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  1. Elliott Yamin Rankings 11-6


    11. Alright


    Elliott Yamin - Alright



    Something has to be last, and Alright is the track that has this dubious dishonor. Here we have Elliott's attempt at a club banger. The problem is Elliott is not that type of artist, and I don't think he did anything to convince anyone he was otherwise. I think this song would work if anyone who specializes in this style of music did it, but it feels out of place on this album.


    10. You Are The One


    Elliott Yamin - You Are The One



    The album has a fair share of love songs. However, I think You Are The One is the weakest. It's not a bad song per se; it's just that it's the least memorable track on the album IMO. It has a nice melody and Elliott sounds nice, especially in the chorus, but it doesn't really have anything to pull me in and really catch my attention.


    9. Train Wreck


    Elliott Yamin - Train Wreck



    We're at the point where each song has something I like in some form or another although the bottom two aren't all that bad. Train Wreck is a song that has its qualities, with the chorus being my favorite part; however, I don't think it quite measures up to the others I ranked above it. The main criticism I have is I think the subject matter could've been more interesting given the title.


    8. Find A Way


    Elliott Yamin - Find A Way



    Find A Way is one of two inspirational songs on the album. With the first two tracks being kind of somber, I guess the next track was supposed to be somewhat uplifting. However, FAW is somber in its own right. I believe I understand what Elliott was going for, but I don't think he quite hit the mark. With that said, it's still a solid song overall.


    7. Take My Breath Away


    Elliott Yamin - Take My Breath Away



    Take My Breath Away is a nice song. It's not the best song, but it isn't the worst either. It did a good job of getting the album back on track after the detour that was Alright. The verses' melodies were unconventional, but Elliott sold the song well to offset any inconveniences. Somewhere in the middle is a nice place for it IMO.


    6. I'm The Man


    Elliott Yamin - I'm The Man



    I'm The Man is a song I love listening to when listening to the album. The verses have great melodies and the lyrics are well-written. In addition, Elliott does a great job of selling the song. Finally, the chorus is a really strong point. It's one of my favorite songs and I wish there were enough room to put this in the Top 5, but I enjoy the songs I have above it more.


  2. Yes to Seinfeld being in the Bottom 5! I never got into the Seinfeld craze.


    Ugh at Sister, Sister just missing out on the Top 10.


    Double ugh at Saved By The Bell and Married...With Children missing out on the Top 5. Considering how much dislike SBTB seems to have, I guess I should be happy it made it to #7. Tiffani Thiessen and Lark Voorhies before she went off the deep end😍 🤤

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  3. #7!


    The Clues:

    - Could have something colorful in common with another Top 10 act

    - Has a license to kill anyone with vocals

    - Was eliminated in another show in a week in which the buzz should've been strong


    7. Bee/Gladys Knight

    Season 1: Third Place

    latest?cb=20200116042012&f=1&nofb=1 gladys-knight-at-clive-davis-and-recording-academy-pre-grammy-gala-in-new-york-01-27-2018-1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Bee - Chandelier

    Bee - Locked Out Of Heaven

    Bee - Wrecking Ball

    Bee - What’s Love Got To Do With It

    Bee - (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

    Bee - I Can’t Make You Love Me

    Bee Unmasking


    Coming in at lucky #7 is an insect that brought a lot of sweetness to TMS! Bee was certainly one of the more impressive acts during S1 and in general. The costume was designed well outside of the mask. If I had to pick my favorite parts, they would be the wings and the open stinger with the four thin black legs on it. Finally, the honeycomb-like collar was a nice design touch. Beyond that, Bee gave us some of the strongest vocal performances on the show. Speaking of which, let’s get right into it.


    Bee began her TMS run with Chandelier, which is a difficult song to sing. However, she gave a strong vocal, and I was very familiar with the voice from the get-go. :yes: She followed that with Locked Out Of Heaven, which was a lot of fun. My favorite parts were the “uhs” and Joel McHale's booty shaking dance. :lmao: With that said, the drapes in the background were kind of distracting. Bee then gave one of my favorite vocal performances the next time she took the stage with Wrecking Ball. Funny enough, I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan, but WB is a song I’ve always liked. It’s in my Top 5 S1 TMS performances, and I’d go as far as saying Bee’s version is my favorite rendition of the song. She came back the next time with What’s Love Got To Do With It. She was vocally strong as always; however, my favorite parts are the hip shakes during the pre-chorus and Ken’s actions during the whole performance. Next was A Natural Woman, which was a very soulful performance. With that said, the main thing I noticed was her mouth moving underneath the mask’s mouth. In addition to this, Kelly kind of spoiled me on the song because all I can hear is the whistle note during the “you make me feel so alive” part. :haha: Back to Bee, she would make it to the finals where she sang a really pretty version of I Can’t Make You Love Me. If there was anything to criticize over this performance, it was the rising platform and the creepy looking dancers. Having said that, I hoped she’d at least finish in the Top 2; however, she placed third when it was all said and done. I think the main thing that hurt her was the perception of the performance not being as dynamic as Peacock’s or Monster’s; then again, who really knows how the voting works in this show. Regardless, she was unmasked as R&B/soul legend Gladys Knight. I knew it was her from the beginning. I picked up on the hints from the first clue package, with the main one being empress because her nickname is The Empress of Soul. Hearing her sing from the first note confirmed it. I loved how almost everyone, from the regular panel to the guest singers, knew it was her almost instantly. Kenan Thompson was all “everyone knows that’s Gladys Knight”. Speaking of whom, I liked his speech to her after her unmasking. Of course, Ken had to be contrarian and was adamant about Bee being Anita Baker. :lmao: The last thing I’ll say is that I would definitely buy any recordings of the songs Bee sang because she still has the voice, plus I think she’s the best of the soul divas to do the soul and slayed her more contemporary performances. Overall, Bee was one of the best acts of S1 and one I highly enjoyed.


    07. Bee/Gladys Knight:


    I'll explain the first clue. The something colorful in common was referring to the colors black and yellow. Bee's costume was black and yellow, as are bees in general. In addition, Black And Yellow is a song by Wiz Khalifa AKA Chameleon, who is in the Top 10 of this ranking along with Bee. The other two clues were already explained.


    The Sensational Six:








    The clues for #6:

    - Fell short against it natural rival in another habitat

    - Microphone checka, swingin' sword lecture; closin' down the sector, supreme neck protector

    - Was invited to fill up a tank and hit the road with a band


  4. On 9/14/2021 at 6:36 PM, miss denise said:


    Why is that unfortunate? 😮 You want me to stay in hiding. 😢 


    I KNOW! :dead:  Ugh, maybe not, but I'm ready for them to try. :dead: And the video is unavailable for me now. :(  There better still be somewhere to watch that iconic performance. :omg:  


    I thought so. :wub:  lol I guess I should. I am happy! Yeah, I'm pretty sure they said "punk rock" regarding his costume a couple times. Because all his performances were so good. ❤️ I'm glad you think so! lol yeah. The dance breakdown was an *amazing* something to see. :wub:  I do and yeah, that one is my favorite and touched me so much. 😭  I love being dramatic sometimes. :giggle: Oh wow, this painful question! :shock:  That is so interesting and strange to think about... both were terrible and I was sure both could win. :broken: Maybe Archie because I was a lot younger and that was more of a competition, while this show is more for fun? But... it was still awful for me. 👽  I do. ❤️ 


    Thank you. I had to toot my own horn for a minute because it's such an accomplishment that I can't believe. :blushingwave: Oh yay! 


    I'm sorry if I messed up your schedule. 😢 


    08. Night Angel/Kandi Burruss: I wasn't a fan of her costume, as that face scared me so much. :ph34rwave:  My mom also hated it. I do love the colors though... but also don't know what a Night Angel is supposed to be. :lmao:  Okay anyway, she did well with her performances, but I never personally cared for her. I thought the judges overhyped her a lot. :( I love your comment on lips costumes. :giggle: "One of the things that stood out was Nicole’s open mouth reaction (I don’t know why; I’m weird like that). " :dead:  Oh :shock: at you saying her finale performance was the weakest and thought she would place third. I don't know what I thought would happen with her placement...  but I did prefer Frog over her. 


    "An explanation of the first two clues for Denise:" :dead:  Oh, I get the detail of the first one now. I wish I could have thought of that. :haha:  I did get the second part of the second clue, at least. :haha: 


    - Could have something colorful in common with another Top 10 act: Not sure on this one, but I really want to know. Hmmm. 

    - Has a license to kill anyone with vocals: Gladys Knight has a song "License to Kill", so this could be Bee. 

    - Was eliminated in another show in a week in which the buzz should've been strong: Gladys was eliminated during the Motown theme on DWTS, which was ironic... and "buzz" can refer to the Bee costume. :haha: 


    No, it was a joke!


    We just need someone who's as over the top as Donny! :lmao: How dare they make the video of such iconic television not available?! 😡 Whoever did such a thing has no taste! 😤


    Happy to see you're happy! Oh, I guess I wasn't paying too much attention when they referenced it. :haha: I don't have much argument regarding his performances. I kind of noticed you like to bring the drama once in a while. :giggle: I understand the reasoning of why Archie's was more devastating. I think it has to do with the level of investment because the voters determine who wins whereas it's only a few groups who determine the winner of TMS. Plus the stakes are higher on Idol because the prize is a recording contract whereas it's a trophy and bragging rights on TMS.


    There's nothing wrong with tooting one's own horn at such an accomplishment! :yes:


    Oh no, you didn't mess up anything. I've been so busy I haven't been able to churn out any rankings or write-ups at the pace I want. Ah, the wonder that is life.


    08. I can definitely see how the face can be creepy. :lmao: I had a feeling this was an act you wouldn't care for. The panel hypes everyone! I didn't feel she was hyped more than most. I'd probably have to check myself in therapy if there are any more lips-based costumes. :lmao: As you know, I'm not afraid to be critical of acts or people I'm a fan of. Seeing that Frog has yet to be ranked, I like him over her as well; however, I still am a fan of Night Angel. 


    Well, you were the only one to try to guess the clues. :dead:


    I'll try to post #7 tomorrow. I'll see if I have the time. We'll see about the guesses for the clues...

  5. It's time for #8!


    The Clues:

    - Amanda Avila, Pia Toscano, and Hollie Cavanagh

    - Like to just kick it among the stars in a dark environment

    - Placed some tender, love, and care on a hit single


    8. Night Angel/Kandi Burruss

    Season 3: First Place

    Night-Angel-the-masked-singer-43215628-3043-3500.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 15729792395952.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Night Angel - You Give Love A Bad Name

    Night Angel - Million Reasons

    Night Angel - Shout!

    Night Angel - Rise Up

    Night Angel - Man! I Feel Like A Woman

    Night Angel - Black Velvet

    Night Angel - Last Dance

    Night Angel - How To Love

    Night Angel - River Deep - Mountain High

    Night Angel Unmasking


    At #8 we go from the S3 runner-up to the S3 winner. Night Angel’s costume was interesting to say the least. The purple, pink, and gold color scheme shouldn’t work, yet it fits together. With that said, I don’t think the train was necessary, especially with the wings. Finally, the open mouth face was kind of creepy. Based on everything written, it appears I’m not the biggest fan of the costume. :haha: However, she is here because I enjoyed her performances enough to offset the costume.


    Performance wise, Night Angel had a nice balance of slow and up-tempo songs. She certainly got off to a strong start with You Give Love A Bad Name. She displayed some great power and had a strong stage presence. She followed that with a more subtle performance of Million Reasons, which happens to be one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs. She advanced to the Group C finals where she sang Shout. The performance may have been campy, but the song itself calls for it to be campy. The only downside was the lips costumes the dancers wore (Obviously, I’m not a fan of costumes based off of lips :haha:). From there she sang Rise Up which was solid and she showcased her range well; however, as I’ve said a number of times I can go multiple lifetimes without hearing that song again. One of the things that stood out was Nicole’s open mouth reaction (I don’t know why; I’m weird like that). She went back to an up-tempo song with Man! I Feel Like A Woman which was a lot of fun, plus she showed off some nice dancing. She followed that with a gritty performance of Black Velvet. With that said, my favorite parts of the performance were the dancers who cracked me up and Nicole who looked like she was really feeling the song. :lmao: Night Angel gave a fun and infectious performance of Last Dance the next time she took the stage. Following Last Dance she gave an intriguing performance of How To Love to say the least. I liked how she dedicated the song to Robot aka Lil Wayne, who was the first act eliminated that season. Having said that, I’m not really a fan of the song, so I didn’t enjoy this as much as some of her other performances. What made the performance intriguing was how it started off as a ballad before adding a trap beat and becoming more up-tempo during the last portion of the song. In the finals, she sang River Deep - Mountain High, which was a great showing. The most memorable part was the long note she held at the end. With that said, as good as it was, I felt it was the weakest performance of the three despite not liking the song Before You Go. :stealth: I thought she would place third like the female contestants before her in the previous two seasons; however, she won the whole thing, which I understand was highly controversial at the time. I, for one, was happy to see her win, which may be an unpopular opinion (what's new there? :haha:). She was unmasked as Kandi Burruss, and I can’t remember if any of the panelists thought it was her early on. Overall, I think Night Angel may be underrated because of her win, but she was a strong act and one of my favorites when it’s all said and done.


    08. Night Angel/Kandi Burruss:


    An explanation of the first two clues for Denise:

    - The three women in the first clue were AI contestants. However, the main thing they have in common is all three of them sang River Deep - Mountain High on Idol. Of course, Night Angel sang the song during the S3 finale of TMS.

    - The "just kick it" part was a reference to the Xscape song Just Kickin It. Kandi was a member of Xscape. The stars in a dark environment is a reference to her Night Angel outfit. You mostly see stars at night, and angels are known to fly.


    The Magnificent Seven:









    I'll just post the clues for #7 here:

    - Could have something colorful in common with another Top 10 act

    - Has a license to kill anyone with vocals

    - Was eliminated in another show in a week in which the buzz should've been strong



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  6. On 9/7/2021 at 6:55 PM, miss denise said:


    I guess so. :dead:  It was correct and I am here for it. :giggle: 




    Not sure if it's possible since I'm always expecting it. :lmao: 


    I appreciate that. :wub: 


    - Let's do it now! 


    - We'll have to make sure she's there for you. 😮  And I sure hope there's another season! That show is amazing. :dead: But hey, you could say three. 😢 Oh yes, I'll try to remember.


    True. Ooh yes, you do but I'm just amazed how he was your favorite and you don't like him outside the show. :haha:  Ahh you're much better at that than me.


    09. Turtle/Jesse McCartney: Can you see my heart eyes?! :wub: Reptilian Jesse. ❤️  I love that you called him strong, versatile, and consistent, because I definitely felt that way. I didn't expect him in your Top 10 but am SO HAPPY. I love his costume, although it's interesting they gave him this ~punk rock~ version of it. I guess it made it cooler... and hotter. :giggle: lol your comment on Ken during his first performance. But I loved every single Turtle performance. :wub:  They're all so good. :wub: I love how he showcased his voice, especially the falsetto, but also showcased his moves and entertaining side. ❤️ I WAS SO PROUD OF HIM. 😭  "In addition, as with Astronaut he made me enjoy a Shawn Mendes song" My boys did that. :wub: :wub:  omg you remembering other people's reactions the most from his performances! But the dance breakdown in Stay was... :omg:  I was dead. Your comments on his performance of Fix You. :wub:  OMG no, you lost me on his finale performance. :broken:  You were going to enjoy them all.... and that one is my actual very favorite. 😭  The emotion he poured into it was so palpable. 😭  Just hearing the vocal breaks me. I can't go on. My heart won't go on. /dramatic Anyway, that was a winning performance for me and I can't discuss what happened after. :broken:  I love that you say he was the most consistent though. 😢 


    I also have to share my Turtle montage because it reached over 1 million views. :omg: 😢 





    Well what do you know? You were correct unfortunately. 😛


    Hey, I don't want any crying here!


    I'm sure it will be worth it when it finally happens. :yes:




    - This will never get old! :dead: I don't know if there will be anything to top it should there be another season! :dead:

    - Yeah. There could be three permanent panelists with the fourth one rotating and the fifth being the guest singer of course. It is amazing! You can love the third person for the both of us! :haha:


    As I mentioned in the opening post, I'm a weirdo. :haha: I guess that explains why I'm able to do such a thing like separating the two. :haha: Don't sell yourself short; you're probably better at it than you think.


    09. I can see them quite clear. :haha: What can I say? You should know to expect the unexpected from a Crisis thread by now. :lmao: At least you're happy about his spot and not crying about it. ❤️ Putting it that way, it did seem like a punk-rock version of it, which is pretty much the opposite of who he is. :haha: Why am I not surprised you enjoyed all of his performances? :lmao: He did do a great job of showcasing his voice and his entertaining side. :yes: I didn't realize I wrote a lot about other people's reactions in the write-up. The dance breakdown was something to see. Happy to see you like my comments on Fix You; however, it doesn't appear you cared too much for my comments on Before You Go, especially since it's your favorite. 💔 Oh no, we're now seeing dramatic Denise. 😮 I know the end result was heartbreaking for you. Now I'm curious, which was more devastating: Turtle or Archie? You don't have to answer if you don't want. At least you appreciate me saying he was the most consistent.


    It is a great montage, and it's great it has over a million views. It looks like it has over 14,000 likes as well. I just realized I didn't post his unmasked video; I'll take care of that right now.


    On 9/7/2021 at 7:07 PM, miss denise said:

    - Amanda Avila, Pia Toscano, and Hollie Cavanagh: They're all from Idol, which makes me think Rottweiler or Seahorse, but... I'm confused because these three are so random. :dead: Hmm. I'm missing something. 

    - Like to just kick it among the stars in a dark environment: This sounds like Night Angel. I don't know how it could be anything else? :lmao: 

    - Placed some tender, love, and care on a hit single: Kandi Burruss worked on TLC's song "No Scrubs" sooo yes, this must be Night Angel. Still not sure how to tie her to the first clue. 


    I plan to post #8 some time today. We'll see if you're right or not. It doesn't look like I'll finish this before S6, so I'll just update when I have the free time.


  7. On 9/7/2021 at 7:48 PM, miss denise said:


    I knew it. :giggle: 



      Hide contents

     Halle Berry: I'm embarrassingly late in catching up.  Sorry I've been so bad at keeping up with everything.  Halle Berry is certainly a beautiful and talented woman. :yes: Thanks for explaining the clues and omg me guessing the third one for a different, yet still true, reason again. :haha: Interesting. Ooh, love that she's one of your longest crushes and I'm so curious how you'd rank them all. :haha:  OMG that random and casual mention of having impure thoughts. Thanks for sharing. :giggle: Wow all those stats about her beauty! 😮  And happy belated birthday to her. :party:  How interesting you prefer her with short hair, despite being otherwise partial to long hair. 😮  Wow, I didn't know about all that criticism regarding her acting. :(  I get how that can happen with certain roles... which is a shame. I haven't watched any of the movies you've named, oops, but I'm sure I saw her in something. Ugh at a Razzie but :dead: at the way she accepted it.  Oh wow. That's unfortunate about her health issues. :(  But good to know things are going well and better for her now.  Okay, I watched the first two videos so far and plan to watch the others over the coming days. Her Oscar acceptance speech was so powerful, wow. And wow again, I did not expect that Razzie speech. :shock:  Oh my. That was something, but she definitely took the criticism well, lol. And your write-up was great, as always. :hug: 





    The important part is that you're here. 🤗 I definitely don't disagree with the claims of her being beautiful and talented. That seems to happen a lot. I try not to be too obvious with the clues, but it is what it is. :haha: Maybe I'll rank them all when I run out of crushes. What can I say, could I be blamed for that? At least I'd like to think I'm living in reality and know not to try to act on them. :haha: Those stats are certainly amazing. :yes: Yeah, well she is one of the few exceptions of women who I prefer short hair on although I love her long hair as well. Even to this day there is some criticism of her acting, but I think the praise outweighs it. Happy to see you watched the first two videos. Her Oscar speech was indeed powerful, although their are thoughts she was being overdramatic. :/ Her Razzie speech, on the other hand, was absolutely hilarious. :dead: It was great to see her take it in stride, and it appeared the audience enjoyed it. :lmao: Thank you for the compliments on the write-up. 😊

  8. Casey Abrams "I Put A Spell On You"

    Kendra Chantelle "Georgia On My Mind" (2) Hayden, Weedy

    Pia Toscano "Don't Let The Sun Go Down O Me"

    Jacob Lusk "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"

    Paul McDonald "Folsom Prison Blues" (11) Gigi, rdhaley96, QK, Wallace, Victoria, Priscilla, Akshar, Diana, Amanda, Lily, JORDAN_FAN

    Lauren Alaina "Anyway" (8) Chris, Alex, Steven, Sola, Andrew, Elliott, JC, Crisis

  9. Time for #9!


    The Clues:

    - Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael...

    - Began on a road of subconsciousness

    - Hung out with a now disgraced family figure



    9. Turtle/Jesse McCartney

    Season 3: Second Place

    rs_1024x900-200121114651-1024x900.the-masked-singer-turtle-lp.12120.jpg?fit=inside%257C900:auto%26output-quality=90&f=1&nofb=1 jesse-mccartney-hairstyles-1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Turtle - Kiss From A Rose

    Turtle - Say You Won’t Let Go

    Turtle - There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back

    Turtle - Higher Love

    Turtle - Let It Go

    Turtle - Stay

    Turtle - Fix You

    Turtle - Jealous

    Turtle - Before You Go

    Turtle Unmasking


    Coming in at #9 is the reptilian S3 runner up. Normally, acts like this aren’t my style; however, he was a really strong, versatile, and consistent performer that I knew I had to place him in my Top 10. With that said, the costume wasn’t one of my favorites mainly because I didn’t think it resembled a turtle; if anything it looked more like an iguana. I wouldn’t have known it was a turtle if not for the shell. Nonetheless, it wasn’t enough to prevent a high ranking; besides, the performances were strong enough to overcome any costume issues, if they can be called that (it’s just me nitpicking :haha:).


    Turtle got off to a great start with Kiss From A Rose. It doesn’t hurt that I love the song. With that said, the thing I remember the most from the performance was Ken going whoa in the middle of it. :lmao: He followed that with a strong performance of Say You Won’t Let Go. I think it was his best performance from a technical standpoint. After two solid ballads, he came out and gave a lively performance of There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back in which he showed some nice dance moves. In addition, as with Astronaut he made me enjoy a Shawn Mendes song (I guess anyone can tell I’m not a Shawn Mendes fan :haha:). He sang Higher Love the next time he took the stage, which was another lively performance. After two up-tempo numbers, he sang another ballad with Let It Go. Next, he performed another fun up-tempo with Stay; having said that, the look on Nick’s face while dancing to it in the audience is what comes to mind when I think of this performance. :haha: It’s completely random, but what have you. Following that was another ballad with Fix You. Now I am not a Coldplay fan nor do I like the song; however, this is one of the more heartfelt and emotional performances of the season. It’s between this and Let It Go at least IMO. He returned to a more up-tempo number with Jealous the next time he took the stage. The performance was fun to watch; however, Jealous is a song I grew tired of listening to because I’ve heard it so many times. He easily made it to the finale where he gave a very strong performance of Before You Go. Nevertheless, I didn’t enjoy it too much because this is another song and artist I am not a fan of. If there’s anyone I like less than Shawn Mendes, it’s Lewis Capaldi. To be honest, I thought he was going to win after that performance; however, he placed second and was unmasked as Jesse McCartney. I believe Nicole was the first one to pick up on him. I was happy Night Angel won (she has yet to show up after all. Also, I know a certain mod will vehemently disagree with me here :giggle:); however, Turtle winning would’ve been something I wouldn’t have complained about. If I’m being objective, he was the most consistent act; it’s just that I enjoyed two others from the season more. Nonetheless, Turtle was an act I enjoyed when it’s all said and done. :yes:



    09. Turtle/Jesse McCartney:


    The Elite 8:





    Night Angel





    Clues for #8 coming soon!

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  10. 8 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

    Aww if its regarding Summertime, sorry about that. I never cared for that one from her. :(


    Although I was personally pulling for Umbrella as that was my fave from her. But that got cut quickly. Although Dancing in the Street would have been a good inclusion too (really liked that one too).


    It's just in general. I'm not upset over Summertime, but I hoped at least one of For All We Know or Dancing In The Street made the finals. I wouldn't have minded Umbrella, but I had a feeling that wasn't going to make it.

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