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  1. 45 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    Season 16


    Amelia Hammer Harris- The name rings a bell, but I have no memory of her performances. 😅


    Effie Passero- I remember being surprised she didn’t make the Top 14. Any hope of me looking into her was ruined by David Hernandez... 😒


    Layla Spring- I did not like her at all! 😒 Her voice is one of the most annoying country voices I have ever heard. Gabby was MUCH better, and thankfully the judges agreed. 😁 I was devastated when she was chosen over Logan, but thankfully nothing good came out of it. 😅 She posted a video on her YouTube channel saying she got out in the first round of Hollywood Week. She said that she felt she did a good job, which begs the question: did the producers have anything to do with her elimination? 🤔 What I think happened, was they didn’t want Layla‘s comeback to be a focus of the season so they either forgot about her, or cut her purposely and shadily covered it up. It’s also is important to note that the show seemed to want to limit the amount of country contestants of this season (as seen by the Grace and Lauren M. thing), so that could’ve played a role as well. 

    Trevor McBane- Similar situation to Amelia Hammer Harris. I remember his name and how he looked, but nothing else... 😕


    Season 17


    Ashley Hess- My favorite from Season 17 ❤️. I loved all of her performances, and though I get your point about Sir Duke, I think after a solid performance and a TON of potential, she should’ve made it through over Uché... 😒


    Season 16

    Amelia: Fair enough


    Effie: Sadly, I wasn't surprised about her not making the Top 14, but I would've still liked to see her there. I forgot you don't like David Hernandez. 😅


    Layla: ☹️. I liked her the most of the three, so I had no problems with her being picked. Interesting points about the show wanting to limit the amount of country singers for S18. It appears they are going for different types of winners each season. Maddie is singer/songwriter, Laine is country/rock (which may explain why they limited the amount of country singers), and Sam is R&B.


    Trevor: Fair enough


    Season 17

    Ashley: She would've been my favorite had she made the finals. I mentioned this earlier, but I thought Uché and Alyssa were virtually locks, and I felt Dimitrius had a better performance; thus, I understand why she wasn't picked. Besides, I liked Uché, so I didn't mind him going through. If anything, I thought Ashley should've been voted through instead of either Wade or Walker, but it is what it is.


    39 minutes ago, Blirel said:

    Season 16

    Amelia was very polarizing in a good way. I remember being intrigued by her day 1. That being said, she had vocal limitations which were shown the more we saw from her. 

    Effie had a massive voice. I didn’t love her audition as the original song was kind of meh and also some of her song choices were a bit too generic for me but no doubt she could sing and she nailed her performance of The Dance. Her Alone cover was good but it displayed just how generic she was. Her duet with Cam of Diane was much better. 

    Layla was not my cup of tea. She’s gotten better now but her voice always kind of annoyed me. Her shaky vibrato was not for me. She was just okay. 

    Trevor- I’m surprised to see him here. His duet performance might be the worst celebrity duet performance we saw. He was overshadowed. I was never wowed by him. 

    I think Shannon O’Hara deserves a mention. She never delivered a bad performance and I always found her super likable. She was one of my favorites of that season. 

    Season 17

    Okay. Ashley Hess is one of my favorite contestants of all time. That’s how much I loved her. Such an easygoing fresh voice. I still think she was robbed but song choice did her as she never should’ve sang Sir Duke. She made the top 14... is that considered a semi finalist? 

    This is a bit random as she wasn’t shown much but I’m going to mention Bumbly. I still go back to her duet with Shaggy. I know Vision of Love was meh but her duet of Angel was a standout moment and she would’ve brought something unique to the live shows and she could sing much better than someone like Eddie or Evelyn


    Season 16

    I can't say I disagree with what was written about Amelia here.


    Fair enough about Effie. I thought her duet with Cam was one of the better ones.


    Fair enough about Layla.


    I was just intrigued by Trevor's tone, which I why I mentioned him. His duet was indeed one of the worst ones though.


    I think Shannon's problem was she was too laid back and appeared to emit very little energy. I didn't care for her semifinals performance, but she did have a nice tone to her voice.


    Season 17

    I believe contestants have to be in the Top 10 in order to be considered finalists and since Ashley was Top 14, she's considered to be a semifinalist. I pretty much agree with everything else.


    Bumbly was a guilty pleasure of mine. Her Vision Of Love was unfortunate as it appeared the song was too big for her and ate her alive, and in her duet with Shaggy I thought she came across more as a background singer than duet partner. With that said, I still enjoyed her somewhat (OK, her looks may have had something to do with it 😅 ) and definitely agree about preferring her to Eddie or Evelyn, who were two of my least favorites from the season.

  2. Here is the last batch of semifinalists:


    Season 16

    Amelia Hammer Harris


    Amelia was someone who I kept a tab on during S16. She had this beautiful sultry sound to her voice I was really intrigued by. I remember liking her audition and the clips they showed during the Hollywood Rounds, so I was waiting to see what she would do in the semifinals. Unfortunately, she picked a bad song in Believer, which did nothing to showcase her voice in the best way. I did love her duet with Bebe Rexha; actually, I thought she sounded better than Bebe, but it wasn’t enough as she wouldn’t be picked to move on. I don't know if it would've helped, but I'd like to think she would've had a better chance had she picked a different song. Alas.


    Effie Passero


    Effie was someone who I was disappointed didn’t advance. She had this powerful voice, and I thought she was one of the best singers of the season. I liked her performance of Barracuda and enjoyed her Diane duet with Cam. Supposedly, she was to duet with Jessie J., but Jessie wound up getting sick and Cam was a last minute replacement, though I’m probably remembering it wrong (which wouldn’t be the first time 😅). Unfortunately, the judges opted not to pick her; I guess a lot had to do with the show wanting to skew towards being younger, and Effie was one of the older contestants. As I mentioned in my David Hernandez write-up, these two appeared to have partnered up and are creating music together, plus I posted a video of a song the two did together if anyone’s interested.


    Layla Spring


    Layla was someone I had a soft spot for; I just thought she and her sister Dyxie were adorable. 😊 🤗 Admittedly, she was rough on the edges vocally, but I heard something in it that caught my interest. Her performance of A Broken Wing was fine all things considered; however, I pretty much knew she wouldn’t advance though I preferred her to Gabby as far as the country girls that season went. :ph34rwave: At least she and Dyxie got to perform in the finale, though it wasn’t very good, where they were surprised by LeAnn Rimes (who looked sober; I still remember her duet with Carly Rae Sinclair during the S2 finale of the X-Factor where she looked plastered 😅). Finally, she won the second chance audition on Dancing With The Stars, where she was able to go straight to Hollywood for S18; however, she wasn’t shown at all which meant she was cut at some point. I thought it was weird she wasn’t featured after all that fanfare. Oh well. 🤷‍♂️


    Trevor McBane


    This is probably an unconventional pick (which some should be used to by now), but Trevor was someone who intrigued me. He had this rough gravelly tone to his voice that caught my interest, and I enjoyed his song choices for the most part. I think his problem was he could never really let himself go vocally; it always felt as if he was holding something back due to some sort of inhibition. This was especially the case for Way Down We Go, which should’ve suited him perfectly, yet there was a promise of a breakthrough that never came. Also, he was completely over-matched during his duet with Bishop Briggs; he didn’t come anywhere close to matching her energy, though Briggs probably could’ve held back and worked with him some. Regardless, I liked Trevor well enough in spite of his shortcomings.


    Season 17

    Ashley Hess


    Ashley has been mentioned quite a bit in this thread, but now I’m going to talk about her some. Ashley is right up there with Felicia Barton as far as my all-time favorite semifinalists are concerned; they are my Top 2, and as of right now Felicia has the slight edge. Ashley has a really beautiful voice I could listen to all day. 😊 I absolutely loved Dreaming With A Broken Heart as well as her duet with Jason Mraz, who was more than a generous partner by allowing her to play around with his song to where it suited her the best. I also liked Fix You despite not being a Coldplay fan. I was really disappointed she wasn’t voted into the finals but hoped she would give a strong WC performance. Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say this, she didn’t pick the best song to give herself a chance, which is something I mentioned way back in the thread somewhere around Alyssa Raghu's write-up. 😣 Sir Duke is a fun song, but it’s not one to sing for a chance to stay; it would’ve been better as a victory song. Regardless, it was still disappointing not to see Ashley in the finals because I felt she definitely had a lot more to offer.


    Season 16

    Amelia Hammer Harris

    Effie Passero

    Layla Spring

    Trevor McBane


    Season 17

    Ashley Hess


    That should do it for my favorite semifinalists! 😄 I have finals coming up soon, so I have to study for them. With that said, however, I'll get to work on the list as soon as I can. Hopefully #10 will be up some time this weekend if not sooner.

  3. 6 hours ago, x3 because of u said:




    Season 6 - Agree about A.J. and Sabrina. Oof at not liking Leslie's voice. 🙁

    Season 7 - Agree about Alexandrea. ☹️ at Kady.

    Season 8 - Agree about Ann Marie and Felicia. Fair enough about Kristen and Ricky.

    Season 9 - Agree about Alex, Katelyn, and Lilly. Fair enough about Joe and Michelle.

    Season 10 - Fair enough about Julie and Tim. 😆 at being Facebook friends with Lauren.

    Season 11 - Fair enough about Aaron and Hallie. Agree about Baylie. ☹️

    Season 12 - I think this was the annoying Breanna (I can't remember if there was another one though 😅). Fair enough about Vincent.

    Season 14 🤣 at not remembering.

    Season 15 - Fair enough about CJ and James. Agree about Stephany.


    6 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I actually remember some of these!!! :clap:


    Season 10Where’s Kendra and Robbie? 😂


    Julie Zorilla- I really liked her voice, so it was a shame to see her crash with Breakaway. The sad thing was she knew she was screwed... 😅

    Lauren Turner- While I don’t think it was the second best of the night (I thought Karen’s performamce of Hero was ❤️), I thought her performance was more than deserving of securing her a spot in the finals. I would have swapped her with Haley, but I actually enjoyed Haley’s performance of Fallin’, so I didn’t really mind. 😅 I think what happened with Lauren in the votes is that she was part of the group of people that received a bit of negative criticism from the judges or didn’t have a stand-out performance AND she was near the beginning of the show. I recently watched the show over and noticed that Karen, Thia, Haley, Lauren A., and Pia were near the end of the show. Haley had an iffy performance with mixed reviews, but she got through because she was near the end, so people remembered her. I hope that made sense, but regardless, she DEFINITELY deserved to be chosen to sing (over Ashton... 😒). 

    Tim Halperin- I don’t remember too much about him besides that he had an ok performance during the semis for me. 

    Season 11Where’s Brielle? 😅


    Aaron Marcellus- Isn’t this the season where the judges said they were too easy on the boys? If so, that’s what happened here. The judges re-watched the performances or were influenced by Jimmy Iovine and didn’t pick him. 

    Baylie Brown- Let’s just say I wasn’t amazed by her performance. 

    Hallie Day- I agree with your points about her not delivering emotions. Her performance felt very dull and uninteresting to me... 🙁


    Season 15


    James VIII- I only remember him because of Ashley Hess ❤️


    Yay for remembering some! 😂


    As with Kendra, Robbie wasn't someone I wasn't too big on. 🤷‍♂️


    Season 10

    Julie - pretty much agree. It was easy to see on her face she knew she blew it. ☹️

    Lauren - You make some pretty good points about why Lauren probably didn't advance. Agree with rather seeing her get a chance to sing in the WC Round over Ashthon, but it is what it is.

    Tim - fair enough about him


    Season 11

    Aaron - that's probably what happened to him. I would've still liked to see him advance at least for another week.

    Baylie - :dead:

    Hallie - sadly, I can't disagree with this...☹️


    Season 15

    James - Of course @ Ashley Hess being the only reason you remember him...:dead:


    I did listen to the video posted, and I want to say she's certainly come a long way since her time on Idol; however, I'm not sure when this was posted and therefore, I'll refrain from saying such things. 😅 Regardless, she sounded nice.


    I managed to wrap up the last batch of semifinalists and barring anything strange, they should be posted tonight. After that, I'll get to work on the Top 10. 👍



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  4. 13 hours ago, Blirel said:

    Season 12 

    Breanna Steer is stylistically one of my favorite contestants. I loved her style but she turned in some underwhelming performances when it mattered. Her Bust The Windows performance is still one of my favorites from the season. 

    Vincent- I remember him being a stand out despite me never really connecting with him, he had one of the best voices but they tried to gut the male field of every strong vocalist besides Devin and Burnell. 

    I also really liked Aubrey Cleland although her voice was a bit thin and my favorite male Nick Boddington who nailed Stars and had a few other good performances; his semifinals performance was pretty good as well. 


    Pretty much agree with everything about Breanna.


    Fair enough about Vincent. Yeah, that was the season they pushed hard for a female winner after 5 WGWG winners in a row. 😅


    Aubrey is in tweener territory where she is considered a semifinalist, yet she would've been considered a finalist had there been a Top 12 instead of Top 10; at least she was able to win a tour spot. I don't remember much about Nick, but I think I liked what I heard from him from what I do remember.


    13 hours ago, Blirel said:


    Kenz Hall- She was one of the more creative voices and personalities on the show. I loved her cover of Can’t Hold Us, her audition, but she had a bad performance that almost failed her of making it as far as she did of Your Song. But she deserved another chance. Still super mad over this. She was in my top 5. 



    As mentioned, I don't remember much of the S13 semifinalists, but I do remember Kenzie's Hollywood performance of Can't Hold Us. She would probably be someone who I would've liked to see perform during the semis. :yes:


    13 hours ago, Blirel said:

    Adam- I never really enjoyed him. I found him as another Caleb Johnson who I didn’t like by the way but less power and even more karaoke. 

    Katherine was totally up my alley. She seemed very 70s, Fleetwood inspired who I love. Rhiannon and Safe & Sound were pretty good. She played it safe but she was better than half the singers but got lost in the shuffle. 

    Looking back you’ve got it right here. This may have been the weakest group of semi finalists. I wouldn’t add anyone. Katherine was the only contestant truly robbed


    Fair enough about Adam.


    Pretty much agree with everything regarding Katherine.


    Yeah, this wasn't a strong group looking back. I think the Keith, J-Lo, and Harry seasons collectively had the weakest group of contestants, and S14 may have been the weakest of them all.


    13 hours ago, Blirel said:

    Season 15

    CJ- meh. I never connected to him and even forgot about him which is bad since I recall nearly everyone from this season forward as they were somewhat current. His style was dated and he was an average vocalist. 

    James VII- Ashley Hess’s boyfriend. I was a huge fan of Ashley but James came on idol first. He was very creative and polarizing with performances like Love Lockdown. Sometimes his vocals relied on too much runs and riffs which turned viewers off. 

    Stephany- she was very pretty. She always hit the notes but if I’m being honest, her voice was very generic and never met the mark for me. 

    I think I would add Emily Brooke who always wowed in early rounds but always faltered when it mattered and Adam Lasher who was a fan favorite but also faltered. I wasn’t the hugest fans but I’ll say they were good in early rounds. 


    Fair enough about CJ.


    Pretty much agree regarding James.


    Fair enough about Stephany. Still, I thought she did enough to advance.


    Emily Baylie Brown'd herself with her semifinals performance. ☹️ I don't remember too much about Adam, but I think he gave an OK performance; I'd have to go back and watch it.



  5. 8 hours ago, Blirel said:

    Okay so I didn’t fully watch until Season 10 so this is an exciting batch. Here’s the ones I feel like mentioning: 

    First I’m revisiting the old season contestants you’ve put on this list and how didn’t Felicia Barton make the finals. Just wow. 

    Ricky Braddy should’ve made it as well. But I don’t think he would’ve made it much further. He’s someone who sings at a very high level but as I felt on the voice, you feel nothing from. 

    I know Season 9 is a disaster from revisiting performances from the finals and I strongly believe Alex Lambert would’ve been top 10 material. I also think the 3 girls listed were better than some that made it. 



    I can't say I disagree with most of what's written here. You're probably right about Ricky not making it much further if he made the finals, but I still would've liked to have seen him there.


    8 hours ago, Blirel said:

    And now for in depth comments. 

    Season 10:

    Julie Zorrilla- She could sing but was generic. I think she would’ve struggled to stand out as Pia and Haley would’ve overshadowed her. And I even think Thia was better. No problem with her going out early. 

    Lauren was for sure good. She had a kind of retro style which it seems the season had a lot of. I don’t think she would’ve made top 5 but she could’ve been competitive that’s for sure. 

    Tim was better than Paul McDonald. He wasn’t super unique but he could sing and was easy going. He appeared on songland this year and he’s still got it. 

    And my favorite Semifinalist who didn’t make it wasn’t mentioned. Wow. Kendra Chantelle. We all know she was robbed after that Georgia On My Mind performance. 



    Fair enough about Julie possibly not standing out (well, she did stand out, just not in a positive way, lol), but I still liked her.


    Pretty much agree about Lauren.


    Agree about Tim.


    As for Kendra, I wasn't as big on her as most were, and I didn't care for Impossible. With that said, I thought she definitely had a case for being picked as a WC after Georgia On My Mind.


    8 hours ago, Blirel said:

    Season 11: 

    Aaron: I honestly didn’t remember him. But think he just failed to stand out. Not bad but I can see why he didn’t make it. 

    Baylie- Her tone was pretty but she made bad song choices and just didn’t stand out. 

    Halle- Was never a huge fan but can’t argue against her being a consistently solid vocalist. 

    I think you left someone out once again. That someone was front runner Jen Hirsch. Nearly all of her performances aired and she could sing. For some reason her last few performances just didn’t click and she was sent home during the wild card.


    I have to mention Brielle too. the girl could sing but made some poor song choices and vocal choices. And her stage mom never let her stand out on her own. The girl went on to having quite a few popular YouTube videos 


    Fair enough about Aaron.


    Sadly, I agree with you on Baylie. ☹️


    Fair enough about Hallie.


    Sad to say, I was not a Jen Hirsch fan. ☹️ I thought she oversang a lot and had this desperate vibe about her. However, she did have some things going for her, so it's understandable why she was considered a front runner.


    Brielle was someone else who I wasn't a fan of. I do hear she's gotten a lot better post-Idol, but I'm not sure if I'll go out of my way to check out anything from her. However, if anyone will post anything of hers, I'll give it a listen.


    I have to head out now, so I'll catch up with the rest when I have the time. 👍

  6. As promised, here is the next batch of semifinalists.


    Season 11

    Aaron Marcellus


    Aaron was the semifinalist from S11 who I was the most disappointed did not advance to the finals. Apparently he was another semifinalist who auditioned multiple times before finally breaking through in S11. He gave a solid performance of Never Can Say Goodbye; in fact, he received the first standing ovation of the season. 👏 I thought it would’ve been enough for him to advance to the finals, or at the very least earn a chance to compete in the WC Round; however, it wasn’t meant to be. I’d like to think he was screwed over by the twist that brought Jermaine into the semis, but that’s just my opinion. Either way, it was disappointing to see him not go further in the season.


    Baylie Brown


    Julie Zorrilla should send Baylie Brown flowers and a thank-you note because if not for Baylie, Julie would’ve been my biggest disappointment. I remember when Baylie auditioned back in S6 and unfortunately was stuck in a group with Antonella and Amanda. She was cut and though I sided with her over the other two, I knew she wasn’t ready then. When I saw she came back for S11, I was interested and excited to see how she would do. Unfortunately, the semis came around and ugh, she had one of the biggest tank jobs in Idol history. 💔 She was out of tune the entire performance and looked like a deer in headlights; at least she had the self-awareness to joke about it during the Results Show. 😅 As it is, Baylie is my biggest disappointment as far as Idol semifinalists go.


    Hallie Day


    Hallie was someone who I thought was on the underrated side. She had a strong voice with a nice rich tone, and I liked her performance of Feeling Good. The knock on her was she appeared to have dead eyes and appeared to lack any sort of emotion. Regardless, while I thought the five women who were voted through to the finals were spot on (even if it meant Erika was left out), I felt Hallie did enough for a WC callback; however, the judges disagreed and thus, Hallie’s time on Idol was cut short, which was unfortunate to see.


    Season 12

    Breanna Steer


    Breanna was someone I liked who had a contemporary R&B vibe. Her Bust Your Windows was one of the better performances of the evening, and I was happy to see her advance to the semifinals. Her Flaws And All, however, was on the mediocre side, and it was understandable why she wasn’t voted through after that. I’m going off on my memory here, but I also think there were some issues about her attitude and personality, though I don’t really recall anything of that sort. Regardless, she was someone I enjoyed during the season.


    Vincent Powell


    Out of all the guys who didn’t make the finals, Vincent was the one who I was the most disappointed didn’t make it. His Cause I Love You was one of my favorite performances in the quarterfinals (which caused Zoanette to shout, “get it Papa Smurf!” 🤣), and I was happy to see him be picked to advance to the semis. His End Of The Road was OK, yet I was hoping he would somehow be voted into the finals. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, though I vastly preferred him to Curtis. Oh well.


    Season 13

    Because of the Rush Week format that prevented ten semifinalists from performing, I won’t post anyone from this season and besides, I barely remember the ones who did perform (and currently have no desire to go back and watch). 😂


    Season 14

    Adam Ezegelian


    This is probably an odd one, but I enjoyed Adam during the season. Though it came off as something that can be seen in any rock karaoke bar, I Wanna Rock was a lot of fun; also, I never expected to hear a Twisted Sister song on Idol, so that was pretty cool to see. I also kind of dug his take on I Want You Back. He probably would’ve worn thin had he lasted any longer (who am I kidding, considering the personalities that season, he would've been just fine, lol); however, he was someone I enjoyed during his brief stay on the show.


    Katherine Winston


    Katherine was someone who had a tone I absolutely loved. I also liked the laid back folk vibe she brought to the show. I enjoyed her performance of Safe and Sound, though I kind of agreed with Keith in that she could’ve felt the song a little more. As much as I hate to admit it, I also agreed with Harry when he said she probably would've been lost in the shuffle, which is what I think happened as the other ladies gave more memorable and dynamic performances. It’s too bad because I would’ve liked to hear more from her during the season.


    Season 15

    CJ Johnson


    CJ was someone who I thought had a nice voice. I was looking forward to seeing what he would do once the semifinals started. Unfortunately, he opted to sing the overdone I’ll Be, which while vocally fine lacked any sort of dynamics to help make the song more interesting. In addition, it felt like it was rushed and some of the cuts were weird and disrupted the flow of the song. I kind of liked his duet with David Cook, but it was all for naught as he wasn’t picked to move on, which is too bad because I liked him more than Manny at least. 🤷‍♂️


    James VIII


    James was a rather intriguing one for me. He auditioned with his friend Amber and of course, he made it to the semis while she didn’t (I wonder if there’ll ever be a scenario where the female moves on at least to the semis and the male doesn’t; I know it happened a couple of times in Hollywood). He always said he’s more of a guitarist than a singer, which often showed. Still, I kind of liked his take on Love Lockdown. I didn’t care for his duet with Caleb because he came across as more of a backing guitarist than a partner, yet he was probably more comfortable with that. I pretty much knew he wouldn’t move on, but I enjoyed him for the short time he was on Idol. Of course, we would later find out he’s Ashley Hess’ boyfriend, which was cool to see. 😆


    Stephany Negrete


    Sigh. :( Stephany was another semifinalist I was bitter about not moving on. Admittedly, most of it is for superficial reasons; however, I really did like her voice. I liked her Mama Knows Best, though it lacked the oomph that the Sarina-Joi Crowe version had the year before. I also really loved her duet with Ruben, which I felt was one of the better ones of the night despite its somewhat rough start. Unfortunately, she wasn’t picked to advance to the Top 14; I guess there was room for only one raven, long-haired, and exotic beauty, and Sonika was the one chosen to fill the spot. Still, I would’ve picked Stephany ahead of Gianna and/or Thomas (I would include Jeneve, but Jeneve was a huge guilty pleasure of mine, so I didn’t mind her being picked :ph34rwave:). Again, sigh. :(


    Season 11
    Aaron Marcellus
    Baylie Brown
    Hallie Day


    Season 12
    Breanna Steer
    Vincent Powell


    Season 13


    Season 14
    Adam Ezegelian
    Katherine Winston


    Season 15
    CJ Johnson
    James VIII
    Stephany Negrete


    Two more seasons to go! I'm still in the process of finishing them, so they may not be up tonight. With that said, I'll try to do so assuming I don't get too tired; if not, they should be up tomorrow night.

  7. I'll go ahead and post some more semifinalists now.


    Season 6

    A.J. Tabaldo


    The S6 males is widely considered to be one of the weakest groups of males in Idol history. With that said, I felt A.J. was definitely one of the better ones. Apparently, he auditioned five times before finally breaking through; talk about perseverance! I enjoyed both of his performances, Never Too Much and Feeling Good; also, I loved seeing him really get into the women’s performances while sitting in the crowd. 😂 He would be eliminated in the second round of the semis, which was unfortunate to see because I would’ve liked to see him at least make the finals.


    Leslie Hunt


    Leslie was this quirky girl who had a voice I was intrigued by. Unfortunately, she didn’t pick the best songs that would highlight her voice in the best light; this was especially true with A Natural Woman. Feeling Good was a little better, though the scatting at the end, while it was a nice effort, didn’t work at all. Speaking of the scatting, it gave one of the more epic swan songs when she said “why did I decide to scat?! Does America not care about jazz?!”. 🤣 She may have been too eccentric for the voters at the time; if she were to be able to fast forward through time and compete in S14, she would’ve fit right in with that group. 😆 Still, I enjoyed her despite some of her flaws.


    Sabrina Sloan


    In a season full of powerful and similar singers, someone was bound to be a casualty. In this case it happened to be Sabrina, who is considered to be one of the most "robbed" 🙄 contestants in Idol history. I knew a spot would be between Sabrina and Stephanie because I couldn’t see both of them in the finals. While Stephanie had the better semifinals run, I thought Sabrina had the bigger upside, so I would’ve gone with her. Her first two semifinals performances were really strong; however, Don’t Let Go (Love) was a letdown. I’m a huge En Vogue fan, and DLG is my favorite song of theirs, and unfortunately I don’t think Sabrina did a good job with it. With that said, I still liked her and wouldn’t have minded if she made the finals.


    Season 7

    Alexandrea Lushington


    Alexandrea was someone who I really liked during S7. I loved the urban flare she brought to the competition during her unfortunately short stay. Her Spinning Wheel was a highlight during the first week of the semis; I enjoyed the urban flair she brought to it. Sadly, If You Leave Me Now was on the boring and forgettable side, which would prove to be costly as she would be eliminated that week. One of the more memorable things about her elimination was Archie crying during her swan song; apparently the two were close from when they were on Star Search. Either way, it was disappointing to see her leave when she did.


    Kady Malloy


    Though I like Kady a lot to place her in my favorite semifinalists’ category, she was one of the more disappointing contestants. I really liked her voice and her Britney impersonations were fun; however, she really didn’t bring it to the competition. I liked A Groovy Kind Of Love, though it was a bit on the boring side; however, the judges ripped her apart after it. Honestly, I got Haley Scarnato flashbacks when they went after Kady the way they did after that performance. Sadly, it looked like Kady’s confidence was shaken after the harsh criticism because her next two performances were not good. Still, I hoped she would’ve made the finals instead of Kristy at the time, but it’s understandable why she didn’t. :(


    Season 8

    Ann Marie Boskovich


    Ann Marie was someone who I was looking forward to when the semifinals started. I liked the singer-songwriter vibe she had going for her. Unfortunately, she opted to sing Natural Woman, which was a song that did not fit to her strengths, though to be fair I thought she did a good job with it, all things considered. I also remember the exchange with Kara when Kara suggested for her to pick younger songs and Ann Marie replied with “songs not as good” or something along those lines. 😆 I don’t know if she would’ve advanced even if she did considering the group she was in, but it may have given her a better chance.


    Felicia Barton


    If I were to rank all of the semifinalists by numbers, there would be a good bet Felicia would be near the top of the list if not topping it outright. I just loved her voice, plus I didn’t hurt that I thought she was attractive. To think Felicia almost wasn’t part of S8; she was initially cut right before the Top 36 before being brought back due to Joanna Pacitti’s disqualification (which was 100% bogus BTW). She sang No One as a part of Group 3, and I thought she was in the Top 3 that evening. I was hoping she would be voted through to the finals, but it wasn’t meant to be. :( Next, I hoped she’d at least get to sing in the WC Round, but again no such luck. 😢 She probably would’ve been my favorite contestant had she gotten to the finals. 💔 It appears Felicia has done well for herself as a songwriter and background singer on Dancing with the Stars. Also, she was the lead singer of the DuckTales reboot theme song, which is pretty cool. Still, Felicia not advancing is one the big reasons I didn’t enjoy S8 as much as I would've liked.


    Kristen McNamara


    Kristen was another semifinalist I looked forward to when the voting rounds started. Apparently, she was on Nashville Star prior to being on Idol. She gave a solid performance of Give Me One Reason during Group 3 Night. However, she was up against some stiff competition, and I had a feeling her prospects of advancing weren’t the best. That feeling proved to be right as she didn’t advance nor was invited to participate in the WC Round. It makes me wonder if she would’ve done better in a different season. 🤷‍♂️


    Ricky Braddy


    Out of all the semifinalists of the season, Ricky had the strongest case of being a finalist. I don’t believe he was shown at all prior to the semifinals; therefore, the first time he was seen was when he sang A Song For You as a part of Group 1. I thought it was one of the better performances of the night and wouldn’t have minded if he were to be voted through. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case; however, he did get to participate in the WC Round where he gave another solid performance with Superstition. The judges, however, decided to go with other contestants and thus, Ricky’s time on Idol came to an end, which is too bad because I wouldn’t have minded seeing him in the finals. It looks as if Ricky went on The Voice; I'm not sure how he did, but it's good to see him still pursue music. 👍


    Season 9

    Alex Lambert


    Alex was one of the eliminations in what is considered to be one of the worst results shows in Idol history. He had a nice rasp to his voice though I didn’t pay him much mind at first, and his first semifinals performance Wonderful World didn’t do much to make me pay attention; in fact, I probably would’ve eliminated him after it. However, his next two performances Everybody Knows, and Trouble were very solid, and he certainly made a case for being a finalist. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough of a case for voters as he would be eliminated in the last round of the semifinals, which is too bad considering some who did make it to the finals.


    Joe Muñoz


    I don’t recall Joe receiving much, if any airtime prior to the voting rounds, so he wasn’t someone I was familiar with. With that said, however, I did like his performance of You And I Both; I felt it was one of the better vocals of the night and on the underrated side. At least I thought it was good enough for him to advance to the following week, but alas he was eliminated in the first round. I think the judges’ comments, especially Simon’s, may have hurt him some. Regardless, he was someone I wouldn’t have minded hearing more from.


    Katelyn Epperly


    Initially, I wasn’t going to put Katelyn in my semifinalist posting because I wasn’t as up in arms about her elimination as much as most were. However, since I was still on the fence with her, I decided to rewatch her performances and concluded that I like her more than I thought I did. Her first two performances, Oh Darling, and The Scientist were really good. I Feel The Earth Move was definitely her weakest and based on that, I understood why she didn’t advance; however, I probably still would’ve had her advance to the finals instead of some who did.


    Lilly Scott


    Unlike Katelyn, Lilly was someone I was disappointed who didn’t advance. I thought she was one of the better female contestants that season. I enjoyed all three of her performances and didn’t think she ever gave a bad one. If I were to guess why she didn’t advance, it would be because she was too similar to Crystal, and Crystal was seen as the superior one as well as the potential vote-splitting between the many singer-songwriter types on the female side. Moreover, I think there were some rumblings about her attitude as well, which may have also played a factor. Regardless, I was still disappointed Lilly wasn’t in the finals.


    Michelle Delamor


    Michelle was someone I liked during S9. I thought she had a really pretty voice and had potential; however, one poor song choice did her in. I thought Fallin’ was nice outside of the last note, which was off; however, she was encouraged by the judges to take more risks with her songs. She did just that the following week by singing With Arms Wide Open, which unfortunately was not very good. First, it was a Creed song which says enough. 🤮 Also, it appeared the song was too big for her, and she was unable to handle it. She would be eliminated that week which while not surprising, was disappointing because I thought she had more to bring to the table.


    Season 10

    Julie Zorrilla


    As much as it pains me to say this, Julie was one of the biggest disappointments as far as my favorite semifinalists go. I thought she showed a lot of promise prior to the semifinals. I remember loving her audition and the Something duet with Tim, so she was someone who I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, she picked one of the worst songs she possibly could with Breakaway, and the results were disastrous. Not only did I know she wouldn’t get voted through, I felt she ruined her chances of getting to sing in the WC Round, which proved to be the case. If she only picked a better song. Sigh. :(


    Lauren Turner


    Lauren was someone who I was really disappointed didn’t make the finals. I thought she gave one of the better performances of the semis with Seven Day Fool; it was my second favorite of the night behind only Pia of course. If it were up to me, she would’ve been voted into the finals, but the voters didn’t think so. What was even more disappointing was her not even getting an invite to participate in the WC Round because I felt her performance would’ve merited it. Oh well.


    Tim Halperin


    Tim was one of the guys I looked forward to at the beginning of the voting rounds. As I mentioned in Julie’s write-up, I loved their Something duet during the Las Vegas Rounds. Unfortunately, as with Julie, Tim had a bad song choice with Streetcorner Symphony. All things considered I didn’t think it was sung poorly; the problem was the song went nowhere, and Tim didn’t do enough to make the performance more interesting. Still, I wouldn’t have minded if he received a WC callback, but it wasn’t meant to be. Apparently, Tim appeared on Songland where he showcased an original song, so it appears he’s still plugging away at music, to which I say good for him.


    Season 6
    A.J. Tabaldo
    Leslie Hunt
    Sabrina Sloan


    Season 7
    Alexandrea Lushington
    Kady Malloy


    Season 8
    Ann Marie Boskovich
    Felicia Barton
    Kristen McNamara
    Ricky Braddy


    Season 9
    Alex Lambert
    Joe Muñoz
    Katelyn Epperly
    Lilly Scott
    Michelle Delamor


    Season 10
    Julie Zorrilla
    Lauren Turner
    Tim Halperin


    I'm going to stop here and post Seasons 11-15 in a separate post since I have those written up already.

  8. Today IS her birthday isn't it? It would certainly be a good time to start the Top 10. :haha: Unfortunately, I haven't even started on those write-ups yet. 😅


    Speaking of which, I may get back to the main list sooner than planned because I'm nearly done with the semifinals write-ups. I don't know if I'll be able to get them all done tonight, but I'll try. 👍

  9. 7 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I love the commentary! 😄 It’s good for me because it helps me discover/remember semi-finalists. 😅


    Good to see. Hopefully you'll see some you'll like/remember. 😄


    1 hour ago, miss denise said:

    You make some good points and this all definitely makes sense, I just don't know if I thought of it all that night. :haha:  It could very well be what happened. :( 


     :hug: lol I would personally rank my favorites based on just that - who is my favorite - so it would be valid for you to have her in your top 10 if that's the case. :yes: 


    Not sure I have a ton to say about the semi-finalists, but Angela, Kimberly, and Ayla (especially) are my favorites of the ones you posted so far. ❤️ 


    Yeah, but as mentioned, it all worked out for Chris in the end. 😄 I'm pretty sure he's happy where he is now. 👍


    I probably should've put her in the Top 10, if only to see some heads explode :haha:; however, I love everyone in my Top 15 (heck about Top 50 for that matter), so it all works out. Out of curiosity, was she the one you expected that I would be the most protective of? I would've dropped some clues but didn't see any opportunities to do so.


    Understandable about not having a lot to say about the semi-finalists; I'm finding it hard to do so myself. 😆 At least there are some favorites from the ones I posted thus far. 👍


    Speaking of which, the next set should be posted tomorrow evening.

  10. 7 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Won’t be paying much attention to the semi finalists since I’m not too familiar with a lot of them. I’m curious what your opinions are on some of the Season 10 ones though. 🤔


    😢 It's OK though. :hug: At least I hope you enjoy the commentary; I plan on finishing it by the end of the week if not sooner. I don't think I have too many S10 semifinalists I liked; I'll have to check it out later this evening.


    6 hours ago, Blirel said:

    I didn’t watch these seasons so it’s kind of fun to watch performances from them.

    A few fun facts:

    David Brown is a 4x Grammy Nominee under the name Lucky Daye. 

    Gedeon McKinney’s sister Evvie went on to win The Four. 

    Also looking back... Ayla Brown totally got robbed yikes. 


    Wow, 😮 good for David though. At least he appears to be doing fine.


    I heard about his sister winning that show. I would've watch it; however, I don't think I could've stomached having to sit through both Diddy and DJ Khaled at the same time. 🤢


    Yeah, I though Ayla was good enough to make the finals, but sometimes things don't always go as planned.


    6 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    Yay, semifinalists! This is fun.


    Season 1

    Alexis Lopez - Yes, I wish she would've made it too. The song choices did her in though.

    Angela Peel - Don't really recall her.

    Christopher Aaron - Same.

    Kelli Glover - Agree with that weird part of her voice. That's what ruined it for me but otherwise she was good.

    Melanie Sanders - Don't remember her at all.


    Season 2

    Chip Days - Another one I really don't recall.

    Equoia Coleman - Same.

    Hadas - Agree, I liked her.

    Kimberly Kelsey - Don't remember her either. These seasons were so long ago. 😅


    Season 3

    Katie Webber - One of my favorites. So sad she didn't make it through.

    Lisa Leuschner - 😭 Probably for me the most robbed semifinalist ever. And yes, so stupid they didn't even have her sing.

    Suzy Vulaca - Another one that should've made the finals.


    Season 4

    Aloha Mischeaux - I have to disagree here. She was OK for me at the beginning but then went downhill.

    David Brown - Would've been ok seeing him in the finals but also wasn't super disappointed when he didn't make it.

    Travis Tucker - I'm trying to remember his voice but I can't. I think I liked him though?


    Season 5

    Ayla Brown - I was so glad she didn't make it. 😅

    Gedeon McKinney - He was OK for me during the show. It was cool seeing him cheering his sister on during The Four. What a talented family.

    Patrick Hall - If I recall correctly, I was surprised he was eliminated because his voice was good but at the same time not so surprised because he didn't really stand out personalitywise.


    Season 1

    Alexis Lopez - Agreed

    Angela, Christopher, & Melanie - Fair enough

    Kelli - Pretty much agreed


    Season 2

    Chip, Equoia, & Kimberly - Fair enough

    Hadas - Yeah, me too :(


    Season 3

    Katie, Lisa, & Suzy - Agree with everything written about all three, especially Lisa. ☹️


    Season 4

    Aloha - Fair enough; we'll agree to disagree

    David - Sadly, I can't disagree with this

    Travis - Fair enough :haha:


    Season 5

    Ayla - Meanie! 😠 😛

    Gedeon - It does look as if his family are a talented bunch. :yes:

    Patrick - I can't say I disagree with what was written here


    I'll work on the next batch later this evening and see if I can have it posted some time tonight.



  11. I guess I'll go ahead and post the first set of semifinalists now. I've decided to list them by season and in no particular order. It's been difficult to find good pictures of some of them, so I've decided to post videos of my favorite performances of theirs. So without further ado...


    Season 1

    Alexis Lopez

    Alexis was someone who had a powerful voice, but she seemed to struggle with her song selections which was something the judges, especially Simon, harped on. Her two performances weren’t bad, but they didn’t showcase her in the best light. I Will Survive was fine; however, it’s difficult for that song not to come off as anything but karaoke.  She sang Saving All My Love For You during the WC Round, which wasn’t good enough, so it was easy to see why she wasn’t picked to move on. Apparently, she goes by the name Alexis Stone now and has performed under the name. I’m not sure if she’s still performing, however.


    Angela Peel

    During RJ Helton’s write-up, I mentioned there was someone who I hoped would be the WC pick (though I thought RJ definitely earned it); well, here is the one (though it would’ve been better if she were to be voted through to the finals instead of A.J.). I liked both of Angela’s performances during her brief stay. I thought Run To You was second best of the night behind only Kelly, and I liked As We Lay during the WC Round. For the latter, however, I’ll concede there were two performances that were better, so I understand why she wasn’t picked. Still, I would’ve loved to hear more from her.


    Christopher Aaron

    Christopher was this R&B guy who had a laid back vibe and a nice voice; however, he may have been too laid back because it appeared that he didn’t care if he did well or not. His performance of Still In Love was fine all things considered; it was enough for him to be called back to the WC Round. On Bended Knee, however, was the worst of the WC performances; this is where his laid back nature hurt him. It’s too bad because I would’ve liked for him to be better than what he turned out to be.


    Kelli Glover


    Kelli was someone with a really nice voice, except when she sang from her throat because she made this weird deep sound that sounded like a frog. This was prevalent in I Will Always Love You, in which she did the Whitney Houston version, which I am not a fan of as I said in Syesha’s write-up. Still, I had her as the third best of the night. She would be called back to perform in the WC Round where she sang How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, which I thought was the second best of the night behind only RJ. She wouldn’t be picked; however, I understand she resurfaced on America’s Got Talent years later still plugging along. I’m not sure how she did, as I don’t watch the show, but I hope all is well for her.


    Melanie Sanders

    Admittedly, this one is more of a thirst pick. :haha: Melanie was this tall beautiful girl who had a penchant for wearing outfits that emphasized her long legs, which I totally approved of. :ph34rwave:Shallowness aside, she also had a powerful voice, though she could overboard at times; this was the case in her semifinals performance of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going. With that said, I thought she did well enough to advance, though I didn’t have a problem with the three who did from her group. Still, it was a pity because I would’ve liked to have seen heard from her more.


    Season 2

    Chip Days


    Chip was someone who I was a fan of during S2. I thought he had a nice voice, and I liked his rendition of A Song For You during Group 4; I would’ve definitely liked to have seen him advance to the finals instead of Corey. Fortunately, he was invited to participate in the WC Round where he sang Rock With You. While it was good that he tried to show more personality, it wasn’t as good as ASFY. Still he (or anyone else for that matter) would’ve been a better pick than Carmen. Oh well.


    Equoia Coleman


    Equoia was someone who I kept an eye on during the season. I liked her performance of The Way We Were, though I’ll concede there were three performances that were better than hers that evening. Unfortunately, she may have rubbed some people the wrong way with her comments post-performance when she said her group was the best. Still, I would’ve liked for her to at least perform in the WC Round; alas, it wasn’t meant to be.




    Hadas was a really pretty girl who had a beautiful voice, which was showcased during her performance of You Light Up My Life. Despite not being a fan of the song, I thought she did a nice job with it. Sadly, she had the misfortune of being in the same group as Ruben, Clay, and Kimberley (who would be the Top 3 that season), so she had no chance of advancing from that group. Still, I would’ve liked for her to at least participate in the WC Round, especially over the four girls who were cut in Hollywood. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, which was too bad.


    Kimberly Kelsey


    Kimberly was someone I kept an eye on after seeing her sing My Heart Will Go On during the Hollywood Rounds. She sang It’s All Coming Back To Me Now as a part of Group 3 and while I liked it, I actually agreed with Simon when he said she was capable of being better than she was. Still, I would’ve liked for her to move on, but unfortunately she didn’t, and she never really got to showcase what she could do because she was one and done which was unfortunate.


    Season 3

    Katie Webber


    Katie was another pretty girl who I thought had a chance of making the finals. She started off well enough with Orange Colored Sky, which was an odd choice of a song; still, it was a performance I enjoyed. However, she was in the same group as Fantasia and Diana, so her chances of advancing were slim at best. Fortunately, she was called back to perform in the WC Round, where she sadly gave an underwhelming performance of So Emotional; she pretty much blew her chances with that one. Apparently, Katie has worked on Broadway post-Idol, so it looked like she was able to do something, which is good to see.


    Lisa Leuschner


    Lisa may not be my favorite semifinalist, but she is the one I’m the most upset about. She initially auditioned in S2 but was rejected mainly because of her weight. She came back in S3 while not being any slimmer but managed to make it to the semis. There she gave a solid performance of Sweet Thing, which I felt was head and shoulders above everyone else during the infamous Group 2; however, the voters thought differently and voted for Matt and Camile (who I like) to advance to the finals instead. Lisa would then be invited back for the WC Round; however, she didn’t get a chance to sing, which was completely ridiculous. What was the point of inviting the contestants back if they’re not going to have the chance to perform? Between that and Simon constantly picking on her weight, Lisa was someone who never really got a fair shake on Idol.


    Suzy Vulaca


    Suzy was another singer who I was disappointed about not making the finals. She had a strong performance in the semis with Un-Break My Heart, which despite me feeling it was the best performance of the night, wasn’t enough to advance to the finals. Fortunately, she was invited back for the WC Round and unlike Lisa, she was able to perform. She sang I Will Survive, which as I mentioned in my Alexis Lopez write-up, is difficult to do without it being karaoke; however, she was still one of the best of the evening. Unfortunately, she wasn’t picked to go to the finals; I guess they figured they had too many similar singers and one would have to be left behind, which in this case happened to be Suzy. If it were up to me, both Suzy and J-Hud would’ve been picked and Leah would’ve been left behind, but it is what it is.


    Season 4

    Aloha Mischeaux


    Aloha was someone I enjoyed during her unfortunately brief time on Idol. She was fun and had a good stage presence. I really enjoyed her Work It Out performance, which would be in my Top 3 of the night. Sadly, her You Don’t Know My Name was pretty weak, which would lead to her elimination. With that said, I still would’ve liked to have seen her last at least one more week, especially over Janay; however, S4 was a strong one for the ladies, so there would be some early casualties, and Aloha unfortunately would happen to be one of them.


    David Brown


    Ugh, David was someone who I hoped would be a lot better than he turned out to be. He really had a nice voice; unfortunately, he wasn’t the best at picking songs, plus he didn’t have much stage presence. Both of his performances, Never Can Say Goodbye and All In Love Is Fair, were on the boring side; therefore, it made sense for him not to advance any farther than he did. He is definitely someone who's on my short list of biggest disappointments.


    Travis Tucker


    As with David, Travis was someone else who I wanted to be better than he was. My Cherie Amour was fine, albeit on the boring side. All Night Long (All Night) was better and I thought on the underrated side. Finally, Every Little Step was tragic with the bad dancing and the beat-boxing (yes, someone beat-boxed on Idol before Blake; obviously Blake was much better at it, LOL). While I liked him, I didn’t mind his elimination too much after that performance, even with Constantine and Scott advancing. Oh well.


    Season 5

    Ayla Brown


    Ayla was someone many expected to make the finals in S5, so it was a bit of a shock when she didn’t. Her first two performances Reflection and I Want You To Need Me were both very solid, with the former being one of the better renditions on Idol. However, the judges wanted her to be younger and more contemporary, so she obliged by singing Unwritten the following week, which was her worst effort and may have caused her to miss out on the Top 12. Still, I probably would’ve had her in the Top 12 over Kellie or Lisa at the time, but what can be done. It looks like she was able to make some music post-Idol, so it appears Ayla did just fine despite not making the finals.


    Gedeon McKinney


    Out of all of the S5 semifinalists, Gedeon was the one who I was the most disappointed did not make the finals. Maybe he was too weird for the voters, but he could blow. Shout! was admittedly campy and over the top; however, his next two performances A Change Is Gonna Come and When A Man Loves A Woman were really strong despite the former having a bit of a rough start, and he certainly made a case for being a finalist. However, that wasn’t the case as he would be eliminated in the last round of the semis. I certainly would’ve had him in the finals over Kevin, but there was nothing that could be done.


    Patrick Hall


    Patrick was someone who I was impressed with the first time I saw him in Hollywood. I thought he had a chance to do well in the competition; however, he apparently received some bad advice from Paula, saying he should challenge himself and step outside of his comfort zone. He did with Come To My Window, which wasn’t bad all things considered. Unfortunately, he would be one and done, which is too bad because I felt he was better than a number of the guys that night. He would’ve been better off doing what he did best, especially since it was the first performance of the season and there was no need to step out of comfort zones yet. Alas, it wasn't meant to be for Patrick.


    Season 1

    Alexis Lopez

    Angela Peel

    Christopher Aaron

    Kelli Glover

    Melanie Sanders


    Season 2

    Chip Days

    Equoia Coleman


    Kimberly Kelsey


    Season 3

    Katie Webber

    Lisa Leuschner

    Suzy Vulaca


    Season 4

    Aloha Mischeaux

    David Brown

    Travis Tucker


    Season 5

    Ayla Brown

    Gedeon McKinney

    Patrick Hall


    I'll stop here for now. I realize it's a lot more difficult to write for the semifinalists since a majority of them didn't have much to work with, LOL. Next set will be my favorites from Seasons 6-10.

  12. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:

    025. Erika Van Pelt:  She never did much for me and I have no memory of her audition at all, sorry to say. :blushingwave: I don't know, I never connected much with her or really cared for her voice. 

    024. Ruben Studdard:  I love his voice; it makes me feel so warm and cozy. ❤️ :haha:  Of course I was/am a bigger Clay fan, but can be a fan of both, and I really like Ruben as well. It's a shame if he's considered a punching bag among fans, as I don't feel like that was the case back then. I remember him being well-loved. But yeah, he had a solid run and I like some of his music. I also love that him and Clay are still so close and even work together to this day. ❤️ 

    023. Vonzell Solomon:  I absolutely loved her and considered her my favorite of the season at the time. :wub:  Her version of "I Have Nothing" was my favorite on the show for a long time and may still be actually. She really shined on some of the uptempo numbers, but I loved her on ballads too. I loved "I Turn to You"... and "How Do I Live" has a soft spot in my heart. ❤️ I also thought her Top 5 performances were underrated. You naming all these brings back so many memories for me. :haha:  But yeah, I loved her and wanted her in the finale. I think I'm right in remembering they did that group performance after her elimination, which was so random and bizarre, but yes, she killed it. :haha: 

    022. Haley Reinhart: I have a lot of memories of this forum and when the love of Haley kicked in. :giggle: It's interesting because I took notice of her early on in Hollywood and was already a fan, but it took quite a bit longer for a lot of the Idol fandom to think much of her... and even longer for you. :haha:  "I wasn’t impressed at all with her performance of Fallin’ during the semis; in fact, I think I pretty much hated it. " :dead:  "She would go on to sing Blue the first week in the finals, which was a bit of a surprise because I would’ve never expected Haley to pick someone like LeAnn Rimes as her personal Idol. Either way, it was another performance I didn’t care for. " :lmao: I thought YRGAHOM was kind of when her breakthrough began, although even more so the following week on Elton John night.  Darn you still not being a fan yet. :haha: I'm shocked how late you latched on to her considering how high she ranks here, but glad you did finally become a fan. I felt like some outside factors (judges, vocal fans online)  kind of tainted my opinion of her and her run towards the end, but I considered her my favorite after Lauren and am still a fan. I also enjoy some of the music she's put out.

    021. Fantasia: Not a fan and unfortunately, the second description of her vocals you said is how it usually is for me. :blushingwave:  I did like a number of her performances though and don't mind her voice too much when she doesn't push too hard. At the same time, her tone is really not my favorite. But she is fun and gave us the :bobo: smiley which I love and use all the time, lol. I think I also like a song I heard from her post-show but I forgot what it's called.


    020. Chris Daughtry: He was one of my favorites of the season and is still one of my favorites post-show today. ❤️ I always loved his voice and tone so much. I didn't really feel the same as you with the screaming, at least for the most part... but I do love the softer parts of his voice that he'd show sometimes. ❤️ "Personally, I wasn’t surprised at the time; I would even go as far as saying I saw it coming." 😮 I'm surprised by this. I was so disappointed with his elimination, but it obviously all worked out. I've loved a lot of the music he's put out with Daughtry. He was also amazing and better than ever on The Masked Singer. ❤️ 

    019. Bo Bice: OMG I can hardly remember when the age limit was only 24. :dead: Yikes. Anyway, I wasn't a huge Bo fan, but I liked some of his performances. OMG I just remembered this song he had after the show called "The Real Thing" and how I'd see that on MTV. :haha:  I liked the song though. 

    018. La'Porsha Renae:  Also not a huge La'Porsha fan, although she has an amazing voice, of course. I guess I just didn't connect with her or something. 

    017. Allison Iraheta:  I absolutely love Allison so much.  That season was full of wonderful surprises between her and Kris. :wub:  I adore her voice and because of that loved pretty much everything she did. Her studio recordings were amazing too. I agree with your thoughts on her performances for the most part and ugh, "Cry Baby" was so good. :broken:  So sad she went home after that. I listened to her debut album quite a bit and liked it a lot... I absolutely love the song "Scars."  I'm sad she became a background singer. :( 

    016. Melinda Doolittle: She does rank somewhere among my favorites of the season, but I don't love her as much as a lot of people. I'm not sure what it is. I most preferred her uptempo performances and ones in unexpected genres. :haha:  I guess the rest gave me the old-fashioned feeling you mentioned or something that prevented me from feeling much. She's an great singer, but I connect more with others. lol this: "despite it being a song so obscure that even Martina McBride never heard of it." :lmao: 


    015. Haley Scarnato:  omg I did not expect to be mentioned on this write-up, but I absolutely love it. :giggle::wub: It is so true what you said! I definitely didn't expect Haley this high, and you have proved to have quite varied taste throughout this list. :haha:  It's fun to see. Haley is probably somewhere in the middle for me among the S6 finalists, but she did grow on me throughout, a lot in part from her studio recordings, which I enjoyed a lot. Ugh, I am sorry about those names she was called. :( I agree it wasn't right, and so true what was worn on the first season of the show. I agree she does have a pretty voice and I don't know if different song choices could have changed some viewers' minds on her or if it was too tough against the other big voiced girls. :( I did really like "Missing You" and that is probably my favorite? Actually, I enjoyed all the ones from the finals you named... except maybe TTBA. But I don't think I outright disliked any of her performances.  Ugh, that judges situation is annoying. I slightly remember it and would be so annoyed too if it was my favorite. It's too bad she couldn't be part of country night or release the album... and wow, horrible about a stalker. :(  Nice to hear the updates you found on her and hope she is doing well too. 

    014. Brooke White:  I love Brooke too and connected with her personality a lot right away. ❤️ I also really love her voice and some of her song choices really highlighted that and her style so well. I kind of forgot how her run in the finals went, although I shouldn't have. She did have most of my favorite performances early on, and it's a shame things were a bit of a letdown. :(  She was my second favorite, so I hoped she would advance further, but at least she left on one of her best performances. I still love her and like a lot of the music I've heard from her, as well.

    013. Pia Toscano: I really like Pia too and love her voice, although I do prefer some others over her. I actually took more notice of her pre-semis when she was singing more contemporary songs and I think her particular song choices on the live shows interested me less than them just being ballads and more because they felt overdone or something. Although more variety would have also been nice. She has such an amazing range and beautiful tone though. It's a shame she didn't get to show more. "The only negative I had about it was the outfit; you mean to tell me Gwen Stefani didn’t have anything for a woman as beautiful as Pia that would’ve been better than the cow getup she wore?" :dead:  Mostly cracking up at Gwen Stefani making another appearance in your write-up.  Oh, and I also love Pia's song "This Time." Sad she didn't release much else. :( 

    012. Jessica Meuse: I was never a fan, unfortunately, although I do really like her song "Blue Eyed Lie." That was my favorite thing she did. Maybe I could enjoy her more on rewatch, but I also have no desire to rewatch that season, lol. I think I've heard some more music from her following the show though that I liked.

    011. Candice Glover:  I like Candice a lot and I kind of forget how much I do at times. Her voice is amazing and she has a tone that I love. She really could do anything and had so many standout and strong performances. I loved her in that trio with Jessica and DeAndre. :wub:  That whole thing was amazing. But yeah, she was an easy standout on S12 and I was happy with her winning (if it couldn't be Angie). Yikes your comments on her WIWYM performance though. I think that was probably one of my favorites. :haha: 


    Wow top 10! I missed a few days in here, but glad I didn't miss the start of that. 😄 Some names I did not expect to see, although most aren't too surprising. I'm excited to see your thoughts and how you'll rank them. I wish I could predict, but I just have no idea how, so I guess no more trophies for me. :dead: 



    Ah okay! That will be interesting to see. I'm all caught up now. :haha:  You can of course post whenever you want, but thanks for being willing to wait. :hug:  Best of luck with your labs. 


    025. ☹️ Fair enough about the opinion though. I just loved her voice the moment I heard it and would go as far as saying it was my favorite voice of the season.

    024. Pretty much agree with everything here except I'm a bigger Ruben fan than Clay fan. :haha:

    023. I wanted her in the finale as well, but it was destined to be a Carrie/Bo showdown, though an argument could've been made for all three of them to be there. At least she managed to make it all the way to third.

    022. Yeah, it took me longer than others to latch on. :haha: As I mentioned earlier, I was more intrigued by her fighting spirit and staying power than her performances, which was the lone thing outside of Casey that kept me interested in the season after losing Naima and Pia. I'm not a fan of some of the outside factors as well, but I manage to filter most of it out and focus on her and her music.

    021. Fair enough about everything. This smiley is certainly a fun one to use. :bobo:


    020. I enjoyed him through the season as well; it's just sometimes he would overdo the screaming. As for his elimination, I thought it was a perfect storm of a variety of factors. Taylor was practically Teflon and wasn't going anywhere. Elliott had what is considered to be the best night of the four, so I'm sure he gained a lot of casual votes along with his fanbase. Katharine was perceived to had a bad night, so her fanbase went into overdrive to save her. Where did that leave Chris? He wasn't good enough to earn any new voters, nor was he bad enough to send his fanbase into a voting frenzy. Also, there was this idea that it was thought that Chris was practically guaranteed to move on, so his fans may have voted for their secondary favorites. As a result, he managed to slip through the cracks and thus his elimination. Of course, this is all speculation on my behalf; who knows what really happened. 🤷‍♂️

    019. Yeah, it seemed like eons ago when the maximum age limit was 24. :lmao: Fair enough about everything else.

    018. ☹️ Fair enough though

    017. Yeah, she and Megan were the bright spots for me that season. I kind of liked Kris, but not enough to be a mega-fan or anything like that. Back to Allison, her elimination pretty much killed any positive feelings I had for S8 at that point. I think she's better than being a background singer, but at least she's still working in the music industry.

    016. Fair enough about her. I can see how she could struggle connecting to others despite being a great singer.


    015. Aww thank you. :hug: My ranking of her certainly raised a few eyebrows, that's for sure. 😂 To be honest, I strongly thought about putting her in my Top 10, but I decided to have SOME objectivity regarding her and felt that Top 15 was just fine. :lmao: Pretty much agree with everything said except her being in the middle of the pack of course. ;)

    014. Not much to say but agree with just about everything written here. :thumbs:

    013. Needless to say I wasn't much of a fan of Gwen Stefani's AI appearances. :dead: As much as I love her, I would've liked to have seen more variety as well. Maybe she would have done so if she wasn't eliminated so early.

    012. :( Fair enough though; at least you liked BEL and some of her post-Idol stuff 👍

    011. Pretty much agree with everything here except for WIWYM being one of my favorites.


    Yep, you just made it! I'll get started on the Top 10 as soon as I'm done with the semifinalists which will hopefully be within the next few days. I'm anticipating the reactions of others when I unveil them as well! Hopefully, it'll be an enjoyable experience, even if there are some disagreements. 👍


    I just finished my labs and will post the first semifinalist set hopefully within the next few minutes. 👍

  13. 3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    I'm sooo behind, but hoping to fully catch up this evening! Don't finish without me. 😢 :haha:  


    As of right now, I'm planning on listing my first batch of favorite semifinalists some time this evening; however, I don't mind waiting for anyone to catch up and besides, I have some labs to do tonight anyway. 😐


    2 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    020. Chris Daughtry - Favorite of season 5, I Walk the Line was my favorite performance I'd ever seen on Idol up to that point. Should've won his season.

    019. Bo Bice - As I said in Carrie's write-up, he and Bo were one of my favorite top 2's across all the seasons. He might have been slightly more consistent than her but she had the higher highs in my mind. IAD is overrated by love Vehicle, IDWB, and Spinning Wheel.

    018. La'Porsha Renae - She and Trent were such a strong final 2. ❤️ NMD and Diamonds were awesome! 

    017. Allison Iraheta - My favorite from season 8 as well. ❤️  Met some friends on here through this forum and we loved watching her journey. Loved her stuff with Halo Circus as well, hope she goes back to releasing music soon.

    016. Melinda Doolittle - One of the most consistent contestants ever. Should've won her season!


    020. An argument can be made for him winning his season; however, it appears not winning was the best thing to happen to him :haha:

    019. Fair enough about him being more consistent but Carrie having higher highs

    018. Pretty much agree with everything here

    017. Nice to see you met some friends here through her journey. 👍 I hope she goes back to releasing music too

    016. Can't say I disagree with anything written here 👍 :haha:

  14. 3 hours ago, blackfield said:

    she did it in the semis or a wildcard round. not the finals which what this ranking is. he already mentioned it earlier in jena's part. so jess and alex were the first to do originals on the show basically but because jess performed first that week she is the first to do one. 


    Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. Jessica was the first to perform an original song in the finals, which is what the clue was referring to.

  15. 4 hours ago, Elliott said:

    Catching up on what I've missed which has been a lot. :haha:


    055. Anoop Desai: He was alright. I didn't have any strong feelings on him, but he was one of the better parts of S8, I suppose.

    054. Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: I liked him more in S17, but he's fallen on my list somewhat.

    053. Laci Kaye Booth: I liked more than I was expecting to in S17. I would've preferred her being the top girl over Madison, but I didn't agree with her getting saved over Jeremiah.

    052. Clay Aiken: Not a fan.

    051. Kris Allen: I had him as a dark horse pick, so I was pleased to see him last so long in the season and eventually win. I've really enjoyed his post-Idol music as well.

    050. Skylar Laine: I was expecting to not like her (since this was right about Lauren was TCO), but she impressed me and delivered several great performances.

    049. Nikko Smith: I liked him well enough.

    048. Naima Adedapo: One of my favourites from S10. I was sad to see her leave as early as she did, because she added some excitement to the season.

    047. Didi Benami: Should've been saved, imo. Strong contestant and I didn't think her Top 10 performance was the worst of the night.

    046. Megan Joy: One of my least favourite contestants ever. I hated everything she did and wouldn't have put her anywhere close to being in the Top 9.

    045. David Archuleta: I had an up and down relationship with him on the season; I liked him, but I liked others more, and I was annoyed the judges were ignoring his faults were overly critiquing some of the others. But I was fine with him being in the finale, and I've enjoyed the music he's put out post-Idol. I'd have him higher on my personal list.

    044. Angie Miller: I loved her in S12, but my love for her has faded over the years. I enjoyed the EP she put out under her own name, but I'm not too familiar with her Zealyn stuff.

    043. Jordin Sparks: I hated her in S6, and was disgusted she won when I'd have eliminated her far earlier than the finale. She's grown on me post-Idol, though, and I've enjoyed seeing her grow as a performer and singer. I'd probably have her around this spot. 

    042. Avalon Young: Should've been in the top three with Trent and La'Porsha.

    041. George Huff: He was a favourite of mine in S3 and I was sad to see him get so sick towards the end. I haven't listened to much of his post-Idol stuff, but I love that he and Jennifer Hudson are still friends.

    040. Syesha Mercado: Queen ❤️ She turned in so many great performances in S7 and was given dust by the show until they decided to randomly start pushing her over Jason and Brooke when those two were tanking.

    039. Trent Harmon: Disgusted by this low placement. 💔 I loved him in S15 and he's easily one of my all-time favourite contestants. He's been incredible every time I've seen him live, and is great with his fans. IMO, the second best male contestant after David Cook.

    038. Maddie Poppe: I'm pretty neutral on Maddie. She was a solid contestant and a deserving winner, but I never really connected with her all things considered, and her fanbase on IDF during season 16 was exhausting to deal with.

    037. Mandisa: Robbed in S5. I've liked what I've heard of her post-Idol music, but it's not really my cup of tea.

    036. Trenyce: One of my favourites from S2. I would've much preferred her staying over Ruben.

    035. Dennis Lorenzo: He managed to impress me in the live shows (after Rude, anyway). He kind of got screwed by the voting closing so soon after his performance, but I don't think there was really any way for him to survive that first elimination anyway.

    034. Paris Bennett: One of my favourites in S5, but I wouldn't rank her this high. The Show Must Go On is my favourite of her performances, though.

    033. Kree Harrison: Loved her in S12, but I haven't stayed too much up-to-date with her post-Idol career. Everything I know about her is via my husband, since she was his favourite in S12.

    032. Jurnee: I would've had her win S16. I knew the voting public wouldn't get behind her which was upsetting.

    031. Clark Beckham: Far and away the best contestant from S14. Him not winning was an absolute travesty, but at least it was to Nick and not Rayvon or JAX. 🤮

    030. Hollie Cavanagh: I liked her in S11, but haven't really followed her much post-Idol. She was also far better than Jessica, imo, so of course the judges would back Jessica in that battle.

    029. Jennifer Hudson: I like her most for her post-Idol career than I did on Idol (though I did enjoy her there). That said, I would've preferred her sticking around over LaToya from that bottom three.

    028. Caleb Johnson: He's the definition of cringe. He turned in some solid performances (and I loved his performances of Dazed and Confused & Faithfully), but it was hard to still care about him after his non-apology over calling his fans the R-word. I never really got why the show decided to back him so much, because everything about him just screamed that he was destined to be the lead singer of an 80s karaoke tribute band, which is exactly what he's doing with his career now. As long as he's happy, I suppose...

    027. Carrie Underwood: She was terrible in season four, and I don't think she was a deserving winner in the slightest compared to Bo and Vonzell. Her post-Idol success speaks to itself, though, and I have enjoyed most of the singles she's put out. I wouldn't consider myself a stan, but I guess I'm a fan.

    026. Nadia Turner: My favourite from S4. I loved her spunk and vibe, and wished she'd lasted longer. Her final song choice did her no favours, but considering Scott and Constantine were still there... #choices

    025. Erika Van Pelt: Her getting eliminated over HeeJun will never not be horrifying.

    024. Ruben Studdard: Not a fan. One of my least favourite winners.

    023. Vonzell Solomon: I liked her in S4, though she was inconsistent at times. That said, I would've much preferred her in the finale over Carrie.

    022. Haley Reinhart: Easily the single most overrated contestant in Idol history. The love this place has for her is absolutely baffling and maddening. With the sole exception of BATJ, was terrible for the first half of her run, then largely mediocre up until her final... three weeks? Even then, she still turned in two terrible performances in Earth Song and You Oughta Know. At the time, I'd have taken her over Scotty and Lauren, but more just because of lack of good options than because she was actually deserving.

    021. Fantasia: Love Fantasia! One of my favourite winners and contestants in general.

    020. Chris Daughtry: He was my favourite in S5, but I've actually grown to love him more over the years. My husband and I ran into him and his wife at Kelly Clarkson's contestant last year, and they were super nice. It's been nice seeing him get so involved with LBGT organizations in the last year or so, as well.

    019. Bo Bice: Loved him on S4, but haven't really cared for most of his post-Idol music. His messiness in the last few years has soured him on me, too.

    018. La'Porsha Renae: She was solid in S15 and wound up as my second favourite of the time, but all of the things she's done and said about gay people since has turned me off of her. I wouldn't really consider myself a fan of hers anymore.

    017. Allison Iraheta: Loved her! She and Kris were my Top 2 during S8, and I loved seeing her slay so many weeks. I was upset (but not surprised) that she kept landing in the B3, and her elimination over Scream On still infuriates me to this day.

    016. Melinda Doolittle: Flawless vocalist and insanely hilarious. I didn't really care for Michael Slezak, but I loved her verbally bitch slapping him every week for his terrible opinions. :giggle:

    015. Haley Scarnato: lol I also rank Haley Scarnato far higher than most people would. Not this high, but I'm kind of living for it nonetheless. :giggle:

    014. Brooke White: I liked her in season seven, but it seemed obvious once we got to a certain point that the stress of Idol was getting too much for her. I think had she left at Mariah week, it would've been better for her, though she did at least get to go out on a high note to I Am I Said, which was one of my favourites of hers.

    013. Pia Toscano: ugh so f*cking robbed. She easily should've won S10, and while I said earlier that I didn't have any issues with Casey getting saved at the Top 11, it was sad to see that not be an option for her. Her music post-Idol has been pretty catchy, too.

    012. Jessica Meuse: She was my favourite in S13, though I didn't really care for her CD that she put out. I was hoping she would've kept the rock vibe going, but it was too country for my liking.

    011. Candice Glover: She absolutely demolished S12 and had one of the best winner runs among all the seasons. Lovesong and her reprise of I Who Have Nothing are easily my two favourite performances from that season. Shame that Idol didn't really do much to promote her post-season, but it was clear they wanted to wash their hands of that season.


    I was wondering where you've been. :haha: I'll see if I can reply to everything in the short time frame I have.


    055. Fair enough

    054. Understandable. It's been kind of the same for me as well though I still like him

    053. Fair enough about the last sentence. I would've liked for her to be the last female standing but agree about Jeremiah being more save worthy.

    052. Fair enough

    051. I was happy to see him win as well, especially when it came down to him, Danny, and Adam

    050. Pretty much the same. Speaking of Lauren, I'd like to think Skylar was who they wanted Lauren to be 🤷‍♂️

    049. Fair enough

    048. Agree with everything here

    047. Pretty much agree, especially with her Top 10 performance not being the worst of the night (*cough* Sweet Love *cough*)

    046. 💔 😢 I guess it's fair seeing I ranked some of your favorites low 😆

    045. Fair enough about what was written here, except I haven't really listened to much of his stuff post-Idol

    044. Fair enough

    043. Pretty much the same except I don't think I hated her as much as you did apparently 😅

    042. Agreed

    041. Agree with everything written here

    040. Yeah pretty much :haha:

    039. A couple of years ago he would've been lower,  but he has grown on me. Good to see he's great live and great with his fans

    038. Fair enough

    037. I would've liked to seen her go farther as well, and I enjoyed some of her post-Idol stuff

    036. Replace Ruben with Josh and I would agree with everything written here

    035. Pretty much agree sadly

    034. Fair enough

    033. Fair enough

    032. Yeah, it was too bad the voters didn't really get behind her. I was really disappointed she wasn't one of the Top 7 vote getters. ☹️

    031. Objectively, he was the best, but I still have one more to rank. Agree with the last sentence, especially regarding JAX

    030. Pretty much agree here

    029. Pretty much agree except for the LaToya part, seeing she hasn't been ranked yet :haha:

    028. Fair enough about everything written here though I liked him

    027. I wouldn't go as far as calling her terrible, but I can't say I disagree with everything else

    026. Pretty much agree with everything except being my favorite, though she was at one point

    025. Agreed ☹️

    024. ☹️

    023. Pretty much agree

    022. At the beginning of the season I felt the same way. However, after losing Naima and Pia in back-to-back weeks, outside of Casey her underdog journey was the most interesting part of the season for me. While I'm not a die-hard, I do like her and enjoyed a lot of her stuff post-Idol.

    021. Agreed

    020. Good to see he and his wife we're super nice. Speaking of his wife, didn't she come out as bi-; if so, it may explain his involvement in the LGBT organizations, which is still a great thing 👍

    019. Fair enough

    018. Fair enough

    017. Agree with nearly everything except Kris being in my Top 2. Her being eliminated after Scream On is one of the bigger disappointments ☹️

    016. Agree with everything written here. At least Slezak was good for something :haha:

    015. ❤️ :haha:

    014. Fair enough about her leaving after Mariah Carey week, seeing that's when things really started going south for her. Agreed about her leaving on a positive note at least

    013. Pretty much agree except Scotty was winning no matter what :haha:

    012. Although I enjoyed her album, I agree with being disappointed it was more country than rock.

    011. Pretty much agree with everything here


    What do you know, I did manage to reply to everything,:haha: just in time too. 

  16. 53 minutes ago, blackfield said:


    can i change the clues between brooke and candice because i  am pretty sure the other 3 are correct: 


    015. Haley Scarnato - From flexible body to flexible vocals: she was a gymnast as a child. 

    014. Brooke White -Great expectations & letdowns   she has an album called high hopes and heartbreaks.. 

    013. Pia Toscano - Queen of NHL royalty: she performed at every game of the LA kings. hockey team. 

    012. Jessica Meuse - The first 'original' finalist:   the first finalist to perform an original. 

    011. Candice Glover - Talking tunes?  her album is called music speaks.. 


    Those were the two that needed to be switched! Since the clues were explained clearly, I won't expand on them any further.


    50 minutes ago, x3 because of u said:

    015. Haley Scarnato - WAY too high for me haha.. I didn't like her at all during her season but after a rewatch, I have to say she's not all that bad. Her upper register bothers me though.

    014. Brooke White - Yes, she's just the best. I want to be her friend. And her voice is so nice to listen to as well.

    013. Pia Toscano - I was a Pia fan before Idol. I remember seeing a video of her where she was trying to sing at the Grammys or something like that, and I was blown away. When I found out she was going to be on Idol I was so excited. 9th place was definitely much too early for her to go. 😭

    012. Jessica Meuse - Love Jessica! I don't recall her season much but I remember rooting for her all the way.

    011. Candice Glover - Undeniable talent but she's another that I felt the judges raved too much about. 😅 Deserving winner but I was more Team Kree (and Angie). Fun fact though: I bought my ticket to my local Idol show the morning of and ended up sitting next to her family. One of her cousins had dental surgery that day and couldn't make the show so they gave me his backstage pass. 😁 Candice was super nice and I got to meet a majority of the other Idols (Lazaro was awkward, Paul Jolley was my favorite). 🙃


    015. 😢, but at least she grew on you some during the rewatch. 😁

    014. Pretty much agree with everything written here.

    013. Yes, her leaving when she did was too early for her; unfortunately, she was unable to get the votes. ☹️

    012. Nice to see you were rooting for her despite not recalling the season. :haha:

    011. Fair enough about the judges raving too much about her, but then again they raved about all of the women that season except Janelle. :haha: Lucky for you that you were able to sit next to her family and getting a backstage pass where you were able to meet a majority of the Idols. 👍

  17. 1 hour ago, blackfield said:

    finally have time to finish writing this. sorry i am late. this set has another fav in common and two of my least fav seasons and if you ask me the worst seasons 6 and 12. here is a try at the clues. and thank you wiki for some info.



    015. Haley Scarnato - From flexible body to flexible vocals: she was a gymnast as a child. can't really remember her much. 

    014. Brooke White - Talking tunes? because she used to talk to the judges during critics..  loved the faces she made when she talked to judges like she was talking to a toddler.. loved her early on until her meltdown. also loved her duet with michael johns after idol.. 

    013. Pia Toscano - Queen of NHL royalty: she performed at every game of the LA kings. hockey team. not my fav. she is an example that  nice voice is NOT enough. you need personality. and she was boring with capital b. 

    012. Jessica Meuse - The first 'original' finalist:   the first finalist to perform an original. and one of my fav. yes!! another one in common!! but the last one in common. i agree with you that the judges went out of their limb to criticize her about everything while giving praise to others over the same things. it was annoying and felt unfair. i didn't like some of her choices but loved her voice and arrangements. however i wasn't following her much after idol and i just recently found out her album which reminded what i loved about her. also loved her duet with bo bice. loved her original BEL. 

    011. Candice Glover - Great expectations & letdowns the worst season in idol history. don't care. her career went nowhere after pushing her  to win. 



    3/5 as far as the guesses are concerned.


    015. Can't really say anything here

    014. Fair enough about her

    013. You made it quite clear you weren't a fan of hers, so this doesn't bother me much. :haha:

    012. Not much to say but pretty much agree with everything written

    011. Sadly, this may be true. :(


    I'll explain the clues and post the first set of semifinalists tomorrow evening because I'm calling it a night. The time then can be used to catch up or anything else.

  18. 4 hours ago, psterina said:

    It's been a while for me, but since 2 of my Top 5 (My Top 5 being Siobhan Magnus, Julia Gargano, Ashley Hess, Jessica Meuse & Candice Glover ... in that order) have shown up, and 2 of my Top 20 have shown up (Allison Iraheta, Pia Toscano), it's time to comment. Glad to see them ranking this high on your list. 


    Allison Iraheta - was my 3rd favorite from S8, after Adam Lambert & Jackie Tohn.  Allison, was always very professional & comfortable on a stage, and was quite impressive, considering how young she was.  I did catch several videos, of her post Idol career, especially with Halo Circus. Glad to still see her out there performing


    Pia Toscano -  To me, her version of River Deep Mountain High, is THE best version out there. Yes ... I said that. It was shocking to everyone, when she was let go so early. I have not really kept up with her post Idol career, although I know she is doing pretty well. 


    Jessica Meuse - My definite favorite from S8. LOVED The Crow & The Butterfly & Blue Eyed Lie. I have somewhat kept up with her post idol, and watched some of her Stage It concerts. Jessica was bussed by the judges, and it was obvious. Glad to see her out there, still making music


    Candice Glover - To this day, when I hear I Who Have Nothing and Love Song ...  I STILL get chills. Candice is amazing. She was most definitely a most deserving winner.  I haven't really kept up with her post Idol career as much as I should. That may have to change. 


    Also ... and this will be off topic, but I don't know where else to put this ...  Ashley Hess's audition video is blowing up. I noticed it 4 days ago, that the viewership, had gone WAY UP. I mean ... WAY UP.  I wrote it down, to see if I was imagining it. I wasn't. It went from 3,401,967 views on 7/23/20 to 3,835,746 views this morning.  That is over 430,000 views in 4 days. The comment section is blowing up, as well. Katy's face on this video, is my face, when I noticed the number of views :P  Great to see this happening, though







    Glad to see you approve of some of your all time favorites appearing where they are!


    Allison: I pretty much agree with everything here, except she was my S8 favorite and unfortunately not watching some of her videos post-Idol. 🙁 Yes, it's good to see her still performing. 👍


    Pia: You know what, I'm actually inclined to agree about her version of River Deep, Mountain High being the best. 😅 Agree with everything else written.


    Jessica: I wish she did compete in S8; she would've made that season much better. 😉 Pretty much agree with everything else.


    Candice: Agree with everything here, though I'll add Don't Make Me Over to the list.


    No worries about the Ashley Hess audition being posted here, it's a good place for it (*SPOILER ALERT*, she WILL be making an appearance in my favorite semifinalists list :haha:).


    2 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments on the singers from 15 to 11:


    15. Haley:  I would have placed her a lot lower but I can be protective of my favorites too.  She might have done better on a different season.

    14.  Brooke:  she just wasn’t good under pressure.  It’s a real shame.

    13:  Pia:  the Save should have been used on her, not Casey.

    12.  Jessica Meuse:  I liked her okay.  This is a fairly good spot for her.  But her problem with that stage mother caused a bad first impression for many, I fear.

    11:  Candice:  I would have placed her higher than Quentin.  She deserved to win her season, as she was the best.


    15. Fair enough; I think I've seen how protective you are of your favorites first hand. :haha: Agreed she would probably have done better and be more appreciated in a different season.

    14. It truly is a shame the pressure of Idol was too much for her to handle. ☹️ 💔

    13. In hindsight, absolutely. However, I doubt the judges foresaw her leaving as early as she did when they saved Casey. 😕

    12. Unfortunately, you may be right about the interaction with the stage mother may have left a bad first impression on others. 😐

    11. Fair enough about placing her above Quentin. Agree with the last sentence.


    45 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

    025. Erika Van Pelt - I really liked her tone, especially in New York State of Mind but I was rooting for other contestants more. Hee jun still had no business outlasting her. 🤮

    024. Ruben Studdard - Obviously a great vocalist but his performances became samey and predictable. I liked him but K-Lo and Clay.

    023. Vonzell Solomon - Her performance of People was the first Idol performance I saw. :wub: Rooted hard for her throughout the season behind Carrie and Bo. 

    022. Haley Reinhart - I didn't expect her to show up until the single digits. I loved watching her underdog run in S10 when I started watching again after Pia's robbery and I loved IWHN and WWAWSNB, but sometimes she sounded like a little girl who was throwing in the growls. So I'm a fan I guess but not a very big one.

    021. Fantasia - Love her, such a worthy winner for S3; Summertime is one of the greatest performances on the Idol stage. In addition to pouring emotion into her songs she was great at up-tempo songs too.


    025. Fair enough. Heejun outlasting her was a disappointment for sure, especially given the performances both of them had. 🙁

    024. Fair enough.

    023. Yeah, I rooted hard for her as well. I was happy to see her make it as far as she did considering how much trouble I thought she was in early on.

    022. You know what, if she gave the same type of quality performances she did late in the season earlier, she may have very well been in the single digits. Pretty much agree about everything else.

    021. Not much to say but agree with everything written here. 👍

  19. 15 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    Ha ha! 😂 To be honest, it’s probably Pia’s and someone else’s that need to be swapped. I have the habit of guessing someone will be in a set because one clue, and they end up in the set, but go along with a different clue! 😅 I think I’ll let someone else try to guess the clues. 🙂


    Fair enough about having someone else guess the clues. 😅 If no one gets them right by this evening, I'll explain them.

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  20. 43 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    I swapped around Brooke and Jessica’s clues. 


    Unfortunately, those weren't the two that needed to be swapped. 🙁


    43 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    While she is my favorite from Season 5, she isn’t one of my all-time favorites. Funnily enough, Katharine and Pia have both worked with David Foster. One is just a little closer to him than the other... 😅


    😂 at one being closer to David Foster than the other. I've watched a few videos of the two performing with him, and this may be my favorite of the bunch:



    All three ladies did their thing! :wub:

  21. 11 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Here’s my comments on the singers from 20th place to 16th:


    20.  Chris was very good but he wasn’t my cup of tea.  Also, I agree that he’s probably better off as a front man for a band than as a solo performer.

    19.  Bo was very good, but he was never my favorite.

    18.  Maybe it’s just as well La’Porsha didn’t win, given what Borchetta was like.  But I still preferred her to Trent.

    17.  I’m not fond of hard rock, as I’ve said several times, but I voted for Allison at the Final 4 and I thought that she should have gotten past Danny into the Final 3.

    16.  Melinda was my favorite in Season 6 and I was so devastated when she was eliminated.  She was a bit too much like Jordin in terms of vocal talent and she started near the top which meant that she had less room to improve, however.


    Finally:  Haley is your favorite from Season 6?  What the heck?!


    20. Fair enough.

    19. Again, fair enough

    18. Agreed, though I like Trent and was happy he was the one to win if it wasn't La'Porsha

    17. Pretty much agree except I do like hard rock

    16. Some good points, especially the last sentence. Jordin had a lot of upside whereas Melinda was more of a finished product. It was disappointing to see her eliminated when she was; however, I pretty much knew it was coming after Jordin was the first one announced to be in the finale.


    Yes, Haley is my S6 favorite 😆; I explained why in my write-up. She and Melinda were my Top 2, and if I were ranking them based on their Idol runs, Melinda would've been first easily. However, I decided to go with my heart, and Haley was the one who won out. ❤️


    10 hours ago, ~Tom~ said:

    030. Hollie Cavanagh - Ugh, one of the few overrated ones (on here at least) in season 11. I feel she got by on her likable personality rather than actual great performances, and I found her bland and her tone wasn't my favorite. 

    029. Jennifer Hudson - I pretty much agree with your thoughts on all her performances. Robbed but she;s had the last laugh, love her. 

    028. Caleb Johnson - Caleb was my favorite of a very mediocre season, but he was like a default favorite and since I typically have female favorites with vocals, his performances were easy to enjoy. 

    027. Carrie Underwood - My favorite Idol ever based on post-Idol work. Her season was the first I ever watched and the reason I continued to watch Idol was because she won. I lovd so many of her Idol performances and it's been so great to watch my first Idol favorite go from success to succes. Her and Bo remains one of my favorite top 2's and her Crying performance is my favorite ever. ❤️ 

    026. Nadia Turner - I started watching midway through so I only saw her top 9 and top 8 performances and I loved top 9, but I also loved most of her others when I watched the season back. I even loved Time After Time and found it underrated. One of the most interesting performers of the season and she had that "it" factor. 


    030. I respect the opinion, though I disagree. 👍 It appears quite a few feel that way about her. :haha:

    029. Not much to say here but agree.

    028. Pretty much agree with the exception of him being my favorite (but hey, being 2nd isn't too bad :haha:).

    027. This seems to be the way a lot of people feel about her. It's been great to see how much her career has flourished. The Top 2 of her and Bo is definitely one of the best ones Idol's had. 👍

    026. Agreed her, though sadly I wasn't much of a fan of Time After Time.


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    My Opinions


    -From flexible body to flexible vocals- Haley Scarnato. This write-up was probably my favorite so-far to read! 😂 I love that you care for her so much! 😄 While I would have ranked her lower, I’m glad you gave her the recognition she deserved. 👍


    -Great expectations and let downs- Brooke White. I would say she was the biggest disappointment of Season 7, but that’s not valid seeing as Jason Castro exists. 😅 However, the reason Brooke is my 5th favorite finalist from Season 7 is because of her winning personality. She is so sweet and I just loved her so much (though not as much as David Cook’s personality, which I’ll talk about when he’s ranked). Let It Be was an amazing performance and it’s unfortunate it went downhill from there. I agree that her and Jason should have been in the bottom 2 instead of Syesha and Carly (I felt personally attacked 😅). I also agree that she should’ve outlasted Jason, who didn’t make the situation better by flunking the next week... 😒


    -Queen of NHL royalty- Pia Toscano. Aah, you got my final all-time favorite! 💔 I’m actually quite pleased with this spot because I thought she would be ranked way before! 😅 The thing for me about Pia was that she didn’t need to move around the stage or pick upbeat songs (though I also loved River Deep Mountain High). Her vocals were so impressive that she could captivate me without having to do anything! 😅 I’ll Stand By You is one of my favorite performances in Idol history, All By Myself was very impressive, Don’t Let the Sun Come Down on Me was pretty good, Where Do Broken Hearts Go might be my second favorite of hers (I also thought the clue “I may break some hearts with the ranking of this contestant” referred to Pia because she sang this), All in Love is Fair was stunning, and River Deep Mountain High was so good! 😁 Ironically, after giving her upbeat performance, the thing everyone asked for, she was eliminated... 😭 Post-Idol, I really enjoyed her song Belong. The vocal ability shown in it impresses me every time! 😄


    -Talking tunes?- Jessica Meuse. My third favorite from Season 13! Jessica’s interaction with the stage mom in Hollywood made me love her even more! ❤️ During the finals, it seemed every show was the Jessica beat-up show, or should I say, slap out show! 😂 I loved her original song Blue Eyed Lie, and thought she had great stage presence on the show. I would have much preferred her to get in the Top 3 over Alex, but it’s not like Alex was bad or undeserving. The results show was crushing for me too because Jessica looked so upset, which was knew to me. 😢 I’m glad she got a hero’s welcome back home though! 😁


    -The first ‘original’ finalist- Candice Glover. Candice was probably my favorite from S12, with Angie at a close second. She was just such a vocal powerhouse! 😄 Her performance of Lovesong was legendary, but funnily enough, the main thing I remember about it was when Mariah was doing a weird circle thing with her hand when Candice hit the big part of the song! 😂 I also really liked When You Believe (I don’t want to say it was better than a certain someone’s performance of it... 😅). Anyway, when Kree made the Top 2, the win was just handed to Candice... 😅 I haven’t checked out Candice post-Idol, so maybe I’ll do that soon. 


    3/5 on the guesses. As for the commentary:


    Haley: Though I still have ten more to go, this may very well be my personal favorite write-up as well. 😆 Though it's my longest write-up thus far, this is actually a condensed version; I could write a novel when it comes to her! 😂 Glad to see you think she deserves more recognition! 👍


    Brooke: I pretty much agree with everything here, with the exception of her being my 5th favorite since she's my 2nd. 😆 LOL at feeling personally attacked at the Carly/Syesha B2!


    Pia: Oh, I thought Katharine would be your final all-time favorite. 😯 At least it looks like you can breathe easy now since all of them have been ranked. :haha: As for the write, I agree with just about everything here, but unfortunately not everyone did as her singing mainly ballads and her stage presence (or perceived lack thereof) bothered some people. 😕


    Jessica: Pretty much agree with everything here, except she was my S13 favorite! 🙂 Yes, her elimination was tough to watch because of how upset she was. At least her swan song was kick:censored: (that gives me an idea for another ranking should I decided to do one... 🤔).


    Candice: Pretty much agree with most of what was written here. Of course you wouldn't say her version of When You Believe was better than a certain someone else's...:lmao:


    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    In terms of this order, I’ll try to guess... 

    1. Tamyra Gray

    2. Kelly Clarkson

    3. LaToya London 

    4. Katharine McPhee

    5. David Cook 

    6. Elliott Yamin 

    7. Elise Testone 

    8. Crystal Bowersox 

    9. Quentin Alexander 

    10. Kimberley Locke  


    Nice attempt! We'll see what happens. The good news is the order can be posted as many times as desired until the 10th place contestant is posted, with the last listing prior to that being the one used. 👍

  22. The time has come to see which five finalists miss out on my Top 10! The clues for 15-11:


    - Talking tunes?
    - Great expectations & letdowns
    - From flexible body to flexible vocals
    - Queen of NHL royalty
    - The first 'original' finalist


    15. Haley Scarnato: Season 6 (8th Place)


    Kicking off the last set before the Top 10 is Haley Scarnato. With Haley’s appearance, S6 has officially been completed. I’m pretty sure throughout this thread there have been some rankings that have had posters and lurkers scratch their heads; however, this may very well be the biggest head scratcher of them all. :haha: I’d like to say this is the highest Haley as placed in an Idol ranking list, though I would love to be proven wrong. Anyway, why is she this high, some may wonder? Well, the simple answer is this: I. ABSOLUTELY. ADORE. HER! :wub: I don’t know if anyone was paying attention, but earlier in the thread @miss denise and I were talking about how protective we as Idol fans can be when it comes to our favorites, and I mentioned though I’ve pretty much not cared much what others thought about my favorites, I have one who I could be fiercely protective of at times. Well...:wub::wub::wub: I was a huge Haley defender during S6; you couldn’t say a negative thing about her in my presence without me going off like a sprinkler alarm system at a Charizard convention. 😅 Admittedly, I can still be protective of her, but I'm not anywhere near as bad as I used to be (at least I'd like to think so 😇). It irritated me (and to be honest, it still does) to no end when she would be lumped with Sanjaya as a “cockroach” contestant who wouldn’t go away, for I thought she was better than that. Also, I was NOT here for the derogatory names people would call her such as Wh*rely, Wh*relegs, Sl*tnato, etc., all because she wore outfits that exposed her legs; if that caused so many problems, then those people would’ve had coronaries from the attire the S1 women used to wear. 😐 I could go on and on, but I’m going to bring the focus back to her run.


    Objectively, I’ll admit Haley wasn’t the strongest contestant; however, I don’t think she’s anywhere near as bad as she’s made out to be, plus I thought she got way more crap than she deserved both on and off the show. The judges seemed to have had it in for her for some reason. She may not have had the biggest voice, but I thought it was really pretty (as much as she herself is), plus she had great pitch, which I don’t think she gets credit for, among other things. She was one of two contestants that season in which I bought all of her studio recordings from (the other was Melinda). The problem was she had the misfortune of being in a season where a majority of the women were vocal powerhouses and thus, she may have come off as weaker than she actually was. I can understand arguments of her being the weakest female (though I disagree; I thought she was better than Gina and Stephanie, surely that's popular :haha:); however, I thought she was better than the guys with the exception of Phil. My Haley love wasn’t apparent at the beginning of the season; in fact, after an emotionally charged S5, I went into S6 planning to be an impartial watcher. It started off well enough in the semis when Haley sang It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. I thought it was her best vocal of the season; she did really well with it despite not having the biggest voice and IACBTMN being a big song. The following week she would sing Queen Of The Night, which was her weakest performance in the semis; however, this was the performance that made me fall in love with her, though I didn’t get too invested because I didn’t think she would survive the week. Nonetheless, she did and proceeded to give an underrated performance of If My Heart Had Wings; in fact, I had her third best of the night behind Melinda and LaKisha. Of course, the judges, especially Simon, disagreed and tore her to shreds over it. 😐 Things didn’t look too good for Haley as far as advancing was concerned; however, she managed to be voted into the finals and unfortunately received a lot of heat for “robbing” Sabrina. Nonetheless, Haley sang Missing You in the first week where it started off well enough; however, when it got to the bridge she forgot the lyrics and lost control for a bit before gaining it back in the end. It looked like my Haley would have the same fate as Melissa McGhee the year before; however, not only was she safe, she wasn’t even in the B3. 😊 The following week she would give what is considered her best performance with Tell Him. It looked like she was having fun and was more confident than she had been the weeks before, plus this was the performance where the “legs” made their debut. ❤️ She managed to be safe again and thus, Haley would be a part of the summer tour. It looked like things were looking up for her as she was apparently building momentum; unfortunately, she took a step back the following week with True Colors. It wasn’t sung badly, but there was nothing memorable about it which can be dangerous at that point in the competition. She would end in the B3 but fortunately survive it. Unfortunately, things wouldn’t get much better for the following week as she would give perhaps her most underrated performance of the season with Ain’t Misbehavin’. While IACBTMN was her best vocal and Tell Him the most fun, I thought Ain’t Misbehavin’ was her overall best performance. Sadly, the main thing that would be remembered was the judges’ commentary, or lack thereof following it. In a pre-performance interview, Haley was asked which was more nerve wrecking: performing in front of an audience or performing in front of the judges. Haley answered while performing in front of an audience is tough, she was always nervous around Simon because he was the harshest critic and you never knew what he would say on any given night. Apparently, Randy and Paula took offense about not being mentioned and therefore decided not to comment on Haley’s performance (to be honest, Simon wasn’t much better). That was one of my Idol rage moments, for I sincerely doubt Haley would deliberately anger 2/3 of the judging panel before performing; I could rant about it all day, but for the purpose of this write-up I’ll leave it alone (though I admittedly still get upset about it to this day 🤬). Fortunately, she survived the week, but she became public enemy #1 because she happened to be in the B2 when Gina was eliminated. It was around this time when most of the ugly things said about Haley were prevalent; in fact, it made me despise Gina because most of the mud slung in Haley’s direction came from her fans and therefore, I retaliated by saying some not-so-flattering things about Gina (looking back, I’m 100% embarrassed by how I acted back then, lol). Regardless, Haley was on to the next week where she sadly gave her worst performance of the season with Turn The Beat Around. I had my reservations when I first learned she would sing that song; unfortunately, they came true because that performance was a mess, though it has grown on me over the years. The two positive things I can say about it are Haley worked the stage well and the arrangement kicked all sorts of :censored:; I would say that was the best arrangement of the song ever done on Idol. Despite this, I was hoping Haley would hang on for at least one more week; unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as my beautiful, leggy, sweetheart of an underdog’s run came to an end the following night (I was rooting for Chris to leave that week). 💔 😭 Her elimination was bittersweet; on one hand, it sucked because Haley said Martina McBride was one of her personal idols and she was the mentor she wanted to work with the most, which would be the following week. 💔 On the other hand, considering I thought she initially wouldn’t make it past the second round of the semifinals, her making it as far as she did with so much against her was an accomplishment in its own right. I followed her a little bit post-Idol and knew that she moved to Nashville to try to land a record deal but had to leave because of a stalker. Despite this, she was still slated to release a country album, but it was scrapped for some reason, which was a disappointment. For the purpose of this write-up, I decided to see what she recently has been up to. It looks like she recently got married (not to the same guy she was engaged to during the season) and appeared to have had a cancer scare 🥶; hopefully things are better for her now. Either way, I still adore Haley and she is one of my all time favorite contestants. ❤️


    14. Brooke White: Season 7 (5th Place)


    Showing up at #14 is one of the purest souls to set foot on the Idol stage. Brooke is another finalist I absolutely adore and who I can be protective of at times, though not as badly as I am with Haley S. :haha: She didn’t have the biggest voice, but she had a nice pure tone that was easy to listen to. Brooke’s biggest problem was that she was too emotional to handle a pressure cooker such as Idol and as a result, she fell apart pretty quickly once the finals came around, which really hurt my heart to see. 💔 She started off well enough in the semis with a cute performance of Happy Together. The following week she would sing You’re So Vain, which was a great performance; however, I really couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to because I simply can’t stand the song. She would then sing an acoustic rendition of Love Is A Battlefield, which I enjoyed a lot, but Paula made an asinine comment saying Brooke should’ve incorporated the band more 🙄, which would come into play later on. Brooke would then go on to give what is considered to be her most memorable performance with Let It Be; it’s certainly my favorite version of it done on Idol. Everything, from the vocal to the emotional connection, fell into place for that one. However, the following week is where things started to fall apart for Brooke. She gave an awkward performance of Here Comes The Sun, which would be followed by her talking over the judges during their critiques; this is where she got her nickname Babbling Brooke from. As much as I love Brooke, even I cringed during the whole thing. 😣 Next, she would sing Every Breath You Take, which started off nicely with just her and the piano before it became somewhat of a mess once the band came in; I guess Brooke took Paula’s “advice” to heart and tried to incorporate it into her performance. Jolene came the following week, which was fine all things considered though she’s done better. She would then sing You’ve Got A Friend during Idol Gives Back, and I felt the performance was one of her more underrated ones. The next week would be the beginning of her implosion, unfortunately. Hero was a difficult performance to sit through; the problem was Brooke didn’t arrange the song enough to where it would benefit her the most, so in this case she should’ve picked a different song. It would be the following week, however, where she would give perhaps her most infamous performance with You Must Love Me. The most memorable part, of course, was her forgetting the opening line and asking the band to start over. She was clearly affected by it and as a result, the performance wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. After the performance, it was like we were in Bizarro World of Idol because Paula was the critical one and Simon was the sympathetic one. 🤨 Not only did she survive it, she wasn’t even in the B2 and as much as I love her and was happy she was safe, she and Jason should’ve been the B2 that week instead of Carly and Syesha. She would then have a mixed night the following week with her two performances. The first, I’m A Believer, as much as it pains me to say this, was a complete and total train wreck; I don’t know what the heck she was doing in it. 😣 Her second performance, I Am...I Said, on the other hand was her best performance in weeks and somewhat resembled the early season Brooke. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough as she would be eliminated the following night, which was one of the hardest eliminations to sit through. It was easy to see she knew it was coming and tried to compose herself, but she just wasn’t able to and her emotions got the best of her. 💔 I was hoping she would at least outlast Jason and at the time Syesha; however, it was probably for the better that she was eliminated when she was because who knows how much of a toll the rest of the competition would have taken on her. I know she released a couple of albums post-Idol, and I bought and enjoyed them all. Despite her difficult finish and her emotions getting the best of her, Brooke is still someone I consider to be a huge favorite of mine.


    13. Pia Toscano: Season 10 (9th Place)


    Up next is the final S10 contestant to appear in this list. Pia had a number of things going for her. She was (and still is) insanely gorgeous, had a killer voice, and appeared to be a nice and down-to-earth person as well. I don’t think she ever gave a bad performance during her time on Idol. With that said, Pia wasn’t flawless and was considered to have a couple of knocks on her. One was her penchant for singing ballads; all of her performances, except her final one, were ballads. Another was she was considered to have very little stage presence. As a result of these two things, she was considered to be a boring performer, though I personally never thought she was. Apparently, Pia auditioned for Idol multiple times before finally breaking through in S10. I remember her performing Grenade during the Group Rounds and Can’t Buy Me Love with Karen Rodriguez during The Beatles Group Performance Round; however, I didn’t really pay her much mind. It was when she sang Doesn’t Mean Anything that made me take notice of her, so when the semis came around, the two contestants I were looking forward to the most were Pia and Julie Zorrilla. Unfortunately, Julie bombed badly on her performance, so that left me with Pia. Fortunately, Pia delivered big time with I’ll Stand By You; I felt she was head and shoulders over everybody that round, including the guys. She would make it to the finals where she would sing All By Myself during Top 13 Week, which was another strong number from her. She would then sing Where Do Broken Hearts Go the following week with an up-tempo backing track. She was vocally on point as usual; however, this is where I started to understand the lack of stage presence rumblings. I think she could’ve matched the energy of the track more, but with that said it was still a solid performance. The following week she would sing All In Love Is Fair, which is a really difficult song to sing and can come off as boring if not done well. Nonetheless, Pia was vocally strong yet again; however, the complaints of her singing only ballads up to that point were in full force, with even the judges harping on it. Pia promised to sing an up-tempo number the following week; however, the theme was Elton John and Pia decided to sing Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, which was another ballad. Considering that Elton John’s best work are ballads, I didn’t blame Pia for doing one this week. 🤷‍♂️ She once again gave a solid vocal, though I consider it to be the weakest of the bunch. She finally went up-tempo the following week with River Deep, Mountain High, which was my personal favorite of hers, even ahead of I’ll Stand By You. The vocals were strong as usual, plus it appeared she was gradually working on her stage presence. The only negative I had about it was the outfit; you mean to tell me Gwen Stefani didn’t have anything for a woman as beautiful as Pia that would’ve been better than the cow getup she wore? 😕 A better outfit would’ve been the one she wore during the Results Show the following night. Speaking of which, it was a bitter pill to swallow, for Pia would be the casualty that week in what is considered to be one of the most shocking eliminations in Idol history; in some circles, it is the most shocking. There were some strong reactions to it, from the judges (which probably explained their behavior the following season when they saved Jessica) to former Idol contestants and celebrities tweeting their opinions about it. I thought Pia was good for at least Top 5 (though according to Nigel, Pia was never a frontrunner or even very high in the votes), but she ended up leaving in a disappointing ninth place; I'd like to think if she were in any season prior to S7, she would've gone deeper in the competition. Another notable thing was that Pia was the fifth consecutive female finalist eliminated that season (yes, there was Casey at Top 11, but he was saved so it didn’t count), so there was thought there was bias against the female finalists. 🤷‍♂️ Post-Idol, Pia ended up signing with Interscope Records to capitalize on the buzz she had from her elimination; unfortunately, outside of a single (This Time, which I love), nothing panned out, and she and the label parted ways before an album would be released. Since then, she’s released a few more singles and have done backup singing for J-Lo, so it appears she’s still doing something musically. Despite her rather disappointingly short Idol run, Pia is still my favorite S10 contestant and one of my overall favorites.


    12. Jessica Meuse: Season 13 (4th Place)


    Up next is the beautiful country rocker Jessica Meuse. With Jessica’s appearance, S13 is now complete. Jessica was someone I enjoyed a lot throughout the season. I really loved the tone of her voice, though there were times she used too much vibrato; sometimes, her voice was often compared to Stevie Nicks, and there were times I could hear the resemblance. Outside of her performances, the main thing I remember about her time on Idol was the judges being very critical of her for some reason. It was as if they were just looking for something to nitpick regarding her, from not moving on stage more to lacking rhythm, yet someone like Alex Preston (who I like despite being critical of him recently, lol) could give the same type of performance week in and week out with nothing being said about it; it was just frustrating to see. 😕 Prior to the voting rounds, Jessica was involved with a spat with a stage mother from ****, in which I sided with Jessica. From there, she would be picked to perform during Rush Week and sang Drink A Beer, which I hate to say was very underwhelming; it was just a poor song choice on her behalf. Fortunately, she was voted into the finals despite it and managed to give a much better performance with The Crow & The Butterfly, which is probably my third favorite of hers. I didn’t care for her next performance White Flag because I felt she was sharp through it. I did enjoy the two performances, The Sound Of Silence and Pumped Up Kicks, following it, and I absolutely loved Rhiannon. From there, she would sing her original song Blue Eyed Lie, which would be the first time in Idol history an original song would be performed in the finals (Jena performed an original during the WC Round, and Alex performed his original song later in the evening); this was due to the theme being audition songs, and Jessica sang it BEL then. It was a song I enjoyed a lot and was disappointed it wasn’t on her album. 😐 She would then sing Call Me the following week. I know I said Call Me was a song that has never been done well on Idol, and I continue to stand by it; however, I thought Jessica had the best version of it. I liked that she worked the stage more. I really enjoyed Gunpowder And Lead the following week and completely disagreed with the judges on it. She gave two more solid performances the next week with Somebody To Love and Jolene, and unlike Keith I liked the rocked out arrangement she used for the latter. She would then proceed to give what I felt were two great performances with Human and Summertime Sadness. Human was where she appeared to be the most vulnerable, and Summertime Sadness is my second favorite of hers. I would go as far as saying she was the best of the night on both of her efforts. Jessica would unfortunately struggle some the following week. Her first two performances, Since U Been Gone and So What, were admittedly rough; I was concerned when I learned she was going to sing those songs, with So What being the bigger concern because that’s not a singer’s song. Speaking of So What, I thought it was funny (not in a ha-ha way) when the judges were rocking out to it only to become serious and critical after it ended. 😕 Supposedly, Jessica was going to perform one of her original songs, but the producers told her no at the last minute and therefore, Jessica had to scramble to find a song or two to perform, which if true is not right. However, Jessica definitely saved the best for last with You And I, which would be my personal favorite of hers. I was hoping it would be enough for her to get into the Top 3; unfortunately, it wasn’t because she would be eliminated the next night, which was too bad because I was hoping she’d at least outlast Jena, who I wasn’t much of a fan of at the time (I like her more now). Fortunately, despite not being in the Top 3, she was still able to have a homecoming celebration, much like James did back in S10. As it was briefly mentioned, Jessica managed to release and album post-Idol, which I really enjoyed, and appears to still be plugging away at music, which is nice to see. Jessica was someone I really liked and will be someone who I will check out from time to time to see what’s going on with her as far as her music career is concerned.


    11. Candice Glover: Season 12 (1st Place)


    The last finalist in this set and the one just missing out on my Top 10 is the S12 winner. Candice is the last of the repeat audition winners to appear in this list as well as the first to accomplish the task. Candice was a brilliant singer who could do the powerhouse songs and handle the softer ones as well. If there was a criticism of her, it mainly had to do with some people thinking she was arrogant and had a bit of an attitude problem. Admittedly, I could sense it coming out of her from time to time; however, I didn’t think it was as bad as it made out to be. Anyway, apparently Candice’s Idol journey started in S9, though I don’t remember her being in it. I do, however, remember her in S11 where she was in the same group with Jessica and DeAndre and thought she was the best of the three. Of course, Jessica and DeAndre advanced whereas Candice was cut, and I remember being upset about it at the time. Fortunately, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Candice came back the following season in which she was better suited for. She began her S12 run by singing (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, which I felt was the best of the night. She came back the following week with Ordinary People, which was another strong showing from her. She would then move on to the finals but not before her victory performance of I’m Going Down, which was my second favorite behind only Kree's Evidence. She would start the finals by giving another brilliant performance with I (Who Have Nothing). I go back and forth when it comes to deciding between Candice and Haley R. as to which version I prefer. Candice would go up-tempo the following week with Come Together, which was solid. She would follow that with another solid effort of I Heard It Through The Grapevine. She would have a nice performance with (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction the subsequent week; however, it would be the week after that where I thought Candice placed herself as head and shoulders above everyone else. Don’t Make Me Over was a great performance, but it was her second performance that evening that had others buzzing; of course, I’m talking about the acclaimed Lovesong. As magnificent as that performance was, this may be an unpopular opinion, I may have actually preferred DMMO more; however, both performances were great. She would follow that week with two more solid performances with Straight Up and When You Believe. Next, she would give what I felt was her most underrated performance with Find Your Love, which is one of the few Drake songs I can tolerate, followed by another solid number with Emotion. For the former, I liked how she gave it more of a jazz/R&B flair and disagreed with the judges’ comments. Regardless, the following week she sang When I Was Your Man and You’ve Changed. For the former, I didn’t really care for it; in fact, I would go as far as saying I preferred Malaya Watson’s version over hers. 🤷‍♂️ As for the latter, it was one of her best performances of the season. Top 3, I was meh towards One, liked Next To Me, and absolutely loved Somewhere. She would then advance to the finals where I thought she clearly outperformed Kree, though it looked like Candice wanted it more. The voters did as well as Candice went on to win the crown. I checked out her album post-Idol and unfortunately, I have to say I was disappointed in it. I felt the material was well beneath her talent and abilities; the only songs I can say I liked were Cried and her recording of Lovesong, which is too bad. Despite this, I still consider myself a fan of Candice and hope there are better things ahead for her.


    015. Haley Scarnato

    014. Brooke White

    013. Pia Toscano

    012. Jessica Meuse

    011. Candice Glover


    Here is the updated list of my season's favorites:



    S02: Kimberley Locke

    S03: LaToya London

    S04: Bo Bice


    S06: Haley Scarnato

    S07: David Cook

    S08: Allison Iraheta

    S09: Crystal Bowersox

    S10: Pia Toscano

    S11: Elise Testone

    S12: Candice Glover

    S13: Jessica Meuse

    S14: Quentin Alexander

    S15: La'Porsha Renae

    S16: Jurnee

    S17: Laci Kaye Booth

    S18: Jovin Webb


    We're now at the Top 10! Here are the remaining finalists, listed by season and placement:

    Kelly Clarkson

    Tamyra Gray

    Kimberley Locke

    LaToya London

    Katharine McPhee

    Elliott Yamin

    David Cook

    Crystal Bowersox

    Elise Testone

    Quentin Alexander


    As I mentioned in the previous set, there will be no more clues for guessing who will come up next. My initial plan is to list the Top 10 one at a time; however, I may list two at a time depending on everything. In order to make up for the lack of clues, anyone can try to guess the order in which the finalists in my Top 10 will appear. Whoever comes to closest to guessing the order will get a trophy. I wish there were some other rewards to hand out, but this will have to do. 🤷‍♂️


    Before I get to the Top 10, throughout the thread I've been tossing around the idea of listing my favorite semi-finalists and have decided to go ahead and do so. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll do it; however, it'll most likely be by season instead of ranking. I'll try to get started on it tomorrow evening; if not, it'll probably be Monday night.

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  23. 10 hours ago, blackfield said:

    yeah. at least some of my favs are in your top 20..

    i will let you guess which 3 of season favs we have in common.. 



    2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    If I had to guess, the three shared favorites are Bo Bice, Allison Iraheta, and Jessica Meuse. 

    Also, @Crisis you have inspired me to begin working on something to do with Idol finalists on here. It is NOT a ranking because you just did one, and since I don’t have as good as a memory,  I would have to watch all the seasons (again or for the first time), which I don’t feel like doing... 😅 (right now I’m watching S8). 


    Based on what's been revealed thus far, I would agree with @Bk1234, at least with the first two; I'm not as sure with Jessica.


    @Bk1234, I'm happy to see my thread has inspired you to do something regarding the Idol finalists; whatever it is, you'll know I'll be there to follow along and comment! 😁 While we're on the subject of inspiration, seeing others follow and comment has been the inspiration for me to keep going because to be honest, there were a couple of times I thought about quitting this thing; now, with the end so near, there's no chance of me doing it now!


    Speaking of this list, I'm working on the last write-up now and will hopefully have the next set up some time tonight. 👍

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  24. 6 hours ago, x3 because of u said:

    020. Chris Daughtry - He would've been my winner. I'm mad he also missed out on the "The Masked Singer" crown. 😅 He's so crazy talented. I remember having so many audios of his live performances on my iPod.

    019. Bo Bice - So good too! I LOVE Vehicle. Still watch it from time to time on Youtube. He had a very well-deserved spot in the final 2.

    018. La'Porsha Renae - I remember not wanting her to win. 😅 If i recall correctly, I felt like the judges raved about her too much. However, she's obviously crazy talented. I just preferred a Trent win.

    017. Allison Iraheta - I didn't like any of her live performances but did enjoy her studio of "Crybaby". Also loved the duet with Adam.

    016. Melinda Doolittle - As mentioned before, I think she should've been in the finals with Jordin. She is a phenomenal singer (I love "Home" 🙃) and she's just an all-around sweetheart. She also took my first ever picture with Jordin, so she has a soft spot in my heart.


    020. Pete And Pete Reaction GIF I haven't gotten around to watching that season yet (though to be fair, I was spoiled while looking for a picture of him for his write-up :lmao:). Agree about him being so crazy talented.

    019. Pretty much agree with everything here

    018. Fair enough

    017. :( At least you liked her studio version of Cry Baby and her duet with Adam

    016. Pretty much agree here. That was nice of her to take your first picture with Jordin. 😊

  25. 13 hours ago, blackfield said:

    this set is extremely hard for me as you put 3 of my favs in it.. but let me go. i added my guesses at the clues in the description: 


    020. Chris Daughtry - Boxer briefs: i remember he was asked about it on the show and that was his answer.. really people!? anyways chris was one of my all time fav contestants although i am not a big fan of his post idol music. but i still follow him and check him out. he had one of the best voices that season. and i loved almost all of his performances. and his elimination stang hard as i wanted him in the finale with either kat or taylor. but not winning actually worked better for him. 

    019. Bo Bice - I can do this alone! his acapella performance is considered one of the best in idol history. another fav of mine along with constantine. whom i enjoyed both equally. yet it didn't seem he took the competition seriously so they had to put him in the bottom 2 to force him to work harder. and like with carrie i enjoyed him more from top 5 onwards when he gave 3 weeks of solid performances. also his rendition of "i don't want to be" is still considered the best of all. i wasn't following much after idol but i loved his duet with jess meuse on her album. they sound really good together. 

    018. La'Porsha Renae - Really Borchetta?! that clue was a given. borchetta was a douche bag for forcing her to sing that song. as her story is hard enough. yet her baby girl is adorable! she wasn't one of my favs (you know it was dalton) but i love how close the contestants on that season were especially the top 3. 

    017. Allison Iraheta - Lent a helping hand or two from behind after being front and center. one of my most fav  contestants whom i still follow. it was hard to see her slip back to backing vocal on idol after being the lead. yet at the beginning in the semis i was rooting for jessica langseth to move forward but allison won me over from top 12 onwards. and i agree she is the best teen to compete, knowing who she is. her best performance was also her last with cry baby and i agree with what you wrote above, that the judges were trying hard to find something to criticize her while giving an excuse for danny butchering dream on. and she owned her duet with adam. definitely an idol moment with that cute hug at the end :hug:her crying during the elimination song made it only better. loved her music with halo circus. they had some really good songs. 

    016. Melinda Doolittle - Should've won according to a judge. yes simon wanted her to win and was cranky when she got eliminated. but i didn't watch that season. i didn't like anyone on it except for 1 or 2 in the semis. i hated the faces she used to make after EVERY F:censored:ING performance!! she never seemed genuine. 


    so now we have 3 (!!!) favs in common. 

    so i was right and kat is your season 5 fav. and david cook season 7.. just admit it. 

    from season 1 it is between kelly and tamyra. 


    let me just end with this:






    First, 5/5 on the  guesses! Oof at posting 3 of your all time favorites in the set, but at least it's Top 20 instead of anything lower.


    020. Can't say I disagree with what was written here, except I would replace Taylor with Elliott.

    019. Agreed with most of what was written, with the exception of liking Constantine as evident by this list, lol.

    018. Agree with Borchetta being a douchebag and how close the Top 3 appeared to be

    017. Pretty much agree with everything here, though I haven't checked out any of her Halo Circus material; something else to add to the list, lol

    016. Yeah, the faces were fine the first couple of times, but admittedly they started to be annoying every time after; I was like own your abilities. Still, I loved her.


    I will neither confirm nor deny my favorites. 😉


    7 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I think @blackfield did a good job with the clues, so I’ll just share my opinions. 👍


    Chris Daughtry- I know I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this one, but I think Hemorrhage (In My Hands) is one of the most overrated Idol performances. 😅 It just doesn’t go anywhere for me. It’s not very dynamic so Chris just seems like he’s yelling throughout the whole thing... 😕 Anyway, I’m glad to see Chris is successful and well! 😀 I don’t know if this is true, but I remember reading somewhere that American Idol was considering getting Chris as a judge, but Taylor Hicks spoke out, saying that he was the winner, so he should be asked. :/ 

    Bo Bice- In A Dream was very impressive, though I always preferred Carrie over him. 😅


    La’Porsha Renae- I would have preferred her to win over Trent, but I didn’t really care, since Dalton and MacKenzie were out of the running. 🙁 Diamonds was a winner performance. 👌 I’m still disgusted by Borchetta’s actions... 😒


    Allison Iraheta- My second favorite from Season 8 (literally her and Kris were the only two I looked forward to, since Adam was a hit or miss, and everyone else didn’t vibe with me, though I will admit Megan intrigued me after her cawing! 😂) My favorite performance of hers would have to be Papa Was A Rolling Stone. I don’t want to agree with you about her being the best teenager, since I liked another one better, but Allison would definitely be my second pick! 😅 I will forever thank her for making Dexter a Roberts sound good. 👏


    Melinda Doolittle- I think you’re spot on about the reason why she wasn’t in the finale. Poor Simon... 😂


    Chris: Uh-oh, to quote Jordin, "better go and get your armor!" 😂 All kidding aside, fair enough about the performance. I remember Taylor saying something along those lines as well. 😐


    Bo: Yes In A Dream was very impressive. Fair enough about preferring Carrie over him; after all, most of America did as well. 😂


    La'Porsha: Fair enough. Agree with Diamonds being a winner performance and still being disgusted by Borchetta's actions. 😒


    Allison: Of course I know who you think the best teenager on Idol was. 😉 Yes to the last sentence! :lmao:


    Melinda: I would say poor Simon; however, *mini spoiler* after the way he acted that season, I can't say I felt sorry for him...


    6 hours ago, CarmenSandiego said:

    Sorry that I was so late to comment on the rankings from 25-21.  I was very busy with an online version of The Mole.  But here goes:


    Erika:  I liked her okay.  Unfortunately for her, she was solid but rarely spectacular and that didn’t help her when few were crashing and burning.


    Ruben:  I liked him, although I preferred Clay, so I wasn’t too upset when he won.


    Vonzell:  she was my second favorite after Nadia.  But she was up against Bo and Carrie, and they just did better or were more popular.


    Haley:  People have said that the judges bussed her and they might have been right. I thought that she should get in over Lauren at least.


    Fantasia:  My second favorite after LaToya.  I was fine with her winning.


    That's fine. 👍 Is this The Mole from the TV show?


    Erika: Fair enough about her


    Ruben: Fair enough about him


    Vonzell: Pretty much agree with everything except she was my second favorite after Bo.


    Haley: Pretty much agree. I would've liked to seen her in the finals over Lauren as well (apologies to @miss denise 💔)


    Fantasia: Agree with everything here.

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