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  1. I'm going to post the new set now. For 20-16:


    - I can do this alone!
    - Boxer briefs
    - Really Borchetta?!
    - Lent a helping hand or two from behind after being front and center
    - Should've won according to a judge


    20. Chris Daughtry: Season 5 (4th Place)


    Kicking off the Top 20 is the rocker from S5. Chris was a strong contestant with a great voice and stage presence who many thought had a very good chance of winning the season. It was thought he was the most marketable contestant mainly because his genre was very much in style at the time. If there was one criticism I had of him, he was prone to overdoing the screaming at times, which I didn’t care for too much. Regarding his time on Idol, he started off by singing Wanted Dead Or Alive, which was a very strong performance and one of the best, if not the best, of the evening. He would follow that the following week with a kick:censored: performance of Hemorrhage (In My Hands), which would be my overall favorite of his. Based on his first two performances, it was easy to see why he was considered a favorite that season. He followed that up with Broken, which would be his weakest in the semis; however, it was still very good. The following week he would sing Higher Ground, which was another strong performance, though I felt he had the most predictable song choice of the week because the RHCP covered it and therefore, it fit him the best. He would give another solid performance the following week with I Walk The Line, though there was some controversy surrounding it. The judges thought Chris came up with a different arrangement of the song himself when in reality, he was using Live’s arrangement. It would be addressed the following night (or the following week, I can’t remember) where Chris admitted he used Live’s arrangement. He would give one of his worst performances the week after with What If. For starters, he picked a Creed song, which ugh 🤮. Second, he screamed the song and I cracked up at the looks he was giving the camera; it was certainly a mess. He would rebound the next week with Making Memories Of Us, which showed a different softer side of him; this would be followed by Innuendo, for which he was accused of being indulgent because he picked a more obscure Queen song. He would then come back with What A Wonderful World the following week, which was a good performance; however, he would find himself in the B2 the next night. The week after he would sing Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, which was good until he screamed the ending; I guess he couldn’t help himself. 😅 Chris would have mixed results the following week. His first performance, Renegade, was very strong; however, his second one, I Dare You, was painful to watch. He screamed the song, and I thought he was going to blow out his voice. To me, it was obvious there was still some wear and tear on his voice the following week because he still sounded hoarse. As for his performances, Suspicious Minds was solid; however, A Little Less Conversation was his worst of the season; in fact, he made me miss JPL, which is not a good thing, BTW 😣. He lacked energy in the first half and screamed the second half. Despite this, people thought he still had a chance to win; however, that wasn’t in the cards as he was eliminated the following night in what is considered to be one of the most shocking eliminations in Idol history. Personally, I wasn’t surprised at the time; I would even go as far as saying I saw it coming. Also, at the time I thought while it may have been disappointing to him, it would be the best thing to happen to him, which certainly happened to be the case. He went on to form a band, which was good because I always thought he was more of a front man than solo artist and went on to become one of the bestselling acts in Idol history. Despite not taking the crown, Chris is considered to be the biggest winner from the season, and I’d like to think he’s just fine with that. 😄


    19. Bo Bice: Season 4 (2nd Place)


    With Bo’s appearance, S4 is officially completed. A storyline of S4 was the two 28 who turned 29 during the season rockers competing (this was the first season when the maximum age limit was raised from 24 to 28). Constantine was the “hard rocker” whereas Bo was more of a southern rocker. Based on the rankings, it’s obvious to see which one I preferred. Bo was perhaps the most consistent contestant during S4 and based on his body of work, would’ve made a solid winner, though it was later revealed Carrie ran away with the thing. Bo started off his run with a very solid performance of Drift Away, although it’s a song I don’t care for mainly due to it being overplayed. However, it was his following performance, Whipping Post, that made me really take notice of him. That was just a great performance all the way around. He followed that up with I’ll Be, which was fine, though as with Drift Away, it was a song I was tired of hearing. He would make the finals where he would give another favorite performance of mine with Spinning Wheel. I liked his next two performances Time In A Bottle and Remedy fine enough; however, I didn’t care for Corner In The Sky during Top 9 and based on his body language, Bo didn’t either, for it looked like he completely mailed that one in. :haha: The following week he sang Free Bird which I feel is perhaps his most underrated performance because for some reason that one gets bashed quite a bit. It was also the week where he landed in the B2, but he managed to make it to the following week. There were some conspiracies floating around that the show deliberately placed him there in order to drum up more support from him, but I didn’t place any credence in them. Anyway, he would follow that week with another strong performance with Vehicle, though it was thought Bo skirted the theme. Hey, the theme was 70s Dance Music, not Disco, so I saw no issues with it. 🤷‍♂️ It appeared that B2 appearance was a good kick in the rear end because Bo would go on to give three more great performances with I Don’t Want To Be, Stand By Me, and Heaven. Bo would go on to have a solid Top 4 with It’s A Great Day To Be Alive and For The Love Of Money, with the latter being my favorite of the two. Nonetheless, it would be Top 3 where Bo would have one of the most iconic moments in Idol history. His first performance, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, was a very strong effort; however, it would look like child’s play compared to his next performance In A Dream. Of course, the most memorable part about this performance was Bo singing the whole song a Capella, which is incredibly risky because every vocal flaw would be front and center without any accompanying music to cover them. Nevertheless, Bo went out and gave a near flawless vocal; I believe he said in an interview he and the band couldn’t come up with an arrangement that would suit him, but he really wanted to sing the song and decided to go the a Capella route. Regardless, the risk paid off big time. His following performance (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction was OK, though it was clearly the weakest of the three. He would go on to the finals where he had a mixed night. The main thing I remember was him looking like his soul was slowly dying while singing Inside Your Heaven; that was a song clearly written with Carrie in mind. 😂 Nonetheless, he would place second, which appeared to be fine with him because at the time he said he hoped he didn’t win. Bo went on to have somewhat of a mixed career post-Idol. His first album was a disappointment because it was a pop driven record that didn’t suit Bo at all; I also know he went on to be the front man of Blood, Sweat, & Tears for a while; outside of that, I’m not sure what he’s been up to. Overall, Bo was a strong performer who I enjoyed enough to make him my S4 favorite.


    18. La'Porsha Renae: Season 15 (2nd Place)


    Here we have the second consecutive second place finisher who was my favorite from a season. La’Porsha was a very powerful singer who many thought, including myself, would win the crown. She certainly had a strong case for doing so; by the time the finals roll around, it was clear to see it was going to come down between her and Trent. Her run began with Proud Mary in the semis. Vocally, it was fine; however, to me it looked as if La’Porsha was trying too hard to impersonate Tina and as a result, it didn’t come off as natural. With all of that said, it was still one of the better performances of the evening. Next, she would perform a Summertime duet with Fantasia, which had to have been daunting seeing that it is considered to be one of the greatest performances in Idol history when Fantasia did it back in S3. Nonetheless, the duet was really good, though it was easy to see Fantasia held back and allowed La’Porsha to shine, for I believe (no pun intended) Fantasia knew it was La’Porsha’s moment and she already had her time in the sun. La’Porsha would then be picked to be a part of the Top 14 where she would receive a Fast Pass and not have to sing that week. The next time La’Porsha took the stage, however, she showed why she was a worthy recipient of the Fast Pass because she brought the HOUSE down with Diamonds; to me it came off as if I was watching a La’Porsha Renae concert instead of her competing on Idol. I believe it was that moment when I started rooting for her to take the crown. She would come back the following week with a solid performance of Halo, which would be followed by a strong performance of Come Together. I also enjoyed Ready For Love and especially her other performance that evening No More Drama, in which it was easy to see she absolutely felt that one; it was as if I was watching someone going through a soul cleansing process. I would put it right up there with Diamonds. I liked her two performances the following week Wanted Dead Or Alive and Elastic Heart. The following week she would have a great performance with Glory and a solid one with Hello; however, I want to focus on Stay With Me. This was the song Borchetta picked for La’Porsha to sing, which I felt was incredibly tone deaf on his behalf. Here we have La’Porsha, who was going through a divorce and escaping an abusive relationship being forced to sing a song about a woman who was begging a lousy, no good, poor excuse of a man not to leave her. 😕 La’Porsha did what she could with it; however, it was clear to see she wasn’t too fond of having to sing it. She expressed her concerns and made it clear she didn’t like having to sing the song. What does Borchetta say? While chuckling, he said he guess he had to beg her to sing the song. 🤬 At the time, I was still rooting for La’Porsha to win; however, I was starting to think she may be better off not winning and having to work with someone like him. Getting back to her Idol journey, I remember really liking Battles; I would say it’s one of my favorite coronation songs, and I thought it felt La’Porsha to a T. She also had two solid performances that evening with A House Is Not A Home and her reprise of Diamonds. I would say that was one of the closest Top 2 showings on Idol; not one person seemed to be head and shoulders above the other. Nonetheless, as I mentioned in his write-up, I thought Trent won the crown with his reprise of Chandelier, which meant La’Porsha would finish as the runner up. Despite her second place finish, she still ended up being signed to Big Machine Records and released an album in 2017, which I’ve been meaning to listen to and haven’t got around to it yet. I know she said some things that were anti-LGBTQ, which was disappointing to see, though I believe she has since retracted them. Nonetheless, La’Porsha was someone I enjoyed a lot and easily consider her my favorite S15 contestant.


    17. Allison Iraheta: Season 8 (4th Place)


    With Allison’s appearance, all of S8 has been accounted for. Throughout the years, Idol has had a number of teenagers who while talented, have struggled on the show mainly because the two things they seemed to lack were a set musical identity and experience. Allison, however, didn’t seem to have any of those problems; I would go as far as saying she was the best teenage contestant Idol has ever had, which appeared to be the sentiment in other circles as well. She was clearly this pop-rock performer who looked comfortable on stage and was someone I looked forward to watching every week along with Megan. As for her Idol run, I don’t believe Allison was shown at all before the semifinals. Speaking of the semis, she certainly made a statement with her performance of Alone as a part of Group 2. At the time, I was rooting for Megan to be the top female vote getter out of the group; however, I thought to myself it would be a shame if Allison didn’t get voted through to the finals based on her performance. Fortunately, she was voted through, and I made it a point to keep an eye on her to see how well should do from that point on. Well, she got off to a strong start with her performance of Give In To Me in the first round of the finals. I also liked Blame It On Your Heart the following week and especially Papa Was A Rolling Stone the week after; I would probably say that was my favorite performance of hers all season. The following week, however, she would give what I felt was one of her weaker performances with Don’t Speak. It certainly didn’t measure up to her previous efforts, plus the guitar was distracting seeing she didn’t play it all that much. She would end up in the B3 but managed to stay for another week, where she would redeem herself with I Can’t Make You Love Me, which was a really nice vocal. The following week she would sing I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, which was OK all things considered; however, I absolutely loved her rock version of Hot Stuff, though that song seemed to be inappropriate for her. Someone To Watch Over Me was another performance of hers I highly enjoyed because it showed Allison could do more than the hard rock stuff, and I completely disagreed with Simon’s comments regarding it and Allison in general. The following week she would give what was probably her most underrated performance with Cry Baby. I thought she did a great job with and was upset with the judges’ comments regarding it. It was as if they were going out of their way to find something to criticize, whereas they were going out of their way to find excuses for Danny after he butchered Dream On😐 I also highly enjoyed the Slow Ride duet with Adam later on that evening; it was clear those two had great chemistry as opposed to the Kris/Danny duet. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as she was eliminated the following night, which was considered to be an outrage at the time. Her swan song was definitely one of the most powerful and emotionally driven ones in Idol history. Post-Idol, I know Allison released a solo album and two more with her band Halo Circus. The main thing she’s probably known for is being a background singer during the last few seasons on the FOX rendition of Idol (I think she was the reason Dexter’s One Mississippi sounded good). Overall, based on everything, there was a reason Allison was the last girl standing in S8 and the last S8 contestant to appear in this ranking.


    16. Melinda Doolittle: Season 6 (3rd Place)


    Melinda is considered to be one of the best vocalists Idol’s ever had, and I’m inclined to agree 100%. She showed great versatility and the ability to handle just about anything thrown at her; I’d like to think being a background singer for so many artists for years helped her out (though that didn’t help Brandon much, LOL). The main thing people had a problem with regarding her is that it was thought her shy humble mannerisms off the stage was an act because she would transform into this confident performer on it. Anyway, she started her Idol run with (Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone, which was a strong effort. She would come back the following week with My Funny Valentine, which was nothing less than a vocal masterclass. However, she would give my personal favorite performance of hers with I’m A Woman. She brought the sass, confidence, and vocals to it, and it’s one I often watch repeatedly. ❤️ In the finals, she started off with two strong performances with Home and As Long As He Needs Me, though to be honest, I found the former kind of boring and as for the latter, as I mentioned earlier, I preferred Nadia’s version; that doesn’t mean they weren’t sung well because they were. Heaven Knows was a fun number, which was a nice change of pace from the previous two weeks, and I’ve Got Rhythm was another great performance from her in the subsequent week. The following week, however, Melinda would have her first “misstep” with Sway. Vocally, it was on point as usual; however, she looked awkward trying to bring out the sexiness in her. Nonetheless, she gave what I thought was the best performance on an otherwise lackluster night with Trouble Is A Woman the following week, despite it being a song so obscure that even Martina McBride never heard of it. She would then give what I thought was the best performance of the night with There Will Come A Day during Idol Gives Back. Have A Nice Day was another strong number for her; to think she was so unsure she would do a great job because she didn’t know much about Bon Jovi. The following week, she would sing Love You Inside Out and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, with the former being her weakest performance of the season; still, it was better than anything Blake and LaKisha did that night. She had a solid night during Top 3 as I enjoyed all three of her performances. It was thought Melinda would be a shoe in for the finale; however, that wasn’t the case as she would be eliminated the next night. I think Simon knew the results ahead of time because he was in a foul mood the entire night. So why did Melinda fall short? One theory is that as great as she was, she may have come off as too old-fashioned whereas Blake and Jordin were younger and more contemporary. Another is voters thinking she would be fine and therefore, they decided to vote more for their secondary favorites, which meant Melinda may have slipped through the cracks. Either way, it was disappointing not to see her in the finale, though there was the moment where she had this look while in the seats during Jordin’s This Is My Now performance 😆 (I can't seem to find a picture of it though 💔). Post-Idol, I know she released an album; however, she may be known mainly for co-hosting Idology/Reality Check with Michael Slezak (ugh, why couldn’t they have kept Kristen Baldwin instead). Either way, Melinda was a world class vocalist and someone I really liked to watch on Idol.


    020. Chris Daughtry

    019. Bo Bice

    018. La'Porsha Renae

    017. Allison Iraheta

    016. Melinda Doolittle


    Here's an update list of my favorites per season since one more has been revealed (which is probably the biggest WTF one 🤭) and three more season have been completely ranked:




    S02: Kimberley Locke

    S03: LaToya London

    S04: Bo Bice


    S06: Haley Scarnato


    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox

    S10: Pia Toscano

    S11: Elise Testone

    S12: Candice Glover

    S13: Jessica Meuse

    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    The clues for the last set before the Top 10; this will be the final set of clues I'll post in this ranking:


    - Talking tunes?
    - Great expectations & letdowns
    - From flexible body to flexible vocals
    - Queen of NHL royalty
    - The first 'original' finalist


    I won't post the next set until the weekend, hopefully by Saturday evening.

  2. 6 hours ago, blackfield said:

    and how the heck can you remember what fantasia said!? if it was during her audition then probably why i didn't know about it.. because i only watched from top 12.. 



    It was something that stood out to me, plus I thought it was hilarious. 😆


    3 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    I'm back 🙃

    025. Erika Van Pelt - I don't recall my feelings about her too much but I think I kind of liked her but didn't really care much when she was eliminated.

    024. Ruben Studdard - I actually really love "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do". It might be my favorite after "Superstar". His voice is just so soothing. I was happy with his win.

    023. Vonzell Solomon - She was fun and obviously talented but I wasn't totally in love with her. If she had gone earlier than she did, I would've been OK with that.

    022. Haley Reinhart - She grew on me for sure. I remember not liking her at all. Once she started doing the more jazzy tunes, I really started to like her and now she's one of my favorites. I was hoping she'd snag a top 2 spot but unfortunately that was not meant to be.

    021. Fantasia - Fantasia's talent is undeniable to me but even though I like her, I still find her voice annoying. 🤣 It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but I find her so talented and she's a great performer. I was upset when she won because Diana was my favorite but it wasn't a totally disappointing win (and it was well deserved).


    Welcome back! :teeheewave:


    025. Fair enough

    024. Fair enough about Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Agreed with the last two sentences

    023. :( Fair enough though

    022. I pretty much felt exactly the same with what was written here

    021. Fair enough. I'd like think a lot of people feel the same way about her. 😂 Good to see you think her win was well-deserved even if it was against your favorite.


    I know I said I would probably have the next set up tomorrow at the earliest. However, I just finished the last write-up and may be able to post it tonight. I have to do something first and if not too tired, I'll post it. 👍

  3. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I swapped around Ruben and Fantasia clues, but knowing me, I probably messed it up more! 😅


    Don't worry; those were the two that needed to be swapped! For the explanations:


    - Erika's self-explanatory. She changed her hair style and color during Top 10 Week, which happened to be the week she was eliminated.

    - For Ruben, in hindsight I should've said wore instead of wears. During the season, Ruben often wore shirts with the number 205, which is the area code for his hometown Birmingham, AL.

    - As @blackfield mentioned, Vonzell was a mail carrier prior to Idol. In addition, she's a black belt martial artist, so the two were combined.

    - "Tell me where love goes when it's gone" is the beginning of the chorus of Haley's song Undone from her debut album Listen Up! (which also happens to be my favorite post-Idol song of hers ❤️).

    - For Fantasia, during Hollywood she said something along the lines of "my lips are big, but my talent is bigger"; hence the ability bigger than a body part clue.


    It looks like the next set won't be up until tomorrow at the earliest; however, I'm going to try to see if I can have it ready by tonight.

  4. @laumopera and @Bk1234, both of you are 3/5. 😉


    7 hours ago, laumopera said:

    Okay. Haley has appeared already!!! She is my all time favorite and I've been living in Planet Haley as a Halien since season 10. My third all time favorite which I though would appear is Jessica Meuse!!! And thank God that my second all time favorite who is Elise is also still on the running! 🙂


    It is good though that my top 4 favorites of all time are in your top 50. Here is my list of favorites! I still have Elise and Jessica!!!


    1. Haley Reinhart

    2. Elise Testone

    3. Jessica Meuse

    4. Syesha Mercado




    Hey having your Top 4 in my Top 50 and your Top 3 in my Top 25 isn't too bad! 😉 We'll see where the remaining two (Elise and Jessica) will end up... 🤔


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    -Hmph, some makeover...- Erika Van Pelt. Erika was a contestant who I would probably place in the middle of the pack, as far as S11 contestants go. She had some pretty solid performances, but nothing really stood out to me except her WC performance. All things said, I would have liked to see her outlast Heejun... 😒 Also, I just watched her version of “Glitter in the Air” on the summer tour, and it was wonderful! 👍


    -Ability larger than a body part- Ruben Studdard. I preferred Clay over Ruben, but I was not outraged by his win. Like you said, it’s not like Ruben delivered consistently terrible performances, and won. I also really liked his performance of “A Whole New World.” 👍

    -Kick :censored: mail service- Vonzell Solomon. No comment. 

    -“Tell me where love goes when it’s gone...”- Haley Reinhart. Haley delivered two of my favorite Idol performances of all-time (“House of the Rising Sun” and “I (Who Have Nothing)”), so I am pleased to see that she was ranked here. (Though I am more pleased to see that we share a S10 favorite!!! 😁) I actually really enjoyed Haley’s performance of “Falling,” so I wasn’t disappointed to see her get voted through. 😅 “Bennie and the Jets” was really good, but I thought she did better during “HotRS” and “I (WHN).” In terms of the Top 3, she was my pick to win, as I thought she was much better than Lauren and Scotty, but alas, the teen country finale won out... 😕


    -Wears hometown out front- Fantasia. I am not really the biggest fan of Fantasia’s voice, but I cannot deny the amazing vocal ability that she possesses, as shown by her outstanding performance of “Summertime.” The finale decision was tricky for me, since I preferred Diana’s voice, but adored Fantasia’s vocal ability.  😅 I’m glad to see that she was ranked below LaToya London. 👍


    Erika: Fair enough about her. I would've liked to see her outlast HeeJun as well, especially considered the performances they each gave. 😒


    Ruben: Fair enough about preferring Clay over Ruben, but at least you acknowledge he was a solid contestant. 👍


    Haley: Pretty much agree with everything here except for enjoying Fallin'😅 She was my pick of the Top 3 as well, but America decided they wanted the teen country finale...


    Fantasia: Fair enough about her. As I mentioned, her voice isn't for everyone, but from what I've seen she is acknowledged for her abilities even from those who don't like it.


    6 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    025. Erika Van Pelt - Hmph, some makeover... i remember the backlash after she changed her hair.. it was so drastic i think it was the reason people didn't vote. like they didn't recognize her anymore... :dead:

    024. Ruben Studdard - - Ability larger than a body part. maybe because of his weight.. didn't watch that season 

    023. Vonzell Solomon - Kick:censored: mail service: that one anecdote i remember of her (and don't need wiki for it!!) she was a postwoman before idol!!! can't remember which state she is from, is it florida!? and she did kick ass sometimes.. her most memorable performance was a whitney houston cover.. 

    022. Haley Reinhart - "Tell me where love goes when it's gone..." lyrics from a song on her album.. not my fav and would have list her much lower. never liked her trying to be sexy in every performance and her annoying habbit to growl like there something stuck in her throat on every song. even and especially when it is least needed.. 

    021. Fantasia - Wears hometown out front: she is from North Carolina and she was inducted to the NC hall of fame. and i agree with you that no one should even attempt at "i believe" at risk of being compared. the only coronation song that worked and she sang the hell of it. it is HER song! :bobo::fantasia:







    3/5 on the guesses.


    025. Yeah, that may have been a reason :dead:; however, she unfortunately was in the B3 twice before that, so she never really had the support from the voters. 🙁

    024. N/A

    023. Yes, she was from Florida. Pretty much agree with everything else here.

    022. Fair enough. I think that was my main problem with her at least early in the season. However, she grew on me, plus I was intrigued by her underdog status.

    021. Pretty much in agreement here!

  5. Let's see who shows up next! For 25-21:


    - Ability larger than a body part
    - "Tell me where love goes when it's gone..."
    - Kick:censored: mail service
    - Wears hometown out front
    - Hmph, some makeover...


    25. Erika Van Pelt: Season 11 (10th Place)


    Kicking off the Top 25 is the second consecutive S11 finalist to lead off a set. :haha: Erika was someone I really enjoyed during S11. As I mentioned way back in my Julia Gargano write-up during my S18 ranking, I am a sucker for a good alto, and Erika had just that; in fact, she had me from her audition which RARELY happens because I typically wait until the voting rounds and see how the contestants do before I decide to latch onto someone, and even then I wait a couple of weeks. Also, I don’t ever recall her having a bad performance. Unfortunately, she was unable to latch on to a majority of the voters as seen by her multiple B3 appearances and early elimination. I think one of the things that hurt Erika was that she was one of the older contestants (in fact, she was the second oldest behind only Elise) in a season where the contestants, especially the females, skewed on the younger side; in fact, Erika and Elise were the only non-teenage female finalists that season. Speaking of Elise, I think another thing that hurt Erika was that she may or may not have been compared to Elise often, with Elise seen as the better of the two. Going back to her time on Idol, I don’t recall seeing her much in Hollywood which is too bad because as I mentioned, I enjoyed her audition and was looking forward to seeing more of her; I’ll have to rewatch the Hollywood Rounds to see if she received any airtime at some point. She managed to make it to the Top 24 where she sang What About Love. I enjoyed the performance and hoped she would be voted into the finals. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case which was disappointing; having said that, however, I thought the five female contestants who were voted in all had merit in their own right. Fortunately, Erika was invited to perform in the WC Round where she would give my personal favorite performance of hers with Edge Of Glory. She sang her heart out and straight up slayed that performance :wub:; I’ve always said hers and Trenyce’s WC performances should be the golden standard for anyone participating in any WC Rounds. Still, I had my reservations on whether or not she would be picked because the judges seemed to be enamored with Jen Hirsch who, sad to say, I wasn’t a fan of. However, Erika did end up being selected and thus was on her way to the finals. She would sing I Believe In You And Me in the first round, and I would say it was my favorite rendition of the song (considering the singers who sung that song in Idol, that’s saying something). It was probably the best Whitney Houston song that would showcase her beautiful alto the best. Unfortunately, she would be in the female B3 thanks to the voting results twist; however, she would be sent back to safety. The following week she sang Heaven, which was her weakest performance, but it still wasn’t anything terrible; besides, there were far worse performances that night. Sadly, Erika would find herself in the B3 again; admittedly, I thought she would be eliminated this night which would’ve been disappointing. Fortunately, she was safe again which meant she would be able to participate in the summer tour, which I was happy to see. The following week, she would sing New York State Of Mind, which I felt was another great vocal from her; I believe I had her second behind Elise at the time. Unfortunately, that performance would be her last because she was eliminated the next night. As I mentioned a couple of pages back, she was my favorite contestant up until her elimination, so this stung at the time. However, I can’t say I was surprised because as mentioned she couldn’t garner much support from the voters. Supposedly, she was going to sing Glitter In The Air the following week, which I would’ve loved to see; she sung it on tour and from the videos I watched she absolutely killed it. Overall, Erika was someone I really liked despite not having the longest run.


    24. Ruben Studdard: Season 2 (1st Place)


    Now showing up in this countdown is Ruben Studdard AKA The Velvet Teddy Bear. Ruben is in my Top 10 when it comes to favorite voices from Idol contestants. I could just sit around and listen to it all day. Unfortunately, I think he gets a bit of a bad rep because he beat out Clay for the Idol crown. Objectively, I thought Clay was the most consistent contestant during the season and would’ve certainly made a worthy winner. With that said, however, it isn’t as if Ruben was some scrub who got lucky with a fluke performance or two; he was a strong contestant in his own right who had his fair share of great performances. Despite this, it appears he’s one of Idol’s punching bags as far as winners go, though it’s not as bad as Nick, Lee, or even Taylor. Ruben’s Idol run got off to a strong start when he sang Superstar during Group 2 of the semis. To this day I still go back and forth as to which performance was better between this and K-Lo’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He would get voted into the finals where he would give a fun solid performance of Baby I Need Your Loving, a song Josh Gracin also sang that night; Ruben’s was better, just saying. The following week he would give what is considered to be his best performance of the season with A Whole New World, and I certainly concur with this sentiment; it’s definitely within my Top 5 S2 performances. From there, he would give two solid performances with Sweet Home Alabama and Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe, though I am of the opinion only the late great Barry White should be singing his own songs. He would give another great performance the following week with Kiss And Say Goodbye which would be followed by another solid performance with Just The Way You Are. It was around this time, however, I started to notice Ruben’s voice starting to deteriorate a bit and as a result, the quality of his performances started to decline some. Music Of My Heart was fine all things considered; however, I didn’t care too much for his two performances Ain’t Too Proud To Beg and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do the following week. Of course, this was the week he was in the B2 with Trenyce, and I still remember how upset Randy was at the revelation. :haha: He would make it to the following week and give an OK performance of Nights On Broadway and a very solid performance of How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, which I thought would be the moment Ruben would somewhat return to his early season form. Unfortunately, that would not be the case as he had a pretty poor Top 3 showing. I was underwhelmed by all three of his performances that night, the main one being If Ever You’re In My Arms Again. I absolutely love the song and I know if Ruben’s voice was in better shape, he could’ve had a magical moment with it. In spite of this, he made it to the finale where he would have an OK showing, though I thought Clay was going to win after Bridge Over Troubled Water. However, Ruben would walk away with the title, which I was happy with because I liked him more than Clay. It appears Ruben has done decently well for himself post-Idol, which includes a platinum album and a gold gospel album. I also recall him being in The Biggest Loser, which was for the better since he appears to be in much better shape now than he was then. Finally, it appears he and Clay still keep in touch and do projects together from time to time. In the end, Ruben remains to have one of my favorite voices and is still one of my favorite S2 contestants.


    23. Vonzell Solomon: Season 4 (3rd Place)


    Vonzell was someone who I thought was an absolute bright spot during S4. She was this beautiful, fun, radiant, and perky girl who also had a powerful voice, which was all on full display at her audition, though the most memorable thing for me was her wearing different color shoes that matched her belt and top. :haha: If there’s one criticism I have of her, it’s that she couldn’t harness her voice at times. She’s had moments where she would lose control and have her voice be all over the place; it was often joked she was singing in the key of V. 😅 As for her time on Idol, she started off by singing Heat Wave in the first round of the semis. In Thia’s write-up, I said that the song was one that I felt has never been done well on Idol, and I still feel that way. With that said, I would say Vonzell did the best version of it. I enjoyed her other two semifinal performances If I Ain’t Got You and Respect. She sang Anyone Who Had A Heart in the first week of the finals, which I thought was on the underrated side; I guess it mainly had to do with her having to follow Nadia and Bo, who both had very strong performances that evening. Regardless, she would have a fun performance of Best Of My Love which is one of my personal favorites of hers. She would then give a strong performance of I Have Nothing the following week; I would say it’s my third favorite version of it on Idol behind only J-Hud and Trenyce. Next, she would give what I felt was another underrated performance with People; I had her second behind Nadia that night. Unfortunately, the voters didn’t agree as she was in the B3 that week. I remember being disappointed at her being there whereas Anthony was safe after his butchering of Climb Ev’ry Mountain. She would come back the following week with another cute and fun performance of Let’s Hear It For The Boy. She followed that with a solid performance of I’m Every Woman; however, I can’t say I enjoyed her performance of I Turn To You all that much because I felt she hit some sharp notes and lost some control at the key change. With all of this said, there were still some performances that evening that were worse (hello Constantine and Scott). Speaking of Constantine, this of course was the week she was in the B3 when he was eliminated. The following week she had two OK performances with Treat Me Nice and When You Tell Me That You Love Me. Unfortunately, Vonzell would give what I felt was her worst performance of the season with How Do I Live; this was the one performance where her lack of vocal control was the most prevalent. It also didn’t help that she appeared to be too emotional during the song which culminated with her being in tears after it. She redeemed herself somewhat later that evening with Don’t Leave Me This Way. Despite that, I thought she was going to be the one eliminated the following night because I thought she was the worst that evening if I’m to be honest; fortunately, that wasn’t the case as Anthony went home instead. She went on to give three OK performances the following week with my favorite being On The Radio; however, it was easy to see the Top 2 that season were going to be Carrie and Bo, so Vonzell went as far as she could. The main thing I remember was despite her elimination, she was still in good spirits and kicked butt on the group performance that night. Post-Idol, I know she's worked with Postmodern Jukebox and has done some videos with Todrick Hall; other than that, I'm not sure what else she's been up to. In the end, Vonzell was someone I enjoyed and looked forward to a lot during her time on Idol.


    22. Haley Reinhart: Season 10 (3rd Place)


    Haley was certainly one of the most spunky and most tenacious contestants Idol has ever had. There was absolutely no quit in her, and she pretty much had to fight for everything she earned during her time on the show. She was someone who gradually grew on me as the season progressed. Her voice and style intrigued me early in the season; however, I lost interest in her by the time the semis started because I thought she tried to do too much during the Hollywood Rounds. I wasn’t impressed at all with her performance of Fallin’ during the semis; in fact, I think I pretty much hated it. Nonetheless, she was voted into the finals which astonished me at the time. She would go on to sing Blue the first week in the finals, which was a bit of a surprise because I would’ve never expected Haley to pick someone like LeAnn Rimes as her personal Idol. Either way, it was another performance I didn’t care for. I also wasn’t too fond of I’m Your Baby Tonight the following week either; I believe this was the performance where she had her lipstick disaster. 😂 She was in the B3 both times but managed to get by. She would sing You Really Got A Hold On Me the next week which while it was better than her previous three showings, it didn’t do much for me. It was the following week where Haley supposedly had her breakout performance with Bennie And The Jets. While it was certainly her best up to that point, I wasn’t as enamored with it as most were. I didn’t really like her next two performances (Piece Of My Heart and Call Me) much either, with the latter being my least favorite of hers outside of Fallin’. At this point I was wondering how she managed to get this far. However, it was around this time where I started to see what others saw in her. It started with the Moanin’ duet with Casey during the Top 8 Results Show. I absolutely loved it and was impressed with Haley for the first time all season. My favorites outside of Casey were gone at this point, so I decided to pay more attention to her to see how far she would actually go. She followed that up with Rolling In The Deep the following week, which was the first solo performance of hers I really enjoyed. Beautiful was another performance of hers I enjoyed. The following week she would sing You And I for her first performance, which I thought was fine, though it was really hard to judge because it was a song that hadn’t been released yet at the time. Speaking of which, I thought it was asinine when the judges criticized her for singing it, especially considering Lady Gaga herself gave Haley her blessing to sing it before she (LG) released it. Thinking about it, even when I didn’t care too much for her, I noticed the judges, especially J-Lo, were harsher on her than the other contestants that season; it became really obvious after You And I. She would then come back and slay House Of The Rising Sun the same night. The next week she would sing Earth Song which I felt was underrated; as a matter of fact, I’m going to defend it here. I thought the judges were way off the mark with their comments. For starters, who are they to tell what song is inspirational for other people; I’m sure Haley had sound reasons for picking it. Moreover, I laughed when they said she shouted the song; I guess they never heard the original where Michael Jackson himself shouted through it. So yeah, I heavily disagreed with them. 😕 Then there was Randy saying the winners of the first round was a three way tie between Lauren, Scotty, and James 🙄; I loved Haley’s response to it. 😅 Not to be deterred, she would come back and give my favorite performance of hers with I (Who Have Nothing). I was hoping it would be enough for her to break up the desired Top 3, and it turned out to be it was! She would have two strong performances with What It Is And What Should Never Be and Rhiannon; however, You Oughta Know was underwhelming. Despite that, I still thought she was the best of the three and was hoping she would somehow break up the potential all teen country finale. Sadly, that didn’t happen as her long and hard fought underdog journey came to an end the following night. Post-Idol, she appears to be doing well for herself. I’ve checked out and loved some of her songs on her albums, and I’ve especially loved the work she’s done with Postmodern Jukebox, especially her critically acclaimed performance of Creep. Finally, as I’ve mentioned in Casey’s write-up, it looks like the two are still collaborating musically from time to time, which is great to see. While I’m not a die-hard Halien so to speak, I like Haley a lot which is something considering how I initially felt about her and have come to respect and appreciate her tenacity and talent.


    21. Fantasia: Season 3 (1st Place)


    Is it time for Fantasia to appear in this ranking? Yeah, yeah, yeah!  :fantasia: :bobo:Fantasia probably has the most polarizing voice in Idol history. Some consider it to be soulful crooning; others think of it as unbearable screeching. As evident by this ranking I fall in the former category. Outside of her voice, I think no one on Idol was better at digging deep and emotionally connecting to a song than Fantasia. One thing I loved about her is that she would always put everything into her performances; there would be no halfhearted efforts from her. Besides her performances, her exchanges with Simon were pretty funny as well. With all that said, it’s time to look into her Idol journey. She started off with a fun performance of Something To Talk About, or in her case Shomething To Talk About as she would often add an 'H' when pronouncing the ‘S’ sound, during Group 1 in the semis. She would advance to the finals where she would give another solid performance with Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours). From there, she would give two more solid performances the following two weeks with Always On My Mind and I Heard It Through The Grapevine. The following week she gave another solid performance with Something The Way You Look Tonight, though I actually agreed with Simon when he said it was her weakest performance up to that point. Still, it was better than some of the other performances from the same evening. The following week Fantasia would give what some people are saying is the greatest performance in Idol history with Summertime. It certainly is one of the best performances in Idol history, though I’m not sure I would call it the GOAT performance. Regardless, it was easy to see she felt the song from beginning to end. She had an OK performance with It’s A Miracle the following week, which of course was the week of The Three Divas B3. Unfortunately, I felt she gave an underwhelming performance the following week with Get On Your Feet; I felt it was her weakest performance of the season. She would give another performance I didn’t care for the following week with her first performance of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. However, I really liked her second performance What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life. I thought she did fine with her two Disco performances the following week, with my favorite being Knock On Wood. Of course, that was the week she and LaToya were the B2 while Jasmine sat on the couch of safety. Fantasia would be the one to advance and I think with her biggest competition out, this was the point where her win was all but sealed. Having a strong Top 3 Night certainly helped; I thought she was easily the best one that week. I enjoyed all three of her performances (Chain Of Fools, Fool In Love, and Greatest Love Of All). She would then reach the finale where I thought she clearly outperformed Diana (though Diana having issues with some of her equipment certainly helped). I thought All My Life was on the underrated side; if I had a criticism of it, it during the bridge where I wished she was singing it instead of the background singers. Her reprise of Summertime wasn’t anywhere near as magical as the first time, but it was still good. However, I thought her best performance was her coronation song I Believe; I would go as far as saying it was the best performance of a coronation song done on Idol and yes, I am including Kelly’s A Moment Like This when I say that. Whenever others cover I Believe on Idol, I think they always fall short because I don’t think anyone other than Fantasia can do that song justice. She would predictably go on to win the crown. While not as big as J-Hud’s, Fantasia has had a solid career in her own right. I remember listening to and liking a few songs of hers outside of Idol. While admittedly she’s not for everyone, Fantasia was certainly someone who I certainly enjoyed watching.


    025. Erika Van Pelt

    024. Ruben Studdard

    023. Vonzell Solomon

    022. Haley Reinhart

    021. Fantasia


    More favorites from other seasons are now known. The updated list:



    S02: Kimberley Locke

    S03: LaToya London

    S04: Bo Bice




    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox

    S10: Pia Toscano

    S11: Elise Testone

    S12: Candice Glover

    S13: Jessica Meuse

    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    Here are the clues for who may show up next:


    - I can do this alone!
    - Boxer briefs
    - Really Borchetta?!
    - Lent a helping hand or two from behind after being front and center
    - Should've won according to a judge



  6. 51 minutes ago, miss denise said:


    - LOL I remember that too and can kind of hear her voice in my head saying that. :dead:  Such good memories. And very true!

    - Oh wow, your friend... yikes. I'm so glad she at least likes Carrie now, although too bad not the same 180 that happened with you and Syesha. :haha:  


    - So can I; that season definitely had its fair share of characters and personalities. :haha:

    - Yeah, it's too bad it's not the same 180, but at least it's something. She still takes tiny jabs at her now and then, but I can tell she respects and admires Carrie a lot after getting over her hatred (I think she may have a girl crush on her though she'll 100% deny it if asked about it). :haha:


    I'm putting the finishing touches on the next set and should have it up in my next post (which looks like it'll be on the next page🤞).

  7. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I really don't know how you do it. :haha:  I would definitely have to do a lot of rewatching to have such detailed comments. 


    - Oh yay, I'm so glad! 😄  I agree. :bobo: 


    030. Hollie Cavanagh: Aww I really liked Hollie since the previous season and she was one of my favorites too. I always though she was so lovable and I really like her voice too. I pretty much agree with your thoughts on all her performances. I was rooting from her from the start though (and since S10), so she was always a favorite of mine. Glad she was safe after "Perfect." ❤️  But sad about her many other B3 appearances. She also seems like an odd one to be polarizing. :haha: She was a little underdog though and glad she made it as far as she did. I also loved her friendship with Joshua. ❤️ 

    029. Jennifer Hudson: I like her much more post-show than during the season, although I didn't mind her and enjoyed most of her performances. "She had issues using her voice properly, plus she had some odd fashion sense." :lmao:  I agree about her turning point and that was so memorable to me, as was her elimination, of course.  She has definitely had an incredible career that I don't think anyone really expected from a 7th placer, although the show was still in the early years, so we couldn't really know. But she's proved to be super successful and I am happy for her.

    028. Caleb Johnson: Oh, I did not remember Caleb had auditioned before. 😮  I agree he was an exciting performer with a big range, and in a season that was super underwhelming for me, he was definitely one of the bright spots. Once again, I agree on pretty much all your thoughts on his performances. I also thought he was a deserving winner, and it's a shame nothing really came of him or his career (that I know of) following the show. :( 

    027. Carrie Underwood: I absolutely LOVE and adore her and she is one of my all-time favorites. :wub:  Agree about both her amazing voice and how she seems as a person. ❤️ I also love her loyalty to Idol, and i do remember hearing many years ago about her giving her phone number to the top 2.  I always do my Idol rankings as balance of their time on the show + career after, and feel it would be so hard and not true to my personal feelings if it was or the other since it all forms my opinion. But I understand how you're doing it here and never question your rankings, even when I disagree. :haha:  Carrie has definitely grown immensely as a performer since her time on Idol and I agree with that! She was still a major favorite of mine then, as I loved her voice, personality, and everything about her. Her blossoming into such a huge star has been amazing to watch and I love her music so much. "Alone" will always be one of my favorites and biggest standout Idol performances for me. :omg: Soo incredible and so unexpected from her!  Sad you didn't care for MLOONAA as that was another one of my top favorites from her that I thought was amazing.  :broken: I love that the audience loved her so much to give her a landside win all season and wish we could see the voting numbers from every year. :haha: 

    026. Nadia Turner: I was never too crazy about her,. She just didn't do much for me, unfortunately, but I did love "Try A Little Tenderness." I also seem to remember her being good friends with Mario, which won some points with me. :haha: LOL your comment about going to sleep with her final performance. :dead:  


    I guessed Hollie and Nadia from when you posted the clues in the last set, and also figured Kelly or Carrie was the one about breaking hearts. I get the Caleb one now from the Matthew McConaughey movie. :haha:  Don't get the Jennifer one - but okay, I see you just explained it in the above post. 


    Sometimes, I don't know how I do it either. :haha:




    030. I agree with everything except rooting for her from the start. I was happy to see her make it as far as she did as well considering everything.

    029. I remember the judges, Simon in particular, used to crack on her outfits early in the season and she would be like "you don't like my outfits?!". :lmao: I pretty much agree with the commentary here. I think it was her breaking out that showed it's possible to do something without winning; it just takes some hard work, determination, and some luck.

    028. Once again, I agree with nearly everything here. It is a shame nothing really happened for him post-Idol; however, it was pretty much expected due to his style. 😕

    027. Completely understandable about ranking contestants based on what they do on and off the show. Thank you for respecting the way I'm doing this even if you disagree. 😁 As for Carrie, it is also understandable how you (and others) feel that way about her. I don't think I've come across anyone who's had a negative thing to say about her; actually, I take that back. I have a friend who hated Carrie's guts because she was a die-hard Bo fan and was devastated when Carrie won. 🤣 She's since come around and likes Carrie now, but I think her Carrie hatred rivaled my Syesha hatred back then. :lmao:

    026. Fair enough about her. Yeah, her final performance wasn't exactly the most fun. 😅


    4 hours ago, laumopera said:

    I've been following this thread for a while now. I told myself to comment only when my favorite shows up. I'm pretty sure that my all-time favorite will appear on the next set. 😱😱😱😭😭😭


    I can also sense that my third all time favorite will also appear.


    Tough set ahead!!! But I'll keep my mouth shut due to the prohibition!


    I wish you can rank them higher. :(


    Welcome. At least should your favorite(s) appear in the upcoming set, solace can be taken in that they're in my Top 25 which is higher than some of the favorites of other posters (I think I upset @x3 because of u for posting her all time favorite already, seeing as she hasn't commented since then :haha:) .


    11 hours ago, blackfield said:

    i will change my season 11 guess to elise testone as she is the only one left.. unless i forgot someone.. 


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I think you forgot Erika Van Pelt. 😉




    41 minutes ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments on the rankings:


    1.  This is a good spot for Hollie.  I liked her but preferred Jessica.

    2.  Jennifer probably needed time to be a star.  This is a close enough spot for her.

    3.  I’d have ranked Caleb lower but that might be in part because I’m not fond of rock music, at least hard rock.

    4.  I’d have ranked Carrie higher than Bo, but I liked her less than Nadia or Vonzell.  And yeah, she wasn’t really a great performer back then.

    5.  Nadia was my first favorite in Season 4.  Unfortunately, voters preferred Scott for some reason and Nadia made some indulgent song choices.


    1. Glad you think so. 👍

    2. Pretty much agreed.

    3. Fair enough. Everyone has their own musical preferences.

    4. Fair enough about her.

    5. Pretty much agreed, especially with her indulgent song choices. She did say she was more into the artsy fartsy type of songs and not so much into the mainstream ones. :haha:

  8. 5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Oh yay!!! 😁 So what stumped me was JHUD. I thought the clue “Matthew McConaghey” referred to her since she was in the movie “Sing,” where I believe McConaghey was the main character. 


    I was not aware of that, so I can see how others could be stumped by it, seeing as it could refer to two contestants in this set. 😅 I'll go ahead and explain the clues now (apologies to @miss denise) :


    Hollie Cavanagh: Had to climb quite a bit (referring to Hollie's underdog run and her singing The Climb)

    Jennifer Hudson: A song title that was on this contestant after an Utopian breakout (J-Hud has a song called Spotlight, which was certainly shined on her after her breakout role in Dreamgirls, which had to have been an Utopian, or dream, experience for her)

    Caleb Johnson: Matthew McConaughey (not because he physically resembles the actor. 😂 McConaughey stars in the movie Dazed And Confused, which is a song Caleb performed on Idol)

    Carrie Underwood: I may break some hearts with the ranking of this contestant (double entendre: Carrie is a very popular Idol contestant not just on IDF, but in general, so some may be sad or brokenhearted to see her ranked where she is. Also, her debut album is titled Some Hearts, which is within the clue)

    Nadia Turner: Caught up in spircles (Nadia sang this line in her Time After Time performance. 😂 The actual line is "caught up in circles")


    3 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    035. Dennis Lorenzo - Hmm, I loved his Can You Feel the Love Tonight performance but he doesn't stand out to me in the grand scheme of things. 

    034. Paris Bennett - Loved her, one of the highlights from my favorite season! Her audition is my favorite across all the seasons, and MTTG and her two jazzy perormances (Fever and These Foolish Things) were also awesome. Also thought Wind Beneath My Wings and All I do were great and underrated. 

    033. Kree Harrison - I was a big Kree fan. I loved her country performances, but I also loved her big ballads like Up to the Mountain and bluesy performances like Evidence. I wish we'd seen more like that throughout the season (she tried with Hurts So Bad, but that was a disappointment). 

    032. Jurnee - She was great and robbed. :( I think if she had more of a musical identity she could've made it further though. 

    031. Clark Beckham - HAHAHAHA at your Alex Preston shade, I agree. He turned it happy and mid-tempo and destroyed the essence of the song. But this is about Clark. He was my favorite of S14 and I agree with you on your favorite performances of his. He should've won. 


    035. Fair enough

    034. S5 is my favorite season as well! Her audition was certainly a highlight. Can't say I disagree too much with the rest of the comments.

    033. Pretty much agree with everything here. I wanted to see more performances like Evidence as well.

    032. I thought her music identity was pop-R&B. Either way, I wish she wouldn't went further

    031. I enjoyed Alex for the most part, but that performance was horrendous; it was one of my least favorites of the season (which is saying a lot considering the season being discussed :haha:). Pretty much agree with everything regarding Clark except for him being my favorite seeing that I have one more S14 contestant to rank. I would've liked to see him win, but after the perceived bussing he got towards the end of the season, he was probably better off not winning.


    As I mentioned in my most recent set, I won't be posting a new one until tomorrow evening at the earliest; in fact, I haven't even started the write-ups yet. 😅 I'll start working on them ASAP. 👍 In the meanwhile, the time could be used for others to catch up (assuming they're still around, that is :haha:).

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  9. 9 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Opinions


    -Had to climb quite a bit- Hollie Cavanagh. Out of all the amazing contestants in this set, Hollie is the one that I am most sad to see ranked! 😅 You got yet another one of my all-time favorites! 💔 (Though it’s good, because I thought two were going to be in this set... 👍) Hollie was such a fun girl who amazed me with her vocal abilities every time. I loved her performance of “Reflection,” and “The Climb” is one of my favorites of the season. ❤️ Hollie also seemed to have a great relationship with her fellow contestants, namely Joshua and Skylar, which was always fun to see! 😂 To respond to your claim about the judges being too hard on her, it is possible that she was always compared to Jessica (who I thought was worse)... 🤔 Also, how could I forget that she was British too?! 😁 

    -Matthew McConaghey- Jennifer Hudson. Ironically, Hudson’s biggest struggle on the show was not singing, but gaining popularity! 😅 Overall, I also really liked her performance of “The Circle of Life.” 👍


    -I may break some hearts with this ranking- Caleb Johnson. I liked him, but I didn’t love him, especially after some of the things he said on the show. 😒 I would have preferred a Jena win, but hey, he was fairly consistent on the show. 👍 His “Dream On” performance was legendary! 😅


    -A song title that was on this contestant after an Utopian breakout-- Carrie Underwood. I really enjoyed her performance of “Alone,” and I’m glad to see that she has found success. I was surprised to not see her in the S18 “We Are the World” since she’s usually in every finale! 😅


    -Caught up in spircles- Nadia Turner. No comment. 


    Now only 2/5 are correct. 🙁


    Hollie: Oof at ranking another one of your all time favorites. I would ask out of curiosity who was the other one you thought would be ranked in this set, but it's better off not to say anything. 😉 Agreed about her being a fun girl and her vocal abilities. She did appear to have great relationships with other contestants, especially Joshua; in fact, I remember him crying as Hollie was singing her swan song. Yeah, they did seem to compare her and Jessica while favoring Jessica. 😕 Of course we can't forget she's British!


    Jennifer: Pretty much this.


    Caleb: Fair enough about everything written here.


    Carrie: I was curious about her not being a part of We Are The World as well. Maybe she had other plans because I doubt she would've turned it down if asked seeing how often she's appeared over the years.


    5 hours ago, blackfield said:

    are you trying to get in trouble or just had a death wish? this set of the ranking definitely deserves a comment! and i will add it with my guesses at your clues.. 

    030. Hollie Cavanagh - Had to climb quite a bit. because that song was one of her best. between her and jessica she wins hands down. vocally and likeability. such a powerful voice for a tiny person. i think she could have been much better winner and more commercial than anyone on that season. yet season 11 was when people lost interest and she faded back into obscurity. still she is one of my favs. 

    029. Jennifer Hudson - Caught up in spircles. is it because she did circle of life and was eliminated after? yet can't remember much of her run on idol besides that bottom 3 divas.. season 3 was dominated by fantasia who just wiped the floor with everyone else on that season. or maybe because i saw the season WAY AFTER she was announced the winner so i already knew what to expect.. (like watching a thriller knowing who the murderer is). 

    028. Caleb Johnson - A song title that was on this contestant after an Utopian breakout. are referring to his single fighting gravity? still loved his performances during idol and both his duets with jessica meuse (not so much the one with jena.. ) yet never thought he would be a good and successful winner. mostly because his style is to generic and unoriginal and the fact that season 13 was when original songs debuted on idol. caleb was a good singer for covers and as a lead for a cover band but as an artist he lacks that singer/songwriter skills for success especially in the rock genre. so no. i don't think he was a worthy winner and not surprised with how his career turned out. pretty much forgotten. 

    027. Carrie Underwood - I may break some hearts with the ranking of this contestant. being a fav of many around here. it was my first idol season watching within 24 hours after the original air. such good times on the idol message boards!! i believe it was one of her performances that started the "note from the mic stand" thread after she kicked the mic stand.. still she wasn't my fav during the season as i had two others who i liked more.. her run splits in two for me: until top 5 albeit a good singer, she seemed to be lacking personality, but for some reason from top 5 onwards i started to enjoy her more and she started showing some stage presence. i never held a candle to alone performance. and she wasn't spared of simon's criticism, my fav was when he compared her performance to a washing soap commercial from the 50s (such vivid imagination..). still i only started to like her after idol with her debut album. she also seems having great sense of humor (loved her with brad paisley hosting an award show). 

    026. Nadia Turner - Matthew McConaghey. this is by elimination process so there is no connection. unless i was off with another clue. can't remember much of her besides that one performance of the dusty springfield song but i prefer hollie singing it.. 


    With Caleb's appearance, my S13 favorite has now been revealed. Here's the updated list:

    so now we have TWO & HALF favs in common!!! 🙂 let me try again figuring this out: 


    S01: kelly 


    S03: fantasia

    S04: bo 

    S05: katherine or chris

    S06: melinda

    S07: cook

    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox

    S10: haley

    S11: josh 

    S12: Candice Glover

    S13: Jessica Meuse

    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    Maybe both; however, based on my S18 rankings, people should know to expect the unexpected by now. :haha:


    2/5 on the guesses. As for the rest of the commentary:


    030. She could've very well been a valid winner; however, Phillip was winning that season no matter what :haha:

    029. Her run started off roughly before Circle Of Life, then she started to build momentum before her elimination

    028. Can't say I disagree with everything written here. He was a strong performer but had virtually zero chance of mainstream success post-Idol

    027. Again, can't say I disagree with what's written

    026. Fair enough


    As for your guesses on my favorites per season, the only one I can say is incorrect is S11 because Joshua has been ranked already. 😆

  10. To paraphrase The Temptations, "get ready here it comes"! The clues for 30-26:


    - I may break some hearts with the ranking of this contestant
    - Matthew McConaghey
    - Caught up in spircles
    - Had to climb quite a bit
    - A song title that was on this contestant after an Utopian breakout


    30. Hollie Cavanagh: Season 11 (4th Place)


    Leading off this set is Hollie Cavanagh. I actually meant to put her in the previous set, but here we are. Anyway, Hollie is a contestant who I have a serious soft spot for. How could I not? I thought she was really cute and likable. 🤗 In addition, she had a powerful voice coming out of that tiny frame of hers, though it appears it’s rather polarizing, as is Hollie herself apparently. Admittedly, Hollie wasn’t someone who I kept an eye on that much at the beginning of S11; however, I found myself seriously rooting for her around maybe the halfway point of her journey. Speaking of which, we have to go back to S10 for the beginning of it. She made it all the way to the final cuts before she became a casualty, yet J-Lo told her to come back within a year or two after getting more experience and she could potentially win the whole thing. Hollie took that to heart and came back the following season where she was invisible until the final cuts again, but this time she made it to the Top 24 25. She sang Reflection in the semis which was a good performance. She would advance to the finals where she would give two strong performances in the first two weeks with All The Man I Need and The Power Of Love. Based on her first three performances, it looked like what J-Lo said the year before had a strong possibility of happening (except not really because it was pretty easy to see Phillip was going to win, lol). However, Hollie hit a rough patch after TPOL, starting with Honesty during Top 10 week. She would then follow that with Jesus Take The Wheel which was another underwhelming number. She would hit what I thought was her lowest point the following week with Flashdance…What A Feeling, which was her first up-tempo number of the season. She appeared to give it her best effort, but there were times I had to turn away from the screen. It wasn’t even bad in a fun train wreck way like Julia DeMato’s; it was just bad. 😣 She managed to survive it and proceeded to give what I felt was her most underrated performance of the season with Perfect. I thought she did a great job slowing down the song and gave a really solid vocal. The judges, however, thought differently and pretty much ripped her for it. 😕 I think it was that moment when I started to cheer Hollie on because I thought the judges were being unfair. Apparently, the voters did as well because Hollie wasn’t even in the B3 that week after being there two of the previous three weeks. It appeared to be a confidence boost for Hollie because she gave two solid performances the following week with Rolling In The Deep and Son Of A Preacher Man, with the former being my favorite. She had mixed results the following week with a rather weak performance of Save Me and a strong performance of The Climb, though I can’t stand the song. The following week she had two more strong performances with River Deep, Mountain High and Bleeding Love; I actually thought she was the best that evening on both of her performances. Despite this, Hollie was in the B3 each of the three weeks. Top 4 rolled around, and I was hoping Hollie would somehow crack the Top 3. To do so, however, to use a baseball analogy, she needed to hit a home run in at least one of her performances seeing who she was up against. Unfortunately, she managed to hit only two singles with Faithfully and I Can’t Make You Love Me. They weren’t bad by any means, however, the others had at least one stand out performance (yes, I’m including Jessica’s AIATYING despite thinking it was overrated). Nonetheless, I was still hoping for a miracle; sadly, that didn’t happen as she was eliminated the following night. I was hoping she’d at least outlast Jessica, though technically she did at first (another reason to dislike the save, :haha: just kidding Jessica fans, maybe 😉). Regardless, Hollie certainly had one heck of a roller-coaster ride from being a potential front runner to scrappy underdog, and it was one I enjoyed for the most part.


    29. Jennifer Hudson: Season 3 (7th Place)


    Jennifer Hudson or J-Hud is someone who is probably more well known for her post-Idol career than her time on Idol; it makes sense as she is one of the Idol alums who’s had a strong mainstream career. If I were to rank contestants based mostly on their post-Idol careers, she would easily be Top 5 if not Top 3. However, as I mentioned a number of times, this list is primarily based on how much I like them and enjoyed them on Idol; therefore, this write-up will focus more on her time then. J-Hud had a big personality and a voice to match it. Her run didn’t exactly get off to the best start, however. She had issues using her voice properly, plus she had some odd fashion sense. She started off by singing Imagine while a part of Group 1 in the semis. It was an OK performance all things considered though I thought she overdid it at times. She didn’t advance to the finals, which I pretty much expected because I felt Fantasia and Diana had better performances that evening. However, J-Hud was invited back to perform in the WC round where she sang I Believe In You And Me, which was a much better effort than her previous performance. Fortunately, she was Randy’s WC and therefore advanced to the finals. She sang Baby, I Love You during the Top 12 which I felt was a bit on the underrated side. Nonetheless, J-Hud found herself in the B3 but managed to hang on and sing for another week. Speaking of which, she sang No One Else On Earth which I felt was her worst performance of the season. She would follow that up with another underwhelming performance of Heat Wave. She would find herself in the B3 again but once again manage to survive. At this point I was ready to write her off because although I thought she had a tremendous upside, it looked like she would never be able to put it all together. However, that all changed the following week when she unleashed Circle Of Life. That was my favorite performance of the night, barely edging out George, and is in my Top 10 of the season. That performance would prove to be the turning point for J-Hud as she would have two more solid performances with I Have Nothing, which I stated in Trenyce’s write-up was my favorite version of the song, and especially Weekend In New England, which was my favorite of the night. It looked as if J-Hud was poised to have a really deep run in the finals as she was building great momentum. Unfortunately, that momentum was halted in the worst way imaginable because the following night was the night of the infamous Three Divas B3 with J-Hud being the one sent home. There were some theories floating around as to how this happened. One is since she, Fantasia, and LaToya were similar singers, some vote splitting may have occurred. Another was J-Hud’s home city of Chicago had a power outage at the time of voting and therefore, she may have potentially lost a good number of votes. 🤷‍♂️ Either way, there was some outrage surrounding the results at the time; the main one I remember was Elton John calling America racist for placing the Three Divas in the B3. Despite her disappointing finish, as mentioned at the beginning of this write-up J-Hud has managed to have a stellar career post-Idol. I could talk about it more, but I don't want to make this write-up any longer than it is. :haha: Regardless, J-Hud is someone I’ve enjoyed after her somewhat of a rocky start.


    28. Caleb Johnson: Season 13 (1st Place)


    Caleb is the second of the three winners who were repeat auditioners to appear. He was a vocal powerhouse with incredible range, and I thought he was the most dynamic performer of the season. However, all wasn’t well for Caleb during his time on Idol. There were two major knocks against him. One was he often suffered from foot in mouth disease; he clearly had no filter. The most infamous example is when he called his fans the r-word for suggesting I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing during Top 5 Week. I won’t even try to make excuses for it; that was just terrible, and his so-called apology wasn’t much better. 😒 Needless to say, I was really disappointed in him. The second had to do more with his music style, which was considered to be really outdated and thus, there were question marks regarding his win. Did he deserve his win? Absolutely, because he got the votes to do so. Was he a “worthy” winner? I say it depends on how you look at it. If it’s viewed based solely from a marketability standpoint, then he was the worst choice of the Top 4 and Jena would’ve been the best bet. However, if viewed based on his body of work during the season, I say he was absolutely a “worthy” winner. Speaking of his body of work, I know Caleb auditioned twice (S10 and S11) before finally breaking through in S13. I remember in S11 during the Vegas Rounds when he asked for water, and Steven Tyler told him “dude, you’re surrounded by it”. 😂 Fast forward to S13 where he was picked to perform and gave a solid performance of Stay With Me. He advanced to the finals where he got off to a solid start. I enjoyed his first two performances Pressure And Time and Working Man. However, I really enjoyed Skyfall the following week. I never expected him to sing Adele and had my reservations on how he would do. Needless to say, he pulled it off, and it’s my second favorite performance of his. The Edge Of Glory was OK but not as strong as his previous performances. The following week, however, he gave my favorite performance of the season with Dazed And Confused. It’s not easy to pull off Led Zeppelin, but if anyone could it was Caleb. Boy did he ever! In addition, the band looked like they were having a blast with the number. He followed that with a solid performance of Chain Of Fools and another strong number with Faithfully the subsequent week. Family Tree was another good performance, followed by two more solid numbers with Sting Me and Undo It. For the former, that was the performance in which he dropped the mic and crawled on his knees to retrieve it without missing a beat 😅; for the latter, I’m not sure about this, but I recall a good number of Carrie fans not being too fond of his rendition. Personally, I thought it was fine. It would be the following week in which Caleb started to descend a bit. He gave his first poor performance with the aforementioned I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing; however, he rebounded with Still Of The Night later that evening. He would proceed to give two mediocre performances with You Give Love A Bad Name and Travelin’ Band and a solid performance of Maybe I’m Amazed the following week. During Top 3, however, he had some vocal cord issues, which were on full display as all three of his performances (Never Tear Us Apart, Demons, and his reprise of Dazed And Confused) were rough. For DAC, the most memorable thing was him slamming the mic stand at the end of the performance. In spite of his poor showing, he made it to the finale where he would have a strong performance of Dream On. It was much better than his previous Aerosmith showing, though there were thoughts he wouldn’t be able to handle the song with his vocal cord issues, especially the legendary scream. However, he was able to nail it. His other two performances were OK. They turned out to be enough because he would eventually be crowned the winner. Unfortunately, it was predictable to see Caleb would struggle post-Idol due to his preferred genre not being marketable at the time; having said that, it doesn’t detract from him being a strong performer during his season. Despite his shortcomings, I did enjoy Caleb a lot during S13.


    27. Carrie Underwood: Season 4 (1st Place)


    I don’t know how much trouble I’ll be in for this one, but I'm going to stick to my guns. :haha: The Idol country queen has a lot of positives going for her. For starters, she is an incredible singer who is capable of singing almost anything. In addition, she appears to be a total sweetheart and a gem of a person. One of the biggest things I like and respect the most about Carrie is that no matter how big and successful she got, she always has appreciated and given thanks to Idol for her career, which is refreshing to see since a good number of former contestants try to distance themselves from Idol. I’m not sure if this is true or not (maybe a die-hard or two can confirm this for me assuming they don’t want to kill me first :haha:), but I heard she gives the Top 2 of each season her personal phone number in order to contact her if they have any questions, which is really nice if so. Last, but certainly not least, not only is she one of the most beautiful women to appear on Idol, she is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen period. 😍 So, it’s probably being asked why isn’t she any higher you douche-bag. 🤣 Well, as with J-Hud, if I were to place more emphasis on what they do outside of Idol, she would be; in fact, she would be second on my list right behind Kelly. However, once again, this list is based primarily about the contestants during the show, and I just happen to like other contestants more - including some from her own season. This doesn’t mean I don’t like her because I do (trust me if I didn’t, she wouldn’t be anywhere near this high). With all of this said, on to her time on Idol…

    Carrie wasn’t always the performer she is today. In fact, if there was a knock on her, it was thought she was too wooden on and off stage, almost as if she were robotic; after all, a nickname I've seen and heard tossed around was Farmbot because she grew up on a farm and all. :haha: Having said that, she’s always had the voice. She started off her Idol journey with Could’ve Been, which was a strong performance. The following week she sang Piece Of My Heart, which I didn’t care for mainly because she did the Faith Hill version, who I’m not the biggest fan of. Her next two performances Because You Love Me and When Will I Be Loved were fine. It was the following week, however, where Carrie would give probably her most acclaimed performance with Alone; in fact, it made Simon, who notoriously hated country music, declare not only would Carrie win the season, she would go on to sell more records than any other Idol contestant. Depending on who is asked or where the numbers come from, he may or may not have been wrong about that. Personally, at the time I liked Jessica Sierra’s performance better, but Alone is right up there now. Carrie would follow that with two solid performances of Independence Day and Hello, Young Lovers. The following week Carrie would sing Love Is A Battlefield which is a huge guilty pleasure of mine. That was the week Fantasia visited the contestants and advised them not to be afraid to get ugly. Carrie must’ve taken that to heart because she tried to be this tough girl, but she wasn’t all that believable. I thought Simon nailed it when he told her she looked like a kitten trying to become a tiger. 😂 Her next performance, MacArthur Park, was her weakest up to that point, but then again that is a terrible song no one can make sound good. I didn’t care too much for her next performance When God-Fearin’ Women Get The Blues either. The following week she had two solid performances of Trouble and Bless The Broken Road, though once again I didn’t really buy the tough girl act for the former, especially when she sang the I’m evil parts. Carrie would have mixed results the subsequent week. Her first performance, Sin Wagon, was solid although I didn’t think it measured up to the version Amy Adams did the year before. However, her second performance, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, was easily her worst of the season. She was out sung by Anthony Fedorov; that’s all that needs to be said. 😕 Regardless, she made it to the Top 3 where she had a solid night all things considered. I enjoyed her first performance Crying, didn’t care too much for Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, and thought Man! I Feel Like A Woman was fun and underrated. She had an OK night during the finale though I thought Bo was slightly better. It didn’t matter because she would eventually be crowned the winner. I thought it was close; however, after the season Nigel said not only was Carrie the top vote getter every week, she was #1 by wide margins and thus, her victory was a landslide. Unfortunately, Carrie would fade into obscurity and never be heard from again. 😂 In all seriousness, she became a huge star, and it’s often debated who has had the better career between her and Kelly. Though I liked her on the show, I’ve come to like her even more after it. So yeah, there are my thoughts on Carrie (this is definitely the longest write-up I've done; heck it may be longer than most of the contestants I've ranked ahead of her :haha:).


    26. Nadia Turner: Season 4 (8th Place)


    Speaking of contestants from S4 I liked more than Carrie (though I still like her a lot)... :haha: Nadia was a sexy, fierce, confident, and charismatic performer who I looked forward to each week during her season. She was like this soul/rock hybrid who was a breath of fresh air compared to most of the other contestants that season. She started off with a strong performance of The Power Of Love, a different song from the Celine Dion title which Melinda Lira sang right before her and one I have never heard before; I thought she had the best performance of the night as she gave a confident vocal and worked the stage. I didn’t care too much for her following performance My Love; it was just an OK performance. However, I loved Try A Little Tenderness; it may very well be my favorite version done on the show. I think it was around this point where I considered Nadia to be my favorite contestant of the season (though that’s not the case now, she’s still my third favorite of the season). She made it to the finals where she gave what I thought was her best pure vocal and one of the best performances of the season with You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me; it is certainly a performance I go back to watch from time to time. Unfortunately, she took a step back the following week with an awkward performance of Time After Time in which she came out with a “frohawk” (yes, Nadia did it before Sanjaya, lol) and messed up the words. In addition, she tried to make it an up-tempo rock number which just didn’t work. She landed in the B2 that week, but fortunately she didn’t leave which would’ve been a disappointment if she did. She somewhat redeemed herself the following week with a solid performance of I’m The Only One. Unfortunately, she once again found herself in the B3 which I was disappointed to see because I felt either Scott or Anthony should’ve been down there. Regardless, Nadia survived to give what I felt was the best performance of the night with As Long As He Needs Me. I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but I preferred her version to Melinda’s as great as that was. 🤷‍♂️ Unfortunately, Nadia would give her weakest performance of the season the following week with When I Dream. For starters, she picked a rather obscure song that can be risky with voters; however, if said song is sung or performed well, it could be a risk that could very well pay off. Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Nadia, as her performance was rather boring and long; in fact, it nearly put me to sleep at the time 🥱, and considering it was the first performance of the night, that’s not a good thing. In spite of this, I was hoping she would be able to survive it considering who was still around at the time; however, that was not the case because she would be eliminated the following night. I knew it would be her after Scott was sent to safety first and pretty much knew Bo wasn’t going anywhere despite his B2 placement (though it would’ve been one heck of a shock if he were to be eliminated that night). While her run had a disappointing ending, I can look at Nadia’s time on Idol in a positive light for the most part.


    030. Hollie Cavanagh

    029. Jennifer Hudson

    028. Caleb Johnson

    027. Carrie Underwood

    026. Nadia Turner


    With Caleb's appearance, my S13 favorite has now been revealed. Here's the updated list:









    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox



    S12: Candice Glover

    S13: Jessica Meuse

    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    Here what's to come next (assuming I have any followers left after this set, lol):

    - Ability larger than a body part
    - "Tell me where love goes when it's gone..."
    - Kicking mail service
    - Wears hometown out front
    - Hmph, some makeover...


    I won't post the next set until Wednesday at the earliest assuming it's done by then. I'm calling it a night and will deal with the potential aftermath tomorrow. 😂

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  11. 2 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Ah, I see. :(  I don't think I saw any reruns when I watched it. Yes, this comes up sometimes regarding Tori, and is very ironic. :haha: 


    Oh lol I'm just so impressed with all the little details you mention that I don't even remember reading :lmao: Although some I do, but I wouldn't think of them. And definitely can't think of every performance from everyone, although I used to be good at recalling those in earlier seasons. :haha: Thanks for explaining!


    - I wouldn't have either! Two of my favorites were "I Will Always Love You" and "Thank the Lord for the Night Time." 

    - Yay, I hope you like it! ❤️ 


    Understandable. Agreed about the irony regarding Tori. :haha:


    Sometimes I'm surprised at the little details I remember. I usually don't think of them until I'm ready to post the contestant and then I'm like "oh yeah, that happened; maybe I should add it to the write-up". :haha: To be honest, I don't remember every performance either, especially from those who I'm indifferent to at best; those were the toughest write-ups for me as I can recall more details from contestants I like and dislike. No problem with the explanation!


    - As I mentioned in her write-up, I'm not much of a fan of the Whitney Houston version because I thought she overdid it, which is the version I thought Syesha was doing. Thank the Lord for the Night Time was OK for me.

    - I watched the video, and I liked it indeed! The song reminds me of a 70s funk record with a modern touch. Clark did his thing with it. 👍

    2 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Aww thank you! :wub::hug:I don't know a lot of them right away and it definitely gets my brain working. :haha: 


    52 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    you and me both. love these kind of riddles.. 


    Glad to see both of you enjoy them! 😄


    Due to a slow day at work, I was able to bang out the next set of write-ups. I should have them within an hour or so before calling it a night. 🌚

  12. 5 hours ago, blackfield said:

    i have a feeling miss denise beat me with her clues and got them all right.. so i won't even try. 

    no comment on the ranking. season 5 had the best overall top 5 and the most diverse. every other season had someone on top 5 who didn't deserve that spot. 


    i will try to guess  your fav from each season:

    1- kelly or tamyra 

    4 - carrie

    5 - katherine

    6 - melinda

    7 - david cook

    10 - haley

    11- hollie 

    13 - caleb or jess (my guess is jess) 



    Can't say I disagree with S5 having the most diverse and at least one of the best Top Fives overall. As for the guesses, we'll see what happens...


    5 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I don’t know if this counts as “discussing clues (if it does, I’ll edit this), but if my guesses for these next clues are right, one of these is definitely wrong. 🤔 Also, @miss denise (fellow Archie fan) is so good at this and I love it! 😂


    Don't worry, as long as the actual clues themselves and/or the contestants regarding the clues are discussed, you're fine. 😉 Yes, she is good at this. 😂


    4 hours ago, blackfield said:

    and she is also faster.. 


    Not always. :haha:

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  13. 9 hours ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

    - What more does there need to be done? - Paris Bennett
    - No new item - Jurnee
    - Did not unfortunately live up to the title of the coronation song - Clark Beckham
    - Responsible for a finalist's nickname - Kree Harrison
    - Was unable to change the voters' minds - Dennis Lorenzo






    2/5. Good attempt.


    6 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Oh no, I never saw Aaliyah on Star Search. :(❤️ I think I watched it later on, and yeah it looks like she was on before I was born. Besides David, I remember Tori Kelly competing on there, as I'm a big fan of hers too. Yes, all your assumptions through the rest of these sentences are correct. :haha:  ❤️ 


    The next one was really difficult. :haha:   


    Thanks! Oh okay, I definitely did not remember that. :haha:  That reminds me of something I keep wondering, but always forget to ask. Did you rewatch all these seasons and keep notes in preparation for the list or do you just have an amazing memory of all the details of everyone's performances and time on Idol? 😮 



    040. Syesha Mercado: I wasn't much of a fan at first, but didn't hate her like you apparently. :dead:  Yikes.  Well, that is absolutely amazing the 180 she did on you to end up this high on the list. She grew on me throughout the season, so I really liked her towards the end, even though I still preferred most of the other contestants (it was just a stacked group). I always liked her voice and loved various performances of hers throughout, although seems some of my biggest favorites you didn't care for. :(  At least we can agree on ORNRTM, which was fantastic. :yes: 

    039. Trent Harmon: I love him and he was one of my favorites too. My memory is a bit fuzzy on anything non-Dalton from that season though, so I could definitely use a rewatch of his performances. :haha: But I really enjoyed his voice and thought he was very strong and consistent. I was happy with him winning and his country album is really so good! I didn't really expect that genre for him either, but he deserves much more credit and recognition for his music. :broken: It's a shame, but I honesty love so many of his songs.  

    038. Maddie Poppe:  I wasn't crazy about Maddie for most or all of the season. She has a nice voice, but I guess I didn't connect with her. I loved Caleb and Gabby, so we disagree a lot here. However, Maddie grew on me a ton on tour, so I became a fan and considered her a favorite after that. I really enjoyed her album and loved when she came back for that fake Idol audition. :haha:  I am disappointed with some of her behavior I've seen though... I'll try to ignore that because I liked where we were before that. :haha: 

    037. Mandisa: I didn't really mind her, but wasn't much of a fan. I did really like some of her performances, like "Never" and "I Don't Hurt Anymore."  I forgot how great her exchange was with Simon regarding his unnecessary comments, so loved that. ❤️ I preferred many others on this season though.

    036. Trenyce:  “I need you like murder, like breasts, like Wayne”.  :lmao:   I know the first part was always joked about, but I never heard the rest of that before. Yikes. Anyway, I do really like Trenyce and considered her a secondary favorite on the season. She has a nice voice.


    035. Dennis Lorenzo: Why did I think he was already posted? :lmao: I'm confusing him with someone else. Anyway... I think I liked him.  He had a good voice and some solid performances from what I remember, but clearly doesn't stand out that much to me, lol. :blushingwave:

    034. Paris Bennett: I liked her a lot and wow, fun to relive her S5 journey through your write-up. ❤️ She did adapt a lot to the themes and took on different songs, which was fun to see. I think I enjoyed her more at the start of the show than the end, but still always considered her among my favorites. LOL I forgot about her doing a song with Kevin rapping.

    033. Kree Harrison: She has a nice voice, but I never really took much notice of her. I guess maybe I lacked a connection. I do like her voice, but barely remember any specific performances from her. 

    032. Jurnee: I really liked her as well, and it's sad the voters didn't latch on to her more. I liked her voice and personality. It's also a bummer she had to miss most of the tour.I would have liked to have seen her. :( 

    031. Clark Beckham: LOVE him and my favorite of the season. :wub:  I never felt he oversang and had no issue with his supposed outdated style. He also sang some contemporary songs and slayed them, so those are my thoughts for the haters. :giggle: He had so many standout and amazing performances for me! What an amazing voice and such a likeable guy. I really was rooting for him to win, sigh. Aww I liked his LFTC, but we more or less agree on other favorite performances of his.  I guess I wasn't all that crazy about "Champion" in general, but I liked his performance.  I've heard some of his music and really like it.  This one in particular is a jam: 





    Now let's see about these clues. :haha: 


    What more does there need to be done?: Jurnee? I feel like this and the last clue could be either her or Dennis due to the voters not voting for them much unless they're about something else. Some of her song choices like "Never Enough" and "You Don't Do It for Me Anymore" could kind of align with the wording of this clue though. 
    - No new item: Kree? I see she has a song "This Old Thing"
    - Did not unfortunately live up to the title of the coronation song: Clark because ... "Champion" 😢 
    - Responsible for a finalist's nickname: Paris because I believe she came up with "Chicken Little" for Kevin
    - Was unable to change the voters' minds: Dennis? For lack of voter support.


    It was the same for me regarding Aaliyah, as in she was before my time as well and watched her later on. Speaking of Tori Kelly, it's funny how the biggest name to come from S9 is one who didn't even make it to the voting rounds. :haha:


    Based on the number of guesses, it looks like that set was a difficult one. :haha:


    I'm a notoriously poor note taker, so it's definitely not that (definitely not as good as Trent apparently). 😅 Most of it is based on memory, though my best memories are from S1-S7. There were a few whose journeys I had to rewatch because I couldn't remember some of them, like Walker for example. I also rewatch a few things to verify if I remembered something correctly or not.


    040. Considering how much I loathed her back then, I never thought she would grow on me this much. 😆 Fair enough about the rest of the comments, though now I'm curious which performances you liked that I didn't care for. 🤔

    039. Pretty much agree with everything here, though I still wished La'Porsha won (though it's probably for the better as I will explain in her write-up). Despite being disappointed in him going the country route, I did like his album and still listen to a few songs from it once in a while.

    038. Fair enough. Yeah, unfortunately Gabby is one of my least favorite contestants, but I didn't really mind Caleb that much all things considered. At least Maddie grew enough on you during the tour. Yeah, her behavior, while understandable, is rather disappointing as I explained up-thread.

    037. Fair enough about her

    036. Pretty much agree with everything here. She's still one of my favorites although she is no longer the favorite.


    035. Fair enough about him. It's pretty easy to see how he could slip through the cracks. :haha:

    034. Pretty much agree with everything written here.

    033. Fair enough. As I mentioned, she may have been too laid back and therefore, she may not have been as memorable as some of the others.

    032. Not much to say but agree with everything here, especially with her having to miss most of the tour. :(

    031. Agree with everything except for him being my favorite (but being #2 isn't too bad). I'll have to check out the video when I have more time. 👍


    5/5! I'll talk about a couple of the clues. I mentioned Paris giving Kevin his nickname in his write-up, so anyone would've gotten that if they read or remembered it. As for Dennis, he said something along the lines of changing the voters' minds after not being voted into the Top 10 and before his WC performance. Everything else is self-explanatory.


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I think @miss denise did a good job on these clues, so I’ll just share my opinions! 😁


    Dennis Lorenzo- I don’t really remember much from him except “In My Blood” and his finale performance which just seemed like he was yelling. 😅 I always get so confused between him and Dimitrius... 😂


    Paris Bennett- No comment. 

    Jurnee- My second favorite from S16. I loved Jurnee’s Top 24 performance and duet! ❤️ I was also obsessed with her version of “Kiss.” I really think she should have went MUCH farther, but as you said, ABC wildcards don’t make it too far. Glad to see that’s she’s your season favorite! 😊👍 Just a correction, I believe Jurnee sang “Never Enough” for her Showcase Round and not her audition, but I could be wrong. 😅


    Kree Harrison- To me, Kree was the more versatile country gal compared to Janelle. She showed that she could do huge powerhouse songs, as well as relaxed country tunes. Do I think she should have made the Top 2? No. Was I mad over it? No, not really. 😅 After she got in, I knew Candice was going to sail to the win! 😂


    Clark Beckham- If I had to pick a favorite from Season 14, it would be him. I loved his version of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,” and I thought he should have definitely won over Nick... 😕 I also really enjoyed his S18 commentary and I hope he does them for S19. 

    After looking at the clues, I’m a little nervous for the next set... 💔


    Dennis: Fair enough about him. 😂 at being confused between him and Dimitrius


    Jurnee: Yeah, you're right; she sang it during the Showcase Round. I went and corrected it. I wished she would've went farther too. ☹️


    Kree: I agree she was the more versatile country girl compared to Janelle. Fair enough about everything else.


    Clark: He's not my favorite, but I still liked him a lot. Agreed with everything else


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    If I’m right about all these clues (which I doubt I am), then I think this is gonna be a tough set for a lot of people... 😕


    I have a feeling there may be some tears shed with the next set, but at least it's the Top 30 now. 😕

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  14. Here's the new set! Clues for 35-31:


    - What more does there need to be done?
    - No new item
    - Did not unfortunately live up to the title of the coronation song
    - Responsible for a finalist's nickname
    - Was unable to change the voters' minds


    35. Dennis Lorenzo: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place)


    Leading off the set is the second to last S16 contestant. Dennis had an urban contemporary vibe I liked. He also had a voice that he gradually showed had quite a bit of versatility. I think more than anyone, the short season and the multiple mass eliminations hurt Dennis the most; however, I think some of this has to fall on Dennis himself. He appeared to have a strategy to gradually unveil what he was capable of doing in order to build momentum which would take him far in the competition. That strategy would work in any season prior to S15 where there were more episodes as well as more single eliminations; however, it does no one any good in a season such as S16 with the limited episodes and multiple contestant eliminations per episode. As for his Idol journey, I may be wrong because I’m going off solely my memory here (which is always a dangerous thing, LOL), it began with Dennis sharing his story about how he was originally from Philadelphia but moved to LA in order to pursue a music career. He was homeless for a while before meeting his wife, and I believe she was the one who encouraged him to audition. From there, he would make it through to the semis where he would sing Rude, which was unfortunately a poor song choice on his behalf because it does nothing to really showcase anyone’s voice. I think it was this performance in which he shot himself in the foot somewhat. Nonetheless, Dennis was picked to advance to the Top 14 after a great duet with Allen Stone on Stone’s song Unaware. I believe Jurnee’s and Lea Michele’s duet of Run To You is the most heralded and rightfully so; however, Dennis and Stone’s was my personal favorite, though I mentioned I’m not really a fan of the celebrity duets. In the Top 14, Dennis would sing In My Blood which was both a better song and performance than Rude. Unfortunately, it didn't impress the voters enough as Dennis wasn’t voted into the Top 10; thus, he had to sing for a WC spot, and boy did he ever! He came strong with This Woman’s Work, showing off an impressive falsetto he had kept under wraps; it was easily my favorite of the WC performances. The main thing I liked was how confident he was going into the performance. He was all “I Got This” in contrast to Marcio, who looked absolutely devastated when he wasn’t voted through. He would be picked to advance to the Top 10, where he would sing Can You Feel The Love Tonight. It was a strong performance, probably my third favorite behind Catie and Michael. However, it wasn’t enough for the voters as he was eliminated along with Michelle and Ada later that evening. I had a feeling the Top 7 final spot would be between him and Jurnee. I liked Jurnee more, so I was happy she was the one who made it; however, I wished there was some way Dennis could have as well, for I definitely preferred him to some of the others who were voted through. It was thought that Dennis was screwed over because of the Coast-to-Coast live time voting and him performing last, meaning there wasn’t enough time for him to receive as many votes as he could; I believe he mentioned something like that in some interviews post-Idol. Regardless, Dennis was someone I liked and would’ve liked to have seen him go farther in the season.


    34. Paris Bennett: Season 5 (5th Place)


    Paris was a rather interesting contestant. For starters she had this squeaky high-pitched voice when speaking; however, she would have this powerful soulful voice when singing. Out of everyone that season, I felt Paris had the biggest upside; she did come from a strong lineage as her grandmother is gospel legend Ann Nesby. I think the major knock on her is as with most teenagers on the show, she had a lack of a set musical identity. In Paris’ case, however, I think it’s different from the others. More than anyone that season Paris embraced the different themes, as in she would dress and perform according to whatever the theme was. In a sense, she was a performing chameleon and therefore, her song choices were all over the place. I think a lot of it had to do with her not really caring about whether or not she would make it in the music industry; after all, she didn’t plan on having a career in music, but her grandfather talked her into auditioning. Paris decided to do so and planned on giving up singing if she didn’t make it past the initial audition. Not only did she do so, she made it to the Top 24. In the semifinals she started off with a solid performance of Midnight Train To Georgia; I felt it was her best in the semis. I didn’t care too much for her other two semifinals performances Wind Beneath My Wings and Conga. Despite that, she made it to the finals where she sang All I Do during the first week. It was a fun performance and one of the better ones that week. The following week she sang Fever, which while technically good, it wasn’t very believable coming from her; still, it was one of the better performances of the night. Next, she would sing Work It Out which I didn’t really care for mainly because as with Fever, the song was too mature for her and therefore, she came off as a little girl pretending to be a grownup. From there, she would sing How Do I Live, which was an OK performance; I definitely preferred it to WIO from the week before. She would be in the B3 this week but managed to survive it. Next, she would sing The Show Must Go On, which was a solid vocal. The problem I had with it, however, is that she didn’t seem to understand what she was singing. TSMGO was Freddie Mercury’s swan song, so it should have a more serious treatment. However, Paris smiled her way through it, which I didn’t care for too much. Regardless, she followed it up with my favorite performance of hers with These Foolish Things. Sadly, she once again landed in the B3 (I thought Kellie should’ve been there instead), but she managed to survive once again. Her next performance The Way We Were I felt was her most underrated number of the season. The following week she sang Kiss and Be Without You. For the former, the main thing I remember was Simon saying only three words about it: screechy and annoying. 😂 As for the latter, I thought it was another underrated performance. Those would be her final two performances of the season as she was eliminated the following night. Post-Idol, I know she released an album with included a track with Kevin Covais rapping on it (yes, you read right; I wish I was making this up 😐). Outside of this, I don’t think she’s done much musically. Despite being all over the place at times, I did enjoy Paris a lot during S5.


    33. Kree Harrison: Season 12 (2nd Place)


    Kree was someone I liked a lot during the season. I thought she had a really pretty voice that could handle just about anything. On top of that, she appeared to be a very nice and likable girl. With that said, the biggest criticism I’ve seen others had with her is that she appeared to be too laid back during the competition. It was as if she didn’t care if she won or not; she definitely didn’t appear to have the killer instinct or desire to win that Angie or Candice had. Because of this, it was thought that Kree really didn’t put much effort into her performances; to be fair, I could see how she could come off that way. I do think she was capable of more than what she showed on Idol, yet I still thought she had a decent run all things considered. She started off with Up To The Mountain which was a strong performance. She was picked to advance where she would sing Stronger, which I thought was better than UTTM. She would eventually make the finals where she would give my favorite performance of hers with her victory song Evidence. I was hoping she would have more of those type of performances, but she never really did. With an exception of maybe a couple of hiccups, Kree had a solid run in the finals. Her first final performance, Crying, was a really solid vocal. However, I felt she gave a better performance the following week when she sang With A Little Help From My Friends, though she clearly did the Joe Cocker version instead of The Beatles. I also enjoyed Don’t Play That Song; however, I didn’t care too much for Piece Of My Heart the following week. What The World Needs Now Is Love was a fine performance; however, she would give a better one later that evening with Help Me Make It Through The Night. Unfortunately, that and pretty much everything else was overshadowed by Candice’s huge night; having said that, HMMITTN was one of favorites from Kree. She would have another solid night the following week with both She Talks To Angels and Have You Ever Been In Love. I didn’t care too much for It Hurts So Bad, but I liked A Whiter Shade Of Pale. The following week she did See You Again, which I felt was really solid and one of the few times a Carrie Underwood song was done well. She followed that with Stormy Weather, which was OK, nothing too special. She would make it to the Top 3 where admittedly she had her worst night of the season. She did really well with Here Comes Goodbye; however, I felt she struggled with Perfect and Better Dig Two. Perfect was probably her worst performance of the season, and I thought Better Dig Two could’ve been better than what it was. I thought Kree hurt her chances of getting to the finale; however, that wasn’t the case as she was voted through. I remember there being some ugly comments towards both Kree and Candice after Angie’s elimination, with Kree getting the worst of it, Idol fandom at its best. Regardless, Kree had an OK night at the finale with her three performances, the best being her reprise of UTTM, which I thought was better than the first time she did it. It wasn’t enough as she finished as the runner up to Candice, which was pretty easy to see coming; I think even Kree knew what the result would be. From what I understand, she released an album in 2016, but I haven’t heard anything from it. Overall, while I don’t think she truly showed what she was capable of, I did enjoy Kree on Idol all things considered.


    32. Jurnee: Season 16 (6th/7th Place)


    With Jurnee’s appearance, S16 has officially been finished (the first two seasons completely ranked are the two most recent ones excluding S18, go figure :haha:). Jurnee was this beautiful girl who had one of the prettiest, clearest voices that has ever been on the show. As Luke mentioned throughout the season, she made her singing look effortless, which was considered to be a knock on her. It was thought that because her singing looked so effortless, it appeared she didn’t try hard enough. In addition to this, it was thought Jurnee had dead eyes when she performed and therefore, she didn’t appear to connect to any song. Finally, she may have come off as aloof and cold to viewers, though I think she was just more reserved compared to the others that season. Her background was of her being a young newlywed whose wife was deployed in (or soon to be deployed to) Iraq. Now that I think about it, I recall seeing her during the Hollywood Rounds in S15, though I don’t think the show focused too much on her. :haha: Back to S16, she started off with Flashlight during Top 24 week, which was one of the better performances of the night. She then had the Run With You duet with Lea Michele, which was one of the best of the semis. To think Jurnee was planning to sing that song for her solo; needless to say, it’s probably for the better if she didn’t, though I have no doubt she would’ve done well with it. She would eventually be picked to advance to the Top 14 where she would perform Bang Bang, which was an interesting song choice to say the least. Up to that point Jurnee had sang only ballads, so I guess she figured it was time for an up-tempo number. However, I had my reservations because it’s a song done by three different artists on it, plus it included a rap verse. Nonetheless, Jurnee did her thing with it; she even nailed the rap part! I was hoping she would be voted to the next round, but unfortunately she wasn’t and had to sing for a WC spot. She sang Never Enough, which some thought was a cop out because it was her Showcase Round song. I figured she picked it because it was a song she was comfortable with and considering what was at stake, I didn’t really have a problem with it. 🤷‍♂️ Regardless, she did a nice job with it and would be picked as a WC. The following week she would sing How Far I’ll Go, which I thought was one of the better performances of the evening. As I mentioned in my Dennis write-up, I felt the last spot would be between him and Jurnee and was happy Jurnee got it, which meant she would be able to participate in the summer tour. The next week she gave two solid performances with Kiss and Back At One, though the background with the eyes in the latter creeped me out a bit. I thought she was the second best of the night behind only Maddie. Unfortunately, this would be Jurnee’s last week as she was eliminated with Catie at the end of the night. I pretty much knew it was coming because she was a WC after all; still I hoped she would make it through. Finally, I have to mention the duet with Nick Jonas at the finale. I thought she completely out shined him in that number; just by watching it you’d think Jurnee was the music star and Nick was the Idol hopeful. 😅 While she was a part of the tour, Jurnee unfortunately had to withdraw from it due to vocal cord issues, which sucked. Overall, I liked Jurnee a lot and enjoyed just about everything she did on Idol.


    31. Clark Beckham: Season 14 (2nd Place)


    Clark was a contestant who many thought (myself included) would win S14; however, as we all know, that was not the case. Out of all of the contestants that season, I felt he certainly had the best case for the title. He was a strong contestant who had a great voice and his fair share of strong performances. If I were to have a criticism of Clark, it would be he had a bad habit of over-singing at times which didn’t sound all that pleasant. Another knock on Clark was that his music style was considered to be outdated, which may be part of the reason he didn’t win (though that didn’t hurt the winner from the previous season, though I liked said winner 😕). Anyway, on to his Idol run. He got off to a strong start with When A Man Loves A Woman during the first round of the semis; it was my second favorite performance of the evening. He followed that with a solid effort of Tracks Of My Tears. From there, he would easily make the finals where he gave a strong performance of It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World. I also really liked his following three performances Takin’ It To The Streets, Sunday Morning, and Every Breathe You Take; for the latter, I was really happy he redeemed it after what Alex Preston did to it the year before. However, it would be the following week where he gave my personal favorite of his and probably his best performance of the season with The Trouble With Love Is; it’s one of the performances from that season I re-watch on a near regular basis. He followed that performance with Make It Rain, which was another strong showing of his. He would have two OK performances the following week with Superstition and Moon River, with me preferring the former over the latter. I thought Yesterday was OK; however, I really liked Boyfriend although once again I’m not a Justin Bieber fan. The following week, however, Clark would have his worst overall night of the season with Living For The City and Your Man; unfortunately, those were two underwhelming efforts from him. I believe this was also the week where he had the infamous run in with Borchetta over which music direction and style would be suitable for him. Borchetta wanted him to change it up some; however, Clark chose to stick to his guns. As a result, it was believed Borchetta tried to bus Clark from that point on. This appeared to be true the following week when he gave Clark Beautiful Day; it reminded me of when the producers gave Syesha that Happy Feet song. It was a song that did not suit Clark at all; he did what he could with it, but it was probably his weakest performance of the season. However, he redeemed himself with his other two performances (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay and Earned It. Fortunately, he made the finale after the bus attempt (imagine a Nick/JAX finale 🥶, that would be the one scenario where I wouldn’t have a problem with Nick winning :haha:), where he had two strong performances of Georgia On My Mind and Ain’t No Sunshine. However, his coronation song Champion was tragic; it was certainly one of the worst ones Idol has ever had. Despite that, I thought Clark outperformed Nick and did well enough to win. Apparently, the voters thought differently because Nick ended up taking the crown. I know Clark released some music post-Idol; however, I haven’t gotten around to hearing any of it. I also know he has some videos of him reviewing S18 online; I’ve watched a couple of them and thought he made some solid points about the show and the contestants. So yeah, I did like Clark a lot and enjoyed a number of his performances during the season.


    035. Dennis Lorenzo

    034. Paris Bennett

    033. Kree Harrison

    032. Jurnee

    031. Clark Beckham


    After this set, a few more of my seasons' favorites are now known. The updated list (bold means all the contestants that season have been ranked):









    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox



    S12: Candice Glover


    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    Coming up in the next set:


    - I may break some hearts with the ranking of this contestant
    - Matthew McConaghey
    - Caught up in spircles
    - Had to climb quite a bit
    - A song title that was on this contestant after an utopian breakout

  15. 2 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    No real complaints about the rankings.



    Good to see! 👍


    2 hours ago, miss denise said:

    These were difficult, but I came up with some ideas! Will fully catch up tonight. Thanks for tagging me. :teeheewave:  


    -What’s wrong with the Golden State?: Maddie - she has a song called "Nothing Good Comes Out of California" 
    -Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method:  Trent....  maybe referring to him "taking notes" for his competition game plan you mention? 
    -A rather deadly necessity: Trenyce - the iconic singing of "I need you like murder" :wub: :haha: 
    -Came back into the light after four years: Mandisa - I see she had an album called "Out of the Dark" which came out four years after she hadn't released anything
    -Not sad hands: Syesha because she notoriously was given a song from Happy Feet (not sad hands) prior to her elimination. 


    5/5! You did a pretty good job explaining the clues. To add on to Trent's, during the judges' comments one night he pulled out a little book which he said he used to take notes on everything the judges said to him.


    58 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

    045. David Archuleta - He had some good performances, but I never got the hype for Imagine. Some ones I did like were And So It Goes, Stand By Me, Angels, and Smoky Mountain Memories. I liked him because he was awkwardly hilarious, but I wasn't his biggest fan. 

    044. Angie Miller - I liked her well enough bu I connected to the other girls in season 12 more. She was always a little too theatrical and try-hard for me. 

    043. Jordin Sparks - I love her and even thouh she was a deserving winner over Blake, she faltered somewhat in the last several weeks. I loved her first two albums as well and while I wasn't as fond of her going R&B, I hope she releases new material eventually. 

    042. Avalon Young - While I an admit Excuse Me Miss was a great performance, I didn't really like a lot of her others such as Stitches. Not my style. 

    041. George Huff - One of my season 3 favorites. I loved Lean on Me and his first four performances in the finals were fire. Even though he had a few rocky weeks after that. he was good top 5 week and should've stayed over Jasmine. I hear he's a background singer for JHud nowadays? 


    045. I didn't get the hype for Imagine either. I thought it was a good performance, but it wasn't as great as it was made out to be. Fair enough about everything else.

    044. Pretty much feel the same way though I do like her

    043. Pretty much agree with nearly everything here except I don't love her as much.

    042. Fair enough

    041. Pretty much agree with everything here. Last time I checked, I believe he still is a background singer for her.


    Assuming nothing else happens, my next post should have the upcoming set.

  16. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I pretty much agree about everything, except the comment about Gabby’s sister. I don’t think Gabby should be held accountable for her sister’s actions, and her sister never said that Caleb and Maddie weren’t going to be successful... 😅


    Yeah, you're right Gabby shouldn't be held accountable for her sister's actions, and yes her sister didn't say Caleb or Maddie weren't going to be successful. However, it can be perceived that way, and it wouldn't surprise me if Maddie and/or Caleb looked at it that way and took offense to it. I personally thought it was in bad taste; her sister could've tweeted her support of Gabby without mentioning Maddie or Caleb, but as mentioned, that's on her (the sister) and not Gabby. It is what it is.


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    New Take On Clues


    -What’s wrong with the Golden State?- Trent Harmon


    -Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method- Trenyce


    -A rather deadly necessity- Maddie Poppe


    -Came back into the light after four years- Mandisa


    -Not sad hands- Syesha Mercado



    Looking forward to an explanation on these! 😅


    Unfortunately, 2/5 are correct this time. I kind of gave one of them away in one of my write-ups; you just have to pay really close attention to it.


    As for the explanations, I know @miss denise likes to provide her explanations while guessing the clues, so I'll wait and see if she'll come in and does so. If she doesn't by tomorrow evening and if no one gets them all right, I'll explain them then. 


    1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    Syesha- I really liked Brooke too, but I’ll save my gushing for when she’s ranked. 😅


    Trent- I wouldn’t have minded a MacKenzie win! 😅


    Based on everything said, I would have never expected you to be a Brooke fan. 😅


    Of course you wouldn't have minded a MacKenzie win. 😂


    I'm putting the finishing touches on the next set and should have it up some time tonight. 👍 


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  17. At the end of Maddie’s write-up, I briefly mentioned her criticisms of Idol regarding how they have been treating her and Gabby and stated I would share my thoughts on it. I decided to put it in a different post because I didn’t want Maddie’s write-up to be longer than it already was. With that said, here’s what I think about everything:


    I understand where Maddie is coming from. She believes she has been a great ambassador in terms of promoting Idol after the season; as I mentioned in her write-up, I think her coming back to audition as Lady Mapo was hilarious and part of the Idol promotion she was doing. Therefore, she thinks Idol would return the favor by help promoting her career by inviting her back for some performances and interviews. She is invited back the following season to perform; however, it’s a brief Disney duet with Caleb, and there wasn’t much of an interview post performance. Later in the season, Gabby (I know there are Gabby fans following this thread, so they may want to turn their heads here. I tried to think of a way to sugarcoat what I’m about to say but couldn’t do so, so I’ll just issue a warning.) is invited back to perform an entire original song, plus she gets a decent interview post performance where she was able to mention her being signed to a label as well as her engagement to Cade. As I mentioned in Gabby’s write-up, she and her family acted like a bunch of entitled sore losers post-Idol with them claiming the show was rigged as well as some other unflattering behaviors; the main one I remember was Gabby’s sister tweeting something along the lines of Caleb and Maddie were heading to Hawaii while Gabby was heading for superstardom. I’m pretty sure Maddie saw this and wondered what was happening. Eventually, she and her fans made enough noise to where Maddie was invited back to the S17 finale when the show wasn’t initially planning to have her there. Unfortunately, she only received a brief interview and didn’t get to perform any of her original music (now that I think about it, I don’t think she got to talk about her album either), which was a pity considering her album was going to be released around that time. Personally, I thought the show could’ve created a spot for her to perform; they could’ve done away with the Montell Jordan number which was completely irrelevant and had Maddie perform instead. Since then, the show has continued to mention and promote Gabby while shunning Maddie. With all that has been mentioned, I can see how Maddie would be upset and lash out at the show for the way she has been treated.


    Now, having said all that, Maddie needs to move on and focus on herself and her career; after all as @Bk1234 mentioned, Idol is the reason she has a career in the first place. Though I understand and agree with her stance towards Idol, her continuing to bash idol is only making her look bad. Gabby, on the other hand, appears to be mainly focusing on her career, and I can pretty much guarantee she isn’t really thinking about Maddie that much. She (Gabby) is off to a great start with a #1 single and it appears her album is receiving some pretty positive reviews. Because of this, it’s understandable why Idol is mentioning and promoting Gabby instead of Maddie, and this is coming from someone who likes Maddie and doesn’t like Gabby at all, as evident by my rankings. Maddie is letting Gabby and Idol live in her hand rent free; she needs to evict them and replace them with more positive energy and thoughts. If she can do so, I feel she would be much better off. Who knows, she could break out somewhere down the road, and Idol would want to promote her in the future.




    Or maybe not, depending on what happens next.

  18. 13 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    -Not sad hands 🐧Syesha Mercado. Syesha is a contestant who really grew on me throughout the season. In the beginning she was pretty average to me. She started to pique my interest after “Vanishing.” But after “One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many,” I started really looking forward to her performances (and yes, it was very “sexy” 😅). “A Change Is Gonna Come” is one of my favorite performances from the season, and allowed Syesha to climb up to one of my Top 4 favorites of the season. ❤️ I loved her personality, and I would’ve placed her and Archie above Brooke. 

    -Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method- Trent Harmon. I thought his performance of “Chandelier” was great, but I personally was rooting for LaPorsha to win. Also, Jennifer kind of predicted his win when she mentioned Phillip Phillips during his “solo” group round. 😅


    -A rather deadly necessity- Maddie Poppe. She wasn’t my pick to win the finale out of the Top 3 (Gabby was), but I was just happy that Caleb didn’t win. I was so annoyed by Katy’s “Vote for Maddie” comments the night before though...😒 Anyway, I found Maddie’s comments toward the show quite ungrateful and disrespectful. 😕 The only reason she has a career at all is because of the show! 😅


    -Came back into the light after four years- Mandisa. I found Simon’s comment incredibly rude, and I also loved the way Mandisa stood up to him! ❤️

    -What’s wrong with the Golden State?- Trenyce. No comment. 


    3/5 on the guesses. As for the comments:


    Syesha: Fair enough about the comments. As for the last sentence, objectively Syesha and Archie had better runs than Brooke; however, I just happen to like Brooke more, even with her issues in the finals.


    Trent: Obviously I was rooting for La'Porsha to win as well, but if anyone were to beat her I was happy it was Trent (I would be singing a different tune if it were Dalton or MacKenzie :ph34rwave:). I missed the part where J Lo mentioned Phillip during his "group" round performance.


    Maddie: Yeah, I wasn't too much of a fan of Katy's comments and actions either. Fair enough about not caring for Maddie's comments towards to show. I'll share my opinions regarding that in a separate post.


    Mandisa: Completely agree with everything said here. 👍


    10 hours ago, blackfield said:

     my guesses but not sure about syesha and trenyce: 

    040. Syesha Mercado - What's wrong with the Golden State? 

    039. Trent Harmon - Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method

    038. Maddie Poppe - A rather deadly necessity

    037. Mandisa - Came back into the light after four years

    036. Trenyce - Not sad hands

    two winners and neither was my fav on their season. i think maddie payed a costly price for not keeping her mouth shut. still the way HR treat or don't treat the idol winners is disgraceful. . doesn't seem they take much interest in their careers. at least maddie got a full album unlike laine who only got 3 lousy songs.. i pity sam who will turn up to be their next victim. but happy for dillon who will be their success story coming next season.. 😜

    and please share with the rest of the class your thoughts on maddie post idol.. 




    I pretty much agree with what was written, especially with the way HR has treated the winners thus far. Fortunately Maddie was able to release an album. I don't know what happened with Laine (although he has more important things to worry about now), and I fear the worst for Sam. As mentioned earlier, I'll share my thoughts on Maddie post-Idol in a separate post.


    2 hours ago, anonymouskid_35 said:


    OMG I thought I'm the only one who preferred La'Porsha over Trent on that season lol. It would've been nice to see an African-American female to win on the (supposedly) last season of American Idol. Her Diamonds performance is ugh, one of my guilty pleasures


    Agreed. Hey, there's no reason to feel guilty about liking Diamonds; that was a great performance after all! 😆

  19. New set! The clues for 40-36:


    - What's wrong with the Golden State?
    - A rather deadly necessity
    - Wonder if this finalist used the Cornell Method
    - Came back into the light after four years
    - Not sad hands


    40. Syesha Mercado: Season 7 (3rd Place)


    Leading off this set is the S7 third placer. Syesha is someone who I’ve had quite the roller-coaster ride with. She appears to be pretty popular around these parts, so some may think this is too low for her. However, if my S7 self was creating this list, she would be 100 spots lower than this at the absolute minimum. I absolutely could not stand her; she was easily my least favorite finalist during the season at the time. 🤮 I don’t know what it was, but I did not like a single thing about her from her voice (I thought she over sang a lot) to her personality. Every week she was in the B3, I rooted for her to leave and would get extremely irritated every time she skated by. The absolute worst was when she outlasted Brooke (yes, I know Brooke imploded towards the end of her run, but still…). However, time has really been kind to Syesha. I think it was a year or two ago I re-watched S7, and I actually found myself liking Syesha; I guess it had to do with knowing the results ahead of time and thus not being heavily emotionally invested. Regardless, Syesha is the one contestant who I’ve done the biggest 180 on; she went from being one of my least favorite contestants of all time to being my third favorite S7 finalist and in my overall Top 40. Her three performances in the semifinals were OK, with the exception of Saving All My Love For You, in which I thought she overdid it. Her start in the finals got off to a bit of a rough start with Got To Get You Into My Life; this week would be the first of her multiple B3 appearances. The following week she rebounded with Yesterday which was a rather restrained performance from her at the time, though I rolled my eyes when she referred to herself in the third person about her B3 appearance the previous week. If I Were Your Woman was another fine performance from her; however, I didn’t care for I Will Always Love You because she did the Whitney Houston version, which I have never cared for because I thought she (Whitney) overdid it a ton. I Believe was another poor performance from Syesha, but I thought she gave probably her most underrated performance with Vanishing. Vanishing is my all time favorite Mariah Carey song, so during the season I was NOT happy my least favorite contestant was singing it. However, I don’t think she got enough credit for it; I thought she did a good job, and that’s saying something due to what I just recently said. The following week she did One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many, which is my personal favorite of hers. It was certainly one of the sexiest performances done on Idol. As I mentioned in my Carly write-up, I didn’t think neither she nor Carly should’ve been the B2 that week. She managed to make it to another week where she did OK with both of her Neil Diamond numbers. The following week she gave two solid performances with Proud Mary and A Change Is Gonna Come. Regarding the latter, though I said Syesha grew on me during the re-watch, I think this was the performance in which my stance on her started to soften a bit. I thought she did a good job, plus she looked beautiful (then again, I always thought she was/is a beautiful woman; that’s the one positive thing I’ve always had about her even during the time when I loathed her guts). However, Randy didn’t think so and made it known, and I found myself disagreeing with him which I hated myself for doing so. Regardless, she made it to the Top 3 where she gave an OK performance of If I Ain’t Got You and another sexy performance with Fever. However, it was her third performance, Hit Me Up, that may be the most infamous of them all. It was looked to be a flagrant attempt to bus Syesha so the two Davids could duke it out in the finale, as if it wasn’t going to be obvious anyway; apparently, the producers didn’t want to take any chances. She did the best she could with it, but it wasn’t enough, as she would predictably be eliminated the following night. I know she did some music theater work post-Idol, but I don’t know what she’s been up to outside of that. For someone who I couldn’t stand in the beginning, Syesha is someone who I’ve come to really like and appreciate over the years.


    39. Trent Harmon: Season 15 (1st Place)


    Trent was a very strong contestant and was the last winner of the FOX rendition of AI. He was someone who got off to a steady start and managed to save his best work towards the end, which is probably how he managed to beat La’Porsha. In addition, he came off as this very humble and likable guy, which can go a long way with the voters. Finally, I thought Trent had one of the best game plans in Idol history. He clearly went in with a clear strategy and executed it to perfection. Will all of that said, Trent wasn’t someone I paid much attention to at the beginning of the season. The main thing I remember early on was him having to perform solo during the Group Round in Hollywood because he had mono. Also, it took me some time to get used to his voice; it wasn’t something I was a fan of at first. His first performance What Are You Listening To was OK all things considered. After his duet with Jordin, he would advance to the Top 14 where he would receive of the judges’ four Fast Passes and thus not having to perform during the WC Round. The following week he sang Like I Can, which I didn’t care for that much; I think it mainly had to do with me not being a Sam Smith fan. He would give a stronger performance the following week with When A Man Loves A Woman, which was followed by another solid showing with Stand By Me. The next week, Trent had a mixed night which started with Counting Stars, which was easily his worst performance of the season. It’s not really a singer’s song, plus the song was too fast and wordy for him. However, he would follow that with Simple Man, which was his strongest effort of the season up to that point. It was the following week, nevertheless, that made me really think Trent had a strong shot at winning the crown. His first performance, Sharp Dressed Man, was a great and fun performance; however, it would fail in comparison to his other performance that evening. Of course, I’m talking about the heralded Chandelier, which is considered one of the best performances in Idol history. That is a VERY difficult song to sing, but Trent made it really work for him. The best thing he did was not try to sing it with the bombast Sia usually does when she sings it. The following week he had an OK performance with Tennessee Whiskey, and I didn’t care too much for Drink You Away. His third performance, Waiting Game, was not only my favorite of his during the night, it was my favorite of his of the season (yes, even more than Chandelier). He would make the finale where he would have a solid night. His coronation song Falling was one of the better ones Idol’s had (I think a lot had to do with Keith Urban co-writing it), though I liked La’Porsha’s better. If You Don’t Know Me By Now was another solid effort. For his third song, Trent reprised Chandelier, which was a risky move because it was so acclaimed the first time he would virtually have nowhere to go but down the second time. However, his reprise was just as good as the first, and I think it was this performance that won him the title. Trent decided to go the country route post-Idol, which was kind of disappointing because while I don’t doubt he can do country well, I would’ve liked for him to go in a more pop-R&B direction, oh well. Either way Trent grew on me to where he was able to overtake Avalon as my second favorite of the season.


    38. Maddie Poppe: Season 16 (1st Place)


    Here we have the winner of the first season of the ABC reboot. Maddie was a cute and likable girl (though maybe not so much post-Idol, lol) who was perhaps the most consistent performer of the season, which may explain how she was able to win the crown. I don’t recall Maddie receiving much airtime prior to the semifinals; the main thing I remember was her singing Rainbow Connection at her audition, which was certainly one of the more out-of-the-box song choices. It reminded me of when Dalton sang Phantom Of The Opera during his audition. Regardless, she started off her Idol run with a fun and cute performance of Brand New Key. She was then picked to advance to the Top 14 after her duet with Colbie Caillat, where she would give my personal favorite performance of hers with Homeward Bound. It was a performance that showcased her voice in the best light IMO, especially with the transitions from her normal voice to her head voice. She would be voted into the Top 10 where she gave a fun performance of Walk Like An Egyptian, which worked well for a victory song. The following week she gave what I felt was her most underrated performance with Bare Necessities which I thought was charming; it was very similar to Laine’s Oo-De-Lally a year later. Next, she would give what many would consider her best performance of the season with Nothing Compares 2 U, and it’s easy to see why would people feel that way (though I mentioned Homeward Bound was my personal favorite not too long back). Everything just came together for that one. She followed that performance later in the evening with If It Makes You Happy, which was probably her weakest performance of the season. It probably had to do with it being a bit of a letdown after NC2U; having said that, it was still better than some of the clunkers delivered that night. She would advance to the next week where she would give two solid performances with I Told You So and God Only Knows. Regarding the latter, that was the first song choice Maddie had that was a repeat from a previous season (Dalton sang it during S15). I may have to go to WNTS and do a little research, but Nikko is the only contestant to come to mind whose every performance were songs that weren’t done in a previous season, but I digress. Maddie would reach the finale where I thought she was clearly the best of the three. Her coronation song Going Going Gone was a song that grew on me after some time because I wasn’t much of a fan of it mainly due to it sounding too similar to PP’s Gone, Gone, Gone. I liked her original tune Never Let Your Children Grow Up, and I especially loved Landslide; I thought that was the performance that sealed the deal for Maddie. With that said, I still had some reservations because I thought there was a possibility Caleb (who would be later revealed as her boyfriend) would still win. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case as Maddie was crowned the winner. Her coronation was one of the more memorable ones with the rest of the Top 10 joining her on stage and helping her get through her coronation performance, though I could’ve gone without Katy getting involved. I checked out her album post-Idol, and I remember really liking it, with my favorite tracks being Wildflowers, Made You Miss, and Take It Out On You. Also, I loved it when she first came back the following season when she auditioned as Lady Mapo; it was absolutely hilarious. :rofl: Unfortunately, the thing Maddie is probably known for post-Idol is her constantly calling out the show for treating her as an afterthought while promoting Gabby. I have some thoughts on that; however, I’ll post them separately if anyone’s interested. In spite of that, I still like Maddie a lot and consider her to be a solid winner.


    37. Mandisa: Season 5 (9th Place)


    Mandisa was a contestant who was a vocal powerhouse; she could belt with the best of them. If there was a shortcoming I could find with her, it’s that her lower register wasn’t as good as her upper one. Mandisa’s Idol journey started with Simon making a crack at her weight at her audition when he said they were going to need a bigger stage after she had left the room (she’s much thinner now than she was then). I remember being really upset over that, not only because I thought it was completely unnecessary, but he didn’t even have the guts to say it in her presence. I was happy to see Mandisa confront him over it during the Green Mile episode, in a respectful and classy way of course. She started off with Never in the first round of the semis, which was a strong way to start the competition as she was the first semifinalist to perform. I usually have the mindset of hoping contestants use the semis to establish the type of artist they want to be. Seeing that Mandisa was a gospel/Christian singer, I thought she would do something in that vein. However, I enjoyed Never, plus she had the voice to do it justice, so I can’t say I had much of a problem. She followed her rock number with a country one when she sang Cry the following week. It was a good performance, but I thought she shouted the chorus at times. She came back the following week with the soul classic I’m Every Woman, which I felt was the best of the three. She made it to the finals where she performed Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing. It was this performance where I noticed her lower register issues. The song was too low for her in the beginning, but she was able to save it towards the end. The following week she would give not only my favorite performance of hers, but one of my favorite performances of the season with I Don’t Hurt Anymore; it’s easily in my Top 5 from the season. She was a tour de force with that number. Unfortunately, Mandisa stumbled a bit during Top 10 with Shackes (Praise You); then again most contestants struggled that week. The main thing that’s probably remembered was her comments before the performance, which caused some controversy. It was thought she was attacking the LGBTQ+ community; however, Mandisa insisted she was talking about her addiction to food, which was the reason she struggled with her weight at the time. Regardless, the performance itself wasn’t all that good. Unfortunately, things didn’t get any better for Mandisa the following week when she sang Any Man Of Mine. It was easily her weakest effort of the season, so much so she would be eliminated the following night; maybe it’s the song because it would do Siobhan in four years later. The B3 that week was difficult for me because I liked all three of them; however, Mandisa was my least favorite of the three, so I was fine with her leaving then although there were others who I would’ve liked to see leave instead. Despite her ninth place finish, Mandisa went on to have a very successful post-Idol career in the CCM market. I’ve heard a lot of her music on the radio back when I listened to it a lot. She went on to be nominated for five Grammys and winning one, so it appears she’s doing just fine. Overall, despite her rough finish, Mandisa was someone I enjoyed a lot during her time on Idol.


    36. Trenyce: Season 2 (5th Place)


    Closing out the set is LaShundra "Trenyce" Cobbins. Trenyce was my initial S2 favorite, but two have since passed her by; nevertheless, I still like her a lot. Admittedly, a lot of it had to do with me having a bit of a crush on her, as I thought she was really pretty. :ph34rwave: Shallowness aside, I also really enjoyed her as a singer and performer. As for her Idol run, she started off with Love Sneakin’ Up On You as a part of Group 1 in the semifinals, which I thought was good, though she overdid it with the grunting. Regardless, I thought she did well enough to advance to the finals; however, she wasn’t even among the Top 3 vote getters. Fortunately, she was invited to perform in the WC Round where she would give my personal favorite performance of hers with Let’s Stay Together; it may very well still be my favorite rendition of the song on Idol. She would be Paula’s pick to advance to the finals where she would have another strong performance with Come See About Me during the Top 12. The following week she was the first to sing what would become one of the most overdone songs in Idol history with I Have Nothing. Some consider it to be the best version done on the show. Personally, I’m more partial to Jennifer Hudson’s version; however, Trenyce’s version is one of my favorites as well. The following week Trenyce would give her worst performance of the season with I Need You. The most memorable part is where she flubbed the chorus when she sang “I need you like murder, like breasts, like Wayne”. :dead:; still, it was better than Phil Stacey’s rendition four years later. From there, Trenyce had a bit of a rough patch over the next four weeks, though personally I didn’t think she was all that bad compared to some of the other contestants that season. I’m Every Woman was a nice step up from INY. The Power Of Love was probably her most underrated performance; I thought Simon was talking out of his you-know-what on that one. Baby Grand was fine albeit a tad on the boring side. Finally, Have You Ever was technically fine despite over-singing it at some parts; however, it lacked any kind of emotion, which was obvious if anyone has seen Brandy perform it live. I would say it was the worst of the four. Trenyce had a nice "comeback" during Top 5 week with both of her showings. Proud Mary was a lot of fun; it looked like she had a blast doing it, though Simon said it reminded him of a drag act. Love Will Keep Us Together was a cute performance. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be enough as she was eliminated the following night. I pretty much knew she was out when Ruben was in the B2 with her. It was disappointing to see her leave at the time, but at least she went out on a positive note. Post-Idol, Trenyce has had a great career in music theater. It seems most former Idol contestants do well there despite someone being called theatrical was considered a slam. Regardless, Trenyce is still someone I think positively about when it comes to Idol contestants.


    040. Syesha Mercado

    039. Trent Harmon

    038. Maddie Poppe

    037. Mandisa

    036. Trenyce


    With Trent's appearance, that means my S15 favorite is now known. Here is the updated list:









    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox






    S15: La'Porsha Renae


    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    Here's what to come next time:


    - What more does there need to be done?
    - No new item
    - Did not unfortunately live up to the title of the coronation song
    - Responsible for a finalist's nickname
    - Was unable to change the voters' minds



  20. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:

    045. David Archuleta:  The clue was quite obvious to this one, but thanks for thinking of me (even if it was an apology). :haha: As you know, I absolutely LOVE and adore David. I actually was familiar with him from before Idol due to his time on Star Search, but Idol is what really made me fall in love with him and his voice. I was attached from his audition, or even before with the preview of it. :giggle: He has one of the most beautiful and pure voices I ever heard AND the most beautiful and pure hearts. :wub:  He really is a sweetheart. I loved all his performances from the show in their own way. He gave so many amazing ones though, with "Imagine", of course, being a standout across all the seasons. :omg: I thought he would win and was absolutely crushed when it didn't happen. :broken::(  I have never been more attached or invested in a contestant on this show (or any show). Of course I've followed his career since and love his music. I remember his debut single "Crush" releasing the day before my birthday, so that was absolutely amazing and the best gift.  ❤️ :giggle:  He's one of only two Idols I've seen live multiple times and the only Idol I've met multiple times. :wub:  He is not only an Idol favorite, but one of my all-time favorite music artists and human beings, as well. So there is your condensed version of my Archie fandom. :giggle: 

    044. Angie Miller: Well after David, I think I deserve a break, but here's my S12 favorite. :dead: 😛 I'm just giving you a hard time. But yes, I do love Angie as well and she is the one I referred to earlier when I said I really only cared about one person that season. "You Set Me Free" :wub: ! Such an amazing and memorable moment. I'll never forget it and I love that song so much. I pretty much loved all she did on the show too... I just love her and her voice. I do have most of the same favorite performances as you though, and funny you ranked two people back to back who sang the same song ("Shop Around"), yet you have very different thoughts on them. "Who You Are" was so powerful and definitely my favorite from the live shows. I was again so upset with the result, but this time because she didn't make the finals. :( I thought she would. She was always perfectly likable and relatable to me, so that's too bad. I don't really care for her new artist identity though and prefer some of the music she released after the show before the name/style change.  :( I'm still a big fan. 

    043. Jordin Sparks: I love her and believe I mentioned on Blake's write-up that I was happy with either of them winning. So that shows how much I love her as well! And I was sold from her audition too, which I thought was so strong. ❤️  I loved her in the semis, but have the same favorite performance as you, and then yesss her first two in the finals. :wub:    I did feel she was a bit inconsistent for a time there, although I still always loved her voice. And the studio recordings were always so good too! "I Who Have Nothing" is another standout from all the seasons for me. :omg: But OMG "Livin' On a Prayer" is a prime example of the studio versions for me because it was her weakest performance, but I was OBSESSED with the studio of it. It's soo good, IMO. :haha:  Anyway, yes, I was very happy with her win and enjoyed her first two albums a lot. She has a lot of songs I love. ❤️ 

    042. Avalon Young: The only one I don't love in this set. :haha: I still like her though. Now that you're recapping her performances, I do remember really enjoying almost all of them. I liked her style and thought she brought something fresh and different to the show. 

    041. George Huff: The Huff. ❤️  I absolutely love George's voice; it has such a comforting sound about it. And I also adore his personality, so he was a big favorite of mine on this season (and favorite guy, as well). Those semis performances and the first few from the finals! :wub: He was on a roll and so great.  Ugh yeah, it's a shame he had a few weeks there that weren't so great. :( I still loved him and wanted him to advance further, but oh well. I did listen to a bit of his music post-show as well, but haven't heard from him in awhile. 


    This group of clues was actually very easy for me to figure out, but obviously I'm super late. :haha: For the upcoming set, I think I at least know the last one. :giggle: 


    045. Yeah, I had a feeling that one was going to be pretty obvious. :giggle: I forgot he was on Star Search, then again the only person overall who I could clearly remember from the show was Aaliyah. 😢 💔 I expected nothing less when it came to the gushing even in it's condensed form. :haha: I can imagine (no pun intended) how crushing it was to see him come up short when it looked like he had a strong chance to win. I'm pretty sure his debut single being released before your birthday was an amazing gift. :haha: Wow, at seeing him and meeting him multiple times; I'd guess each time was a great experience. 👍

    044. I had a feeling Angie was the one contestant you said was the only one you cared about during the season. Ouch at back to back favorites being posted. :dead:  YSMF is a moment I've come to understand after the season, so it would make sense for any fans of hers to hold it dear. I can see how crushing it is for anyone who wanted her in the finale only to see her come up short. The last two sentences are the sentiments I'm getting from her biggest fans in that they don't care for her current music direction but still love and support her.

    043. The entire write-up is completely understandable. I always heard the studio recording of Livin' On A Prayer was really good. 

    042. Oof at her not being the only one you don't love. 😢 😉 All kidding aside, at least you like her and I agree she brought something fresh and different to the show.

    041. I don't have much to say but I completely agree with everything written here. To think he almost didn't get a chance...


    Yeah, looking back I think this was one of the easier set of clues I've posted. I'm currently working on the next set now and hopefully will have it posted some time today, so we'll see how you'll do with the last one. 😉

  21. 6 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    It’s ok, they’re probably really hard to notice if you haven’t been following Archie. I threw in a couple Idol performances in there though. 😉


    Yeah, it was the Idol performances and about two of his original songs that finally made me understand. I should've known after using this technique a couple of times for my clues; I guess I got what's coming to me. 😅


    2 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments:


    1.  This is a pretty good spot for David Archuleta.  But I preferred him to David Cook during their season, mainly because I don’t like rock music much.

    2.  This is a fine spot for Angie.  She did well but wasn’t quite good enough.

    3.  Am I right in thinking that you like Haley more than Jordin?  Haley should be here instead of Jordin, as Jordin was better.  But Melinda was even better.

    4.  This is a good spot for Avalon.  She deserved to go farther than she did.

    5.  George was the best male singer of Season 3.  But getting sick hurt him, though at least he outlasted John Stevens.


    1. Fair enough

    2. Yeah, pretty much agreed

    3. While objectively Jordin's a better singer, I do like Haley more so you would be right with that thought. ;)

    4. Agree with everything here

    5. Again, agree with everything here


    I guess I'll explain the clues of the previous set:


    - Apologies to @miss denise and @Bk1234: miss denise revealed earlier in the thread David Archuleta is her all time favorite contestant, and Bk1234 revealed that he's in his/her Top 10 (although it has since been revealed that Archie is Bk1234's all time favorite contestant as well)


    - A different name and music direction post-Idol: this one's straightforward: Angie now performs professionally under the name Zealyn and is now doing electropop music instead of CCM


    This finalist apparently didn’t want to want this singer: Jordin dated Jason Derulo, who had a single called "Want To Want Me". It was a play on words


    Often sang songs of the opposite gender: Another straightforward clue: with the exception of the "Rise Up" duet with Sonika, Avalon exclusively sang songs by male artists from Top 24 on


    - A Tim Allen sitcom: the sitcom in question is Last Man Standing. George was literally S3's last man standing in both the season and in this ranking

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