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  1. For me i think Mathew McQueen better than lain
  2. yes! it's good to hear. for the voice 2021 anne marie join as new coach https://www.facebook.com/TheVoiceUk/photos/a.1231564363580523/4553132758090317/
  3. WTH!! omg they also not announce runner up,3rd and 4th
  4. so in final 4 we have 2 professional singer right its johnny and chris? or stellar also consider pro singer?
  5. yes i agreed with you, johnny is great but technical vocal not impress me also i love to listen he sing but i hope he can give me feel emotion and btw the last season winner, diana also a technical vocal but her impress audience with emotion, that why she win it.
  6. if she can pull like diana did last year mybe she can win
  7. last time daniel shaw favorite aussie but get runner up
  8. johnny said guy give him big song and also i saw siala with a bald back up dancer mybe i got nothing wow moments
  9. yess! i agreed with you mate, and now delta pick stellar over jesse going to be rage by aussie
  10. i bet that it's gonna be siala and johnny
  11. Chris sebastian and Mark team kelly Johnny and Timothy team Guy
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