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  1. I'm advancing Katharine's Someone To Watch Over Me to Round 4. I'll have the others in later today.
  2. Congratulations to Alone. While not my pick to win, it was a great performance worthy of the top spot. Time to get ready for tomorrow!
  3. S5 will probably be the most stressful one for me. Everything after that should be OK, however.
  4. I guess that didn't come out correctly. I meant to say the show wouldn't be on next week but come back the week after.
  5. You and me both! It looks like we're in complete agreement regarding this. Unfortunately, people are going to have their opinions and there isn't much if anything we can do about it. The main thing we can do is support our favorites as much as we can and filter out the negativity as much as possible. It isn't easy to do I admit, but the thing that matters the most is we like them. I believe Paris mentioned something about her family talking her into auditioning for Idol and if it didn't work out she could do what she wanted with her life. Seeing she comes from a family of singers
  6. Heh at not remembering the current seasons' semi-finalists but remembering the ones from past seasons. I figured Louis is the one you're rooting for the most. I pretty much agree about Olivia! I know she has no shot at being the comeback pick, but I wouldn't mind if she were. Since it appears to be safe, I watched the audition. I saw the appeal in Liahona and felt she was definitely better than her brother. Based on that, it makes sense why she advanced farther than he did, and it's the first time (if not one of the rare times) the female advanced farther than the mal
  7. I suppose that's true. Yeah, no one wants to be reminded how old they're getting. Yeah, well Katharine was a rather polarizing contestant, so it makes sense for her to have detractors. With that said, I don't understand how other people actively root for someone to fail who didn't hurt them in any way. For me personally, if I don't like someone, I don't pay much if any attention to them; rather, I like to spend my time and energy following and supporting someone I like. Nonetheless, I still wish everyone the best after the show no matter how I feel about them. For example, I've s
  8. It was a strong night for everyone, so it would've been tough to see any of them leave. With that said, I had a feeling Seashell would be one of the eliminated because she came across as the least experienced contestant. Speaking of Seashell, I knew it was Tamera Mowry. The clues from the first episode gave it away for me, and its' one of the few I was able to get from the beginning. As for Crab, I had a feeling it was Bobby Brown. The voice sounded familiar from his first performance, and his last one gave it away because the steps looked like something he would do in his shows.
  9. Based solely on the performances, I'd have DeWayne win the comeback spot.
  10. With how often the camera pans to the judges, I'm sure I'd get my fair share of ogling. I do pay attention to everything on TMS, just not when they show Nicole. OK, that's good you remember. I might know a thing or two about her. Yeah, no kidding. We're at the point where some of the contestants weren't alive during the show's first few seasons. I remember people calling her a flop and celebrating when she was dropped from the label after her first album. I'm happy to see it didn't deter her and she was able to get back on her feet and have a very solid post-Idol career. Spe
  11. S18 Comeback Round If this post comes out kind of funny, it's because of any side effects from the COVID vaccine. Before I get into last night performances, I thought more about this S18 returnee twist. If the show wanted to do something like this, it would've been better to announce the S19 Top 24 first, then do this episode right after that and whoever wins the joins the others thus making it a Top 25. This way, the contestant can compete from the beginning with everyone else and should said contestant make the Top 10, it would be looked at more favorably. As it is,
  12. Oh yeah, Casey seems to be beloved as well. I guess there are two IDF It Girls this season.
  13. Hey, I wasn't complaining! Now that I think of it, I've had this raging migraine since that round... In other news, I'm happy to see Vonzell represented so well.
  14. Bo is my S4 favorite, but I haven't been a fan of his actions over the years myself, so I get that. With that said, I thought he had one of the best runs of any male Idol contestant, if not overall.
  15. Sorry Nikko, I tried. Also, I thought Bo would have more than three performances in the Top 20.
  16. Let's Hear It For The Boy. Best of luck! I'm getting mine tomorrow.
  17. Bo Bice "Drift Away" - Nadia Turner "The Power Of Love" - (3) Nico, Elliott, Crisis Aloha Mischeaux "Work It Out" - (1) Alex Bo Bice "Whipping Post" - (4) Alex, Nico, Elliott, Crisis Nikko Smith "Georgia On My Mind" - Anwar Robinson "What A Wonderful World" - Vonzell Solomon "Respect" - Nadia Turner "Try A Little Tenderness" - (3) Alex, Nico, Crisis Anwar Robinson "A House Is Not A Home" - Bo Bice "Spinning Wheel" - Nikko Smith "Incomplete" - (1) Crisis Nadia Turner "I'm The Only One" - (2) Alex, Elliott Vonzell Solomon "I'm Eve
  18. Nice to see you try to stay caught up. I won't post anything about tomorrow's episode until a day or two afterwards. - No one is spared! - It appears Grace is the IDF It Girl, and except for maybe a few, I tend to have differing opinions from everyone else regarding them. With that said, I don't dislike her. I guess I have high expectations because of her status here, and maybe that's unfair to her. - I wonder which Hunter you have eyes for. I'm pretty much in agreement with everything else. - - Too bad about the song not exciting you. At least you thought
  19. I wasn't going to touch anything from Bo, Vonzell, or Nadia and wanted Jessica, Anwar, Nikko, and Anthony have a shot at having something in the Top 20, especially the latter two seeing that IMO their best performances were cut this round (Let's Get It On and If You Don't Know Me By Now). Besides, Mikalah was my least favorite contestant remaining, so that made it an obvious cut for me.
  20. Yeah, that was the joke. I'd be so busy ogling her I wouldn't pay much attention to the contestants. It'll be more difficult because they'll be more of her to show since she'd be critiquing the performances as opposed to singing with a couple of contestants. Too bad about not remembering the season. I'll just say it's not S4 despite what Idol says. It doesn't surprise me Kat is more into acting than singing. Even back during her time in Idol she said she was more into being an actress than singer; she even mentioned it when she had her interview during the AI Rewind episode that
  21. Oscar Night Tonight was Oscar Night! Which contestants gave performances that were worthy of the red carpet treatment, and which contestants made you wonder how they were nominated in the first place? We'll find out. But first... Lionel is nowhere near the singer he once was, but it was a nice way to open the show and set the tone until... Bobby Bones is back?!! Ugh, things were going so well this season. Now for the contestants: Top 9 Grace - Happy I said Grace is the one contestant who was capable of prod
  22. I watched the first season of XFUSA when she was a mentor/judge, and even I have to admit she wasn't that impressive though not as bad as she's made out to be. I did, however, hear some great things about her in the UK version. She was also good in the first season of TMS in which she gave advice to some of the performers. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the panel became cheerleaders in the subsequent seasons not unlike the current AI judges. It'd be interesting to see how she would fare as a judge.
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