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  1. 1. Thunderstorm Artis (9.5/10) 2. Allegra Miles (9/10) 3. Zan Fiskum (9/10) 4. Todd Tilghman (9/10) 5. CammWess (8.5/10) 6. Micah Iverson (8/10) 7. Toneisha Harris (8/10) 8. Joei Fulco (7.5/10) 9. Joanna Serenko (7/10) 10. Roderick Chambers (7/10) 11. Michael Williams (6.5/10) 12. Mandi Castillo (6/10) 13. Megan Danielle (6/10) 14. Cedrice (5.5/10) 15. Arei Moon (5.5/10) 16. Mike Jerel (4.5/10) 17. Mandi Thomas (4/10)
  2. There is absolutely no chance Todd doesn’t get PV
  3. Starting to think these aren’t busses and they’re just incompetent when it comes to song choices
  4. They really did Joanna dirty for giving her this song lmao
  5. It’s really hard to tell if you’re trolling sometimes
  6. Things are looking good for Micah and Cedrice after those last two performances
  7. This is such a step down from all of her other performances. What a shame.
  8. Not horrible by any means but I expected better from Megan
  9. Starting a bit off tbh...and this is coming from a big fan of Megan
  10. Not as bad as I’m seeing people say it is here, but not too impressive.
  11. This is better than his battle and knockout, at least
  12. This is a cake walk for Thunderstorm and Allegra lol
  13. Yikes, this song choice does nothing for me. Also what is up with these filters lmao
  14. Why this song choice? Ugh...and I liked Arei, too. Any Bruno song besides When I Was Your Man is the kiss of death on The Voice
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