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  1. Wondering if this'll be the season Trinity Rose returns to get the chair turn she deserved years go.
  2. Not what I was looking for. It's something that can be found on the wiki.
  3. Either Mia Z or Sarah. I'd say Mia because Sarah was pretty rocky in the pre-taped rounds.
  4. Not what I was looking for. Here's a hint: It has to do with the auditions.
  5. Oh, I didn't even see this one before I posted mine lol They all won Instant Saves without being the last to perform?
  6. Don't think this one is too hard. Caroline Pennell Kameron Marlowe Travis Ewing Whitney Fenimore
  7. They should get JoJo or Brandy as a coach tbh, have one of them replace John
  8. They need to make some major changes next season. ABC still hasn't produced a single good season of Idol.
  9. Hard to tell. The voting demographic has changed a lot over the years, and a lot of the people that won their seasons a few years ago wouldn't have made it very far now. If I had to guess, I'd say 1st. Jordan 2nd. Danielle 3rd. Alisan 4th. Maelyn
  10. Kyla vs. JessLee is one that comes to mind. DeBorah vs. Nelly's Echo too (DeBorah one of the most underrated contestants of all time IMO, and she completely destroyed Nelly's Echo in this battle)
  11. Idk if this has been posted here but they realeased a snippet of Despina Savva's audition. Nicole Ferreira was in a promo, too.
  12. Almost all the females were bussed, so it's rigged in that regard, but I don't think it had anything to do with gender.
  13. No Megan (though Toneisha is a very close second) Zan
  14. Who is voting they want Micah to win? He has fans? Who's gonna win? Thunderstorm Who I want to win? Thunderstorm
  15. Don't think he can. Tate sang it in the Knockouts.
  16. T3: Todd, Thunderstorm, Toneisha M3: Allegra, CammWess, Micah B3: Megan, Joanna, Zan
  17. The Voice by default because this season of AI has been abyssmal.
  18. 1. Thunderstorm Artis 2. Todd Tilghman 3. Toneisha Harris 4. CammWess 5. Micah Iverson
  19. LMAO never wouldve expected Thunderstorm would ever be in the top half of your ratings
  20. Zan should sing Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) if she wants any chance of getting the IS.
  21. Thanks for this, excited for the season! First TVAU season I'm going to be watching live Not 100% sure on this one but Elishia Semaan might be in. She made the live shows on X Factor Malta and got 5th place on X Factor Australia (in the group Beatz). Follows a bunch of the people confirmed to be in this season. Pretty sure we're going to be seeing Luke Kennedy (Runner-up of Season 2) as well.
  22. All three of the reboot's seasons have been underwhelming anyways. Wouldn't mind it being canceled.
  23. Nothing lower than a B-? On this episode? Very questionable ratings. Also Todd getting an A on his worst performance?????
  24. CammWess - "Rainbow" (9/10) Thunderstorm Artis - "Home" (9/10) Megan Danielle - "What Hurts the Most" (7/10) Toneisha Harris - 'Because You Loved Me" (7/10) Joanna Serenko - "Lean on Me" (6.5/10) Zan Fiskum - "Never Be the Same" (5.5/10) Allegra Miles - "Overjoyed" (5/10) Todd Tilghman - "Love, Me" (4/10) Micah Iverson - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" (3.5/10)
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