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  1. 3 hours ago, miss denise said:

    - Aww. :blushingwave:  Wow, I had no idea and wouldn't have guessed that based on his performances. Yikes, but yeah, I always hear how hot they are. :( 

    - I am :dead: at everything here. My first thought was that your new avatar was Graham! :lmao: But at least you are happy dancer then. :giggle: 

    - I feel the same! I am so curious but we'll never know... unless she comes back in another costume. :giggle: 


    Haha yes! Oh yay, I look forward to them. I hope to catch up in your other thread tonight as well. 


    - I guess he realized music wasn't his thing and stuck with football. :haha: Not only that, it appears they are hard to see through.

    - :lmao:. I liked Graham, but not enough to make him my avatar (there is only one Idol contestant who would be in my avatar). I guess you can put it that way. :haha:

    - Something tells me she would be the type to come back in a different costume.



  2. 18 hours ago, miss denise said:

    65. Giraffe/Brian Austin Green: Ahh my initial guess was right although I couldn't make sense of the winner part. So he caught a fox... that is really tricky. :dead:  Anyway, I liked this costume and his performances weren't so bad. They were fun and of course, I can totally hear his voice now. :haha:  lol at him being Robin's neighbor.

    64. Deer/Terry Bradshaw: Oh wow, so the animal wasn't actually black and gold. Ahh that really threw me off and I wouldn't think of his team or even know the colors, lol. But yeah, he wasn't great, although I remember the judges guessing him and Robin with the shoulders thing. :haha: That was funny. He recorded some albums? :omg: I'm shocked by that. Wow, I don't remember him looking like he was about to pass out, yikes. :( 

    63. White Tiger/Rob Gronkowski: Oh wow, another one I named but for the wrong clue. I would have never put this together and still barely get it. :dead:  Yeah, he was fun, but definitely not great and I think I worried he might stay too long. I do think I remember the controversary you mentioned. lol he was always fun at least and I had a feeling it was him too after the judges guessed him. :haha: 

    62. Llama/Drew Carey:  I would have never figured out that clue. :lmao: The costume is... different, but not a fan with the legs like that, lol. He was okay, but not the best and omg the dancing people you mentioned in the first video. :dead:  I watched and saw and LOL I was wondering who that was in your avatar! LOL. :dead:  So hilarious. I mostly agree with your thoughts here.

    61. Bear/Sarah Palin: Yay, I got this one. :haha:  lol I'll never forget this unmasking and how iconic it was. That performance was already something but then to learn who it was? :dead:  Wow. lol Nick's reaction was amazing and I rewatched that moment several times. :haha: lol this reveal and the S5 one you are referring to were both sooo wow in different ways. :giggle: Hahah I loved Nick being part of the unmasked performance too. I do wonder what she would have done with another performance. :haha: 


    I'm going to think about these clues for a bit but wanted to at least get my comments posted. :haha: 



    65. Yeah, his costume was cool and his performances were better than I remembered when I re-watched them.

    64. I probably could have worded the clue better. He recorded a couple of country/western albums in the 70s and I believe 80s. He looked like he was sweating profusely; I can imagine how hot those costumes are. :haha:

    63. Agree about him being fun. I know there were some people who weren't pleased with how long he lasted.

    62. That costume was different. :haha: When re-watching the performances, I stumbled across the guy dancing and knew I had to make that my avatar. :haha: I wanted to have one and was fortunate enough to see that. That's probably what I look like when I dance. :lmao: 

    61. That performance and unmasking was something indeed. Nick's reaction was something. :haha: Pretty much anything regarding her was iconic. :haha: I also wonder what she would have done if she lasted another episode.


    It looks like the guesses have been made. :shiftywave:


    18 hours ago, miss denise said:

    - An intimidating act who dealt with a crowded place: My best guess here is Bob Saget as Squiggly Monster... thinking of "a crowded place" referring to Full House and monsters being intimidating. 

    - Dancing from a prehistoric era to the current one: My mind immediately goes to JoJo Siwa as the T-Rex... makes sense with the "dancing" and "prehistoric" references 

    - Many late nights may have contributed to the lack of flesh: I thought of Skeleton and Paul Shaffer was on Late Night with David Letterman so this checks out. :haha: 

    - Offspring of a GOAT who became a different mammal and was in the presence of gladiators: Hmm... my thought for the first part was Laila Ali but I can't make sense of that for the rest of the clue. *thinks*  Not sure on this. 

    - Voice soars through the air to help others in need: This makes sense for Dr. Drew as Eagle. Eagles soar and Dr. Drew helps people. :teeheewave: 



    I may post the next set tonight, so we'll see what happens...

  3. giphy.gif&f=1&nofb=1


    I most likely will still rank my favorite Katharine Idol looks, but that will be at a separate time in a separate place (a foreshadow of something coming soon... 😉). :mcwave:


    For this thread, the next topic will be ranking performances based on a theme. The theme will be a staple of the ABC version of Idol. I'm talking about none other than Disney Night. All of the Disney performances will be ranked; I'm still thinking whether or not it will be just me or have other posters rank them as well. If anyone is interested, I'll be more than happy to include them. :yes: I'll wait until Thursday to see what happens.

  4. It's time to resurrect the main purpose of this thread now that S19 is behind us. The first topic I'll do is one I've been discussing through this thread, and now I'm pulling the trigger on it. It has to do with my favorite Idol contestant. I will be ranking Katharine's Idol looks. 🥰 I will primarily focus on her performance looks though I may throw in an honorable mention or two in other areas. The hardest part is finding decent pictures of them, but I'll see if I can manage. I'll try starting this topic this weekend.

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  5. 65. Giraffe/Brian Austin Green

    Season 4: Group A (Second Eliminated) 

    7bb40843ce18a60ef5bf84ebb271cc1d.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Brian-Austin-Green-Is-Not-in-a-Good-Place-Following-Megan-Fox-Split-Feature.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Giraffe - Let's Get It Started

    Giraffe - Get Down On It

    Giraffe Unmasking


    Clue: Stuck its neck out and caught a winner

    The first part of the clue is referring to giraffes having long necks. The second part is about his marriage to Megan Fox although the two have since split. Fox was the S2 winner, so a double entendre of sorts.


    Beginning the new set is Giraffe. He was someone I didn’t care for much during the season, mostly because admittedly I was disappointed he advanced to the next round while Dragon was eliminated (which I feel guilty about because it wasn’t his fault). While re-watching his time on TMS, although he still isn’t a favorite of mine I enjoyed him more than initially thought. His two performances (Let’s Get It Started and Get Down On It) were fun although he was completely off beat in the former. I laughed when the panel guessed a Hamilton star for him because there was no way any of them would come across as amateurish as Giraffe did. Eventually, he was revealed to be Brian Austin Green (BAG) who apparently was Robin’s neighbor and childhood friend. It was probably maddening for Robin not to get him. :haha: Of course BAG went on to be a panelist on The Masked Dancer, where he did a fine job (although Paula was the best one of the group).


    64. Deer/Terry Bradshaw

    Season 1: Group A (Second Eliminated)

    the-masked-singer-deer-fox-michael-becker-20052985.jpeg&f=1&nofb=1 Bradshaw_Terry_PROMOPIC.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Deer - Thunder

    Deer - Get Your Shine On

    Deer Unmasking



    Clue: Black and gold animal that knew how to throw a performance

    Terry Bradshaw was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose primary team colors are black and gold. The animal is referring to the deer of course. Quarterbacks are known for throwing footballs hence the throwing a performance clue.


    Up next is Deer. While not the worst contestant, Deer wasn’t as strong as some of the other acts. His two performances of Thunder and Get Your Shine On were decent, although the latter is from one of my least favorite music groups. He was the second Group A act to unmask and turned out to be Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback and FOX NFL studio analyst Terry Bradshaw. I had a feeling it was him from the first clue package and his voice. One of the things that stood out was Robin guessing him correctly from the way he shakes his shoulders when he laughs. Another thing was the panel saying he wasn’t a singer, which is funny because he recorded a few country albums. :haha: Finally, there was him saying he was happy he was eliminated; it was probably for the better because he looked like he was going to pass out when he was unmasked.


    63. White Tiger/Rob Gronkowski

    Season 3: 9th Place

    White-Tiger-scaled.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 190326-D-SW162-1977_(46564316465).jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    White Tiger - Ice Ice Baby

    White Tiger - Good Vibrations

    White Tiger - We Will Rock You

    White Tiger - I'm Too Sexy

    White Tiger Unmasking


    Clue: From a proud native to a seafaring outlaw

    Rob Gronkowski is an NFL tight end who played for the New England Patriots (a proud native of a country) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (whose logo is a buccaneer or pirate AKA a seafaring outlaw).


    White Tiger was definitely not the best singer, but he knew how to entertain! He looked like he had a blast every time he took the stage. His first two performances (Ice Ice Baby and Good Vibrations) were fun to watch, especially the latter when he did the Roger Rabbit, Sprinkler, and Floss dances (Nicole doing a mini-floss of her own was funny as well). :lmao: We Will Rock You was kind of a mess, and from what I understand there was some controversy about him advancing from the Group A Championship because it was felt Miss Monster should’ve advanced instead of him (I didn’t watch most of S2 or S3 live). Regardless, he performed I’m Too Sexy in the following round and the most memorable thing was probably the Lion on the stripper pole. :lmao: He was at risk with Banana and Rhino for elimination that night and was the first one of the combined groups to be eliminated. White Tiger was revealed to be none other than Rob Gronkowski. I had a feeling it was him because of the size and Gronk having a reputation of being a goofball, so this was in character for him. :haha:


    62. Llama/Drew Carey

    Season 3: Group A (Second Eliminated)

    UNOCD2GNRJCDXMAICLJ4J5REC4.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 486059983.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Llama - She Bangs

    Llama - It's Not Unusual

    Llama Unmasking


    Clue: The correct cost for this creepy body of water dweller

    The correct cost references Drew Carey as host of the game show The Price Is Right. Carey is from Cleveland, OH, which is a city that resides along Lake Erie, hence the creepy body of water clue.


    First, I have to say Llama had one of the most creative costumes with the rear legs with wheels attached to him. He wasn’t a bad performer; it’s just the case in which I prefer others. His first performance She Bangs was great to watch (although it didn’t - or nothing else for that matter - will ever measure up to William Hung :giggle:). However, the best part was the guy dancing at around the 0:59 mark in the link posted and the lady towards the end (I hope there’s a gif of the guy somewhere :dead:). It’s Not Unusual was an OK number all things considered, but it wasn’t enough as he was the second Group A act unmasked at the end of the night. Llama turned out to be comedian and TV show host Drew Carey. He probably could have lasted longer than White Tiger at least, but I don’t think he would’ve made it much farther because he wasn’t as strong as some of the acts that season. Nonetheless, I think this is a decent spot for him.


    61. Bear/Sarah Palin

    Season 3: Group C (First Eliminated)

    masked-singer-bear-496x570.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Sarah-Palin-12-1-1024x947.jpeg&f=1&nofb=1

    Bear - Baby Got Back

    Bear Unmasking


    Clue: Mammal that roams the last frontier

    A bear is a mammal. The Last Frontier is the state of Alaska's nickname. Sarah Palin was the governor of Alaska from 2006 - 2009.


    Closing out the set is one of the most surreal acts in TMS history. Although Bear only had one performance, it was definitely something to remember. I was howling like a lunatic during her Baby Got Back performance; I just loved the energy and commitment. :dead: As great as the performance was, it was nothing compared to her unmasking. Bear turned out to be none other than former Alaska governor and Vice President candidate Sarah Palin. Nick’s reaction to the revelation was something to remember. I thought she was the biggest surprise revelation up until a certain S5 act of course. :giggle: I commend her for going up there and doing something like this. The absolute best part was her post-unmasking performance with Nick being her hype man and twerking on stage. :lmao: While I felt she was the weakest of Group C, I did enjoy her performance and probably wouldn’t have minded had she lasted longer.


    65. Giraffe/Brian Austin Green:

    64. Deer/Terry Bradshaw:

    63. White Tiger/Rob Gronkowski:

    62. Llama/Drew Carey:

    61. Bear/Sarah Palin:


    Clues for 60-56 in no particular order:

    - An intimidating act who dealt with a crowded place

    - Dancing from a prehistoric era to the current one

    - Many late nights may have contributed to the lack of flesh

    - Offspring of a GOAT who became a different mammal and was in the presence of gladiators

    - Voice soars through the air to help others in need

  6. Round 2:


    First, an underrated performance I thought the judges were too harsh on:


    While not as epic as the previous week, it was still a solid showing:


    Someone who I could not stand during the season but have come to like a lot more over the years. One of the hottest and most underrated Idol performances IMO:


    Finally, a cute performance from our lovable nanny:


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  7. 4 hours ago, *Wallace said:

    But hmmm curious/scared on what comment Crisis made that Alex edited out.


    I won't share it. I was joking around with my write-ups (albeit being somewhat serious) yet ranked the performances as objectively as possible. I re-read the comment I made about that performance and had no idea what I was thinking. It's completely understandable why Alex didn't post it and I don't begrudge him for it.


    38 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

    Super shocked seeing Crisis ranking this at #1. DID NOT see that coming. 😮


    Believe it or not, despite not being a huge Blake fan, YGLABN is my favorite S6 performance and is in my Top 10 Idol performances.


    So S7 is next?


  8. On 6/7/2021 at 6:46 PM, miss denise said:
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    Amerie: Yay, the bonus clue lead me to the correct answer and then I figured out the other clues too. :haha: That first one certainly was long-winded. :dead: I am familiar with Amerie although I don't know her all that well. I know a couple of her songs, but that's about it. I do think she's really beautiful. I never knew about the additional "i" and wonder how long that lasted. 😮  omggg your physical crush and impure thoughts comment. Thanks for sharing. :giggle: I agree her smile (and all of her) is beautiful. Oh no, not a blonde phase. :giggle: I'm not familiar with most of the songs you named and I feel like "1 Thing" was the first one I heard from her. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with the label and hate how these things happen to so many artists. :( I hope she'll continue to release music for her fans at least. It's nice she has other things going on as well, although reviewing books is not one I would have guessed. 😮 I definitely know how intelligence and kindness can elevate a person's attractiveness. ❤️ 

    Oh yay, now I can listen to some songs. My favorites are Why Don't We Fall In Love, Touch, More Than Love, and Just Sayin'.  I'm curious to see if she's reviewed any books I'm familiar with! Oh wow the 25 minute video. 😮  I read quite a bit so don't think the advice applies to me, unless it will help me speed read. :haha: I might save it to check out though. Maybe I'll watch some of the other videos as well since I love reading. ❤️ 

    And omgg yay I won a Hunter!! :wub:  Thank you! :wub: :giggle: 



    Glad the bonus clue helped! I tried to shorten the first clue but couldn't think of a way to do so. I'm happy to see you are familiar with her despite only knowing a couple of songs. She really is beautiful indeed. I think the additional 'i' lasted for a couple of years, certainly not as long as Prince's name change to that unpronounceable symbol. :dead: Yeah, she was one of those for me. I probably would've done something super embarrassing if I ever met her in person. :dead: It seems that a good number of non-blonde women have at least one blonde phase in their lives. :haha: That's too bad about the songs. "Why Don't We Fall In Love" was pretty much all over the R&B airwaves during Summer 2002. That is true about the artists and their struggles with labels. To quote Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest from the song "Check The Rhime":


    Industry rule number four thousand and eighty

    Record company people are shady


    Me too about the music. It's only been three years since she's last released something, so it isn't too bad. It is good to see she has other things going on when she isn't recording music. Agree with the last sentence.


    Happy to see you enjoy those songs! She seems to read a lot of different genres, so there's a chance she may have read some books you've read. :yes: I hope you enjoy the video if you do check it out. In addition to book reviews, she interviews some of the authors themselves. She has a few of those on her channel.


    I decided to change the reward. Happy to see you enjoy it!

  9. 14 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Thank you. :hug:  Yikes, that doesn't sound good... but yet it's also the season you'll be the most relaxed? :dead:  Ah wow. How exactly did S5 end that was so upsetting, I wonder? :( But of course it doesn't change your or other's opinions on things. Yes, I completely understand that. Oh, from my experience, pairings were always public knowledge, but that's okay. I will try to remember when I get back to the show. 


    I agree. ❤️ It was just me wondering who those people are. :lmao:  But aww Nicole... it would be impressive if she could pull off being a contestant and judge at the same time. :giggle: 




    Nothing left to add here so I'll just :giggle: And I see that the person has been posted! I will have to take a look here... 


    🤗. Yeah, I have quite a few favorites from that season; however, I'll just hang back and enjoy the chaos this season is sure to provide seeing that everyone is going to go out of their way to protect or tank other contestants. :giggle: It's just that there was a lot of bad blood between Chris and Katharine fans with the two fanbases tanking and criticizing each of the two performances with most of the reasons having nothing to do with the performances themselves. I personally put the outside factors aside and rate the performances themselves as honestly as possible although I may have made a few comments here and there about the S6 performances :giggle:. Also, I'm a fan of both Katharine and Chris, albeit more so Katharine of course. If there was one positive, Elliott had the winning performance, so I was happy he won if Katharine didn't. Besides, my favorite performance had no chance of winning anyway. Happy to see you do! I see about the pairings; however, I try not to throw my partners under the bus and hope my partner doesn't get too much backlash over the decisions. I hope you do!


    I don't know if any of them would be on the show, but I wouldn't complain if they were. That would be impressive, unless she has an identical twin sister or clone we don't know about... :giggle:.




    I see. :giggle: I see there is a reply to that person. I'll try to reply to that during my lunch break.

  10. 14 hours ago, miss denise said:


    - I watched it back and saw that too. :lmao: So funny. 

    - It wouldn't surprise me. :haha:  


    Wow, yay me! That's good because the newest set was very difficult for me to guess, soo at least my 100% on the last one can make up for it. :lmao: 



    - Glad to see you think so.

    - I think they'll try to come up with as many Monster costumes as possible. :haha:


    We'll see how you do. I'll try to have the next set up within a couple of days.

  11. 17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    70. Phoenix/Caitlyn Jenner: Yikes, yeah I remember that performance was not so good and it's not a surprise Phoenix was eliminated first. I suppose the costume was cool but otherwise I don't have much to say. :haha: 

    69. Pineapple/Tommy Chong: I'm going to have to rewatch this performance based on all you're saying. :lmao: I don't remember the things you're talking but it sounds funny. Again, I don't really have any thoughts but I wasn't a fan.

    68. Elephant/Tony Hawk: I feel like I was really surprised with the Tony Hawk reveal. 😮 I also don't think he was all that bad, at least compared to the others here. 

    67. Ice Cream/Tyler "Ninja" Blevins: I really liked this costume. :giggle: That face is so happy. :giggle: I am also not familiar with him outside the show but I enjoyed his short appearance, even if he wasn't the best.

    66. Grandpa Monster/Logan Paul: The latest monster costume. :giggle:  I don't know anything about him or his brother, but I thought he was fun. :haha: 


    Wow, I got them all. 😮  I'm sure that's not going to continue, but let's see.


    - Black and gold animal that knew how to throw a performance:  Seal as Leopard is my best guess, although I wouldn't expect him to show up yet. 

    - From a proud native to a seafaring outlaw:  Mark McGrath as Orca? I don't know why. :unsure: 

    - Mammal that roams the last frontier: This one could be Bear Sarah Palin.

    - Stuck its neck out and caught a winner: I'm thinking Brian Austin Green as Giraffe, Bella Thorne as Swan, or Drew Carey as Llama for the neck.. but don't know about the second part.

    - The correct cost for this creepy body of water dweller: :unsure: I think of Jellyfish but I don't think she'd show up this soon so I don't know. 


    70. Phoenix/Caitlyn Jenner: Pretty much agree with everything here.

    69. Pineapple/Tommy Chong: I didn't remember much about his performance, but I noticed how busy it was during a re-watch. :haha: Fair enough about the last sentence.

    68. I probably could've ranked him higher, but it is what it is. :haha:

    67. Pretty much in agreement with what was written here.

    66. We'll probably see Baby Monster in S7. :giggle: He was fun for the brief time he was on.


    You did get them all right. :yes:


    We'll see about the next set...

  12. Celebrity Crush #12: Amerie (Ameriie) Rogers

    Premiere%2BRogue%2BPictures%2BSkyline%2BArrivals%2BSH1_aDvek9ux.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 kj-gthumb-gwdata1200-ghdata1200-gfitdatamax.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 24-amerie.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Amerie%2BEntertainment%2BWeekly%2BAnnual%2BMust%2BList%2BsGJfqcWml83l.jpg&f=1&nofb=1


    Clue #1: Acted alongside someone who played a character with a male name in a TV show, in a movie about being the offspring of someone in a powerful position.

    Yes, Katie Holmes had to do with this long-winded clue. :haha: She played Joey (a male name although there was a S14 contestant with the same name :haha:) in the WB drama Dawson’s Creek. Amerie appeared with Holmes in the movie First Daughter as her frenemy roommate.


    Clue #2: Was in what one could say a middle of a BET show

    Amerie was the host and co-creator of the BET show The Center, which was an after school program about the host giving advice to teenagers in between playing music videos. She hosted the first two seasons.


    Clue #3: An item that caused this person to go crazy

    A reference to Amerie’s biggest hit 1 Thing. The chorus goes:

    It's this 1 thing that's got me trippin

    It's this 1 thing that's got me trippin (you did)

    This 1 thing my soul may be feeling

    It's this 1 thing you did oh oh

    It's this 1 thing that caught me slippin

    It's this 1 thing I want to admit it (you did)

    This 1 thing and I was so with it

    It's this 1 thing you did oh oh


    Extra Clue: Has an album that is the same name of a song from a chill wildcard from the most recent season of The Masked Singer.

    Denise explained this clue, so I won't say anything here.


    Amerie is a Black/Korean singer-songwriter, actress, and author. At one point she added an additional 'i' to her name and went by Ameriie. It appears she has since dropped the extra 'i'. Regardless, she is someone who I always thought was absolutely gorgeous. :wub: I fell in love with her at first sight after watching one of her music videos, and for a while she was one of my biggest physical crushes. I’ll just say I definitely had some impure thoughts about her. :stealth: :dead: If I were to pick her best feature, it would definitely be her smile. She has one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. With that said, her most well-known physical features are probably her legs. It makes sense seeing he often wore outfits that showcased them. I know she had a phase when she dyed her hair blonde, but she was still beautiful, nonetheless.


    The first time I heard of Amerie was when she sang the hook on rapper Nas’ track Rule, which samples the Tears For Fears classic Everybody Wants To Rule The World. I thought she had a really pretty voice and wondered who this singer was. It wasn’t until the Summer of 2002 when I saw the video for her song Why Don’t We Fall In Love is when I saw her the first time. I was happy to see she was as pretty as her voice. She also released a video for her second single Talkin’ To Me which was more of a ballad compared to the up-tempo WDWFIL. Her debut album All I Have was released July 2002, and I made sure I got a copy. It was an album I wore out that year as I enjoyed just about every song on it. It would be three years before she released her sophomore album Touch, which spawned her biggest single 1 Thing. Unfortunately, Amerie’s career hit a roadblock due to issues with her label surrounding the release of her third album Because I Love It. The release date was delayed multiple times and the singles from that album were poorly promoted and therefore, the album didn’t do as well as her previous two. She moved on to another label and released her fourth album In Love And War in 2009. It would be seven years before she released any music when she released the EP Drive. Two years later she released two EPs titled 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM.


    Although I’ve enjoyed just about everything she put out, I’m disappointed her career isn’t bigger than it could’ve been. 🙁 I think that seven year stretch when she didn’t release any music put a damper on everything. I think she is one of the more underrated and underappreciated artists out there. With that said, Amerie has stayed busy despite her sporadic music releases. She hosted the BET teen/lifestyle show The Center for a couple of seasons. In addition, she has a YouTube channel in which she talks about beauty products and reviews books. She comes across as someone who is intelligent, well versed, and nice; all of this increases her attractiveness to me. :yes:


    Now for a few videos. First, I'll post some of my favorite songs:

    Why Don't We Fall In Love


    Talkin' To Me


    Can't Let Go


    1 Thing




    Why Don't We Fall In Love (Richcraft Remix)


    More Than Love


    Just Sayin'


    Next, I'll post a couple of book review videos from her channel:



    One more video. Her giving advice on how to read more books (this one is over 25 minutes long, just a warning 😉)



    DampTameBug-size_restricted.gif&f=1&nofb=1 AnnualCorruptAbyssiniangroundhornbill-ma EveryAjarAmericancurl-size_restricted.gif&f=1&nofb=1




    For Denise for getting this one right:


  13. 15 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Thanks. :( :hug: Yeah, I could see that. I was actually asked to join in on the S7 round but just don't feel up for it. :( I remember what you said about it looking scary too, which I don't doubt. I've seen enough things in my day. :giggle: I'm sorry how S5 went for you. :( Oooh hahaha this does not surprise me at all that you put through a Haley performance, but I'm more surprised your partner agreed to it. Who was that, if you can say? I've known most of the regulars in there since forever so I'm curious. :haha: That was definitely a good move for you to get a Haley performance in there. Oh okay, I'll have to check back after I watch. :haha:  


    Oh yay and I'm glad you enjoyed the other one as well. ❤️ Ooh. :shiftywave: 


    I like to mention this every now and then because I'll never get over it. :dead: :( 


    Aww just do what you can and what you want! It should only be fun and not stressful. ❤️ 


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    :hug: Oh, lol I have no problem revealing him, it's more so that I would be talking about a past version of him, if that makes sense. :dead:  Yep and thank you. ❤️ Hahaha. :giggle: 

    😮 Thanks for another clue and oooh, this could be helpful with TMS reference! :shiftywave:  *researches* Oooh! Right away I'm thinking of Amerie because she also had a song (and album) called "Touch", just like Omarion aka the Yeti. 😮  Let me try to fit her to the other clues now... OMG she was in the Katie Holmes movie so I was close. :dead:  I had the right movie with First Daughter. Okay and so Katie Holmes played a character with a male name (Joey) on the show Dawson's Creek. PHEW. I figured it out but never seen any of these so that was exceptionally difficult. :dead:  In the middle of a BET show.... I see she hosted The Center on BET so that makes sense. And something about going crazy... I will guess this is in reference to her song "1 Thing" but I would never have come up with this otherwise. :dead:  Yay!



    🤗. Oh I see. There's no shame of not doing anything if you're not up to it. Yeah, I think S7 will resemble something like The Hunger Games. Funny enough, this will probably be the season I'll be the most relaxed. S5 was easily the most stressful season for me. Thanks. Although I wasn't fond of how the season ended, nothing will take away how I feel about the contestants or the performances. You know I had to advance one of my girl's performances if the opportunity presented itself. :dead: I was fortunate not to be paired with someone who doesn't like her. :haha: I don't think that poster knows about this thread let alone reads it; however, I'll be safe and not mention that poster. 🤐 I hope that's understandable. I hope you do and maybe get that reference.


    That was a nice song. She really does have an impressive voice and would've made a good winner. I wonder what that ooh and shifty wave is referring to. 🤔 :haha: With that said, one of them is on the panel of course.


    Haha, that's completely understandable. :haha:


    Thanks. It's difficult to keep that in mind, but I'll try.


    Oh, OK. Whatever you do with this person I'm perfectly fine with. 🤗 


    As for this guess, we'll see...

  14. 70. Phoenix/Caitlyn Jenner

    Season 5: Group B (First Eliminated)

    Masked-Singer-PHOENIX.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 040816-Caitlyn-Jenner-Lead3.jpg?itok=Z4nJJpoE&f=1&nofb=1

    Phoenix - Tik Tok

    Phoenix Unmasking


    Clue: A new identity that rose from the ashes

    Phoenix is a mythical bird that rise from ashes after dying from fire. Caitlyn Jenner is a transwoman who originally went by former Olympic runner Bruce Jenner hence the new identity.


    I’ll start off by saying the costume was one of the better designed ones over the seasons. Unfortunately, Phoenix’s performance of TiK ToK wasn’t as good, and in hindsight I should’ve put this in the first set, at least ahead of Egg. With that said, the performance had some fun moments such as when she said “gonna get a little bit tipsy”. The way she said tipsy cracked me up for some reason. She was the first Group B act unmasked which I didn’t have a problem with because I thought she was the weakest. I went back and forth between RuPaul and Caitlyn Jenner as far as who Phoenix was. At first I guessed RuPaul but switched to Jenner because of the little Phoenices. At least she appeared to enjoy herself during her brief time there.


    69. Pineapple/Tommy Chong

    Season 1: Group B (First Eliminated)

    latest?cb=20200116041742&f=1&nofb=1 TommyChongFeatured.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Pineapple - I Will Survive

    Pineapple Unmasking


    Clue: Fruit that is worthy of being inhaled

    Pineapple is a fruit and Tommy Chong is a comedian known for his marijuana-based albums alongside Cheech Marin.


    Pineapple was someone who while not a professional singer by any means, was entertaining to watch in his sole performance. His I Will Survive wasn’t sung that poorly if I’m being honest; the main thing was he kept messing up the lyrics. However, the best part was him nonchalantly singing his song while ignoring all of the mess going on behind him. :lmao: In spite of this he landed in the bottom three after losing the head to head battle against Raven and was eliminated later that night. Based on the clue package I had a feeling he was Tommy Chong and felt good to get him right. :yes:


    68. Elephant/Tony Hawk

    Season 3: Group B (First Eliminated)

    Elephant-on-Masked-Singer-Season-3.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Tony-Hawk-2006.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Elephant - Friday I'm In Love

    Elephant Unmasking


    Clue: That's a lot of weight to put on the half pipe

    Elephants are the largest land animals on the planet. Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, and a half pipe is a surface skateboarders skate on.


    Original Clue: A creature larger than one from the first set

    It was about the elephant and the hippo. As mentioned, elephants are the largest land animals and hippos are the second largest. I changed the clue because this was too open and could've meant anything.


    Elephant was not that bad of a contestant. For someone who isn’t a professional singer, I thought he did a decent job with Friday I’m In Love. Unfortunately, he was the first Group B act eliminated. I think he suffered because he wasn’t as memorable as the other members of his group. He revealed himself to be none other than skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. It appeared he wasn’t too heartbroken over his early elimination because he said he only had one more song left in him. :haha: I guess I could’ve placed him a little higher, but I’ll leave everything as is.


    67. Ice Cream/Tyler "Ninja" Blevins

    Season 2: Group B (First Eliminated)

    19016686-7512527-I_scream_you_scream_we_all_scream_The_Ice_Cream_costume_is_one_o-a-15_1569602246071.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Ninja-Net-Worth-Tyler-Blevins.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Ice Cream - Old Town Road

    Ice Cream - Whip It

    Ice Cream Unmasking


    Clue: A stealth treat no one can say anything to

    Ice cream is the treat and ninjas are known for being stealth fighters, thus a play on Ninja's name and costume. The "no one can say anything to" part is a reference to the Old Town Road lyrics "can't nobody tell me nothing", which is a song Ice Cream sang on the show.


    Silently melting his way into the ranking is Ice Cream. Ice Cream was another non-trained singer who put up a decent showing despite his early exit. His performance of Old Town Road was fun to watch. I liked how he went deep on Lil Nas X’s part and higher on Billy Ray Cyrus’. He went against Tree but was on the losing end and thus had to compete in the smackdown against Ladybug. His Whip It was OK; however, Ladybug was better, so it was understandable that Ice Cream was the first eliminated in Group B. To be honest, I’m not familiar with him; apparently he’s some gaming streamer who’s really popular with the younger crowd. Regardless, Ice Cream was a cool act.


    66. Grandpa Monster/Logan Paul

    Season 5: Group B (Second Eliminated)

    71618250-928a-11eb-bfff-d72566f15785&f=1&nofb=1 Logan%2BPaul%2B9th%2BAnnual%2BStreamy%2BAwards%2B92ueE3c3L5-l.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Grandpa Monster - Mambo No. 5

    Grandpa Monster - Bad Reputation

    Grandpa Monster Unmasking


    Clue: Nicole was on the right path but took the wrong exit

    Nicole guessed Jake Paul before Grandpa Monster's unmasking; however, he was revealed to be Jake's brother Logan. Both brothers are famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) YouTubers.


    Well, while this monster was up there in age, he certainly didn’t move like it. :haha: Regardless, it was the weakest act of the monster costumes. It was clear to see this act relied more on personality than vocal abilities. While not a singer, he put on an entertaining show. I especially enjoyed the leg kicks he would do during his performances. :haha: Both his Mambo No. 5 and Bad Reputation were fun to watch, although the latter was an interesting song choice considering who he turned out to be. Speaking of which, he was the second Group B act eliminated and turned out to be infamous YouTuber Logan Paul. I think there was some controversy surrounding his casting on the show, but it is what it is.


    70. Phoenix/Caitlyn Jenner:

    69. Pineapple/Tommy Chong:

    68. Elephant/Tony Hawk:

    67. Ice Cream/Tyler "Ninja" Blevins:

    66. Grandpa Monster/Logan Paul:


    Clues for 65-61 (in no particular order):

    - Black and gold animal that knew how to throw a performance

    - From a proud native to a seafaring outlaw

    - Mammal that roams the last frontier

    - Stuck its neck out and caught a winner

    - The correct cost for this creepy body of water dweller

  15. On 6/2/2021 at 11:14 AM, miss denise said:


    Yeah, I think so. :( You do and I don't have either of those things. :broken: Oh, I feel people would be quite competitive with some of the S8 contestants, but I guess we'll see... or you'll see. :giggle: I understand. :( S9 was actually my first thought, but then I loved S10 and S11 so much, so I have to say S12 was where the decline began for me. I feel exactly the same. Oooh, what performance was that that you advanced? Do tell. :giggle: I might. It was fun during the good moments, of course. Ahh okay, I think I watched the first four so far. 


    Yay! Ahh, I'm glad you're at least familiar with it. ❤️ "Too Little, Too Late" is her other most well-known single, so I'm guessing that might be the other you know. "Note to God" is one of my favorites of hers vocally, if you are interested. ❤️ Ahh okay, that's good, at least. I wonder if there will be. 😮 


    Yep, those all seemed to survive the board upgrade, despite some of the most popular and used smileys not making it. :wacko:  Hmmm. :giggle: 


    I did! Oh, I thought you would prefer that since you have a ranking currently going on there. 😮  Ooh okay! I look forward to whatever you have planned. :shiftywave: 


      Hide contents

    Noo, I'm sorry. :(  I don't want you to feel that way. Oh, I am fine with it, it's just complicated... but I can't explain why without revealing the person. :giggle: Ahh yeah. I'm glad you get me. :haha: Yes! Yeah, the premiere was actually in March 2020, but then everything shut down so they held off on the theatrical release. It was a good decision and the movie seemed to do really well this weekend. ❤️ Thank you! Hahaha I did. Those were funny too, although my favorite was John on the stage. 😮 :giggle: 

    OMG I have to make another guess. I have nothing in my brain. 😢  The first clue seems to have so many steps to it that I can't even process. :dead: 😢 And I have no ideas for the other two either. *thinks hard* *comes up with nothing* "The gif that keeps on giving"  :giggle: I love it. 


    Hey, those aren't character flaws. All of us have shortcomings in some areas and excel in others. I see the point about S8; there could be some competitiveness going on between the Adam and Kris fans. As of right now, I'm 50/50 on playing S8 but as mentioned I may bow out after S7. It's just that the end of the S5 round left a bad taste in my mouth. I see about the seasons. I'll share. :giggle: The song I played a major part in advancing was Haley's Tell Him. There's a round in which one performance is automatically advanced to the Top 20/Finals and two other performances are cut. Usually the decision is made by a pair of rankers or one gets to act on his/her own if there are an odd number of rankers. Haley had three performances remaining in this round and one was immediately cut (Missing You). I expected to see her two remaining performances (Tell Him and Ain't Misbehavin') cut shortly after; however, they were being spared so I decided to see if I could advance one of them to the finals. I waited to see what my partner wanted to do. That partner gave me the blessing to go ahead and send one of her performances to the finals - which was Tell Him of course - and the rest was history. :giggle: For the show, I want to say it was the fifth episode in which the reference was made, although I may have misquoted it. :lmao: It still has the same sentiment, however. :haha:


    Yes, Too Little, Too Late is the other song of hers I'm familiar with. :yes: I listened to the other song posted, and it was really nice. :yes: I can think of maybe a couple that could make me feel that way...


    Yeah, it does seem weird. :giggle:


    Although I'm done with school for now, things are pretty hectic at work; therefore, I'm not sure if I'll have the time to multi-task everything. I'll do what I can, however.


    Oh, OK. I'll try not to feel that way. Hey, if you don't want to reveal that person, I'm not going to twist your arm or anything. It makes sense it was delayed for a year given the timing and circumstances surrounding it. Good to see the movie did well this past weekend. Yeah, they were funny although I'm not surprised at the last part of this sentence. :giggle:


    OK, I'll give one more clue. Hopefully, it'll help out a little:

    - Has an album that is the same name of a song from a chill wildcard from the most recent season of The Masked Singer.

  16. 2 hours ago, *Chris said:
    • Didn't really care for Nick or Donnie. 
    • The lips / Wendy was so obvious from the stop - her performance was okay & I really wish she could have done in better health where she could have been OTT as she truly is.
    • Gremlin / Mickey was a no - would be my last place.
    • Raccoon / Danny is a bit lower than I would have him but again, nothing too spectacular with him.
    • Hippo / Antonio - I totally forgot about him :ph34rwave: 
    • Egg / Johnny; I absolutely love Johnny as a figure skating fan. And I think I would have had him a bit higher as I still think his performance were decent enough to make it a bit further in the competition. 


    - Fair enough since they were only one time things (at least performance wise in Cluedle-Doo's case)

    - If not for Lips, he would be my last place as well

    - Fair enough

    - It looks like you weren't the only one :lmao:

    - Fair enough. He probably could've won against Skeleton in the smackdown.


    I'm going to change the first clue; however, it still pertains to the same act:

    That's a lot of weight to put on the half pipe


    I'll see about posting the next set some time tomorrow after work.

  17. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Ugh yeah, I remember that regarding the S15 contestants. :(  And yeah, some pretty nasty stuff happened. :( I can imagine S7 being intense and expect S8 might be as well... I kind of want to return as a viewer, but also not sure. Maybe after a year of absence. :giggle: Aww I see. :( That was more around S12 for me. I understand. "I haven't had the opportunity to create any chaos thus far; hopefully that will change soon." :dead:  Okay, hopefully you found or find something. ❤️ I will... it keeps popping into my brain at random times. :lmao: I'm trying to get my TV schedule sorted out though now that lots of shows are ending or starting up again. Oh you did? 😮 I did not catch that. 😮 


    I hope we get to see more duos or groups on in the future. ❤️ Ahh yeah, she does have some big fans around here. I loved her since she released her first single at age 13. :wub:  Do you know it?:



    It was, thank you! Sorry if it wasn't what you wanted. :( 


    That's great! :hug: 


    :giggle:  Oh LOL yes, she does have her own! I miss the days now when so many of the Idols had their own smileys. :haha: But this one is my favorite: :archgosh::giggle: 


    It did! I'll get over there later today, hopefully. I'm making your TMS thread my first priority. :haha: 


      Hide contents

    Oh no, don't say that.:lmao: lol why is that? You don't want to see? :giggle: OMG divorce papers! :dead: Yikes. I don't want to say that but... oh gosh. :dead:  Ahh I hope so, that would be a dream. I love him in movies, of course, but it's another thing to see someone on your TV every week. :giggle: Oh ooops, I read that as you thought I *didn't* believe in polygamy, so it worked out anyway. :haha: Yay! Ahh I see... I am not a typical horror movie fan at ALL, but I absolutely love this movie. 😮  The sequel's release was pushed back a year, but it finally released this weekend and was also so good. ❤️  Haha yes and of course I keep forgetting unless I'm in this thread. :lmao: But okay, I just watched and omg you were right, of course! :lmao:  Wow, her busting out the Emily Blunt shirt. :dead: John's reactions were the best. :wub: :giggle: 

    Oops. 😐  :dead:  Dang it, now I'm wrong. I wanted to be right! Now I have to ponder these clues again with a singer in mind. But I'm too distracted because I saw the Zac gif again when looking back at that write-up. :giggle: 


    Yeah. Other than S18, the S15 contestants were shafted the most. :( Too bad about some really nasty stuff happening. It appears one has to have thick skin or an easygoing and laid back nature to survive there. S7 may be even more intense because there are other posters wanting to sign up for it. I see about returning as a viewer. S8 started off well enough; however, I wasn't a fan of the way things ran and became disinterested around the time the finals began. S9 is one of my least favorite seasons, and that greatly contributed to me not having much love for Idol. Things looked like they were picking up in S10; however, the elimination order gutted me. S11 was a great season and some of my love came back. Then S12 came around, and that's when a majority of the love left and has yet to return though I faithfully watch. In that sense, I understand how S12 was the season for you. As for the game, I in part advanced a performance to the finals that raised a few eyebrows. :giggle: Although I didn't do what I really wanted, I figured that would be enough. :haha: Hopefully you do get back to it soon. As for the reference, it depends on which episode was watched in order to understand it.


    I hope we get more duos or groups as well. This is one of maybe two songs of hers I've heard. It's OK; I've had some acts I enjoyed, but I wasn't really disappointed where they placed. Maybe that will change should there be an act I'm a huge fan of and am able to recognize early.




    From the looks of it, some contestants still have their old smileys. :haha: I wonder why this one is a favorite. :giggle:


    It looks like you did. :yes: That thread doesn't have to be first priority, especially since outside the two of us there's no one there. Speaking of threads, I may start this one back and create one of the threads I talked about in the previous page or so some time this week.


    It feels like it though. 😐 I'd see it if you're fine sharing it. I can imagine that would be a tough decision. I'd probably think the same thing if it were two people in the same situation. :haha: I guess it did work out since you put it that way. :haha: Ugh, it's annoying when things are pushed back especially as long as a year. At least it was finally released and I'm happy to see you thought it was good. I thought you'd enjoy Anna's act if only for John's reactions. 😏 :haha: The shirt was funny, but my favorite was Emily's pictures on the screen. :lmao:


    I started on the write-up, but I won't post it until at least another guess is made. Outside of that, I'll see about posting it before the end of the week. It's the gif that keeps on giving. :haha: I don't blame you; it'd be the same for me if it were a gif of Katharine or Nicole. :lmao:


    1 hour ago, miss denise said:

    That's fine with me. :lmao: 


    Yeah. :( I just always loved her vocals regardless of the song, even if I didn't always love the song choice. I can agree that I didn't like her choices for the finale (even though only one was her own). Ugh yeah, that was so frustrating. :( 


    That's a way to put it. :lmao:  I will always wonder about this. Yay!


    That's okay, your "bizarre season" comment just made me think of it. :giggle:  Oh yay! 😄 




    Fair enough. However, you know I'm critical about a lot of things including my favorites. Heck, I'm probably more critical of them than others. :haha:


    :lmao:. Maybe he'll release some up-tempo music outside of the show.


    Oh, I see. :haha:

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