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  1. I don't think Cam could've won on team Kelly. We all know how minivan feels about POC. He only got the edge to win because of Blake's fan base.
  2. He deserves the win I am a Kelly fan but just couldn't deny his talent.
  3. After some extensive research on google trend and Facebook data, I can conclude that queens Lindsay and Gih will pull an upset and share the crown tomorrow.
  4. There were some such as Kennedy and Katie's seasons. I think the result tomorrow might be very close between Kenzie and Cam. We'll just have to wait and see.
  5. He did an amazing job tonight. He is probably one of the most talented Voice contestant up there with Maelyn.
  6. The meltdown is already happening and it's not even result night For the record, I do think Cam is the most talented of the bunch, I just want Kelly to win more.
  7. I think y'all should all vote for coaches at this point like me. We all know it's the same result every year so why bother voting for contestants
  8. Cam is just too good to be stuck with the contract. I'm sure exposure is all he needed from The Voice. Plus, this scenario gives queen Kelly a win and I'm not mad.
  9. 1) Kenzie (him being on team Kelly, otherwise Cam) 2) Cam 3) Jordan 4) Victor 5) Rachel
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXOPsBtb02I Some interns about to be fired
  11. It's called The Voice, not The Look, and please don't be mean toward others' appearances.
  12. Is their name starting with an H? I need to know lmao. Because I looked and it seemed like the guy was very religious.
  13. This is one of the few times I hope Facebook reaction is not a good indicator. Savanna deserves the win.
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