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  1. As mentioned, Chris was my third favorite that season, so I'm a fan of his. A Top 3 of him, Katharine, and Elliott would've been everything (though I didn't really have that much of a problem with Taylor all things considered). Speaking of his elimination, I guess I was the only one who wasn't all that surprised at it during the time, though I'll admit I was nervous for Katharine. Obviously, it was the best thing that happened to him as he was able to do his own thing. One only has to look at what happened to Bo for what may have happened to Chris had he made the Top 2.


    As for the tie for third, I'm going to guess Allison and Candice. I can't see Kelly and David not being the Top 2; then again I've been wrong with every guess so far. :haha:

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  2. 21 hours ago, Teraginn said:

    Gonna summarize some guesses I've seen online that I agree with.


      Reveal hidden contents


    Group A

    Sun - LeAnn Rimes

    Giraffe - Brian Austin Green

    Popcorn - Taylor Dayne

    Snow Owls - Clint and Lisa Hartman Black


    Group B

    Crocodile - Nick Carter

    Baby Alien - Sam Riegel

    Whatchamacalit - Common

    Serpent - Leslie Odem, Jr.

    Seahorse - Tori Kelly



    Not sure on Crocodile (wrong height to be him), Whatchamacallit, Baby Alien and Giraffe. This season is surprisingly harder to guess right off the bat.


    The main ones I can see being right are Sun and Serpent. The others I would have to see more of and take a closer look at the clues. I was able to get Busta Rhymes as Dragon almost immediately. This season does appear to be more challenging than past ones.

  3. I know I said I didn't have a problem with where the remaining six rank; however, I thought Melinda would make at least the Top 5. Definitely one of the best and most consistent vocalists Idol has ever had, and her not making the finale is one of my biggest disappointments.

  4. So Katharine finally appears. If this were prior to two Sundays ago, I would’ve been voicing my praise and complaining about her at least not being in the Top 5 (I had a feeling Chris was going to be the last S5 contestant remaining regardless, which I’m fine with as he’s my third favorite from the season). :haha: However, I can say I’m perfectly fine with this placement for her.


    Now that I’m in a better place mentally, I can properly address the elephant in the room. What didn’t bother me was learning about her being a Republican and donating to the Republican Party because as I mentioned, I try not to let anyone’s personal politics influence how I feel about them unless it’s something really bad (for the record, I am a registered Independent who is not a fan of either of the two major political parties). What did bother me, however, was learning about her being a Republican and donating to the Republican Party that has spent decades creating and trying to pass laws that undermine the rights of the LGBTQ community, a community she has not only voiced her support for, but have gone as far as actively courting members of said community. It is duplicitous and quite frankly arrogant because political donations are public, so she had to know this was going to come out sooner or later. Either way, she has definitely betrayed and lost the trust of a significant portion of her fanbase.


    To be honest, it hurt to see the backlash and vitriol directly towards her (admittedly, it still stings a little to read some of it); it even got to the point where I had to avoid anything Idol related for a couple of days. However, it is 100% justified, and she deserves every bit of backlash and fallout she’s receiving. I’ll probably have my head bitten off for this now, but Katharine is my all-time favorite Idol contestant, so that revelation was a devastating blow. However, that doesn’t mean I look at her with rose-tinted glasses and think she’s this flawless angel who can do no wrong. I have overlooked and even defended some of her actions in the past; I’m not going to do so here. Still, I have fond memories of her time on Idol and have enjoyed her post-Idol material.


    As for the remaining six, as I said before the Top 8, they are all in my Top 30 with seven in my Top 20 (the one who isn't was Carrie), so I'm perfectly fine with wherever they place, though I'm hoping to see Kelly at #1.



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  5. EioNxFzWAAMCjZc?format=jpg&name=small


    Since there are those who don't want to be spoiled regarding the celebrities in the episode threads, I thought it would be a good idea to have a topic where speculation - whether it be guesses or clues discussions - can take place. In addition, I'll update the main post with who has been unmasked thus far.


    Unmasked Celebrities

    Group A

    Dragon - Busta Rhymes

    Sun - LeAnn Rimes

    Giraffe - Brian Austin Green

    Popcorn - Taylor Dayne

    Snow Owls - Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black


    Group B

    Crocodile - Nick Carter

    Baby Alien - Mark Sanchez

    Whatchamacallit - Lonzo Ball

    Serpent - Dr. Elvis Francois

    Seahorse - Tori Kelly

    Gremlin - Mickey Rourke


    Group C

    Squiggly Monster - Bob Saget

    Broccoli - Paul Anka

    Mushroom - Aloe Blacc

    Jellyfish - Chloe Kim

    Lips - Wendy Williams

  6. 4 hours ago, psterina said:


    Cool. This is tough, as I have over 25, for each, but will submit 20 each


    The more the merrier!


    I just realized I put the wrong time in for the deadline. I'll post it here in each timezone.


    October 5: 12:00 AM EST

    October 4: 11:00 PM CST

    October 4: 10:00 PM MST

    October 4: 09:00 PM PST


    That should be enough time for submissions I think.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

    My second account, y'all. :wub: 


    Lmaoo I'm kidding but I agree with so much of what you said - especially all of the Aladdin characters love! :haha:  


    Well, Aladdin is my second favorite Disney movie, so it makes sense for me to love a majority of the characters in it. :haha:

  8. I've been following this thread here and there, and while out of the Top 25 I was hoping for a Genie win, I can't say I'm disappointed to see Belle at the top. She's my second favorite of the Disney Princesses behind only Jasmine.


    If I had one major disappointment, it was Mickey Mouse not being part of the Top 25. I was also disappointed at Aladdin not being there either.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    @Crisis Should our ranking be based on how the contestants look now, or how they looked on the show? 


    I'll probably base mine mainly on how they looked on the show, but it could be either one. It's up to the poster.


    3 hours ago, psterina said:


    How many contestants should we submit? 


    I'm aiming for at least 20 per gender. I would probably say 10 of each gender, though if anyone can come up with 20 of each, it would be very much appreciated. 🙂

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  10. I hope everyone brought their swimsuits because we are going to jump into the shallow pool! That’s right, the next ranking will be the best-looking AI contestants. I’ve decided to make this one interactive as well. I’m going to combine the formats of both the IDF Favorite Performances and Coronation Songs rankings in that anyone can submit who they want to see ranked as well as their own personal rankings of the contestants. If anyone wants to participate, they can send their contestants via PM.


    Submission Guidelines:

    • Both male and female contestants can be submitted
    • Though I’d rather focus on finalists, both semi-finals and finals contestants can be submitted
    • The deadline for submissions is October 4 at 12:00 AM EST
    • Write-ups can be submitted if desired


    Once everything is in, I’ll post the contestants who will be listed. From there, posters can PM me their rankings, and I’ll take the averages and rank them based on how IDF ranks them. I’ll list both the male and female contestants along with any commentary, and I’ll add my personal rankings along with my own commentary. Let’s see how this one turns out!

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  11. Out of this group, I'm liking Crocodile, Seahorse, and Serpent.


    I didn't mind seeing Gremlin unmask himself; he was easily the worst of the group. I had a feeling he was an older celebrity and that turned out to be the case.


    As for the others, I have no idea; however, I want to lean towards Leslie Odom, Jr. for Serpent. With how many times he's been guessed, I definitely want to see Donnie Wahlberg appear on the show with no one on the panel guessing him correctly. :haha:

  12. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    Yay! Aw, too bad you couldn't watch it live, but I saw you posted in the season thread, so I know you've seen it now. 😄  Ah, I can't say I agree here, sorry to say. :blushingwave: I thought Turtle could win it too and was so beyond disappointed. :broken:  OMG how did you know my two favorites like this?! :omg:  :dead:  You hit the nail on the head. :lmao::wub: Ah, glad I asked because I didn't want to spoil you on any of them!


    Ahh okay. Glad I haven't fallen too far behind. I wouldn't normally go out of town at this moment in time, but it was a family thing since my brother had surgery and needed someone there with him.  Thank you, it was nice, all things considered. ❤️ 


    010. Phil Stacey:  Ah yeah, Phil did really hit his stride toward the end of his run, so it's a shame he was eliminated then. This was a good showing from him. 

    009. George Huff: Aw, I love that part with the remaining contestants surrounding him at the end. 😢 I loved George, so was so sad with his downhill journey. At least he ended on a better note. ❤️ 

    008. Kristy Lee Cook: Simon's reaction. :giggle: I agree this was one of Kristy's better ones and I enjoyed it too.

    007. Hollie Cavanagh: Awww Joshua. 😢 So sad and sweet. Hollie was great on this song, and the hugs for the other contestants and judges on this was really heart-warming. ❤️ 


    006. Haley Scarnato: Aw, I definitely get how this would be close to your heart.  ❤️  I think Haley sang and performed very well here! I also loved that little dancing moment with the boys. :wub:

    005. Melinda Doolittle: She definitely performed like such a pro here. 😮 Love that moment with Blake giving her his flowers, aw. ❤️  This was another top-notch performance from Melinda and I wouldn't have known she was just eliminated. 

    004. Jessica Meuse: This was my favorite song Jessica sang and I agree she performed with so much passion and conviction here. It's a shame (but understandable) she was so upset, but she delivered a solid performance.


    003. Haley Reinhart: Her original performance of this was one of my favorites of hers and this is right up there with it! It's ironic you still didn't care for her the first time she sang this song, and now this one is ranked as one of your favorite exit performances. :haha:  I love it though. She was amazing with this. 

    002. Allison Iraheta: YESS definitely one of my favorite swan songs! Ugh, her performance the night before was one of my favorites from her and I'm so annoyed she was eliminated. :broken:  This was just as good... she absolutely slayed this! :omg: 

    001. LaToya London: I definitely remember this one.  It was already an amazing showing from LaToya and even more impressive this one came after her elimination. She also slayed this and was so amazing. :omg: 


    Yes, I did see the premiere. I was disappointed Dragon was the first one cut. I personally thought Giraffe was the weakest and probably would've eliminated him. As for S3, I knew we wouldn't see eye to eye on the winner. :haha: I saw the two had fan threads here and both were started by the same poster, so I had a hunch. :giggle: I saw the new costumes, and I posted my thoughts on some of them in the subforum.


    I'm taking a break from this thread at the moment though I still read and will try to reply to any new posts, so you're in a good spot. I may start a new ranking this weekend, however, and already have a subject in mind. Oh, I see about your brother and his surgery. Hopefully it went well and here's to a quick and healthy recovery for him! 🤗


    010. I pretty much agree with the thoughts on Phil. He really did hit his stride and at least went out on a positive note.

    009. Agreed. It was hard watching him struggle as much as he did towards the end due to his illness, but at least he sounded better in his last performance.

    008. Simon's reaction was everything. 🤣 Kristy was certainly a spunky contestant and agree about the thoughts on her swan song.

    007. Yeah, Hollie's exit was another bittersweet one. She was great on the song and the interactions with everyone at the end was nice.


    006. Yeah, as I said in my write-up, it's still a tough one for me to watch. However, I do agree she sang and performed well after having her heart broken, and the boys getting up to dance with her was really nice to see.

    005. I don't have much to say but pretty much agree with everything written here.

    004. Again, pretty much agree with nearly everything. She definitely delivered a passionate performance, and I believe a lot of it had to do with her being so upset.


    003. Looking at it that way, it sure is ironic how that worked out. :dead: While I may not have been as impressed with her first performance of the song, her exit version was one of the best, so I definitely had to give her her due for that one.

    002. Completely agree with everything written. It was disappointing she was eliminated after her performances, but at least it provided a great swan song.

    001. Absolutely. Based on that performance, no one would be able to tell she was just eliminated. It was just a professional showing.

  13. 22 minutes ago, JC said:

    Ugh Katharine is causing a struggle for me right now because I absolutely adored her before I found out about her donations. But now I’m rooting for her to lose when I usually would be hopeful she would be in the top 2 :( 


    I'm sort of in the same boat. I think I've recovered from the haymaker she threw everyone and certainly have some thoughts on it; however, I'll wait until she appears before expressing them. Speaking of which, this is something I never thought I'd find myself saying prior to last Sunday, but I'm hoping she shows up next, though something tells me it'll be Allison. :haha:

  14. Carrie is similar to Haley R. in that I liked her well enough on the show and have come to like her more post-Idol, but I'm not a super fan or hers or anything like that. She is definitely one of the most beloved and successful alums, and deservedly so.

  15. Finally got around to seeing the preview of all of the costumes.


    The ones I like the most are Dragon (too bad he's already out), Crocodile, Seahorse, and Snow Owls. I kind of like the Baby Alien as well. On the other hand, I can't help but think the Sun is upside down and the Lips seriously creep me out. 🥶 Either way, here's to hoping for some good performances along the way.

  16. Catching up...


    I'm fine with where both Trent and Archie are ranked, though I personally had both of them lower. I would've liked to see Tamyra a little higher, but at least she's in the Top Ten.


    As for the remaining eight, they're all in my Top 30 with seven in my Top 20, so I think I'll be OK with wherever they'll end up.

  17. 4 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    To sum this one up, Haley literally performs and basically confirms that she was the best of the three. 😅 I also loved the amount of time she got to sing and speak (pretty rare for swan songs :haha:.) 


    Allison probably wasn’t going to beat Kris or Adam, but she should have definitely beaten Danny after his infamous Scream On. Needless to say, she went out like a pro and KILLED her swan song. :clap: 


    If you just showed me this out of context, I would have though this was another one of the show performances that LaToya slayed. 😂 This was an amazing swan song and just showed America how great of a vocalist they voted off... 😔 


    003. Pretty much agree with everything. I knew she wasn't going to beat Scotty (then again, no one was beating him that season, LOL), but I thought she had a good chance of beating Lauren. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.


    002. Once again, I pretty much agree with everything here. She definitely went out like a pro and killed it.


    001. It just shows how much of a professional she was. She just went out and performed as if it was just another day for her.

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  18. 12 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Definitely strong for a coronation song, but if I were to judge it on regular terms, I would say it was ok, and that it had a few pitchy moments. This coronation song just seemed to drag on for so long, kind of like K-Lo's, but Phil's vocals were not nearly as good to support the performance. 


    Ugh, this reminds me of how much I love his smooth, soulful voice... Before I say anything more, did anyone else notice the sweat stains on his shirt? :giggle:Anyway, I would love to be hugged by all four of those talented ladies, so I would call him a lucky man. I also loved that he stayed in good spirits and was very appreciative of everything. 


    I also really loved Kristy mostly because of her personality. Her swan song was the perfect example of this. While I thought it was weaker than her Top 7 show performance, I thought she still did a good job with it, especially considering it's a huge song for her. Not to mention, the singing to Simon was hilarious and made me want to see more of Kristy... :haha: 


    Are you trying to make me cry?! :haha: For me, this is one of the saddest eliminations in Idol history. I mean from Joshua's crying to Hollie's singing of a song that honestly made her whole Idol experience come full-circle, this was just such a heart-wrenching exit (though not as heart-wrenching as an elimination that occurred the season prior.) Not to mention, Hollie's vocals were really good, and like you said, Joshua was probably the one who was more upset! 😅


    I think she/whoever picked a good song for her exit since it was a fun song to lighten up the mood. I know you really liked Haley, so this must have been a devastating night for you... While I don't think she killed it, I think she did a good enough job to land on this list, though I doubt I would have her this high. 


    QUEEN! I personally think she should have made the finale, but she certainly let everyone know what they were missing out on with her swan song. She KILLED it, and l also thought it was so sweet of Blake to give her his bouquet. 


    Ugh, another really sad one for me. 😢 Jessica really sang her heart out with this exit and I'm so happy she ended with her original. Overall, it was a nice, spirited performance that deserves to be on this list. 


    010. Fair enough about Phil. Watching it again, he didn't sound as good as he did the night before, but I still felt it was a nice performance for him to go out on, especially considering the song title and the subject.


    009. Watching the video again, I completely notice the sweaty armpits. 🤣 Outside of this, I agree with everything said here.


    008. Not much to say but once again I agree with everything here. I wouldn't have minded if she stayed longer, especially over Jason who checked out from that point forward, though there was no way for anyone to foresee that happening at the time to be fair.


    007. That's right, Hollie is one of your all-time favorites, so I can imagine how heart-wrenching her exit was (the one from the season before could be considered to be heart-wrenching as well). She was my favorite remaining after Elise's departure, so I was sad at seeing her leave as well, though if I'm to be objective she was the weakest of the four the night before. I agree about her vocals being really good and Joshua being more upset. 🤣


    006. Agree about the song being fun to lighten up the mood, especially compared to the song Gina had to sing the week before. I wouldn't say her elimination was devastating because it was going to happen sooner or later, especially with her hanging on by a thread on a weekly basis and the way she was treated; however, it was heartbreaking because I really wanted her to have the opportunity to work with Martina McBride since it's something she really wanted to do. In a way, it reminded me of John Stevens being eliminated the week before Big Band Night. As for the performance, fair enough.


    005. Completely agree with everything here. As far as Blake giving her his bouquet, I'd like to think it was him acknowledging she should've been in the finale instead of him (although I personally thought Jordin was the weakest of the three the night before, and I like Jordin more than Blake). 😅


    004. Again, I completely agree, especially with her singing her original as her swan song. There were some joking this was the most emotion Jessica showed the entire season. 

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