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  1. if she gets a emotional and a song that makes everyone feel something then I totally see her getting the second PVs
  2. Y’all i need help… i can’t decide on Team Legend and Team Blake on who I want to advance
  3. TBH Season 21 has a great lineup, so many great artists and many really talented artists. Season 20 also had a great playoffs lineup. This is hard LNFAO.
  4. Wait… There is no more spring Seasons? Basically Season 22 is coming out in the fall now?
  5. Out of everyone else on Team Legend other then Samuel… who did facebook praise most?
  6. No i’m sorry yall but Team Legend>>> Team Kelly. It’s based on my preference rn
  7. I think… after we see every elimination, we get to comeback one artist
  8. Okay so basically… twitter is gonna vote for one artist to comeback on any team. Then the winning artist will be able to sing with the wildcards on each team. I mean we all know Vaughn is gonna win… I just hope twitter is gonna be the instant save/voting method now… it will be so intense and much better.
  9. guys i just realized the possible comebacks have been leaks Vaughn Mogul- First Premiere Blind Leak Samara Brown- Battle Part 2 Leak Hailey Green- Knockouts Premiere Leak Aaron Hines- Final Blinds Leak
  10. What if John and Ariana are saying get your voting ready because maybe idk the playoffs are the following week?
  11. It’s such a stacked season. All the losers deserve a steal tf is going on?
  12. I really think Joshua has a chance at 2nd PV on Team Legend. Today was his breakout moment, he can really go far if he keeps singing ballads.
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