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  1. She was, and I originally ruled her out when I saw her, but she showed up in people's follows an unusual amount of times.
  2. Thanks! I'll add the other names I have that have appeared a few times. Prinnie Stevens (All Star) Dylan James (matches with soneone in a promo, but didn't mention it since I wasn't 100%) Em Mylott Herminia Soulshine Roxy LeBrasse Kirby Burgess Graeme Isaako Sappire T Maddy Thomas Mark Furze Xy Latu (Definitely saw him in a promo)
  3. Awful. Reddit is and has always been a hellhole.
  4. Eh, I’ve enjoyed her performances. Don’t get the divas all constantly being compared to each other. For the most part, I like them all.
  5. Meghan, Koryn, and India had the best version back in S8 tbh. But out of these three, probably Brooke
  6. Lauren Spencer Smith - “The Joke” Julia Gargano - “New York State of Mind” Jonny West - “You Found Me Just Sam - “Como La Flor”
  7. Wasn't a fan of most people in this finale. Camm went from one of my favs in the finale to dropping into the middle of the pack. Voted for Thunderstorm and Toneisha.
  8. CammWess - "Purple Rain" (4.5/10) Todd Tilghman - "I Can Only Imagine" (3.5/10) Micah Iverson - "Butterflies" (4/10) Thunderstorm Artis - "Sedona" (8/10) Toneisha Harris - "Faithfully" (9/10) Todd Tilghman - "Long Way Home" (5.5/10) CammWess - "Save It For Tomorrow" (6.5/10) Micah Iverson - "Chasing Cars" (2/10) Toneisha Harris - "My Superhero" (8.5/10) Thunderstorm Artis - "What A Wonderful World" (10/10)
  9. Who will win: Thunderstorm Best cover: Thunderstorm Best original: Toneisha
  10. That's the kind of song TStorm needed to win over Todd
  11. This finale has been so underwhelming tbh, they’ve all sounded better in past rounds. Hopefully Toneisha or TStorm can redeem this
  12. People here really acting like Addison wasn't far and away the best contestant of S13 lol
  13. Thunderstorm has been incredibly consistent this season, same can't be said about everyone else in the F5 rn.
  14. I'm not watching live and just checked the wiki but Todd sang I Can Only Imagine? LMAO looks like hes winning
  15. A few of these match people on the follow list - “An Australian Idol winner” is Natalie Gauci, I’m basically 100% on this one - “The youngest artist ever” might be Emmagen Rain, who would be the youngest at 12 years old. Pretty confident in this one. as well. - “TikTok star” is probably Sebastian Coe, whos already in the list. No clue about the other two tbh.
  16. Bumping this one bcus nobody's figured it out yet. Here's one last hint: It involves another person in their audition episode
  17. Easily Megan. Wasn't a fan of the other 4
  18. I'd be shocked if Todd or TStorm didn't win tbh. Compared to AI, Sam was at least somewhat it contention. Todd/TStorm are so far ahead of the other 3 that it'd take a miracle for anyone else to win. I'd love to be shocked and have someone nobody would expect to win, though (except Micah lol)
  19. The west coast not knowing to vote definitely played a part. Someone posted a google trends map a while ago, and Just Sam was the most searched in every state on the east coast, while Arthur dominated the west.
  20. 1. Candice Glover 2. Kelly Clarkson 3. Fantasia Barrino 4. Maddi Poppe 5. Jordin Sparks 6. Trent Harmon 7. Just Sam 8. Phillip Phillips 9. Kris Allen 10. Carrie Underwood 11. Ruben Studdard 12. Laine Hardy 13. Caleb Johnson 14. Scotty McCreery 15. David Cook 16. Lee DeWyze 17. Nick Fradiani 18. Taylor Hicks
  21. Khalea tbh. As a whole MaKenzie>Khalea but that was one of my favorite performances from Khalea and probably my least favorite from MaKenzie. I love Toneisha too but her version didn't really go anywhere.
  22. Arthur's definitely gonna get Alejandro treatment in Season 19
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