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  1. TBH it’s better for Gymani to be the only AA PH on Team Kelly so she can stand out more
  2. No bc can minivan stfu and just advance our faves. We’re lucky no male country acts this season are going into lives bc we would’ve been screwed. But hey at least Minivan will suffer with no country acts(but Lana) going through!
  3. Your right. Minivan doesn’t like Wendy’s Voice that much. Is it just me or do I see another Dana Monique Situation happening with Wendy?
  4. I blame TPTB if they decide to montage Lana Vs. Carson. They could’ve easily montaged Jeremy Vs. Xavier or even Peedy Vs. Berrit. But NOOOOO they had to montage their battle performances and show that horrendous good 4 you battle and that mediocre dilemma battle. TPTB can be so idiotic sometimes, they can montage it on NBC but atleast make the interns upload the full performances on youtube. (watch Lana vs. Carson actually happen LMFAO and i raged for nothing)
  5. So i’m guessing this is what’s happening next week… Opening KO: Shadale Vs. Samara Brown 2ND KO: Peedy Chavis Vs. Berrit 3rd KO: Jim and Sasha Vs. Manny Keith 4th KO: Jeremy Rosado Vs. Xavier Cornell 5th KO: Bella DeNapoli Vs. Katherine Ann M 6th KO(Montage): Lana Scott Vs. Carson 7th KO: Jershika Vs. Paris Winningham I really want to see Lana and Carson, but it looks like TPTB don’t want that to be shown in full because of Minivan possibly losing their minds. IMO Lana and Carson should be shown in full and Peedy and Berrit shouldn’t. Actually NO MONTAGES should happen but it’s so stupid how they shorten contestants performances.
  6. Is it weird i want Joshua Vs. Sabrina to be the leak? I’m getting vibes that it will be the leak!
  7. I think i saw it somewhere here when spoilers came out for knock-outs let get it real quick…
  8. What was the reception for this season’s knockouts? Were they insane? Like Last Season?
  9. Team Legends PO Team is just like Last Season. You don’t know who you want to advance Lmfao
  10. Y’all after the knockouts… that’s when we can predict a winner. Watch someone we least expect have a breakout moment.
  11. Guys in season 15 their was no montage for the knockouts? We possibly have a chance!
  12. Man if they do coach comebacks it’s gonna make everyone go crazy. Especially Idf with their top 3 lives predictions . Anyone the coaches bring back they have a impact on the voting tbh.
  14. wdym Shadale is amazing as well. John coukdve easily paired Samara with Joshua and Shadale and Sabrina!
  15. Same i love Lana’s tone! I also wanna see Minivan go nuts and get tortured HEHEHEHEHHE
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