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  1. So if Usher is back for Season 20, then John is probably out next season. I'm okay with John leaving the show, to be honest.
  2. It can't be Ryan Gallagher because he's one of the contenders of the 4-way knockout. The winner cannot be announced yet.
  3. I searched thru youtube but there was also none. I am now excited with that performance.
  4. I hope TPTB will get rid of the 4-way knockout and go back to the usual 2-way knockout for the battle saves. Though it will not be possible if there are only 10 members of each team.
  5. Wow she'll really slay that Faith Hill song. This isn't over yet for Taryn. She might even become Blake's frontrunner if it's true that he lets go of Jim.
  6. He might actually push for Worth the Wait to get to the finale this season. He did it with the Swon Brothers and is the only coach in the history of the show to bring a duo to the finale.
  7. I actually liked that performance of hers. She was also my favorite that season although that was indeed an awful song choice. I would have traded her for Zach for the PV.
  8. I loved Morgan's Lips of an Angel countrified version (playoff performance), though. Team Blake was stacked that season with the exception of Zach Seabaugh who got the PV. Blake was left with no choice but to save Emily Ann.
  9. He's singing Blue Ain't Your Color, a country song. So it is safe to assume he's country. But he might have put a different spin on it.
  10. "Wasting All These Tears" was also performed by Lexi Luca on Season 6. Her blind audition was montaged though.
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