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  1. This is irrefutable evidence. There's foul play afoot. Eagerly awaiting NBC to put out a statement.
  2. Happy John didn't get Zan, he doesn't deserve her
  3. Yeah, agreed. Not like he's successfully spoiled the top 40, top 20, and top 11 or anything. Seems unreliable.
  4. PV: Thunderstorm (100% on this one) Todd (Toneisha would have to give the performance of her life to win this, and Todd would have to flop hard. Joanna has no chance.) CammWess (As much as Zan deserves it, anyone who's convinced themselves Zan is winning this is in denial.) Micah (The hardest to predict. If Megan can give a Piece by Piece-level performance, she might win this. I'd bet on Miach for now, though.) Instant Save: Toneisha (Zan and Joanna have no chance. Allegra might make it if they pimp her, but I don't see her getting this. It's going to be Toneish
  5. This new rule change is literally awful. PV: Todd, Thunderstorm, CammWess, Micah IS: Toneisha
  6. Levi getting no turns when actual no chair turners make it Excited to see how this redux plays out!
  7. indii

    Rank the Top 9

    1. Zan Fiskum 2. Thunderstorm Artis 3. Allegra Miles 4. Joanna Serenko 5. Megan Danielle 6. Toneisha Harris 7. CammWess 8. Todd Tilghman 9. Micah Iverson
  8. Not sure why everyone's so down on Toneisha's chances. She's doing really good on every social media platform. Could definitely see her getting into the Finale. Am I missing something?
  9. I'm guessing It's gonna be Arthur, Francisco, Sam, Julia, Jonny, Dillon, and Louis.
  10. Definitely Jean Jordan and Allegra were good, too
  11. I totally agree. This is one of, if not the best semifinals group we've ever had. I don't think I've ever liked everyone going into the top 8-9. Even my favorite seasons have an unimpressive Top 8 contestant (Example: Braiden, Red). Too bad this whole virus thing had to happen at the time it did, because this is one of my favorite casts The Voice has ever had.
  12. I think the poll is a bit messed up lol, you can only vote one Public Vote Top 3 Todd Thunderstorm Allegra Middle 3 CammWess Toneisha (Wins) Micah Bottom 3 Zan Megan Joanna
  13. Idolforums (for the most part) happy about a results episode? Unheard of.
  14. Lol Michael's obviously getting this. Even though I personally don't think he deserves it.
  15. How lmao, she's been fantastic in her audition, battle, and KO
  16. Preparing myself for the IDF meltdown when Michael gets the save...
  17. The thought of Todd T singing Crazy in Love
  18. She was so good tonight! Perfect song choice and not a single bad note! If she doesn't make the Top 9 I'm not sure I'll be able to emotionally handle it.
  19. It's 100% gonna be one of Tstorm and Todd that wins. Nobody else has much a chance, unless they give a huge breakout performance. I'd say Todd is in the lead to win rn, but if Thunderstorm gives a really good performance he could come out on top.
  20. Blake PV: Todd CS: Toneisha WC: Joanna John PV: Zan CS: Camm WC: Mandi Kelly PV: Micah CS: Cedrice WC: Megan Nick PV: Thunderstorm CS: Allegra WC: Michael
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