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  1. Haley wasn't the greatest singer, but she wasn't outright awful either despite popular opinion. I think she gets a bad rep because she was in a season full of female power voices. Objectively she may have been the weakest female singer, but outside of Phil I thought she was better than the guys. I think she was initially casted as fodder and was expected to leave in the semis. However, voters resonated with her and she made it farther than most expected she would. I know she got a lot of heat for advancing to the Top 12 and "robbing" Sabrina, but Antonella would've made it if Haley didn't, and Haley was definitely the better option. :haha:

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  2. Catching up:


    Meh to Alolan Ninetales and Aurorus mainly due to my lack of familiarity with them.


    I hoped Scizor would've done better.


    Seeing that Typhlosion and Charizard have the exact same base stats, it makes sense for them to be tied. :giggle: With that said, I love my fire starters; however, Typhlosion is my least favorite of the bunch. I thought Charizard would've placed higher. With two mega evolutions and a Gigantamax form, I take it that it's one of Game Freak's favorite Pokemon. :giggle: Still, Charizard is one of the cooler Pokemon, especially in the anime when I used to watch it. I'm surprised Bk ranked it #20; I thought for sure it was going to be Infernape. Speaking of which, Infernape being the last fire starter remaining:


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  3. S19 Finale - Part II


    Now, for the Top 3...


    Third Place


    All By Myself

    I groaned out loud when I heard this song choice. Unfortunately, Grace had no choice since it was the Judges' Pick. It's a song that has been done well in the past by the likes of LaToya London and Pia Toscano. Vocally, Grace can handle the song, and for the most part I think she did well with it. The trickiest part of the song is the key change in the middle of the long note towards the end, and I think Grace fell just short despite giving it her best shot. However, I won't judge her too hard on it because there are very few singers who can make that transition smoothly. A very solid effort from Grace overall.


    I Have Nothing

    ABM made me groan; however, IHN made me want to bang my head against the wall. With the former, she had no choice. On the other hand, it appears Grace picked this song of her own choosing. I'm tempted to rank this last should I rank the performances based purely on the song choice; were not in 2007 anymore. With that said, as many times as this song has been done, Grace's was certainly the most unique. She did some interesting things here with the a cappella intro, the different arrangement, and singing softly on the first chorus. However, that doesn't mean everything worked out. I thought she completely messed up the key change when she went big. Those octave jumps were jarring. This performance summed up my feelings about Grace in a nutshell. She's a beautiful girl with the best voice from a technical standpoint, but the way she used it and her song choices weren't the most consistent.


    Regarding her third place finish, I think she suffered from the same problem as Casey. She was interesting from a vocal standpoint, but she was over the place musically. Unlike Casey, however, Grace didn't have a set image. While Willie and Chayce practically did the same thing all season, at least voters knew who they were as artists, and the thing both men did were relatable to the main demographic. With that said, Grace is an immensely talented vocalist who impressed me despite my grumblings, and I hope she continues to pursue singing in some form or another.


    Runner Up


    Georgia On My Mind

    The judges are 0 for 2 thus far with their song choices. With that said, I think Willie's performance was the best of the three. This was a great song for him and I think he sang it well. I liked the gradual build-up the performance had, so when he took it to the next level it really enhanced the performance. Willie did his usual thing, and this was one of his best performances of the season.


    A Change Is Gonna Come

    Unfortunately, I didn't think Willie did too hot with this one. ACIGC is a song that needs to be sung with conviction and emotion; however, I think Willie lacked both in this regard. In addition, the arrangement was kind of dull and didn't really highlight his voice that well. Speaking of his voice, Willie sounded as if he had some enunciation issues; there were times I couldn't understand what he was singing. On paper, ACIGC should've fit a singer like Willie well; unfortunately, it was too loose for him and he had too much breathing room to mess up.


    Stand Up (Reprise)

    I think this was his best performance of the night. I thought he lacked conviction the first time he sang this; that wasn't the case here. I guess with what was on the line he had more urgency to give the performance of his life. It was beautifully sung, and he connected really well to the song's message. If I had one complaint about it, it's that the background singers were too loud in parts and I felt they drowned Willie out in said parts. Outside of this, a very solid effort from Willie.


    Willie was an incredible singer and outside of a few concerns of mine rarely made any vocal missteps. In addition, he appeared to have a great and kind spirit that it made it difficult to root against him. The biggest knock on him was him singing ballads all of the time. While it would've been nice to see some up-tempo from him, I don't think he should've done so if it isn't something he's comfortable with. Besides, he was very good in his lane. I think he handled himself well throughout the competition and while he had a solid case of winning, placing second is something he can really hold his head up high on. Also, he (and Alyssa) got to sing with Katharine of which I am extremely jealous, so I hope that's something he treasures for the rest of his life. :giggle: I wish him the best in his future endeavors.





    Yikes, the judges struck out on all three of their picks. :wacko: At least this was a song that hasn't been done multiple times on Idol (I believe Carly is the only other contestant to sing this song). The problem with Blackbird is it's a song that's ill suited for a setting like the finale because of the lack of opportunity for moments. Chayce did what he could with it, even changing the arrangement up some. However, as predicted the performance went nowhere. This was probably my least favorite of the first round though I felt Chayce didn't do too poorly all things considered.


    Fire Away

    For starters, Chayce clearly had to best song choice of the three. This song was better suited for him and he looked more comfortable with it. Furthermore, it fit his voice better. While I don't think he's anywhere near the singer Chris Stapleton is, I felt he fit his vibe really well. Once again the main complaint I had with this performance was the background singers. The mixing and audio problems have been an Idol staple; however, it was really flagrant this season. Despite that, I thought Chayce did the best in the second round.


    Afterglow (Reprise)

    I don't have much to say about this performance except it's what to expect from Chayce. It wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't terrible either. I'm sure his fans appreciated it.


    It appeared that Chayce became the frontrunner somewhere around the halfway point of the season. I think his momentum really picked up after Caleb's disqualification; he may have garnered a good portion of supporters from Caleb's base. The thing about Chayce is that more than anyone he knew who he was as an artist. He knew he didn't have the vocal prowess of Grace or Willie, so he stuck to his strength which is giving emotional and gritty down to earth performances. He reminds me of Nick Fradiani in that neither of them gave any memorable performances; however, they didn't give any bad performances to hurt their standing either. In both of their cases, consistency won out. With that said, I don't think Chayce's victory will be as controversial as Nick's. :giggle: Also, both of them were considered good-looking WGWGs (although to be honest in I don't really get it in either of their cases, but this is about Chayce. Hunter, yes. Chayce, I forget he's 24; he looks like he's pushing 30). It looks like his single is doing really well in iTunes (that's still a thing?), so it appears he's off to a good start. All in all, congratulations to Chayce and hopefully with the new label he has better luck than the previous three winners (which is highly unfortunate. I felt they deserved better)!


    With a semi-finalist dropping out, Paula returning for one episode, the S18 comeback twist, and a DQ, this was one of the most bizarre seasons in Idol history. I don't know where I would rank it overall, maybe somewhere in the middle. Regardless, it was an interesting ride and it was good to see return to normal somewhat. Here's hoping S20 brings some good talent and great memories!

  4. 1 hour ago, *Chris said:

    I lowkey enjoyed If My Heart Had Wings :ph34rwave: 


    I'm not much of a Faith Hill fan and If My Heart Had Wings is one of my least favorite songs of hers; however, I enjoyed Haley's performance and thought she was the third best of the night. At the very least she was one of the few contestants who sang in tune. In fact, I thought she and most of her performances were underrated. I also enjoyed It's All Coming Back To Me Now and in hindsight I could've fought harder to prevent it from being cut. However, I figured it wasn't going to make it to the end anyway, so might as well let it go now. Besides, her best performances are safe until Round 4, IMO.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Elliott said:

    She was dropped from Hollywood before she even got to release a single, so that probably has something to do with it. :rolleyes:


    Yeah, Arthur was supposed to duet with Sheryl Crow but just... didn't partake in the finale? It must've been really last-minute because the Idol Instagram posted a photo of him at the dress rehearsal from earlier in the day.


    That's unfortunate. There was a serious regression with the winners on Hollywood Records:


    Maddie: one album

    Laine: a few singles (the fact he's still signed with them is astounding)

    Sam: dust


    It appears there's a new label. We'll see how any winners do there.


    As for Arthur, that is weird he didn't partake in the finale, especially since he was the dress rehearsal. I got the vibe he felt out of place and didn't want to be there, so maybe he just didn't want to partake in any more Idol activities.


  6. S19 Finale


    First things first, it was nice to see the finale in a studio and the rest of the Top 10 9 perform with the celebrity guests. On that note, I'll focus on that before I talk about the Top 3 and their performances.


    The show begins with Macklemore performing his hit Can't Hold Us on what appears to be a rooftop. What is this, 2012? Anyway, he raps his first verse before the Top 3 joins him for the chorus. It was an interesting way to kick things off. If they were to perform any of his songs, I would've liked to hear Thrift Shop if only to hear the Top 3 sing:


    I'm gonna pop some tags
    Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
    I, I, I'm hunting, looking for a come-up
    This is :censored: awesome


    Macklemore standing with the contestants as if he's one of them during Ryan's intro was the funniest thing all episode! :dead:


    The Mickey Guyton/Alyssa Wray duet of Black Like Me was solid for the most part. I really liked how Mickey allowed Alyssa to shine. Speaking of Alyssa, although there were still spots where she lost it, it sounded like she learned to control her voice more. Finally, the gag of Idol taking credit for the success of people who didn't make it to the voting rounds continued to the very end. :lmao:


    It appears this is some jingo from someone who didn't make it past the auditions. Wait, what is this, S5 is next year?!





    Let me know if any contestants in S20 are of the caliber of the following:









    And last but certainly not least, in my completely biased opinion the best one of them all 🥰 😍 😊 :wub::



    Also, let me know if anyone has the type of career of even Kevin Covais. 😤


    My boy Graham is back! :haha: He's received more airtime this season than any of the past three Idol winners combined! :dead: Speaking of winners, what the heck happened to Sam?! She hasn't been acknowledged let alone appeared.


    The FOB performance with the guys was odd. They didn't have any major role in the performance, and whatever role they had was insignificant because they could be barely heard. Also, I didn't recognize DeShawn with the new hairstyle. I thought he was Dennis Lorenzo at first. :lmao:


    Speaking of DeShawn, the duet with Chaka was rather abrupt. They only sang together a little before going into a medley with her songs with the girls. This was a rather awkward set. Chaka, as much of a legend she is, didn't sound too hot. There were times when it appeared she missed some cues. In addition, as with the FOB number, the girls were relegated to background singers. Lastly, Casey looked completely out of place here. :lmao:


    The Leona Lewis/Willie Spence duet of You Are The Reason was solid. I'm not the biggest fan of Leona's voice, but she and Willie sounded fine although there were parts where the two didn't appear to harmonize that well. Speaking of the song, Ashley Hess and a group named Gentri did a lovely cover of it:


    Wait, Graham gets to do a duet with Sheryl Crow?! :dead: Unfortunately, as one of the few posters who enjoyed Graham and his voice, he didn't sound good at all. He was completely overshadowed by Sheryl on their two songs. Oh, Ryan said it was a last minute replacement, so apparently Graham filled in for someone since he was already in the studio. :haha:


    I guess this Murphy guy was a big deal during the Audition and Hollywood Rounds and him being cut before the voting rounds caused some outrage. 🤷‍♂️ Based on his performance, I don't see the big deal; maybe I'm missing something. 🤷‍♂️ If he made the voting rounds, he probably would've been an Alejandro/Arthur type of contestant who would have a zealous following but place second. Speaking of Arthur, where was he? I didn't read anything about the performances prior to the finale, but I'd guess he was supposed to be with Sheryl Crow. 🤷‍♂️


    Luke and Casey together for a duet? Not only that, it was a rock number. I expected Casey to sing circles around him, and she did not disappoint in that regard. :haha: With that said, I'll give this to Luke: he was completely out of his element but was game and did his best. The same thing happened during S17 finale when he paired with Laci on Every Breath You Take.


    Lionel Richie does another number with the season's contestants. This was probably the least interesting one. Also, I chuckled at Casey being the only contestant to have a solo line. :haha:


    I love Fleetwood Mac and I love the song Go Your Own Way. However, I did not love this duet. Cassandra, as lovely as she looked and as much fun she looked like she was having, didn't sound good. Her vibrato was out of hand, but I loved that she played the tambourine a la Stevie Nicks. Unfortunately, Lindsay didn't sound too hot himself. This should've been a good one on paper, but it didn't do anything for me.


    The Alessia Cara/Grace duet was really good.


    The Luke Combs/Chayce duet, on the other hand, was pretty forgettable I'm afraid.


    Finally, the Katy Perry/Hunter duet was the best of the lot. This is unsurprising because the Katy duets were always among the best finale performances. I haven't been big on Hunter all season, but although there are parts of his voice that still bother me, he sounded really nice here. As for Katy, I would love for her to do more acoustic-based music based on this, seeing that's how she started.


    I'll talk about the Top 3, their performances, and the results in a separate post at a separate time.

  7. Since I didn't play Gen 6, I don't have any attachment to Florges. Looking at its stats and movepool, it appears to be a viable Pokemon to use in battle. However, it not being part grass seems strange because it resembles a flower and has access to quite a bit of grass moves.


    I agree with Gallade > Gardevoir. With that said, I do like Gardevoir and have fond memories using one during Gen 3. It gaining the fairy type seems right because it does give off a fairy vibe.

  8. On 5/19/2021 at 12:34 PM, miss denise said:

    Yay! OMG all these examples. :lmao:I barely remember who Colton and Laine had with them, but I did much prefer the guys in all those scenarios.  


    I just felt like I was alone, but was not saying it was a fact she had no other fans here. :lmao: I'm glad to know she did. 😄 


    Poor Graham... or poor us because we want more of his random family appearances. :dead:  LOL!


    It is and I was lucky enough to see it live. 😢 Ugh yes, that one really stuck out to me too. :/ :lmao: 


    I agree... I do like Luke, but the alumni should be highlighted, especially Laine, in my opinion. LOL well... I don't know what to say to that. :dead:  I'm still a fan. :dead: 


    I saw it in all of the three rankings I looked at the other day. 😮 Nooo, it's an indictment of Grace's talent. 😛 That's fine, but I hope it doesn't change, unless it's for her to go up. :giggle:  Ahh okay, that will be interesting to see. Yes, I understand your point with Willie. :( It's a shame because I'd still like to see one. Although I want Grace to win anyway, so maybe I can have it all go my way. :dead: I don't wish for him to ruin his chances though... but who knows? It could be so good it helps him, especially with multiple songs. 😮  I only said I'm not big on her though. 😢 I feel like the only one. But yay. 




    Why does this not surprise me? :giggle:


    At least you know you're weren't alone regarding her!


    They better have a Graham sighting somehow in the Finale!


    Lucky to be able to see it live. Yeah, they need to cease and desist with this at once! 😢 :dead:


    Unfortunately, the ABC version has done little to highlight the winners so far. Hey, there's nothing wrong with still being a fan of his.


    Wow, I never realized I ranked her in that are that much. :haha: OK, if it helps you sleep at night. 😛 :haha: Well, you can take solace that she won't be ranked lower than third in the finale. :giggle: I'm interested to see how he would do with an up-tempo number as well, but I don't think we'll be seeing it any time soon. With the way Idol and the label has treated their winners, maybe it would be better for her not to win. 🤷‍♂️ I completely understand about Casey. Hopefully others will as well. I know the feeling of feeling like the only person to have an opinion different from other people.


    I don't know what to do. :giggle:

  9. On 5/19/2021 at 12:25 PM, miss denise said:



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    Aww I know.... although technically you had two clues about it. :giggle: :dead:  Aww darn, I hoped you'd be more familiar with him and the show. Ooh no, I always use three gifs, but I'm glad you like them. :teeheewave:  Aww yay! Thus far? I have nobody else to post. :dead: But yeah, if we look at the television characters the guys I posted about have portrayed, Jim is the ideal husband for me. :wub: I might consider some of the others my TV boyfriends. :giggle: Now I need to round up the names to analyze this. Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! The Office is so funny... but yes, there are emotional moments like that too. 😢  LOL yes, him and Rainn together were absolutely hilarious for all nine seasons. :wub:  And their friendship to this day is so funny. I love that they are still friends (as the whole cast is) and they are still sassy and sarcastic with each other. :giggle:I remember John joined Rainn on an Instagram Live he did last year too. ❤️ Jack Ryan sure is different. :lmao: Oh wow, all those Tonys! At least it's the same name. :haha:  Ooh, A Quiet Place is such an incredible film.  I highly recommend. 😮  lol this BK reference. I wonder what they will say to that. :giggle:  But yes, I am a big fan of hers as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the SGN videos too. :wub:  Those were some great moments. Emily did sit in for him at times, but not to host a full episode... it's John's show, don't take it from me. :kissbye:(!)  lol yeah I never watch SNL but I had to see him on there. :haha:  Yay, I adore him performing N' Sync so much. I didn't watch Anna Kendrick. :dead:  Now I might have to to see his reactions. But yay you picking John! I'm so happy you watched and enjoyed the media I provided and thank you so much for your kind comments. I hope this was worth the wait. :lmao: 



    Unfortunately, the two clues didn't help much. :lmao: I went back and read the previous ones and noticed there were always three gifs. :haha: Wait, there's no more to post? I guess I'll be all alone in exposing myself from this point forward, as I have a few more that come to mind. :dead: I can see why he can be considered the ideal husband. What if Zac Efron played a husband on TV? Would you reconsider? TV boyfriends? 😮 I thought you believed in polygamy; I'm just teasing. 😛 I see about The Office. It's really nice to see the cast are still friends and keep in touch and are sassy and sarcastic with each other. Pretty cool to know John joined Rainn on an Instagram Live from last year. True about all the Tonys and him playing roles that have the same name. I'm not really into those kinds of movies, but I may check it out if I have nothing else to do. I don't know; he/she hasn't been in here in a while. The SGN videos were good indeed. :yes: Nice to see she sat in for him at times even if they weren't full episodes. OK, ok, he can have the show to himself. Maybe Emily can host her own. Makes sense to watch the SNL episode because of him. Why does it not surprise me you didn't watch Anna Kendrick. :dead: I thought his reactions were pretty funny, so it would be good to watch her if only for that. :haha: You're welcome for the kind words; exposing ourselves like this isn't easy, so I try to make it as welcoming as possible. It was certainly worth the wait. :yes:


    Speaking of exposing oneself (:dead:), I'll post the clues for my next crush:

    - Acted alongside someone who played a character with a male name in a TV show, in a movie about being the offspring of someone in a powerful position

    - Was in one could say a middle of a BET show

    - An item that caused this person to go crazy

  10. On 5/19/2021 at 12:16 PM, miss denise said:


    Haha thank you! I always forget random things I mean to do, like this, so it's appreciated. :lmao: His performance was so good and he sounds exactly the same. ❤️  That made me happy. I noticed he thanked Michael Johns in the caption and I wonder what specially that was referring to. :( It would... and can you imagine if all the finalists of all seasons were together? :dead:  Awww that's so fun. Season 5 really was one of the golden years of Idol. 😢 Aww, I'm sure she's okay, but too bad there's not a way to see what she's up to. :( :hug:  Haha sounds good. I think the show was in my dreams last night. :dead: 


    Yes, I think you're right about Nicole. I thought and hoped so too. :( They are, but Russian Dolls were still my favorite. :broken:  That would be ideal for me since I don't care for Chameleon, but I have no idea what will happen.


    Thank you. :hug: Yeah, the arm pain was excruciatingly bad for me for the first day.  Hmm, I think it could be from the vaccine? My symptoms felt like they were from a flu, so I want to think so. But I hope you are feeling better today and getting the rest you need. ❤️ 


    OMG. :lmao: I remember those although I was never a participant... I was too young and innocent, but then even now I wouldn't want to be part of it.  :ph34rwave: But lol you about Katharine. I guess I'm not surprised. :giggle: 


    Not a problem! I guess I can be the person to help you remember these things. :haha: Completely agree about Elliott's performance being good and him sounding the same. :yes: I wonder what the Michael Johns reference met as well. Maybe the two worked together prior to Michael's passing. 🤷‍♂️ It would be something if all of the finalists got together; the closest thing we had to that was the S15 Grand Finale. S5 really was. Speaking of which, the season ended in the Mini Rankdown and unfortunately things got pretty ugly in the final round. :( We're on S6 now and hopefully things will be a little calmer although I'm thinking about creating a little chaos myself. :giggle: Speaking of S6, maybe I'll check and see if she is active on any other social media platforms. The show being in your dreams? 🤔 Maybe that's a sign for you to continue watching it. :giggle:


    Oh, Russian Dolls were your favorite? Yeah that probably hurt to see them leave last week. Well Chameleon is in the finals now, so my prognostication was off. :haha: I thought Yeti would be there instead of him. Speaking of Chameleon, he may be my favorite one remaining. If he is who I think he is, funny enough I'm not much of a fan of his outside the show but enjoy him on it. :haha:


    I'm thinking the cold is because of the vaccine. The symptoms feeling like the flu makes sense. :yes: I went back to work on Wednesday and continued for the rest of the week. I'm still not 100%, but I'm slowly getting back there. I may be fully recovered this upcoming weekend. Thank you for the recovery wishes. 🤗


    You don't seem to be the type to participate in such depravity. :haha: I don't think those are coming back especially since none of the contestants outside of Scotty have their own sections. The last two sentences seem to be invitations to post more pictures of Katharine, but I'm going to check myself and not do so. 😛 😘

  11. 7 hours ago, *Wallace said:

    Awww yayy I am glad my Vonzell tribute write-ups inspired your tribute write-ups for S5! 😄 And esss your write-ups were all fun to read and especially the Katharine ones some of which I could relate to. :giggle:


    LOL the Paris TFT comments here. Yeah I def shocked people with that one. :lmao::ph34rwave:


    And I share these same thoughts as you regarding Chris/Katharine/Elliott and your Season 5 love here. :yes:


    At least someone could relate to them. :haha:


    When I saw you saying your #20 would surprise some people, I figured it was Paris. I couldn't see a Katharine or Elliott performance being there. You already mentioned your least favorite Chris performance, and I didn't think it was Mandisa. With said, I expected Fever to be #20 and not TFT. :haha: Speaking of surprises, I know you said you were surprised to see me rank Somewhere Over The Rainbow at #7. It shows I was being objective; otherwise, I would've ranked it #1 if only to be competitive and to counteract the tanking. It was a great performance and one of the most memorable Idol ones; it's just that I enjoyed and related to some of her other performances more.


    They were my Top 3 that season, and would've made a great Top 3 in real life. :yes:


    I may start having some fun in S6. :muwahaha: My fave this season has zero chance of winning, so I pretty much have nothing to lose. :haha:

  12. So Cluedle Doo was Donnie Wahlberg. After the panel guessing him many times in the past seasons, it was cool to see him finally show up in one albeit in an unexpected way. :haha: It makes me wonder if Jenny had any idea who he was.


    Yeti is out? I thought he would be in the finale. It looked like Wally got this one from the beginning. After hearing him a few times, I started to lean towards that person as well. He definitely went out and showed some versatility and had some of the more memorable performances this season. Also, it was nice to see Robin finally get on the board. Unfortunately, my beautiful Nicole is on the verge of being shut out. 🙁


    As for the finals, if I were to predict now I would lean towards Chameleon placing third and Piglet edging out Black Swan for the title. Then again, I expected Chameleon to leave this week, so what do I know? :haha:

  13. 14 hours ago, Alex95 said:

    Crisis was really kicking my ass having to copy and paste his writeups a la Wally 😅


    Heh, sorry about that. 😅 S5 is my favorite season, and I have such fond memories of both the contestants and performances. There were so many performances I loved that I wanted to talk about the ones that didn't make the cut. It probably won't be this bad for any future seasons. :haha:


    11 hours ago, *Wallace said:

    I am being outdone and I'M NOT HAPPY about it. 😢 






    Lol kidding. I'm loving reading his write-ups. :haha: 


    Well, seeing your tribute write-ups about Vonzell in S4 inspired me to do something similar. :haha: I'm happy to see someone enjoy my write-ups. I tried to make them as fun as possible, especially Katharine's. :haha:


    As for the rest:

    Wow at Chris having four of his performances appearing in one set. I was kind of surprised to see Wanted Dead Or Alive as his lowest ranked performance.


    Wally ranking Paris' These Foolish Things at #20 was definitely an eyebrow raiser. 🤨


    I was hoping Someone To Watch Over Me would at least finish in the Top 5. At least it made the Top 10.


    Reading some of the rankings and write-ups were disappointing but unfortunately not surprising. Although Katharine is my favorite Idol contestant and Chris is in my overall Top 20, I'm fine with neither of their performances winning because of all the tanking and pettiness between the two fanbases. I'm also happy to see Elliott top the list if Katharine couldn't. Throughout the game I've tried to be as objective as possible; however, I may have a little fun of my own. For starters, I have the sudden urge to want to play S9...🙂.


    I'm both sad and relieved S5 is over. It was so much fun rewatching all of the performances and re-living the season, as it was the season that really got me into Idol. However, it was the most stressful season for me. Despite that, it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be.


    I'm looking forward to S6, for it's another one of my favorite seasons. In fact, I think it's the most underrated one.

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  14. 16 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Yep, that's me. :giggle: And yes, he was. :( That twist didn't turn out to amount to much anyway though, so oh well. 


    Yay, I'm so glad you watched and enjoyed it. ❤️ She got a lot of flack around here in the later rounds, so I just wanted to highlight why some people became fans. ❤️  Interesting point. I really only thought of Sanjaya and his sister. :haha: 


    I never saw her fan thread. :dead: Sorry @Bk1234! I just saw the hate for her in the episode discussion threads. 😢 


    Yeah, that twist didn't mean much in the end after all. They completely mishandled the whole thing.


    I see why some people became fans. Well, there was Colton and his sister, Laine and his friend, and Jonny and Margie to go with Sanjaya and Shyamali although in the latter two scenarios the two people involved weren't related.


    Oh, that's too bad. At least there's proof she did have her fans here. :haha:


    14 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I'm not sure how to take this sort of shade, yet also a compliment, to S16 Caleb, who I love. :dead: 


    Oooh those other song choices you picked out would have been so interesting to see. 😮 


    I'm not actually surprised you say this about Cassandra. :giggle: 


    OMG yikes at the Chris Martin diss. Although, I'm not a huge Coldplay fan either and wasn't crazy about the theme. I'll also add here - yay for giving Grace props on her Disney performance. :wub: 





    I LOVE Brooke's version of the song too. :wub:  And ugh at Idol and all their age references. It needs to stop. :lmao: 


    I wish Laine got to perform. 😢 I'm happy Michael got his time on stage, but Laine should have had just as much. :( :/ 


    My commentary here is kind of sporadic, but I don't have a ton of thoughts on the performances. I still love Grace and all her performances (happy to see you consistently ranking her in the top 2 ❤️ ). Willie is my second favorite, although I would love to see him do something uptempo. I don't mind Chayce, although prefer the other two. I was never big on Casey, which is an unpopular opinion around here.   I really enjoyed both duets last night though.  


    Wow me completely catching up in both threads tonight? I really do deserve a prize. 😮 :giggle: 


    That's up for you to decide. :giggle:


    Either of those choices would've been nice to see. At least they would've been something different for him.


    I think I know what you're getting at regarding this. :giggle:


    I'm not the biggest fan of his voice or most of their songs. I will say he was a very good mentor and appeared to be a nice and genuine guy. Yeah, she did good despite my nitpicks.


    It appears the Graham DeFranco journey was only two weeks. 🙁 It would be cool to see him in the finale, but I doubt that'll happen.


    Yes, Brooke's version is great! ❤️ They really do. Them saying Grace was only a year old when Kelly sang A Moment Like This didn't help either. :lmao:


    As I said in my commentary, either he or Michael performing would've been better than hearing Luke sing another bro-country song. To be fair, Laine looked completely awkward during his time while Michael was up there promoting his music with energy.


    Have I ranked her in the Top 2 that much? I guess that's an indictment on the rest of the contestants. :haha: Jokes aside, I've ranked the contestants based on my opinions immediately after the performances. I may rank the contestants overall after the season; however, I would go back and rewatch all of the performances first. As much as I would like to see Willie do an up-tempo number, it would be a colossal mistake for him to do one now. He got this far doing ballads, and I think he needs to stick with that if he wants a chance to win. I'm pretty much in the same boat about Chayce. Uh-oh, hopefully no die-hard Casey stans wander in here and see that sentence. :haha: I completely understand; I have my fair share of unpopular opinions after all. :haha: Both duets were nice indeed. :yes:


    I'll have to see what I can come up with. :giggle:


  15. John Krasinski: I had absolutely zero clue about this one. It now makes sense after putting the clues together. :haha: I am familiar with the name, but unfortunately I haven't seen anything of his outside of a few snippets of The Office. You usually have four gifs instead of three unless I'm counting them wrong, right? Well, the ones you picked are great. Based on the write-up and the videos, it's easy to see he's a fun, kind, and hilarious guy. :yes: Your television husband? 😮 Out of all the people posted thus far. It makes sense. :yes: The videos of him in The Office were pretty fun, especially the bloopers. I understand what you meant by the scenes time marked in the other video. Also, he a Rainn Wilson were hilarious and had great chemistry in their scenes together. Wow, Jack Ryan is certainly different from his role in The Office. It is funny how all of his characters' first names start with J; it sort of reminds me of all of Tony Danza's characters names being Tony. :haha: I haven't seen A Quiet Place, but it's cool that he wrote, directed, and starred in the movie. It does appear he and Emily Blunt make a great couple (speaking of Emily Blunt, she appears to be @Bk1234's type :giggle:). Nice to see you adore her instead of shooting daggers at her. :haha: The SGN videos were a lot of fun to watch! It's great to see him do something like this. My favorites were the Hamilton cast giving a performance to the girl and the virtual prom, though all of them were great! With that said, I wouldn't have minded if Emily hosted one of them. LOL at the SNL show he hosted being the only episode you watched; I can't blame you because I'd do the same if any of my crushes hosted anything I don't normally watch. :dead: The Lip Sync Battle video was fun. I loved how he even did the puppet string dancing N'Sync did in theirs. With that said, Anna Kendrick's was pretty funny as well, especially when pulled out the Emily Blunt media. Still, I'd give the edge to John in that battle. The mash-up video of The Office and Jack Ryan was great as well. All in all, great write-up as usual, and it's easy to see why he's considered to be one of the nicest guys in show business. 👏 :yes:

  16. 15 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I hope you can someday. ❤️  Oh wow, I had no idea. 😮 I'll have to go check on him. Wow and even singing with a mask on? I don't think I've heard anyone do that actually... but I'm glad to hear his voice is still going strong. ❤️ Awww they all did?! That's so sweet. :wub: I love it too and would love to see a reunion between them all. It would be fun to see for any season. Aww I wonder why that is. :( Oh lol I do want to watch more though, I just kind of forgot and haven't yet. :dead:  But you can remind me. :giggle: 


    I don't remember all his guesses last week but nobody had the right first impression guess with the Russian Dolls. I'm so mad they were eliminated. :broken:


    Yeah, it wasn't fun, but everything was normal after a few days at least. :(  Yess, although I have to wait until the two week mark to really be considered fully vaccinated... but it's almost here! Ahhh okay, curious to hear now how it went for you. I hope it was okay. :hug: 


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    lol.:lmao: I guess that's one tactic. Yes, any more good news we should know about? :giggle: 

    OMG I thought this was going to say "maybe later this week or some time next week you'll finally post your crush." :dead:  BUT OK I THINK I have some time this evening to finally make progress on this. I'm going to have some food and then come back and work on it. Wish me luck. :lmao: 


    Ahhh darn, the board malfunction really got so many things out of whack. :( It's too bad, but that is also fine. :haha: 


    Yeah, me too. 🥺 I'll help you out with that: 😉


    It would be great for the finalists of all the seasons to get together. ❤️ Speaking of S5, I rewatched a lot of the performances because I'm participating in the American Idol Performances Mini Rankdown and we're on that season. I watched a lot of them many times to both enjoy them and see where I would rank the Top 20. S5 just brings back great memories. ❤️ I wonder why as well. I hope nothing's wrong with her. Yes, I will definitely remind you, if only to have someone to talk about the show with. :haha:


    Yeah, no one got the Russian Dolls with their first impression guess. I believe Nicole was the first to mention them later. I thought they would at least be in the finals. With that said, the remaining four acts are still good although something tells me Chameleon will be the next one out.


    Good to see everything was normal after a few days. At least you're almost fully vaccinated! As for me, my arm was sore for a couple of days but nothing major after that. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold over the weekend; therefore, I stayed home yesterday and am doing the same today. 🤧 😷 I don't know if this is one of the side effects or not. 🤷‍♂️



    Absolutely, it's common sense! :haha: I don't have any good news as of right now, but's it's OK.

    It looks like it was finally posted. I'll look at it and comment on it later today. :yes:


    Yeah, it did. One thing I forgot to mention when talking about my lurking years at old IDF was one of my favorite things was the After Dark threads. I believe Katharine and Blake had the biggest ones. I know for sure I would've contributed my fair share of shallowness in Katharine's thread had I been a poster. :stealth: :blushingwave: :dead:

  17. 2 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    I guess that’s the nice way to explain it. :giggle: We all know the two ladies were the bottom vote-getters last night. :( You can probably connect the dots from there.


    While the voting demographic tends to learn towards the male contestants, I don't think it's as black and white as it appears. Sure, Chayce and Willie has done the same thing every week; however, the thing they've done resonates with voters. Grace is the most frustrating contestant to me this season. She has the best voice and has the potential to deliver a showstopper, but due to either poor song or vocal choices she hasn't fulfilled her potential. With that said, she's the classic big voiced contestant Idol voters are familiar with. Where does that leave Casey? I thought she was the closest Idol contestant in a while to have the "growth arc" of getting better every week to the point where she potentially win. However, I felt she took a step back last week with her songs and performances and while both were better last night and I enjoyed them, they probably weren't going to appeal to the main voters. Having said that, Casey was the most interesting contestant of the Top 4, and while it was disappointing to see her leave, I had a feeling it would be her.


    A few things I forgot to add to last night's write-up:


    - The Voice shade from Finneas and Willie was absolutely hilarious! :dead: With that said, unfortunately, Idol is slowly becoming more and more like The Voice.


    - Both duets were nicely done. I thought Grace and Willie's voices complimented each other well, and while Casey and Chayce sounded nice together, I felt Casey was the better of the two.


     - Speaking of Casey's elimination, the way it was handled was awkward. The show just cut off with Ryan and Casey standing on stage not knowing what to do. At least the other eliminated contestants were able to acknowledge everyone before walking off stage.

  18. Top 4 - Personal Idols, Original Songs, and Reprises


    The penultimate episode is upon us! Four contestants vie for the three finale spots. Who will reach the finale and who gets left out?


    First things first. This is what Idol pretty much did to Caleb:


    I wondered if they would address it on air in some form. Outside of Ryan saying Caleb is no longer part of the competition, they decided to pretend he never existed. It appears anything Caleb related has been erased from anything associated with Idol. As the late Freddie Mercury sang, the show must go on.


    Did my eyes deceive me or was that a Laine Hardy sighting? The ABC Idol acknowledging one of their winners? This has to be a prank. :haha: Well, he just talked about his new single and that was it. It reminded me of Trent appearing in S16 (I refuse to call it S1) only to plug his album. But wait, Michael J. Woodard also appeared? So he's signed to Katy's label and his single debuts this Friday? It seems Michael still has that quirky energy people came to love during his season. Good for him; no matter my personal opinions on the contestants, it's always good to see them do something after the show. With that said, is it just me or did he get more time than Laine? :lmao: Finally, I'd rather have him or Laine perform than Luke.




    Colder Weather

    After telling Finneas he would forego the guitar in rehearsal, he appeared with one during the performance. I guessed he changed his mind at the last minute. The performance itself started off nice enough; however, I felt it became rough somewhat when the band kicked in and Chayce sounded like he was shouting so he could be heard over the music. It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't a bad one either.


    23 (Original)

    I haven't listened to the singles yet, so this episode is the first time I heard something from them. Chayce's sounds like your usual pop/country song. It's catchy but nothing to be considered groundbreaking. As for the performance itself, there were times I could barely hear Chayce, and I have to admit hearing him sing about drinking in the chorus is kind of jarring seeing that he has a DUI to his name. Apparently, it's doing well on streaming sites, so it's one people definitely relate to.


    You Should Probably Leave

    With Caleb out of the picture, Chayce is really pushing for that country vote isn't he? :haha: Before getting into the performance, the contestants performed their remaining two songs consecutively, flashback to S3's Top 5 Night. :haha: Now, my opinion of this performance pretty much mirrors my Colder Weather one in that it was good, not great. With a lane to himself and possibly gaining even more support, Chayce is in great position to become the S19 Champion. All he has to do is keep the ship steady and not make too many waves because he hasn't needed to throughout the season.



    A Moment Like This

    I definitely raised some eyebrows with this song choice. This has been the thing with Grace all season. I think she has the best voice, but her song choices leave a lot to be desired. Singing an Idol winner's coronation song almost never goes well. The only one I can think of that was passable was Amber Holcomb's version of this very song during S12. With that said, outside of a shrill note in the middle and a not so smooth key change into the final chorus, Grace didn't completely embarrass herself. It was an OK performance, but there were better Kelly songs to choose from if she had to pick one. Also, she was only one when Kelly won? Stop making me feel old Idol!


    Love Someone (Original)

    Well, it appears to be a mid-tempo number. Of the four original songs, this one caught my attention the least. It seems to fit Grace's voice well as there are some parts especially in the chorus that allows her to belt. Maybe this one will grow on me after listening to the full length version. Her performance of it was just there. Overall, I was ambivalent to the whole thing.



    From the looks of everything, it appeared she was going to sing Anyone, which would not be the first time that song was sung this season. The beginning was soft and subtle before she went big on the final chorus. Unlike A Moment Like This, the transition was smooth and her gradually getting bigger was nicely done. If I were to have one criticism, it's that the performance ended abruptly after the last line; I expected at least one more piano chord to punctuate the song. Regardless, this was Grace's best performance of the night. As for her standing, I think more than anyone where Grace ends up depends on her song choice. A bad one will easily cement her in third; however, the right one could give her a chance to win. She's the wildcard contestant, so it'll be interesting to see what she does next week.




    To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of this song. However, it's one that fits right in Willie's wheelhouse, or at least it should have been. The beginning of the song was on the boring side, and I nearly tuned out from it. To his credit, he brought it home during the end; nonetheless, there was a lack of emotional connection throughout the performance. It's probably my least favorite performance of his, and I know he is capable of better and has shown so in the past.


    Never Be Alone (Original)

    This was a gospel-influenced inspirational ballad, i.e., right up Willie's alley. The verse was fine enough; however, I felt the chorus was repetitive and uninteresting. With that said, it appeared Willie put some feeling into the song. The difficult thing about these original songs is that their performances are too short; therefore, it's difficult to really assess them without hearing them first like I did. Maybe this is another one that'll grow on me after a full listen.


    I Was Here

    I'm not much of a Beyonce fan. I don't dislike her, but I wouldn't consider myself a member of the Beyhive. Furthermore, I Was Here is not one of my favorite songs of hers. With that said, this was a much better showing for Willie. The first half was decent enough, but going from that to the bridge was kind of off because it lacked that buildup the original song has. However, Willie exploded in the last chorus and brought the performance home. As with Chayce, Willie just needs to do what he's doing now if he wants a chance to win. It's too late in the game to change things up now, so he doesn't feel the need to do so.




    wish you were gay

    This was a rather interesting song choice, especially given the title. I think Casey did well enough with it. She looked comfortable on stage and the performance built momentum as it went on. The problem, however, is that despite the momentum building it pretty much went nowhere. It stayed at the same level, and for the most part it's difficult to take songs of that nature and really build on them. With everything said, she had the best performance during the Personal Idols round.


    Love Me, Leave Me (Original)

    This song seems to suit Casey well. It's in the pop/rock vein and sort of reminds me of Avril Lavigne. It sounds catchy and it's definitely the most energetic of the original songs. Again, these original songs are cut too short, so it's difficult to really get a feel for them. This is especially the case for this one because I really wanted to see where it would go. As it is, it's the song I'm looking forward to listening to the most.


    Live Wire

    I'm a classic rock fan; however, Motley Crue is a band I never got into. With that said, it was really cool to see one of their songs performed on the Idol stage, and Casey definitely did it justice. The stage presence and energy was all there, and it appeared the band had a blast with the number. With all that said, my favorite part was Lionel playing the air guitar. All in all, Casey had a decent night all things considered; unfortunately for her it wasn't enough.


    As far as her elimination is concerned, I think the thing that hurt her the most was unfortunately her versatility. The remaining contestants except for maybe Grace stayed in their lanes all season and therefore, they were able to build strong bases that know their styles and what to expect from them. Casey, on the other hand, ventured from rock to ballads to pop, and as a result may not have been able to establish such a base. Also, her being the youngest and least experienced may have had a factor in this regard. She's still young and has a lot of potential, so hopefully she'll continue to grow as an artist, and I wish her the best of luck.


    I don't know who will win because an argument can be made for any of the remaining three. It'll be interesting to see how things will look in next week's finale.

  19. The current hot topic of S19 is the disqualification of Caleb Kennedy due to a Snapchat of him appearing with someone who is wearing a KKK hood circulating across the Internet. I waited a day to gather my thoughts because of the sensitive nature of the subject. Now I’ll share my thoughts here.


    I’m sure most of us know what the KKK is, but here is a brief explanation for those who aren’t familiar with them. The KKK, or Ku Klux Klan for short, is a White supremist hate group formed after the abolition of slavery that has harassed, tortured, and outright murdered people of color (POC), most notably African Americans, due mostly to their skin color for well over two centuries. Members of the group are known for wearing white robes and hoods with pointed tops, just like the one that person posing with Caleb wore. As someone who is Black, seeing that stirred some very uncomfortable feelings within me. I’ve heard horror stories from relatives and family friends about some of the atrocities this group has committed, which included losing friends and family members. I have personally never witnessed anything of that level and I sincerely hope I never will in my life; however, I have a memory of a near close encounter with someone in this group. When I was I want to say 12, I hung out with this White kid both at school and outside of it; I considered him to be one of my best friends. We often visited each other’s homes and got to know each other’s families. His family always welcomed me and treated me with respect whenever I visited and it was the same for him and my family. One weekend, however, I visited his home and saw that his paternal grandparents were in town and staying over. I went to use the restroom and on the way back I stumbled across his grandfather’s suitcase which happened to be open. My curiosity got the best of me, so I peeked in his suitcase and absolutely froze at what I saw. In it was unquestionably the familiar KKK robe and hood. After what felt like an eternity I gathered myself, returned to his family, and told them I had to leave. I walked out of there as calmly as I could and waited until I felt I was a good distance from their sight then hightailed it home so fast I probably could’ve given Usain Bolt a run for his money.


    Going back to Caleb and AI, the latter and ABC had no choice but to disqualify and wash their hands of him, if only to send a message saying something like this is unacceptable. This is especially true in today’s climate with everything going on with BLM and the disturbingly increasing hate crimes against Asian Americans. I could only imagine the backlash and tarnishing of their brand if they allowed him to continue despite knowing about this. It also begs the question how much does Idol vet any potential contestants. I know they have allowed contestants to take part despite having questionable pasts; however, this is something that could not be overlooked under any circumstances.


    Finally, there’s Caleb himself. As a contestant, he was someone who I was mostly indifferent towards. I was meh towards his preferred music, but I thought he had potential as a songwriter based on the originals he performed. As a person, outside of the tidbits they showed of him on TV, I can’t say I really know him. One thing I will say is I sincerely hope he learns a valuable lesson from this. Fortunately for him he’s still young, so there’s a chance he can grow as a person and understand the gravity of the position he put himself in. I don’t wish for him to be tarred and feathered, but I would’ve tuned out for the rest of the season and possibly longer had he not been removed in some capacity.

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