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  1. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. As I mentioned in the first post, this list will be mainly based on how I felt about them on the show, and Catie was too up and down for me. It's good to see she's still pursuing music outside of the show. Good to see no complaints. Yeah, that was definitely a freebie. Welcome! Trust me, you're not the only one who disagreed with where I ranked Jovin. Francisco was kind of in no man's land. I wasn't crazy about him, but I didn't dislike him either, so I felt that was the best place for him. The on
  2. Well, it's been a day and no new posts, so I'll post the next set: 155. Charles Grigsby: Season 2 (11th Place) What is there to say about Charles? He had an OK voice, seemed to be a chill laid-back guy, worked at a grocery store at the time, and had good fashion sense. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more to him than that. As for his Idol run, he was a part of Group 1 in the semis where he gave a solid if unspectacular rendition of Overjoyed. The voters liked it enough as he was voted into the finals. There he gave an OK performance of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You
  3. Yeah, Melinda coming in third was rather disappointing. With that said, I have some ideas as to why she finished third; however, I'm going to wait until her write-up before expressing them. I guess I made this one too easy. I won't even pretend this could be someone else. We'll see if the ones you guessed are right. Anyone want to take a stab at the other two?
  4. I'll go ahead and post the next set. 160. Ada Vox: Season 16 (8th/9th/10th Place) Time for another S16 contestant to enter the countdown. I actually remember when Adam Sanders auditioned for Idol during S12. He eventually was eliminated after lasting a few rounds in Hollywood. He came back for S16, this time as a drag queen named Ada Vox. Ada was definitely the most intriguing contestant, and I was interested to see how she would fare. Unfortunately, Ada turned out to be a huge disappointment. For starters, in spite of the creative persona, Ada lacked any originality perf
  5. Thank you As for Gwen Stefani, judging from the looks on her face when some of the contestants did sing her songs in rehearsal, I don't think she wanted any of them singing her songs. Too bad about Maddie not lasting longer than you would've liked. As is the case with most teens, she still had some maturing to do. Good to see she had some success post-Idol. Not much to say about Scott, Karen, and Jasmine except I pretty much agree. As for Leah, yes her passing was incredibly sad, even more so knowing it could've been easily prevented. It
  6. It was her husband who was driving. Apparently, he had alcohol, oxycodone, methamphetamine, and marijuana in his system at the time. Leah wasn't much better, as she had methamphetamine and amphetamine as well as being over the alcohol limit. He was going well over the speed limit when he lost control of the car. The car eventually flipped over and both died instantly from their injuries suffered from the accident. It's a sad story all the way around. As for your guess, we'll see (though you may be right ). 165. 164. Too bad she wasn't better on Idol. It's
  7. Anybody ready for more list? If not, too bad because I'm posting my next set anyway! 165. Scott MacIntyre: Season 8 (8th Place) Leading off this set will be the second S8 finalist to appear in this ranking: Scott MacIntyre. Scott was the first, and so far only, legally blind finalist on Idol. Unfortunately, that was the most interesting thing about him. He appeared to be a nice guy and a talented musician. However, he was one of the most boring singers to grace the Idol stage. In addition, he had some pitch issues that made him difficult to listen to. With that said, he h
  8. Sorry to have Ace and Chris so low (it has not been good for some of your favorites thus far. Hopefully that will change though I can't make any promises). Happy to see someone appreciate my attempt at humorous takes. I was really proud of the Tim one. As I said before, Danny wasn't a bad singer. Unfortunately, he didn't come off in the best light personality wise, which can be a hindrance no matter how well a contestant sings. Good to see he's doing really well for himself. Exactly. I might be wrong, but I thought the original theme was supposed t
  9. That's right, Matt did argue with Simon. As for Quentin, I'll wait until I get to his write-up (*spoiler alert* which won't be happening any time soon) for my thoughts on that, but for now I'll say I put that more on Harry. 170-168. Fair enough 167. I wanted her to do well, but it wasn't meant to be 166. Interesting to see she was your initial favorite. Yeah, she wasn't that good. As for the guesses, we'll see... 170. Fair enough 169. Wow at the homophobia. Yeah, that's a good reason to drop someone. 168. Absolutely
  10. As promised, here is the next set. I'm pretty much listed the contestants I dislike and am now posting contestants I somewhat dislike/feel meh about. 170. Matthew Rogers: Season 3 (11th Place) Leading off this set is Matthew (Matt) Rogers. Matt was this big, outgoing guy who was an OK if not spectacular singer. Prior to Idol, his biggest claim to fame was that he played in the Rose Bowl while in college. He appeared on what may be considered to be the worst night of performances in AI history: the infamous Group 2 of Season 3. He was one of three performers to give a perf
  11. 175. Yeah, pretty much 174. I guess you were right when you said we may not agree on certain contestants. Good to see you're a fan of his 173. With his performances and personality, it's easy to see how he could be someone's least favorite. If not for the other Chris, he would've been mine as well 172. Yeah, pretty much 171. Yeah, Danny was near the bottom of my rankings a few years back. I think he was in my bottom three at one point. Still not much of a fan obviously Since I was bored and had time to kill, I went ahead and typed my write-ups for the next set.
  12. I'm trying to go through this list without giving too many spoilers, but I'll go ahead and reveal one know. Regarding Sanjaya, at the very least one more Season 6 finalist will show up before he does; of course, I'm not going to say who or when. Good to see no problems with the rankings.
  13. I'm going to go ahead and post the next set now. 175. Scott Savol: Season 4 (5th Place) While deciding between my two least favorite Season 4 finalists, I wavered back and forth not really knowing who out of Constantine or Scott would be last. In the end, I realized I liked Scott’s voice a little more than Constantine’s and thus, I placed him one spot higher. Having said that, I still didn’t like Scott very much. He didn’t really have a bad voice; however, he was really arrogant and would look offended whenever the judges criticized him. He wasn’t above arguing with them
  14. This is understandable. Based on someone's circumstances, such as yours for example, I can see how someone can be pro-life. I try to look at everything from as many angles as possible regarding topics such as this one despite where I stand on them. The easy thing to do would be to completely no longer support such contestants. However, as mentioned earlier I try to be open-minded and look at every possible angle before making a decision. It all depends on where the contestant is coming from. If such contestants have such beliefs and truly believe in them, then yes I would
  15. I see. That's too bad. I'm trying not to let politics influence my rankings unless it's something completely egregious. With that said, I am definitely pro-choice. You may have a point about Borchetta. As mentioned earlier, I'll wait until I get to certain contestants before I say anything more about him. I can see how someone could think about what went on behind the scenes regarding Tristan and Sonika.
  16. Sorry about some of your favorites being in this set. Hopefully the next one won't be as bad. As for Tristan, I do remember the judges being highly complimentary of her, but I don't think it was as bad as it was for other contestants. Good guesses. We'll see... Fair enough. It's good to see Tristan is still performing. It did seem like Borchetta took a liking to her on the show (boy, do I have some thoughts on him, but I'll wait till later), but I don't know; I never thought of her as the "chosen one". at the last sentence.
  17. 180. Tim Urban: Season 9 (7th Place) I just now noticed Tim is the third consecutive 7th placer to show up . Anyway, Tim was initially not in the Top 24. He was a replacement for Chris Golightly, who was disqualified after producers found out he had lied about a previous recording contract, or something like that, I can’t remember the details. Tim made his semifinal debut with Apologize, and well, he needed to apologize to everyone after that performance. Needless to say, the judges made the right decision when they cut him the first time. Somehow, he managed to survive that week and
  18. OK, that's all I need to see! I should have the next set up soon. 185. I can't say I disagree 184. You may be right 183. I don't have much of an argument against this 182. Completely agree. I actually didn't see him on The Voice (then again, I can't really get into the show), but I did read about him being on there. 181. Absolutely no arguments here. What is this?!?!
  19. Fair enough on Stefano. Good to see someone enjoy I'm On A Roll, though I'm not a fan of it. Regarding Andrew, it was annoying how many times the judges mentioned Straight Up, so I was just having fun with it. Too bad his other performances were disappointing. I know you said you wanted to catch up. If so, I'll wait before posting my next set.
  20. Nice to see no real complaints. As for the guesses, we'll wait and see. I'll most likely have the new set up tomorrow or Friday evening. I'm aiming to post a new set every 2-3 days, barring any time constraints.
  21. Yeah, it's unfortunate he didn't live up to the hype. Nice to see not much disagreement. Good guesses. We'll see if they're right or not.
  22. I'll go ahead and post the next set now. 185. Kevin Covais: Season 5 (11th Place) It’s time for the first Season 5 finalist to show up, who happens to be Kevin Covais aka Chicken Little. Kevin got his nickname from Paris because of his physical resemblance to the cartoon character. Kevin was another teenager who, as with most of them, was underdeveloped vocally. In addition, he had a lisp that was really noticeable whenever he sang. I remember not caring for his performances during the semifinals. He made it into the finals where during the first week he gave one of the w
  23. Yeah, losing years of lists and projects has to be rough. I would be sad if it happened to me as well. I look forward to your comments. As I said before, I try to be as objective as possible when writing about the contestants. I try to at least say something positive about the ones I don't care for and later on I'll be pretty critical of some of my favorites. Too bad we don't agree about Gabby, but hey, she's doing very well for herself right now! Yes, that thread was legendary! I was able to see some things I didn't pay attention to before when re-watching that perform
  24. Just now seeing this. As I said before, I enjoyed reading the other countdowns and was disappointed they were all lost due to the crash, so I decided to do one myself. I guess I am all over the place when it comes to these contestants. Welcome aboard, and I hope you do enjoy my commentary, whether we disagree on contestants or not. I'm curious to see which a finalist was a favorite that has already been ranked. Hopefully, there will be some finalists we have in common.
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