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  1. Can they be like Ari? A respectable, Decent human being. Why are they mad? If Ari was fine with it, then why aren’t they? Ari Stand need to chill, Man i’m scared for Holly now…
  2. I have a question do y’all Classify Gymani as a AA Powerhouse. I sure do, I love the rasp when she belts, but thank god she doesn’t belt as much because Minivan hates that Lol
  3. I love his style. He’s not just another AA R+B Male artist who is soulful, He has the artistry and his voice is soulful but with grit/rasp and with emotion. I like him, Definitely one of my snowflakes.
  4. I actually thought Peedy was Wyatt Micheal at first until they showed him lmfaooa
  5. Omg I can already tell tonight’s episode is going to be insane! YESSIR
  6. TBH can we just acknowledge how many AA Females they decided to put on this show, with 3 of them being AA PH. Gymani and Wendy were phenomenal OMG. I did like boths audition but I’m not gonna compare. They are both talented women with amazing vocals… No Need To!
  7. TBH I loved tonight’s premiere… Sure it wasn’t as stacked as it should be, but to be honest I already know tommorow is gonna be way better then the premiere I have a feeling. Peedy was a surprise, GNT was really good. Katherines audition was a whole iconic, Jonathon was insane, he kind of reminded me of Darius from season 18. Jack has a cool soothing tone. I liked Kinsey’s tone. Wendy was phenomenal and exceptional as we expected a overall good premiere for me!
  8. TBH i am more worried about Holly… Like Ari used her block on John for Holly and Holly picked Kelly? I hope the arianators calm down with Holly
  9. So we have… Jonathon Mouton Katherine Ann Mohler Katie Vaghun Mogul Wendy Moten Girl Named Tom 3 or 4 names TBD…
  10. Brittney posted a post saying “tonight”. I definitely see her being tonight!
  11. Vaughn already hit 1 Mill on Youtube in 3 days! Btw I totally see them bringing back the coach comeback for the playoffs with Vaughn being Aris comeback artist
  12. Ahhh… Then I think i would replace him with either Shadale or KJ Jennings?
  13. no but seriously I totally see this being the premiere. I would’ve switched up Holly with Girl Named Tom, but Holly might not be in the premiere after saying she doesn’t know when. So i can see this premier happening
  14. Okay so with Vaughn being in many of the promos and him being the leak… I definitely see… - Katherine Ann Mohler- Team Ariana - Jeremy Rosado- Team Kelly - Brittney Bree- Team Legend - Vaghun Mogul- Team Ariana - Bella Denapoli or Raquel- Team Ari - Hailey Green- Team Blake - Samuel Harness- Team Legend - Girl Named Tom- Team Kelly -LiBianca- Team Blake Okay so basically I can totally see this happening. Katherine and Vaughn are battle partners and they usually put 2 battle partners in the premiere. Bella/Raquel are one of Aris frontrunners. LiBiancas song choice and unexpected coach pick is something they should put in the premiere. Girl Named Tom is the only group that got 4 chairs. Samuel might be a block contestant so i can see him being in the premiere. Hailey was a comeback contestant and they usually put those in the premiere. Brittney is a AA Diva and to be honest her don’t choice and her picking Team Legend is a smart move to put her in the premiere, she’s a stolen contestant in the KO as well and they seem to put that. Jeremy hinted he will be at the premiere so i’m guessing tonight?
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