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  1. I haven't been in here a while. I'll just comment on the most recent results.


    I'm a little surprised MaKenzie was picked over Pia, especially considering how much you love her (Pia). With that said, it's not like MaKenzie is unworthy, for she's a great vocalist in her own right. The rest of the results seem fair enough though I'm not all that familiar with Joanna.


    As for the three-way knockout, it'll be tough losing one of either Amanda or Kelly. I wasn't familiar with Sisaundra; however, I decided to watch the video posted, and though I can't say I'm a fan of her tone, she blew her performance out of the water. This will probably be a tough one no matter the results.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Bk1234 said:

    10. Nick Merico- I really did try to like Nick after the show’s nasty edit, but it clearly didn’t work. I thought he looked handsome, but I could not look past that edit. Not to mention, I believe he was caught lying on the show... 😬 I would have put him in the 20s, but I guess this isn’t too bad... 😅


    9. Anthony Fedorov- I never got his good looks from his time on the show, but let me just say, he got much hotter after Idol. 🥵 This is a pretty good spot for him, though I would have put him a little lower. 

    10. Emily Piriz- View my write-up. 🙂


    9. Jordin Sparks- She’s an example of someone who blossomed after the show. She looks gorgeous now, though I would have placed her lower compared to some of the others that are in this ranking. 



    10. What did he get caught lying about? I can't remember anything about that. Fair enough about everything else.


    9. I pretty much agree with everything here.



    10. It was a nice write-up. You know I know all about having unpopular opinions. :haha:


    9. Fair enough.

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  3. 9. Jordin Sparks

    jordin-sparks-1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Jordin-Sparks.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Pictures-of-Jordin-Sparks-.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Average Score:



    JC - 6th

    miss denise - 8th

    Crisis - 16th

    psterina - 16th

    Bk1234 - 22nd



    As with the late Leah LaBelle, Jordin was someone I thought was a fairly pretty girl who really blossomed into a beautiful woman post-Idol. I think her best features are her smile and hair. For the latter, it looks beautiful whether straight or curly. In addition, her height helps out (it was cute when she would bend down to match Ryan’s height when he would read her voting numbers during the season :haha:). I thought she looked really pretty when she appeared on I Can See Your Voice a couple of weeks ago. With all of that said, I have her slightly above midpoint, yet she scored high enough to make it into the Top Ten.


    009. Jordin Sparks

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  4. Females


    10. Emily Piriz

    idol-2014-bw-emily-piriz.jpg&f=1&nofb=1  3f87f058e8eb05f53515ad25a43b44d5.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 f1b9941e-06c2-33ac-be15-ba17b0b22183.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Average Score:



    Bk1234 - 4th

    miss denise - 4th

    JC - 7th

    Crisis - 27th

    psterina - 27th


    Coming in at #10 for the ladies is the S13 12th placer. Emily was a minor at the beginning of the season but turned 18 during it, so I feel a little more comfortable talking about her regarding her time on Idol. Emily wasn’t someone I paid attention to as far as her attractiveness was concerned. After looking more into it, however, I do think she’s fairly attractive despite my low ranking (and lack of quality pictures on my behalf :haha:). I thought she looked really pretty during Glitter In The Air. With that said, it appears she really blossomed after Idol based on what I’ve seen of her from time on La Voz. I’ve had a hard time finding pictures of her, but Bk1234’s write-up should be enough to do her justice. 😊


    On 10/10/2020 at 10:15 PM, Bk1234 said:

    #4. Emily Piriz



    This ranking will probably be an unpopular one, but hey, unpopular opinion is my middle name at this point! 😂 Anyway, let's talk about Emily Piriz! 👏 For me, Emily kind of just popped up out of nowhere. She stood out as one of the best-looking contestants of the season, plus she had such a pretty voice! 😍 Now many of you guys might call me crazy for putting her all the way at #4, but here me out! The combination of her looks and voice was just too much to resist! She also gives off such a calm and serene aura.



    Caption: Emily looks so pretty in this photo. I especially love how her hair looks in this one! 😍


    Caption: This image represents the calm and serene aura that I mentioned before! Emily’s dress is so sparkly!



    I was originally having trouble finding stuff to mention in Emily’s personality segment, but then I realized, part of the reason why I love Emily so much is because she has a more subtle personality. While they don’t catch the eyes of everyone, more subtle personalities have an extra layer of realism to them. One thing that was really sweet was when Emily watched a message from her boyfriend, who was a soldier. It just added a level of depth to Emily, which I was happy to see (I wasn’t happy to see that she was eliminated the night after though. 😟) Emily has definitely grown since her time on American Idol. After watching her performances on La Voz I can say that she has grown as a vocalist and as a person. To close this write-up, I will be posting pictures from Emily’s time on La Voz. 



    Caption: This picture is from my favorite performance of Emily’s La Voz run. The sparkly dress looks great in the light, and Emily’s face looks so beautiful!!!



    Caption: Even though the energy from this performance is completely different from the energy of the previous performance, I still really like this picture! I like that Emily has two sides: an emotional side and a more pop rock side. I feel like Emily’s outfits reflect these two sides well, with this one leaning more to the pop rock side.


    010. Emily Piriz

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  5. 9. Anthony Fedorov

    anthony-fedorov-02.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Anthony%2BFedorov%2BMusic%2BCenter%2B50th%2BAnniversary%2BApKngyQU8SSl.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 tn-500_wm89848903.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Average Score:



    miss denise - 5th

    Bk1234 - 14th

    psterina - 15th

    Crisis - 16th

    JC - 19th



    Anthony was someone who was considered to be somewhat of a heartthrob during S4. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I’m able to see it looking back. I have to say he really grew into his looks post-Idol, and it’s easy to see why he’s considered attractive. He really has that blonde hair, blue eye combo working for him. It was thought he and Carrie were a couple during the season, and I have to say they would’ve looked good together; however, both have families of their own but appear to still be friends. I have him somewhere in the middle, but he managed to make it into the Top Ten.


    009. Anthony Fedorov

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  6. Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything creative for the Top Tens. I used brief poems in my other thread, but I wanted to do something different here. Sadly, my creative well dried up; therefore, I'll just post them without any bells and whistles. Each member will get it's own post though it won't be anything special. I'll do the males first and females second.




    10. Nick Merico

    s-1566377086445.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 nick-merico-19951229-allfamous.org-1.jpg 3-Nick-Merico.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Average Score:



    @JC - 10th

    @miss denise - 11th

    @psterina - 11th

    @Crisis - 17th

    @Bk1234 - 24th



    Kicking off the Top Ten for the males is Nick Merico. To me, Nick is the typical pretty boy that seems to be popular with a certain demographic, not that there’s anything wrong with that. If I were to pick a characteristic that stands out the most, it would be his eyes. Unfortunately, he received an edit which tried to frame him as arrogant during S18 (though I personally didn’t see anything to warrant that claim), which could be a turn off for some people in terms of attractiveness. Regardless, while I ranked him somewhere in the middle, He managed to score high enough to make it to the Top Ten of this ranking, and it’s understandable why.


    010. Nick Merico

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  7. 3 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Oh okay. :haha:  I just found out they made the world series in at least three of the last four years, so that explains why I hear about them so much too. :haha: 


    I watched a few of the early seasons of The Voice and that was about it, although I've seen some other performances here and there. Never saw JPL's duo, but I did hear about him (and other random Idol alum) being on there. :haha: 


    I never thought of that, but totally get and see the comparison. :giggle: It makes sense! LOL I would have still seen it even if it was crossed out. 😛 


    015. Phillip Phillips: I was never as into his looks as most people seemed to be, but I do get the appeal. I also agree with you on his style. 

    014. Adam Lambert: Wow your comment about him being one of the best looking males ever on Idol. 😮  I do agree he can pull off different looks, although I think I most prefer how he looked when he competed on the show. Not a fan of the longer hair.

    011. Dillon James: I didn't think much of him looks-wise, but he's not a bad looking guy

    011. MacKenzie Bourg: lol the Lauren comment. I think he's cute and his whole demeanor and style works well for him. I was personally attracted to other guys more, but he's still cute. Love @Bk1234's write-up. :haha:  And I randomly just realized MacKenzie looks a lot like a pastor at my church. :dead:

    011. Tim Urban: Ooh my ranking is so much lower than this. :haha:  He's a good looking guy, but I never gushed over his looks like other people. LOL your comments on his hair.


    - An abode in London: Dillon?

    - A sweet smelling song: MacKenzie (his song "Roses")

    - Can't alter the planet today or tomorrow: Phillip (is it a reference to his album The World from the Side of the Moon?)

    - Here to regale you: Adam (his song "For Your Entertainment")

    - Nothing rural about the name: Tim (last name Urban?)


    OK, that makes sense.


    I've watched the first two episodes thus far; however, I typically lose interest after the auditions. I'll see how far I'll make it this season. As for Midas Whale, they were eliminated after the KO rounds, so they didn't make it very far.


    Yeah, I know. It just would've added something, if it makes any sense. :haha:


    015. Fair enough

    014. Fair enough about preferring how he looks on the show. Understandable about not being a fan of the longer hair, though I don't think it looks bad on him.

    011 (Dillon). Fair enough

    011 (MacKenzie). I knew you would get a kick out of the Lauren mention. 🤭 Fair enough about him, and :dead: at him looking like a pastor at your church.

    011 (Tim). Fair enough. His hair appeals to some people from the looks of it.




    3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    015. Christina Christian: Christina stands out to me as one of the more beautiful Idol women. I also think she's adorable. ❤️ 

    014. Vonzell Solomon: I agree Vonzell is beautiful and I remember loving her fashion style during the season. I'm surprised the cowboy hat look was your favorite. :haha: I think I loved the rest of the outfit though.

    013. Haley Scarnato: Aww one of your girls. ❤️ Yay me being the highest ranker of her aside from you! That was my gift to you, but also not really because she is gorgeous. :haha: 

    012. Gabby Barrett: I think Gabby is beautiful and gets more stunning as she grows up (she is still quite young :haha: ) ❤️ Yay me and @Bk1234 ranking her at the same spot! And okay yay, I will share some photos! ❤️ 














    011. Katie Stevens: Aww I think Katie is really pretty and is another who has grown into her beauty as she gets older. ❤️ I watch her on The Bold Type, so I'm used to seeing her these days. :haha: 


    - A judge must've had Jason Aldean on his/her mind: Katie (for Simon thinking she should be country?)

    - Bring some light into her world: Christina (referencing "Ain't No Sunshine"?)

    - My favorite version of an overdone song: Vonzell (referring to "I Have Nothing")

    - Received approval from a trip of a lead singer: Gabby (Steve Perry approved her "Don't Stop Believin'" performance)

    - ZZ Top: Haley (the song "Legs"? lol because she was known for showcasing hers)


    015. I agree completely with everything written

    014. Once again, I pretty much agree. I guess it's because it's the one that really stands out. I also thought she looked nice during I Have Nothing.

    013. Yeah 💔 :haha:. I would've gladly accepted the gift. ❤️:giggle:Needless to say I agree with the second half of the sentence. :haha:

    012. It does appear she has grown more beautiful over the years. Thank you for the pictures; I'd rather have someone else pick one so I wouldn't be accused of being biased in case I picked an unflattering one. :dead: I won't use the first one because I used it for her write-up in my other thread. :haha: I think I'll go with the last one because it's my favorite of the bunch. 👍

    011. OK, fair enough about her. :haha:




    3 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Ooh I think both of these lists are really good! Maybe not my absolute ideal, but the males one is especially pleasing to me. :teeheebounce:


    Honorable Mention: Megan Joy: I pretty much agree with your comments and do think she is really pretty. I like her face and hair, and think her quirky style worked well for her. :yes: 


    Nice to see you think both lists are really good!


    Honorable Mention: Not much to say but pretty much agree with everything written here.


    I just finished the write-ups for 10-9 of both sets. I'll post them when we get to the next page. I believe this is #22.

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  8. 12 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Honorable Mention: Megan Joy- I agree that she has a very pretty face, however, I’m not a fan of her personality. :/


    💔. I adore her personality, but fair enough if people aren't fans of because it is rather polarizing.


    I'll hopefully have 10-9 for both genders some time this evening. I would've had them up yesterday; however, because of homework and catching up on The Voice, I didn't have time to do the write-ups. I'll get started on those today.

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  9. I'll try to get started with unveiling the Top Ten of both sets tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I'll do another honorable mention.


    Honorable Mention: Megan Joy



    Megan was my second favorite S8 contestant. She also happened to be the most beautiful finalist, IMO. I thought she had such a beautiful face and her unique and quirky mannerisms and style enhanced her attractiveness. Paula (or was it Kara, I can't remember) hit the nail on the head when she said the camera loved her. I was more interested in her voice at the time; however, when that was said, I started to pay attention to her as a person and that's when I recognized her beauty. My favorite look of hers was during Walkin' After Midnight, with a shoutout to her For Once In My Life look (too bad her performance wasn't as good as her looks 😆). In my own personal list, I would probably have her somewhere in my Top 25.


    Honorable Mention: Megan Joy


    If anyone wants to do a write-up on someone who didn't make the cut in this ranking, he/she are absolutely free to do so. 😁 I don't know if anyone will do so seeing that no one has taken the opportunities I've provided so far; however, I would love to read what others think about contestants they find attractive.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Bk1234 said:

    15. Christina Christian- Now this is WAY too high for Christina. View my write-up for more details. 😊


    14. Vonzell Solomon- Looks great AND sounds great, no complaints here!!!!!


    13. Haley Scarnato- Sorry about my ranking... I'm happy for you though! 


    12. Gabby Barrett- Gabby has such a pretty face, plus her hair makes her look so gorgeous. 


    11. Katie Stevens- She has blossomed into a beautiful woman since her time on the show.


    The male list could be revised, but the female one is very good! 


    15. 💔. I understand and respect the opinion though.


    14. Good to see there are no complaints!


    13. It's OK and thank you. :hug: Besides, I'm sure I ranked some of your favorites pretty low. 😂


    12. I can see how people can feel this way about her.


    11. I can say she has despite what my write-up may suggest.


    I agree about the female list being very good, and I can see the point about the male one.

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  11. 8 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    15. Phillip Phillips- Phillip definitely gets a lot of personality points, plus, I agree that his rugged look is very attractive. 😁 My main issue with Phillip is that his veins really come into focus when he sings. Sometimes they’re fine, but other times they creep me out. 😬 I think this is a good spot for Phillip regardless. 🤗


    14. Adam Lambert- Adam is attractive in a weird way. His style just works for him. I didn’t rank him very high though since I thought other guys were more attractive. 🤷‍♂️

    T-11. Dillon James- Dillon is someone whose looks grew on me throughout the season. I actually think he looked worse in all the pre-recorded parts of the competition (auditions, Hollywood Week, Hawaii.) During these rounds I thought he looked too veiny, if that even makes sense. 😅 Somewhere in the “live” shows I began to see his appeal. I love his hair and he fits that “fake cowboy” look so well. 😍 Overall, this is a good spot for him. 👍


    T-11. MacKenzie Bourg- Yet another robbery, though certainly not as bad as the last two. View my write-up for more details. 😊


    T-11. Tim Urban- Tim should have definitely made the Top 10. 🙁 He was so good-looking and like you said, those shirtless pics only helped his case! 😄 I really loved his hair during Idol, which I think is unpopular. 😜 He definitely has a more fatherly look now which is cool, but I miss his old haircut. 😅


    15. Fair enough. Good to see it's thought this is a good spot for him.


    14. I can't say I disagree with what was written here.


    T-11 (Dillon). Fair enough about him.


    T-11 (MacKenzie). At least there is a calmer response this time around. 😂


    T-11 (Tim). Fair enough about him thinking he should've been in the Top Ten.


    Speaking of the Top Ten, I'm still deciding on what to do with them. With that said, I'll ask if any of the rankers are willing to submit at least one picture of everyone remaining for me to add to their listing. This is completely optional, but I thought it would be cool to do something like this.

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  12. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Oh no, you are anti-Dodgers? 😮 


    - There was nothing wrong with your choices! And it's better than no pictures. :haha: 

    - lol nooo, don't think that. We've all had some that were a bit off from the majority.


    Oh, I once again only caught one of your song references. :haha:  Oops. Oh LOL I thought that was the animal your clue was about! I didn't get it. :dead: Ahh okay, this makes sense now, but was too complicated for me. :dead: I also didn't know about their duo name.


    - You should! You're in charge here and can certainly choose the photos. If someone wants to submit one for you to change after, then they could also do that.

    - I did? I don't know why I'd give a spoiler like that. :dead:  But I know you know my love for her. ❤️ Ooooh okay, I understand. I'm glad you at least like the photos I posted and yay! 😄 


    Ah darn, I was so stumped on those two I missed. :haha: 



    Yay! I figured since I had solid reasoning for the other three. :haha: lol I definitely have no memory of this from Hollie. I also probably wouldn't have picked up on this with Jessica even if I knew the album name, so oh well. :lmao: But happy belated birthday to her! 


    I think Stephany is pretty as well and I like her style based on the photos you chose. "Besides wanting to ogle her more" :lmao: Oh my.



    No, I'm not anti-Dodgers, though I'm tired of my co-workers talking about them non-stop.


    - Thank you! 🤗

    - Yeah, I guess you're right. :haha:


    Oh, OK. Maybe if I were to somehow include Lately or Hello, they would've been easier to get. As for JPL, that was one of the few seasons of The Voice I watched from beginning to end, so I remember the duo (speaking of which, I need to catch up on the first two episodes some time this weekend).


    - As mentioned, I will go back to posting pictures. Everything should hopefully be updated some time tonight.

    - Yeah, it was in your response to my write-up of her in my other thread. :haha: She does look pretty in the photos. :yes:


    For Hollie, I believe it was before one of her Top Seven (Part II) performances, though I'll have to re-watch just to be sure. Fair enough about Jessica and not picking it up even if the album cover was known.


    She really is. She reminds me of a Latin mini Nicole Scherzinger (and you obviously know how I feel about her 😍 :wub: :haha:). Aw crap, I meant to cross that part out; I'm absolutely terrible! :dead:


    1 hour ago, ~Tom~ said:

    I know I’m pretty much kidding. :dead: 


    Oh, OK. I guess my sarcasm detector was broken. :dead:


    I'll try to reply to everything else during my lunch break.

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  13. Here are the Top Ten for both genders (listed in alphabetical order):



    Ace Young

    Anthony Fedorov

    Chris Richardson

    Dalton Rapattoni

    David Archuleta

    Francisco Martin

    Kris Allen

    Laine Hardy

    Michael Johns

    Nick Merico



    Carrie Underwood

    Emily Piriz

    Haley Reinhart

    Jordin Sparks

    Julia Gargano


    Katharine McPhee

    Kelly Clarkson

    Pia Toscano

    Syesha Mercado


    I'll post the pictures of the recently ranked contestants and those from the previous sets some time tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I'll try to come up with something to make the revelations of the Top Tens more interesting.

  14. Females:



    - A judge must've had Jason Aldean on his/her mind

    - Bring some light into her world

    - My favorite version of an overdone song

    - Received approval from a trip of a lead singer

    - ZZ Top


    15. Christina Christian


    Average Score:



    @Crisis - 7th

    @psterina - 7th

    @miss denise - 10th

    @JC - 28th

    @Bk1234 - 33rd



    Christina was someone who I always thought was very pretty. Apparently, she was so beautiful and charming it caused Simon to be smitten with her. :giggle: My favorite features would probably have to be her skin and smile. If I had to pick my favorite look of hers, it would be from her Ain’t No Sunshine performance. I also thought she looked really beautiful during her Glory Of Love performance. Finally, I’ll give an honorable mention to her semi-finals performance. Though I have her higher, I do think this is a respectable spot for her because I understand how she doesn’t appeal to others.


    On 10/11/2020 at 4:28 AM, Bk1234 said:

    #33: Christina Christian



    Yeah, I just really don’t get the appeal behind this one... Christina looks ok, but I wouldn’t necessarily call her attractive. Her eyes creep me out, not gonna lie. As someone who values visual connection, it’s hard to look at Christina and not notice them. After looking through other pictures of her, I guess I can see the “model” appeal, but she definitely gets overshadowed by the two Season 1 queens, Kelly and Tamyra. 

    Since I haven’t watched Season 1, I really have nothing to say about Christina’s personality. So I’ll just jump to my verdict. Christina is someone who looks pretty average, in my opinion, however, she still managed to slip her way out of the bottom 2.


    14. Vonzell Solomon


    Average Score:



    JC - 5th

    Crisis - 8th

    miss denise - 18th

    Bk1234 - 21st

    psterina - 29th



    In my opinion, S4 certainly had its fair share of beautiful women, and Vonzell happens to be one of them. As with Christina, I thought she had such beautiful skin that just seems to glow. In addition, she had a great sense, if not unconventional style. This was epitomized during her audition with her different colored shoes that matched her belt and top. My favorite look of hers was during her Respect performance in the semi-finals when she wore a cowboy hat. I know she experimented with some looks post-Idol, and some were admittedly better than others. Overall, I think this ranking is fine despite personally having her higher.


    13. Haley Scarnato


    Average Score:



    Crisis - 5th

    miss denise - 9th

    JC - 12th

    Bk1234 - 26th

    psterina - 28th



    Haley is someone who was known physically for her legs during her time on Idol due to the outfits she wore during the finals. However, the rest of her isn’t too bad either if I say so myself (as my high ranking reflects). I remember some people saying she was a butterface and were bothered by her mole; needless to say I wholeheartedly disagree with them. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous and I find her mole charming. Besides, two of the most beautiful women in the world, Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor, are known for their moles and are even celebrated for them. My favorite looks of hers was during True Colors and the Top Nine results show. Overall, I’m fine with this spot, though I wish she would’ve placed higher than the other Haley at least.


    12. Gabby Barrett


    Average Score:



    Bk1234 - 6th

    miss denise - 6th

    Crisis - 19th

    JC - 22nd

    psterina - 26th



    If I am to be honest here, I had a difficult time ranking Gabby. I think she’s fairly pretty, but I wasn’t sure if she would be in the upper or lower half. After considering everything, I decided to rank her somewhere around the halfway point. There were a couple of instances in which I thought she looked beautiful. One was during I Have Nothing; another was during Rivers Deep. While I have her a few spots lower than this, I’m OK with this spot for her. I would post a picture; however, I know there are two huge Gabby fans who have faithfully followed and posted in my threads, so I’ll give them the opportunity to post a picture for me to add to her ranking. 😊


    11. Katie Stevens


    Average Score:



    JC - 3rd

    Bk1234 - 8th

    miss denise - 15th

    Crisis - 22nd

    psterina - 24th



    Just missing out on the Top Ten of the females is Katie Stevens. As Katie was a minor during Idol, I’ll primarily focus on her off of it. I haven’t paid much attention to her post-Idol, so I was unfamiliar with how she looked since. After seeing a few pictures, there are some instances in which she looks absolutely glamorous and others when she looks like she’s seen better days. Compared to the rest of the field, I don’t think she’s among the best, but she’s not among the worst either. While I have her lower, she managed to finish this high, so she is considered very attractive to some. To this I say good for her.


    015. Christina Christian

    014. Vonzell Solomon

    013. Haley Scarnato

    012. Gabby Barrett

    011. Katie Stevens


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  15. Males:



    - An abode in London

    - A sweet smelling song

    - Can't alter the planet today or tomorrow

    - Here to regale you

    - Nothing rural about the name


    15. Phillip Phillips


    Average Score:



    @JC - 6th

    @Crisis - 8th

    @Bk1234 - 19th

    @miss denise - 19th

    @psterina - 28th



    For the most part, I don’t get the appeal of some of the guys who are considered heartthrobs (the main one I don’t get to this day is Cade). However, in PP’s case, I completely understand. I thought he was easily the best looking guy in S11. He may not have the most glamorous fashion sense; however, his more simplistic approach adds to the more rugged look he appears to be going for. He just comes across as a down to earth everyman. While he’s in my personal Top Ten, him placing in the Top 15 isn’t too bad if I say so myself.


    14. Adam Lambert


    Average Score:



    Crisis - 5th

    psterina - 5th

    JC - 15th

    miss denise - 26th

    Bk1234 - 28th



    As far as Adam the contestant is concerned, I recognize and respect his vocal talents; however, I couldn’t enjoy him due to his overuse of his shrieking. Nonetheless, I always thought he was one of the best looking males to ever appear on Idol. Adam is a chameleon of sorts who can pull off a number of different looks and come out on top. I would have to say my favorite of his is when he had the shoulder length during his S17 guest mentor stint. Adam is one of the most polarizing contestants of all-time, and it appears to be no different in this ranking.


    T-11. Dillon James


    Average Score:



    psterina - 3rd

    Crisis - 6th

    Bk1234 - 12th

    JC - 24th

    miss denise - 31st



    Dillon is someone who I think would’ve been more appreciated if he were in a different season as far as being a heartthrob is concerned; however, he had to compete with Nick, Louis, and Francisco in S18, so he may have been somewhat overlooked. Though all four are included in this rankdown, I ranked Dillon the highest. I think Dillon’s openness about his battles with drug addiction added some maturity to him which may or may not add to his attractiveness. Overall, I expected him to be lower, but for him just to miss out of being in the Top Ten isn’t all that bad.


    T-11. MacKenzie Bourg


    Average Score:



    Bk1234 - 3rd

    Crisis - 7th

    miss denise - 14th

    JC - 17th

    psterina - 35th



    Wow, I lose my 5-8 contestants within the same set; fortunately it’s for the males (we’ll see what happens with the females later). 🤣 Anyway, MacKenzie came across as the geek who just happens to be a heartthrob. Don’t believe me, just ask Lauren Alaina what she thinks about him. :giggle: The glasses, unkempt hair, and understated fashion sense comes together very nicely for him. In addition, he appears to have a nice smile. To be honest, I thought he would be in the Top Ten; however, there appears to be some stiff competition and therefore, MacKenzie ended up just missing the cut.


    On 10/9/2020 at 9:36 PM, Bk1234 said:

    #3: MacKenzie Bourg



    A lot of people don’t consider guys with glasses as handsome (which is SO inaccurate by the way), but let me confirm, MACKENZIE PROVED YOU ALL WRONG!!!!!! 🤣 MacKenzie uses those glasses to his advantage. They make him look so smart and handsome. Not to mention, that coupled with his voice is pure perfection in my eyes! Anyway, out of all the Idol hotshots (as I like to call them), you may be wondering, why is MacKenzie all the way at #3? Simple, his stylists deserve a RAISE. I’m telling you some of these stylists completely ruin contestants, but MacKenzie’s did him justice. Photos 1-3 are all examples as to why MacKenzie’s stylists deserve a raise, or high praise at the very least. 😅 



    Picture #1: Love that jacket on MacKenzie, plus his facial expression is perfect in this shot! 



    Picture #2: Ugh, that shirt is so perfect for him!



    Picture #3: He even looks great in a plain white T-shirt. 😍


    Now that I’ve finished gushing over MacKenzie (or rather his stylists), it is time to discuss MacKenzie’s personality (don’t be surprised if I get side-tracked.) Part of the reason why MacKenzie didn’t crack my Top 2 guys is because I’m not as obsessed with his personality as I am for my Top 2. However, MacKenzie DEFINITELY had some great moments during his time on Idol. I believe when he was in the bottom 2 with La’Porsha he told Ryan that La’Porsha deserved to go through, which I thought was so sweet, and definitely softened the loss for me. Overall, I haven’t gotten to really see MacKenzie’s personality post-Idol as much as I have for other contestants, but I absolutely love his current status: “brb finishing my album.” :wub: I’ll definitely stay tuned for that album, but in the meantime, let’s look at some more photos!:ohyeah:(🔴 The write-up is ending soon, please stand clear of the closing doors. 🔴)



    Picture #4: This seems like a fairly recent photo of him. Bowling anyone? 🎳



    Picture #5: Best picture!!! I use it too much, but that’s not an issue. I especially love his hair in this one.



    Picture #6: He looks great with a bowtie! This is a close second favorite. If only it showed more of him... 


    T-11. Tim Urban

    Average Score:



    Bk1234 - 6th

    JC - 11th

    Crisis - 13th

    psterina - 21st

    miss denise - 25th



    Tim is someone who I thought about placing lower but decided to place in the high teens. The main reason I almost had him lower was because of his hair during S9. After seeing him with different hairstyles, however, I started to see why people went crazy over him. Moreover, I’m sure the shirtless pics of him floating online added to his appeal. Finally, I’m sure his smile plays a factor as well, especially during the season when he always seemed to have one on his face no matter the situation. I think him placing just outside of the Top Ten is fair all things considered.


    015. Phillip Phillips

    014. Adam Lambert

    011. Dillon James

    011. MacKenzie Bourg

    011. Tim Urban



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  16. 6 minutes ago, miss denise said:

    - An international football cheering squad: Hollie

    - An unclear future despite the song title: Sonika

    - Fruit from the South: Lauren 

    - Needs to be fully committed: Jessica

    - Once a background singer for an Idol winner: Leah




    5/5! The Hollie and Jessica clues were the ones that needed to be swapped. Hollie is a huge fan of the Liverpool FC of the Premiere League, and in one performance episode there was a video of members of the team wishing her luck before her performance. Jessica's album is titled Halfhearted, so her clue was a play on words regarding that. 🙂 Speaking of Jessica, I just realized she celebrated her 30th birthday three days ago. :haha:



  17. Until we get to the next page, I'll do a quick write-up of someone who wasn't nominated for this ranking.


    Honorable Mention: Stephany Negrete

    stephanynegrete1.jpg source.gif&f=1&nofb=1



    If I were to include all the Idol contestants who at least made it to the semi-finals, Stephany would've easily been one of my nominees for the females. She's in my personal Top 15 if not Top 10 as far as the most beautiful Idol women are concerned. However, I decided to restrict my nominees to only finalists; therefore, Stephany ended up on the outside looking in. Besides her looks, she had this confidence about her that made her even more attractive. In addition, she had a great sense of style. Needless to say I wasn't happy when she wasn't picked to advance to the Top 14. Besides wanting to ogle her more, I genuinely enjoyed her as a singer and felt she could've advanced based on that alone. Oh well. :(


    I believe this is post #21.

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