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  1. 1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    I think her cover of Rise Up was her coronation song. 


    Yeah, you're right; it was Rise Up.


    47 minutes ago, blackfield said:

    why on earth did you pick THOSE performances above others!?  i added my comments on the list... :whut::wacko:


    These performances were submitted by other posters who were kind enough to do so for this ranking. I gave ample time to submit performances; therefore, performances that posters wanted to see here could've been so. 🤷‍♂️

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  2. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    @Crisis You don’t have to do this for the next round, but I think you should rank the American Idol coronation songs. There are some difficulties that come with this though... 

    1. Will runner-up versions (if the winner and runner-up have the same song) also be ranked? 
    2. Will studio versions or live performances be used? 


    That is one to consider. One issue, however, is there haven't been any live performances the previous two seasons. Heck, I don't even think Sam got a coronation song; it's something I'll have to look into. If I were to go this route, I would most likely have to go by the studio versions. Also, I would just stick with the winners' versions.


    1 hour ago, psterina said:

    WooHoo!!  Your Top 1 & 2, are on my Top 10. So ... COOL BEANS!!!  :thumbsup:


    005. Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)  Really great performance, by Haley. I can see why it's your favorite version, as it is amazing.  It doesn't give me chills, like Candice's performance , but ... it is an amazing performance. Also, regarding Earth Song ...  I agree, it is quite an underrated performance

    004. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name  I don't either love it, nor hate it. I mean, kudos for originality, though.  I also, think that it is overrated. The drummer was awesome!

    003. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There  I didn't watch S1, but tell you what .... this performance is so enjoyable, that I have to go back & listen again!!

    002. Candice Glover - Lovesong     Yessssss, this chill inducing song by Candice!  I just love this!! Everything about it, is so great!!!!

    001. Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love  As a rocker myself, I LOVE what Elise did with this song. From her vocals, to stage presence, to sheer rocking out, to connection ... it is a STELLAR performance, and she more than did justice to Led Zeppelin


    And, looking forward to the next contest. Thanks for doing this, Crisis



    Nice to see my Top 2 are two of your submissions! :yes:


    005. Fair enough about it not giving you chills like Candice's; however, I'm happy to see you think Haley's version was great as well. It also good to see someone else think Earth Song is underrated (perhaps an idea for a topic 🤔)!

    004. Fair enough. It was certainly an original performance. The drummer was indeed awesome! :yes:

    003. Nice to see that this performance was enjoyable for you! 👍

    002. It's completely understandable for someone to feel that way about this performance.

    001. I absolutely agree about it being stellar and her doing more than justice to Led Zeppelin! It was just a great performance all around!


    No problem. I hope you do look forward to what comes up in the future! 😄


    43 minutes ago, Blirel said:

    well well. Elise was my #1 as well. Good choice


    robert redford yes GIF


    I've been thinking about my next topic; it'll probably be one @miss denise and I were talking about in this thread. However, I'll wait until tomorrow afternoon to see if she replies. If not, I'll probably just go through with it anyway. 🤷‍♂️


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  3. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I also have Haley’s I (Who Have Nothing) at #5. I’m glad to see we agree on the placement and that it was the best performance of I (Who Have Nothing) on the show. 😊 I also agree that it was a clutch performance, though not as clutch as Kris’ was. 😅 I loved all the drama and showmanship that was packed into the performance. That, along with Haley’s stellar vocals is what the performance so great! 😄


    If you were ranking most overrated performances in Idol history I would totally agree. 😅 I will give him credit for artistry, but otherwise, this performance didn’t wow me in any way. 😕 The vocals were average and the beatboxing didn’t show off any vocal prowess. The drummer did a great job though! 😁 I have this performance at #26, so hopefully it wasn’t the one you were expecting. I clearly didn’t like this one as much as you did. 🙁


    I think this is another overrated performance. 😅 I’m shocked many consider this to be Kelly’s best performance, as I thought Natural Woman and Without You were much better. The vocals for this performance were good, and I will commend Kelly for working with the complicated rhythm. 👍 However, I definitely didn’t think the performance showcased Kelly’s full potential. 😕 I have this one lower than #3, but I can understand why others liked it. 😁


    My favorite performance from Candice! 😊 Don’t call yourself an idiot for originally liking her other performance better, we all have unconventional opinions 😅 I absolutely loved the arrangement, and Candice’s vocals were spot-on! 👍 Overall, she definitely deserved that bow from Keith, and the glitter from Mariah! 😂


    I’m guessing you thought this one was my #26. I put this one a bit higher because of Elise’s vocal ability and because she was completely in her element. 😊 Part of the reason why I’m not the biggest fan of this performance is because of the genre. I just found the arrangement to be incredibly choppy, and I didn’t care for the screaming. 🤷‍♂️ I didn’t like this one as much as you did, but I hope you aren’t too bummed by my placement. 😁

    My Ranking (UPDATED)

    1. Pia Toscano- I’ll Stand by You
    2. Jessica Sanchez- Everybody Has a Dream 

    3. Allison Iraheta- Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

    4. Diana DeGarmo- Don’t Cry Out Loud

    5. Haley Reinhart- I (Who Have Nothing)

    6. Kris Allen- Ain’t No Sunshine

    7. Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings

    8. David Archuleta- Angels

    9. Jena Irene- Can’t Help Falling in Love

    10. Janelle Arthur- I Will

    11. David Cook- Billie Jean

    12. Carrie Underwood- Alone 

    13. David Archuleta- Imagine

    14. Candice Glover- Lovesong

    15. Clark Beckham- It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

    16. Candice Glover- I (Who Have Nothing)

    17. Kris Allen- Heartless

    18. Clay Aiken- Bridge Over Troubled Water

    19. Jordin Sparks- I (Who Have Nothing)

    20. Kelly Clarkson- Stuff Like That There

    21. Siobhan Magnus- Paint It Black

    22. Elise Testone- Whole Lotta Love

    23. Maddie Poppe- Homeward Bound

    24. Jessica Meuse- The Crow and the Butterfly

    25. Vonzell Solomon- Best of My Love

    26. Blake Lewis- You Give Love a Bad Name

    27. Siobhan Magnus- Superstition


    Aah, I was hoping you would reveal your personal top 10! 😁 I’m glad to see Katharine McPhee’s Someone to Watch Over Me on there, though I will say that I prefer Allison’s version. :giggle:

    I’m looking forward to whatever the next topic is! 😊


    005. I don't have much to say but I pretty much agree with everything written here! 👍


    004. Fair enough about this performance. Simon did say half would love it and half would hate it, and it appears to be the latter for you. At least you channeled your inner James Brown and gave the drummer some love. 😂


    003. To be honest, I thought it was overrated at first despite it being good. However, it's one I've come to appreciate more over time and understand why it's so highly celebrated. I do think this performance showcased her personality the best despite not necessarily being her best vocal technically.


    002. I know, seeing as I have a number of unconventional opinions between my two threads. 😆 I pretty much agree with your thoughts on this performance.


    001. I definitely thought this one would be at #26. 😅 Fair enough about the thoughts on the performance. I had a feeling it would place low in your rankings, but I can't say I'm disappointed where it eventually ended up.


    It appears we agree on three performances and have some differing opinions on the rest of them. Well, that's one better than the previous ranking, so I see it as progress. 😅


    Yeah, those are my personal Top 10. Since I've asked for the Top 10 of others, it's only fair that I post my own. 😆 As I mentioned earlier, it was really difficult to narrow it down to just ten performances, but I think this is good enough for now. Fair enough about preferring Allison's Someone To Watch Over Me over Kat's; I'll live. 😉 😆


    I still don't know what I want to do next. Whatever it is, I hope you and others enjoy it. 👍

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  4. Time for the final five! Let's see where they fall...


    5. Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    I'm not a die-hard Halien or anything; in fact, I wasn't much of a fan of hers at all at the beginning of S10. However, around Top 8 or so, I found myself cheering her on because her staying power intrigued me and I liked a few of her performances.  Her rendition of I (Who Have Nothing) may have been my favorite of hers, and it so happens to be my favorite Idol rendition, edging out Candice's (at least her Top 10 version). After being panned after Earth Song (which I feel is very underrated), Haley needed a strong second performance in order to have a chance to advance to Top 3. Needless to say, she delivered in a huge way. Lady Gaga gave her great advice when she told her to go psycho and bring more drama to the performance. The vocals and showmanship was spot on and Haley showed she wasn't going down so easy. I put it right up there with Kris Allen's Heartless among the most clutch Idol performances because she managed to make it the Top 3 after it was all said and done. At the end of the day, this is a performance Haliens should be very proud of.


    4. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name

    As less as a fan I was of Haley at the beginning of S10, I was even less of a fan of Blake during S6. I didn't think he was as good as he was made out to be, and his and the bromance's fans irritated me to no end. However, he has grown on me some over the years, and one thing I always gave him credit for was him pioneering switching up songs and making them his own. No performance epitomized that more than his Top 6 redux showing of You Give Love A Bad Name. I think he took the biggest risk of any Idol contestant when he took this well known Bon Jovi number and turned it into something completely different. The beat-boxing and extra sound effects he added were genius and his normal vocals weren't too bad either. In addition, his stage presence was pretty strong here. Also, I have to give it up to the drummer who absolutely killed his part during the performance. I consider it the most groundbreaking performance in Idol history, and definitely Blake's best overall performance of the season.

    3. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There

    Honestly, choosing between #3 and #2 was really difficult. However, I've decided to put Stuff Like That There at #3. I don't even need to explain how great Kelly was and the overall impact she's had on Idol, so I'm going to get right into the performance. I liked the intro when it was just her and the piano because it primarily put the focus on her voice. However, when the rest of the band kicked in, the performance was taken to the next level. There was some seriously tricky rhythmic parts and wide vocal ranges in the song; however, Kelly made everything look really easy, not to mention fun. Her singing was pretty much spot on and she definitely looked like a pro on stage; in fact, I have no doubt she would've fit in with the era if she were transported there. Not only is SLTT considered to be Kelly's best performance, it is considered to be one of Idol's greatest performances; in fact, some have it as the best. I agree with the first half, but at first I can't say I agreed with the second half. However, over time I've come to understand why people feel that way, and now I consider it one of my favorite Idol performances.


    2. Candice Glover - Lovesong

    At #2 we have another performance that is often discussed when talking about the greatest Idol performance of all time. In my Candice write-up in my other thread, I said I may have preferred her other performance Don't Make Me Over over Lovesong that evening. I have since come to my senses and realized I was an idiot. Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love DMMO; however, Lovesong was on a completely different level. For starters, the arrangement was completely different from the other renditions, and I liked it because it allowed Candice's voice to shine. Speaking of which, her vocals in this performance were nothing short of superb. She went through just about every part of her range as if it were nothing, and she had a strong stage presence. If there was one thing that was off, it was that weird feedback somewhere in the middle of it. 😆 Regardless, it had Keith bowing on his knees and caused Mariah to go on stage and throw glitter on her. 🤣 When it's all said and done, it's easy to see why Lovesong is in the short list when it comes to the greatest Idol performance.


    1. Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

    Not that appears to be any new viewers in this thread, but if there are, my #1 may come as a surprise. However, for those who were in my other thread, this was a given. Elise is one of my all-time favorite Idol contestants, and not only is Whole Lotta Love my favorite Elise performance, it is my all-time favorite Idol performance. As strong as Adam Lambert's version was three years prior (one of the few of his I could tolerate), this version was even better. I don't think there is such a thing as a perfect performance; however, this nearly came close to it. For starters, Elise's vocals were outstanding, from her normal voice to the growls, runs, and other dynamics she added to them. In addition, she worked the stage like the bad:censored: she wanted to be. I also have to give it up to band on this number; they definitely did their thing, especially the lead guitarist. I really liked how Elise interacted with them on stage. Finally, Elise is not someone who many may find conventionally attractive, but I thought she looked kind of hot here. Overall, it's one of a few handful performances I can watch and never get tired of, and I definitely think she did Led Zeppelin proud with it. 😁


    005. Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    004. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name

    003. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There

    002. Candice Glover - Lovesong

    001. Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love


    A recap of the overall list:

    027. Siobhan Magnus - Superstition

    026. David Archuleta - Angels

    025. Vonzell Solomon - Best Of My Love

    024. Janelle Arthur - I Will

    023. Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings

    022. Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream

    021. Clark Beckham - It's A Man's Man's Man's World

    020. Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly

    019. Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud

    018. Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love

    017. Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound

    016. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    015. David Archuleta - Imagine

    014. Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing)

    013. Carrie Underwood - Alone

    012. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine

    011. Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

    010. David Cook - Billie Jean

    009. Kris Allen - Heartless

    008. Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black

    007. Pia Toscano - I'll Stand By You

    006. Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)

    005. Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    004. Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name

    003. Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There

    002. Candice Glover - Lovesong

    001. Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love


    As a bonus, here are my personal ten favorite Idol performances (it was tough to narrow it down to ten, as there were other performances that were certainly worthy of being there). Feel free to pick them apart or what have you:


    010. Blake Lewis – You Give Love A Bad Name

    009. Elliott Yamin – A Song For You

    008. Caleb Johnson – Dazed And Confused

    007. Katharine McPhee – Someone To Watch Over Me

    006. LaToya London – Don’t Rain On My Parade

    005. Crystal Bowersox – People Get Ready

    004. Kelly Clarkson – Stuff Like That There

    003. Candice Glover - Lovesong

    002. Tamyra Gray – A House Is Not A Home

    001. Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love


    Once again, thank you to those who submitted their performances for me to rank. I know it couldn't have been easy seeing what I think about them and potentially tearing them apart; however, all of the performances submitted were great in their own merit, and it was difficult to place some of them. I hope I didn't do too poorly and did them justice. 😄


    I don't know what to do next; hopefully, I'll have something later this evening.

  5. This is a fair spot for Trenyce, though I preferred her to two others who have yet to be revealed. With that said, she probably would've murdered to have a better position.


    3 hours ago, sublymonal said:

    Also Kimberley Locke is Season 2's winner this time around!



    Michelle Obama Dancing GIF


  6. 8 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    After listening to this performance for the first time I didn’t really understand the craze. 😅 However, after listening to it again for this ranking, I loved it so much that I put it at #11. 😄 While it isn’t my 11th favorite performance of all-time, it still was an impressive one. Like you said, that held note was very impressive and really showed David’s vocal prowess, which is essential in a singing competition (time to quote Randy :giggle:). While I prefer Always Be My Baby, this performance is one of my favorites from David, so much so that I ranked it above Archie’s Imagine. 😱


    While I really like this one, the studio version is what really got me into it, which I why I opted to not put it in my Top 10. If I was basing it off studio versions, this one would definitely be in my Top 10 though! :haha:  I’m so happy he came out swinging during Top 3 week, since an Adam/Danny finale would’ve been dreadful for me... 😅 His performance of Heartless is definitely the highlight of his underdog journey, so while it’s not my favorite performance from him, it is definitely a moment to be proud of! 😁👍 

    Please listen to the studio version if you haven’t already, it’s AMAZING! 😍


    Definitely one of my favorite performances of Season 9. 👍 For some reason all the annoying things about Siobhan (screaming, etc.) just fit right in with this song and created a masterpiece. 😅 I loved the darker beginning, the intense high notes (👌), and the dark end. Overall, Siobhan’s dynamics really made this performance a great one. It is definitely my favorite performance from her! 😊


    I had hoped that this one would make Top 5, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. 😢 Pia’s performance of I’ll Stand by You is my favorite American Idol performance of all-time! 😍 Everything, from the vocals, emotional delivery, and stage presence was just spot-on!👌 For me, it was Pia’s defining moment, but you could argue that for any one of her performances since like you said, they were all good! 😅 Her swan song version was even more heart-wrenching, especially after she said “tears are in your eyes.” It was just a sad moment on that stage. 😭 Back to happier thoughts... This performance is what made me really love Pia, and for me, it rightfully deserves my #1 spot! 😁 


    After two great performances of I (Who Have Nothing) had been done in earlier seasons, Candice still managed to come out swinging and SLAY! 😅 I really liked this arrangement of the song, and thought she did a good job of separating herself from the crowd. While Jordin’s had a more emotional approach, I thought Candice’s had a more vocal approach, though hers was no slouch when it came to emotional connection! 👍 After this ranking, I’m glad to see that we agree on our favorite I (Who Have Nothing) performance. 🙂


    My Ranking (UPDATED)

    1. Pia Toscano- I’ll Stand by You
    2. Jessica Sanchez- Everybody Has a Dream 

    3. Allison Iraheta- Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

    4. Diana DeGarmo- Don’t Cry Out Loud


    6. Kris Allen- Ain’t No Sunshine

    7. Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings

    8. David Archuleta- Angels

    9. Jena Irene- Can’t Help Falling in Love

    10. Janelle Arthur- I Will

    11. David Cook- Billie Jean

    12. Carrie Underwood- Alone 

    13. David Archuleta- Imagine


    15. Clark Beckham- It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

    16. Candice Glover- I (Who Have Nothing)

    17. Kris Allen- Heartless

    18. Clay Aiken- Bridge Over Troubled Water

    19. Jordin Sparks- I (Who Have Nothing)


    21. Siobhan Magnus- Paint It Black


    23. Maddie Poppe- Homeward Bound

    24. Jessica Meuse- The Crow and the Butterfly

    25. Vonzell Solomon- Best of My Love


    27. Siobhan Magnus- Superstition


    Looking at the spots left in my ranking and the performances that have yet to be ranked, it looks like our opinions differ quite a bit, except for one performance. 😅 


    010. Fair enough about not getting the craze at first; there are a few performances that I felt that way about at first. 😯 at liking it so much it was placed above Archie's Imagine


    009. I was happy he came out swinging as well because I don't know if I would've sat through a Adam/Danny finale either. I have not listened to the recorded version yet; I'll try to do so should I have the time.


    008. I don't have much to say but agree with just about everything written.


    007. Sorry. 💔 I wish there was room to put it in my Top 5; however, there are too many good/great performances here that some were going to be left out. I'm happy to see this is your all-time favorite performance. Her sing out version was heart-wrenching. 😢 It looked like she was trying to be in good spirits through it; however, around the halfway point I thought to myself she's going to cry, and lo and behold she did while collapsing into Jacob's arms when it was over. It was easy to see how much being on the show meant to her, especially since she tried out multiple times before finally making it. :(


    006. I agree that her version was great despite there being two great versions of the song done before her. It does appear we agree on our favorite version. 😁


    Looking at the list, it does appear we differ in most performances. I have a feeling I know which performance is going to be #26... :/ :haha:


    4 hours ago, psterina said:

    Cool ... at 5 of my Top 10, showing up on your Top 10. Three of them, showed up in this next batch. I also realized, that 2 of my Top 10 (Don't Know Why by Ashley Hess, & Straight Up by Andrew Garcia) didn't show up, as they weren't Finalist performances. When I submitted them, I didn't see the criteria. But .... they're still on my Top 10.


    010. David Cook - Billie Jean  Yes, this performance is on my Top 10 for a reason. It was original & awesome. He knocked it out the park. 

    009. Kris Allen - Heartless - Another great, creative performance by Kris. I do prefer "Ain't No Sunshine", but ... that's just me.

    008. Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black - This is my #2 favorite on my Top 10, just a sliver behind "Superstition", as it is an iconic performance, that generated videos of other performers, doing this version. Like they say "when someone copies you, it is the highest form of flattery". Siobhan IS an original. Everything about this performance is perfection.

    007. Pia Toscano - I'll Stand By You - That Pia left so early, is totally INSANE. This performance shows, why that is.

    006. Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing) - Another one of my Top 10 shows up. This is most definitely my favorite version of this song. And ...  it gives me chills STILL, to this very day! While I love Jordin's & Haley's versions, this is on a higher plane, in my very humble opinion :P



    Yeah, sorry about that. It was my fault; I should've clarified I wanted only semi-finals and finals performances at the beginning. For the record, I absolutely loved Ashley's audition and Straight Up made me pay attention to Andrew to see how he would do. Unfortunately, he never lived up to that moment.


    010. I agree about it being original and awesome as well as him knocking it out of the park.

    009. This was certainly a great, creative performance of his. Fair enough about the last sentence.

    008. Agree about her being an original and your thoughts on this performance.

    007. Yeah, it was disappointing to see her leave so early. Agreed about the thoughts on the performance.

    006. Nice to see this is your favorite version of the song. Fair enough about this version being on a higher plane than Jordin & Haley's.


    I probably won't have the last five up until tomorrow because I have labs to do tonight. I'll see how things go. In the meanwhile, anyone can catch up on some of the previous rankings, comment on this one, or suggest a topic they would like to see next.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Blirel said:

    I made it through. My list is 1-27 instead of 27-1. But here it is. Hopefully it isn’t too big.


    1. Elise Testone (Whole Lott’s Love)- Gosh why did you make me decide between Elise and Haley. I ultimately opted for Elise as I felt like this performance was my favorite idol performance of all time. It had scats, growls, and somehow she didn’t miss a more. Elise Testone was a freaking beast on this. She’s in my top 5 idols of all time so no surprise that her best performance ranks number 1 on my list. 


    1. Haley Reinhart (I (Who Have Nothing)- You ask me to find a bridge between Candice and Jordin and then some. Cue Haley. This had the technicality of Candice, the vulnerability of Jordin done in the signature Haley Reinhart style. Just wow. I’m out of words. Oh that’s right Haley is my favorite all time idol. 


    1. Kelly Clarkson (Stuff Like That There)- It takes a Kelly Clarkson type of singer to straight up go into a style like Big Band. Incredible performance. Vocally insane. Is she human? If you ask me I’d say no. She’s Kelly Clarkson. 


    1. Candice Glover (Love Song)- Some people say this is the best performance ever on the show. I like Candice but let’s be real her best performance can’t stand against Haley or Kelly who are on another level. This was really really good but a bit too loungey for my taste but that’s just my opinion. The vocal though was flawless. 


    1. Kris Allen (Heartless)- The winner and even performance I’d go as far to say that kicked off the endless streak of WGWGs on Idol. This performance was so rearranged that the song sounded if it was Kris’s original song. Iconic. 


    1. David Cook (Billie Jean)- Speak about an idol iconic performance. This is when Idol got a bit more vibrant with unique versions of songs. This is one of the best rearrangements on idol ever. Love this performance. His voice just cuts right through it. 


    1. Jordin Sparks (I (Who Have Nothing)- Jordin was the one to make this song iconic on singing shows. That shows how much she nailed it. She poured her heart and soul and just slayed it. 


    1. Candice Glover (I (Who Have Nothing)- Don’t know if this unpopular but I’m ranking Jordin above Candice. I loved Candice’s performance but it seemed a bit more in your voice. I liked the vulnerable side of Jordin’s. Candice May be a bit superior vocally but I’m siding with Jordin)


    1. Pia Toscano (I’ll Stand By You)- Pia had the voice of a past diva. It’s as if she was born in the wrong decade. She would’ve been an 80s or 90s Star. This performance displayed her wonderful tone. She went home far too soon and this proves that she can stand with the idol greats. 


    1. Carrie Underwood (Alone)- Carries most iconic idol performance. The reason why I just can’t place this higher as some say it’s too 5 is she didn’t really make this unique but the vocal is so good that it didn’t really matter. What a smart song choice and everyone still talks about this performance. 


    1. Blake Lewis (You Give Love a Bad Name)- He wasn’t the best vocalist but he was super cool and viewers probably saw past that because he sold his performances so well. He knew how to be creative and stand out. This was one of the most fun performances ever on idol. I think I’ll put it here. 


    1. Clay Aiken (Bridge Over Troubled Water)- This is now just a matter of picking what iconic performance I liked better. This was very good. And the choir arrangement was on point. There’s something about Clay that never really clicked (I didn’t watch the show at the time) when I go back. Still this performance was outstanding. 


    1. David Archuleta (Imagine)- What an incredible performance. His tone is truly special. This wasn’t over the top but just a genuine killer vocal. 


    1. Jena Irene (Can’t Help Falling In Love)- This performance displayed how pure and clear Jena’s tone could be. Her vocals were inconsistent but this proved that she could be a force to be reckoned with. So good. 


    1. Clark Beckham (Mans World)- This was insane. Right when he was on the verge of going over the top with a growl, he mixed in crazy high notes. This performance is just sensational although not my favorite taste wise or stylistically. 


    1. Maddie Poppe (Homeward Bound)- This was signature Maddie Poppe folksy ballad. Very pure. Very nice. Not my favorite from Maddie but it came straight from the heart and I think I’ll place it here. 


    1. Siobhan Magnus (Paint It Black)- This performance is overrated in my opinion. Yes it was good. Yes she should’ve been a contender to win the season. The vocal just didn’t wow me as much as the performances I’ve placed ahead of it. She did know how to take a song and put some theatrics in it though. 


    1. Allison Iraheta (Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone)- Call me crazy but I didn’t love this as much as some. The phrasing seemed a bit sloppy. I just felt at times she slurred the words. But yes her voice is incredible and she can belt it out. 


    1. Jessica Sanchez (Everybody Has A Dream)- Okay no one ever questions if Jessica could sing. Some just found her over the top or overrated. This performance she was neither. Just wow. The vocal is fantastic even if I don’t think it was a stand out moment for her considering some of her other performances, my favorite being Stuttering. 


    1. Kris Allen (Ain’t No Sunshine)- Maybe I’m going to get a bit of hate for this ranking but this was too smooth for me. I needed far more soul and passion. Her brought a bit of X factor to it but on a song like this I needed more. This was a very good vocal but didn’t do enough for me. 


    1. Diana Degarmo (Don’t Cry Out Loud)- This was a first time listen for me. She’s got range. The song seems difficult. Her tone doesn’t stand out but what a vocal. I liked this just didn’t love it. 


    1. Jessica Meuse (The Crow and The Butterfly)- This was pretty great but let’s be real, this isn’t on the level of Jessica Sanchez or Clark Beckham or many others. I was a huge Jessica fan but this wasn’t her best performance but it proved that grunge rock might suit her better than country. 


    1. Skylar Laine (Wind Beneath My Wings)- I don’t even like this song and she made it enjoyable. What fantastic phrasing. Her tone shines here. Her vocal is unpredictable as always, a bit rocky in parts but solid for the most part. 


    1. Vonzell Solomon (Best Of My Love) - This was fun. Yes some of those higher notes weren’t the most on point but this was super enjoyable. 


    1. Janelle Arthur (I Will)- Her tone is just exquisite on this. But I have to look at this technically speaking and the biggest thing that she lacked during the show was range and here she also seemed to have too thin of a voice in portions. 


    1. David Archuleta (Angels) -  Love the emotion but his voice seems a bit weak and thin on the low notes. The high belts have a lot of nice support though.


    1. Siobhan Magnus (Superstition) - This was good but seemed a bit generic to me and lacked that extra oomph.


    No worries, you're fine. 😉


    1-4. I won't comment on these performances since I haven't ranked them yet.


    5. I agree about Kris rearranging the song to where it sounded like it was an original of his.


    6. I pretty much agree with everything here. It's just that I have one performance of his I have above it.


    7. Again, agree with just about everything here.


    8. Fair enough, though I liked Candice's interpretation of it as well.


    9. I can see how she would've fit in the 80s or 90s. I agree about her performance and her going home too soon.


    10. I see the point about not making it unique; however, the vocal was very good I concur.


    11. I haven't ranked this yet, so I won't comment.


    12. Agree about the performance being outstanding. Fair enough about something about Clay not clicking.


    13. Agreed for the most part.


    14. Fair enough about Jena. She was inconsistent, but this was one of her better performances.


    15. Agreed about the performance. Fair enough about not being your taste stylistically.


    16. Pretty much agree. The one place we differ is that it was my favorite of hers.


    17. Fair enough about it being overrated. She definitely knew how to put some theatrics in a performance.


    18. Fair enough.


    19. Pretty much agree about the comments regarding Jessica. I agree about the performance though.


    20. Fair enough about the performance needing more soul or passion. However, I still liked his take on the song.


    21. Fair enough.


    22. Pretty much agree, though I don't understand what role Jessica S. or Clark plays here.


    23. Pretty much agree with everything here, especially not caring for the song.


    24. Again, pretty much agree with everything here.


    25. Fair enough.


    26. Fair enough. I thought the high notes were good and supportive as well.


    27. Pretty much agree though I thought she did enough with the performance for it to stand out.


    @Bk1234, I'll comment on yours when I have the time. 👍

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  8. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    I feel like I'm on a game show, like "is that your final answer?" :dead:  But I'll have to think about this.


    Ah, that's too bad, but at least it wasn't anyone in particular's fault. I hope you can still enjoy the season. :yes:  Okay, I would at least be interested in you sharing with me. ❤️  Aw, I still liked her on TXFUS, but I think she's done much better on the UK show. I liked her from her music career, but loved her on Dancing With the Stars. She was incredible on there and that's what really made me a fan. I also then realized she's an amazing singer and more so than I knew from The Pussycat Dolls. She's very fun on The Masked Singer. :haha: The whole panel is great together. 


    Ooh wow, those are some great memories. :wub: I wonder if you saw any of my lists, redos, or reduxes. :haha:  Ugh, so much lost work. :broken:  It's too bad the other boards are gone now too, but nice that it was the push you needed to join us here. ❤️ :hug: 


    015. David Archuleta - Imagine: This will probably always be my favorite Idol performance. ❤️ It's so special to me. I completely forgot you thought it was overrated when I submitted it, but I still appreciate your positive thoughts. Interesting you prefer the finale version! I agree the arrangement was so beautiful and truly highlighted his wonderful vocals. ❤️ Love the Arch Angels mention too. ❤️ 

    014. Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing): This was one of the two biggest standout performances for me that season. The first performance of this song... and seems to be your least favorite, although it's still my favorite. :haha:  It was definitely Jordin's most mature performance yet and her vocals and connection amazed me so much. I never get tired of listening to it.

    013. Carrie Underwood - Alone: Another performance that slayed me and this one was so unexpected. :wub:  This is also another one I played on repeat like crazy and never get over it. :haha:This proved that Carrie really can sing anything and her vocals were so effortless, yet powerful. Amazing. ❤️ 

    012. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine: I agree on the arrangement and how it was fresh and showed Kris's artistry. ❤️ This is one of his signature performances for me, even though another one in particular is THE signature one. :giggle: But this song fit him so well and was a standout moment in a season full of them. And fun to learn this is another one you prefer the finale version of. :haha: I tend to always like the original best.

    011. Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water: I agree his vocals, connection, and arrangement were all fantastic and this was truly a winning performance for me. ❤️ I loved a lot of Clay performances, but this was one of the biggest highlights. I also love the studio version of it. 


    Don't think too hard about it; as I said, I'll wait until I'm done with this ranking before crossing that bridge.


    Yeah, it happens; speaking of spoilers, one thing I plan on doing for the upcoming season is not watch any Idol episodes until the semi-finals start, which means I probably won't be all that active on the boards at the beginning of the season so I can avoid any spoilers. Back to The Masked Singer, I would like to share my thoughts; however, I don't think this thread is the right place for it and I don't have any idea where to share them. 🤷‍♂️ As for Nicole, the main thing I remember about her on TXFUS is the backlash she received over Rachel Crow's elimination. It's nice to see she's doing better in the UK version; I think I've watched an episode or two, but I'm not sure which season it was. I agree with you on her being an amazing singer. :yes:


    Unfortunately, I don't think I remember seeing any of your lists or redos. :( The main one I do remember is Wallace's finalist list after S15. With that said, I would be more than happy to read and participate if you create anything new. 👍 It is a shame that so much work is lost after all those years; however, there will hopefully be new work for the future and they will be better preserved. Thank you for the last sentence. :hug:


    015. Despite my feelings of it, I'm happy it was submitted especially seeing how special it is to you. ❤️ I thought he was more emotionally connected in the finale version which is why I preferred it to his semi-finals version. I remember that was the name of his fan base, so I thought I'd mention it here. 😄

    014. I have a feeling I know what the other standout performance of that season was. :shiftywave: I agree about it being Jordin's most mature performance. Here is one performance in which I prefer the original to the finale version, in which I thought she tried to do too much. Good to see you never get tired of listening to it. 😁

    013. Completely agree about it being unexpected; I didn't think Carrie had it in her to pull off a performance like this. It certainly did prove Carrie could sing anything.

    012. I agree about it being one of his signature performances and the song fitting him so well. It was certainly a standout from that season. Understandable about preferring the original version.

    011. Agree about this being a winning performance and it being one of Clay's biggest highlights. I don't believe I ever heard the studio version of it, however.

  9. Time for the Top 10! Let's see which performances are ranked next...


    10. David Cook - Billie Jean

    At #10 we have a performance from the S7 winner. This is considered to be David's signature performance on Idol, either this or Always Be My Baby. For the Top 10, David decided to take on this Michael Jackson classic; however, Chris Cornell did a haunting rock cover of his own (may they both RIP) and that was the version David opted to do. Needless to say, he made the right decision because it definitely suited his style better. The darker heavier arrangement fit his vocals like a well-tailored suit, and he certainly had a strong stage presence on this performance. Finally, there was that held note towards the end that showcased his vocal prowess. While it's understandable Billie Jean is considered to be his best performance, it is personally my second favorite; however, it's still one of David's best, that's for certain.


    9. Kris Allen - Heartless

    I actually had Billie Jean here and Heartless at #10, but I decided to swap them. Kris had established himself as a contender at this point; however, there was still thoughts that the fight for the S8 crown would come down to Adam and Danny. Kris, however, had other plans. He decided to take this R&B/hip-hop tune and turn it into an acoustic number. It was a huge gamble; however, it was one that allowed him to beat the house. The arrangement was spot on, and he had some really nice vocal moments throughout the performance as well. This is considered to be the most clutch performance in Idol history; I don't know if I would go that far, but I think it certainly helped in propelling him to the finale where of course he would go on to win the whole thing.


    8. Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black

    At #8 is Siobhan's Top 12 number. With the great staging, dark haunting arrangement, and dynamic vocals, I felt more than anything this is what epitomized Siobhan at her very best. She absolutely had a strong presence and gave a very strong performance. I liked how soft it started before going into the next gear for the rest of the performance. I felt she showcased just about every level of her range perfectly. I mentioned in her Superstition performance I wasn't a fan of her scream there; however, it was absolutely perfect for this number. Finally, the way she ended the performance using her head voice was a thing of beauty. In the end, Paint It Black was my favorite performance of the night, one of my favorite performances of the season, and my personal favorite of Siobhan's.

    7. Pia Toscano - I'll Stand By You

    Pia was a very strong (not to mention very beautiful) singer who I felt never gave a poor performance during her unfortunately short Idol stint. Though all of her performances were considered to be strong by many Idol viewers, her semi-finals number I'll Stand By You is considered to be her signature performance, and it's easy to see why. She showcased some really strong vocal moments during it, plus it appeared she connected to the song really well though I'll only speak for myself regarding that claim. There were some complaints she shouted at the end; however, I didn't think it was all that bad. Another complaint about Pia was she lacked stage presence; however, I thought she had a strong presence here. With everything said, I thought Pia had the best performance of the week (including the guys) and overall I'll Stand By You is my second favorite performance of hers.


    6. Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)

     I think Candice is one of the best singers Idol has ever had, and she showcased this throughout her S12 winning run. One of her best performances was her Top 10 rendition of I (Who Have Nothing). In addition to being pretty much spot on vocally, she was able to display the range of emotions needed for the song; I certainly felt the longing from her during the song. She came out and showed everyone she wasn't playing around and was wanting that crown (hey that rhymes 😂). To me, it was head and shoulders the best performance of the night; however, as brilliant as this performance was, here we have another case in which I preferred the finale version. That performance was nothing short of spectacular as she took a great number and somehow made it even better. If I were ranking that version, it would definitely be in the Top 5. However, the Top 10 version is definitely nothing to sneeze at.


    010. David Cook - Billie Jean

    009. Kris Allen - Heartless

    008. Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black

    007. Pia Toscano - I'll Stand By You

    006. Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)


    Remaining Performances:

    Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There

    Blake Lewis - You Give Love A Bad Name

    Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

    Candice Glover - Lovesong


    Down to the last 5! I'm not sure when I'll rank them. For those who've been paying attention in both of my threads, #1 is a no-brainer. We'll see where the other four will line up...

  10. I'm not the biggest Lee fan, but congratulations on getting him this far. I had a feeling he would be last out of the group though.


    As for Jurnee, I prefer her to a few of the Top 24; however, I knew she would be near the bottom. Regardless, it was good to see her represent the ABC seasons. :yes:

  11. 4 hours ago, psterina said:

    015. David Archuleta - Imagine  -   Really great performance. Imagine, is my favorite performance by him. Also ... for so young, to be emoting like that, is amazing!

    014. Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing) - What an amazing voice!!! Even though, Candice Glover, is my fav for this song. It's easy to see why Jordin won her season

    013. Carrie Underwood - Alone - Taking on Heart (My fav band, who I have seen live 7 times), a very brave thing to do, and  Carrie did amazing!! 

    012. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine - He truly did make it his own. And while Adam was my fav, Kris really got creative with his songs, and it's something I admire in a performer, very much!

    011. Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Love his vocal tone.  He really built this up, to an amazing level. Plus, it's one of my favorite songs on the planet


    015. Yes, it certainly was amazing for him to emote like that at such a young age. 👍

    014. Agree about her having an amazing voice. Performances like these helped her win her season.

    013. It was a brave thing to do indeed. Ann Wilson is one of the greatest singers to walk the planet (lucky you getting to see Heart live 7 times 😄), so for Carrie to do this song justice says a lot.

    012. I agree about Kris getting creative with his songs and him truly making this song his own.

    011. Agree about him building this performance up to an amazing level. 👍


    I have labs to do tonight, so I won't have the next set up until tomorrow evening at the earliest. 😐

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  12. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Aah, this was definitely Archie’s defining moment on the Idol stage. :clap: While I still preferred his performance of Angels, this was definitely a performance that all Archie fans were proud of. 🙂 I definitely agree with your point about the simple guitar playing and how it truly allowed Archie’s voice to shine. I think it also created a peaceful, calming setting on the stage. 👍 You might be surprised by which performances surpass it as it does not rest at #11 in this ranking. 🤔 


    While this performance was very good, it is also my least favorite performance of I (Who Have Nothing). Jordin did an amazing job with honoring the meaning of the song, especially considering that she was only seventeen (you quote Randy, I quote Kara 🤷‍♂️). Unfortunately for me, I enjoyed other performances more than I enjoyed this one, so I ranked it a bit lower than you did. 🙁 


    This performance and Katharine McPhee’s Over the Rainbow were very close to being selected for my Top 10. 😬 In an overall performance ranking they rest just outside my Top 10. 👍 Needless to say, this performance didn’t make the cut, so I’m happy that someone else chose it ! 😁 I just love this performance so much. The vocals were great, Carris’s stage presence was outstanding, and I loved the orchestra and back-up vocalists. :wub:  I can’t find a reason why isn’t in my Top 10, besides that it just isn’t. 😅 You’ll be surprised to see that this one is not at #11 in this ranking either. 🙂


    “I’ve got three words for you: That is artistry!” :giggle: I mean come on! The arrangement alone deserves a trophy, regardless of how the vocals sounded. 😅 I absolutely loved the modernized arrangement, plus the vocals were very good. 🙂 This was also a defining moment in Kris’ underdog story because like you said, he emerged as someone who could potentially take the crown (which thankfully he did, as he was my favorite from the season.) Overall, it’s one of my Top 10 performances of all-time, and the second one that led to a great, quotable comment from Kara! :haha:

    This would have probably made my Top 10 if it hadn’t been for some of Clay’s actions and if I hadn’t re-watched it. 😅 After a re-watch, I released that the only thing that made the performance so great were the back-up singers. 😱 Clay’s vocals were actually quite bland by themselves. I ranked this one a little lower than you did because of this. 😕


    My Ranking (UPDATED):

    2. Jessica Sanchez- Everybody Has a Dream 

    3. Allison Iraheta- Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

    4. Diana DeGarmo- Don’t Cry Out Loud


    6. Kris Allen- Ain’t No Sunshine

    7. Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings

    8. David Archuleta- Angels

    9. Jena Irene- Can’t Help Falling in Love

    10. Janelle Arthur- I Will


    12. Carrie Underwood- Alone 

    13. David Archuleta- Imagine


    15. Clark Beckham- It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World



    18. Clay Aiken- Bridge Over Troubled Water

    19. Jordin Sparks- I (Who Have Nothing)




    23. Maddie Poppe- Homeward Bound

    24. Jessica Meuse- The Crow and the Butterfly

    25. Vonzell Solomon- Best of My Love


    27. Siobhan Magnus- Superstition


    015. Happy to see you agree about this being Archie's defining performance. 😄 I also agree about the guitar playing creating a peaceful and calming setting on stage, which helped enhance the mood of the song.


    014. I just emphasized the quote because Randy would repeat it ad nauseam during the season. 🤭 Fair enough about everything else.


    013. Pretty much agree with everything here. However, I'm not sure where I would rank it in my overall performances. 🤔


    012. I knew this would be the performance that Kara would be quoted on. I thought about quoting it myself; however, I decided to be nice and leave it alone. 🤭 I agree with almost everything written here.


    011. Fair enough. I thought Clay's voice and the choir complemented each other well which enhanced the overall performance. 🤷‍♂️

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  13. 15. David Archuleta - Imagine

    At #15 we have the second of Archie's performances from the provided list. This is considered to be his signature song on Idol. Though I feel both versions (Top 20 and Finale) are slightly overrated, they  are among his best performances. Though I have posted his semi-finals version, I actually prefer his finale version more. While he was more technically sound in the semis, I felt he sounded stronger and more connected in the finale; then again, it may have had to do with the acoustics being different. One thing I appreciated about both versions was the music was provided by a simple acoustic guitar, which allow Archie's voice to be front and center. Overall, both versions of Imagine are performances the Arch Angels can be proud of.


    14. Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Up next is the first of the three I (Who Have Nothing) performances. While all three of them are great in their own right, one has to appear first and unfortunately, Jordin drew the short straw. I felt Jordin had established herself as a potential dark horse the week before with If We Hold On Together. However, she announced her official arrival with this gem the following week. I (Who Have Nothing) is a big, dramatic, and mature song, so when I learned Jordin was going to sing it, I wondered how she would do. The answer: she pretty much knocked it out of the park. The vocals and the emotional connection was all there, plus she had a strong presence on stage; all of this when SHE. WAS. ONLY. SEVENTEEN (channeling my inner Randy there 🤭)! On a night with some strong performances, this was head and shoulders above them all and helped establish Jordin as a contender (while pretty much overtaking LaKisha) who would go on to eventually win the whole thing.


    13. Carrie Underwood - Alone

    Considered to be one of the greatest performances in Idol history, Carrie Underwood's version of Alone is the next to appear. Carrie was seen as this wholesome, down home, country girl-next-door (who just happened to be - and still is - a total knockout) who stayed in her country lane, that is until Top 11 when she decided to step out of her comfort zone and tackle the great late 80s Heart rock ballad. Needless to say, the risk paid off big time. Carrie really sounded strong on this number, looked confident, and broke out of her shell some; she even rocked (pun intended) the look of an 80s rock star. Also, I have to give props to the backup singer who played a huge role in this performance. At first, I thought this was overrated and felt Jessica Sierra gave a better performance that night; however, I have since come to my senses and understand why it is one of the most celebrated Idol performances of all time (hers and Jessica's are now tied as far as my favorite performances of that week are concerned).


    12. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine

    While I liked Kris enough during S8, I wasn't a die-hard fan of his or anything like that. With that said, I definitely preferred him to Danny and Adam and rooted for him after Allison's elimination. In addition, he gave a few performances I enjoyed, with one of them being Ain't No Sunshine. Although I like the finale version better, I posted his Top 9 version because I feel this was the performance that showed Kris had a serious change to do damage and upset the apple cart that season. For starters, the arrangement was fresh and at the time current; it definitely gave new life to the 70s soul classic and showcased his great musical instincts.. In addition, while Kris wasn't the strongest singer, he had some really nice vocal moments in this performance, plus it appeared he really felt the song. He would take everything he applied here and improve on it during the Top 2. Either way, it was certainly one of his best performances of the season.


    11. Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

    While I can't say I agree with the title of the video, Bridge Over Troubled Water was certainly a great performance, and I thought it clinched the crown for Clay that season. After two OK, perhaps even underwhelming numbers, Clay definitely saved the best for last here. First, the arrangement was on point with the choir, giving a nice gospel feel to the song, which definitely worked for it. Then there was Clay who was vocally strong throughout the song. His vocal complimented the choir perfectly, and there was a strong connection coming from him, which is critical for a song of this nature. I thought Ruben was in serious trouble when it was all said and done; however, that wasn't the case as he went on to win the following night. Nonetheless, it would've been understandable if Clay won the title after this strong performance.


    015. David Archuleta - Imagine

    014. Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing)

    013. Carrie Underwood - Alone

    012. Kris Allen - Ain't No Sunshine

    011. Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water


    Remaining Performances:

    Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There
    Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name
    David Cook - Billie Jean
    Kris Allen - Heartless
    Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black
    Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)
    Pia Toscano - I’ll Stand by You
    Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love
    Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)
    Candice Glover - Lovesong


    Down to the final ten! I'm not sure when they'll be posted; in the meanwhile, have at it for the current set.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I thought it seemed like he had a HUGE crush on Jennifer. 😅 I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded a kiss. :haha:


    To be fair, it certainly appeared he had a huge crush on her (again, not that I blame him :haha:). I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have minded a kiss as well, as well a number of people outside of her hundreds of ex-husbands. :haha:


    My classes started and I already have a bunch of schoolwork to do. Between that and working full-time, it'll be difficult for me to post rankings on a consistent basis. With that said, I'll find a way to work things out and will try to have the next five performances up some time tonight. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    As luck would have it, Simon wasn’t present during Season 13, unless you count wannabe Harry Cowell Jr. 😅 Also, I thought Randy was the one who always said that! :haha: 


    Oh yeah, I forgot that LaToya of all people SLAYED that song in the semis! :duh: What a great reminder to the public of the Top 4 results show. :giggle: 


    If you get the chance, watch Thomas Stringfellow’s audition from Season 15. He was literally begging for a kiss! :haha: 


    I’ve officially declared September 3rd “Allison Iraheta Day” because of her wonderful performance! 😅 It’s a special @Bk1234 holiday. 🚨 Also, I might quote Kara’s comment for another submitted performance, so brace yourselves everyone. 🚨  


    Yeah, Harry tried to be the tough judge; however, unlike Simon he took himself way too seriously and completely lacked the charm and charisma Simon had. Randy is the main one who said that, but I remember Simon saying it after a few of Taylor's performances.


    It was certainly a great reminder to the public. I wouldn't put it past Clive for him to deliberately sabotage Jasmine given his track record.


    I re-watched his audition and maybe I'm missing something, but I didn't see anything that indicated he was begging for a kiss (though I wouldn't have blamed him if he did). If he waited to audition until at least S16, I'm sure Katy would've been more than happy to oblige. :giggle:


    🤣 at September 3rd being a @Bk1234 holiday, AKA Allison Iraheta Day! I have a feeling I know which performance would spawn the Kara comment. :giggle:


    19 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    Okay, the choice is yours. :haha:  I don't know if I'm making it an official request or not. Should I? :dead: 


    Yes, I forgot and messed up. :haha: I was hoping to list some of my favorites that you were a big fan of as well, but yes, true it hasn't shown up yet. ❤️ Oh, well then I guess I'm glad. :haha:  


    Yay! I loved it too and it's only gotten better for me. 😄 Oh no, I am sensitive to spoilers and don't want to ruin anything for you. I hope I didn't say anything in the other thread, but I may have without meaning to since that season was on last year and I didn't know it would be a spoiler. :blushingwave: I don't think what I said here should spoil anything, but I couldn't contain myself. :haha: I won't say who anyone is or even what costumes I'm referring to though. I am curious to see your thoughts.  Aww I love Nicole too (although not like that :giggle: ) 



    :dead: the Gwen comment! It's my favorite thing. :giggle: 


    Wow that's so long to lurk! 😮 I wonder what all you witnessed during those years. :giggle:  There was definitely a lot of fun and drama on here, especially back during those seasons. Ah yeah, that was a problem with the old version of the forum. :( I'm glad you finally joined and are here now! 😄 


    It would certainly help; this way I'll know if I'll be wasting my time or not. I've been fortunate with the categories thus far. 🤞 :haha:


    OK, that's good it hasn't shown up yet. I can't promise when it'll show up, however. 😬


    I think there was something said; however, I was spoiled when looking for a picture to use for a certain contestant's write-up, so it would've happened before anyone said anything. :haha: Thank you for at least trying not to spoil anything. I may post my thoughts on the other seasons in here; I'm still deciding whether to do it or not. Nice to see you love Nicole; though she wasn't that good in the first season of the US X-Factor as well as hearing and reading some not-so-flattering things about her in other capacities, I liked her from what I saw (in more than one way of course :giggle:) on The Masked Singer.


    I knew you would get a kick out of me mentioning Gwen again. :dead:


    I witnessed a lot during the years. I was there for the S5 fan wars, other meltdowns (such as Pia's elimination), the rankings lists (which inspired me to do one despite almost not going through with it), redoes, RE sections, etc. It's too bad a lot of it is gone now. I most likely would've registered back then; however, I was active at other boards and didn't want to be active at too many boards at one time. The other boards have since gone away, and I realized I liked talking Idol in the forums, so I finally decided to register here. Thank you and I'm glad I'm here as well! 😁

  16. 9 hours ago, psterina said:

    027. Siobhan Magnus - Superstition   My fav, and my favorite performance from her. Her pure enjoyment up there, as well as connection to the song, with the audience, musicians, & TV audience is so great. Oh ... and of course her vocals. As a rocker myself .... I also love the scream. :P  I just love this!!  💖 🥰🥰

    026. David Archuleta - Angels -   He sang with a lot of emotion. Slight pitchyness in a couple of spots, but he really connected with the song, and it counts for a lot.

    025. Vonzell Solomon - Best Of My Love -  Yeah.  Really great performance. 

    024. Janelle Arthur - I Will   - Nice performance, but not a stand out for me

    023. Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings - Skylar really went for it on this. Wow ! :thumbs:

    022. Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream - While Jessica wasn't a fav of mine, no doubt she can sing. This was a strong performance

    021. Clark Beckham - It's A Man's Man's Man's World  Clark is talented. But for me, I don't feel it, and I don't feel like he really feels it. Connection is everything


    027. Nice to see this is your favorite performance of hers! While she had performances I liked more, this was certainly one of her better ones.

    026. I agree he connected well with the song and sang with a lot of emotion.

    025. While not her best performance, it was a great one from her, so I agree there.

    024. Fair enough.

    023. She certainly did go for this one! :yes:

    022. Your thoughts pretty much echoes mine regarding her.

    021. Fair enough about him.


    8 hours ago, psterina said:

    020. Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly - Jessica was my fav that season, and The Crow & The Butterfly was my favorite performance (Blue Eyed Lie, was a sliver away)

    019. Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud - Wonderful performance, and ... while being so young

    018. Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love - Jena was my 3rd fav that season. I too, wanted Jessica in the Top 3, over Jena. With that said ... this is a very strong performance from her

    017. Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound - My fav that season, and my favorite performance from her (although several other performances of hers, were a sliver away) She has a very strong presence here, as well as  major connecting to song, audience, TV audience

    016. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Allison is so amazing. Connecting with songs, and audiences, at her young age. She was my 2nd favorite, just behind Adam. 


    020. That's right, you mentioned Jessica was your S13 favorite in the other thread (great minds think alike!). Nice to see this was your favorite performance of hers.

    019. Agree with everything here.

    018. Agree with almost everything here. This was a very strong performance of hers indeed.

    017. This was my favorite performance of Maddie's as well. I agree with her having a very strong presence as well as connecting to the song and all audiences. :yes:

    016. She certainly is amazing, especially with her connecting with songs and audiences at her age at the time.

  17. 16 hours ago, miss denise said:

    027. Siobhan Magnus - Superstition: I agree with most of your comments on this one. I did enjoy the song choice on her and the funky feel of it. :bobo:  The scream wasn't my favorite, but is memorable. :haha: 

    026. David Archuleta - Angels: Aw, sad this ranks so low. :(  I have no idea where this ranks among all his performances for me, but it's definitely a special one. He's sang this a lot, including on tour, and even recorded it for his debut album. ❤️ I just love his version of it. 

    025. Vonzell Solomon - Best Of My Love: Oooh the first of my submissions! Aww I thought this one might rank better and it was probably my favorite of Vonzell's. :haha: I loved her on both uptempos and ballads, but songs like this really allowed everything great about her to shine. ❤️  Sad the background singers were too much for you on some of these. :( 

    024. Janelle Arthur - I Will: I really like this and it's one of my favorites from Janelle. It's not particularly memorable for me out of all the seasons, but is a great showcase of her pretty voice. 

    023. Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings: This was a standout one for me and a great one from Skylar. I remember your comments on not loving this as much due to the song. But lol Gwen Stefani gets another mention! ❤️ :giggle: 

    022. Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream: Jessica is another one whose performances are hard for me to rank, but I do think this one is a bit underrated and forgotten. Oh and yay I see you said the same thing! I'm glad you felt a connection with her on this one. ❤️ I do think this was a fantastic performance.

    021. Clark Beckham - It's A Man's Man's Man's World: Another one of mine shows up. 😮 Yay for Clark's version of this song being your favorite. :wub:  I wasn't sure which of his to submit, but this was a standout. I also forgot your thoughts on this so now I get to see again. :haha:  I'm glad you like this so much, despite it ranking in the bottom set of the ranking. That just mean there are lots of great performances listed that you enjoy. 


    I'm looking over the total list, and I think I agree with Superstition and I Will in the bottom set of the list. I can't actually determine my bottom 7, but I can pick out a few of them. I also just noticed I'm the only one who listed anything from any of the first six seasons. 😮  I definitely didn't expect that.


    027. Happy to see you agree with most of my comments. It certainly was funky. :bobo:

    026. Sorry. :( While it was a solid performance of Archie's, I thought he had better ones, plus I didn't think it compared to the other submitted ones. Good to see you love his version of it. 😄

    025. It was one of Vonzell's better performances; however, again I don't think it measures up to the submitted ones. Still, it was one I enjoyed very much.

    024. Pretty much agree with everything written here. It's one of my favorites from Janelle as well.

    023. It was certainly a standout despite me not caring for the song. When re-watching this performance, I actually forgot Gwen Stefani was a mentor during the week, so I just had to mention her because I know how much you enjoy it. ;) :haha:

    022. I pretty much agree with what was written here. It was one of Jessica's stronger performances.

    021. It certainly was a standout for him. With the exception of a few, these performances were tough to rank because they're all good in their own way. It appears my opinion of his performance being the best wasn't so unpopular after all based on the comments. :haha:


    16 hours ago, miss denise said:

    020. Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly: I think this is good, but I never got much from Jessica's performance (I guess like you and my favorite Jessica 😛 ). It's a good song for her though.

    019. Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud: "When this song was submitted, I'm assuming it's the Top 3 version and not the one from the finale. " Oops, I forgot to clarify, as I really only think of this version. :haha: But yess glad this is your favorite of Diana's too! I agree with all your thoughts. The power on this was unbelievable and yet, she made it seem so effortless. LOL I remember back then people timing some of the long notes like Diana's on this song and maybe some others of hers as well... like A Broken Wing. :haha: Such long notes, but she hit them with ease.

    018. Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love: "I wasn't a Jena fan at all during S13; there were a number of things about her I didn't care for, the main one being her voice." :lmao:  Well, the voice is pretty huge thing on a singing show. :haha: I thought this was a great version of the song and I'm sure my favorite from Jena. I liked her on these more emotional songs and when she was at the piano.

    017. Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound: I also wasn't as huge as Maddie as a lot of the viewers, although this reminds me that I meant to ask you for how long you lurked on IDF before joining? 😮  This performance could grow on me, but didn't do much for me at the time. I do think it's nice listening to it now, although I prefer others.

    016. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone: I should have submitted this one too, but I hit my capacity. :haha: Amazing performance from Allison. I agree it was a fantastic song choice for her and I love the spin she put on it. She did sing and perform with such confidence. I always loved that about Alison. This is one of many incredible performances from S8 and a favorite of mine. ❤️ 


    020. It appears we're on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to these two Jessicas, with the only Jessica we may agree on is Jessica Sierra. :haha: Fair enough about the performance.

    019. I had a feeling it was referring to the Top 3 version since the finale one was not too good to put it mildly. :haha: I pretty much agree with all of your thoughts regarding Diana and this performance.

    018. Yeah, in a singing competition (something the judges, especially Simon liked to harp on), the voice is pretty important. :haha: Jena's version was a great one; speaking of which, I went with the Top 4 version instead of the finale version because while both were good, I liked the Top 4 version more.

    017. I want to say I've been lurking since S5 because that's when I really started to get invested in Idol. At the time, I was on and off and didn't really start to become a serious lurker until around S12 or so. I believe I actually registered last year, but due to confirmation issues with old IDF, my account wasn't official. As for the comments on Maddie's performance, fair enough.

    016. Pretty much agree about everything here. It was certainly an amazing performance from Allison.


    8 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    This one wasn’t as bad for me, but it’s probably just because you only ranked five in this set. :haha: 


    Interesting choice for an all-time favorite performance, but I’m not disappointed, considering I really liked Jessica Meuse. 😅Anyway, I thought this performance was one of Jessica’s best, though it just didn’t compare to some of the other performances submitted. As a result, I ranked it lower than you did. 😕 I definitely agree that she looked very confident on stage. Knowing the judges, she probably got some “nice” feedback after this one. (I can’t remember if they did since I was too busy yelling at the screen. :giggle:) I would have liked to see her make the Top 3 over Alex, definitely not over Jena! 


    Yes, I meant the Top 3 version (we don’t want to remember the finale version... :haha:) I definitely agree that it was Diana’s best performance of the season. Clive Davis definitely gave her a better song than he gave Jasmine, though I thought Jasmine did a great job with All By Myself, considering how difficult the song was. 😅 Diana’s vocals were flawless during this performance. She held notes for a pretty long time, like you said. I really fell in love with the recorded version of this song that Diana put in her debut album, and still listen to it a lot! 😁 I definitely ranked this much higher than you did. 😊


    Aah, another one of my Top 10 favorite performances. 💔 For Season 13, I was debating on putting this one in, or putting one of Emily’s in, but I just had to go with this one. 😅 In my opinion, it was the best performance of Season 13. 👍 The vocals were good, but more importantly, the emotional connection was fantastic! :clap: She definitely deserved that kiss from Jennifer (sorry if you were jealous :haha:). I also ranked this one higher than you did, though I will admit that it is in the lower half of my Top 10. 

    Wow, I sure don’t remember this one! 😂 After re-watching it, I’m not sure why I forgot it though because the transitions were just so obnoxious! 😅 Yes, they were expertly done, but they started to get a bit excessive. I was always Team Gabby, Jurnee, or Michael during Season 16 though, so nothing was really going to impress me unless it was Nothing Compares 2 U (sorry Maddie and fans 🙁). She did look lovely in this performance though. 😍 


    You should have ranked this on September 3rd. 😉 What a crime! My third favorite performance at number 3?! 💔 (What’s even more of a crime is that I didn’t originally send this one in because I forgot how good it was. Thanks @Crisis for letting me edit my submission! 😊) Just kidding about the crime part, but this quote sums up my thoughts exactly: “Your voice comes from God; you can't teach that. You sing like you've been singing for 400 years.” (Oh how I love quoting Kara while everyone else groans. :giggle:) I didn’t even realize Megan was your second favorite from Season 8. Thank goodness she wasn’t your favorite, or there might have been some issues... 🤔 I enjoyed this performance way more than Adam’s The Tracks of My Tears, though I will say it was one of Adam’s best! 👍 I definitely agree that she picked the perfect song for the week. The vocals were good, I think she handled the up-tempo parts well, and I just love the tone of her voice so much! 😍 I ranked this one much higher than you did, but fair enough. 🤷‍♂️ 

    My Ranking (UPDATED):

    2. Jessica Sanchez- Everybody Has a Dream 

    3. Allison Iraheta- Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

    4. Diana DeGarmo- Don’t Cry Out Loud



    7. Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings

    8. David Archuleta- Angels

    9. Jena Irene- Can’t Help Falling in Love

    10. Janelle Arthur- I Will





    15. Clark Beckham- It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World








    23. Maddie Poppe- Homeward Bound

    24. Jessica Meuse- The Crow and the Butterfly

    25. Vonzell Solomon- Best of My Love


    27. Siobhan Magnus- Superstition


    Yeah, I'm going to try to do five at a time from here on out. :haha:


    020. Despite the lower ranking, I pretty much agree. As for preferring her over Alex, I wouldn't have minded if Jessica was in the Top 3 over him either, but while I didn't care for him practically giving him the same performance every week, I still liked him more than Jena, and he didn't annoy me as much as she did. 🤷‍♂️


    019. I thought so. I just felt bad for Jasmine because everyone knows that was a song LaToya introduced herself to the audience with and that Jasmine wouldn't compare to it. Plus, it served as a reminder that LaToya was eliminated the week before. Back to Diana, I pretty much agree she was near flawless vocally in this performance. I haven't heard the recorded version; maybe I will one of these days.


    018. I don't know about the best performance from S13, but it was certainly one of the better ones. I agree about the vocals and emotional connection. Between her and Scotty, maybe I should've auditioned (despite not being the best at carrying a tune) just for a slight chance to be kissed by J-Lo, or in Casey's case, kiss her myself. :dead:


    017. 😠. All kidding aside, fair enough about the opinion. At least you agree she looked lovely during the performance.



    i see what you did there GIF

    🤣 at quoting Kara every opportunity you get! I'll ignore that Megan diss (though to be fair, I've dissed Gabby quite a bit, so I'll let you have that one 😅). I thought Adam did really well with his performance, plus it was one of the few in which he didn't shriek. As for Allison's performance, I pretty much agree with most of what was written. 👍


    8 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I sent Don’t Cry Out Loud as well, and as @Crisis knows, I was very close to submitting a certain performance from Season 5. :giggle:


    Yes, I know all too well... 😢 💔 


    I'll try to respond to other posts this evening as my lunch break is now over. 😐

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  18. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I think you would enjoy it. :teeheewave: Haha yes, I do remember you mentioning a few women that were among the most beautiful on that list. :haha:  lol why thank you! :giggle:I'm so glad my expertise has been noticed. :giggle: 


    Understandable. LOL you could always pull a fast one on us and have completely different thoughts this time around. :dead:  For sure! I also realized that I think I listed one that you actually did not love as much as the majority, but I completely forgot. :broken: And I should have listed one of Jessica's because I do remember you really liking The Prayer now that I think about it. I really failed on this. :haha:  


    Ooh I love The Masked Singer! :wub:  I don't want to spoil you, but two of my favorite people ever competed on the third season. :blushingwave: 


    I'm still debating whether or not to do that one; I'll wait until I'm finished with this ranking before my final decision. If I do decide to go through with it, the offer still stands. :haha: With that said, I take it that this is an official request?


    I probably could, especially since I'm re-watching the performances to see if my original opinions are the same. :haha: Looking back at the submissions, I think there was as well; however, I don't believe I listed it yet if it's any consolation, so it's in my Top 15. Although The Prayer is one of my favorite Jessica performances, I'm not sure where it would rank among the others, so it was probably better not listing it. :haha:


    I watched the first season and enjoyed it. I watched the first episode of the second season but got busy with other things and didn't get to watch the rest of it or the third season. Please no spoilers; I don't know if my heart could take it. 💔 :haha: I was already spoiled on one of the contestants of the second season because of the other thread, but I'm in the dark regarding the others, so it should be OK, plus I get to ogle Nicole Scherzinger some more:haha:


    I have to head to work now, so I'll respond to everything else when I have the time. 👍

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  19. More rankings...


    20. Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly

    Kicking off the next set is a performance from S13's country rocker. Jessica was my favorite S13 contestant who gave a number of performances I enjoyed during her time on Idol; The Crow & The Butterfly happens to be one of them. For starters, it was certainly a step up from her previous performance. I liked the arrangement and Jessica showcased some really strong vocal moments on this number. In addition, she looked really confident on stage and it was easy to see this song really meant something to her. It's obviously a song she was comfortable with seeing she has a cover on it on her YouTube channel. Overall, The Crow & The Butterfly was my third favorite Jessica performance.


    19. Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud

    When this song was submitted, I'm assuming it's the Top 3 version and not the one from the finale. Either way, I thought Don't Cry Out Loud was Diana's best performance of the season, and Clive Davis absolutely gave her a song she could shine on (as opposed to giving Jasmine All By Myself, poor thing). This performance really showcased Diana's vocal prowess, plus it belied she was only 16 when she was on Idol. I wasn't familiar with the song, but it appeared it was a difficult one to sing; nonetheless, Diana appeared to have no issues with it whatsoever. That long note at the end was something special; I think she held it for about 13 seconds. After this performance, it was easy to see she would be in the finale with Fantasia.


    18. Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love

    I wasn't a Jena fan at all during S13; there were a number of things about her I didn't care for, the main one being her voice. However, she grew on me over the years and while she's not an all-time favorite, I can see she gave some strong performances during the season. The Top 4 version of Can't Help Falling In Love may have very well been her best one. She appeared to connect really well to the song, and this was one of the few times I found her voice tolerable during the season. I thought there were parts she oversang some; however, this was a really solid vocal of hers. She even received a kiss from J-Lo afterwards (not that I'm jealous or anything 😅). Though I wanted Jessica in the Top 3 over her, it's understandable why Jena was there based on this performance.


    17. Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound

    I wasn't as huge on Maddie as most of IDF was during S16 (this was during my lurking years); however, she was someone I really liked and was my third favorite of the season. Though Nothing Compares 2 U is considered to be her best performance - and it's completely understandable why - Homeward Bound was my personal favorite. I liked the more simple and acoustic arrangement used, and Maddie sounded really lovely during it, especially when she used her head voice in the chorus. Speaking of which, her transitions were nearly flawless and I loved her interpretation. Finally, Maddie herself looked really lovely during this performance. In the end, Homeward Bound was definitely one of my favorite performances of the season.


    16. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    Allison was my favorite S8 contestant, eventually beating out Megan for that honor (yeah, I know), and performances such as Papa Was A Rolling Stone are a reason why. Personally, I think she picked a perfect song for her this week. It allowed her to put her rock spin on a soul classic, plus the subject matter was completely appropriate for her. She sounded really strong and confident vocally, brought some attitude to it, and worked the stage really well. After being in the B3 the previous week, she certainly came out and let everyone know she had zero intentions of being back there, and she managed to accomplish that task, at least for this week. If not for Adam's The Track Of My Tears, this would've been my favorite performance of the night; however, being second best isn't too bad in this case. 😁


    020. Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly

    019. Diana DeGarmo - Don't Cry Out Loud

    018. Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love

    017. Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound

    016. Allison Iraheta - Papa Was A Rolling Stone


    Remaining Performances:

    Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There
    Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Carrie Underwood - Alone
    Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name

    David Cook - Billie Jean

    David Archuleta - Imagine

    Kris Allen - Ain’t No Sunshine

    Kris Allen - Heartless

    Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black

    Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Pia Toscano - I’ll Stand by You

    Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

    Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Candice Glover - Lovesong


    Five more down! I'm not sure when I'll post the next set; however, I'll let it be known when there's a possibility when it's posted.

  20. 1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    Aah, looks like we agree on last place yet again! :haha: This performance was just ok for me. It started to get bad when she started to scream, so I agree with you about that part. Definitely one of Siobhan’s better performances, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t compare with the other great performances on this list. 😕


    And here is where the slaughter starts... 😅 After originally hearing Archie’s version of Angels, I thought that it was good, the best of the night, but I would have never put it in my Top 10 Idol performances of all time! 😁 However, after listening to it more I grew to like it a lot, even more than Imagine😱 The song just shows off his voice, especially his upper register, so well, plus, as you’ll see with a lot of my Top 10 performances, the emotional delivery is so powerful! 😊 I also really liked that he stayed on the piano. 👍 It seems that I liked this performance much more than you did. :giggle: 


    I definitely agree that it wasn’t her best performance. I usually like Vonzell’s voice, but at times, it became very shouty and annoying. 😕 To be honest, I was surprised to see that this performance was on here after listening to it. 😅 I was also impressed that she was able to maintain her vocals, despite moving around a lot! 👍 I think I placed this performance around the same point, or maybe a little higher. (Edit: Turns out I ranked it in the same spot! :haha:)

    And the slaughter continues! 🙁 I definitely agree that she was underrated during Season 12. She has such a beautiful voice, and this performance showed it off perfectly.👌 I would even say that she has the prettiest voice out of all the Idol finalists. :wub: Not to mention, that run at the end of the performance was AMAZING! 🤩 I felt every word of this song, which is why it is one of my Top 10 favorite performances of all-time! 😁 Also, yes, Janelle looked stunning during this performance. 😍


    Wow, back to back Top 10 performances! 😅 This performance holds a special place in my heart because it’s what made me really love Skylar! ❤️ I loved that she chose a song that would allow her to really show off her big pipes! 😁 I’m glad she didn’t choose 9 to 5 because this performance showed that she could pull off risks well! I felt the emotional connection, the vocals were great, and she totally owned the stage. 😊 I had a feeling that you would rank this one pretty low because of something you said in Skylar’s write-up, but I put it in anyway because I loved it so much! 😂 


    Am I the only one getting deja vu? You ranked my second favorite performance, which just happened to be done by Jessica Sanchez, low AGAIN! :haha: Anyway, this is my second favorite Idol performance, so I am obviously disappointed by this ranking. 🙁 I think that this is one of Jessica’s most underrated performances. It is my favorite of hers because like you said, she really connected to the song. 😁 The vocals were flawless and I thought she had good stage presence! 👍 Overall, I ranked this performance much higher than you did, but I’ll accept this placement, for now... :giggle: 


    I totally forgot about this version of the song, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I really liked it! 😁 I also liked it better than Joshua’s version. 🤫 I thought that he didn’t oversing as much as Joshua did, plus his voice wasn’t as annoying to me. 😅 I ranked this one much higher than you did. Thank you to whoever submitted this performance, as I probably wouldn’t have watched it again and discovered how much I liked it! 😊 


    My Ranking

    2. Jessica Sanchez- Everybody Has a Dream 





    7. Skylar Laine- Wind Beneath My Wings

    8. David Archuleta- Angels


    10. Janelle Arthur- I Will





    15. Clark Beckham- It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World










    25. Vonzell Solomon- Best of My Love


    27. Siobhan Magnus- Superstition


    027. It seems like we are of equal minds when it comes to last place performances. 😂 I pretty much agree with what was said here.


    026. 😯 at liking this more than Imagine. I agree with some of what was written, especially the emotional delivery and him staying at the piano. As I said, while this was good, I think he had better performances.


    025. I pretty much agree here, though I apparently am more positive towards it than you are. 😂


    024. 😯 at thinking Janelle has the prettiest voice of all the finalists. I do think she has one of the prettiest voices, so I can't say I disagree with that claim. I pretty much agree with everything else written.


    023. Again, I don't disagree with what was written here. Skylar really did own the stage and showed off some very impressive vocals, especially towards the end. :yes:



    single ladies beyonce GIF

    Maybe if other performances such as Love You I DoStuttering, or The Prayer were posted, Jessica would probably rank higher. This being someone's second favorite performance of all-time is certainly unconventional...and I love it (welcome to the dark side my friend)! 🤭 With that said, not much disagreement here.


    021. Someone else who prefers Clark's version to Joshua's? Are you trying to upstage me when it comes to having unconventional opinions? 😉 In all seriousness, again I pretty much agree with everything except for the placement.

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  21. OK, I'm going to go ahead and get started on the ranking. If my math is correct, there appears to be twenty-seven performances. I'll do seven tonight and see where to go from there. Before I begin, I think all of these performances are good to great in their own right and it was tough for me to rank most of them; with that said, there were a few easy ones. Hopefully, no one would be too upset when it's all said and one and as I mentioned, feel free to create your own ranking if desired.


    Without further ado, let's get started...


    27. Siobhan Magnus - Superstition

    Kicking off the list is the first of two performances from S9's quirky big-voiced contestant. Siobhan was someone I looked forward to throughout the season, especially the first half of her run, because I wanted to see what she would do with her performances. Her Top 11 showing of Superstition was one of her better performances I felt. The arrangement was nice and funky, and Siobhan brought some funk herself along with the vocals. The scatting was a nice touch, though I didn't care for the scream at the end of the section. While I enjoyed it, I don't think it quite measures up to the others provided, hence the reason it's at the bottom.


    26. David Archuleta - Angels

    Coming in at #26 is the first of two Archie performances. While Angels was a performance I liked of his, I don't think it's as strong as his other showings during the season. I did like him going behind the piano and staying there, unlike most performances in which the contestants start at the piano before leaving it around the halfway point - Archie himself was guilty of this during Another Day In Paradise earlier in the season. With that said, he still had some really nice vocal moments, though there was a section in which the background singers were too loud (which is nothing new). Regardless, it was one of the better performances of the night and vastly superior to the two versions from subsequent seasons.


    25. Vonzell Solomon - Best Of My Love

    Up next is one of my favorite Vonzell performances. Vonzell is my second favorite S4 finalist and she was someone who I absolutely loved to watch; her Best Of My Love performance was no exception. It wasn't her best performance per se, but it was certainly one of her most fun ones. She appeared to have a lot of fun, worked the stage well, and showed a lot of personality during the number; it certainly doesn't hurt the song itself is a catchy and fun tune. In addition, she was really strong vocally, though once again the background singers were too loud in their parts. With that said, the reason it's here is because I felt the other performances were stronger; however, that doesn't mean this one was bad by any means.


    24. Janelle Arthur - I Will

    I always thought Janelle was underrated for the most part. It is thought she was the weakest female singer that season; however, I thought she was fine for the most part outside of her quarterfinals performance. Here she gave one of her better vocal performances of the season with I Will. This performance really showcased her voice nicely; in fact, I forgot how pretty her voice was, especially in soft and tender moments, not to mention she herself looked really pretty this evening. I really liked the tender and caring treatment she gave the song; she made believe she was waiting for that special someone. I really liked how she ended the song by going into her head voice. Overall, this was one of her better showings.


    23. Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings

    For those who've come to know me, they know Wind Beneath My Wings is not exactly one of my favorite songs, mainly due to me hearing it a ton over the years. With that said, Skylar gave a really strong vocal performance of it. She was deciding between this and 9 to 5; needless to say she picked the right song (also, it was good to see Gwen Stefani and others change their minds about her singing 9 to 5). She appeared to connect well to the song and show some power at the end of it. Plus, she cleaned up well with the nice dress, which was certainly different from the country girl looks she displayed during the season. This was certainly one of her better performances of the season.


    22. Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream

    It's pretty much known I'm not the biggest Jessica fan; however, that isn't the reason this performance is here. On the contrary, this was actually a really good performance from her; it's just that I didn't like it as much as those I have above it. One of my issues with her, if you can call it that, is that as well as she sings, that's pretty much it. With Everybody Has A Dream, however, that was not the case. This is one of the few performances I felt she really connected with the song, which went well with her strong vocals. Speaking of which, she had moments in which she displayed a nice head voice. This was one of her better and dare I say more overlooked performances.


    21. Clark Beckham - It's A Man's Man's Man's World

    Clark perhaps had the most strong performances of anyone during S14, and It's A Man's Man's Man's World was certainly one of his strongest moments. This is not an easy song to sing, and though Joshua Ledet's version is probably the most well-known, I would say Clark's was my personal favorite (this is probably an unpopular opinion *shocker* :giggle:). He really showed some strong vocal dynamics and though I felt he went a little overboard at times, it didn't bother me because it was appropriate for a song of this nature. The held note at the end was a great way to end the performance. It was definitely one of his better performances and perhaps the best of the evening.


    027. Siobhan Magnus - Superstition

    026. David Archuleta - Angels

    025. Vonzell Solomon - Best Of My Love

    024. Janelle Arthur - I Will

    023. Skylar Laine - Wind Beneath My Wings

    022. Jessica Sanchez - Everybody Has A Dream

    021. Clark Beckham - It's A Man's Man's Man's World


    Remaining Performances:

    Kelly Clarkson - Stuff Like That There
    Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Diana DeGarmo - Don’t Cry Out Loud

    Carrie Underwood - Alone
    Jordin Sparks - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name

    David Cook - Billie Jean

    David Archuleta - Imagine

    Kris Allen - Ain’t No Sunshine

    Kris Allen - Heartless

    Allison Iraheta - Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone

    Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black

    Haley Reinhart - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Pia Toscano - I’ll Stand by You

    Elise Testone - Whole Lotta Love

    Candice Glover - I (Who Have Nothing)

    Candice Glover - Lovesong
    Jena Irene - Can’t Help Falling in Love

    Jessica Meuse - The Crow & The Butterfly

    Maddie Poppe - Homeward Bound


    I know I started this later than the time I posted, but it's here now. As I said, all the performances submitted were very strong in their own right and therefore, some would have to be posted first. As I mentioned multiple times, anyone can post their rankings if they want, especially if they disagree with mine. I'll try to have five more performances up tomorrow.

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    No, I meant a list of your favorite Katharine looks. :teeheewave:  Well, maybe I should request it! lol I was going to say, you should then do one for the guys too to be fair. Or you could hire me to do that one. :giggle: 


    No no no. (!) So sorry if it came off that way! Although I see you're kidding. :haha:  But I gave the example of Jessica's AIATYING, which I remembered you not being so crazy about and calling it overrated, so I'd rather not include ones I love if I already know you don't. I can't remember your thoughts on specific Lauren ones, but I don't think you were too huge on any of them. Maybe I'm cheating by basing it off some of your comments from the contestants list. :giggle:But you know I have complimented you for giving credit to those who aren't your favorites. :yes:  


    Hmm, that's something to consider. 🤔 I would probably do it in conjunction with the most beautiful list should I decide to do one (boy that was a dead giveaway, though not really if anyone was really paying attention in the other thread :haha:); however, I'll need an official request so I'll know if anyone's interested. I would definitely hire you to do the guys one; no application required and besides, your judgment would probably be much better than mine! :giggle:


    Yeah, after what happened last time, I had to make sure everyone knew I was joking. :haha: To be honest, I'm looking at my contestants list to see what I said about some of these performances myself; consistency is important after all. :haha: I know you've complimented me for giving credit to those who aren't favorites of mine.


    I'm currently watching the performances listed while simultaneously searching for the second and third season of The Masked Singer. I'm trying to get caught up in that series before the fourth season airs. :haha:


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