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  1. Joanna Serenko just made a twitter today, that's a good sign for her, right?
  2. Based on posts/stories - Todd Tilghman is very likely in (has said he’s leaving town for “personal matters”, hotel headboard matches up) - Micah Iverson may also be in (hotel headboard matches up) - Gigi Hess also is most likely in, headboard matches up her story and recently followed by Micah Iverson - Arei Moon may also be in (hotel headbord matches up) - Cedrice Webster is basically 100% in. Very clearly in the hotel.
  3. Rob Taylor, Elyjuh Rene, Jordy Searcy, and Kat Lopez of La Voz
  4. Also, Joe Johnson is just Semi Average Joe’s real name, and they’re put as two separate people.
  5. Krystal Anne should be out too, she has a show in Nashville on the 10th. Chan is currently on a flight. Seems like he might be in.
  6. He might've, the list for who made the final round isn't complete.
  7. Excited to see the list out so I can finally talk about my favs lol. Thunderstorm Artis, Z. Lynn Harris, and Allison Grace are definitely my snowflake candidates this season, Thunderstorm specifically. Can't wait to see how they do on the show! Would also like to add that I find evidence a month or two back that most likely confirms Thunderstorm as a chair turner. There's a chance it's incorrect, but he's at least confirmed to have gotten to perform in front of the judges.
  8. Don't be so pessimistic lol, from what I've seen it's a pretty balanced cast between every genre, not really country dominated. There's some reggae in there. Even a metal singer. I will say that though the amount of country males isn't out of the ordinary, there's 6 or 7 country females in there. Most of them are interesting, though. Overall, really talented cast. A lot of people I'm excited to see. No clear frontrunners, but many that could become frontrunners as the show goes on.
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