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  1. I think Samantha Howell is a 3 chair turn, because in the promo you can see John and Nick's lights on, and we're pretty sure she chose Kelly as her coach...
  2. YEEES I was just about to say that
  3. I want to see Samantha Howell's audition
  4. At Arei Moon's audition, they showed the family just at the moment of a very good run and high note, when Kelly turned her chair... WHY IN THOSE MOMENTS!!
  5. Okay, so we have our first semifinalist, Diva, team Blake...
  6. After watching the auditions again on youtube... And I know it's a controversial list, but it's to my personal taste.. 1 Tyler Green - Love her tone. Very warm. 2 Joanna Serenko - Love her tone too, I expected a little more, but I really liked it anyway. 3 Megan Danielle - Don't know why nobody liked her audition, but I personally liked it very much. Unique tone and a very nice vibrato. I feel that she has a lot of potential to improve, and can go far in the competition. 4 Todd Michael Hall - Crazy range. 5 Todd Tilghman - Cool tone, good audition. 6 Darious Lyles - Just OK. 7 Nelson Cade III - Mediocre audition, didn't deserve a 4 chair turn. Cool rasp tho. 8 Tate Brusa - Mediocre. I didn't hear anything interesting in his voice.
  7. I saw Arei at the promo, the other guy I'm not sure, maybe Levi?
  8. her audition wasn't very good, let's just say... but yes, much better than this season
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