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  1. 9 hours ago, miss denise said:

    - Noo, I have not. Is it a movie I would enjoy? :lmao:  I'll have to look it up and see. "To be fair he does look like a mask." :dead:  What? :dead: 

    - No, I thought that's what *you* were insinuating with the clue! :lmao: An apt name for this act " What did you mean then? :haha: I agree. :( 

    - Thank you, although I can't use this excuse for later acts. :giggle: 


    I hope I did well. 😮 


    - If you're into horror/comedy type of movies, it may be one worth watching. It was me trying to be shady about his looks. :dead:

    - I was saying a raccoon is a wild animal or wild thing, which was a reference to a song he performed. :haha: Yeah. :(

    - :lmao:


    We'll see. Hopefully I'll have the next set up in a couple of days.

  2. 2 hours ago, miss denise said:

    They should! And yay the list has begun. 😄 



    75. Lips/Wendy Williams: Ooh wow, I guess her but for a different clue. This makes sense now. :haha: omg yes this costume creeped me out too and I also didn't care for her one performance. It was a bit of a mess, but at least she has fun. :lmao: 

    74. Gremlin/Mask: lol at "sort of" the first eliminated. :giggle: Ah, I'm not familiar with Gremlins the movie at all, so tough one for me. I actually thought this was a cute costume and was disappointed he wasn't better... and that he eliminated himself. :lmao:  That was so bizarre but had to be set up.  And oh, I just realized the coding here has "Mask" as his name. :giggle: 

    73. Raccoon/Danny Trejo: Wow, he was from this past season but I don't remember all that much about him. I also thought the clue meant Raccoon was a fitting name for Danny Trejo... and I had no idea why. Now his vocal is kind of coming back to me... LOL at him moving on and giving "another bad performance." :dead: And the Joel comment! So funny. I'm not really not familiar with him but also didn't care for him on the show.

    72. Hippo/Antonio Brown: Ahh I get the clue now. I forgot he was the first eliminated and oh wow he was from the first season, so that explains more of my forgetfulness regarding him. :lmao:  I don't really have much to say. 

    71. Egg/Johnny Weir: Yay, I got this one. :giggle: I pretty much agree with all your thoughts and have nothing to add. :haha: 


    - A creature larger than one from the first set:  Maybe Laila Ali as Panda? Since you mentioned raccoons being trash pandas. :unsure: 

    - A new identity that rose from the ashes: Phoenix / Caitlyn Jenner makes sense for this. 

    - A stealth treat no one can say anything to:  Ice Cream? Ninja. :unsure: 

    - Fruit that is worthy of being inhaled: Pineapple / Tommy Chong.

    - Nicole was on the right path but took the wrong exit: This clue. :lmao: Hmmm... Oh I'm thinking Logan Paul as Grandpa Monster? I think she guessed his brother. 



    Yes, the list has officially begun! 🎉


    75. Lips/Wendy Williams: At least she appeared in this set despite the guess not matching with the clue. :haha: I pretty much agree with everything here.

    74. Gremlin/Mickey Rourke: You've never seen Gremlins? The clues would be tough for anyone who never watched the movie. It was one of the most bizarre moments with him eliminating himself. It definitely appeared to be set up. I didn't realize I typed Mask instead of his name. To be fair he does look like a mask. I'll fix it.

    73. Raccoon/Danny Trejo: Are you insinuating Danny Trejo looks like a raccoon? :giggle: It was disappointing to see him move on especially with who was eliminated the first week (though it was no fault of his). The Joel comment was hilarious. :haha:

    72. Hippo/Antonio Brown: It makes sense to forget the acts from the first season especially if they were eliminated early. Understandable about not having much to say.

    71. Yes, you did get this one. 👏 I don't have anything to add to the comments either.


    We'll see how you do with the clues...

  3. Blake Lewis "Somewhere Only We Know" - (5) Chris, Elliott, Gigi, Nico, Andrew
    Jordin Sparks "Give Me One Reason" - 
    Melinda Doolittle "(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" - (9) Alex, Sola, Derek, Kevin, Lily, Nico, Tom, Hayden, Crisis
    Blake Lewis "Virtual Insanity” - (3) Gigi, Andrew, Steven
    Chris Richardson "Geek In The Pink" - (7) Sola, Elliott, JC, Wallace, Andrew, Steven, Lily
    Stephanie Edwards "Dangerously In Love 2" -
    Blake Lewis "All Mixed Up" - 
    Melinda Doolittle "Home" - (9) Sola, Derek, Victoria, Kevin, Lily, Nico, Priscilla, Rei, Hayden
    LaKisha Jones "God Bless The Child" - 
    Jordin Sparks 'If We Hold On Together" - (2) Sola, Diana 
    Blake Lewis "Time Of The Season" - (7) Alex, Elliott, Gigi, Rei, Andrew, Steven, Crisis
    LaKisha Jones "Diamonds Are Forever" - (3) Chris, Rei, Tom
    Melinda Doolittle "As Long As He Needs Me" - (1) Kevin
    Gina Glocksen "I'll Stand By You" - (8) Alex, Chris, Elliott, Diana, Nico, Priscilla, Andrew, Hayden
    Melinda Doolittle "Heaven Knows" - 
    Melinda Doolittle "I Got Rhythm" - (2) Wallace, Tom
    Jordin Sparks “A Broken Wing” - (10) Derek, Victoria, Diana, Gigi, Lily, Priscilla, JC, Wallace, Steven, Hayden
    Melinda Doolittle "There Will Come A Day" - (7) Chris, Rei, Wallace, Alex, Derek, Tom, Crisis
    Phil Stacey "Blaze Of Glory" - (9) Victoria, Kevin, Elliott, Priscilla, Chris, Tom, JC, Gigi, Crisis
    LaKisha Jones "This Ain't A Love Song" - (10) Alex,, Derek, Victoria, Kevin, Diana, Lily, Nico, Rei, Hayden, Crisis
    Jordin Sparks "To Love Somebody" - (6) Sola, Victoria, Diana, Priscilla, JC, Wallace
    Melinda Doolittle "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" - 
    Jordin Sparks "Woman In Love" - (1) JC
    Melinda Doolittle "I Believe In You And Me" - 
    Blake Lewis "When I Get You Alone" - (1) Steven  
    Blake Lewis "She Will Be Loved" - 

  4. Catching up now. I attended a co-worker's (or should I say ex co-worker's) retirement party last night and drank too much. I'm still recovering from a hangover. 🤕


    About advancing "Tell Him" to the Top 20. I went into the round expecting all of Haley's performances to be cut and looked at other performances to advance. However, I saw she had some still available, so I had to take advantage of the opportunity. 🤭 #sorrynotsorry


    On the subject of Gina, I agree about her not being a genuine rocker. I don't know if she was convinced to be the season's rocker girl or not, but it looked like she wanted to be something more. Her rock performances weren't anything to get excited over. She'd been much better off had she gave more performances like "I'll Stand By You".

  5. giphy.gif&f=1&nofb=1



    75. Lips/Wendy Williams

    Season 4: Group C (First Eliminated)

    the-masked-singer-lips-20093994.jpeg?auto=webp%26width=1280%26height=1472%26crop=1280:1472,smart&f=1&nofb=1 wendy-williams-9.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Lips - Native New Yorker

    Lips Unmasking


    Clue: Costume is used a lot in this act's profession

    Wendy is a talk show/radio host; thus, she uses her lips or talks a lot in her occupation.


    Kicking off the first set of this Masked Singer ranking is Lips. Anyone (OK maybe the one person following this list) who read my S4 posts knows I was not a fan of this act. For starters, the costume legitimately creeped me out (🥶), and that made it difficult for me to enjoy anything she did. Speaking of such, I didn’t care for her lone performance of Native New Yorker. With that said, she appeared to have fun and some parts were humorous such as her monologues in the middle and her snorting. Nonetheless, she was the first Group C act eliminated and was revealed to be none other than TV/radio talk show host Wendy Williams. It was easy to tell it was her because of her talking during her performance. With everything said, although I’m still thinking about where to place certain acts, Lips was an easy last place for me.


    74. Gremlin/Mickey Rourke

    Season 4: Group B (First Eliminated - Sort Of)

    who-gremlin-masked-singer-1601480107186.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 mickey-rourke-photo-u61?fm=pjpg%26q=80&f=1&nofb=1

    Gremlin - Stand By Me

    Gremlin Unmasking


    Clue: Disobey the three rules at your own peril

    This is a reference to the 1984 movie Gremlins. The three rules are:

    - Don't expose Gizmo (the main creature in the movie) to light, especially sunlight

    - Don't let it come in contact with water

    - Don't feed it after midnight


    Gremlin provided one of the more unique events on TMS. He gave what appeared to be a heartfelt albeit off-key performance of Stand By Me for his only act of the season. He said he dedicated the performance to his deceased friend whom he felt sent the song to him. The most memorable part, however, would be Gremlin unmasking himself after the panel made their guesses and before the vote. It was felt this was set-up because he was the last act of Group B and thus provided him the opportunity for this stunt. I was going to place him last; however, him eliminating himself even if it was scripted gets him one spot higher.


    73. Raccoon/Danny Trejo

    Season 5: Group A (Second Eliminated)

    MS-S5_BACKDROP_RACCOON_V1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 1565334171_222_Danny-Trejo-Biography.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Raccoon - Wild Thing

    Raccoon - Ring Of Fire

    Raccoon Unmasking


    Clue: An apt name for this act especially around trash cans

    Raccoons usually ravage trash cans looking for food. One of their nicknames is trash panda. Also, Raccoon sang Wild Thing on the show, which is what a raccoon is, i.e. a wild animal.


    Raccoon was certainly an interesting character. He wasn’t the best, but he was fully committed to his act and looked like he had a blast. Wild Thing was terrible, but it was a lot of fun looking back at it. I think I lost it at the end with him screaming the shake its. :lmao: Still, based on the performance, he would’ve been my choice for the first Group A cut. Nonetheless, he moved on to the next round and gave another bad performance of Ring Of Fire with him serenading Jenny during it. My favorite part was Joel McHale saying he was speechless just like Raccoon was during the song. He wasn’t as fortunate this time and had to unmask himself. I knew it was Danny Trejo because his voice is so distinct; even with it modulated it was easy to tell it was him. As entertaining as he was, Raccoon still ends up in my overall bottom five.


    72. Hippo/Antonio Brown

    Season 1: Group A (First Eliminated)

    latest?cb=20200116041906&f=1&nofb=1 Antonio-Brown.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Hippo - My Prerogative

    Hippo Unmasking


    Clue: A creature with a huge appetite for attention but not always the positive kind

    Hippos are large mammals with big appetites. Also, the clue is play on the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Antonio Brown has made headlines over the past few years, with most of the news being negative.


    If I were to rank the acts based on their personality or behavior, there is a good chance Antonio Brown AKA Hippo would be last. With that said, he still ranks in my bottom five because I enjoyed other acts more than him. His performance of My Prerogative was energetic, but it was the worst of the night. He went head to head against Peacock in Group A and predictably was in the B3 with Deer and Monster. From there he was the lowest vote getter and became the first US version act to unmask. Outside of this, I don’t have much more to say about him.


    71. Egg/Johnny Weir

    Season 2: Group A (First Eliminated)

    rs_986x1024-190903102420-1024.the-masked-singer-egg.9319.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 tmp_qeVSya_f88a2d3e27946d6f_GettyImages-902330272.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Egg - Just Dance

    Egg - One Way Or Another (Smackdown)

    Egg Unmasking


    Clue: Had to make sure not to crack under chilly circumstances

    Pretty much self-explanatory. Eggs are cracked and Johnny Weir is a professional figure skater, so the two items were combined.


    Ending the first set is Egg. Egg was a flamboyant performer that definitely gave off figure skater vibes. His performance of Just Dance was fine all things considered. However, he was up against Butterfly in Group A and it was easy to see she would win that battle. Egg competed in the Smackdown against Skeleton and gave a funny performance of One Way Or Another; however, once again it wasn’t enough. He was the first S2 act eliminated and revealed himself to be figure skater Johnny Weir. Although he’s in my bottom five, I can’t say I really disliked him; I just preferred other acts more.



    75. Lips/Wendy Williams:

    74. Gremlin/Mickey Rourke:

    73. Raccoon/Danny Trejo:

    72. Hippo/Antonio Brown:

    71. Egg/Johnny Weir:


    The first set is in! Here are the clues for acts 70-66:

    - A creature larger than one from the first set

    - A new identity that rose from the ashes

    - A stealth treat no one can say anything to

    - Fruit that is worthy of being inhaled

    - Nicole was on the right path but took the wrong exit

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  6. 1 hour ago, Elliott said:

    Nick is conventionally attractive and my least favourite winner. I also don’t really consider Chayce my type.


    Nick is my least favorite winner as well, but I don't dislike the guy. I wasn't insulting Chayce when I made that comparison; I thought the two were similar in some ways.


    I was just teasing with my reply. :haha:

  7. 1 hour ago, miss denise said:


    If I'm not tagged, then this becomes me: 

    ebbfe56d-a2ae-48dc-90db-3d10f6868a6b_tex 😮 :dead: 



    Yes, I know. :giggle: 


    - Interesting. :haha:  Aww. :( :hug:  

    - Yessss, he has to. And oh yay! :lmao: 




    Ahhh my.


    - A creature with a huge appetite for attention but not always the positive kind: I can only come up with Wendy Williams as the Lips, maybe? :unsure: 

    - An apt name for this act especially around trash cans: The trash cans part makes me think of Raccoon... so Danny Trejo. The apt name for the act makes me think Sarah Palin as the Bear, since she's from Alaska. But I guess Raccoon for this one?

    - Costume is used a lot in this act's profession:  I mostly think of JoJo Siwa as a dancer, but I don't think she'd be in the first five posted? Kermit the Frog if puppets are considered costumes? Not really sure. 

    - Disobey the three rules at your own peril: No ideas.

    - Had to make sure not to crack under chilly circumstances: Johnny Weir as the Egg... and this is the only one I'm confident about. :haha:  Makes perfect sense with cracking an egg and Johnny competing in the Winter Olympics. 






    - Maybe I looked too much into it. :haha: Yeah. :( :haha:

    - If he doesn't, I wonder if they'll bring the tip jar back next season every time someone guesses him. :haha:


    🤔 about the guesses. I'll get to work on the write-ups and post them as soon as I can.

  8. 11 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I don't know how to respond to this. :dead:  


    Well, you shouldn't have been disappointed. :giggle: 


    It did help me sleep, thank you. :yes: :giggle:  lol. She can though if you rank the individual performances, but I need to see what you did. Unfortunately. :(  The judges should have chosen one for him. I actually don't think it would have hurt him at all. I suppose. :(  Aww. :hug: 


    Hmm. :wub: 


    I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out. 😛 :haha:


    Was not disappointed what so ever! :haha:


    I'm happy to cure your insomnia. :haha: I'm not going to rank them. They probably could have, but I guess they thought they were picking songs that would showcase the contestants at their best (which they failed on). 🤗


    I think I understand what you're getting at. :giggle:

    11 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I love how so many people (including me) were amused by this. :lmao:


    Ugh yes to these next two lines! They will never stop with either of these things. :dead:  Them all calling it season 4 while also having a message from season 4 winner Carrie Underwood? Make it make sense. 😢 


    There he was! :lmao: Oh Graham. And yeah, soo weird about Sam.


    :wub: to the last two lines. These duets were my standouts of the night. 


    I felt this way about most of the song choices. :( The judges really dropped the ball.... but not sure why Grace chose IHN for herself. :( Ouch at your comments. :broken: I really enjoyed her vocals still. I want to blame the judges for her seemingly lack of musical identity because they kept pushing her to do older songs, when she started out with contemporary music and more original choices. :/ 


    I love the 0 for 2 comment on the judges picks. :lmao::( They made me crazy. I mostly agree with your thoughts on Willie and still would have loved to see him do an uptempo. I don't know if he would have been uncomfortable with it, which I never thought of. I feel like he could have done great. I mostly agree with your Chayce comments as well. I still much preferred Grace and Willie, but I did enjoy his voice and some of his performances. I also really like his single. 


    "One of the most bizarre seasons in Idol history" :dead:  I think it's time for an updated season ranking. :giggle:  Also, I am now caught up in all three of your threads this morning!  Are there any more I'm missing? :dead: :giggle: 



    Maybe Macklemore wanted to show his solidarity with the finalists. :lmao:



    My thoughts exactly about them calling it S4 when having the actual S4 winner give a message.


    Graham was the unofficial star of the season!


    The two duets were standouts indeed. :yes:


    They certainly dropped the ball regarding the song choices. I didn't think my comments were that bad; however, I know you're a Grace fan so they were probably difficult to read. I don't dislike her; it's just she fell into the contestant who is overhyped box that I look at more critical in usual to see if she's as good as she's made out to be. Maybe in the future should I re-watch her performances I'll look at her differently. Fair point about the judges pushing her to sing older songs, for they did that to Ava as well. I think both may have suffered from their "advice".


    Yeah the judges choices were certainly choices. :lmao: He may or may not have been uncomfortable with an up-tempo performance. With that said, he still had a strong run. I see the point about enjoying Chayce's voice and his single despite being a Willie and Grace fan. :yes:


    I don't know about updating the ranking. Maybe I'll do it somewhere down the road. It looks like you have caught up in everything; I can't think of anything that has been missed. :yes: 

  9. As promised, here are the clues for the first set. There should be 75 acts if I counted correctly (which has been an issue for me in the past :lmao:); the first set will be 75-71 AKA my bottom five. In no particular order:


    - A creature with a huge appetite for attention but not always the positive kind

    - An apt name for this act especially around trash cans

    - Costume is used a lot in this act's profession

    - Disobey the three rules at your own peril

    - Had to make sure not to crack under chilly circumstances



  10. 7 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Awww I don't mind being tagged out of blue or any other color. ❤️ :giggle:You know I enjoy your rankings and talking with you. :hug: 


    I'll try to be as active and dramatic enough for 10 people. :giggle: I hope not. 😮 


    But I just noticed the title is "unmasking chaos." :dead:  


    - I agree and yep. :giggle: Oh, it wasn't? I didn't think anything of the costume. :haha:  I don't know, you'll have to ask her. :giggle: 

    - Yes! He's got to be on there at some point. 😮  lol this is exactly what I was saying in the thread last night... what the heck? :lmao: 


    Ooh yay! 


    I see what you did there. :giggle: I know you do; however, that doesn't stop me from feeling conscious about it. :haha:


    Yay! I'll do my best.


    Hey, you know my thread titles are a reference to my username in some form or another although this one is the most fitting. :haha:


    - It was something that caught my eye despite not being the best at seeing these things. :haha: I would, but I'm afraid I would get tongue tied and embarrass myself if I tried. :dead:

    - I'm hoping he makes an appearance next season and not as a guest panelist. :haha: I saw that and agreed with it. :lmao:


    I just thought of the clues. They'll be in my next post. 👍

  11. 4 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Thank you. :giggle: Hmm, I really do wonder. :( Yes, I thought of the S15 finale as well. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that...  Some bad experiences are why I am now in rankdown retirement. :closedeyes: I hope it goes better for you though and any chaos isn't too bad. :lmao: Yes, that sounds like a good idea! LOL I know. I am busy watching other things though. :lmao:  I'll get back to it soon.


    They were my favorites to watch on the show, although I prefer a couple others outside of it. They were just so fun. :( Ahh yes, I kind of thought Yeti might go last week and mostly predicted the final 4 order. 😮  Oh really? I've been a huge fan of both Piglet and Black Swan for many years so I can't say the same for me. :haha: 


    Probably but I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you. :hug: I hope you're all better now!


    Thank you for saying so. :haha: This is true. And lol I don't mind if you do. :lmao: 


    You're welcome. :giggle: It was great to see all of those contestants during the S15 finale although the S15 crew was on the short end of the stick. I completely understand about retiring from rankdowns due to bad experiences. I see a lot of why people would feel that way. I'm playing S6 and am signed up for S7 (which looks like will be a huge bloodbath); however, I may not continue after that. Besides, it was around S8 when my Idol obsession declined sharply. Obviously, I'm still a big fan of the show, watch it, and have become a fan of some of the contestants, however; S5 up to the S8 Finals was the peak of my Idol obsession. I haven't had the opportunity to create any chaos thus far; hopefully that will change soon. I haven't had the chance to check on her; maybe I'll do so this weekend. Oh OK, hopefully you'll get back to it soon. I made a reference to the show in The Masked Singer thread, but it looks like no one got it. I won't say anything in case it may be a spoiler, however.


    Russian Dolls were a lot of fun to watch. They definitely kept things interesting. I see about Yeti and predicting the Final 4 order. It seems some posters are fans of Black Swan; I feel out of the loop. :haha: Well, I'm sure she and Piglet finishing in the Top 2 was nice for you.


    I'm feeling a lot better now! 🤗 I would say I'm about 95% healthy at the moment.


    I'll keep this in mind for the future. :giggle: Speaking of whom, I'm just now discovering she has her own smiley! :dead: :mcwave: I'll definitely have to come up with ways to use it. :haha:


    I see my S19 thread has also seen some activity. :shiftywave: I'll read and reply to that this evening. :yes:


    5 hours ago, miss denise said:


      Hide contents

    Sorry. 😭 Haha yes, just like I said. :giggle:  I don't have any more... although I can think of another person I could maybe post, but it's complicated. :giggle: I'm glad you do. ❤️ "What if Zac Efron played a husband on TV? Would you reconsider?" :dead:  I am only basing it on the character, so it depends. :giggle:Speaking of, I would die for him to star in a television show, but I'm not sure if that interests him. 😢  He's my overall husband though. 😇  "TV boyfriends?  I thought you believed in polygamy; I'm just teasing. " :dead: I do but the relationships wouldn't exist in the same world. :dead:  I don't know how to put it, but I'd consider a character like Archie Andrew to be my boyfriend over husband, but Jim Halpert is straight up husband material. :giggle:  Yes, I agree and yay! ❤️  Oh, for some reason, I thought that movie might appeal to you. :blushingwave:  Aww yeah. :(  I'm glad you enjoyed. lol thank you. :giggle: Hahahaha! I guess I need to watch it then. :lmao:  Aww yes, that's true and I really appreciate that. :hug: 

    :lmao: My head is spinning at this first clue. Hmm.... I came up with someone quick that might work, so I'll go with it and say Katie Holmes. 


    It's OK; I'm just an idiot with limited pop culture knowledge. :lmao: If it's complicated, it's probably the best not to post that person. :giggle: I'll see how many more I can post. Hmm, so if he plays someone similar to Jim Halpert, would Jim be served divorce papers? Hey, you never know. There could be something that could pique his interest. :yes: I see about him being your overall husband. I realize I used the wrong word. I meant to say "monogamy" instead of "polygamy". :dead: Fair point about the relationships not existing in the same world. I see your point about Archie and Jim. I guess I'm more into action, drama, comedy, and the occasional rom-com type of movies and not so much suspense or horror ones. Heh, you're welcome. :giggle: I don't think you'll be disappointed if you do (or at least I hope not). 🤗


    If anyone was paying attention, I gave a pre-clue at the end of my Alex Morgan write-up. 😉 As for the current guess, I'll just say it may or may not have something to do with Katie Holmes. :giggle: 

  12. 2 hours ago, miss denise said:

    You decided to do it. 😮  And didn't tell me it was posted. :dead:  


    Well, I will be here to comment and try not to cry. :giggle: 


    Yep, I'm doing it! :giggle: I probably could've tagged you, but I'm not comfortable tagging people out of the blue. I just create the threads and go through with them whether anyone follows or not. I'll let you know should I create any other threads, including the two I'm thinking about in the Idol subforum.


    It looks like it'll only be the two of us here. :haha: I can't make any promises, but I'll try not to make anyone cry. :giggle:


    2 hours ago, miss denise said:




    It impacts me greatly though. :giggle: 


    Bulldog/Nick Cannon: Hahahaha his inclusion as a masked contestant was such a funny trick. :giggle:  His performance was really fun, but something was definitely up with Niecy "choosing" who to unmask. :lmao: I agree with all your thoughts! We now know Nicole though Chameleon was Nick for her first impression guess though. :giggle: 

    Cluedle Doo/Donnie Wahlberg: I enjoyed Cluedle Doo, although it's too bad he won't return now that he's been unmasked. :haha: I wonder if they'll have some other character to do something like this. But LOL yes Jenny guessing Akon was so :dead: Haha I did think I remembered you being annoyed with him, so I'm glad he grew on you over time.


    It shouldn't be that bad. :lmao:


    Bulldog/Nick Cannon: It was a clever way to let everyone know Nick was back. Yeah, his revelation was obvious because of the trick. :haha: In addition, his costume wasn't as well designed as the others, so that should've been a clue letting everyone know something was up. What was up with that first impression guess from Nicole. :haha:


    Cluedle-Doo/Donnie Wahlberg: Seeing that they guess him all the time, it would be a hoot if Jamie Foxx were to be the next Cluedle-Doo type of character and the panel not get him. :lmao: As for Cluedle-Doo, Jenny bragging about her knowing boy bands during Piglet's unmasking while incorrectly guessing the boy bander she should've gotten the most was a huge case of irony. :dead: Yeah at the last sentence.


    I may post clues for the first set later today.

  13. A couple of honorable mentions to talk about before getting to the main list.


    Honorable Mentions


    Bulldog/Nick Cannon

    00168984-750x500.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 nick-cannon-masked-singer-t.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Bulldog - Candy Girl


    For the first five episodes of S9, Niecy Nash hosted the show in place of Nick Cannon who was in quarantine due to testing positive for COVID. One of the twists added to S5 was four Wildcard Contestants. One of them was the Bulldog who was introduced in Episode 5. He gave a fun and energetic performance of the New Edition hit “Candy Girl”; however, his time on the show was short-lived. At the end of the episode, in an unprecedented move Niecy announced she would pick who would be eliminated instead of having the panel and audience vote, and that person had to unmask. She picked Bulldog, who of course turned out to be Nick Cannon himself. It was easy to see what would happen once Niecy announced the twist. Regardless, it was a nice way to re-introduce Nick to the show, and from there he would return to his original position as the host. One thing I’m still bitter about is I wanted to know the first impression guesses of the panel. :/ :haha:


    Cluedle-Doo/Donnie Wahlberg

    BB1fEWan.img?h=630%26w=1200%26m=6%26q=60%26o=t%26l=f%26f=jpg&f=1&nofb=1 1862.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Cluedle-Doo - Return of the Mack


    Another twist added to S5 was this mysterious costumed person known as Cluedle-Doo. Each episode he would drop some clues about one of the acts unknown to the panel. Later in the season he would appear on the set and mess with the panel whether providing a clue to throw them off or outright stealing some of them. He would appear one last time in the semi-finals and performed “Return Of The Mack” before revealing who he was. Cluedle-Doo was none other than Donnie Wahlberg. He was guessed a lot in prior seasons, so it was good to see him on the show even if it wasn’t in the most conventional way. One of the most hilarious things about his revelation was the panel had the opportunity to guess who he was, and Jenny guessed he was Akon! :dead: You’d think she’d know her husband better than that! :dead: To be honest I didn’t care for the gimmick at first; however, it grew on me some as the season went along and the payoff with his unmasking was well worth it. :yes:


    Bulldog/Nick Cannon:

    Cluedle Doo/Donnie Wahlberg:


  14. Togepi: Cute, a memorable Pokemon from the anime, and possibly the best of the baby Pokemon. Other than that, meh.


    Infernape: I would've liked to see it higher, but at least it made the Top 10 after being targeted so many times by a certain ex-ranker. I'm looking forward to the Gen IV remakes so I can use one again.


    Volcarona as the final fire type remaining? Interesting I guess.

  15. The opening number with LeAnn Frickin' Rimes/Sun was a great way to start. Chameleon even showed he could sing a little. :haha:


    A part of me wanted Chameleon to pull out the victory, but I knew he would come in third. I figured out his identity a few weeks back. It would be cool to see a hip-hop artist win one of these seasons (still a little bitter over Dragon being the first one cut last season).


    At the beginning of the season, I thought Black Swan would win. However, her last two weeks weren't the greatest and that may have hurt her. I'm familiar with the name; however, outside of a song or two I'm not familiar with her as an artist/person.


    While Black Swan hit a rough patch, Piglet came on like gangbusters and earned the title. I had a feeling about Piglet and am happy to see I was right. Good for him.


    I was hoping someone other than Jenny would win the Golden Ear, oh well. :haha: Speaking of Jenny, I thought she was RuPaul when she came back under the table with that wig. :lmao: Oh, and Nicole really did put up a goose egg! 😢 :dead: After learning her first impression guess for Chameleon was Nick Cannon, I can't be that disappointed for her. :haha: One area she'll always be #1 in my eyes is the best looking panelist. ❤️

  16. Rankings

    Honorable Mentions






    Honorable Mentions:

    Bulldog/Nick Cannon

    Cluedle-Doo/Donnie Wahlberg



    75. Lips/Wendy Williams

    74. Gremlin/Mickey Rourke

    73. Raccoon/Danny Trejo

    72. Hippo/Antonio Brown

    71. Egg/Johnny Weir

    70. Phoenix/Caitlyn Jenner

    69. Pineapple/Tommy Chong

    68. Elephant/Tony Hawk

    67. Ice Cream/Tyler "Ninja" Blevins

    66. Grandpa Monster/Logan Paul

    65. Giraffe/Brian Austin Green

    64. Deer/Terry Bradshaw

    63. White Tiger/Rob Gronkowski

    62. Llama/Drew Carey

    61. Bear/Sarah Palin

    60. Eagle/Dr. Drew Pinsky

    59. T-Rex/JoJo Siwa

    58. Panda/Laila Ali

    57. Skeleton/Paul Shaffer

    56. Squiggly Monster/Bob Saget

























































  17. Acts

    Season 1














    Season 2










    Black Widow





    Ice Cream



    Season 3

    Night Angel








    White Tiger







    Miss Monster




    Season 4










    Snow Owls

    Squiggly Monster


    Baby Alien





    Season 5


    Black Swan



    Russian Dolls





    Grandpa Monster




  18. The-Masked-Singer.jpg&f=1&nofb=1




    Hello! I’m here to bring my chaotic brand of rankings from the American Idol subforum to The Masked Singer one. :haha: In this thread I’ll rank every masked act from S1-S5. A few things to keep in mind while reading this thread:


    • These are only my personal opinions. I’m just some random weirdo on the Internet, so my thoughts won't have any impact on the rest of the world. If I rank anyone’s favorite act low, it’s nothing personal. I’ll try to be respectful, but at the same time I’ll try to have fun and give my honest opinions.
    • The rankings and opinions will mostly reflect what the acts do on the show. Outside influences (i.e. politics, lifestyles, etc.) will have very little if any impact on them.
    • For anyone who hasn’t watched any of the show and is following the list, there WILL be spoilers. I will reveal the acts along with their costumes, so consider this a warning should anyone decide to read beyond this point.


    Seeing that the S5 Finale is happening tomorrow night, I’ll try to start this ranking this weekend. All of the placements of the acts should be settled by that time. I’m looking forward to starting this thing and reading anyone’s thoughts about my rankings. Hopefully there is something to enjoy on this crazy roller-coaster ride in some form or another!



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  19. 6 minutes ago, .Rei said:

    who is you #1 if you don't mind sharing


    or save it so you can join the next rankdown in 10 years and protect your favorite :haha:


    I'll share it because I don't see myself playing in any rankdowns (if I did, I would just cut all the Gen VI-VII Pokemon right off the bat due to not playing those games :haha:).



  20. Noivern: seems to be a cool Pokemon, but it annoyed the living daylights out of me at the Lake of Outrage during my Sw/Sh playthrough. Outside of that, not much of a strong opinion due to lack of familiarity with it.


    Dragonite: While not my overall favorite Pokemon, it's my favorite of this Top 20 and I hoped it would at least place in the Top 10. It's the OG pseudo-legendary and the best of the Dragon/Flying type IMO.

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