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  1. While I'm waiting from an answer from Diana:


    Round 2:

    First, although I'm not a huge fan of his, this was his best performance IMO and one I want to see advance

    Jacob Lusk - A House Is Not A Home


    Next, the first performance of someone who received the save which proved to be a controversial decision later in the season

    Casey Abrams - I Put A Spell On You


    Last, a strong performance from someone who not only was I disappointed didn't advance to the finals, but she didn't even get a wildcard callback

    Lauren Turner - Seven Day Fool


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  2. Lo-Fi Soul


    Track List

    01. Deep Water

    02. Oh Damn

    03. Lo-Fi Soul

    04. Don't Know How To Love You

    05. Strange World

    06. Shook

    07. Crack The Code

    08. Lay It Down

    09. Honey, There's The Door

    10. Broken Record

    11. Some Way, Some How

    12. How Dare You

    13. Baby Doll


    Amazon | Apple | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube


    Lo-Fi Soul is the last entry in Haley's LP discography. Any rankings and/or write-ups are due on August 28 at 11:59 PM EST. I may end up doing this one alone because no one has expressed interest. Anyhow, the deadline stands unless an extension is requested.

  3. What's That Sound? Rankings 7-1


    7. Time Of The Season


    Haley Reinhart - Time Of The Season ft. Casey Abrams


    Average: 7.3

    @jarmon - 7/14

    @Lackey - 7/14

    @Crisis - 11/14



    "Time Of The Season" is another song I've never cared for. With that said, Haley and Casey sounded nice on it. Their voices harmonized well on the chorus and the two traded off well on the verses. Finally, the guitar solo was a nice touch. Other than that, I don't have much else to say except it's not one of my favorites on the album.



    6. Can't Find My Way Home


    Haley Reinhart - Can't Find My Way Home


    Average: 7.0

    @Lackey - 4/14

    @jarmon - 8/14

    @Crisis - 9/14



    This song is a nice change of pace from the others. Haley is more subdued with her voice here than she is on the other tracks except for the end when she adds her signature growls. Because of this, however, there's a chance this track may not come across as memorable as the others. Nonetheless, it made it to the Top 6 in this ranking.



    5. The Letter


    Haley Reinhart - The Letter


    Average: 6.7

    @Lackey - 1/14

    @Crisis - 7/14

    @jarmon - 12/14



    This was a solid track to listen to. Haley sounded nice on it, and the arrangement sounded modern and complimented her voice well. The only complaint I have about it is that there was a lack of excitement or urgencies, for lack of  better terms, I felt the track required. Other than that, I have nothing else to say here.



    4. White Rabbit


    Haley Reinhart - White Rabbit


    Average: 6.3

    @Crisis - 2/14

    @Lackey - 6/14

    @jarmon - 11/14



    Remember when I said I was oscillating between "For What It's Worth" and another song for my favorite off the album? Well, "White Rabbit" was the song I referred to. As with FWIW, WR is another song I have always been a fan of. While I still think no one measures up to Grace Slick on this song, Haley sure as heck gave it a valiant effort. I loved the way she attacked this song with such intensity; anything short of this would have not gone over well. If there's any song in which her growls are appropriate, it's this one. Definitely one of my favorites.



    3. Sunny Afternoon


    Haley Reinhart - Sunny Afternoon ft. Scott Bradlee


    Average: 6.3

    @Lackey - 3/14

    @Crisis - 6/14

    @jarmon - 10/14



    "Sunny Afternoon" is one of the few album tracks whose original I've never listened to prior, so Haley's rendition was the first time hearing it. I liked the easygoing and somewhat playful vibe the track had, and Haley displayed a small variety of vocal techniques in it. We have another tie in the ranking; however, this gets the edge over WR because the gap in rankings are smaller. It also shows I'm not completely biased because I would've definitely placed WR ahead of it. :haha:



    2. Oh! Darling


    Haley Reinhart - Oh! Darling


    Average: 5.3

    @jarmon - 1/14

    @Lackey - 2/14

    @Crisis - 13/14



    I think my ranking cost this the #1 spot, oops. :haha: I promise this isn't a deliberate tank. Haley sounds OK enough on the song. The problem is this has never been one of my favorite Beatles songs, and I've never cared for any rendition of it. Unfortunately, Haley's is no different. I have no problem acknowledging someone doing well on songs I don't care for; however, this is not the case here.



    1. Baby It's You


    Haley Reinhart - Baby It's You

    Baby It's You Music Video


    Average: 3.7

    @jarmon - 2/14

    @Crisis - 4/14

    @Lackey - 5/14



    Once again, we have a song placing first despite not having any first place rankings. :haha: However, it's the only one with three Top 5 rankings, so this was a clear cut #1. Haley did her thing on this number by The Shirelles. I liked the dynamics she displayed, from the soft verses to the loud and belting choruses. I think she did a good job of conveying the emotions the song required. It was one I didn't care for too much at first, but it grew on me the more I listened to it and one I have no problem with in the #1 spot.


    To answer Haley's question, that sound is the door being slammed on this ranking. Up next is her final album as of now with Lo-Fi Soul. I'll post the album tracks and the deadlines for submissions this evening. In the meantime, anyone can post any new contestants they want to see showcased after this album.

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  4. What's That Sound? Rankings


    14. Bring The Love Back Home


    Haley Reinhart - Bring The Love Back Home ft. Casey Abrams


    Average: 10.3

    @jarmon - 9/14

    @Lackey - 10/14

    @Crisis - 12/14



    I said she had two original tracks on the albums; it turns out there are three. :haha: Well, here is the first one to show up in this ranking. She and Casey sounded good together as they usually do and the chorus is pretty catchy; however, while I appreciate the song's message, it's not one of the tracks that stand out to me much, hence my low ranking and the song finishing last here.



    13. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'


    Haley Reinhart - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'


    Average: 9.3

    @jarmon - 3/14

    @Lackey - 11/14

    @Crisis - 14/14



    Haley does a respectable job on the Nancy Sinatra classic and captured the attitude well enough. However, this is a song I never cared for no matter who sings it; besides, I like the other covers more. Hence, this song is at the bottom for me.



    12. Let's Start


    Haley Reinhart - Let's Start

    Let's Start Music Video


    Average: 9.3

    @Crisis - 3/14

    @Lackey - 12/14

    @jarmon - 13/14



    I'm disappointed this ranked low. 💔 It's my favorite of Haley's original songs and one of my favorite tracks on the album. This track fits the 60s vibe the whole album has going for it, and I believe it would fit in just nicely during that era. It's such a carefree track and one I find myself humming along to whenever I listen to it. Finally, the video was fun and cute. I guess I differ from the rankers on this one. :haha:



    11. You Showed Me


    Haley Reinhart - You Showed Me


    Average: 9.3

    @jarmon - 7/14

    @Crisis - 8/14

    @Lackey - 13/14



    We have a three-way tie for eleventh. :haha: I ranked them in order based on the rankers' placements and since "You Showed Me" had better rankings, it gets the #11 spot. The song had a nice vibe to it, and I believe Haley captured the essence of the song well enough. With that said, this one's in the middle of the pack for me.



    10. Somewhere In Between


    Haley Reinhart - Somewhere In Between


    Average: 8.3

    @Crisis - 5/14

    @jarmon - 6/14

    @Lackey - 14/14



    Well, none of the three original songs placed higher than tenth. It's too bad because I have two of them in my Top 5. :haha: I really love this song's vibe; it sounds as if it could be the theme song for a James Bond movie or something one of the 60s British Invasion artists would record. She sounded dare I say sensual throughout the track. I especially liked how she sang the "in between parts". A nice track overall.



    9. For What It's Worth


    Haley Reinhart - For What It's Worth


    Average: 8.0

    @Crisis - 1/14

    @Lackey - 9/14

    @jarmon - 14/14



    I've always loved the Buffalo Springfield original, so I was interested in listening to Haley's interpretation. I think she absolutely killed this song. Her version has more gravitas and I thought she really brought the point home. Also, although this song is over 50 years old, I think it fits in today's climate especially with everything that's going on in the world. I went back and forth between two songs as far as my favorite is concerned, and I gave this one the edge. It's another track I wish placed higher, but it is what it is.



    8. Words Of Love


    Haley Reinhart - Words Of Love (ft. Scott Bradlee)


    Average: 7.67

    @jarmon - 5/14

    @Lackey - 8/14

    @Crisis - 10/14



    This is a cute song and the message is a good one. However, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of how Haley approached it. I thought the growls  were out of place and took away from the song more than added to it. This would've been much better if she sang the song straight, IMO.


    I thought about posting everything in one post. However, I'll split this into two. The Top 7 will be posted later today.

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  5. On 8/15/2021 at 6:47 PM, miss denise said:


    I learn things all the time. :giggle:  Same!


    Oh noooo, don't think that. :(  I wouldn't abandon your lists. I've been so busy and out of town a lot recently. I'm going to be gone again a few days this week, so if I'm delayed again, that's why. But I will always come back. I'm like a boomerang. :wub: :giggle: 


    - 😮 But I was never going to ban you, only you said that. :giggle: Haha... maybe I should cry. But it's fine. 😛  Yay. :wub: Oooh okay, that's better at least. ❤️ I truly was heartbroken 😢 but YES! Now I'm just patiently waiting for their duet.

    - That is also how I best know them. Haha I've never known how to tell them apart so I'm curious.


    - He is, but at least you still like him. You have all the other winners in the Top 10. 😮  They overall rank better for you than me. I understand. Agree with this! Silly Jenny. Seriously.... how did she not know what she was saying about herself? :dead:  I guess congrats on her getting all the boy banders except her own husband? :dead: 

    - I'm not at all. I hope that's not a bad "oh", but I can't imagine a good one. :lmao: He was my favorite on the first season, so yes, my first favorite. :giggle:   That's true. Oh yeah, that is very interesting... but good it helped him.




    I see the next set and am planning to catch up tonight. :shiftywave: 




    It's OK. With that said, I may speed things up a bit because I want to finish this thing before the next season starts. :haha: at being a boomerang.



    - OK, I think I'm safe for the time being. Now, now we can't have any tears. At least the explanation was better. Too bad about being heartbroken, and here's to them having a great duet!

    - Maybe I can see if I can still tell them apart. :haha:


    - What do you know, I do have the remaining winners in the Top 10. It makes sense since I posted your favorite winner. I have a hunch I know who your least favorite winner is. Silly Jenny!

    - It was a good "oh". It is good it helped him.


    No need to panic because Turtle made the Top 10 after all!


    On 8/15/2021 at 10:43 PM, miss denise said:

    15. Russian Dolls/Hanson: I did not expect them to rank this high, so I am pleasantly surprised once again. 😮 I loved their costumes and that we got a trio on the show! There was also the mystery of how many there were exactly. :giggle: I thought they were great and were my favorite act to watch. Hanson was a bit before my time so I couldn't have identified them myself, but I heard the rumor that it was them. I wish they had made the finals. :( 

    14. Black Swan/JoJo: Ooh, I got this clue wrong, but wouldn't "too little, too late" mean that time *is* up? detective2.gif.be2e7e4dbfe90190433bb4897 But Piglet, Russian Dolls, and Black Swan make up all my S5 favorites. ❤️ I did like that she showcased versatility, although I often felt she could do better than she did. I'm a huge fan of JoJo and have loved her voice for many years. Yeah, the two performances you singled out near the end weren't my favorites. :( LOL the dancers comment. I have to go see that.  She did go through sooo much drama with her record label, so I'm glad she broke free from that at last and also was able to be on the show.

    13. Seprent/Dr. Elvis Francois: Oops, I was wrong here too. His costume was a little scary, but not too bad for me compared to others. :lmao: I was also impressed with his vocals. 😮 I had no clue who he was, but I was a fan. I do remember hearing of him going viral, but I could have never guessed him. He was a nice surprise to have on the show though. 

    12. Peacock/Donny Osmond:  LOL I actually thought of the ICSYV thing for the clue but wasn't sure. The reasoning I gave also fits. :giggle:  Ghost Hunter. :wub: I think that performance is due for a rewatch. Anyway, Peacock is another I didn't expect this high for no particular reason. But he was one of my favorites on the first season too.  He did great and I love peacocks anyway. :giggle: LOL the hippo comment. :dead:  I agree he always put on a show and was entertaining to watch. I probably would have preferred for him to win but oh well.

    11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo: Thingamajig was a pleasant surprise for me. I had no clue who he was but I loved his voice.  Ah yes, I loved Rainbow too. :wub: I love the interaction with Nicole and lol... I think we know how you need to dress now to capture her heart. :giggle: How crazy is it that only Ken correctly guessed him. :dead:  Ooh wow, your comment about him being the best non-professional singer so far is interesting. I could agree but may have to double check. :giggle: 


    Yay, Top 10! I have no clue how they will rank but am especially happy to see Rottweiler, Turtle, and Seahorse there. :wub:  Oh, an intermission with the contestants from The Masked Dancer would be fun to see. :yes: 


    15. To be honest, I didn't think they would be this high myself. :haha: As I was going through the acts, I realized I liked them more than initially thought. The mystery of how many there were was cool although their die-hard fans knew who they were instantly. I thought they were going to make the finals, so their elimination was kind of a surprise.

    14. I was trying to say it wasn't too little too late for the act; I could've worded the clue better. Nice to see she, Piglet, and Russian Dolls were your S5 favorites. I see your point about feeling she could've done better. I know you said you weren't fond of the arrangements of the two performances in the show's thread. I thought the dancers were funny. I heard about her drama with her label but wasn't familiar with the details. It's good to see she no longer has those issues.

    13. I guess we differ on the costume. :haha: He really did have an impressive voice and was a nice surprise to have on the show.

    12. Both reasonings fit the clue although I was unfamiliar with yours. That performance will never get old! I may have to join you with with the rewatch. Agree with just about everything written regarding him.

    11. I could dress that way, but I have nowhere near the voice. I'll just accept it as a pipe dream. 😢 :dead: His voice was really good. As far as Ken goes, one thing I noticed is that he tends to get the athletes more times than not, especially more than the rest of the panel. If he's not the best, he is certainly up there. :yes:


    Happy to see you're happy about the three mentioned in the Top 10! As far as ranking the contestants from The Masked Dancer is concerned, I think I'll do that one after ranking the Top 10. Speaking of such, I'll see if I can post the clues for #10 some time today.

  6. Celebrity Crush #13: Halle Berry

    halle-berry-1-37a574e4-afff-448c-ab99-9375e570bdd0.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 a0c393bbf7d272c0834b283842304e1e%25E2%2581%2583d%25E2%2581%2583jpg.jpg?strip=all&f=1&nofb=1 halle-berry-at-2018-vanity-fair-oscar-party-in-beverly-hills-03-04-2018-3.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 GettyImages-83078915-e1565193405621.jpg&f=1&nofb=1


    Clue #1: Has two things in common with a previously posted crush

    The crush in question is Sandra Bullock. The first thing in common is Sandra and Halle won both an Oscar and a Razzie Award. The other thing is both starred in movies alongside Keanu Reeves (Sandra in Speed and The Lake House, Halle in John Wick 3).


    Clue #2: The first of her kind to win a prestigious award after a monster of a performance

    This is a reference to her winning the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball. She was the first, and so far only, woman of color to win this award.


    Clue #3: Cindy Crawford, Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain…

    While all of them are 50+, that’s not what I had in mind for the clue. All four of these women (including Halle) were/are spokeswoman for the cosmetic brand Revlon.


    The next celebrity crush to get a write-up is none other than Halle Berry. I thought about including her in my 50+ honorable mention crush list but decided she deserved her own write-up. 😊 Halle is another one of my biggest and long-time crushes and has a high chance of being near the top of my overall list if I were to rank them. She is someone else who I had "impure" thoughts about. She is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She’s made the Top 10 in People’s "50 Most Beautiful People In The World" list seven times and topped the list outright in 2003. In addition, she finished first on FHM’s "100 Sexiest Women In The World" in the same year and was named Esquire’s "Sexiest Women Alive" in 2008. For the latter, this was after giving birth to her first child. Lastly, she was named the "Sexiest Black Woman" by Access Hollywood’s "TV One Access" survey also in 2008. Needless to say, I don’t disagree with these claims. :giggle: Even at 55 (she turned 55 on August 14, so happy belated birthday to her 🎂) she is still very much a beauty. Although I am partial to long hair on women and Halle looks great with long hair, I like her best with short hair because it really brings out the beauty in her face; this was especially true early in her career.


    With all of this said, Halle is more than a gorgeous face and killer body. She is a very talented and accomplished actress. Early in her career, however, she didn’t get much respect regarding her acting. There were thoughts she was overrated and she only got the parts because of her looks. However, she’s been recognized by awards institutions as she has won a Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Award for the television movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge in which she played the trailblazing actress who was the first woman of color to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. The major one, however, was winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball, becoming the first and currently only woman of color to win this prestigious award. In addition to these roles, my favorites were Natalie in Strictly Business, Autumn Haley in The Program, Sharon Stone in The Flintstones, Storm in the X-Men movies, and Jinx in Die Another Day. I think a lot of the criticism of her had to do with the movies and roles she took early on. Having said that, I have to mention what is perhaps her most infamous role: Patience Phillips aka Catwoman. It was in this movie that she won the Razzie Award for the Worst Actress. Despite this, she appeared at the award ceremony and accepted her award in person (while holding her Oscar). :lmao:


    All hasn’t been good for Halle, however. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after falling into a coma during a taping of one of her early roles. In addition, she lost eighty-percent of her hearing in her left ear after a beating from one of her former boyfriends. It is widely believed to be Wesley Snipes although Berry herself has not named the perpetrator. Speaking of such, she has been married three times and has been involved with a number of guys. She also had an incident in which she admitted to fleeing the scene of a car accident and was sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours of community service. Although I am a fan of hers, I have to provide every angle possible and show that no one is infallible, hence why I’m posting this information. Right now, it looks like she’s dating singer Van Hunt and everything seems to be going well for her.


    Now, for a few videos. First her Oscar speech:


    Her Razzie speech:


    A video of her looking back at her covers for InStyle Magazine:


    Sesame Street:


    On Hot Ones in which she destroys the wings without breaking much of a sweat:


    Lastly, her on Drop The Mic against James Corden:


    tenor.gif&f=1&nofb=1 source.gif&f=1&nofb=1 tumblr_prtbpdDC2Y1y8fl54o1_r1_400.gif&f=1&nofb=1 700full.jpg&f=1&nofb=1


    Halle Berry:


  7. Just for fun and comparison purposes, my S9 Top 20 performances:

    Michael Lynche "It's A Man's Man's Man's World"

    Crystal Bowersox "Long As I Can See The Light"

    Lilly Scott "A Change Is Gonna Come"

    Katelyn Epperly "The Scientist"

    Siobhan Magnus "Think"

    Didi Benami "Rhiannon"

    Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason"

    Michael Lynche "This Woman's Work"

    Didi Benami "Play With Fire"

    Siobhan Magnus "Paint It, Black"

    Michael Lynche "Ready For Love"

    Lee DeWyze "Treat Her Like A Lady"

    Crystal Bowersox "Come Together"

    Casey James "Jealous Guy"

    Siobhan Magnus "Across The Universe"

    Lee DeWyze "A Little Less Conversation"

    Crystal Bowersox "People Get Ready"

    Casey James "Don't"

    Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed"

    Crystal Bowersox "Up To The Mountain"


    Actual Top 20:

    Lilly Scott "Fixing A Hole"

    Crystal Bowersox "Hand In My Pocket"

    Alex Lambert "Everybody Knows"

    Crystal Bowersox “Long As I Can See The Light”

    Katelyn Epperly “The Scientist”

    Siobhan Magnus "House Of The Rising Sun"

    Lacey Brown "The Story"

    Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason"

    Michael Lynche "This Woman's Work"

    Didi Benami "Play With Fire"

    Katie Stevens "Wild Horses"

    Paige Miles “Honky Tonk Women”

    Crystal Bowersox "Me And Bobby McGee"

    Michael Lynche 'Ready For Love"

    Lee DeWyze “Treat Her Like A Lady”

    Katie Stevens "Let It Be"

    Crystal Bowersox "Come Together"

    Casey James "Jealous Guy"

    Crystal Bowersox “People Get Ready”

    Aaron Kelly “You’ve Got A Way”


    10/20. Considering the season, I thought it would be fewer.


    On the subject of confused reactions, I have 12. It could be worse. :haha:

  8. It's now time to reveal the final set before the Top 10! Let's see which acts fell just short.



    15. Russian Dolls/Hanson

    Season 5: Fifth Place

    MS-S5_BACKDROP_RUSSIAN_DOLL_V3.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 hanson-uk-premiere-pacific-rim-01.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Russian Dolls - Man In The Mirror

    Russian Dolls - Wonder

    Russian Dolls - Want To Want Me

    Russian Dolls - 24K Magic

    Russian Dolls - Shallow

    Russian Dolls - I’m Still Standing

    Russian Dolls Unmasking


    Clue: Has multiple layers despite being lost at times

    The multiple layers are referring to the dolls having layers themselves. The being lost at times is a reference to their album Middle Of Nowhere, although the other explanations were good. :haha:


    Starting the Top 15 is Russian Dolls. Russian Dolls had one of the more unique costume designs (albeit a little creepy) and concepts of any TMS act. They often came out in different numbers, so it was difficult to ascertain how many people were in the group (although their die-hard fans appeared to know who they were from the beginning :haha:). The best part of their performances were the harmonies, as it was easy to tell they have performed together for a long time. My favorite performances of theirs were Man In The Mirror and 24K Magic. It was thought they were going to go all the way to the finale at least; however, they were eliminated in fifth place much to the dismay of their fans. In a twist of irony, they were eliminated after singing I’m Still Standing (my favorite part was Ken doing the Carlton during it :lmao:). They were revealed to be none other than Hanson. I thought them being in one doll when they were unmasked was amusing (and how all three of them fit in the large doll). All in all, Russian Dolls was a really fun and creative act that gave some great performances during their time on TMS.


    14. Black Swan/JoJo

    Season 5: Second Place

    404169a366ebff216c81f0f8accc8b84&f=1&nofb=1 joanna-jojo-levesque-ok-magazine-s-pre-grammy-event-in-hollywood-2-9-2017-12.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Black Swan - Barracuda

    Black Swan - In My Blood

    Black Swan - How Will I Know

    Black Swan - Use Somebody

    Black Swan - Do I Do

    Black Swan - Thinking Out Loud

    Black Swan - Tequila

    Black Swan - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You

    Black Swan Unmasking


    Clue: Time isn’t up for this dark hued flyer

    The dark hued flyer is the black swan. Time isn’t up is referring to JoJo’s hit single Too Little, Too Late.


    We stay in S5 for the next act to fall in this ranking. Black Swan was the runner-up in S5 as well as the second to last S5 act to appear in the ranking. Black Swan was a strong vocalist who showcased quite the range and versatility on TMS. From her opening number of Barracuda, it was easy to see she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. My favorite performance of hers was Use Somebody because I felt she was at her strongest vocally there. She had a couple of performances at the end (Thinking Out Loud and Tequila) which appeared to be polarizing because the arrangements made it hard to recognize the songs at first (with that said, my favorite part of TOL was the dancers in the beginning moving like their knees were giving out. I guess it was supposed to go with the “when your legs don’t work like they used to before” line :lmao:). As mentioned earlier, she was the runner-up and was unveiled as pop singer JoJo. One thing that caught my attention was her saying she was developing stage fright and her performing on the show helped her overcome it somewhat. I also understand she had some rough times in her career, so for that I was happy to see her on the show.


    13. Serpent/Dr. Elvis Francois

    Season 4: Group B (Last Eliminated)

    serp1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 5e8810cb5499205ebe0433d4_o_U_v2.png&f=1&nofb=1

    Serpent - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

    Serpent - The Bones

    Serpent - Cool

    Serpent Unmasking


    Clue: Skilled with both tongue and hands

    The tongue part is a double entendre. The clue is referring to both snakes/serpents having long tongues and the singing ability of Dr. Elvis. The hands part is referring to his occupation as an orthopedic surgeon (seeing that snakes/serpents don’t have hands :haha:).


    At lucky #13 is Serpent. First, the costume looked all kinds of awesome, especially with the snake tails animatronics. Next, he was certainly an impressive singer who showed an incredible vocal range. His performance of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) was not only one of my favorite performances of the season, it may be one of my all-time favorite TMS performances. He completely changed the song up and gave an emotionally charged rendition. His other two performances were really solid as well. Unfortunately, he was in Group B where he had some really stiff competition with Seahorse and Crocodile and thus was eliminated in the Group B finals. He was unmasked as Dr. Elvis Francois. He was someone who I was not familiar with prior to the show. Apparently, he’s an orthopedic surgeon who sings in his spare time and some of his videos went viral during the pandemic. From the looks of it, he performed with Nicole in some special, so that’s probably why she was able to guess him correctly. Lastly, seeing Ken get emotional after his unmasking was a nice moment. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him go further, but he had a nice run all things considered.


    12. Peacock/Donny Osmond

    Season 1: Second Place

    latest?cb=20200116041752&f=1&nofb=1 8ec30bf4ff5f5e0353d94ffd17d45ec67870321564689016.jpg?width=2158%26height=3000&f=1&nofb=1

    Peacock - The Greatest Show

    Peacock - Counting Stars

    Peacock - All Of Me

    Peacock - Can’t Feel My Face

    Peacock - Let’s Go

    Peacock - Shake A Tail Feather

    Peacock Unmasking


    Clue: Strutted its way into a spooky surprise on another show

    Peacocks strut. The spooky surprise on another show was alluding to Donny Osmond’s iconic duet with Ghost Hunter on I Can See Your Voice. :giggle: He was so sure Ghost Hunter could sing, and his reaction to Ghost Hunter not being a good singer was legendary. :lmao:


    Coming in at #12 is the first act to have a performance shown on the US version of TMS. Peacock was a very entertaining act who looked like he was having a blast every time he took the stage. His first performance of The Greatest Show helped set TMS off on a great foot (imagine something like Hippo’s My Prerogative being the first performance aired). His Counting Stars was also a highlight with him starting on a high platform before it was lowered to the stage. That had to be intimidating for him with him saying he was afraid of heights in his clue package. The rest of his performances were amusing in some or another. My personal favorite is Shake A Tail Feather because his energy was contagious. The best part was him and the dancers going around the stage in a line. I thought the performance would’ve been enough for him to win, but he fell just short (which I didn’t mind too much). Peacock revealed himself to be Donny Osmond. It was good to see he had so much energy at his age. He was a total ham and made no apologies for it, and that is one of the reasons his showmanship was contagious and fun to watch.


    11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo

    Season 2: Fifth Place

    2000?cb=20200116160822&f=1&nofb=1 1_1_.8af62075452.original.jpeg&f=1&nofb=1

    Thingamajig - Easy

    Thingamajig - Rainbow

    Thingamajig - Ain’t Too Proud To Beg

    Thingamajig - Haven’t Met You Yet

    Thingamajig - Caught Up

    Thingamajig - Ordinary People

    Thingamajig - Winter Wonderland

    Thingamajig - Unmasking


    Clue: Nothing but net in both song and showmance despite appearance

    Nothing but net is a basketball reference for shots that go through the hoop without touching anything but the net. Victor Oladipo is an NBA player who currently plays for the Miami Heat. He and his performances captured the heart of one Nicole Scherzinger. :giggle:


    Taking up the final spot before the Top 10 is Thingamajig. His costume was certainly an interesting one to say the least. It was unidentifiable, but it was still cool and lived up to his name. Thingamajig gave some very strong performances while on TMS. The performance he’s probably best known for is Rainbow. It was a great performance and my personal favorite as well. There were some people saying his version was better than the original (I personally wouldn’t go that far, LOL). I also enjoyed his Ain’t Too Proud To Beg and Ordinary People. Outside of his performances, the thing he is known for is his showmance with Nicole. Nicole seemed to be enamored with him (no I’m not jealous, why do you ask) and to his credit he played along with it perfectly. Thingamajig did well enough to make it to fifth place where he was unmasked as NBA player Victor Oladipo. Ken was the only one who knew who he was while the rest of the panel, especially Jenny, were telling him how wrong he was. :lmao: Another cool tidbit was Ken and Nicole crashing his post-elimination interview backstage. Thingamajig was a very impressive singer; I think an argument can be made about him being the best non-professional singer on TMS thus far. :yes:


    15. Russian Dolls/Hanson:

    14. Black Swan/JoJo:

    13. Seprent/Dr. Elvis Francois:

    12. Peacock/Donny Osmond:

    11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo:


    We've made it to the Top 10! Here are the ten acts listed by season and placement:





    Night Angel







    I'll post each act one at a time. I'll give clues to each act before posting them. I plan to give at least three clues per act, so it should be easier to guess who they are.


    Before I get to the Top 10, however, I may do an intermission and rank the ten acts from The Masked Dancer. We'll see.

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  9. Lady Gaga - Chris, Gigi, Dee, Andrew, Wallace, Derek

    Madonna - Chris, Gigi, Dee, Wallace

    The Beatles - Gigi

    Paul McCartney - 

    Lennon & Yoko -

    Willie Nelson - 

    Ed Sheeran - Steven

    Celine Dion - Elliott, Chris, Gigi, Andrew

    Shania Twain - Elliott, Chris, Steven, Crisis

    Led Zeppelin - Elliott, Dee, Crisis

    Pink Floyd - Dee

    Metallica -QK, Dee

    Sound Garden -QK, Dee

    Prince - Dee, Wallace

    Michael Jackson - Wallace, Crisis

    Tom Petty - Dee

    Nirvana - QK, Dee, Crisis

    Pearl Jam -QK, Dee

    Foo Fighters - QK, Dee

    Green Day - QK, Dee

    Linkin Park - Elliott, QK, Dee, Andrew, Crisis

    Fall Out Boy - Andrew

    Weezer -

    P!nk - Elliott, Wallace

    Katy Perry - Gigi, Andrew, Wallace, Steven, Derek

    Christina Aguilera - Chris, QK, Dee, Wallace

  10. On 8/8/2021 at 4:43 PM, miss denise said:


    - I love them both so I always want more. :haha: 

    - I know of the show but haven't watched it. Now I know something new. 😮  Yes, let's hope! Although I don't personally mind who wins, but I can root for Nicole's big comeback. :haha:   


    I just can't get behind lying because then we really have nothing to go by except the voice. :lmao: Haha I understand. :giggle: 


    Yikes, I'm soooo late! So sorry.


    25. Leopard/Seal:  He was a really regal leopard, for sure. 😮  I wasn't too crazy about him but he was interesting and fun to see. LOL the Joel and Nicole exchange. :giggle: I'm not too familiar with Seal to have known it was his voice, but I believed the guess when I heard it. :haha: 

    24. Astronaut/Hunter Hayes: My baby. :wub:  Oh lol you referring to one of his own songs. I never know where to go with the clues. :dead:  Of course I will not ban you! Should I? 😮 :giggle: I am pleasantly surprised because I didn't know he would rank this high, so it's okay. ❤️ A plain costume? Now I'm mad. 😛 :dead: Kidding, but I do love his costume. Hunter loves flying, so this was the next best thing over a pilot outfit. I'm glad to hear he grew on you with his performances. Of course, you know how much I love him and have been a huge fan for years and years. ❤️ I adore everything about him and recognized his voice instantly. 😢 :broken: at not being a fan of his tone. Never Gonna Give You Up was my favorite. :wub: And Bye Bye Bye! :wub: But I was heartbroken he was eliminated. :broken: I wanted him in the finals so bad but I got a Turtle/Astro real-life friendship out of this, so I am very thankful for that and him appearing on the show. :wub: 

    23. Snow Owls/Clint and Lisa Hartman Black: I loved seeing a duo on the show! I also love snow owls and thought the costume was pretty to look at. Sadly, I'm not familiar with the act to have been able to guess them, but I enjoyed their time on the show. Ooh one of of your Top 10 costumes! 😮 Is a costume ranking in order? :shiftywave:  lol at if they were Donny and Marie. :giggle: That would have been so funny.

    22. Seashell/Tamera Mowry-Housley: I'm familiar with Tamera from her Disney Channel days, but didn't remember her being able to sing. 😮 I thought she did really well and I was impressed. I would have liked to see her advance a little further. Oooh your crush comment on her and Tia. :giggle: Can you tell them apart? 

    21. Mushroom/Aloe Blacc: omg I still think my explanation of the clue works. :dead: But I like this one better and I love that song. Anyway, I wasn't crazy about Mushroom, but I do actually like Aloe Blacc. I had no idea that was him and was shocked. 😮 I agree he was very intriguing. I didn't know he had that falsetto either. Haha I feel the same as you about him. He was a surprise but did well... even if the costume scared me. :giggle: 


    I can tell from the title that you posted the next set, but I'll try to guess anyway.


    - Act that waded its way to another habitat with a panelist: I'm thinking Frog or Flamingo... Flamingos wade. :dead: But I can't remember or of think of what the second part is about. 

    - Broke away from a sty with very hot temperatures: Sun? Yeti? I'm confused. :dead:  I don't think Sun would show up yet. Yetis are cold. :dead: 

    - Had an avalanche of hits with some of its fellow species: :unsure: Yeti for this one? That makes more sense.

    - Hopped, sang, and danced in different settings: Rabbit? Frog?  Ooh Rabbit because Joey was on DWTS? 

    - Was apart of two litters with the same host: Kitty! Okay, I get this one because Jackie was on AGT when Nick hosted. Yay for me being confident about one. :haha: 


    - Understandable :haha:

    - Who says you can't learn anything on IDF? :haha: Yes, I'm rooting for her to get back on track.


    I see the point about lying. :haha: Heh. :lmao:


    Better late than never, although for a while I thought I was going to finish this thing alone. :haha:


    25. Pretty much agree about your comments on him. He was interesting and a lot of fun to watch.

    24. If I'm banned, you'll never know where I'll rank Turtle. 😛 :haha: I'm happy to see there are no problems with this spot and not making you cry. I'm familiar with your love and admiration of him. I didn't say I wasn't a fan of his tone; I said I wasn't too fond of it on that song. I figured you would be heartbroken after his elimination. At least he and Turtle were able to develop a friendship from this. 😄

    23. It was nice to see a duo on the show. I'm not too familiar with them either, so I was pretty much in the dark regarding them. I don't think I'll do a costume ranking; I have a lot on my plate as it is now. :haha:

    22. I thought she did well too. I mostly know her and Tia from Sister, Sister. I wouldn't have minded if she went further, but she was up against some tough competition. I used to be able to tell them apart in the past easily; now, I'm not as confident. :haha:

    21. Your explanation is just fine. :yes: I pretty much agree with everything said about him here.


    Let's see how you did...


    On 8/8/2021 at 5:13 PM, miss denise said:

    20. Piglet/Nick Lachey: Ooooo darn, the clue makes perfect sense now. :dead: Ugh, I hate not thinking of things. lol Anyway, ooh the first winner to appear. 😮 Darn, we differ a lot there because he's my favorite winner. I'm glad you still enjoyed him. He definitely shone most with the emotional performances and ballads. ❤️ Oh yes, the operatic beginning. 😮 That was so impressive. I also thought he'd win and was so happy he did! I also knew he was Nick Lachey from the start and am very familiar with his voice. It was so obvious to me. :giggle: LOL your Jenny comment because SERIOUSLY about her not even guessing her husband. I mean hello? :dead:  How could she brag right after that? :dead: 

    19. Kitty/Jackie Evancho: Yay, I got it right. :giggle: I really liked Kitty's costume and thought it was cute. I also liked her performance-wise, but had other favorites. :giggle: OMG your comment on the guy in the audience! :dead: I don't remember this and not sure I want to see it. :dead:  I am also not familiar with her voice, although I heard of her and remember her being on AGT when she was really young. I might have placed her in the finals over someone else but I couldn't be bothered after Astronaut left, as long as Turtle was there. (!) 

    18. Yeti/Omarion: I really liked Yeti and his costume was so cute. :haha:  You're right, he does look friendly. :giggle: I like Omarion and am familiar with some of his music, but I haven't heard him in forever so I couldn't tell it was him on my own. 😮  Him performing with skates was so cool. I wonder how he did it. 😮 Aww I was sad he was eliminated before the finals too. :( 

    17. Flamingo/Adrienne Bailon-Houghton: Oooh, now I get the second part of the clue. :giggle:  Flamingos are so pretty! I agree with your comments on the costume. I am a fan of Adrienne from being in The Cheetah Girls. I can't remember when I picked up on her vocally though. But I did enjoy her, although preferred the other two finalists. Aww it is sad what she said about her own voice, but I'm sure her time on the show helped. And omg yes, I always wondered if her and Raven knew the other was there. :giggle: 

    16. Rabbit/Joey Fatone: I actually did not expect Rabbit to rank so high but I'm not upset about it. 😮  He was my first favorite on the show. I love Joey a lot, although I wasn't even positive it was him because I'm not familiar with his voice as much compared to other NSYNC members. lol so true about his costume and him being committed to his character. The twitching. :giggle: Aww I wish he made the finals. :( But so true, he is the most likely guy of the band to do a show like this. I'm happy he did. 


    Wow, Top 15! 😮


    - Has multiple layers despite being lost at times:  Russian Dolls? They have layers... and Google tells me the show Lost had Russian Dolls on it. :dead:  Oh, Hanson also has a song called "Lost Without Each Other", so I'll say Russian Dolls/Hanson.

    - Nothing but net in both song and showmance despite appearance: I'm going to guess Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo with the "net" referring to his basketball career. Then there was the showmance with Nicole. :giggle: 

    - Skilled with both tongue and hands: Oh my. :lmao: Tongue makes me think Frog... or Chameleon, but mostly Frog. Ooh and Bow Wow also played basketball, didn't he? Or he has a song with that name. So yeah, I'll guess Frog/Bow Wow.

    - Strutted its way into a spooky surprise on another show: Hmm, who would strut? I think a peacock would... and that's really it. Spooky surprise on another show... ooh Donny had some secret connection to the Haunted Mansion? Okay, this checks out. Peacock/Donny Osmond.

    - Time isn't up for this dark hued flyer: :unsure:  Who flies.... a bee. A night angel? :dead: Hmm. Well, Gladys has a song called " It's Time To Go Now", so I'll guess Bee/Gladys Knight. 


    I hope I'm right and this means Turtle makes Top 10. :wub: 


    20. He's your favorite winner? We do differ here (what else is new? :giggle:). At least all of the winners are in the Top 20. I didn't listen to a lot of his or 98 degrees music, so I wasn't all that familiar with his voice to be able to guess him. He did shine with the emotional performances and that opera beginning to Superstition was legendary. Yeah, I don't know how Jenny was able to say that without shame while not guessing the boybander she should be the most familiar with. :dead:

    19. I pretty much agree with everything here. It wasn't anything too bad regarding the guy, but he gave off that impression. :haha:

    18. Once again, pretty much agree here.

    17. Yeah she was enjoyable to watch. It's just unfortunate she was up against two other strong contestants and didn't have much of a chance. I hope she does think better of her voice. It would be a hoot if they knew each other were in the same season. :haha:

    16. Happy to see you're not upset with my ranking of him. Oh at him being your first favorite. I don't think people were familiar with him at first because they thought Rabbit was too skinny to be Joey. :haha: I agree about the costume and twitching. I also thought it was interesting when he said performing in the costume helped with his claustrophobia. I'm sure he's happy he did as well.


    Yep, the Top 15 is here!


    We'll see about these guesses. Maybe Turtle will appear in this set and finish short of the Top 10. 🤔 😛

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