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  1. I'm calling it now. Michael will take Allegra's spot tomorrow.
  2. Neither the coaches nor the contestants have too much power over song choices. From what I heard, they are only given a few songs to choose from. Sometimes these options are all bad and that's probably what happened with Jej.
  3. That was their attempt to slow the song down. The original is too fast and doesn't convey emotion as well.
  4. I don't understand the obsession over Joanna's tone tbh. It sounds basic at times. Although that wasn't a bad performance at all.
  5. The same thing happened with Katie last season. We all thought she would win since her social media numbers were way above the rest, they are even higher than Thunderstorm's numbers this season. Anyways, the point is Thunderstorm still have a lot to prove if he wants to secure the victory. I'll bet on team Blake (Todd) or Kelly (Megan) for this season's winner though.
  6. Ok Kelly just declared her winner. The other teams can step aside now...
  7. During her season, I was rooting for Brooke (because Miley...). After going back and listening to all of Addison's past performances on The Voice, I have to say that her tone is gorgeous and she is an incredible singer. She's the type of singer that I'd listened to everyday. Anyways, the point is... can I be added please?
  8. Were you here for season 14 and 15, and especially last season? Jake Hoot begs to differ.
  9. Megan Danielle (she will probably have the same trajectory on the show as Jake Hoot. Also, Kelly always manage to sneak one in except for that one season we don't talk about) Thunderstorm (he is undoubtedly good) Todd T (he has everything team minivan loves) Zan Fiskum (she has the lowest chance out of 4 of them and even a few others I didn't mention, but hopefully team Minivan suddenly have taste and vote for her)
  10. Are they saving all the good battles for the next 2 week?
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