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  1. 55. Unicorn/Tori Spelling

    Season 1: Fifth Eliminated

    rs_634x846-181019062358-634-3-masked-singer-ch-101918.jpg?fit=inside%257C900:auto%26output-quality=90&f=1&nofb=1 gettyimages-1127957567.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Unicorn - Fight Song

    Unicorn - Oops!...I Did It Again

    Unicorn - I Love It

    Unicorn Unmasking


    Clue: A fantasy creature who came from someone who specialized in producing fantasies of their own

    Unicorns are creatures that don't exist or are a fantasy. Tori Spelling is the daughter of legendary TV producer/director Aaron Spelling, who was responsible in creating some of the most well-known TV shows.


    Leading off the new set is Unicorn. Unicorn is someone who appeared to be a bundle of nerves every time she took the stage but put her heart in all of her performances. With that said, she was one of the weaker contestants of the season, and I remember people being annoyed with her story and “lasting too long”. Some watchers were especially displeased that Monster was in the B3 instead of her in the first episode. All three of her performances (Fight Song, Oops!...I Did It Again, and I Love It) were OK albeit not great. One thing I noticed was there was a lot of background singing during her performances, probably more so than any other act. Unicorn was unmasked after the fifth episode and was revealed to be actress Tori Spelling. In hindsight, she is someone I ranked too high (I probably should’ve ranked her in the higher 60s), but I don’t think this is too bad of a spot all things considered.


    54. Swan/Bella Thorne

    Season 3: Group C (Second Eliminated)

    Swan-01.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 GettyImages-1180536762-scaled.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Swan - Fever

    Swan - I Hate Myself For Loving You

    Swan - Unmasking


    Clue: A bird who was a part of something that referenced unclean yet appealing dead presidents

    Bella Thorne was Swan, which obviously is a bird. Thorne was in the ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money, hence the unclean yet appealing dead presidents clue.


    Swan is someone who I had to re-watch a few times because there wasn’t much about her I could remember. Her two performances (Fever and I Hate Myself For Loving You) were entertaining for the most part. Her IHMFLY was funny with the scrolling screens of Ken in the background and her saying she loved him at the end. :lmao: She was eliminated after those two performances and unveiled as actress Bella Thorne. She’s someone who I’m not familiar with. Having said that, apparently she and Ken were in a movie together, and I remember the panel giving him a hard time because he didn’t guess her correctly, not unlike a certain S1 act. :giggle: Overall, Swan is someone who I would say wasn’t bad but am indifferent towards when it’s all said and done.


    53. Broccoli/Paul Anka

    Season 4: Group C (Third Eliminated)

    Season-4-Broccoli.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 2072030-paul-anka-lors-de-la-soiree-musicares-pe-950x0-2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Broccoli - The House Is Rockin'/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

    Broccoli - Hello

    Broccoli - Old Time Rock & Roll

    Broccoli - Take Me Down

    Broccoli Unmasking


    Clue: A plant from the same area as a maple leaf

    Paul Anka is from Canada, whose flag has a red maple leaf in the center. Broccoli is obviously a plant.


    Broccoli definitely was someone who has been around for a while. In fact, one can say he was a seasoned performer in more ways than one. I enjoyed all of his performances (The House I Rockin’/Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Hello, and Old Time Rock & Roll) in some form or another. I remember there was some disappointment when he advanced while Squiggly Monster was eliminated. He had to participate in the Smackdown against Mushroom after Old Time Rock & Roll, which was a given considering that Jellyfish had the best performance of the night IMO. He sang Take Me Down in the Smackdown but fell short and had to unmask at the end of the night. Broccoli turned out to be legendary singer/songwriter Paul Anka. I loved how sure Robin was about him because he knew Anka was Canadian. :haha: Broccoli was OK, but I knew he went as far as he was going to go.


    52. Taco/Tom Bergeron

    Season 3: Group B (Third Eliminated)

    MS-S3_Taco_MB0905_V2_webres.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 tom-lead-37cc9dab-7336-4ed7-bc40-f04664fc4111.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Taco - Fly Me To The Moon

    Taco - Bossa Nova Baby

    Taco - Can't Help Myself

    Taco Unmasking


    Clue: Something that could do a tango on your taste buds

    Tom Bergeron was the long time host of Dancing With The Stars, hence the tango reference. Tacos are something people eat.


    Bringing some spice and flavor to the ranking is Taco. Taco was someone who I found to be fun during his brief stay in the show. My personal favorite performance of his was Fly Me To The Moon, for I didn’t expect him to be good for some reason. His other two performances (Bossa Nova Baby and Can’t Help Myself) were fine as well, although the dancer was my favorite part in the former. Taco fell short in the Group B Championships and was unmasked as long time comedian and TV show host Tom Bergeron. What was funny at his unmasking was Jenny, Robin, and Nicole not guessing him after all three have worked with him in some capacity (that didn’t stop them from getting on Ken for not getting Bella Thorne later that season). :lmao: Also, his famous friend being Bob Saget was funny because Bob himself would be an act in the following season. :haha:


    51. Kangaroo/Jordyn Woods

    Season 3: Eliminated Eleventh Episode

    rs_634x729-200122065722-634-6-masked-singer-s-3-ch-012220.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 jordyn-woods-at-shiseido-makeup-launch-in-los-angeles-09-25-2018-1.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    Kangaroo - Dancing On My Own

    Kangaroo - You Know I'm No Good

    Kangaroo - Diamonds

    Kangaroo - Not Ready To Make Nice

    Kangaroo - No Air

    Kangaroo - Hot Stuff

    Kangaroo Unmasking


    Clue: A down under creature with ties to a famous or infamous family depending on how you look at it

    Kangaroos are from Australia, which is often referred to the Land Down Under. Jordyn Woods was friends with Kylie Jenner, who is part of the Kardashian clan. In addition, Woods was involved in some controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.


    Closing out this set is Kangaroo. Kangaroo was someone who appeared to be an amateur during the season. She looked like she struggled with confidence early in the season but appeared to get better each time she took the stage. She gave some very solid performances with my personal favorite being No Air. I would go as far as saying that was the only decent cover of the song on any show. Unfortunately, she had to compete in the Smackdown with Astronaut after it. She sang Hot Stuff, but her stuff was anything but as she was eliminated and had to unmask at the end of the night (I’m sure a certain someone was relieved with the results :giggle:). She was revealed to be Jordyn Woods. As with most social media people, I had zero idea who she was. She was the weakest of her group, so I wasn’t too disappointed with her elimination. With that said, Kangaroo was someone who put up a very decent showing and should hold her head high over it.


    55. Unicorn/Tori Spelling:

    54. Swan/Bella Thorne:

    53. Broccoli/Paul Anka:

    52. Taco/Tom Bergeron:

    51. Kangaroo/Jordyn Woods:


    Clues for 50-46:

    - An apparatus that could dance if fed with Cash Money

    - Someone who chilled with a nice view

    - There is a golden gate entry to this fluffy act

    - This insect may not be so dainty considering her family

    - Who allowed toddlers to jet through the sky?


  2. Asia’h Epperson “Piece Of My Heart” - (3) Lily, Elliott, Crisis

    David Cook "Eleanor Rigby" - (13) Alex, Derek, rdhaley96, Bk, Tom, Elliott, Rei, Kevin, Hayden, Nico, Amanda, Sola, JC

    Brooke White "Here Comes The Sun" - (3) Diana, Steven, QK

    Carly Smithson “Blackbird” - (5) Diana, Lily, Megan, QK, Sola

    Syesha Mercado "Yesterday" - (14) Alex, Diana, Derek, rdhaley96, Bk, Tom, Lily, Megan, JORDAN_FAN, Rei, Kevin, Hayden, Nico, Amanda

    David Cook "Little Sparrow" - (7) Tom, JORDAN_FAN, Rei, Hayden, Chris, Gigi, Sola

    David Cook "The Music Of The Night" - (10) Alex, Derek, rdhaley96, Elliott, Nico, Amanda, Gigi, Steven, JC, Crisis

    Brooke White "I Am…I Said" - (6) Steven, QK, Kevin, Chris, Gigi, Crisis

    David Archuleta "Stand By Me" - (4) Bk, JORDAN_FAN, Chris, JC

  3. 16 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Yeah, I don't know how I managed to do that the first time. :lmao: It's not as bad with saving what I want, but I don't want to anger people with cuts. Yeah, it probably doesn't happen as much in the mini games, although I do remember it happening a bit in one of them I played. Understandable. That makes sense, but I'm a fan of all three. :giggle: Hahaha yes, I saw it right away! That's okay. :teeheewave: 


    You must survive. 😮 The Nicoles will be looking for you. 😮 


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    I understand. :( lol probably true about Prince. Nooo, not nice to judge someone for their hair color. :broken: And I was an A student. :wub: Thank you. :hug: You have a few blondes that you don't hate? 😮  Ah yes, I understand that about new vs. old music. It was. :haha:  

    Haha yay. :giggle:  That's fine. There's a lot going on at the moment! 


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    Yay! Oh, you noticed my dead threads. 😢 :dead: I just keep posting anyway and have a party for one. :dead:  That is true and maybe people do look without posting. :haha: I hope not either but I am here, if so. :hug:  Ugh, I am so sorry and know what you mean... :( I try to stay out of anything politic and don't want to judge anyone based on stereotypes of a certain "type" of person, if that makes sense. I understand it's tough seeing how people take it and say things. :closedeyes: I'm sure there will be. She has tons of fans, but sometimes negative comments are louder than positive ones, which is unfortunate. But she is loved and I know people who are fans. ❤️ 

    Thank you, but I am putting in my best effort. :kissbye:  Haha some of these I really did not remember well enough to rank, so I'm glad I rewatched. My ranking is just about done so I'll send it over shortly. And yes! I had a feeling. 😄 



    Was it one of the earlier rankdowns? If so, the newness may have had something to do with it (if not completely disregard this sentence, LOL). I pretty much try to save what I want and go for the potentially least controversial cuts unless a huge favorite of mine is cut or one of my favorites is deliberately targeted. That may be true about deals in the mini games. I'm a fan of all three as well. :yes: That would've been my ideal Top 3 that season (no offense to Taylor though I don't dislike him). I would've had Chris placed third and this may be a shock, but I would've had Elliott win because I felt he would've benefited more from the victory than Chris or Katharine. If it were a Kat/Elliott finale, I would've voted mostly for Elliott. Nice to see you saw it right away! Unfortunately, I don't think anyone else got it; it means they need to watch Country Comfort! Maybe it'll get another season if more people watch it.


    The Nicoles looking for me sound like both a good and bad thing. :dead:



    Glad to see you do. But how else am I supposed to judge people? 😢 :lmao: Great to see you were an A student. :yes: You're welcome. 🤗 It seems funny, but I do. I may or may not have another crush who is blonde. It won't be the next one, but there's a possibility it could be the one after. 🤔 Maybe other opportunities will arise when I can use them.

    Glad to see you understand! 😄



    Yeah, but look at it this way: you're doing a great service whether you think so or not. :yes: This will probably be me although it looks like Bk may be active there. Once again, thank you. 🤗 Unless it something completely egregious, I try to do the same regarding politics and any other things. I have family and friends who I butt heads with on some issues, but we still love and support each other. Unfortunately, I did have to abandon some people I was a fan of because of their actions. :( I would be absolutely devastated if I had to do so with Katharine; here's hoping it never comes to that. 🤞 From the looks of the list istersay posted in her fan thread, she did appear to have a lot of fans. :omg: True about the negative comments being louder and more prominent than the positive ones. Maybe the people you know will stumble across the thread and talk about her there. :haha:


    I noticed! :haha: I have to re-watch the performances myself to see where I would rank them. With that said, the ones I'm pretty sure about are my Top 2 and Bottom 3. I'm going to work on the new thread a little more and my next set of Masked Singer rankings before starting this one. That should be enough time for anyone else who wants to submit any rankings.

  4. 15 hours ago, istersay said:

    the old one from the wayback machine- McPhans!


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    480. aDORKable
    481. McPhly
    482. xX b0rNt0tRy Xx
    483. Perry
    484. kc_ceige
    485. xxxx
    486. Kendall
    487. londoncalling
    488. Josepher
    489. sea.j
    490. *--Abby Marie--*
    491. mahal512
    492. carrieouridol
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    507. Soon2BeCelebrity
    508. FlipStyle1308
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    512. ems_loves_sasha
    513. MattsChick54
    514. IluvCarrie
    515. steph*
    516. constantine_hot
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    523. AI_FaN04
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    529. Cassie Couture
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    632. birdabee




    :omg: :omg: :omg:


    Is this the most for any Idol contestant? The only other contestants I can think of who could have this many are Kelly and Carrie.

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  5. American Idol Appearances



    Katharine McPhee Audition



    Top 24 - Since I Fell For You


    Katharine McPhee - Since I Fell For You


    Top 20 - All In Love Is Fair


    Katharine McPhee - All In Love Is Fair


    Top 16 - Think


    Katharine McPhee - Think


    Top 12 - Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)


    Katharine McPhee - Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)


    Top 11 - Come Rain Or Come Shine


    Katharine McPhee - Come Rain Or Come Shine


    Top 10 - The Voice Within


    Katharine McPhee - The Voice Within


    Top 9 - Bringing Out The Elvis


    Katharine McPhee - Bringing Out The Elvis


    Top 8 - Who Wants To Live Forever


    Katharine McPhee - Who Wants To Live Forever


    Top 7 - Someone To Watch Over Me


    Katharine McPhee - Someone To Watch Over Me


    Top 6 - I Have Nothing


    Katharine McPhee - I Have Nothing


    Top 5 - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)


    Katharine McPhee - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)


    Top 5 - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree


    Katharine McPhee - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree


    Top 4 - Hound Dog/All Shook Up (Medley)


    Katharine McPhee - Hound Dog/All Shook Up (Medley)


    Top 4 - Can't Help Falling In Love


    Katharine McPhee - Can't Help Falling In Love


    Top 3 - I Believe I Can Fly


    Katharine McPhee - I Believe I Can Fly


    Top 3 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow


    Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow


    Top 3 - I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues


    Katharine McPhee - I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues


    Finale - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree


    Katharine McPhee - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Finale)


    Finale - Somewhere Over The Rainbow


    Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Finale)


    Finale - My Destiny


    Katharine McPhee - My Destiny


    740full-katharine-mcphee.jpg 740full-katharine-mcphee.jpg katharine-mcphee-grammy-awards-in-los-angeles-2-12-2017-16.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 katharine-mcphee-at-2019-daytime-beauty-awards-in-los-angeles-09-20-2019-2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1


    :mcwave: :mcwave: :mcwave:


    Hello, I'd like to personally welcome any McPhans or those who simply like Katharine to her fan thread. 😊 This will be a place for discussion for all things Katharine, whether it's her time on Idol, music, shows/movies/Broadway, future projects, rankings, or other subjects. My hope is that this will be a inviting place where us fans are able to get together and talk about the S5 Runner Up; I will definitely do my best to make this hope a reality. :yes: In addition, I'll try to keep the thread updated with the latest information as much as possible. On that note, once again, welcome to the Katharine McPhee Fan Thread!


    tumblr_oaobxlxeF61qd4rf5o2_400.gif&f=1&nofb=1  katharine-mcphee-kitchen-jun-00.gif&f=1&


    Social Media:

    Instagram · Facebook · Facebook (Fan Page)



    Wikipedia · IMDB

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  7. My super late take.


    Congrats to Mew and Espeon for topping the list.


    This was fun to follow along and comment in although I lost my two favorite Pokémon right before the finals (Arcanine and Snorlax in that order). Great job running the game, Rei!


    Looking at the list was...interesting to say the least. I like Cloyster but not enough for it to rank second. Unfortunately the special stat split really nerfed it. And Jynx being ranked anything higher than 151 is too high.


    Lastly, I came across this site and spent way too much time on it:


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  8. 17 hours ago, miss denise said:

    - :dead:  But oh wow, only one Idol you'd make your avatar. 😮 I know who, of course, but am surprised nobody else even has a chance. :giggle: 

    - I would be here for it. :giggle: 


    60. Eagle/Dr. Drew Pinsky: I remember this reveal being quite a surprise. :lmao: I also don't think he was all that bad, but there are certainly many better ones.

    59. T-Rex/JoJo Siwa: She was definitely energetic and entertaining, although I didn't care much for her. :haha: I do know of her outside of the show, but mostly just the name. 

    58. Panda/Laila Ali: Oh, I did have it right?! 😮 :dead: Oohh I didn't know about Gladiators but I also misunderstood and thought the "became a different mammal" part meant she became a different mammal than her father. :lmao: So I couldn't figure that one out but now it makes sense... you meant different than goat. :giggle: But yeah, I also agree she wasn't bad and actually much better than I would have expected. 😮 

    57. Skeleton/Paul Shaffer: Skeleton was fun. :giggle: I enjoyed his performances well enough but oh yeah, he was definitely the weakest of his group when he was eliminated. 

    56. Squiggly Monster/Bob Saget: Nicole's guess. :dead:  Aww I was bummed Danny Tanner didn't last longer. 😢 I also enjoyed him and thought the costume was fun, although super random. :lmao: 


    Wow, I got them all right. I love when I can make sense of clues. 😢 :lmao: 


    - A bird who was a part of something that referenced unclean yet appealing dead presidents: I think this is Penguin aka Sherri Shepherd and a reference to a Dirty Sexy Politics book written by one of her co-hosts from The View?

    - A down under creature with ties to a famous or infamous family depending on how you look at it: I immediately think of Kangaroo/Jordyn Woods. Of course kangaroos come from Australia and I remember Jordyn having a connection to the Kardashians. 

    - A fantasy creature who came from someone who specialized in producing fantasies of their own: I automatically thought of Unicorn and that makes sense since Tori Spelling's father was a TV producer. :yes: 

    - A plant from the same area as a maple leaf: I'm guessing Paul Anka as Broccoli since he's from Canada.

    - Something that could do a tango on your taste buds: Tom Bergeron as Taco... the dance reference and tasty tacos. :giggle: 


    - I wonder who that could be. :giggle: The others have little to no shot because although I am a fan of a lot of them (some of them big fans even), I don't stan them as hard.

    - Me too. :lmao:


    60. I think it was. I don't think anyone guessed him correctly. Pretty much in agreement with the last sentence.

    59. I pretty much agree with everything here except I didn't know much about her outside of the show. :haha:

    58. Yes, it was right! Yes, I was referencing GOAT and Panda as being the different mammals. Agreed with the last sentence.

    57. Again, pretty much agree with everything here. He was fun for the short time he was there.

    56. Yeah, Nicole's guess was something. :dead: He and the costume were fun and wouldn't have minded if he lasted longer.


    Yes, you did get them all right! We'll see how you do with the new set... :shiftywave:

  9. 10 hours ago, miss denise said:


    Enjoy. :lmao:  Yeah, I understand all this. :( I am definitely not that type either and get really scared to do it, although in my very first rankdown ever (which was a full-length one), I made a big cut in the final cuts portion prior to top 20. I could never feel so bold again. :dead:  As far as rankings, I would always just do my honest opinion unless someone asked for a placement deal. Makes sense to wait and see how things go. I kind of get that with Elliott as I don't really know anyone who would be so against him, although he could also be seen as a threat, but more of a silent one. :giggle: Ahh yeah, I get that, but I'm glad you were happy to get her in there. ❤️ I did and I'm sure the reference was to LeeAnn "freakin'" Rimes. :lmao: 


    Nooooo. :dead:  Maybe you would be super happy and post even more often to share your excitement. :giggle: 


      Hide contents

    That is very true. I just like them easy enough for me to solve. :giggle: Understandable about Prince! Thanks for sharing that insight. :yes: lol thanks. :giggle: Awww I know and was only kidding. :blushingwave: I just hope you don't hate me because I'm blonde. :dead: (another joke) I do like R&B music though! Ahh I see. It was certainly a mouthful, but I still love when you pull out quotes like that. :haha: Ugh yes, I know it. :( 

    So true and I was thinking of how you talked about that too. :haha::( 

    That would be fun! Haha looks like we both need to take a moment (or 25) for that. :giggle: 

    omg :shock:  I certainly wouldn't have complained. :ph34rwave: But I love them both. :wub: 


      Hide contents

    Ahh, I kind of wondered about that. 😮  I get the feeling of being the only one and have been there with threads I've made. :( It's sad but you can still do it and hope more people will join in at some point. Oh and of course there is no negativity allowed! If someone does that, just let me know and I can moderate the situation. Ugh, I'm sorry people did that in your other thread. :( It's frustrating how people can be. :broken:  That is such a fun idea and definitely will help engage other posters!




    Haha, I completely understand about the fear of doing something of that magnitude, especially with the potential reactions. I was intimidated to send Haley's performance to the finals but got past that fear and did it anyway. I'm the same with my rankings, although I don't think there's been any deals made in this mini-rankdown. Yeah, and I'll probably stay away from that thread during my break. I don't think he has too many detractors, at least nowhere near as many as Chris and Katharine. :haha: Yeah, me too. ❤️ Yep, that was the reference, although I misquoted it! :giggle:


    I would share my excitement assuming I survive the original shock. :dead:



    It's a struggle to find a balance for the clues. I want to make people think but at the same not give up in frustration. I don't think anyone understood what Prince was doing at the time when he changed his name; it was thought as Prince being Prince. :haha: Does this mean I can go back to making blonde jokes? If so, that could be a dangerous thing. :giggle: Don't worry, I could never hate you. :haha: I did say I have a few exceptions. Nice to see you like R&B music. I mainly like the older R&B though I don't mind some of the current music. I figured it was a great time to pull out another music quote. :haha: Yeah. :(

    Ugh, it can be so frustrating at times. :/ :haha:

    Yes, we could spare 25 moments to finish that video. :haha:

    I'll keep that in mind. :giggle: I'll see if there's another crush I can post. It'll probably be a while though.



    I'll go ahead and do it! Hopefully I'll have it up some time this week. I noticed that and wished I could help out some. :( At the very least it will help those who are fans but may not post for some reason be up to date as to what may be going on with them. Thank you for this; I hope there won't be any times I do have to reach out and have the thread moderated. To be honest, it's been kind of rough being a fan for the past few months although I try to remain positive and not let the negativity get to me. With that said, I hope there will be some other posters to talk about Katharine with. 🤞


    10 hours ago, miss denise said:

    Thanks for the list of performances! I wonder how many I can rank off the top of my head. :dead: I'll give it a try and let you know.  Also going to tag @Bk1234 to see if they would like to participate. ❤️ 


    Don't worry if you can't rank them all. Any effort and amount will be appreciated. :yes: It appears Bk may be interested in this topic. :haha:


    I see you commented in my TMS thread. I'll try to reply to that during my lunch break. :yes:


    3 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

    Let’s not forget about this gem. 🙃


    I was thinking about only doing the performances from the Disney themes. However, I'm open to other performances of Disney songs. The tricky part would be to find all of them.

  10. Here are all of the Disney performances to my knowledge:



    Maddie Poppe - The Bare Necessities

    Jurnee - How Far I'll Go

    Cade Foehner - Kiss The Girl

    Ada Vox - Circle Of Life

    Michelle Sussett - Remember Me

    Gabby Barrett - Colors Of The Wind

    Michael J. Woodard - Beauty And The Beast

    Caleb Lee Hutchinson - You've Got A Friend In Me

    Catie Turner - Once Upon A Dream

    Dennis Lorenzo - Can You Feel The Love Tonight



    Uche - I 2 I

    Laci Kaye Booth - I See The Light

    Alejandro Aranda - Remember Me

    Alyssa Raghu - Colors Of The Wind

    Wade Cota - You've Got A Friend In Me

    Dimitrius Graham - You'll Be In My Heart

    Walker Burroughs - When She Loved Me

    Madison VanDenburg - How Far I'll Go

    Laine Hardy - Oo-De-Lally

    Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon - Candle On The Water



    Arthur Gunn - Kiss The Girl

    Just Sam - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Jonny West - Almost There

    Louis Knight - Can You Feel The Love Tonight

    Julia Gargano - Beauty And The Beast

    Francisco Martin - You'll Be In My Heart

    Dillon James - Our Town



    Caleb Kennedy - Real Gone

    Willie Spence - Circle Of Life

    Deshawn Goncalves -When You Wish Upon A Star

    Casey Bishop - When She Loved Me

    Chayce Beckham - Baby Mine

    Alyssa Wray - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Arthur Gunn - Remember Me

    Cassandra Coleman - Go The Distance

    Hunter Metts - You'll Be In My Heart

    Grace Kinstler - Into The Unknown


    There are 37 performances if I counted correctly. As mentioned, I'll wait until Thursday to see if anyone wants to submit any rankings. If not, I'll try to start the ranking this weekend.


    Finally, on an unrelated note, Happy Birthday to Haley Scarnato! 😊 🎂



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  11. 2 hours ago, miss denise said:


    I understand so I hope you enjoy watching. :haha:  Oh, that... I get it. :(  Yeah, that always happens with people tanking things for other reasons. I would be shocked if it didn't happen, but it is unfortunate, especially when it affects your favorites. :(  Oh yay for Elliott winning! I'm glad to hear that. ❤️  Oh no, I don't think you threw anyone under the bus. It's nice they agreed with your choice and that makes it easy. I did watch two more episodes of Country Comfort and am sure I get the reference for your TMS post now. :giggle: 


    Of course you wouldn't complain. :haha: Oh wow, if Nicole has a twin or clone.... you will be beside yourself. :omg: :lmao: 




      Hide contents

    It certainly did.

    :haha: Oh, well it kept things interesting. :haha: Wow, I had no idea she had that extra "i" for years. 😮 OMG I forgot about the Prince name change and never really understood that. :dead:  Aww... I understand those feelings. :blushingwave:  It seems so, but don't hate on blondes. 😮  Ahh that was a bit before my time in terms of listening to mainstream music, but then I also never really listened to R&B radio. "To quote Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest from the song "Check The Rhime":" That was so long. :dead: And I have no idea what it any of it is. :dead:  But oh that quote... so unfortunate. :( 


    At least it's not as long as it has been before, but enough to annoy a person (like me). :( :dead:  But yay! 


    I do. ❤️ I couldn't find anything by looking at the thumbnails, but it's possible. I do still want to watch the video, just need a good block of time. :haha: Oh wow, that's really cool!


    You changed it? What was it originally going to be? :lmao: But of course I enjoy Hunter. 😛 ❤️ 





    Oh wow. 😮 I have no idea what this means with ranking Kat's looks in a different thread now... unless it's a full thread of Katharine rankings? :lmao: Ooh I like the idea of ranking performances based on a theme! And oh yay, Disney performances! :wub: It's up to you if you want the ranking to reflect just your opinion or not, but if you want additional opinions, I'll do my best to provide. :giggle: 


    Yeah, I'll just sit back and enjoy the chaos that is sure to come. :giggle: It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Admittedly, I tried to do the same thing in S6 in retaliation to what happened in S5. I tried to cut some of the more popular performances but was unable to do much damage. Maybe in hindsight it was for the best. I may not be cut out for these type of things. I'm pretty sure I'll sit out S8; however, I have to see where I'll go from there after that. One of the positive things about S5 is that no one went after Elliott too badly, so he was able to escape unscathed. It really was nice they went along with it. Unfortunately, her performance finished last in the finals, but I expected that to happen. I was just happy I was able to get one of her performances there. I hope you did get the Country Comfort reference and am happy to see you watched another two episodes.


    Absolutely not. :lmao: I would probably no longer post here because I would drop dead on sight if she were to have a twin or clone. :dead:



    The clues can be tricky if someone isn't familiar with the person. At the same time, I don't want to make them too easy. Yeah, I don't get why she added it to her name. I think the reason Prince changed his name is because his old label owned the rights to his music under the Prince name; therefore, he changed it so any music created under that name would be his. It was only after he left the label that he started recording and performing under Prince again. I'm glad to see you do. :haha: I didn't say anything negative about blondes this time; I've been trying to be good about it. 😇 Oh, I see the point about mainstream and R&B radio. A Tribe Called Quest was a hip-hop/rap group that was mostly active in the early 90s and Check The Rhime was one of their songs. That quote is unfortunate considering many artists were screwed over or negatively impacted by their record labels.

    Yeah, at least it's not ten years or something *cough* Sade *cough* (J/K, I'm still a huge fan :haha:). 

    Who knows, maybe she'll review something you have read in the future. I haven't watched the whole video myself, so I need to put some time aside to do so. :haha: It is cool she's had opportunities to do so. :yes:

    I was going to post another Zac gif or picture but decided to mix things up. :giggle:


    I'll go ahead and post what I'll try to do some time this week:


    I will create a fan thread for her. At first I was hesitant because I felt I would be the only one posting in it. However, I remembered one of the main rules about fan threads is no flames or negative posts are allowed. It'll allow me to talk about her without having to worry about any negativity. Unfortunately, I read some negative things about her in my S19 thread but did my best not to react to it. I'll try to make this fan thread different from the others. Instead of just talking about any future projects, I'll have topics such as discussing her Idol performances, her Idol looks, her past projects, and other things.

    Tomorrow, I'll post the performances and see if anyone wants to help me rank them. It'll be similar to the other topics in which posters submit their rankings.

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