight Train To Georgia, and I Have Nothing). Based on those three, LaKisha went into the finals as a front runner for the Idol crown. One of the more memorable things about her was the running gag of how she would ignore the guest mentors’ suggestions and pretty much do the opposite of what they suggested. 🤣 Case in point, for her Top 12 performance God Bless The Child, Diana Ross suggested that LaKisha should use a mic stand for the performance; however, LaKisha sang without one. The following week, LaKisha was torn between picking Diamonds Are Forever and You’re My World. Lulu suggested YMW; however, LaKisha went with DAF. Fortunately for LaKisha, both performances we’re solid, though not at the level of her semifinals performances. Her next two performances, Last Dance and Stormy Weather were fine, though for the latter, she once again ignored the guest mentor’s (Tony Bennett) advice. He suggested to hold the last note rather than add the tag at the end. Guess what LaKisha did? 😂 LaKisha hit a rough patch the next three weeks, however. Her performances during that stretch (Conga, Jesus Take The Wheel, and I Believe) were among her worst of the season, with JTTW being my least favorite. She was fortunate there was no elimination during IGB because according to Nigel, she would’ve been the one to go home. The following week was Bon Jovi Week, and there were thoughts LaKisha would struggle with the theme, plus with there being a double elimination, she was one of the most vulnerable. However, LaKisha had other plans. She came out swinging with This Ain’t A Love Song, which was what I felt her best showing in the finals and my personal favorite of hers. It was enough for her to survive the double elimination; unfortunately, it wasn’t for long as she was eliminated the following week after giving two poor performances during the Top 4. While she may not have been able to keep up her front runner status, LaKisha was a strong singer who had plenty of shining moments on Idol.


    57. Joshua Ledet: Season 11 (3rd Place)



    standing ovation GIF standing ovation clap GIF well done good job GIF by America's Got Talent bill clinton applause GIF by Election 2016 the office applause GIF


    I could just end the write-up right there. :giggle: However, I already have something written, so I guess I'll post it...


    Stand to your feet and give a round of applause because Joshua Ledet has entered the countdown. :clap: Josh was the recipient of the most standing ovations from the judges during the season, which made him slightly overrated. Out of all of them, I would say there were only two performances in which they were warranted: When A Man Loves A Woman and It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World. Performance wise, Josh was very similar to Jacob Lusk in that they were both gospel singers who were prone to over-singing. The main difference is Josh had much better control of his voice than Jacob ever did. The main issue I had with Josh is his propensity to try to take every song to church even when it’s not needed. The most flagrant example of this was She’s Got A Way in which he started off well enough. However, he couldn’t help himself in the end and had to take it to the next level. He was also guilty of this in Ready For Love. I Believe was another poor showing; then again, only Fantasia can do that song justice. With this said, Josh did have his fair share of performances I enjoyed. Outside of the two I mentioned, one was his semifinals performance You Pulled Me Through. Another was Runaway Baby; it was a better up-tempo number than I Wish (as an aside, shout out to the dancer on top of the stairs; she was definitely doing her thing). Finally, I thought No More Drama was underrated and my favorite of his Top 3 performances. If there was any song that warranted the church treatment, it was that one. He eventually finished third, though despite my thoughts on him I felt he did enough to be in the finale, at least over Jessica. Speaking of the finale, Josh had his fair share of spots. One highlight was the skit where everyone was literally singing the phone book and the others looking at Josh and walking away because he even tried to take that to church. 😂 Another was him falling on his butt while trying to do the splits in his dance number. :giggle: Lastly, I want to mention his S15 Finale spot where it looked like he was either having an outer body experience or on the verge of a stroke; he definitely got lost in his performance. Despite his slight overrated-ness, Josh was a strong singer and a positive part of a very strong cast.


    56. Phillip Phillips: Season 11 (1st Place)


    Closing out the set is the winner and last male of S11. Phillip is someone who I’ve come to appreciate more after his season. During his season I didn’t care for him at all because I resigned myself to knowing he would win easily if he were to make it to the voting rounds due to him simply being a WGWG. As a result, I didn’t pay much attention to him and focused more on other contestants. Outside of this, one of the things that bugged me was him not sticking to any melodies; Steven Tyler would even mention this and then brush it off as if it was nothing, which annoyed me to no end because I'd like to think melodies are important in songs. 🙄 In addition, he looked completely lost without his guitar; this was especially evident in the two duets he did with Elise. If there was one thing I appreciated about him, it was he stuck to his guns and didn’t let the show try to change him too much. My favorite was Tommy Hilfiger suggesting not to wear gray on gray, yet Phillip went and did it anyway. 🤭 With all of this said, I went back and watched his performances and was surprised at how much I liked most of them. I liked his first five performances with my favorite being Still Rainin’. I didn’t care much for That’s All, even though I am a fan of the song. I also didn’t care much for Give A Little More. The following week he gave my second favorite performance of his with U Got It Bad; it was a nice jazzy rendition of the song though I felt it got away a bit from him at the end. Unfortunately, I didn’t care for his other Top 7 Redux performance, nor did I care for either of both of his Top 6 nor especially both of his Top 5 performances. His Top 5 showings were easily his weakest efforts. The Letter was just a bad vocal all the way around. However, it was nothing compared to Time Of The Season. I still shudder at him trying to hit those falsetto notes; at least Blake was smart enough to not even attempt them. 🥶 Despite this, he managed to not land in the bottom because he was a WGWG and therefore, had superpowers. He rebounded the following week, and while I didn’t care for Have You Ever Seen The Rain, I absolutely loved Volcano, which was my favorite of his. He had a pretty strong Top 3 showing and went on to predictably win the crown the week after. His coronation song Home is one of the best to come from Idol, and I think it being played at the Olympics really benefited Phillip’s career at the beginning. I haven’t really listened to a lot of his post-Idol stuff; however, I do remember liking Gone, Gone, Gone and Raging Fire. He certainly has one of the better post-Idol careers of the winners. The last thing I want to mention is I absolutely commend him going through the season while battling kidney stones so bad he required surgery. I’ve had kidney stones before; they’re a :censored:, so I could only imagine the pain he went through. While I started off not caring for him, Phillip is another contestant I’ve come to appreciate over the years.


    060. Carly Smithson

    059. Adam Lambert

    058. LaKisha Jones

    057. Joshua Ledet

    056. Phillip Phillips


    There you have it. One more set to go before the Top 50. Here are the clues for the next set:


    - A song title that definitely came true on this finalist's Idol run

    - This finalist always seems to finish 2nd no matter what

    - This finalist certainly didn't lack a vital organ

    - Not quite nirvana
    - Where's the country?

  24. 5 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    070. Jena Irene - One of the most inconsistent contestants ever, even for S13 standards and a very undeserving finale participant. Unbreakable Me, Decode, Bring Me To Life and Creep are my favorites from her too though. And, unpopular opinion, I didn't like Can't Help Falling in Love. She just did the Ingrid Michaelson version and sounded grating. 

    069. Diana DeGarmo - Agreed with your thoughts, overrated at first, but her Get Happy, her disco performances, and especially her Don't Cry Out Loud perfomrnace at top 3 niht were great. Should've been a Fantasia/LaToya finale though. 

    068. Alex Preston - Another S13 contestant that lasted far too long, and one of the many third placers that lasted far too long as well. I only liked his Stay and Sotry of My Life performances; the others were all nasally or boring, usually both. Good point about him never leaving his comfort zone too. 

    067. Michael J. Woodard - Good voice, but could've benefited from singing some more modern songs; most of them sounded Disney to me. 

    066. Casey Abrams - Talented, but I didn't really care about anything he did after his semis performance. I wouldn't have minded if he'd stayed eliminated the first time.


    070. Fair enough, though I don't know about undeserving.

    069. Not much to say but pretty much agree. A Fantasia/LaToya showdown would've been epic...

    068. Maybe, but considering the season he was one of the better ones sadly. I would've like to see him take more chances.

    067. Can't say I disagree with this sentiment.

    066. Fair enough


    I'm wrapping up the next set. I should have it up within the next few hours.

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